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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 18, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> laura: it's supposed to be about them, mr. president. did you notice, by the way, coach o gave the nicest fist pump there. that's what i like to see. that's all the time we have toshannon bream in the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. go have a ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we began with a fox news alert. another document dump from house democr shannon: welcome to fox news at night. we begin with the fox news at night. in a document themat from house democrats friday night. they say more evidence the senate should consider it at next week's impeachment style. lev parnas at the center of it all. the supreme court will take on two or blockbuster cases. could one of them put a end to
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the electoral college as we know it before the 2020 presidential election? the trump administration making school menus and michelle obama is not going to like it. we start with julian turner digging into document trump and what parnas has to say. >> reporter: parnas work hand and glove with rudy giuliani with 8 of ukrainian officials. there's a lot to unpack tonight, new text messages from robert hide, congressional candidate messing with the belgian phone number. in response to a photo of yavanovitch, my contacts are check-in adding i will give you the address next week. hide replies awesome. later the belgian number reports to hide nothing has changed,
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still not moving, big check today again. then it is confirmed we have a person inside. there is also this, what is that message? >> he is in real crane. >> reporter: and assistant to msnbc, hide is totally unreliable claiming he doesn't know donald trump or rudy giuliani and is frequently drunk. >> why did those exchanges happen? >> i don't believe he was drunk or he was trying to make himself bigger so most of the time, it is great. >> parnas's attorney turned over texts between his attorney and derek harvey. in the spring of 2019 as parnas was working with giuliani on ukraine. harvey asks about several contacts and what he refers to as rumors about hillary clinton's 2016 campaign working with ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on trump campaign manager paul manafort.
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donald trump's legal team, 7 members to mirror the 7 house impeachment managers, the team led by white house's counsel joined by the president's outside counsel, former clinton independent counsel kenneth starr, harvard law professor alan dershowitz, former whitewater prosecutor robert gray, former florida attorney general pam bondi and jane rapkin who handled the mueller investigation. those big names coming under media scrutiny. >> these people are good on tv, they bring a tremendous amount of baggage with them that i am not sure applies. >> the chief counsel for the president will be leading the team. if i were he i would not be pleased with the team the president has assembled. >> the senate file a summons for donald trump to appear at the trial and hasn't all tomorrow night at 6:00 pm.
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tomorrow, house impeachment managers trial briefs, the legal components at play. >> the senate a warning donald trump's most significant bipartisan legislative victory, media analyst and host of fox media buzz with this week's coverage. >> a split screen morning donald trump announced a trade deal with china, then bumped himself as house democrats voted to send the senate the impeachment articles. as the trial began pundits were rehashing their familiar arguments about charges being urgent or irrelevant and the calls of witnesses with someone who wants to testify seizing the spotlight. they were debating parnas, the indicted really giuliani associate who says he was part of an illicit scheme to pressure ukraine. >> the press was involved with a
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deal, and the plumbers, he was working around, with the proposed political enemy. >> the democrats now these are so laughably weak and included brand-new, they were not presented during their impeachment proceeding. >> he launched a media blitz which rachel maddow drew the highest ratings ever. >> donald trump knew what was going on, he was aware of all my movements. >> reporters asked the president to respond. >> that mister giuliani gets that commitment. >> that was the main objective. >> the media arguments over whether parnas is credibly accusing the president relying in hopes of alleviating the sentence is a microcosm of the debate over the senate trial and
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as cable news braces for wall-to-wall coverage, the iowa caucuses to the houston astros cheating scandal every other story is being drowned out. a brand-new document dump from the house judiciary committee relating to parnas, how should we assess his claims? and the daily caller. here is something maggie had to say, covers the president, here is what he said about parnas, assessing him as a witness. >> one of the hallmarks of the trump arrow, instant credibility. :at various points, admitting to lying to congress and other charges, it is important to associate fact on their own.
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>> cnn so you are treating him like teddy roosevelt. >> a couple news anchor started admitting what was obvious early on. rachel maddow, anderson cooper conducting interviews with parnas and treated him like everything he said was credible and the move we are seeing is is this guy against trump because 5 minutes ago he was an untrustworthy buffoon figure in the trump story and now he is being treated as a source of wisdom and that was dependent on whether he is going against trump. >> hard to know when someone is under indictment, doing the best they can to help the government or make the situation better, doesn't mean he's not telling the truth but you question the material he is presenting. >> our judicial system handles cases like this every day.
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at trial, and credible evidence. in a statement he said was untrue that produced evidence to contradict it, instead of fighting it out to rachel maddow and anderson cooper, call him was a witness at the impeachment trial impeachment and we we done with him. it is not hard to do with a criminal, there are 10,000, trial somewhere today where the same thing happened, that this is some kind of novel event. >> he wants - >> why haven't they called me? i have all the dirt. >> he would want that because he's being prosecuted and is looking for an immunity deal. this is what he is looking to arrange. shannon: we are not talking about the president being impeached, you can put a witness on the stand, find they are not being told the truth and it wiped out everything else they are saying. >> put this issue to rest, put him on the stand, he make a statement which is untrue, and
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then that one negates everything he says and puts a taint on everything he says and he will commit perjury on top of other federal offenses. shannon: you're making a delicate will be fun. >> there is no argument against doing that instead of these tweets and proclamations about him lying. shannon: if he is telling the truth he will be able to back it up. this is what two former high-ranking officials wrote in the washington post, they say the document explained trump's push to bury the evidence against him. let's see what else he is hiding in a good old-fashioned american file for all to see. this isn't good old-fashioned american trial. >> this is in the context of the trump presidency, this is an ongoing bugs bunny cartoon.
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elmer ford chasing another rabbit hole and sticks a gun in the rabbit hole and fires event blast his own pants off. michael avenatti, stormy daniels, i can name so many figures and this is the latest iteration and we get 72 hours, at the end trump is still president and people forget this guy ever existed. shannon: trey gowdy, here's what he says about what he has seen so far of parnas and how he would hold up as a witness. >> parnas gave 3 answers to the same question about mike pence. his first answer is i'm absolutely certain pens know about and 3 seconds later he said he had to have an the last answer was it was possible. those three answers don't do you will in a courtroom. they do great if you are writing headlines but don't do well in court. shannon: you think they should put him understand? >> trey gowdy just said if you believe -- of donald trump
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believes those individuals lying, put him on the stand, embarrass him, impeach him, make him perjure himself and lock him up. if he refuses to testify at a congressional subpoena unlike the president who thinks he does not have to revise congressional subpoenas you can arrest him for that and drag him in. there is no argument against have him testimonial is you don't want his testimony. we don't have a star chamber, we have cross-examination, the greatest tool for discovering the truth. it there. >> unless it is in the house under adam schiff in the intelligence committee, they have star chambers. >> we leave it right there. supreme court announced it will take of two blockbuster cases, the first could affect who is a listed -- elected this fall.
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people who were chosen to represent their states, the electoral college but decided to buck the system. back in 2016 a few electors decided to go rogue arguing it was unconstitutional for their states to force them to match the popular vote. one in colorado and three in washington state. colorado removed and replaced washington state allowed them to do it but find them. both cases ended up in the courts and there was a split in the decision so now the supreme court will weigh in and in a close election it is possible to imagine a scenario in which flipping four electoral votes could change the presidency. clicks of the effort to allow electors to vote as they wish warned of a situation in which they facing couple pressure and coercion while the country wait weeks to figure out who the president will be. the plaintiffs in the case a,
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quote, we are thrilled the supreme court will take up our cases. the states had no power to penalize for exercising our right to vote. the little sisters of the poor. and overregulation stemming from the affordable act requiring employers to provide costly employee access to birth control, and a rule from the trump administration which expands employees who can legally opt out paying for certain kinds of birth control based on religious or moral objections. the aclu saying, quote, allowing employers and universities to use their religious beliefs to block employees and students birth control coverage isn't religious liberty, it is discrimination. the legal group representing them saying there are plenty of ways to provide contraceptives without forcing canceled nuns to participate.
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shannon: both of these cases will be argued in march or april. decision in late june, early july. crime sword under pete buttigieg, the police department was warned to watch out for sizeisam and not use phrase like hearing impaired. kristin tate will explain in debate next. it's nice to finally meet you in person. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. ♪ robin hood and little john runnin' through the forest ♪ ♪ laughin' back and forth at what the other'ne has to say ♪ there's a booking for every resolution. book yours at
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♪ >> shannon: in just two and a half weeks, all eyes will be on iowa for the first in th shannon: walleyes, the first in the nation's caucus, 40% of prospect of caucus goers haven't made up their minds. peter doocy has more on candidates trying to close the sale. >> reporter: biden, just three fridays left, cancel two iowa events. elizabeth warren managed to squeeze one rally in.
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>> i know i am here, the ones who take this on. it is great to be here today. >> reporter: warren's feud with bernie sanders and as a surprise to the former governor of his home state who tells politico what i see in bernie's politics is he and his team feel they are holier than the rest, they will play dirty because they think they have the pure ready test republicans and most democrats don't pass. even if he considers you a friend like elizabeth warren, bernie will come first. that is not how donald trump sees it shaking out, he tweeted they are rigging the election again against bernie sanders just like that time only more obviously, they are bringing him out of so important iowa in order as a senator he sits through the impeachment hoekstra, crazy nancy thereby gives the strong edge to sleepy joe biden and bernie is set out again. very unfair but that is where the democrats play the game. anyway it is a lot of fun to watch.
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barack obama is trying to stay out of the primary fight but he is the star of the biden campaign ad, they surprised them with the medal of freedom. >> we all know on its own his work to start to the full measure of joe biden. >> reporter: joe biden believe nothing will kill his chances at the nomination. >> be fair. i have been consistent after taking all the hits. i go down and everybody has hit me as out. you declare me not you, editorial the broad sense declare me debt and i'm not dead. >> reporter: some campaigns could come back to life because the dnc announced a new way to qualify for the next ebay. anyone who earns a pledge it elegant in the iowa caucuses will qualify and change some candidates pitches but not until after the campaign trail. shannon: remember the presidential physical fitness
12:21 am
tests? tulsi gabbard campaigning to be president. remember former vice president biden challenging others to put contest out of the trail too, on the 2020 campaign trail, bernie sanders national staffer, and young americans, great to see both of you. i want to play joe biden in the push-up stuff. a little bit of that too. >> let's do push-ups together again. shannon: he is ready to go. >> tulsi will wipe the floor with joe biden, i am a veteran, i will always take a bet on the bed. that is not something him or what senator sanders will do, and tulsi gabbard. they better focus on pushing up the vote, that was more
12:22 am
important than physical tests. >> it is down to the wire. mayor pete buttigieg, this is a swipe from bernie sanders, they ran for president before. he goes on to say when we turn the page on our politics we have to compete with the people working in washington for years. he knows how popular the washington outsider line was, looked like a direct line of attack. >> buttigieg is correct, bernie sanders loves to call himself an outsider but this man is the epitome of the dc insider. he has spent 30 years or almost 30 years in the house and senate and while he is a public your he has catapulted himself into the top one%. and to the tune of $4.5 million. the only career bernie sanders
12:23 am
has ever known is being a politician but that is true of all the top-tier democrats. bernie sanders, joe biden, elizabeth warren, none of these people created a single job in the private sector over the last five decades. all of them think they can swoop in and take over the us economy as president. really quite terrifying. >> they are out of luck when it comes to making final pitches in iowa when we know we have all been there, people want to shake their hand coming in the house of worship, in their diner but a lot of these guys, four senators who are running and these folks are not going to be on the campaign trail because they will be stuck in washington for a senate impeachment trial. the new york times says bad timing for jury duty. in texas or california, advertising is king, i went expect to see their candidates up close in their living rooms,
12:24 am
farms, ethanol plants or banquet hall somewhere. how much advantage does this give candidates like biden or buttigieg who can stay on a trial? we want to know what they vote for. >> to shake hands in iowa, the thing bernie sanders had an advantage over, he has been organizing in iowa the last three or four years when everyone else was thinking about running. you have senator turner who was out there every single day, can still pack a house and for senator sanders you don't see a lot out here packing the house. there was a recent meeting in south carolina where no one shows up at the meeting and had to take the meeting on the bus. it may not farewell for the top two democrats but things go on for senator sanders. shannon: the story on mayor pete buttigieg, it talks about what
12:25 am
happened in south bend, the washington beacon says south bend's police department institute a series of diversity and antidiscrimination training sessions in 2017, those sessions took place as violent crime surged in the city reaching the highest level in 20 years in 2018. judicial watch got a look, police were warned against things like ageism, languageism, i don't know what that means, materialism and sizeism. what does that mean? >> a mayor pete's leadership the south bend police department was forced to prioritize political correctness over public safety. these lectures on ageism and languageism were demeaning to the police department and the community. it doesn't make anyone safer.
12:26 am
a year after this bias training occurred violent crime in south bend hit a 2 decade high. you have to ask if you were a citizen living in south bend do you want someone running a city who is prioritizing political correctness or somebody who will prioritize going after the bad guys and getting them behind bars? mayor pete is good at speaking, very eloquent but when it comes to policy he has a track record of implementing policies that have a terrible effect on the most vulnerable. shannon: he continues to sway a lot of voters, he is one of the top contenders. we will see how it works in iowa and beyond, great to have you with us. under donald trump school lunch menus are getting a makeover. former first lady michelle obama probably won't approve next.
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♪ >> shannon: new tonight, details on u.s. efforts to stop a large group of people leaving honduras and heading for our southern border. the associated press that u.s.
12:31 am
shannon: new details benefits by people heading for the southern border. the associated press, us and customs enforcement agents in guatemala work with national police to apprehend a caravan of honduran migrants. the guatemalan police loaded the migrants onto buses and sent them back to honduras but we are told some of those migrants were heading north in another try for the us border. the trumpet ministration rolling out an obama era policy, this time the department of agriculture overhauling former first lady michelle obama's signature achievement. trace gallagher has more for us. >> reporter: the new rules would affect 30 million students in 99,000 schools and would allow schools to cut the amount of vegetables and fruits required at breakfast and lunch and allow them to sell more pizza burgers and fries. the usda argues because of confusing rules and minimum
12:32 am
requirements that are unrealistic schools were forced to give students things like two bananas or two of the same vegetables and invariably the students would end up throwing some or all of their meal away and aside from the waist the usda argues since the implementation of michelle obama's free kids apps, school and participation rates have dropped and the school nutrition association has long advocated for less stringent nutritional requirements saying they have led to reduced lunch participation, high cost and food waste. it recalls the obama standards in overall success. aside from fruits and vegetables the obama rules require them to cut trans fat and sodium and service kim or low-fat milk. numerous studies show the obama standards led to higher-quality diet though it is unclear if the diet leading to healthier kids. the centers for disease control
12:33 am
and prevention says at last check behind childhood obesity rate is rising at a dangerous level and to throw a little politics into this federal food fight summer criticizing the trump administration for proposing the new rules on michelle obama's birthday say this isn't about improving the health of youth in america but about trump trying to reverse michelle obama's efforts. this administration is evil and trump supporters say bad news for the cardboard companies because that is what meals taste like. it does not appear the former first lady has commented on the proposed will changes. shannon: all lies in virginia had of a gathering of gun rights activists on monday as donald trump warns the second amendment is under attack. where in the world? china's economy, according to
12:34 am
official figures. bringing beijing to the table, they have one trade deal, analysts deck out the trump administration is the first is the cold war to use america's economic might and struggles with adversaries and allies alike. afghanistan, the taliban is offering top envoy to afghanistan a temporary cease-fire. it would last 7 to 10 days. unclear if the new offer will be enough to restart peace talks the television seemed to be banking on the interest in bringing thousands of troops home from afghanistan. 100 french protesters shutting down the louvre, the most visited museum in the world over the pension overhaul. the latest tip in a 40 day standoff between president macr macron's government and labor governments on special retirement programs. so you don't have to stash antacids here...
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>> shannon: the fbi has >> the fbi arrested white supremacists ahead of pro-gun day and we take a closer look. >> the story is changing, virginia supreme court says the governor can ban the carrying of weapons for the pro-second amendment rally in the state house. it is expected to be bigger than ever. adding to the tension the fbi has arrested a handful of accused neo-nazis attached to a number of groups. in one case three of them according to the associated press, going to attend. the democratic governor says he's worried about the rally, so worried he is using his emergency powers to ban guns and called in heavy security. >> the first rally in decades where you have a second amendment rally and no guns.
12:40 am
virginia is mostly dead when it comes to land mass, there is a subset in virginia and on the shore. i find it amazing they come in, sweep away the second amendment and not expect backlash. >> reporter: the largest congressional district, virginia gun sales in december hit the second highest monthly total since 1990. democrats the provision virginia house blue and the state senate passed 3 laws, senate bill 35 prohibiting the possession of firearms and ammunition public spaces. another bill prohibits anyone who is not a licensed firearms dealer from purchasing more than one handgun in a 30 day period. senate bill 70 requires background checks for any firearm transfer. the president tweeted tonight your second amendment is under serious attack in the great commonwealth of virginia. that happens when you vote for democrats, they will take your
12:41 am
guns away. >> james madison, the first congressman, the bill of rights, the wrong place to mess with the second amendment. >> this could potentially turn virginia for donald trump bringing us to 2020 politics, one of the biggest attacks used by republicans against the democratic majority in virginia, they were allegedly funded by michael bloomberg. shannon: we wait for monday. thank you so much. ahead of that, the organizers of monday's gun rights worry their message could be co-opted by extremists. executive committee member on the virginia naacp and cam edwards. welcome to you both was
12:42 am
following these arrests the governor said this is the right decision. i took this action to protect virginians from credible threats of violence, threats are real and evidenced by reports that neo-nazis arrested this morning after discussing plans to head to richmond with firearms. >> it does seem there are individuals who are co-opting this out -- support for the second amendment on the part of tens of thousands of virginians. i've been to sanctuary meetings over the past humans, each of them has been peaceful, passionate but these are every day virginians showing up in massive numbers to support second amendment rights. cut to the size of the crowd we are seeing, there are outside influences, outside forces who want to seize this gathering and take attention away from this passionate grassroots organization and to use this for their own agenda. shannon: this email was sent to its members and we cannot trust
12:43 am
this is a peaceful day to assemble and address our legislature about protecting our right to keep and bear arms. it is not about statutes, flags, racism, sexism or anything other than protecting the right to keep and bear arms for all law-abiding citizens. do you think they will contain and focus the message as much as organizers want to and hope to? >> a clear message from republican leadership and gun rights groups, those who have their views are not welcome in their rally. as long as they do not state the elements, they are going to get associated with that element and the concern these rallies turned to a charlottesville type situation. >> there has been a lot of throwing around this is a
12:44 am
similar thing, we don't want another charlottesville. they are telling us it is not a demonstration, they want -- will they have the ability to do that reset message getting lost in the chaos and controversy around this thing? >> it is important to remember the charlottesville incident started as a rally for the alt right and they were looking for trouble. this is an annual event held at the virginia capital each and every year and normally there are 802,000 that will show up in support of second amendment rights. the anti-gun agenda, there will be tens of thousands of virginians, they will outnumber any troublemakers, anybody who tries to use this for their own purposes, we will see a strong outpouring of virginians across the state in hopes of their
12:45 am
lawmakers listening to them about wine ralph northrom's agenda is a disastrous mistake the commonwealth. shannon: the president of the defense league, the governor and leadership in the democratic party declared war on law-abiding gun owners and they are tired of it. people saying we are fed up, we have had enough. what do you make of predictions that this could work to their advantage? such a win by democrats across the commonwealth. does with the governors done motivate the base that is more conservative in nature? >> it could do just that bit of the crowd is full of confederate flags and people with signs saying things that have nothing to do with the second amendment but more with white supremacists and that concept then you will lose the message. it should be incumbent on the people to police their own event. if there's any discharge of a firearm that will be
12:46 am
problematic. if you go to gun shows people have requirements, these groups need to do something like that so people are not walking around with weapons causing problems. >> everyone is hoping for a non-eventful peaceful day when people use their first amendment rights to protect the second amendment rights and everyone goes home having a good piece of conversation. night court convenes next. will a court allowing man to challenge his ex-wife or attorney to a duel? you the jury next. to audible. it's audiobooks, news, meditations... gotta go! ♪ ♪ hey! you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting when you work from home. i'll be in my office.
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♪ >> shannon: time now for night court. on the docket tonight, a kansas man wants to settle a dispute with shannon: on the docket a kansas man wants to dispute with his ex-wife with combat. a man in new york singapore website over lack of closed captioning on explicit videos. bob beyond the and attorney alex, we have some interesting cases, thank you both. let's start with exhibit a, the lawsuit, defendant excludes the
12:51 am
deaf and hard of hearing from the full and equal participation on their website and denial of products and services offered in conjunction with physical location in violation of plaintiff's rights under the americans with disabilities act. there is not closed captioning on all the videos. >> it was passed in 91 before the internet geared toward physical spaces that offer goods and services. the courts have been split how to apply that to the virtual space. the supreme court decided not to take her case on this, the doj gave guidance that government websites need to be compliant but for the rest it has been different so h&r block got involved and said there is a service offered so they need to meet the guidelines. porn hub is an entertainment site.
12:52 am
>> this may turn into a class-action lawsuit. corey price said we don't generally comment on active lawsuits this -- we would like to point out we do have a closed caption category. why the lawsuit? >> put the porn hub piece aside because that gets everybody fired up. if they have closed captioning and that is accurate then a lawsuit will be significantly hampered because they will be in compliance with regulations. if they didn't, private companies need to know if you don't comply, you could be held responsible and the courts and congress can't come to a decision since 1990 since we got any guidance. shannon: that is the case of a lot of cases, the law doesn't keep up with technology, we are still talking about teletype and things. this is a guy with a huge
12:53 am
dispute with his ex-wife. he petition the court to let them take care of it, she can sub, doesn't have to be her. he said he is requesting trial by combat. it has never been exhibit c explicitly banned or restricted as a right in the united states. it is not illegal. >> it is a violation of criminal law. the court will never allow -- in my law practice we worked with criminal attorneys, we do criminal defense work but nothing is worse, these are the people, nothing is worse than when we work with family law attorneys. people lose their minds in the context of matrimonial action.
12:54 am
the judge should have immediately said thank you very much but if you believe itattor. >> the guys that if you decide to let me to this i need you to give me advance warning, to be trained and ready to go and no one has to die, you can declare yourself out and lost. doesn't have to be to the death. here is the ex-wife's attorney, who says it should be noted just because the us and iowa constitution don't prohibit battling another person with a deadly - sword, it probably does prohibit a court sitting in equity from ordering the same. >> not just that but the fact that iowa does ban murder would be problematic in the situation. what was interesting is several
12:55 am
states haven't banned dueling and i saw it is not banned but you can't serve public office if that was interesting. >> all kind of things we learned from this. pretty sure the court won't let it happen. the first case has a better chance of going somewhere. the second one not so much but we will follow them. you the jury tweet us at shannon bream and let us know how you would rule in these cases. time for tonight's midnight hero. parker posey, a golden lab mix has been offering comfort to children and cpm er. her owner, doctor vincent, 5 days a week she is by his side at the hospital providing kids peace and relaxation they need before undergoing a procedure or
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sean hannity is next. ♪ ♪ >> hi, welcome to hannity tonight marks the end of yet a major week of accomplishments for the president and the trump administration. two historic new trade deals, a record-setting economy, major progress on the border wall. safety, security, and prosperity for all americans, nobody can dispute any of this. none of it matters to today's radicalized democratic socialist party. today the president summed it up perfectly during an event with college football national championship lsu. take a look. >> just told the coach we don't normally do this but i'm doing it f


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