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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 30, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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markowski says she will keep reading tonight. we haven't heard from romney. we will be here tomorrow night and unpack it all. that is all the time we have tonight. mike emanuel and the fox news and might team take it all here with an interview from president trump. ♪ >> mike: this is a fox news alert. tonight, an exclusive interview with president trump, peter doocy live in iowa catching up with a president at his rally. you will only see this interview right here on "fox news @ night." stay tuned. plus, taking a live look at the senate impeachment trial, the question and answer phase wrapping up a few minutes ago as we move to what could be the final stage tomorrow. senators internally debating tonight on more witnesses or an end to the trial. another key republican hold out on witnesses ready to make a decision tonight, and we will get an inside scoop from g.o.p. senator ted cruz. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm mike emanuel info shannon bream. we have fox team coverage you will hear from president trump himself in moments, and
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peter doocy brings us that exclusive from iowa. white house correspondent kevin corke kicks off our coverage when where the impeachment trial is at this moment. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, mike. i received a note within the last couple of seconds about a key republican who has now made a decision about whether or not to go ahead and vote to approve more witnesses. in this case, senate trial, we are about susan collins from the state of maine. part of her statement, in a somewhat lengthy, this part i think you will appreciate. it says "i will vote in support of the motion to allow witnesses and documents to be subpoenaed if this motion passes. i believe the most sensible way to proceed would be for the house managers on the president's attorneys to attempt to agree on a limited and equal number of witnesses for each side. if they can't agree, then the senate could choose a number of witnesses." that from susan collins. all of this is happening, as you mentioned, the action continues on the hill, and it comes against a backdrop, by the way, another key senator we have been
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sort of watching, waiting for lamar alexander to weigh in, and we also know lisa murkowski, because of a question she had in the chamber today, there is some concern among some republicans that she may join democrats and allowing for the demands for more witnesses. all of that as a house manager, we are told, has a plan for a limited amount of witnesses and a limited time period, as well. >> if nothing else, a novel attempt, hail mary pass to try to salvage the democrats demands for more witnesses in the senate impeachment trial. >> i will make an offer to opposing counsel. who have said this will stretch on indefinitely if you decide to have a single witness. let's cap the depositions to one week. i think we can. i think we should. i think we must. >> congressman adam schiff's offered appeared to be an effort to counter one of the main arguments from senate republicans, opening the door to
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witnesses that would drag out the trial for weeks, perhaps evn months. that republican's reject. >> we are not blocking anybody's witnesses, we're just not going to legitimize the house choosing not to call a witness, dump it in our lab, and put us in a spot where if you call the witness, you fill the courts with a judicial review of impeachment. >> with a vote of witnesses looming, expected by of a head count. while it is believed four republicans would have to join democrats come any defections by democrats, the likelihood of that happening even slimmer. >> this is an uphill fight, trump, a vindictive, nasty president, and mcconnell placed on them is large, but we are still hopeful. truth prevails. >> hello, des moines. it's great to be with you. i'm glad to be back in the
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american heartland with thousands of hardworking americans. great people. >> meanwhile, tonight, the president rallied his supporters in iowa, reminding them for all of the political future lives and back in washington, he is fighting for everyday americans. and far from running from the trial back in washington on abuse of power and obstruction of congress, he is, in fact, embracing it on the campaign trail tonight. >> i just got impeached! they impeached your president. no, that's not going to work. it's a happy period, because we call this impeachment light. >> perhaps expecting the all but inevitable, democrats want to get ahead of the president's next talking point, acquittal by the senate. >> no trial, no vindication. no vindication for the preside president. >> a trial without truth, without key evidence, without witnesses and documents, would render the president's acquittal meaningless. >> new polling suggest the
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president's message is working in iowa, that the president from according to the latest "new york times" survey, leading had to head matchups with all of the leading democrats, including six and five-point margins over bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, respectively. obviously, much tighter matchups with the former vice president joe biden and with mayor pete buttigieg. obviously, the president still leads in both cases. tomorrow, a very big day on the hill, a vote on witnesses expected, and failing that, a final vote would surely come thereafter. i should point out we also just learned that tennessee senator lamar alexander has made his decision about whether or not to vote on witnesses, and this is part of a statement we have just received, mike. he says "there is no need for more evidence to prove something that has already been proven, and that does not meet the united states constitution five are for an impeachable offense." that is from lamar alexander. that could be a big deal,
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because if you look at the number, that might be the 51-49 linchpin as we look to the head count tomorrow. >> mike: we wait for lisa murkowski. alexander was huge, because he is retiring, so people are like, he could decide to be an institutionalist, do whatever he wants, but him saying he has heard enough is really significant, and a big deal for g.o.p. leadership. >> also key to see what happens with mitt romney and whether or not there are any democratic defectors that decide to say enough, we are not going -- in fact, we have just learned that mitt romney says he does want to hear from john bolton, so it's going to be very interesting, we will literally be counting down to the last second, write in your wheelhouse, my friend. a busy day for you. >> mike: waiting on lisa murkowski. kevin comer thank you very much. the question-and-answer section of the impeachment trial, the president opened the iowa rally by mocking his potential 2020 opponents. >> no less vote for pocahontas.
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less vote for bernie. let's vote for sleepy joe. how many times has he missed it? he's in iowa, great to be in the great state of ohio. they say, joe, you are in iowa. how about buttigieg? buttigieg give a call him mayor pete. do you know why? because nobody can pronounce his name. nobody has any idea. buttigieg. i've had him up to here. >> mike: also tonight, peter doocy in iowa went one-on-one with the president before the rally, and here he is now. good evening, peter. >> good evening, mike. we've been to iowa more than a dozen times in the last year, tracking was democratic candidates. they've all had a lot to say about president trump, and so this evening, here in des moines, the president responded. >> president trump: well, i just got back from michigan, where we are doing incredibly well, the factories being built all over the place. now i just landed in iowa. i got to watch a little bit.
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it's very boring to watch, have to say, it's very boring. i call it the impeachment hoax, and that is what it is, it is a hoax. it should have never taken place, never been allowed to happen. but i have great confidence in republican senators, and probably some democrats, from what i understand. >> peter: any concern, not many presidents have been in this position, impeached by the house, potential vote for removal in the senate, any concern? >> president trump: i shouldn't be this position, because we have done more than any president in the first three years. almost a part of me, your father knows that. he's a great guy. we've done a lot with tax cuts and regulation cuts, the military, rebuilding it, terrorism, got rid of 100% of the isis caliphate, i could keep going forever. but nobody has done what we have done, and it's a ridiculous, horrible, partisan situation. we won 196-0 in the house. this was not supposed to happen. i have great confidence in republicans and the republican senate, and i know they are going to be fair.
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>> peter: the democrats will be here in iowa talking about impeachment like it is something that will stain you forever, whereas your defenders it will e up the base. which is a? >> president trump: the polls came out today, ecm leading everybody come in iowa, by a lot. every single democrat, i'm leading them by a lot. i gave them ethanol, and we did a lot of other things, including biofuels, but most importantly, the farmers. i gave them the usmca, i gave them the china deal, and i was doing better than they have ever done. now they are really going to start to do well because of the new trade deals we have that were left alone by president obama and biden. they were horrible deals. now the farmers are going to do fantastically well. i say they have to go out and buy bigger tractors and more land. i don't even know if they're going to be able to create that kind of -- that amount of product. we will see what happens. but i think we're doing very well in iowa. use all the polls, impeding every single one of them. >> peter: there are some holes that joe biden likes to look out, i know, where he says --
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's >> president trump: and they are old fools. you look at the new gala poll today, i just came out today, we are beating them all, and joe is going down, i guess bernie is surging. it's a very interesting, and they are all going crazy over there, but we have a rally, thousands of people outside that can't get in, so it's going to be something, but it seems that bernie is surging. i don't know who is going to win it. >> peter: you mentioned bernie sanders, his whole campaign is warning democrats, president trump will take away your social security because of something you said in davos. is there anything to that? >> president trump: i'm the one that saved it. the democrats wanted to do it last time. i've been here for years and i haven't touched it except making everything stronger, making our country stronger. our country being strong is what a saving social security. so i'm not touching social security. they are the one that is going to destroy it with his crazy plans, going to destroy everything, not only social security, they're going to destroy health care, from
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180 million people. it's going to be like a catastrophe. no, i'm the one that saves social security, and every year, it becomes stronger because our economy is so good, now that the trade deals are kicking in, the growth will be incredible. >> peter: speaking of health care, the coronavirus. how concerned are you, and he will be what china is telling us about how bad it is? >> president trump: what i'm doing is we are dealing with very closely with china. we would make certain announcements over the next 24 hours and 48 hours, and we are in great shape. china is not in great shape, right now, unfortunately, but we are working very hard and we'll see what happens. we are working closely with china and other countries. >> peter: elizabeth warren this week was trying to maybe play some blame with you, saying that one for budget cuts, we wouldn't have an outbreak like this. what do you say? >> president trump: she's pocahontas for a reason, she is a disaster. she wants to something where she takes away free speech, and she is the one that violates it more than anybody, when you look at all of the lies she has told. whether it is biden or bernie or
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somebody, it's not going to be elizabeth warren. too many yarns. >> peter: a quick one, michael bloomberg was asked if the country wanted a race between two new york feeling years, and his response was, who is the other one? to think he is trying to get under your skin? >> president trump: he did a poor job in the last -- his last time, he was terrible. who gets under my skin? you know how many times i've been asked that question? everybody that runs, they say, is it true he is under your skin? michael is doing very poorly. you look at his poll numbers, he's spending a lot of number money. and what can i say, he's doing poorly. i think they're all doing poorly, because according to every poll my leading everyone of them by a lot. >> peter: last one, super bowl pick, chiefs or 49ers? >> i love them both, but i will tell you, two very interesting teams, interesting players, some really great players. hopefully it's going to be a great super bowl. >> peter: so no picks? >> president trump: i better
8:13 pm
not do that. i do have a feeling as to who is going to win, but i'm not going to say it. >> peter: what's been playing here in iowa today is essentially the way things have been going the last couple of weeks. the democrats still have not been able to pick a single winner because their contests have not started, but the president can go wherever they are and start running a general election campaign, which is kind of like what we saw tonight. mike? >> mike: peter doocy with the big get out on the campaign trail in iowa. peter, congratulations, thanks so much. ♪ now that we've heard from maine senators susan collins, yes on witnesses, utah senator mitt romney saying he would like to hear from john bolton, and senator lamar alexander, no on witnesses. let's go to our colleague, chad pergram, for where we stand with the upcoming critical vote on witnesses. good evening, chad. >> good evening, michael. what this millions with the developer to the last 20 minutes as it appears they do
8:14 pm
not have the votes to open the door to possibly extend the senate trial and bring in witnesses or documents. let's do the crunch right now. 53-47 is the breakdown in the senate between republicans and senators who caucus with the democrats. mitt romney wanting witnesses, wanting john bolton. susan collins, that gets you to 51. then lisa murkowski can republican senator from alaska, she is on the bench. she says she is going to think about it tonight, maybe make a decision in the morning. even if they go to 50/50, by rule, a type poll in the senate -- lamar alexander doesn't need to hear anymore, something that needs to be any more witnesses. 50/50, even if murkowski joins susan collins and mitt romney, that means aren't going to be the votes. what does that mean? they probably wrap up the senate trial late tomorrow night, mike. >> mike: correspondent chad pergram. chad, thanks a lot. >> thank you.
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>> mike: let's bring in republican senator from texas, ted cruz, front and center for it all. all right, senator, the breaking news tonight, no surprise on collins and romney. lamar alexander coming our reaction? >> that's a big, big deal. in terms of whether we're going to have witnesses or not, that's been up in the air a couple of weeks now. i think with this announcement, the chances of additional witnesses now has plummeted. i think, in all likelihood, we will see a bunch of motions tomorro, abunch of arguments to, then i think we likely to move on saturday to final judgment come at the of which the president will be acquitted. >> mike: your thoughts on alaska, senator murkowski taking more time? >> as chad was talking about it, 53-47. all 47 democrats are going to vote for additional witnesses. the reason they are is because the house managers haven't proven their case, so they want to keep it open as long as possible, engage in a fishing expedition, and keep extending. the big question was, were they
8:16 pm
going to get four republic is to join with them? what ronnie has said he is and yes, susan collins has said she is a "yes." i take him to 49. the two others who are reasonable possibilities to join with were lamar alexander lamar alexander and lisa murkowski. given lamar is now a no, they're not going to break 50. lisa, i don't know where she will be at. i can tell i talked with her number of times the past couple of days, talked with lamar the past couple of days. i know both of them have been thinking about it and reflecting on it. number of other republican senators have tried to make the case to them that there has been already 17 witnesses who testified in the house -- 18 if you count the inspector general that they didn't send over. there has been more than enough testimony. the house managers haven't proved their case. they haven't proved a high crime or misdemeanor. the constitutional test that we are obliged to apply for impeachment is whether there is a high crime or misdemeanor.
8:17 pm
the simple fact that results of this case is that a president has the authority -- in fact, the responsibility -- to investigate credible allegations of corruption. in this case, there was more than enough information, allegations about corruption concerning burisma, the ukrainian natural gas company, joe biden, and hunter biden, his son, who burisma was paying a million bucks a year. given all of that, president trump was entirely justified asking for an investigation, not resolve the matter, and that means it was not a high crime or misdemeanor to say let's investigate this corruption. >> mike: take us inside the cloak room. with your legal background, what have you been saying to your colleagues? >> i tell you, the past couple of days have been wild and crazy. 93 questions last night, not sure how many we had tonight, about the same. each question is 5 minutes, you hand right to them or type them out, chief justice reads them. and i tell you, it has been a fast and crazy, a number of
8:18 pm
submitted questions at the outset, but also, a bunch of questions i just sat there and wrote on cards and submitted. i've been very active -- a number of us, lindsey graham and i have worked very closely together, written a bunch of these questions together. in fact, with written questions that other senators have asked. trying to really respond in real time to the factual arguments coming out, and also the constitutional issues. so one of the questions later tonight that lindsey asked, and that i worked with him to right -- we ask it together -- assuming for the sake of argument that john bolton testified, and that all of the evidence indicated there was a quid pro quo, a lot about the house managers have tried to prove his there was a quid pro quo, there was a condition between pausing the military aid and investigating corruption. assuming all of that, with the house managers have stated an impeachable offense? in the white house lawyers stood up and made exactly the right argument, which is now.
8:19 pm
even if that is the case, even if there were a quid pro quo, it was perfectly legitimate to investigate corruption. you know, the video of joe biden where he brags that he went to the president of ukraine and he said i'm going to block a billion dollars in foreign aid to ukraine unless you fire the prosecutor who is investigating burisma, the company that was paying his son a million bucks a year, and as joe biden puts it, well, son of a -- they fired him. that raised a lot of questions of corruption, and the president, i think, not only was justified, but had a responsibility to say look into this and investigate that corruption. i think that exchange was really important. >> mike: briefly, president trump is watching tonight, your message to him? >> the senate is going to follow the law. we've given both sides a fair trial. the house didn't have a fair proceeding, and had a one-sided, partisan proceeding. we let both sides present their case, we're going to apply the
8:20 pm
law, by the end of the weekend, the president is going to be convicted. i will also mention, two weeks ago, i launched a podcast, "the verdict with ted cruz," discussing everything going on, the number 1 podcast in america just two weeks. >> mike: senator cruz, thank you for your time. major breaking news on the coronavirus next. plus, mayor pete buttigieg attacked by some in the media for praising the heartland. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this one's for you.
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take your business beyond. ♪ >> mike: this is a fox news alert, united states declaring a level 4 travel advisory to china as world health organization declares the coronavirus a public health emergency, and the first person the person transmission of the deadly coronavirus right here at home. that's what the correspondent leland vittert the very latest tonight from dulles airport,
8:25 pm
where they are screening international arrivals. that evening, leland. >> they are screening everyone who comes in, mike. as a matter fact, doesn't get much clearer. to state apart and think clearly, do not travel to china. people are heeding those mornings. the flights that left this morning to china and those scheduled for tomorrow are less than half full, but they are still flying. there are considerably more people on the planes flying from china back to the united states, the state department telling those in china to consider leaving the country. those arriving here are being screened for fever and other symptoms of the coronavirus. >> i think it's quite serious and people are concerned. nobody goes on the streets. most of the people are staying at home. people just order groceries and meals through delivery. >> and we saw today at the airport, people getting on a flight to hong kong that leaves
8:26 pm
in a couple of hours, most of them were wearing masks. this comes as news in the united states that many men contracted the virus not by going to china, but by being with his wife here in the united states when she had come back from china with the virus, the president addressed some of those concerns of americans infected a little earlier. >> we are working with them very closely on the coronavirus. we are working with them very, very closely. we only have five people, hopefully everything is going to be great. they have somewhat of a problem, but hopefully it is all going to be great. >> the numbers continue to climb inside of china, about 10,000 so far confirmed cases, more than 200 dead in that country. the disease is truly spreading throughout the world. the united states and other countries, as well. for context, in terms of how deadly the coronavirus is, versus the flu, and we are in flu season right now, the flu kills anywhere between
8:27 pm
12,061,000 people each year, so we're a long way from that. right now, there are literally dozens of flights in route from china to the united states. the big question, mike, is how long is that going to be an option for americans in china who want to get out? the american airlines pilot union has sued their airline, saying they don't want to fly the route anymore. >> very serious health questions tonight at dulles international. leland, thanks a lot. the iowa caucus is almost here, tonight, one presidential hopeful is under fire for calling for a president who had roots in the american heartland. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has more on the outrage against mayor pete buttigieg. good evening, trace. >> mike, good evening. being from the american heartland and toting american values has appeared to be a political badge of honor, especially heading into iowa. for example, during this campaign, democratic
8:28 pm
senator amy klobuchar often referred to herself as "heartland amy," saying we need a voice from the heartland. back in 2012, president obama praising middle america, saying "the heartland is what it is all about." but then, pete buttigieg bragged about his heartland credentials come "in the face of unprecedented challenges, we need a president shaped by the record heartland, rather than te ineffective washington politics we have come to know and expect. the comments backfired, with some on the left condemning it as a racist dog whistle. the naacp resident sherilyn ifill said heartland is cold, and it "erases the legitimacy of the experiences and reality of black midwesterners" white midwestern communities in a godly inne innocence and authenticity. filmmaker ava duverney, "where
8:29 pm
is this american heartland, does it include compton and those like it? because those of us from their would like a president shaped by that come too." a strong stuff from a president who months ago was dubbed by "new york magazine" as "the democrats folks theist heartland hope. many believe the backlash is about mayor pete's relationship with the african-american community colleges by boot up judge responded to the controversy by putting pushing for inclusive values. watch. >> in my experience, from midland america, living in the midwest, has also been one of racial diversity. my old community, 45% people of color, and the future of the american heartland is racially diverse. >> in the days and weeks ahead, some analysts predict we will hear less talk about the heartland, fearing it reinforces an us versus them mentality. mike? >> mike: trace gallagher, thanks very much.
8:30 pm
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♪ ♪ >> mike: updating where we are now at the senate impeachment trial, the senate appears to lack votes to call witnesses, with several weighing in tonight. tomorrow, we could see an abrupt end to president trump's impeachment trial ending with an acquittal, or it could bring weeks of more arguments and witness testimonies. let's you and the power panel, harry litman, republican senator from montana steve daines, and they trump national press secretary kayleigh mcenany. great to have you all. >> great to be here. >> mike: senator, let's get your reaction to a bunch of your colleagues basically weighing in how they will vote tomorrow. romney and collins say they would like more witnesses. you've got your retiring colleague lamar alexander saying he has heard enough. and lisa murkowski is going to think about it overnight. your thoughts? >> i can tell you i've heard enough. it looks like right now it's at
8:35 pm
least 50/50, depending on what senator murkowski does tomorrow. that would stop any more witnesses. we have heard from 13 witnesses. we have had over 60 hours of trial in the last two weeks, seen over 192 different video clips of witnesses, 28,000 pages of testimony. over the last 16 hours, senators have asked nearly 200 questions. this has been a very thorough trial. finally, the president got a chance to share his side of the story. this has been a sham process started by nancy pelosi. let's move to the verdict and he will be acquitted hopefully as we can sometime. >> mike: before that boat, the immediate question is about witnesses. take a listen to senator angus king of maine. >> i hate to question about witnesses an important one because, frankly, from the president's point of view, f this trial winds up in the next 24 or 48 hours with no witness
8:36 pm
witnesses, he can say, well, i was acquitted, but he really can't say he was exonerated. there will always be an asterisk by this trial, no witnesses. >> mike: kayleigh, your reaction? >> that's ridiculous. the president of the united states is about to be acquitted on a sham impeachment charge. the only bipartisan vote was against impeachment. we could barely likely see a bipartisan vote acquittal. are you sensing a trend, america? i think most americans are. they made up the russia conspiracy theory. the president was exonerated by the mueller report. they made at the ukraine conspiracy theory, and the president is about to be acquitted by the united states senate. this is what they do. they did it to justice kavanaugh, they've done it to president trump twice, democrats see through this, republican see through this come american see through this, because they know this was never about impeachment, it was a campaign strategy because they know they cannot be donald trump at the polls, they must do it via a coup in the united states
8:37 pm
all halls of congress. >> mike: way things stand to have a critical day tomorrow? >> i think the dems have to -- very briefly, the submission there is ridiculous. it is obviously clear they made a very strong, factual case that nobody really wants to rebut, and indeed, it's very odd why they wouldn't want more evidence if they are ready to actually acquit. leaving that aside, i do think alexander's vote is portentous. 50/50 means a motion fails. that doesn't seem to be the case, at least the way scholarly opinion seems otherwise. that could be a dramatic moment, depending on where murkowski comes. it could be served up to roberts the way it is. any other impeachment that the vice president would preside over, and then we will see. but it is, i think come a long shot for the dems at this point. >> mike: also a lot of buzz about whether moderate democrat
8:38 pm
in alabama, arizona, how big would that be for the campaign? if they voted to acquit? >> would be a huge deal, and if they are in their right minds and want to win reelections on the road, the state of president trump because their states stand with president trump. will be huge deal, much like there was a bipartisan vote against impeachment to begin with. and let's look at the democrats. their naked ambition has been determining the outcome of the 2020 election -- predetermining it. that's right had al green saying we can't beat him, essentially what he said. this is about reelecting the president. alexandria ocasio-cortez saying we have to avoid a disastrous outcome in 2020. president trump is going to be elected in greater numbers than before. they know it. that is what this is about. >> mike: senator, there appeared to be no chance that republicans would vote the president out of office, so how much of this is about chuck schumer trying to put some
8:39 pm
of your colleagues on the line here and trying to become majority leader in the new congress? >> that's what it's all about, he's trying to put tough votes in front of republican senators who have tougher races across our country. it's important we see a strong acquittal of the president, and i think will pick up a few democrats here. send a strong message about the sham of this process. an important constitutional moment, as well, rises above the current fight we have. you cannot allow the house, the tyranny of the house, to throw a half-baked impeachment to the senate. it was never intended that way. the founding fathers knew this was a very strong power they gave to congress, and to be used in limited fashion. we have never removed a president from office. in fact, this is the first impeachment trial where there was not a bipartisan vote bringing it to trial. the first impeachment of the president where there were no crimes alleged. that is absolutely a terrible precedent that adam schiff and jerry nadler have set.
8:40 pm
we need to stop on constitutional grounds, let alone the merits of the case. the president is innocent, he will be acquitted. yesterday, i was with the president at the white house when he signed the u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement. locking up the senate in the sham of an impeachment process. >> mike: harry, what about the concern of partisan impeachments going forward? >> look, what can you do? it's the only time the republicans have folded their hands and say we won't look at the law. a sham impeachment? history will not record it that way. no one on the republican side have tried to rebut the facts, and very few the legal theory. you are right, mitch mcconnell -- all you've heard from my respected colleagues is about the politics of it. the actual, sober facts of what the hell's managers proved and why it matters, that is something they want to run from. why? it's a tough vote they are trying to give them. it's tough because it's indefensible to say we won't
8:41 pm
even hear from john bolton, but we will be ready to exonerate. that's what makes it tough. it's completely unreadable. >> we will disagree. i sat there 60 hours of trial, the facts are on the president's side. proven their case, the host impeachment managers. it's time to move forward, and that is why you will see a bipartisan acquittal, i predict. >> what aspect has been proven? >> a bipartisan acquittal. >> mike: kayleigh, senator, harry, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> mike: republicans hope for a swift acquittal is democrats digging for witnesses. we will take you back to capitol hill live for another witness vote head count. you know, new customers save over $1,000 on average
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♪ >> mike: fox news alert, senators wrapping up the question and answer portion of the impeachment trial moments ago. let's go to capitol hill correspondent chad pergram. good evening, my friend. >> good evening, mike. they wrapped up a few minutes ago, a total of 180 questions over two days, 93 on wednesday, 87 tonight. now the die appears to be cast. we seem to know where the senate trial is going. we don't think there are the votes to open up the gateway for witnesses. the reason here in the past couple of minutes, frankly, susan collins has indicated she is for witnesses. mitt romney, republican senator from utah, has indicated he is for witnesses. so if the breakdown in the senate is 53-47, okay, that gets you to 51, and lisa murkowski senator from alaska says she will think about it tonight. worst-case scenario, that's 50/50. a tie vote, by rule, loses in
8:47 pm
the senate. we don't think there's going to be a vote tomorrow night to extend this trial. so tomorrow afternoon, they come in at 1:00, four hours of deliberation, then they go to the gateway vote, and we think owe know how that is going to g. the question is, do they finish up tomorrow night? there could be additional deliberation after that if you clear the bar and say they're not going to have witnesses, nobody quite knows. i should point out come in the senate, mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader, he has what is called the first right of recognition. in other words, chief justice john roberts will recognize him first, and mcconnell could then move to dismiss, or maybe call final votes on both articles of impeachment. and you know, even if they vote late tomorrow night, mike, this is important, sometimes on capitol hill, you strike when the iron is hot. if you put this off until saturday or next week, or something like that, you never know when a new variable is to come in ove, and people want tot out of washington. the public and senators, those
8:48 pm
loyal to the president want to wrap this up sooner rather than later, and that is why this vote could come late tomorrow night with the wee hours of saturday morning. >> mike: th the one republican's on pins and needles about is senator lamar alexander, who is retiring, close friends with leader mitch mcconnell. your thoughts on alexander? >> that's the thing, he was thought to be in play here. sometimes he has been a little bit of a wild card but he indicated that he didn't think the case had been proven, therefore, if you don't think the case has been proven, and this is according to his statement there, then why call for additional witnesses or evidence? that his reasoning. >> mike: all right. chad pergram, great job, late night. see you there tomorrow. >> good to see you. >> mike: the state department issues a double 4 travel advisory with china. what that means next. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on.
8:49 pm
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♪ >> mike: a quick update now on the deadly coronavirus. it has been declared a global public health emergency by the world health organization. officials also confirming tonight the first person-to-person transmission of the deadly coronavirus right here at home, and the death toll is still rising in china. the epicenter of the outbreak. america's top diplomat, secretary of state mike pompeo tweeting tonight, the tribal know my china travel advisory
8:53 pm
increasing to level 4, do not travel. those currently in china should consider departing by commercial means. that is from the state department late tonight. new tonight, secretary of state pompeo is in ukraine meeting top officials. earlier today, pompeo said the u.s. and great britain will retain and enhance their special relationship despite disagreement over a chinese technology company. senior font to spare correspondent greg palkot reports tonight from london. >> on the eve of britain finally exiting the european union, or brexit, secretary of state mike pompeo came to number 10 downing street, meeting with u.k. prime minister boris johnson, strengthening bilateral ties was top of the agenda. >> i fully expect the united states, the united kingdom to work closely together on important issues of the day. >> the u.k. formally breaks with the european union tomorrow at 11:00 in the evening london time, midnight in brussels. the referendum in 2016 and years of haggling about how to do it. the deal was done with a vote,
8:54 pm
some song, and a bit of flag waving in the e.u. parliament yesterday. president trump has been a champion of the u.k. going on it's own, and has promised and "massive trade deal." the u.k. too has hopes of being. >> global champions of liberal free-trade and excited about working with the americans on it. >> still, others caution trade with a tough dealing president won't be easy, and other bumps on the road to a more special relationship between the u.s. and u.k. including a decision by britain this week to allow the chinese telecom company while waiting to participate in the u.k.'s 5g mobile phone network. pompeo and others have branded it an extension of the chinese communist party and a security with, but with the trump administration counting on the u.k. for help with other security areas, dealing with iran, pompeo today made nice. >> i am very confident our cargo nations will find a way to work together to resolve this difference. >> being billed as
8:55 pm
independence day with their departure from the e.u. no fourth of july style fireworks are planned. mike? >> mike: greg palkot, thanks very much. ♪ a north carolina man saving a girl from an attempted kidnapping. cody was having breakfast when he noticed a man watching the 8-year-old girl. when he attempted to grab her, he intervened and snapped a picture of the man running out, leading to his arrest. getting free breakfast for a year for his truly life-saving act, cody is our midnight hero. great job. most watched, most trusted, and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm mike emanuel. i will see you on capitol hill tomorrow. ♪ any comments doug?
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♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ next with the president live in ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the impeachment trial continues in the senate. pictures right behind me. the president, by the way, speaking tonight at a rally in the state of, iowa. the caucuses there, the first contest of the democratic nominating process started just aa few days. that will be interesting. of course we will bring the highlights of that as we always do. for the last week we've been watching all this and some of the more cynicalal among us have dismissed the impeachment trial as a hollow political stunt. it's something like a network entertainment division must've cooked up they say. the bad reality show. but we are traditionalist year, so we resisted thatty view. what this is really about -- and we told h


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