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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 20, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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great week and we will see you next fox news sunday >> the media in full impeachment mode as nancy pelosi finally sends articles of the senate, party unveils new allegations on ukraine, call it is process another con job by the do-nothing democrats. >> true that the case for impeachment of the president was very strong when they voted to do so last month but since then the case has only gotten stronger. >> we know that was an emotional tantrum directed at daddy who won the election and they are mad at daddy so we have to go through the phoney perception. >> this president was around with a deal around the u.s. government like nixon. >> articles are so laughfully weak they decided to include
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document that is were not presented during their schiff sham proceeding. howie: even as the president signs a major trade deal with china. rudy giuliani associate takes tale of ukraine to rachel maddow. >> president trump knew what was going on. was aware of all mind movements, i wouldn't do anything without the consent of rudy giuliani or the president. howie: are they diffused by credibility problems. hot mic captures angry words between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders over her charge that he said a woman couldn't win but the cnn moderator blatantly take elizabeth warren's side. >> we masquerade as being mutual, you know, completely
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without bias. howie: on the many forms of media prejudice, i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ ♪ howie: opening senate of impeachment trial was tainted by rudy giuliani. >> the president was aware that you and mr. giuliani were working on the effort in ukraine to basically try to hurt joe biden's political career? >> yeah, it was all about joe biden, hunter biden. >> unless he announced an investigation into joe biden, no u.s. officials particularly mike pence would not -- >> particularly mike pence. >> the first note gets zelensky
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biden case investigated. tasking you that you should get the commitment to investigating? >> mr. president, what is your response? >> i don't know him, other than we had pictures taken which i do with a thousands of people, i don't know where he's about, don't know where he comes from, i can only tell you this thing is a big hoax. howie: joining to analyze the coverage ben dominic, gillian turner, fox news reporter and white house official in last two administrations, ray suárez, cohost world affairs on kqed he has notes on how he committed,
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how serious are allegations? >> he obviously has a significant list of text messages an documents that you can look and evaluate, parnes is one of serious of interesting crooks, people who seem more appropriate in cohen brothers movie than people who had proximity to power than they apparently did, he should be not be taken with grain of salt, he is going to go out and say whatever the media eggs him onto saying in order to try to get him. howie: you would characterize him in crime movie, interesting. gillian, opened to testify, found no takers, he goes on media tour. does that help his case, does it help the president or is it just become more noise?
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gillian: the problem has become i think, his own major barrier to credibility, part of what he's trying to do here is submit this tranche of evidence, 3 tranches now his attorney has handed over to house intelligence committee but as his lawyers are doing this, he's going on television and undercutting his count stuff, one of the most explosive findings in the third tranche was his claim that robert hide had stood surveillance and he went on rachel maddow and said robert hyde he's a lunatic, he's drunk most of the time, he's undercutting his own stuff. howie: since you brought that up, let's jump in here and play the sound bite because rachel maddow asked parnas about this and this was his response. >> are you clear on whether or not there was ever and actually physical threat or threat of
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personal intimidation? >> never from my side or anybody i know. never, never. howie: i would say an example of him not hyping beyond what he can prove and would be easy to say, yeah, we were spying on her. gillian: this comment is interesting from an entirely different perspective which is yovonovitch testified that she was scared but she was told by the administration that there was a physical threat to the security and that's why she needed to come back to the united states immediately. if the threat wasn't coming from robert hyde and lev parnas, where was it coming from? howie: i thought rachel maddow was very partisan, did good job at pressuring parnas, but parnsa
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goes to her, your take on the interview? >> washington post writer called it joe peshi as john dean. [laughter] >> there's something to that, he's not pedigreed legally educated guy from dc central casting, he's a brooklyn guy, real estate hustler but he also has a lot of knowledge of inside workings of independent operation that giuliani was running, he can tell us a lot about it, a lot emerged and he can back it up with documents, to dismiss him as not a torpedo aimed at trump world is underplaying what he brings to the table, whether he'll ever be heard under oath in this process remains to be seen. howie: he certainly has been heard on television and we know what he would say, i guess, you
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know, maddow did this in a lot of questions, so rudy giuliani is a proven liar used by trump haters but when he says, look, i told president zelenzky's unless they announce investigation of biden, pence wouldn't go to inauguration and steps would be taken, he's offering documentation, i think that makes a bit of a tangle. >> a lot of it is known and has been known by a major of democratic officials who made a choice not to include this in part of the process earlier. part of the process who has been practically screaming call me throughout all of this, i think there's a reason that this is being done and prosecuted through the media as opposed to in a situation where it would be cross examined and a lot tested. howie: let me play another clip where i thought parnas went
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beyond. >> did rudy giuliani told you he had spoken to the attorney general? >> not only rudy giuliani, they were all best friends. attorney general barr was basically on the team. howie: reference to former federal prosecutor victoria, ray, he's never met william barr, i thought he was less credible. are journalists able to make distinctions, he said a lot of things in various interviews not just with rachel, what he can back up and surmise at this point. >> he in these interviews brought in a whole test of characters putting the lie to the idea that nobody knew what was going on, that rudy giuliani was an independent actor that nobody authorized him to do what he was doing, there's this whole deep story, you may not want to
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believe it, he brought in all kinds of people. gillian: still no smoking gun, if you look at just the evidence, he doesn't have anything where somebody is saying i told president this, i told president trump that, president trump ordered us to do this. howie: on that point jnn jake tapper was pretty stuff on president trump, parnas has a credibility and democrats are characterizing as theodore. gillian: comes back to he should have just had lawyers put the evidence out there, i think he undercuts his own credibility when he goes on television and tries to up sell the story, the evidence -- >> there's no real trial in the senate, this is all we are going to have. the trial. howie: trial by media which you can't go to jail for that but ruin your reputation.
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times reporting that the justice department is investigating jim comey, former fbi chief for 2017 leak to the press by classified information related to russian intelligence that says this could raise questions about whether it was motivated at least in part by politics, washington post headlines says raising fears, trump is using the justice department for political gain, fair observation? >> two pieces that had spin right there up front, i mean, there wasn't throat clearing, they weren't hiding any of it, look, i think that this is always been something that's been a question for people who paid attention to comey and have consequences for the degree to which he was trying to -- through the press and the idea that people have different sort of understanding under the law when they leak this material is ingrained in washington and if you're going to go by the actual -- by the letter, he has a
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serious problem. >> hasn't proven that he engaged in improper leak and the white house counsel to push to prosecute comey and hillary clinton again refused. may not be political. >> in years to come jim comey will be the singular figures in washington who has been up and down and hated by just about everybody on all partisan sides of these debates. he's an amazing story. howie: rare accomplishment. let me mention the president announcing legal team. dershowitz, he's a liberal, ken starr and once announcement was made fox news had been using
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starr as contributor, when we come back the senate impeachment proceeding complete with air time with president trump's china deal and later lara logan and why she believes the media are ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ howie: now that nancy pelosi's delaying tactics are finally over, they finally walk the two articles of impeachment to the senate side of the capitol and unleashing tsunami of coverage when political trial begins on tuesday. >> when the president of the united states said article 2 says i can do whatever i want, that's a monarchy, that's not a republic. >> this is a hoax, it's a shame, i did the biggest deal ever done
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in the history of our country and that was the second story to a total hoax. howie: splits between coverage between the big china trade deal and the pelosi unveiling to have articles, ben, the coverage of whether the senate should call witnesses, democrats say let's call lev parnas, does the coverage favor in your view? >> it isn't being looked by the way impeachment was framed last week, impeachment isn't going to matter much in november, oh, this is something that's going to be done and we will move on, what they're leaving out of the story is how badly botched the whole process has been including the pelosi delay, all of the key players particularly bernie sanders right before iowa which is critical for him. it really has been a botched
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process that everyone should be talking about and if not the fact that there's a whole collection of people as being this brilliant political operator i think really in timing and in way that it played out it was badly botched and could hurt democrats. howie: gotten rare criticism for her tactics. said this week that president trump broke the law in withholding ukraine military aid as appropriated by congress, that would ordinarily be a bombshell but in this media environment becomes another data point. >> it is their job to assess things like that and they make assessment and people who want to believe it say, see, and people who don't want to believe say ho hum. howie: you see conservative pundits and president trump, this is a sham, witch hunt and trump says this is a perfect
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call with zelensky and you see liberate commentators, our democracy is at stake, he cannot be allowed to violate the constitution, the story is feeling old. gillian: it really is, everything that we are going to hear at the trial over the coming 2 weeks or 3 weeks, whatever it ends up being, we heard in probably iterations, we heard house intelligence committee when witnesses were testifying behind closed doors, we then read it again when the house intelligence committee released the testimony, we then saw it when it was broadcast live from the house floor, i mean, this is going to be the fourth or fifth iteration for most americans. i think from that -- >> you and i do, because it seem as old and stale to somebody who is just tuning in? >> read about it over the course of the last year, especially if we are not going to have
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witnesses there's nothing really knew to be learned here. >> they've understood from the outset of the process and became more and more understanding as they went along that that was not going result in some big surprise, the president was not going to be removed at the end of the day, really the only suspense is whether there's a bipartisan vote on or not and that's not something that they are eager to tune into because they know the result of the game already. gillian: a lot of republicans quickly on capitol hill are saying the president is right, this is behind closed doors, if we are not going to hear new witness testimony, we are not going to hear new evidence, we know the vote tally, save the american public the expense and the time. howie: of course, men mitch -- even mitch mcconnell knows the criticism that they will receive. gillian: they would. howie: making the arguments that we've all heard, are they
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contributing to the notion that this is just more bell way politics? >> well, there's a commentary and sure they're contribute to go that, people who are doing straight reporting day in and day out, trying to understand documents, reading the 600-page filings, reading emails, i mean, that's the record, that's the record of what happened and if you're trying, brown bag operation in ukraine, you to understand this stuff, it's legit. howie: does seem to me that more openly partisan than clinton or nixon impeachment and that is it for now, ray suárez, gillian turner ben domenech, see you next sunday and cnn slamming martha mcsally for calling reporter a liberal hack and later msnbc is far better than cnn because it doesn't have any
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protrump guest
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howie: kelly ann conway, things turned combative when the white house pressed after public allegations by former rudy giuliani partner lev parnas. >> are you saying flat out 100% what he alleges is not true? >> when he says the president knew all of my moves, he gave consent, objection, you cannot say what somebody else knew or thought. >> sorry. is he lying or not, kellyanne? >> well, he's a proven liar, he's been indicted and and so i never -- i never heard the president mention this person to
12:26 am
me ever a single time. trump knew what was going on. howie: sometimes an official keeps side-stepping and kellyanne conway has no allegations an it's the job of journalists to keep asking the question, republican senator martha mcsally posted video herself after brief dust-up with reporter. howie: that was perfectly fair and polite question. >> it was disgusting and she should know better.
12:27 am
>> veteran, amazing record of service, makes the stunt much more pathetic. howie: mcsally did not back off in sit-down with laura engram. >> senator, do you regret what you said? >> no, laura, i do not and i said it again, actually as i went in. these cnn reporters, but many of them around the capitol, they are so bias. >> what about the question, do you want witnesses? do you want witnesses yes or no, why aren't are you telling us? >> we will vote on tuesday to start the trial and let them present the -- >> how are you going to vote on the motion for more witnesses? >> we are going to get to that. >> mcsally who is fundraising off the incident still didn't answer the question and while cnn's attacks may be over the top, he was just doing his job. >> laura logan covered wars
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♪ ♪ ♪ howie: lauren o'donnell, liberal msnbc host rips president trump every night taking rather revealing shots at cnn, here it is on al frankin podcast. one-third of the program will be, someone on their payroll saying here is why trump is right. howie: what according to lauren's msnbc protrump voices. >> one of the reasons that trump wants you to watch cnn instead of msnbc, he knows in msnbc
12:32 am
there won't no one defending him, i won't bring liars. howie: lara logan on media bias. welcome. >> thank you. howie: former democratic staffer slammed cnn, nothing close to protrump contributors but they should be bashed for not having anybody protrump? >> how do you justify that? not in terms of journalism, wouldn't you say? >> bragging for a reason to watch network, in msnbc they'll be no one defending him, no one on fox will attack president trump. >> well, that strikes me as the key component of what lawrence o'donnell said, you'll never see anyone defending donald trump on my show, while that may be true,
12:33 am
msnbc treated the same way as corresponding host would be treated on fox, we both know the answer to that, i think that for me the frustration, aren't you going to apply the same standard to everybody. howie: shows do have pro trump defenders and officials. the media are mostly liberal, did you believe that when you started out many years ago at cbs or a more recent conclusion? >> you know, it's funny howie is that i've grew up believe it that we were all agreed with each other. that's kind of what it is and, you know, i'm old school, skeptical of everybody and doing your job but i -- i think many of us are not aware of our own bias because -- because i never worked in a news room where people were not liberal and where people were not democratic. i didn't know -- i didn't know anything like that, people didn't identify that way.
12:34 am
howie: certain group, everyone agrees with you? >> most journalists are and that doesn't mean that you're not capable of being objective, it just means be aware of the extent of your own bias. >> do you think all of this has been exacerbated during trump presidency and now trump impeachment during senate trial that it's become more overt, blatant? >> well, you know the answer to that, of course it has, journalists are doing things today that they would have never have done. when would you put anonymous sources who all come with the same motivation, when would you put them on repeatedly even when you know that your sources lie today you over and over again, big lies, right, that everybody knows now are not true, you know, why would you do that. in the old days you wouldn't do that, why would you report on dossier that you haven't verified especially when the dossier is, you know, the conclusions of it are so damaging and the consequences
12:35 am
are so significant. howie: at the same time even with newspapers and networks that the president calls fake news, are there journalists who are trying to be fair? >> of course. howie: i think it's an important distinction. >> and journalists trying to be fair, but they are outnumbered by the journalists who aren't, that creates a problem for all of us and creates a problem for the profession and that's why, you know, i don't like being attacked and savaged and smeared and i don't like being presented as big right wing when i'm not right wing. >> your critics say and you know this because your network with fox nation, you're saying the things because you're emerging as a conservative. >> you may not have an agenda but fox nation sure does, i can't do anything about that, the work speaks for itself, unfortunately the people out there are starting to recognize the patents and tactics used in the smear campaigns and sometimes we turntables of the
12:36 am
journalists and say all the people who watch fox, they don't matter? what, if the country is moderate, half of america is liberal or democrat and half of it is republican? i mean, that's millions of people out there, you know, that still -- that still matter and discounting them -- howie: it can't be comfortable having your reputation shredded after all the years you spent reporting around the world? >> no, not comfortable, not fair, not honest, not right, and also most importantly i'm not the only one, right, and i mean, i will just say the most blatant example i can give is no one disputes that i was raped in egypt, it took me a look time to talk about some of the worst details. howie: you were raped by a mob and almost killed? >> gang raped and sodomized over and over again and new york magazine okay reporting that i
12:37 am
was groped. howie: you're suing the new york magazine? >> i'm suing the new york magazine, you can argue about the motivation for it, it's not factually accurate, is it, it's not my side of the story versus their side of the story, it's not accurate, it's not fact. howie: since you have reported from war zones around the world and risked your life, i want to ask you ant journalistic focus of the air strike that killed general soleimani, iran's top terrorist, are reporters right to question the intelligence particularly after president trump said there were imminent threats after agencies didn't quite embrace the language? >> you have to question everything as a reporter, i would never say no to that question, right? of course, you have to, it's just how much -- does that dominate your coverage, that question, is that driving your coverage? howie: right. >> is that happening at the same time that you're covering soleimani, for example, in a
12:38 am
flattering way or in a way that's not representative of the board of context, picks one side. howie: on that note the president tweeted this week that it was eminent threat and it doesn't really matter because of horrible past, that may be true but is it justification? >> right, that's the president's opinion, some people might disagree and say it does matter and as journalists it matters because of this, those are the types of subjective decisions and judgment that is we face every day in our work and as reporters we masquerade as being objective, masquerade as being neutral and completely without bias, those things are, you know, they're not true and they're unreal. howie: are you saying that journalists have opinions with humans, we should be up front about it or are you saying that donald trump admittedly does things much differently than any other modern president is held to completely different standard
12:39 am
than predecessors? >> i'm saying that as journalists we should be honest because that's part of protecting work from bias, i'm saying saying that we should stand up, all of us for the objective of journalism, we know what they are and then also we should hold ourselves to account, you know, what the president does we don't control and if you, if you say you can justify because it's a legitimate question to
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howie: cnn seem today take sides in feud of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders over what he told her in a private meeting, look at what reporter abby philip. >> in 2018 you told her that you did not believe that a woman could win the election, why did you say that? >> well, as a matter of fact i didn't say it, anybody knows me, knows that it's incomprehensible that i would think that a woman could not be president of the united states. >> senator warren, what did you think when senator sanders told you a could not win the election? >> i disagreed. bernie is my friend and i am not here to try to fight with bernie. howie: joining us right here in
12:45 am
washington gayle trotter, host of the gayle trotter pod cass show and joe trippi. >> right, well, the legal objection to the question that abby phillips said, the question that she posed the fact that it was not evidence, moderator to essentially that she thought that elizabeth warren was telling the truth and bernie sanders was lying. howie: as lawyer you're banging the gavel and saying objection. >> banging the gavel. howie: president trump is a sexist that would weponized whatever he could against her and the fact that there's never been a female president and maybe she heard it differently. >> well, look, i think first of
12:46 am
all, the second the story broke everybody i think in politics at least on the democratic side knew this was going to be a moment in the debate and i think there is a -- a, you know, there's a whole urge in the party to not have a division, to not have this kind of fight so there's going to be a lot of interest and did they call it or did they engage and i think that's -- that's why this moment was so -- i think abby phillips, the moderator, was doing, i think, trying to standby the network's reporting, cnn had four sources, two of which were contemporaneous at 2018 that warren had said that this happened that he said that a woman cannot be elected president and then warren confirmed it and so i think that put -- i think it put abby in the position of having, i think what she was doing was not
12:47 am
taking sides with warren but basically saying we standby our reporting had she just said that. howie: the fact that bernie sanders denied it. let me move to -- everybody has seen viral video when bernie tried to shake her hand and warren refused. >> i think you called me a liar on on on national tv. >> what? >> i think you called me a liar on national tv. >> you called me -- let's not do it now. howie: gayle, tell the truth, any issue with cnn releasing the hot mic audio and is the tale of two prerogatives being fed up with each other more than juicy gossip story? >> they knew they were on the mic, they facilitated it, so they created the situation where abby phillips clearly took elizabeth warren over bernie sanders and that little juicy tidbit at the end just completed
12:48 am
the story and i think that this is part of long history of controversies with bias and you were talking with lara logan about bias, it's not just left-right thing but also left-left thing and we have seen with donna brazile, this is just more of the same from cnn. howie: even cnn say that they leak today network, senator warren told the off the record a year ago to group of journalists and that's how the leak came out in recent days, i have to wonder whether elizabeth warren wanted her post debate accusation to be picked up and i also wanted to have voters care about, your thoughts? >> well, look, as somebody who i had a candidate howard dean with unit directional mic that took us out, helped take us out of the race, at this point anybody who is running knows that they have a mic on it's going -- bernie sanders clearly knew
12:49 am
that. howie: yeah. >> elizabeth warren knew and went over there, i think, to confront him, whether she was hoping it would get picked occupy or not, she wanted to do that. howie: guys, standby, let me get a break, still to come
12:50 am
12:51 am
12:52 am
howie: over make or break iowa caucuses isn't quite happening in 2020, joe trippi i think they will downgrade iowa, the tv coverage would be wall to wall on trump trial.
12:53 am
>> well, that could be but i still think that the coverage after iowa, i think people -- we are now at the critical point where everybody who has been hanging on every word in these debates is tired of it and the rest of america is tuning in, usually the day after iowa, i still think that's going to be there, i think people want to know who are the top finishers, it's always had a big impact. i think it still will be. howie: absolutely, whoever wins won't get the publicity bonanza because next morning it'll be back to impeachment news. >> wild card playoff game and impeachment is the super bowl, we haven't had this kind of unique spectacle since bill clinton's presidency, it's much more interesting on the coverage and if you think in terms of the audience, they're way more interested in that than they are in the democratic primary debate.
12:54 am
howie: only flowing the sports analogy, we know who is going the win this particular super bowl. 30, 40 minutes of time spent on policy, let's take a look. >> some of the competitors have taken issue with the experience questioning your judgment in voting to authorize the iraq war. >> this was a mistake and i acknowledge that. howie: asking bernie sanders about his regret over voting for the war in afghanistan, so, joe, serious foreign policy debate in the wake of killing of general soleimani and that got far less media attention than warren and sanders. agreed. one to have better debates particularly on focus on foreign policy and -- but it was overshadowed completely, i think that's one of the things that there's a sheiken and egg kind of thing, campaigns speaking from experience, we go in trying to create a moment not to win the debate moment but to create
12:55 am
media coverage, but whether or not went in to do that, bill's question facilitated that, it totally took, it was the moment in the debate and everybody else didn't get much coverage at all. howie: gayle, what does this say, no fireworks, no viral moment and stuff that's literally warren piece is over in terms of coverage by the next day? >> well, because foreign policy gets lost because that's not going to move uncommitted voters and drive massive turnout when you have that in contrast with record-breaking economy in the last 3 years and job growth, foreign policy is not top of mind for most americans. howie: ordinarily i agree with you, first debate that came after the u.s. military confrontation with iran when i think foreign policy was top, cnn made the right decision in leading with it and everybody else was sort of yawn which i found frustrating. >> it didn't sustain itself.
12:56 am
we didn't see predictions coming through and i think that's why you saw the coverage die off and that's why the democrats who don't have any policy things together why are not seeing more coverage of that. howie: the media have add, gayle, joe, in florida, thank you very much for joining us, now a reminder, my friend bill hemmer, one to have best interviewers in the business, starts at new show bill hemmer, total pro, he will make a mark with new real estate, looking forward to that. and his spot on america's news room along with sandra smith. that's it for this edition of media buzz, i'm howard kurtz, we didn't get to harry and meghan giving up royal titles, you can get at apple itunes and
12:57 am, check out facebook page, we post columns every weekend and we are back here next sunday, we will see you back then with the latest buzz
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>> we are achieving what no administration has ever achieved before and what do they tell me, i get impeached, that's what i get out of it. heather: monday january 20th, happening right foul at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast, president trump tearing into democrats as the impeachment battle reaches a boiling point. we are live with how lawmakers are preparing with the start of senate trial and second amendment under attack, thousands are expected to flood the virginia state capitol to protest antigun legislation, live in richmond as local authorities break for


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