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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 29, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> all right, listen, we are going to start the after the show show in ten seconds over on fox nation. check it out, go to >> or run to the reader we radio where weare also streamin. >> sandra: fox news alert, hundreds of americans set to arrive this morning in california after evacuating china because of the corona virus outbreak. so far the illness responsible for 132 deaths, all of them in china, along with nearly 6,000 confirmed cases in that country. there are also five confirmed cases here at home. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: i'm ed henry. this part of the virus prompting british airways to suspend all direct flights to and from maind china. the white house said to be considering a similar ban. that plane carrying more than 200 americans from china set to land in california in the
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10:00 a.m. eastern hour after a refueling stop in anchorage, alaska, where everyone underwent a thorough screening process. >> we did a screening of 2,000 passengers from wuhan, china. all passengers had been screened it twice before they left china. they were monitored throughout the bright. in anchorage they were treated twice more and approved to continue on to california by the cdc. in california they will undergo additional screenings. >> sandra: steve harrigan is following all of this from atlanta for us this morning. hey, steve. >> sandra, this is a dramatic evacuation of u.s. diplomat personnel as well as business people. 201 people on a charter flight set to land about an hour and a half's time and therefor at an e base in riverside, california. it has been taking rid of the epicenter of this virus in wuhan, china. other nations also following suit, evacuating their personnel. as these numbers simply continue
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to climb, a dramatic climb in the past 24 hours. 6,000 confirmed cases now inside china. that is reported by the chinese government. that's up 25%. 132 people dead from the virus, all inside china. as you mentioned, a dramatic move by british airways, suspending all flights in and out of china. other airlines could soon follow suit. united airlines has slashed a number of flights, but in part that is due to demand. people simply not wanting to fly to china under these conditions right now. u.s. companies also beginning to shut down inside china. starbucks shutting down half of its stores, mcdonald's also closing stores as well. inside the u.s., five confirmed cases. that number has not changed for several days, and u.s. health officials have been careful to say that there is no immediate threat to the u.s. general public at this point. here in atlanta the cdc is working urgently to try and come up with a vaccine.
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right now we have a virus that is spreading rapidly. it is killing people. there is no medication to treat it, and as yet no vaccine to cure it. sandra and ed, back to you. >> sandra: a steve harrigan in atlanta. thanks. >> ed: some big numbers to put all of this into perspective. nearly 20 years ago the sars outbreak killed 353 people with more than 5,000 confirmed cases. the coronavirus meanwhile has killed more than 130 people in china, infected more than 6,000 worldwide already. compared to the flu, which has killed more than 8,000 people here in america alone this very winter. >> sandra: a lot more on that coming up. we will be speaking moments from now with the director of the part don't like department of communicable diseases at the world health organization. big guest coming up on where things stand with the spread of this deadly disease. >> ed: the hollywood reporter has a story saying almost every cinema in china has been closed,
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70,000 screens. that's got to have an impact on hollywood here. >> sandra: already having a big impact globally on the economy. we will have that for you and just moments. >> ed: after six days of opening arguments, the impeachment trial is moving to the question and answer phase. a critical phase setting the stage for a possible friday vote on witnesses. meanwhile, president trump slamming the impeachment effort at a massive rally last night in new jersey after his legal team wrapped up their defense last night. >> while we are creating jobs and killing terrorists, the congressional democrats are obsessed with demented hoaxes, crazy witch hunts, and partisan crusade. [boos] that's all they know how to do. >> the president's lawyers have spent three days avoiding the truth, pointing fingers here, there, and everywhere. they don't want the facts. they don't want the truth.
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>> the partisan impeachment based on policy disagreements, which is what this is. that becomes the new norm. future presidents, democrats, republicans, will be paralyzed the moment they are elected. >> ed: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is at his post where he's been all through this process live on capitol hill. good morning, mike. >> ed, sandra, good morning to you. they move on to a new phase starting 16 hours of written questions from senators to the respective legal teams. last night senate majority leader mitch mcconnell with a big announcement telling his republican conference he doesn't have the votes to block more witnesses in the impeachment trial. at least three republican senators have expressed at least some interest in having more witness testimony, but i'm told conversations are ongoing between leadership and republican members. ted cruz told sean hannity he doesn't need more witness testimony. >> on friday i'm going to vote that we don't need any more
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witnesses. we have 17 witnesses in the house. we've heard all the evidence. the house managers have failed. >> among the people democrats would like to call, form a national security advisor john bolton. excerpts of his book have called for witnesses, and mick mulvaney is another key player democrats would like to question. >> this proceeding is literally from another galaxy when you compare it to the one dealing with former president clinton. for example, there wasn't the problem of arranging witnesses. there wasn't a problem with documents. >> president trump's legal team wrapped up its presentation, arguing this impeachment is setting a dangerous precedent. >> if you lower the bar that w way, danger, danger, danger. because the next president or the one after that, he or she will be held to that same
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standard. i hope not. i pray not, that that's not what happens. >> the expectation is that eight hours of senator question starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, they will ping-pong between republican questions and democratic questions. chief justice john roberts has that. the respective attorneys, to keep their answers to 5 minutes. we will see. ed, sandra? >> ed: we'll see if they keep it to that. mike emanuel, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in the national correspondent for real clear politics. we will see, it's a good way to head into all of this. [laughter] what do you expect, philip? >> i expect after sitting there for so many hours that the senators can finally make their voices heard. they can actually write them down, right down the questions and have other people read their questions. we have already heard from the chief justice, they want short questions. short answers. hopefully we won't get a lot of the repetition. in the last weekend in the last
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arguments we've heard a lot of the same arguments repeated by both the defense in the prosecution. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell going on the record, at least for now, saying he does not have the votes to block impeachment witnesses. so what is the strategy? >> so, mcconnell has been straightforward that he doesn't have those votes. but from the very beginning, the strategy of the white house has been they say no more witnesses are needed. but if witnesses are called, they want to have witnesses there to defend president trump. if democrats are going to call former ambassador john bolton, everything is on the table for republicans. names like hunter biden, perhaps the whistle-blower or even adam schiff. >> sandra: meanwhile, joe manchin making headlines talking about his frustration with both sides over the hypocrisy of what he has seen play out. here's the senator. >> i have a hard time explaining back home the hypocrisy. if you start seeing basically
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all the clips from 20 years ago, whether it be the house manager, the prosecution now, the statements they made, or professor dershowitz or ken starr or chuck schumer or mitch mcconnell, they have all reversed their position 180 degrees. >> sandra: so they reversed their position, but he's not just taking on ken starr, alan dershowitz, and members of the president's legal team. he's taking on chuck schumer and this issue, as well. >> that's right. what's so interesting here is we've been focusing on the possibility of a jailbreak of the republican senators when it comes to the issue of witnesses. even thinking about murkowski, collins, and romney. what is so interesting about manchin's if he were to vote to acquit -- think also kyrsten sinema or doug jones -- what this would basically do is allow president trump to go into 2020 with the prospect of a bipartisan acquittal. >> sandra: as far as a potential witness swap, what are
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you hearing for the tolerance of some of those moderate republicans to possibly engage in a deal? >> right, well, the minority leader definitely does have republicans in a tight spot when it comes to the testimony of ambassador bolton. he basically says, "you can either hear from them directly or you can find out more about his testimony through leaks or when the book eventually does come out." the possibility of some sort of swap has been looked down upon so far, but mcconnell has said that things are back on the table. because he doesn't have the votes to keep witnesses from being called. >> sandra: philip, we are just days away from iowa, a couple of weeks till new hampshire. what do you see the impact so far of impeachment 2020? >> we saw the clip of president trump, he was in new jersey last night, he will be in iowa on thursday. he will press his case for reelection. when four of his aspiring
6:11 am
competitors are stuck here in the u.s. senate, as on speaking jurors. so i think we will see in iowa whether or not impeachment is a cost for democrats or a boon for more of the progressive senators. >> sandra: to be and we restarted. we will see. philip wegmann, thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> ed: meanwhile, some brand-new national polls showing joe biden and bernie sanders are on the rise. and president trump's reelection campaign is taking notice. >> sandra: and we are learning more about that crash that killed kobe bryant over the weekend. the critical safety system that his helicopter apparently did not have. >> ed: plus, a powerful earthquake rocking the caribbean. it shook buildings all the way to miami. >> i said, "let's get the heck out of here." we came down. >> how long have you lived in south florida? have you ever felt an earthquake?
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>> i felt the building shaking a little bit, along the window of the cords were begging up against the wall and we got an email to that grew the building. >> ed: those reports of swaying buildings leading to evacuations in miami. so far there are no reported injuries from that quake. >> sandra: meanwhile, china fast tracking new hospitals at the moment to treat the coronavirus and patients with it as the number of confirmed cases is reaching 6,000. meanwhile, a plane carrying americans evacuating from china is about to land at a california military base after the 200 plus pound don my passengers pass health screenings during a stop in anchorage, alaska. joining us now via skype is dr. marcus espinal. he's the director of the department of communicable diseases at the world health organization. we welcome you sir donna, sir, good morning pete thank you for being here. please tell us what we need to
6:17 am
know about the spread of this virus this morning. >> almost 6,000 cases. other countries continue to report more cases in germany, and it is confirmed also that there is human transmission. the news is that the ihr expert committee will be reconvened by the director general tomorrow to discuss the matter again. >> sandra: doctor, there is talk about this reaching epidemic proportions when you look at the amount of cases now versus the sars outbreak in china alone. what are the expectations for what happens now and how big this could potentially be? >> well, we'l we are still lear. it could be potentially big. we need to study cases and other countries and make sure that at
6:18 am
this time countries are prepared. basic measures within international relations needs to be properly implemented or strengthened. we know a bit about the virus, but we don't know much -- there are no medicines, no vaccines yet. we are in a preparedness movement and catalan trees to accelerate preparation. >> sandra: getting hold of this at the origin of the disease in wuhan, china, the world health organization we know sent a delegation to china to help combat this. what is the strategy to do that, doctor? >> the director general himself was yesterday in china, he's back in geneva to meet with the ihr committee tomorrow. he got reassurance from china that they will collaborate with w.h.o. they will receive experts from
6:19 am
w.h.o. our office in manila is working with the chinese to ensure preparedness and containment at the maximum level, because at the moment most of the cases are in china. more than 5,000 cases. so we need to try to avoid and minimize what might happen in other countries. >> sandra: what is the recommendation from the world health organization now for other countries who are dealing with potentially people who travel to that region and are or have returned home? we know that there are five confirmed cases here in the united states. >> well, you know, several countries are now doing triage at the airports to try and detect cases. but that doesn't mean we are going to detect them. screening for favor, for symptoms, the most important thing is when a person has symptoms and signs of the
6:20 am
disease they need to think -- we need to investigate if they were in contact with china or any chinese in the recent days. we also have to rule out influenza or the common cold. remember, 80% of the cases are mild, are not very severe. so airport screenings is okay, but that might not protect all the cases. >> sandra: doctor, what else are we learning about the incubation period? the cdc here in the united states held a press conference yesterday taking questions over what they are learning about that incubation period, the period by which a patient can transmit the disease, 2-14 days. finally, what can you tell us about that what we are learning? >> what we are learning, it's probably less transmissible than mers and sars.
6:21 am
the reproduction number, but more or less how many people can be infected. the viruses can mutate, viruses can accelerate their effectiveness and so on. still we are learning about transmissibility. but certainly human to human transmission has been confirmed. what we need is to minimize this, trying to isolate people who are detected or suspect for coronavirus, in order to prevent dissemination in any country. >> sandra: and we know they are working on an immunization, as you mentioned. but that could be years away potentially. doctor, we appreciate you coming on the program this morning. thank you. >> ed: in the meantime, a heart stopping rescue caught on cam. i woman found herself in the freezing waters of lake michigan. >> sandra: plus, a shocking new twist in the connecticut murder mystery. authorities finding fotis dulos unconscious. a live report on what happened,
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>> sandra: some frightening moments for a woman who fell into the icy waters of lake michigan. police body cam footage showing the dramatic rescue from harrison township, about an hour northeast of detroit. the woman was fishing off a dock when she lost her footing and slipped into the water.
6:26 am
two men fishing nearby rushed to her aid but could not get her out. they held her in place until first responders arrived and pulled her to safety. she suffered only minor injuries and said she is hoping to go ice fishing again. >> ed: i'm glad she's okay, but she's going ice fishing again? she must love it. >> sandra: rode don't like what a rescue. >> ed: meanwhile, fotis dulos, the connecticut man charged with murdering his wife, now in critical vision following a suicide attempt. police officers found him unresponsive inside his garage yesterday after he failed to appear in court for a bond hearing. dulos is accused of murdering his estranged wife, jennifer, who disappeared last may after dropping her kids off at school. laura ingle has been all over the story. she is life outside the hospital in new york where he's being treated. laura, good morning. >> good morning, ed and sandra. yes, fotis dulos was flown here by helicopter yesterday afternoon in critical condition after, as you mentioned, after
6:27 am
attempting suicide in his garage. police found him unresponsive. many people have asked if he left behind a note. police are not saying if the note was found. dulos, who police say allegedly killed his estranged wife, jennifer dulos come in her garage, said he attempt to kill himself and his garage just around noon yesterday when he was supposed to go to an emergency bond hearing that would put him back in jail of his bond was revoked. he was found inside a running vehicle in that garage after police came to check on them when he didn't show up to court. >> they could see through a window that mr. dulos was sitting in his vehicle, and he had obvious signs of medical distress. officers forced entry and immediately began to perform life-saving measures. >> after medics worked on dulos for up to 30 minutes, he was transported to nearby uconn health for carbon monoxide poisoning. at first there were reports that he died, and even his family
6:28 am
members were notified, according to our resources. then the news shifted to reports that medics were able to revive him and got a pulse. after police announced he was still alive he was transported by helicopter to jacoby medical center here in new york. he was airlifted to this facility because of the hospital's unique hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is used to help deliver more oxygen to the blood in patients who have had carbon monoxide poisoning. dulos' legal team will be making an appearance on his behalf today at 2:00 p.m. local time for his emergency bond hearing, which was called yesterday after state prosecutors learned the funds to hold his $6 million bond in place were in question. i spoke with attorney norm pettis, dulos' head legal defense. he told me they are going to be talking about the bond in question and are ready to argue vigorously about this, saying it's the insurance companies problem they weren't able to secure the bond, not fotis dulos'. they expect a good argument in court. he also told me that fotis dulos sister and has been on their way from greece to come here to this
6:29 am
hospital to be by his side. ed? >> ed: estranged are getting stronger. laura ingle, thank you for the facts. >> sandra: federal investigators releasing brand-new information on the crash that killed kobe bryant and eight other people. the critical equipment missing from that helicopter. >> ed: plus, mitch mcconnell says he did not yet have the votes to block a move to call impeachment witnesses. we will talk to his former chief of staff for the facts as they consider a brand-new strategy. >> i believe on friday when we get to the decision were there we will have witnesses, were not going to do it. i don't believe you will have any witnesses. i think we are going to listen to the questions. we will see. after what happens with that, i believe we will see no witnesses. wow!
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6:34 am
hey, jeff. >> sandra, countless fans continue to show up here outside the arena to honor and pay their respects to the late nba star, kobe bryant, as well as the other eight people on board that helicopter when it crashed. some of these people waited hours and hours just to show up here to drop off some flowers, maybe light a candle, leave a balloon. again, try and pay tribute to those who were killed in that helicopter crash. this is the plaza near the arena. you can just see, it's full of not only people but also items that have been left here over the last few days. fans say they still cannot believe what happened and found it very fitting that last night's lakers-clippers game was postponed. >> it's the moment of silence he deserves, absolutely. i wish we didn't have to give him that. >> it's quiet, it's eerie, the energy does does not feel the same right now. >> we are also learning more
6:35 am
about the final moments of bryant's life, and the other eight who were on board. according to the ntsb, that helicopter that crashed dropped more than 2,000 feet per minute. investigators believe it was in one piece until the moment of impact into a hillside in calabasas. we are also learning the chopper did not have a terrain awareness and warning system. we should note this device is not required, but the ntsb has recommended that for similar helicopters. the ntsb also saying it could be up to 12-18 months until their investigation wraps up. sandra? 's ph jeff paul, reporting from los angeles. jeff, thanks. >> it looks like we are starting to see some cracks in their numbers. senator romney has been very clear from the beginning that he wants to hear from john bolton. a few others have said they want to hear witnesses. and the way i look at this, zero witnesses plus zero evidence equals zero justice.
6:36 am
>> ed: senator amy klobuchar they're discussing the issue of impeachment witnesses, as mitch mcconnell says he's not sure he has the votes to block them. josh holmes' former chief of staff to the senate leader mitch mcconnell. thanks for joining us, good morning. >> good morning, ed. >> ed: there were reports less not come as you know, suggesting senator mcconnell does not have the votes currently to block witnesses. i got a call late last night from a source close to the process saying, "hang on, things may have stabilized for republicans." what are you hearing this morning? >> before i break out my mcconnell decoder ring, i think it's important we don't lose sight of the larger, bigger story here, which is that we are a week into this process. you don't have a single republican who has at all been persuaded by the case that adam schiff and the democratic house impeachment managers have made. nobody has indicated that anything that has been said is impeachable. in fact, to the contrary, you have a number of moderate democrats in the last couple of days who have come out and said they very might well vote for an
6:37 am
acquittal. that's a bigger picture here. as to the witnesses, the mcconnell decoder ring, does he have the votes? maybe. here's what he sang. he saying you have two days between now and friday when they will have a vote on witnesses. editors go through a period of question and answer with a clean up a lot of misconceptions people have had about the process. one of those biggest misconceptions is the idea that this is a trial without witnesses. we have had 17 witnesses that the democrats have assembled over a period of three months that have provided an incredible amount of testimony. >> ed: our colleague, chad pergram, congressional correspondent, had a story at "vote teetering on razors edge, keep eye on possible devil's bargain." among those possibilities come he might have referred to this in a tweet i noticed. "i'm still betting if you see the whites of john bolton's eyes in the senate, you'll see the glassy gaze of hunter biden's alongside them. i don't think they will vote to want to hindenburg, at least not
6:38 am
yet." maybe a little hyperbolic there with your rhetoric, but the point seems to be that you are saying, "look, if you want john bolton, democrats, you will end up getting hunter biden and this whole thing will blow up." >> you got to get the people what they want on twitter, right, ed? [laughs] large argument is true. this has never been a binary choice. what democrats would like everybody to believe is this is pam clearing out what he wants to talk about and leaves, or whatever adam schiff wants to do. he's not controlling the process. what happens if you open that witness pandora's box, republicans and the trump defense teen are going to get witnesses, too. that includes hunter biden, that includes a whistle-blower. heck, it could even include adam schiff, who i think has a fair amount of questions to answer about the whistle-blower and how this whole thing got started. the >> ed: so that's the question of whether or not there will be witnesses. you teed up a moment ago our last point, which is the question of acquittal or conviction.
6:39 am
politico had a story looking at the three democrats who are now talking about possibly voting for acquittal. joe manchin of west virginia, kyrsten sinema of arizona, doug jones of alabama. i would add to that democrat dianne feinstein is clarifying there had been a report that maybe she would be a vote for acquittal. her office saying not really, but di she did say this. "nine months to go before the election, the people should judge." that seems to me to be a point that the president's own lawyers are making, which is why remove the president from office? with the voters decide. even a democrat, feinstein, is saying that now. >> yeah, that was verbatim, one of the arguments the trunk defense team has made. basically what republicans have made over a series of months. one, this is not impeachable conduct, even if you accept democrats' arguments. two, why are we going through this endless process when we have an election around the corner? you can let the voters decide.
6:40 am
that's what senator feinstein said. when canada gets the best of them they like to moonwalk out of that and come up with more of a party line a day or so later. it took her a little quicker than that. i think the bottom line here, ed, is this witness distraction is really a distraction. where this ends is acquittal of the president of the united states. as far as i see right now, zero problem with republicans. maybe defections from the democratic side. >> ed: the thoughts of republican strategist josh holmes, and more portly, holder and keeper of the mcconnell decoder ring. >> [laughs] >> ed: we will get back to you when we learn more about that. >> thank you. >> sandra: president trump in unveiling his middle east peace plan with israeli premise are netting out who. already the palestinians are rejecting it. can the two sides come together in agreement? >> ed: plus, the power of impeachment. why it's not slowing down of the commander-in-chief out on the campaign trail. our a-team joins us next hour.
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>> sandra: a well, just five days now head of the iowa caucuses. a new poll showing rising support for joe biden with bernie sanders right behind him. as the trump 20 team is set to be huddling with a game plan to offset the sanders surge. chris stirewalt, fox news editor, joins us now good morning. >> how do you do? >> sandra: i'm doing well, thank you. what are you seeing just days now head of the aisle caucuses? >> we are seeing a lot of shaking out. we've been through radical mode for long time. there is not been a lot of attention paid to the process per the focus has been on impeachment and elsewhere. people are dialing and now late, and it's clear you've got two lead to standard bearers. you've got joe biden for the moderate wing of the democratic party, and you got bernie sanders for the socialist progressive wing of the democratic party.
6:45 am
it is clear that they are the guys, and what looks to be a twn race. >> sandra: i will reach you darkly from a political headline this morning, chris, get your thoughts. "trump world torn over running against bernie. close with the subtitle, "some advisors are salivating over running against a socialist," is referred many times before. "other say they need to be careful what they wish for." who best to run against president trump? >> sometimes the interests of a presidential candidate in their party diverge. this is one of those cases. if i was donald trump, i would probably be a little bit more concerned in a way about bernie sanders because he is a wild card. and he is appealing to the same voters who hate the establishment, who are angry, who don't like big business, who don't like the government. all kinds of stuff, with the same sort of working-class white voters. there is a weird similarity there that could make things more challenging.
6:46 am
with biden coming in a basically where you're starting out. you are starting out with 47% of the vote, 46% of the vote, and you fight it out for the last bit. but if you're a republican, the prospect of running against bernie sanders is exactly what you want. because bernie sanders means wipeout for democrats in the suburbs. he needs distraction for democrats in the house districts and senate races where they've been making gains with more affluent, college-educated, white voters in the suburbs. speed very interesting analysis there. the president last night at that rally, chris, really took on democrats. here's a bit of it. >> americans of all political beliefs are sick and tired of the radical, rage-filled, left, socialist -- i never saw anything like what's going on in this country. really, the democrat party is the socialist party. >> sandra: obviously several of the candidates are tied up with the impeachment trial in washington. others are out on the campaign trail. how is all that going to affect
6:47 am
what happens next for 2020? >> with bernie sanders, his supporters are loyal. they are unshakable. they like bernie, they've stuck for him with a heart attack. they've been with him for four years. that's what they want to do. he's got his surrogates out there working for him. it is very tough for candidates, amy klobuchar particularly, stuck in washington and can't go out for that late iowa surge. the reality is the president is going to say, "whomever the down dominic democrats nominate, democrats will say there is socialist, for open borders, partial birth abortion pre and he of those things. that's a message that works best to frighten suburban voters who are iffy on trump. the speech there was talk about elizabeth warren gaining momentum at one point. she remains in third place in the latest quinnipiac polls. 15%, her support dropped by a point since the last debate. elizabeth warren and her status. final thoughts, chris? >> she is very bad at running
6:48 am
for president. she's an extra neri bad politician with really bad pulled a good instincts. and the fact that she made it as far as she did was largely a product of the hype generated by the political press that was thirsty for her to be the nominee. >> sandra: all right, see you in iowa, chris. >> [laughs] you bet. >> sandra: thank you. >> ed: we are getting word you may hear from republicans very soon. a preview of what happens in the q&a period. standby for that. hillary clinton admitting the desire to run again just won't go away. >> i certainly feel the urge, because i feel like the 2015 election was really an odd time and outcome. >> ed: is she keeping the door open for a comeback? and with the super bowl almost here, companies betting big guns and very expensive commercials. we'll preview the ads everybody will be talking about monday morning. ♪ i like liberty mutual.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, just hours before the next phase in the impeachment trial begins this afternoon, we are getting word that senator lindsey graham will be holding an impromptu news conference that could be happening any moment now. it could just be him in the
6:53 am
halls there on capitol hill. next phase of the impeachment process, senators will begin submitting written questions today. we will be looking for and listening to lindsey graham when he steps up to a microphone. it could be any moment now. we will bring that to you live. >> ed: we are watching that come also keeping an eye on super bowl sunday. almost here, with the anticipation building for the game and for all the new commercials, of course. here they preview is carley shimkus from fox news headlines 24/7. channel 115 on sirius xm. >> a 30-second commercial cost $5.6 million. now you know brands are releasing these commercials early because they get ma more r their buck. check out this budweiser ad. >> they call us typical americans. maybe because we live typical american lives. like this typical american,
6:54 am
showing off his strength. so typical. >> ed: honoring first responders. >> i love that commercial, so much patriotism. and there's a play on typical americans doing extra neri thinks. >> ed: mr. peanut and sunday also getting a bit of -- >> okay, the planters commercial that shows the death of mr. peanut, that was reduced to a micro lease early and got a lot of buzz. they halted promoting this out on social media in the wake of kobe bryant's death. and then there's a commercial that features a lot of actors from boston, for massachusetts. they are all doing boston accents. that one is really funny, so i think that one's going to be a big water cooler conversation. >> ed: absolutely. also, prop bets for super bowl ads in terms of what comes first. >> might've put you on the spot? how many will feature a dog, over under 3.5? >> ed: a dog, over. people love dogs. >> the next one, how many times
6:55 am
will michael bloomberg's commercial mention president trump? >> ed: way over two. >> i'm going to go under two. these are actual bets you can put money on. which food brand commercial will air first? doritos, snickers, she does, or avocados from mexico? >> i'm thinking stickers. i don't know why. >> i'm going doritos. >> the avocado one is interesting. avocado injuries make super bowl parties the pits. e.r. says cork related knife wounds arise, perfect set up for sapping yourself. sort of funny but sort of serious. >> it's funny you say that, i just texted my friend. this is a true story. she received a very severe injury to her hand from cutting and avocado. she discussed her cast off. tabor, god bless you! marketing! it can be tough. >> ed: enjoy the super bowl and we will see you soon. a very special edition of "america's newsroom" coming up on friday, we've talked about it. sandra will be in miami for the big game and i will be in iowa
6:56 am
getting ready for the other big game, first in the nation's caucuses on the ground in des moines. >> i will meet you out there sunday. meanwhile, the coronavirus is spreading in china. we await the arrival of more than 200 americans evacuating from wuhan. we are on the ground in california where that plane is expected to land. we are also expecting to hear, by the may come from senator lindsey graham. that could be happening any moment. the impeachment trial on capitol hill enters its next stage. stay with us, we'll be right back.
6:57 am
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watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> ed: fox news alert, more than 200 americans now evacuated from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in china. their end route to the u.s. mail and right now come with the flight destination had to be ch, california to a nearby military base. so far no word on why the change. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm ed henry. to be a developing situation. good morning, i'm sandra smith. as the death toll from the outbreak continues to rise in china, health officials are taking no chances back here at home in evacuating those americans from the city of wuhan. >> all passengers have already been screened twice before they left china. they were monitored throughout the flight. in anchorage, the passengers were screened twice more and were approved to continue on to california by the cdc.
7:01 am
in california, they will undergo additional screenings and begin the repatriation process. >> martha: have team coverage for you this morning. feature story news bureau chief, patrick fox, standing by in beijing. we begin with william la jeunesse, he is live outside march air reserve base and go for and as we await the plane's arrival. hey, william. >> hey, william. they hope to contain any outbreak here on the mainland and reduce concerns of the public by diverting that aircraft from the ontario commercial airport east of l.a. to the march reserve base here in riverside county. ontario's federally designated for this type of emergency. they have been outfitted a hanger with about 200 beds for this very purpose. the cdc and state department made the decision to lend the jet here for "logistical reasons." 201 passengers aboard that charter flight, mostly from the u.s. consulate in wuhan, some diplomats as well as business
7:02 am
people working for u.s. companies they are aboard flight. they were screened twice in wuhan for fever and symptoms. they are monitored by medical staff on board the flight. they were screened again during refueling in anchorage. they were isolated there at an international terminal. apart from the domestic passengers they had no contact. also on board the flight, the pilot and flight crew had no contact with these passengers and they had a separate ventilation system. even though right now we don't know very much about how the coronavirus is actually transmitted. in wuhan, china, of course with the epicenter of this epidemic. 132 fatality so far, some 6,000 infected, even 15% of those in isolation in the icu have died. there is a major concern. the flights will be landing here at march reserve base between 7:30 at 8:00 local time, that's between 30 minutes and another hour. we do not know if those
7:03 am
passengers will be isolated here on the base or potentially taken by bus to a nearby motel. we don't know. i spoke to a public information person for the base, they did not know at this point in time. the decision will be made by the cdc. we are expecting a news conference here at 11:00 local where we should learn more. speed we will be watching and waiting on all of that. william la jeunesse, thank you. >> ed: wow. the number of confirmed cases in china rising to nearly 6,000, making it more contagious than the sars outbreak of 17 years ago. so far, though, it has been less deadly. joining us now with an update, patrick faulk, live in beijing. patrick? >> well, ed, sandra, there's a real state of fear here across the country. even in the capital some 4 kilometers away from ground zero, wuhan, when you walk past people on the streaks, nearly all of them are wearing face masks and many shops remain closed. if you do go into one that is
7:04 am
open, they won't let you in on those who are covered up properly. the real worry in the capital city here, when you go into malls and other public buildings, they are checking your temperature and registering your name, basically keeping tabs on everyone in case they come into contact with anyone that might be infected. elsewhere in villages and towns we are hearing lots of reports of people barricading themselves and not letting outsiders come in, and they are putting up signs saying, "no gathering in crowds." something the government has advised people not to do. we've also heard some worrying new reports just a short while ago that three foreign nationals have been infected. one australian and two pakistanis. they are the first such known cases. the list of countries with infections and the number of overall infections, as well as fatalities, keep on going up. we heard some of the figures a moment ago. the government is ramping up its containment efforts. we've been hearing a lot about
7:05 am
these hospitals, that they are scrambling to build. one of them is meant to be finished next monday. the other one on wednesday. we don't know exactly if they are on track right now, with the people are watching that very closely indeed, and they are sending in a lot more medics to go and look after people there. but those hospitals are only going to house a total of around 2.5000 people. but the numbers have already surpassed that, experts expecting there to be a lot more infection still. >> ed: we have appreciated that report on the ground. >> sandra: fox news alert, meanwhile, the next phase of impeachment begins this afternoon. senators will not begin the portion of this process where they will submit written questions to chief justice john roberts two lawyers for the white house and the house managers, in the debate over what happens with witnesses. that continues. president trump's legal team wrapping up their opening arguments yesterday. >> you can't view this case in a
7:06 am
vacuum. you are being asked to remove a duly elected president of the united states, and you are being asked to do it in an election year. >> ed: so, let's bring in the a-team. brad blakeman is a former deputy assistant to george w. bush. james freeman, assistant editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page and a fox news contributor. and jeanne zaino, professor of critical science at iona college. good morning to all of you. it seemed to be last night, brad, that momentum was moving toward their being witnesses in the senate. mitch mcconnell telling his republican colleagues, "i don't have the votes to block witnesses," but you say is moving in the other direction? >> i do. i think because the case proves that. the house did not call witnesses, and they voted on articles of impeachment. they claimed they had overwhelming evidence that they presented -- >> ed: well, the house called about 70 witnesses. >> the witnesses they want in the removal. so i think it's clear, if you are a senator, the argument is
7:07 am
if you present overwhelming evidence and therefore those witnesses that you are now seeking to call are cumulative, not necessarily material, even though now they claim they are material, i think that's a great argument for senators to consider. that the house moved too quickly, too hastily, without the kind of information they now want or claim they need. therefore, i think mitch mcconnell is tamping down expectations. i happen to believe that senators will come around. the votes will be there. >> sandra: we will see what senator lindsey graham has to say. he's expected to speak any moment now. we will see what his messages. chad pergram, on capitol hill for us, just talked to senator susan collins. she says she has no idea how the votes are going to fall when it comes to witnesses. just moments ago, she said that. >> i think you saw after the demand from the democrats to hear from john bolton, it was very clear immediately after that that they were not interested in a molten for biden
7:08 am
trade, whether it's hunter or joe. part of this process, we will get some of the documents that lindsey graham recently asked the state department four. hasn't gotten them. it is about those meetings and phone calls with vice president biden in 2016. there's kind of a media fairy tale that when he demanded the firing of the prosecutor it was after his son's company had been investigated. actually, a series of phone calls happened after the oligarch running burisma at his office rated by the ukrainian prosecutor that biden got fired. >> ed: jeanne, what say you? >> i would have agreed with you before the bolt and, but i think nobody knows how this vote is to come out. we will see witnesses, and either way, the democrats feel like they are in a position to run this through to november. they are going to keep things the republicans that 75% of the
7:09 am
american public wants to hear witnesses. you have no idea what bolton is going to say. how can you shut down without hearing it? it's a sham trail. so they will use this either way, which is why "the wall street journal" was correct in calling for bolton to come out and let us know what else he has to testify to. speaks of it in the manuscript , the reports are that he is suggesting claiming -- which the president has denied -- that the president told john bolton he wanted the investigation of the bidens to go forward and he was going to hold back the aid, suggesting a quid pro quo. last night on "hannity" ted cruz says none of that matters. watch. don't not pro quo does matter. it's a red herring. it doesn't matter if there was a quid pro quo or not. the reason is a president is always justified and in fact has a responsibility to investigate credible evidence of corruption. do i know for a fact that joe biden was corrupt? know. but there was more than enough
7:10 am
of a present to say, "hey, we ought to investigate it." >> i happen to believe the senator. he's a constitutional scholar, he knows what he's talking about. he clerked at the supreme court. as a lawyer, the best evidence is the transcript itself. the four corners of the transcript, in addition to the transcript is, what are the president do? the president didn't do anything that was alleged that he did. we know that from the transcript and we know that from -- >> you mean, the aide went through. >> it went through, there was no quid pro quo, the meetings took place. so there is no harm, no foul. there is no crime that is alleged in the articles of impeachment. >> sandra: i will read the street from the president a few moments ago. "remember, republicans -- the democrats already had 17 witnesses." to your earlier point. >> "we were given none. it's up to the senate, and at the house. don't let the dems play you." interesting as i tear appearing lindsey graham a few months from
7:11 am
now, what he will be saying. >> i think it all turns on the how a person would look at the biden situation and say, "yes, that should be investigated." obviously there is no crime alleged but in terms of the propriety of the president's action -- and, again, this is another area where lindsey graham has been seeking documents. it's highly unlikely that nobody of the white house counsel office in the obama-era or the vice president's own legal counsel office wouldn't have said, if asked for their impending stomach opinion, "you should recuse yourself from the ukraine situation given your son's role on this board and the investigation happening there." that really is the question. was it appropriate to say this biden deal should have been looked at? >> ed: and a key part, jeanne, of the present legal team, push back against democrats and impeachment managers playing video tape from chuck schumer and others. and what they said during the
7:12 am
clinton impeachment trial. here's the clip they played on the senate floor, of jerry nadler back in 1999. >> there must never be in neroli have and voted impeachment, or an impeachment supported by one of our major political parties and opposed by the other. such an impeachment will produce the divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come and will call into question the very legitimacy of our political institutions. >> ed: democrats and you can't have a partisan impeachment. >> it hypocrisy and politics, really? >> imagine. [laughter] >> we can play things ken starr said, alan dershowitz, lindsey graham. we say that all of her. even if we hear from john bolton, i don't think that will be the smoking gun democrats would think it's going to be. i don't think he's going to go in and blow up the republican party. i think for democrats, politically, strategically, they'd be better off without witnesses so they can complain through november. >> sandra: meanwhile, on optimistic president trump at
7:13 am
that rally in new jersey last night. here's a bit of it. >> they've spent the last three years and probably even before i came down on that beautiful escalator with our beautiful future first lady. [cheers and applause] trying to overthrow the last election. this november we are going to win back back the house. we are going to hold the senate, and we are going to keep the white house. >> sandra: that was the president's forecast. >> what doesn't destroy him makes him stronger. the fact is, i've worked for three presidents. it would be very rare for us to have a crowd of 10,000, 15,000 people. he does it consistently with people waiting outside. it's a phenomenon. his folks are fired up. >> sandra: jeanne? >> i think the question is how the big suburbs and women go. those of the groups he has to do well with. >> sandra: james? >> has approval seems to be ticking up. maybe he wants it to go for a while.
7:14 am
maybe he will demand witnesses. [laughter] >> ed: make it drag on a little bit, keep democrats off the trail and keep the president out there pumping up his votes. >> sandra: hillary clinton and a new interview talks about the urge to beat donald trump. i certainly feel the urge because i feel the 2016 election was a really odd time and an odd outcome. the more we learn, the more that seems to be the case, but i'm going to support the people running now and do everything i can to help elect a democratic nominee." final thoughts? >> i hope she gets the therapy she richly deserves. that has sailed. she was soundly rejected and donald trump as our president. >> sandra: that's our 18. we appreciate your time, thank you. >> ed: spirited, think you. [laughter] >> sandra: new information about that iranian missile attack on an iraqi base. the pentagon updating the number of injured u.s. service members. you have an update and the details in a live report next. >> ed: the president unveiling his mideast peace plan. does it have a chance of succeeding where all others have
7:15 am
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>> ed: the pentagon updating the number of u.s. troops hurt in an air strike on an iraqi base pay retaliation for the u.s. strike that took out a topper and in general. the defense department sing 50 0 service members suffered traumatic brain injuries. lucas tomlinson following this important story from pentagon. lucas, good morning. >> good morning, ed and sandra. the number is not trending in the right direction right now. two weeks ago 11 u.s. troops were hurt. we now know that number is five times greater. the pentagon says 50 u.s. service members have been
7:20 am
diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries or concussions. the pentagon uses both terms interchangeably. we don't know how severe the cases are. of those 50 soldiers, 32 have already been returned to duty in iraq. 18 have been transported to hess medical facility where they have mri machines. it's been two weeks since those missiles were fired at a base in iraq i was done i posing over a thousand u.s. troops. as you can see from these craters, the impacts were enormous and many think it's fortunate no u.s. troops were killed. early warning systems meant they had enough time to hunker down in bunkers for protection. during a refueling stop in ireland on his way home last weekend, vice president pence met soldiers deploying from fort bliss in el paso. roughly 20,000 more american troops have been sent to the region since may, bringing the total to 80,000. >> you are going to be deployed to a region of the world that has seen some action in the last
7:21 am
several weeks, but i can tell you all of our information as iran continues to stand down, because we demonstrated american strength. >> pentagon officials say ten years ago most of the soldiers would not have been evacuated from iraq and sent to germany, but it's being done out of an abundance of caution. u.s. officials hope they will start very soon. >> ed: lucas tomlinson, thank you. >> sandra: thank you, lucas. >> we are asking the palestinians to meet the challenges of peaceful coexistence. >> i hope the palestinians and breaks this build with israel a future of prosperity and peace. i hope our other arab neighbors and brace your vision and forge a path of reconciliation that will create for all of us a billion future. speech the president unveiling his peace plan yesterday calling for a two-state solution,
7:22 am
proposing a tunnel to connect the west bank on the gaza strip. joining us now, fox news security and foreign affairs analyst, walid phares. good morning, and welcome. >> good morning. >> sandra: what has been the response part of the president unveiling this plan yesterday? >> sandra, i have witnessed, research, talked about, publish these peace process for the last 35 years. we've seen many in the past. the map presented by the president is very sophisticated, meticulous, realistic. it goes from reality on the ground. it's not the ideological view of any side. it takes into consideration, basically, if you look at the map, to cope. they can security concern, which is the border with jordan, and the palestinian concern that thy are going to be connected between the west bank and gaza, hence the tunnel. everything else is up in the air
7:23 am
and can be renegotiated, negotiated again. obviously, to answer your question, we seen it in the media. all the palestinian leaders and not all the arabs but most of them, at least, have rejected the plan as it is. but some of the arabs, some in the gulf and others, they said it's a beginning and they can build on it. >> ed: how can they build it on the point that the president is giving the israeli prime minister the green light to annex about 30% of the west bank, would you just mentioned? palestinians upset about that point in particular. how do you bridge that divide? >> look, if we look at what the palestinians want, they don't want this map. they want a larger map. if you look at with the israelis want, most of them come of the very government said, "okay, i'll engage, in the next four years there will be a transition," they don't trust what's happening in the palestinian area, specifically gaza. to answer your question, i don't
7:24 am
think the israelis will begin the annexation before they have an agreement for the president has said, "okay, you can start getting those territories under your sovereignty, but then there need to be a palestinian state." so they need still to be in mutual acceptance from both sides. >> sandra: i will read to you directly from a statement saying there is no deal. "f the nonsense we are today, we say a thousand nos to the deal of the century." meanwhile capitol hill, we saw their nancy pelosi. >> as they participate in that the negotiations, and on first read of those two pages, there appears to be a basis for negotiations. >> sandra: so, walid, the big question -- where does all of this go next? >> it all depends on the leadership of the palestinians and who supports them in the region. we know the palestinian leadership is divided in two.
7:25 am
abbas, who is reacting and saying no to this map, he wants another map. hamas doesn't want any map. they don't want a two state solution. they don't want israel to begin with. in my personal view, i think the timing for a real agreement between the two sides is not going to happen as long as hamas controls gaza. >> ed: as you know, american presidents have tried and failed to bring out mideast peace. there've been a lot of reports this morning, a lot of commentary that maybe this president's unconventional approach could lead to a breakthrough. >> i believe that the journey of president trump, 2017 to riyadh, was the beginning of the peace process. because he was able to connect with a large number of arab and muslim leaders and serve the interests of the united states first against terrorism but also of these arab countries to contain iran. it seems to me that the
7:26 am
president is telling the arabs, "you want the u.s. support to contain iran and protect you, you are going to help me a little bit or more with the peace process between israeli and the palestinians. >> sandra: walid phares, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> ed: new calls for travel restrictions from china. >> there is a very simple way to stop this virus from coming to america more than it already has. that is to stop commercial air travel from the chinese mainland to the united states. that's exactly what i've urged the term for administration to today. >> ed: mary wow many airlines already doing just that. how health officials are working to reduce the risk of transmission here in america. >> sandra: plus, a massive earthquake shaking millions. where it hit, we will have the info straight ahead. >> around 2:00 i felt the building shaking a little bit. along the window, the courts were banging up against the wall. then we got an email to evacuate the building. r dollars
7:27 am
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7:31 am
>> sandra: public health officials on high alert now for new cases of the deadly coronavirus as china struggles to contain the outbreak. here at home, five people testing positive in four different states. any moment now, plane carrying about 200 americans from china is set to arrive in southern california. dr. davis is the los angeles county health officer and joins us now. doctor, good morning to you.
7:32 am
>> good morning. >> sandra: first off, what can you tell us is the risk posed to americans here at home with this virus? >> well, i think we have to pay attention to the cases we have here in the u.s. currently we only have five cases, and among those cases and their contacts we have not seen person-to-person transmission. so all of the situation is different in china in terms of having about 6,000 cases, we don't have that same situation here. >> ed: so what is your message to americans breaking up this morning i'm hearing always different news reports about protecting themselves and their families? >> than is it really is to go about your normal activities, and nobody should be excluded based on race, country of origin, or recent travel if they don't have symptoms. coughing and shortness of breath. for those who have traveled to places, say in china or other places with confirmed cases, if they come back within 14 days and start to exhibit those symptoms, they should call their
7:33 am
health care provider to get care. >> sandra: clearly, don't go about your daily business if it involves flying to china, because the warning is to not engage in a nonnecessary travel to china. in fact, demand is dropping so much that some of the american carriers including american airlines just announced moments ago that they are so pending shanghai and beijing flights from los angeles. they are reporting significant drop in demand for travel to and from china. so clearly we are seeing some people choose to change their plans. >> yeah, and that is the recommendation for the center for disease control. if you don't have any essential travel to that region or that area, then don't do it. the risk is higher there. >> ed: when you were talking about the symptoms a moment ago, we talked about this. fever, sore throat. it's very similar to the strain of the flu that a lot of americans, millions, have been dealing with. how do you separate that out so that people understand what they are really dealing with? >> this is a virus like other
7:34 am
viruses, like influenza and many others that cause common colds. so really the important thing to look at is risk in terms of who might have been exposed and travel to an area where there are large number of cases. that's the thing that separates those with flu-like symptoms just have the flu and some who might have novel coronavirus. those who have novel coronavirus or more than likely in wuhan, china or the regions in the area, or in contact with a confirmed case. >> sandra: we are hearing about a vaccine in the works. what are you hearing about that? >> we've heard the same from the health and human services press conference yesterday, that they are working on a vaccine as well as looking at specific treatments of these cases. >> ed: this is a story we've obviously being done i've been playing close attention to. the economic impact, for sure. dr. davis, the los angeles county health officer. we appreciate your insights and import information this morning. >> thanks for having me.
7:35 am
>> sandra: thank you. >> ed: all right, some panic in the caribbean, all the way up to south florida after a powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of jamaica and cuba. there were no reports of casualties or heavy damage, but hundreds of miles north in miami people say they actually felt shaking in several high-rise buildings were evacuated. our correspondent, phil keating, is live in miami were obviously everybody's waiting for the super bowl. phil? >> absolutely, super bowl fever down here. of course, miami is very used hurricanes, but certainly not earthquakes. but that was a very, very experience hear, hear tuesday afternoon, affecting downtown miami as well as south in kendall. two office buildings were evacuated just as precautionary safety measures. nobody in south florida was injured by this earthquake or the aftershocks, nor any buildings damaged. a tsunami warning for the coastline also never issued. the u.s. geological survey rated
7:36 am
the intensity for south florida as weak or moderate. a level two and three. people who described feeling their office buildings sway were all on upper floors of tall buildings, at least 24's up. lower than that you probably didn't even notice anything. one of the links evacuated was the stephen pete clark government building where a lot of employees went to the streets ending their days early. they're all back to work today. the epicenter was in the caribbean south of cuba, northwest of jamaica and northeast of the cayman islands, with the weekend aftershocks happening after 2:00 eastern time. people on the islands described very strong or moderate shaking. in the cayman islands, some roads are now cracked and sewage ruptured in the streets from manholes whose coverage blew off by the force of the quake. the u.s. geologist said tsunami risk was low, since the tectonic plates shifted alongside of each other and not one plate shoving underneath another plate.
7:37 am
reports on the east coast of cuba, we heard there were some strong shaking in santiago, the island's second largest city. you may recall the series of major and strong earthquakes that impacted puerto rico a month ago. that caused many buildings to collapse, and it's reported that 4,000 people on that island, a u.s. commonwealth, are still homeless. >> ed: phil keating was not shook, he is still all in place. thank you. >> i didn't feel it. >> sandra: thank you, phil. american airlines, as we mentioned moments ago, suspending flights to parts of china from los angeles, citing fears of the coronavirus impacting travel demands. >> ed: and we are awaiting president trump, a big moment at the white house coming up at the top of the hour. what the usmca deal could mean for the economy and your wallet. charles payne is on deck. the moneyman is here. in the house. >> sandra: hey, hey, hey! ♪
7:38 am
>> tomorrow we will replace the nafta nightmare, one of the worst trade deals ever in history. [cheers and applause] with the incredible, brand-new u.s.-mexico-candidate agreement. the usmca. with va mortgage rates suddenly
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no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now. >> sandra: watching the u.s. stock market this morning rebounding just a bit following monday's big sell-off sparked by concerns over spread of the coronavirus. here now, charles payne. what's happening this morning? >> well, we are in the midst of earnings season. he remember those, sandra. all the big companies are to tell us how well they did in the last three months, and what they see going ahead. >> sandra: doing pretty well! >> especially apple. they reported perhaps what could be the best, most perfect court or a company could ever ask for. the stock is a big this morning. >> ed: it keeps climbing. >> it just keeps climbing, they did so much better on the road,
7:43 am
even china. the iphone. people thought maybe the sub peak iphone about a year ago, but iphone 11 is selling like hot cakes. in the meantime they are branching out into other things. these wearables. when people wear these watches -- by the way, 75% of people who bought the watch our first time apple buyers. they're bringing a new group of people into the universe. the data collected, one day they will monetize that. it's absolutely phenomenal. intriguing enough, perhaps the stock of the days boeing. they had what i call -- they give their worst news possible. when you are a new ceo, you come out there, that's the first thing you do. you give the worst news in the world and blame it on the last guide. that is exactly what happened. as soon as the earnings came out, their stock crash. next thing you know, the guy spoke. this new ceo, i think people really believe he's going to get the job done. right now it's one of the biggest winners in the market right now, after early on -- >> sandra: if i remember, when we started 2020, you said the
7:44 am
one to be sure calling for a market rally in 2020 was bowing. >> i think they will come back around, particularly in the latter half of the year. it's been pretty good news. yesterday, remember, when i was on the show and the stock market really started taking off, i wanted to take most of the critic democratic i will share with the american consumer, the confidence number came up. it's through the roof. again we have confirmation, mcdonald's in america, through the roof mcdonald's come through the roof. >> ed: somebody getting a lot of credit is obviously the president. his press secretary out today touting what we will see at the top of the hour, the usmca signing. stephanie grisham writes, "today along with 400 plus workers, ceos, and elected leaders, the president signing is a story usmca deal, making good on his promise to deliver fair and more reciprocal trade for the american people. >> promise made, promise kept.
7:45 am
the amount of jobs that will get from this, depending on who is crunching the numbers, as many as 600,000 american jobs. it does bring the supply chain back to north america. when we start talking about this coronavirus, you start thinking about sars, avian flu, you have to ask corporate america, these chieftains, it is this something else to factor in? as you ship american jobs away and say china is the only place you can get supply chain and cheap workers, is really worth it when you have to shut down the whole plant for a month or two when one of these things pops up? because they are popping up with enough regularity, maybe it is a great time to bring factories back to america. maybe it is a great time to bring jobs and a supply chain back to north america. the big stuff in that direction is usmca, the signing today. >> sandra: will be watching that, 15 hours from now. $5 million, the cost of a super bowl ad. that's big money, charles. >> it's big money for some of us. not for you, though.
7:46 am
[laughter] it's huge! the super bowl is the ultimate audience. already some of these commercials --dash it's interesting, some are going to be fantastic. a lot of fun. then some will be social commentary because all of these corporations, when it comes to marketing, planters comes through with the mr. peanut thing in the third quarter. speeds that they are going to kill him off? >> it's postponed in the aftermath after kobe, but they will show the commercial. do you guys remember the movie "casino?" when the car blew up and they showed back in slow motion how somehow did nero got away when the sky blows, i think they will zoom in and you will see where he was able to go into a foxhole. mr. peanut survives, that's my production. >> ed: did you just say "woke" a moment ago? >> corporate america is woke when it comes to marketing! i don't know how wilke they are when it comes to dollars and cents, but we will see when it comes to corporate america.
7:47 am
>> martha: are you rooting for? speak of the kansas city chiefs. they deserve it. >> ed: they've never gotten a win. the hall of fame status may be hanging on that. san francisco, they've got great offenses but san francisco has that defense. they look pretty fearsome. >> sandra: look at this business segment dress turned into sport segment! [laughter] will be watching. holy cow! okay. who do you have, by the way? >> ed: i'm rooting for kansas city but i think san francisco a step. >> we've got a couple days to figure it out. >> ed: if you give me 14 points, let's talk. >> sandra: oh, lord... i'm for the chiefs, too pay that's it, charles. thanks. >> ed: the justice department taking action on all those annoying robocalls are getting on your cell phone. how they are cracking down, and what it means for you. coming . only pay for what you need with liberty mutual.
7:48 am
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>> sandra: we have just received a statement, a new statement from lindsey graham's office. the senator writing this. "it is my opinion, based on the laws and facts, the additional testimony is unnecessary in this case for the sake of argument one could assume everything atto john bolton is accurate, and still the house case would fall well below standards. however, i am concerned with john bolton's credibility as a tax. it it more likely some might feel the need to call him as a witness. it's a concern for the president and his team to call witnesses on other issues." the statement just coming from lindsey graham's office now. >> ed: you read between the lines, it seems like he is sending a message to various people. first maybe to the president, who has been tweeting this
7:53 am
morning attacking john bolton john bolton, fvc and other republicans do. also saying that if you hadn't stopped john bolton would be on world war vi or something like that. but he's a hawk. and maybe lindsey graham is trying to calm the white house down. "let's not spark a bigger fight here," number one. but the second message about, "hey, democrats, if you want to go down this road, the president and his team will get witnesses. hint hint, hunter biden and others." >> sandra: that's been discussed for some time, whether there's an upside down my capita on both sides we will see. >> ed: the justice department meanwhile cracking down on robocalls, suing five companies and three individuals they say were behind hundreds of fraudulent calls that scammed elderly americans. brett larson is here with fox news headlines 24/7, channel 115 under sirius xm device. >> yes, five channels, three individuals busted in this. they are by millions of fraudulent calls paid once again
7:54 am
we are seeing that voice over ip, voip, technology is the culprit behind this. they had call centers in india, and this is the problem we have an eye with these robocalls. one of the articles, it really kind of boiled it down well. voice over ip technology is something you can walk into a best buy and pick up. an auto dialer, probably something you can find on ebay. our broadband internet connection, you got yourself the recipe to make literally hundreds of robocalls every few minutes. they are a problem, the ftc has constantly said this is the most complained often about thing ever. so it's good news that they busted these people, and hopefully it will result in less robocalls. one of the companies involved in this bust told dominic,, made millions of calls in 23 days. speech if you want dinner table conversation going, you mention this. [laughter]
7:55 am
you get a visceral reaction. >> the fcc dominic ftc says don't answer the phone if you recognize the number. let it go to voice mail. they've stepped up efforts, they cannot block these calls. it won't even ring your phone, he won't even bother you. still as we are sitting here it's a problem, fingers crossed. >> sandra: people get where they are going to block important calls. brett larson, thank you. >> it's probably robocall! >> sandra: fox news alert, said to sign that historic trade deal marking a major legislative achievement. that should be happening just moments for now. we will have that for you live as soon as it begins. the president, cominge, up. very. ...head to toe. people were afraid i was contagious. alright, i'll be back in one hour. my skin hurt... ...i felt gross. what's up jay? how's everything?
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va mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. the newday team is working overtime so every veteran can save $2000 a year. >> ed: welcome back. fox news alert, on a major trade deal the president set to sign a new agreement with mexico and canada moments from now as his
8:00 am
impeachment trial enters a brand-new pivotal phase. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm ed henry. >> sandra: another busy morning. good morning ed, good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith. a major rewrite of our agreements with canada and mexico, the president's biggest legislative achievement since the democrats took back the house in 2018. it fulfills one of his key campaign promises. here is the president at a rally in new jersey last night. >> we will replace the nafta nightmare, one of the worst trade deals ever in history. [cheers and applause] with the incredible, brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. the usmca. we are restoring america's industrial might like never before. they are all coming back. they want to be where the action is. [cheers and applause] >> sandra: and to where the action is at the white house this morning, chief white house correspondent john roberts is their life with more. hey, john.
8:01 am
good morning. >> sandra, good morning to you. close to where the action is, we hope they would be on the south lawn but there was a delay in the president moving from the residence to the oval office. secret service wouldn't let us go through until that transition has been completed, so here i am in the familiar confines of the north lawn. in addition to signing the usmca, which is a signature trade achievement for the president, it comes on the heels of signing the phase one deal with the united states and china. the president really setting up a contrast or a split screen moment here as the senators are about to ask questions up on capitol hill in his impeachment trial. the president is signing this major trade deal. here's what he said last night. at a jeff van drew campaign event in southern new jersey. about the idea but he's doing the work of the nation while the democrats try to take him out. listen here. >> while we are creating jobs, the congressional democrats are obsessed with demented hoaxes, crazy witch hunts, deranged
8:02 am
partisan crusade. that's all they know how to do. the do-nothing democrats. >> the president taking to twitter this morning to talk about the issue of potential witnesses, saying, "remember, republicans, the democrats already had 17 witnesses. we were given none. witnesses are up to the house, not the senate. don't let the dems play you." that's a message to people like mitt romney, lisa murkowski, susan collins, cory gardner, to say the vote for witnesses. jared kushner suggested what would lie ahead if the senate does call witnesses at the democrats want to see. listen here. >> the reality is that if they end up going to a witness phase, the president has done nothing wrong. that will forever be proven. what you will find, what was the whistle-blower doing? what were the buttons up to? there were a lot of dirty things happening for a long time. a witness phase will give the american people the opportunity to learn about that.
8:03 am
even with that being said, it's a waste of time. >> a shot across the bow to democrats to say, "if you start calling people like john bolton we will call people like hunter biden and others." the president, meantime, taking a swing at john bolton on twitter. "for a guy who couldn't get approved, could get approved for anything since, beg me for a nonsenate-approved job which i gave him despite people saying don't do it, many more mistakes of judgment, gets fired. frankly, if i listened to him, we would be in world war vi by now. goes out and immediately writes an untrue and nasty book. all classified national security. who would do this?" apparently unhappy with john bolton. send it in her lindsey graham a short time ago telling fox news he is concerned that if bolton is attacked that would just sort of whet the appetite of people who want to seem to testify in the senate. so things like that, sandra, actually might backfire for the
8:04 am
president. speech we will be watching all of that and it with the president, as well. john roberts at the white house. now to riverside, california, where we are watching for this plane to land. coming from china, it stopped over in anchorage, alaska, for screenings of passengers. more than 200 americans that were evacuated from the epicenter of the coronavirus. wuhan, china. it is arriving in california. this is a live shot. it will be arriving in riverside, california. they are headed to a u.s. military base there in southern california. it is chartered by the u.s. state department. it left wuhan and then touched down late yesterday at ted stevens international airport in alaska. it refueled, it then screened those nearly 200 -- more than 200 passengers. it left the march air reserve base near there, and now we are expecting the arrival here at home. so the cdc has said they are going to monitor these passengers. they are going to provide a
8:05 am
thorough screening once they touched down, to "ensure these people can get back home and not put anyone at risk." that is coming from the riverside county department of public health. so that is more than 200 americans that have been evacuated from china. they had to divert overnight in alaska. they are now going to touch down in california. so this is a situation we are watching very closely. steve harrigan's live in atlanta where the cdc is also watching this quickly-changing situation. steve, your thoughts as we look on as those passengers about the touchdown back here at home? >> sandra, or mark pictures we are seeing now of this flight. it's headed toward an air force base in riverside, california. probably about 3 minutes out. who is on board? it's mainly u.s. diplomats from the consulate in wuhan, china. they are really people coming out of the epicenter of the deadly virus.
8:06 am
so deadly, so dangerous, this is the way to get them out and to get them out quickly. some business people also on board, and keep in mind there have been really stringent medical preparations for this flight. these passengers were screened first in china, then again at the refueling stop in alaska. they will be screened again upon landing. if anybody does exhibit any signs of the virus, of the coronavirus, flu symptoms or fever, coughing, they could be taken immediately to the hospital and isolated there. but certainly a tremendous sense of relief for these americans coming home and coming out of china. very difficult, certainly, to move around there. getting more difficult by the day. we are seeing airlines canceled flights in and out of not just wuhan, but all of china. british airways has suspended its lights. united and american have slashed their flights. airlines simply not wanting to fly there. both because of the health conditions and also because of demand. people are not flying there now. some tremendous jump in numbers
8:07 am
of confirmed cases in china. right now it's 5974. confirm case inside china just the past a pre100 30 2 people dead. we are seeing u.s. to plans and business people flying out of really a ghost town. people are getting infected, stores are shutting down. desperate to get out. u.s. companies shut down their operations inside china. starbucks has closed half of its stores. mcdonald's has close stores. officials here have caution there is no need for panic inside the u.s., that there is no immediate danger of this virus for the general u.s. public at this time. here in atlanta, the cdc has been working on a trial vaccine, but that could still be three months away. we are seeing a virus spiraling
8:08 am
inside china, it is deadly inside china, and it has spread to at least 18 other nations. but so far all the deaths, 132, inside china. that is the worst situation, and that is where this plane is coming from right now, sandra. >> sandra: steve, officials have said they are prepared to transfer 240 passengers on that plane from china, but due to some not arriving or not passing the initial screening in china, the flight ended up with 201 people on board. and they took precautions to separate the crew. they were on the upper level, and those 201 passengers on the lower level. they passed two health screenings after those prior screenings that they went through in china. they were then all approved to continue on to california by the cdc, and then they were screened in an isolated area in alaska, at the anchorage airport there. the north terminal. airport officials are saying
8:09 am
they were n nowhere near the domestic terminal. no impact on travel or traffic at the airport. and the cdc says they are going to continue to work with airport officials to clean that terminal regardless, and there are no international flights scheduled at the airport until a later time. as far as those passengers on board, steve, it's amazing to think about what they must have gone through over the last 48 hours or so. they said they received a hot meal in anchorage. this is according to local reports on the ground there. they said the whole plane erupted in cheers when they arrived in alaska, when they said "welcome home to the united states." the crew said it over the microphone there. they are certainly going to be happy to be home, and now they have to decide how to handle them once they touched down there in california, steve. >> certainly they must be thrilled to be out of there. the u.s. is not the only nation pulling its people out. japan is, as well. on the japanese flight out,
8:10 am
there were several people who might have the virus, who were coughing, who were vomiting, and who were in trouble. so certainly despite the stringent health checks in place, it hasn't worked out smoothly. a smooth flight out for anyone. some people in the flight to japan were taken off that flight and hospitalized. really, stringent health checks in place here, they will continue once on the ground here. you have to think, these people are coming out of a place of fear and desperation. of a place where entire cities or quarantine, where major cities seem to be like ghost towns, or even the use of private cars have been banned in some parts of wuhan. we see people walking to the hospital. you have a shortage of medical supplies, medical personnel crying out for protective masks, for checks, and now coming home to the u.s. where apparently all on board that plane safe and sound.
8:11 am
>> martha: landing at a military airport there, 201 passengers on board, coming from the epicenter of the coronavirus, touching down in the united states, getting a welcome home from the crew. the passengers may be forced to stay in isolation, according to officials between the three days and two weeks. they just don't know that at that time. we are awaiting the president of the white house with this usmca signing. i believe he is now speaking. let's go to the president speaking now. >> president trump: and we have to get back to business, everybody does. please sit down, please. but i want to thank everybody for coming to the white house, on this very momentous, historic, and joyous occasion. it's been a long time. everybody said this was a deal that could not be done. too complicated, too big, couldn't be done. we got it done. today we are finally ending the nafta nightmare and signing into law the brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. very special. [applause]
8:12 am
very, very special. the usmca is the largest, fairest, most balanced and modern trade agreement ever achieved. there's never been anything like it. other countries are now looking at it, but they can't be aborted like that. by far that is the biggest border anywhere in the world in terms of economy, in terms of people. there's nothing even close. this is a colossal victory for our farmers, ranchers, energy workers, factory workers, and american workers in all 50 states. you can almost say beyond, because it's all beyond. this is all over the world even though it's at one beautiful border. we are, by the way, very major, powerful wall right now being built. i don't know if i should say this at this particular meeting. i know last night it got a very big hand. they are a bit like new york. "are we supposed to clap now?" the usmca is estimated to add
8:13 am
another 1.2% to our gdp and create countless new american jobs. it will make our blue color boom , which is beyond anybody's expectation, even bigger, stronger, and more extraordinary. delivering massive gains to the loyal citizens of our nation. for the first time in american history, we have replaced a disastrous trade deal that rewarded outsourcing with a truly fair and reciprocal trade deal that will keep jobs, wealth, and growth right here in america. [applause] in a true sense, it's also a partnership with mexico and canada and ourselves against the world. it is really a trade partnership, if you look at it that way. and it is a day of great celebration in all three countries. i want to thank our amazing
8:14 am
vice president, mike pence, who helped us so much with the deal. [applause] and our sincerest appreciation to ambassador robert lighthizer, jared kushner, and steve mnuch steve mnuchin, and all of these incredible people. [applause] for the job you've done. like i said, they said it couldn't be done. welcome also to many members of congress who were key to getting the deal done, including senator grassley. where is chuck? oh, he was brutal. [applause] he would call me, he would say, "how is it going? how is it going?" with chuck, you just don't mess around. "we'll get it done, don't worry." thank you, senator, very much. and pat roberts, martha mcsally. and i want to just come if i could, mentioned -- because we do have some incredible people . senators. maybe i'm being nice to them because they want their vote.
8:15 am
does that make sense? [laughter] i don't want to leave anybody out. hey, congressman, i have already got your vote. 196-0. i think i have to mention some senators. [laughter] marsha blackburn, who has been -- where is marsha blackburn? marsha blackburn. [applause] from the great state of tennessee. roy blunt, thank you. john bozeman, thank you, john. thank you very much. mike braun, he has become a big fixture on television, and doing a great job. shelley moore capito, thank you. west virginia. great place senator bill cassidy, thank you very much. john cornyn, thank you, john. your poll numbers are looking good, john.
8:16 am
[laughter] very good. you don't have to worry about beto, either, do you, john? [laughter] a great young gentleman, he's been with us right from the beginning. senator tom cotton. where is tom? thank you, tom. thank you, tom. kevin kramer. [applause] thank you, kevin. ted cruz. boy, has he been -- where is ted? boy, oh, boy, he's dying to get back there and asked those questions, i know. he sitting there, "let me out of there, president! i want to ask those questions ask not he's got some beauties , i bet. you've been incredible. my friend from the beginning, steve daines. thank you, steve. [applause] joni ernst. that was the team, the tag team, with chuck grassley and joni ernst. it was impossible. i would say, "just tell them i'm not in, please." [laughter] senator deb fischer, terrific person.
8:17 am
terrific person. lindsey graham. where is lindsey? he may be having a news conference right now. he said, "i'm going over to his news conference!" i said, "i'd rather have you at the news conference, don't worry, we'll take care of it." the young, brilliant guy who has done very well and is respected by everybody. senator josh hawley. [applause] josh, term it is. i think he's another one, he doesn't want to come over here right now. where is john? you can try this. thank you, john hoeven. senator james lankford. he is a terrific person. we were just together on a very special day. wright, james? kelly loeffler. congratulations, kelly. really great. they already like you a lot. that's what the word is. thank you, kelly. martha mcsally. [applause] good, great.
8:18 am
jerry moran. jerry, thank you, jerry. you did a great job. in a lot of different ways, and another one is james risch. james, fantastic jobs you do. and mike rounds. where is mike? mike, thank you. [applause] he's always there, mike. he's fantastic. tim scott, mr. opportunity zone. i think he's over there fighting. he is saying, "just read the transcripts." that's what he's saying. he's great. thom tillis, who is doing pretty well, it's what i'm understanding. thom tillis. [applause] where is thom? yep. and roger wicker. by the way, is there anybody -- thank you, roger. is there anybody i didn't introduce? i would like to apologize immediately. where is rick? he's been one of the greats. i figured he was over there. rick, why are you not over there, rick? [laughter] rick scott has been so
8:19 am
incredible. great governor of florida. a great, great governor. now he's a great senator. thank you very much. the rest of you, i don't have to bother with. i'm sorry. [laughter] you know the way it works in life, right? right, ivanka? that's the way it works in life. i'm trying to teach you, here, but she could actually teach me. i want to thank those people. also with us is kevin mccarthy and kevin brady and mike conaway, vernon buchanan, steve scalise. they've been incredible from day one. literally 100 other wonderful congressmen and women. we appreciate you being here. kevin, congratulations on your big victory yesterday. that was incredible. he's also a tremendous fund-raiser, not that that matters. we don't even think about that. but i was a big victory you had yesterday. thank you very much. also here are many of the state and local leaders, including a really good friend of mine. somebody who is going to get that pipeline through and approved and finished. pete ricketts of nebraska.
8:20 am
where is pete? thank you very much. [applause] and a special man and a very popular governor, and a very capable governor, he's done an incredible job. he has been a tremendous supporter of all of this. greg abbott of texas. [applause] thank you, greg. great job you do. we are very grateful for the close partnership and cooperation with prime minister trudeau and for incredible friendship and relationship that we have developed with president lopez obrador. we are honored to be joined by the acting ambassador hellmann from. ambassador barcena of mexico. mexican undersecretary, mexican minister of economy marques, and mexican foreign minister. begotten of them very welcome this is a long negotiation. complex, spent a lot of time for
8:21 am
them. thank you very much. [applause] i want to say i have our great cabinet right up here, but i'm not sure. i don't know. ted, should i introduce the cabinet? you want to get back, right? let's forget it. my cabin is great. every 1 of them, they are fantastic. [applause] they are fantastic. we appreciate it very much. are you doing a great job. getting good credits for what you're doing. we really appreciate it. it's really fantastic. after nafta's adoption, more than 25 years ago, the united states lost nearly one fourth of all of its manufacturing jobs, including more than one in five vehicle manufacturing jobs. think of that. one in five jobs, lost so needlessly. thousands of factories were shuttered, millions of manufacturing jobs were destroyed. entire communities were devastated, from ohio to pennsylvania, michigan to maine, and california to north carolina.
8:22 am
devastated. two decades of politicians ran for office, vowing to replace the nafta, and this was a catastrophe. the nafta catastrophe. yet once elected, they never even tried. they never even give it a shot. they sold out. but i'm not like those other politicians, i guess, in many ways. i keep my promises and i am fighting for the american worker. we are all fighting for the american worker. everybody here is fighting for the american worker. this agreement i is a tremendous breakthrough for american agriculture. canada will finally provide greater access for american dairy. canada is opening up. it will grow annual exports to our neighbors by an estimated $315 million. poultry exports to canada are expected to rise by at least 50%, and egg export could
8:23 am
increase by 500%. where is the canadian folks? where are they? [applause] you guys did a good job on us before this deal, i'll tell you! canada was very tough, but they are good. they are our friends, so we appreciate it. very importantly, canada will finally give fair treatment to american-grown wheat. the usmca is also a massive win for american manufacturers and autoworkers. under nafta, companies were given huge incentives to produce cars in foreign countries and ship them to america tax-free. no tax, no nothing. we lost our jobs, we closed our factories, and other countries built our cars. but we've changed that, and we are now setting records. the usmca closes these terrible loopholes, and includes strong provisions to ensure that new cars are fashioned by american hands. that is a fancy word of saying
8:24 am
"build." and manufactured with american labor. we have some of the great labor leaders right now. i think james hoffa. where is james hoffa? james? thank you very much, james. [applause] thank you, james comer very mu much. fiat chrysler has already invested $4.5 billion in creating 6,500 new jobs in michigan, and opening up the first new detroit planted more than 30 years. [applause] we have a lot of them happening. ford is putting in $1.5 billion in creating 3,000 new jobs while gm is investing $2.2 billion, including 2,200 new jobs in michigan, to build vehicles of the future. i believe we have the chairman and president and the bosses of those two companies. please, where is mary?
8:25 am
thank you very much. ford, thank you very much. we appreciate it. what a great job. please stand, come on. for that kind of money? anything over $2 billion, you're allowed to stand. [laughter] anything over $2 billion. otherwise we don't have you stand. thank you. thank you both very much. steel dynamics is building a $1.9 billion flat role steer stl mill near corpus christi. in national automakers are pouring $25 billion into the united states, creating 50,000 new american jobs at a minimum. they are all investing in a future where we buy, hire, and drive american cars again. i like that. it's a very important part of the deal. [applause] mexico and canada have agreed to new labor protections that my
8:26 am
administration negotiated. the usmca is the first trade deal in nearly two decades, endorsed by the afl-cio. thank you very much. that was great. [applause] thank you. the usmca contains critical protections for intellectual property, including trade secrets, digital services, and financial services. it establishes new standards and safeguards protecting the environment, and currency stability. something that has been on my mind for a lot of years, long before i got here. what they have done to us with currency is crazy. it includes protections for american-made fibers, yarns, and fabrics, boosting the u.s. textile industry by numbers that you won't even believe. you will see them soon. this is a cutting-edge, state- of-the-art agreement that defect don't like defense, protects, and serve the people of this country. thanks to our policies,
8:27 am
unemployment is at the lowest level in more than 50 years. it's great. [applause] and we have created, in a very short period of time, a number that nobody would have believed if i ever said it during the campaign. they wouldn't have believed it. the estimate was $2 million. the most you could do was $2 million. we've created over 7 million new jobs up until this point. over 7 million new jobs. nobody would have believed that. [applause] real median household income is now the highest level ever recorded. in the history of our country, ever recorded. more americans are working today event have ever worked in the history of our country. we are up to almost 160 million people working. we have never even come close to a number like that. we have the hottest economy on earth. other countries come to see me in the oval office, and the first thing they say is, "what
8:28 am
are you doing with your economy?" they try to copy us. many have copied us and it has not worked so well for them, to put it mildly. we are doing better than any country in the world, and it's not even close. millions of extraordinary men and women strengthen our country every day in factories and warehouses, fields and farms, mills and stockyards, all across this magnificent land. their work and devotion and drive inspires our people, and powers our nation. together we are building a glorious future that is raised, grown, build, and made right here in the glorious usa. i would now like to invite vice president pence and ambassador light heiser to see if you words. they worked very hard on the agreement. i'm just going to finish off saying that this is something we really put our heart into. it is probably the number one reason that i decided to lead this crazy life i'm leaving right now, as opposed to that
8:29 am
beautiful, simple life of luxury that i lead before this happened. [laughter] but i loved doing it, and the reason i loved doing it is that nobody in a period of three years has done so much as all of us have. nobody. there's never been an administration that has done what we've done in the first three years. [applause] that means we are doing great things for the people of our country and beyond the people of our country. it's a real honor to be involved and to have helped so many people. a real honor. and it's an honor to have all of you with us. thank you very much. mike? please, say a few words. >> vice president pence: thank you, mr. president. thank you, mr. president. mr. president, members of the cabinet, especially ambassador bob lighthizer, governors, members of the senate, members of the house of representatives, leaders from businesses large and small across america, and
8:30 am
all the hardworking americans that are here and are looking on. this is a great day for american workers and american farmers, because mr. president, thanks to your leadership, nafta ends today and a new era of jobs and growth begins under the usmca. [applause] mr. president, as a candidate and as our president, you said we could get this economy moving again. with the support of the numbers of congress covered here, we cut taxes. for working families and businesses large and small, will be rolled back regulation. you unleashed american energy. mr. president, you also challenged our party and the american people to think in new ways about international trade. and the american economy is booming. as you just said, more than 7 million jobs created unemployment at a 50-year low, and i know what means most to you is that wages are rising
8:31 am
across the board, but they are rising most rapidly for hardworking blue-collar americans. [applause] mr. president, today you will sign the largest trade deal in american history. and today, thanks to your leadership, we will leave behind the failed policies of the past and have a new trade deal that will benefit every american. as a son of the heartland, let me say i couldn't be more grateful for your leadership. i saw firsthand how nafta hollowed out communities, caused thousands of factories to close, shuttered businesses in communities across my state and across the heartland. we saw thousands of jobs go south of the border come over million americans lost their jobs. thanks to your leadership, mr. president, those days are over. [applause] there are so many to think here.
8:32 am
numbers of the house and senate who stood with us every step of the way, that you've acknowledged. you've done a great service to the american people. let me also thank the governors here and governors around the country, and mayors around the country, who stood with this president believing that we could do better, as well. and mr. president, you directed me to travel across this country over the past year. i traveled to nearly 20 states. i met with farmers and workers and owners of businesses large and small. today i want to give credit to them, as well. to americans like jay and sue blanchard of safety signs in lakeville, minnesota, to don walker of magna international in lancaster, ohio, and doug freed us of treatise farms in california. it was americans like them who let their voice be heard, and supported your leadership, and congress acted to improve the usmca. this day is theirs, as well. i want to say thank you to you
8:33 am
for having the vision long ago that america could do better than nafta. i want to thank you, mr. president, on behalf of all the american people, for simply keeping your word. for fighting for the forgotten man and woman of this country every single day as you do. for driving a hard bargain, for never letting up until we got a deal that put american jobs and american workers first. so we are here today because of great allies in congress and state houses and city halls. we are here today because the american people stepped forward and demanded better. i want to say with a grateful heart that we are here mostly because we have a president who will always put america first. thank you, mr. president, and congratulations. [applause] >> mr. president, mr. vice president, the president was elected in large
8:34 am
part on his promise to change the direction of u.s. trade policy. a policy that, for too long, had led to exploding trade deficits, the outsourcing of u.s. jobs, and the brazen theft of american intellectual property. for many, nafta came to symbolize everything that was wrong with that policy. the agreement was highly controversial from the start, and passed with a narrow majority in the house of representatives. many of those who cast votes in favor came to regret their decision. they did so because many of the promises that were made in order to procure their votes came to nothing. >> sandra: you've been watching a ceremony at the white house, before 400 guests. the president expected moments now to be signing the usmca into law. you heard from the president just a moment ago, touting this
8:35 am
law as the colossal victory for american workers. they are projecting you to create about 600,000 jobs. at moments who saw him singling out some members of congress. g.o.p. senators in the crowd, he said at one point, joking, that "maybe i'm just being nice to them --" singling them out -- "because i need their vote." steve scalise said, "i believe i already have yours." we will be seeing him sign that shortly. >> ed: for more on this now, let's bring in bret baier, anchor of "special report." he will be helming our special coverage 12:30 p.m. eastern with martha maccallum, of course, as this impeachment trial resumes. bret, welcome. >> a, ed. >> ed: very interesting, we've seen in recent days with the president has been doing is the trial has been going on. january 21-22 he is in davos, of course. the first president to speak at the march for life rally, very important for his base, of course. yesterday unveiling that new
8:36 am
mideast peace plan. and today this trade deal, which is all about jobs. >> listen, it's hard to overstate the importance of usmca. this is the single biggest bipartisan legislative victory for this president and this administration. it is a huge deal. it is something he promised, and rightly, he says, that everybody at the beginning said that's crazy. "that is ever going to happen." both left and right said that. they powered through. investor light has leading the way, along with steve mnuchin, the treasury secretary, and others. the president got this across the finish line. this is a big win. the split screen, you can't avoid talking about it. you put up these events, the china phase one deal, speaking about the economy, and obviously this impeachment trial that we don't know whether it's going to continue or not. whether witnesses are going to be voted for it or not. but the president and the administration making clear that he is going to continue doing
8:37 am
this day today to get points on the board. >> ed: aptly. the president wanting to show he is still commander in chief, still doing his job amid the trial. there may be another split screen, lev parnas, the rudy giuliani associate, has now gone from union station -- not far from where you are -- editor of the capital. we are told the cannot get into the trial. i believe democrats wanted him to come in and watch some of the q&a. mack. but he can't come in because of the ankle monitoring device. you see that picture on the right there, we have on the left the president, vice president and bob lighthizer still speaking. talk about lev parnas coming in. he is speaking with reporters, they are trying to get his voice out there. even as we are hearing about this very sober, serious. in the trial coming up where you will have the chief justice john roberts as the arbiter, weighing these questions from democrats and republican senators. >> first of all, it's interesting just to see the lev
8:38 am
parnas media gaggle as he walks from union station and the cameras are following him. talking to every reporter possible. for the democrats, including chuck schumer, who said they don't want this to be a circus, this is circus-like. they have given him tickets, apparently he can't get in the gallery because of the ankle bracelet. the whole thing is a little surreal. but clearly, some democrats would like to see lev parnas is one of the witnesses. he said what he said in interviews, and he has recordings of the president talking about the early days of ukraine. republicans say this is all smoke and mirrors, it's all more of the noise, and many of them are signaling that they are going to vote no matter what happens for no witnesses. this question. mack is going to be fascinating, though. you could have republicans, josh hawley and others, who ask adam schiff specific questions that he hasn't answered. and how the chief justice deals
8:39 am
with those, reading those questions, and how they are answered will be fascinating. >> ed: they could press adam schiff on what contact he or his staff had with the whistle-blower, right? >> exactly. that is one of the reasons republicans would like to call adam schiff as a witness, if there are witnesses to be called. maybe he won't be called is that when this come up to maybe some of the questions will be pointed to him as he is one. >> ed: a quick last question, dianne feinstein, the democrat, she has comments in the "l.a. times" this morning. "nine months to go before the election pay the people should judge," she said. it's interesting, the judgment referred from the president's team. >> she claims she was misquoted and she was not really saying that she would vote to acquit. that is a big, looming thing. election is pending, nine months away. it's hard to believe we are days from the iowa caucuses and it
8:40 am
doesn't get a lot of airtime. it will over the weekend as we had to iowa. but i think that indication suggests that there is some concern. and look for democrats like joe manchin and doug jones and kyrsten sinema. if you get down this road, they could be votes to acquit, as well. we'll see. >> ed: bret, we appreciate your insight as always. catch bret and martha maccallum 12:30 p.m. eastern as we get ready for a special coverage again. thank you, bret. >> sandra: fox news alert on that plane we are monitoring dust touching down california after laying over in anchorage. profit centers on board, 201, mostly u.s. to pull out a family members pay they receive screenings there before flying into california and touching down back here at e united states. they originated in china, at the epicenter of the coronavirus. so they were evacuated, they have been trying to get home now for the last 48 hours or so.
8:41 am
they have not gotten off the plane just yet, but these are live images from the military base in california. we are going to keep an eye on the plane and look for those passengers to come off. we are told they may have to be isolated for 2-14 days. what is next for them? more as we get it. we'll be right back. rans. mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va streamline benefit now.
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8:45 am
>> sandra: all right, you are looking live at riverside, california, the military base receiving the 201 passengers that were evacuated from wuhan, china. mostly u.s. diplomats and their family members. they are now getting off the plane after they laid over for a refueling stop in anchorage, alaska. they received additional screenings before being transferred over. they have just landed, and that we see them getting off the plane. we are told they landed to a welcome home to the united states, and they answered with cheers.
8:46 am
>> ed: think about the relief they are feeling. a long journey from china. the stop, you've been mentioning all morning, sandra, in anchorage, alaska, for more screening. perhaps refueling for the plane. now lending there in riverside, california. obviously they will get more screening and more checks on their health to make sure nothing is spread further into the u.s. >> sandra: we are told officials may isolate them for 2-14 days. we don't know the details of what happens next with these passengers. clearly there are some on the ground there that are covered in suits, and we are told that the crewmembers stayed on top, on the upper level of the plane, while the other passengers were down below. they received a meal in anchorage, alaska, at the refueling stop, but they have kept the crew separate. this is a chartered plane by the u.s. state department. it left wuhan and touched down last night in anchorage, and just now at the military base there in riverside, california, where our william la jeunesse is standing by at that are based. those passengers must be very happy to have just stepped foot
8:47 am
on american soil. good morning, william. >> good morning, sandra. the plane landed about 30 minutes ago, as you said. it was met by about a dozen medical staff in the full white containment suits. three buses also pulled up to the plane. as far as we know, right now they have not disembarked the plane, but they will not be going -- i will just make a gesture here, right next to the tower there, there's the normal passenger area where marines from pendleton or fort irwin would normally go to the main terminal there. however, staff members told me that the three buses will take them to a special building, a containment building, where they will be seen by hhs and cdc staff there for additional screening. as you said, screened in wuhan, china. probably about 18 hours ago. there was medical staff on board this chartered airplane, as well. they were screened again in anchorage, alaska, where they were taken to the international terminal there.
8:48 am
again, separate ventilation systems, separate from the domestic terminal. now they will be brought here to be screened again. why? because we don't know a whole lot about this coronavirus in terms of how it is transmitted and the incubation period, and people may be carrying the virus. and yet, still be a symptomatic, which is why they are being medically screened so for goodley. they could be anywhere, we are told, from four days to 14 days in isolation here. we don't know whether they will be kept here on base or potentially a hotel nearby, or potentially even hospital. we are talking about 201 passengers, so that is a large number. they were originally scheduled to go to ontario commercial airport about 35 miles east of los angeles, and there was a hanger they're prepared for about 200 cots or beds in it. however, the state department, the cdc, made a decision to divert that aircraft here to the military base. we are told it was for logistical reasons, but also because there was a concern on the part of the public about
8:49 am
taking them to a commercial airport, even if they were going to be isolated. again, that's how they retreated up in anchorage. there will be an 11:00 a.m. press conference here by the cdc at a local hospital, which should provide us more details as to what is going to happen to these passengers. sandra? >> sandra: there are about a thousand americans living in wuhan. priority for this chartered flight by the state department, which the passengers will have to reimburse them for this, they took on the u.s. citizens that were the most at risk for contracting the coronavirus on the ground there. so they couldn't accommodate everyone. there are still americans back there in the wuhan, china. so these passengers, for now, they are back at home. they have housing for them. they will undergo more screenings. and we will continue to watch all of this. william la jeunesse on the ground there in riverside, california, thank you. >> ed: important news there. also this, the connecticut man charged with murdering his
8:50 am
estranged wife hospitalized in critical condition after an apparent suicide attempt. what this could mean for the case against mr. dulos. ales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage, and got them back on track. get started at americans come to to compare and save on loans, credit cards and more! but with the new lending tree app you can see your full financial health, monitor your credit score, see your cash flow and find out how you can cut your monthly bills. download it now to see how much you can save.
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8:54 am
>> sandra: foti fotis dulos fad to arrive for a bond hearing. he is in critical condition being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. mercedes, we have been following this closely. did you see this coming? >> how incredibly tragic and maddening. a man who has been out. house arrest. this is the ultimate fleeing from the scene of a crime. the prosecutors are going to jump all over this. your wife has been missing since may. he didn't have the sort of
8:55 am
breakdown. don't come into the courtroom. i'm sure the defense is going to say there's no evidence that he's flowing from the scene of a crime. this is about being a distraught father. where were you when your wife went missing on may 24. where were you when there was surveillance video showing you carrying bags and the material -- materials have the dna of your estranged wife. this is all circling around him in the latest report was that his girlfriend is now turning on him. that is so significant. it's a perfect ploy -- i don't want to say ploy. perfect strategy by the prosecutors. nobody but lots of dna evidence. you have blood, dna evidence, you have found, they found the abandoned car. all of these things, and others a question as to what did he leave behind. >> sandra: a lot of questions.
8:56 am
mercedes collins, thank you. >> ed: fox news fox news alert. on capitol hill we are awaiting a crital new phase in the presidents trial where senators can ask questions. special coverage coming up. ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability... fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better.
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my team's working overtime to make sure every veteran can refinance now to save $2000 every year
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>> ed: we get to do it all over again tomorrow. >> sandra: see you tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. president trump's impeachment trial is about to enter a whole new stage as we wait the beginnings of the question-and-answer session. this is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell telling colleagues the g.o.p. does not yet have the votes to block impeachment witnesses. an initial vote is expected on friday. president trump today tweeting that house democrats allowed no witnesses for his side and republican senator josh hawley also says that democrats can't have it both ways. >> exactly. if we are going to do witnesses, my view is we need to call hunter biden, joe biden, and


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