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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  February 2, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hampshire. ♪ ♪ bill: kansas city chiefs, san franciso 49ers getting ready for kickoff. mean while, 1400 miles to the northwest there's another big competition that is first here, fist in the nation -- first in the nation iowa caucus. it's all this week. and if you think the stakes are high at the super bowl, consider the showdown in iowa may help
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decide who becomes the leader of the world or challenges donald trump. a lot of coverage to come in this hour. we'll start now with a man who knows miami better that anyone. keating, you've got football, the big game, 66 degrees and sunny skies. good afternoon. >> reporter: it's going to be incredible, bill. happy super bowl sunday to you. joining me right quick, this is where everybody's walking into the stadium. [cheers and applause] who's going to -- as you can tell, they think the chiefs are going the win. [laughter] finish the pregame party has begun here. you guys flew in from kansas city, and you feeling confident? you haven't been to super bowl since iii? >> we feel confident! yes! >> reporter: i see a lot of jerseys the last week, 90% are
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all chiefs jerseys. [cheers and applause] what does that mean? >> we're the only ones who could afford it! >> best friends in the nfl. >> reporter: all right. well, enjoy the game. have fun. [cheers and applause] oh, my god, san francisco. [laughter] >> reporter: these guys are actually tailgating. you're not allowed by nfl rules on the super bowl to have a huge tent, grills and chairs, so they're tailgating in the tailgate. you live in san jose, california, so you're rooting for the niners. >> yeah. i'm a raiders fan, but i'm out here supporting the niners. >> reporter: what's the key to victory? >> defense wins championships. >> reporter: that's what i said yesterday. thanks. you guys have a great time. people are out here in the parking lot. there's a party going on on the other side of the blue, and they're playing music, people are getting rowdy. but it's still early.
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we're still about three hours til game time, plus a few minutes. and also these guys, this is where dreams are made. i need a miracle! i need a miracle! this is gerald on the right and math on the left. g's for kansas, he's going for san san francisco, and you both need a ticket. >> we both definitely need a ticket. >> reporter: how much you willing to pay? >> i'm only going to pay maybe a thousand. >> once in a lifetime for me, so -- >> reporter: you came all the way, you might as well wend spend the dough. >> you only live once and it's just money. >> reporter: have a good time. speaking of the price of a ticket right now, it was about $4500 last week, we had the stubhub guys in our office. today if you want to buy a super bowl ticket, $6500 to get inside the hard rock stadium. >> whoa! >> reporter: the greatest news of all, now that the ten-year drought is over and super bowl is in miami again, it is 66 degrees out, gorgeous with blue
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skies and sunshine. a little bit of a chilly -- the banners are flying, you can really feel the excitement and enthusiasm. people were showing up here before noon. bill, have fun. bill: thank you, phil, we certainly will. in fact, we are already. thanks for the big welcome back to your town. the skies cleared up today. catch you later, phil. it's going to take more than $1,000 to get in, we know that. democratic candidates, meanwhile, making a final push for the nation's first presidential contest. peter doocy is live on the road on his way to des moines, iowa, where the former vp, joe biden, is about to hold an event. peter, we will see you tomorrow. hello. >> reporter: good afternoon, bill. we are actually driving right now on the campaign trail. 20 west between joe biden's campaign event, des moines this afternoon, and we were just with him in dubuque. >> i've always liked dubuque a
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lot. [applause] no, no, no, not a joke. you know that's true. you know that's true. it gets me in trouble saying. that -- [laughter] or down in your old hometown saying that. there's something about the hills, the mountains, the lives. you breed some really strong folks. >> reporter: bind has been mostly left alone by his democratic trials, but pete buttigieg is trying to contrast himself as politely as possible. >> i have so much respect for the vice president and everybody else i've been competing with. people with values and experiences that are a credit to my party. but what i'm offering is just a different approach. >> reporter: the buttigieg campaign got complaints that a des moines register and cnn-sponsored poll was leaving his name out at least once, and so the pollsters wound up spiking the poll, they did not release it. and that makes it a lot more
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difficult to try to figure out exactly where things stand on the last day. bill. bill: a major development late last night. that's been the gold standard for that poll going back a 15 years plus. how much longer can the senators stay in iowa and campaign before they head back to washington for the impeachment conclusion, peter? >> reporter: not much longer, bill. senator warren, senator sanders and senator klobuchar are all going to go back to washington, d.c. this evening so that they can sit as jurors for the closing arguments of the trial tomorrow, and then they're all going to try to come back at some point tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening for the caucuses. and iowa's democrats seem to know that the clock ticking the on being able to see these candidates. a senator warren event, for example, was is so packed a few hours ago, the fire marshal stopped letting anemia. here she was. >> this is no time for small ideas. this is no time to see these big
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problems and just nibble around the edgings. this is the time -- the edges. this is the time to come up with the big solutions and get out there and fight for them. >> reporter: most of the candidates are trying to squeeze their events in before people get distracted by the super bowl, but a few people like bernie sanders and amy klobuchar are going to host watch parties at restaurants and breweries. bill? bill: you've been logging some miles yourself, peter. peter doocy, thanks, on his way to des moines. with us now, iowa republican senator joni ernst. thank you for your time. basic question, why budget it a smart idea to -- wasn't it a smart idea to adjourn that impeachment trial in washington? why not go through and finish it? >> bill, thank you so much. i would have loved to have pushed on. i think the american people are
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very, very tired of these proceedings. they want to see congress actually working on the issues that matter to them. and so i would have loved to have pushed through but, unfortunately, we were brought to a halt, and i think that was to maybe accommodate a number of these presidential candidates and some other things that are going on. i would have loved to have finished before the state of the unions, but unfortunately it does look like we will wrap with up on wednesday. bill: well, mitch mcconnell has the votes there though. at what point did he consider, i'm going to give the senators the weekend off, allow the democratic senators to go back to iowa and campaign, and you won't get a final ruling til wednesday which is the morning after the state of the union. why wouldn't the white house be happy with that? >> right. well, and i know that the leader, he has war gamed all of this out, and the democrats, democratic leader chuck schumer, he had indicated he was going to make it as painful as possible.
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m and a number of amendments they would have been able to throw up. they could have strung it out until wednesday or thursday anyway, so i believe there was a gentlemen's agreement that we would call it good. we had to break for sunday anyway, that is by rules of the senate, and so this was the best possible outcome. i think the president is going to be happy with it. he will be able to visit with us at the state of the union tuesday night, talk about all the great things we've been able to accomplish in his time as president, and then we can carry that on through the rest of the week. bill: okay. another question about the iowa caucus. you've been in this back and forth with joe biden for the past week. do you believe that democratic primary voters or caucus-voters, how much do they care about the past with joe biden and his son? >> well, i -- bill: how is that being handled back home in iowa? >> i think they will scrutinize
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it. and it's so funny that the former vice president is bringing this up and saying, oh, i, you know, i spilled the beans on this. but, folks, you know, the house managers, the democratic managers brought up his name, hunter biden's name and the corrupt company bruise ma in ukraine -- burisma in ukraine over 400 times in their opening statements. is so i would say those house democrats really brought the issue up. i think iowa voters or are going to take a look at it as they rightly should, and we'll just see where it goes from here. but, you know, there are some funny things going on in that situation as well. but caucus-goers, iowa first, we really appreciate everyone coming into the state and spending their time here with our voters. bill: i've got to go. i don't know who you'd like to win this football game, but who do you think tomorrow wins in iowa on the democratic side? who is it, senator? >> well, i will leave it up to those voters. it's been a lot of neck and neck
12:11 pm
here with some of the candidates. but of course for the midwest i'm going to say go, kansas city chiefs. bill: all right. we'll see if you get your wish. joni ernst, thank you for your time. >> thanks. bill: see you back in washington, thank you. super bowl is huge business. you've got a record high ticket price, you've got the billions of dollars the networks pay for the right to broadcast it all over the world. in a moment we'll break down the bills and see who's paying and who's making the money with maria bartiromo. she's live here in south florida too. maria's coming up next. ♪ ♪ from lonnie's lumber. if you need lumber wood, lonnie's is better than good. we got oak, cherry, walnut, and more. and we also have the best selection of plywood (clattering) in the state... hey! (high-pitched laughter)
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♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. >> so you're in the locker room, you're a few hours before kickoff. give me your best speech before the biggest game. >> well, i'd just speak from my heart and say, hey, let's remember this, we didn't win the lottery to get here. we're a good football team. enjoy it, have absolutely no regrets. when you put your head on the pillow tonight, you can fool me and the people on tv, you can fool the officials, you can't fool yourself. bill: wow. he would know too. hall of fame quarterback from the college days, lou holtz, getting us ready for the kickoff just about three hours from now. earlier today the nfl commissioner, roger goodell, spoke to maria about how much the super bowl has grown over
12:16 pm
the years and, my, how it has. >> it becomes bigger and bigger every year. and it becomes more complicated because of that. but that's also the fun of it, because more people share in it, and more people have an opportunity to be a part of the super bowl. whether you're here in miami or whether you're at home with a super bowl party, event is more than a football game now. it's something really potential that people look forward to, plan around, and it's become, essentially, its own holiday. bill: wow. and they spend a lot of money too on the big game. maria's with me now a few miles away on miami beach. good day to you. he gave you a number about how much money this game generates. what'd he say? maria: i said to him, look, roger, is this an easy billion dollars on sunday, this a billion dollar revenue day, he said easy a billion dollars. so the money going into the super bowl bigger than ever and it is, as he said, easily e a billion dollars in revenue. you look at the ticket prices
12:17 pm
you've been reporting, you're talking about $6,000 just to get into the place. and then you've got all these ads, 30-second ads selling up to $5.6 million x. this year it's the 100-year anniversary of the nfl. you've got political ads, an election year. president trump is taking out two ads. about $10 million. michael bloomberg has $10 million in ads. you've got a ton of silicon valley money coming in, all in all, billions on the line here with one of the biggest events in television, bill. bill: you know, i think it's america's greatest event every year. i mean, i love football, and i love the super bowl, and i wish everybody in america had the opportunity, maria, to be with 50,000 americans who are all happy at the same time for the same reason. and that's kickoff, and that's what goes down inside the stadium in three hours. now, bloomberg in trump, the
12:18 pm
first time we've had sitting presidents advertise. google, amazon, facebook, they clearly see the value, maria, of marketing their companies and their campaigns with this game. maria: absolutely. well, you've got the most eyeballs on the game of any other major event, so you really want to get that reach, that broadcast reach to try to sell your products during the super bowl. that's why it's so highly prized. and remember, this is the highest intellectual property of all. sports. live sports. that's why it commands the prices that it does, because people want to watch live programming. news and sports in particular sports. the nfl is the hot ticket. in a couple of years they're going to be renegotiating a lot of their media deals, and silicon valley wants in. amazon wants to stream, facebook, across the board. you've got a lot of bidders for this intellectual property because, again, they are able to charge the highest fees to their
12:19 pm
media partners for that content. bill: and 100 million viewers for president trump and people like michael bloomberg. that's a lot of voters too. maria, great to see you. see you at the game tonight, all right? maria: you got it. bill: here in miami. for the sports fans -- thanks, maria -- there's the super bowl for the sports fans, for the political young keys you've got iowa -- junkies, you've got iowa. where are we a day away from the first contest of this presidential election season? we'll find out. ok everyone!
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. ♪ ♪ bill: getting ready for the big game here in miami. chiefs are fayeed by a point and a half. who you got, america? who's going to win? presidential candidates getting ready for the first big test in
12:24 pm
iowa. want to bring in chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. chris, i love 66 degrees and blue skies, and i will see you tomorrow. two questions, number one, a lot of people are saying they could split this pie four different ways tomorrow. maybe that's the case. how do you handicap iowa based on what you've heard on the ground? >> first of all, you may be down there with open-collared shirts, but we have the weather in des moines. this is where it's at. i think pitbull and jlo are going to show up later because this is where it's really at. that's fine, you guys enjoy it though. there are as many tickets out of iowa as ruled by, controlled by who gets the first and second place. so let's just game it out, think about it a little bit this way. so joe biden wins in iowa. if he wins decisively, it's sort of like what john kerry did in 2000, a lot of the -- in 2004, a lot of noise goes away. the expected front-runner wins,
12:25 pm
and talks about bernie's takeover goes away. nobody could be more benefited, except maybe amy klobuchar, than convincing wins in iowa. if biden and bernie sanders are the top two finishes, we have the race we're looking at the polls indicate we're looking at, a two-man contest down through the stretch all the way to milwaukee, though mike bloomberg will have some things to say about that. we head into february, certainly, in a two-man contest between those two guys. bill: i was there the in 2004 following john kerry, you're exactly right about that. his victory cleaned the field wide open for him. last night we're waiting on this poll from "the des moines register". it's considered the gold standard. they've been right for 15, 20 years, and they decide not to release it. you're in polls, chris. what happened there? >> if i was a smaller man, i would say that "the des moines
12:26 pm
register" should have partnered with fox news, and they wouldn't is have these problems, but i am not. i'm obviously not a small man, so i'm not going to say that. what i am going to say though is that ann seltzer is great. she is a great pollster, she is a fantastic track record. they have done a great job in iowa, and i am sure that for whatever reason they had to take the poll down, i'm sure it was legit. and sometimes, you know, the cubs win, sometimes it rains, like sometimes bad things happen, and i'm going to assume that's what happened here. bill: wow. well, a lot of people were waiting on that. they thought it would be the ultimate forecast. we'll see in the end what we get tomorrow. see you in des moines, chris. thank you, sir. you stay warm out there. i'll bring in shakira tomorrow. she's been talking about you. [laughter] thank you, sir. >> see you, brother. >> senators going to vote on on whether or not to remove president trump from office wednesday, they are not expected to come anywhere close total 67
12:27 pm
votes to get there, adam schiff scolding the president for his behavior is not enough. >> to call solicitation, coercion, blackmail of a foreign power and ally at war by withholding military aid to get help and cheating in the next election merely inappropriate doesn't begin to do justice to the gravity of this president's misconduct. bill: that from earlier. also earlier alan dershowitz, member of the president's defense team, saying on "fox news sunday "even if an accusation is troubling, that doesn't mean it's impeachable. >> and on election day as a citizen, i will allow that to enter into my decision who to vote for. but it's not an impeachable offense, and i was there to argue a constitutional issue, not to tell people who to vote for for president. bill: so both sides start to make final arguments tomorrow, starts at 11 a.m. eastern time. senators then get a chance to talk about the vote.
12:28 pm
with me now, guy lewis, usually we talk via with satellite -- in your town. i didn't hear a great answer from senator ernst 20 minutes ago as to why they did not plow through this over the weekend, why they just went and adjourned on friday. what do you think is going on? >> i've got to tell you, bill, what wores me -- worries me is that this coalition, this 5 1-49 may be a little more fragile than we believe. look, there was no reason not to plow through, to push this thing to a final vote. as a trial lawyer, i never like it when the jury's out and the other side -- bill: you're not suggesting that things could go sideways for the president and republicans in the nat between now and wednesday or are you? >> here's what worries me in truth, in the kavanaugh hearing you'll remember -- bill: kavanaugh. >> yeah, exactly. they continued to come forward
12:29 pm
with these surprise witnesses. they took a long break. they sent out the fbi and had to reinterview and reinvestigate. i just want this thing over. the president, i suspect, wants this thing over. frankly, i wish they would have gone through and pushed it to a final vote. bill: so i'm assuming mitch mcconnell budget able to pull it off for whatever reason, and then what happens tomorrow? we hear the speeches? that's to start on monday. do they continue on tuesday and we work our way to the state of the union tuesday night and then a final vote on wednesday. what would be your expectation on article one and article two? how many vote yes, how many vote no? >> i think you're going to have a strong, bipartisan not guilty on the obstruction. i think as senator alexander, formerly governor alexander of the great state of tennessee said, it was frivolous. now, i think it'll be a little bit closer on the abuse of power --
12:30 pm
bill: which is the article one. so they'll vote on that first. >> exactly. bill: article two, obstruction. you think it'll be close on article one. >> i think it won't be as strongly bipartisan on article one, which is the abuse of power. a lot of democrats are going to come forward and say, look, this whole, this whole count on obstruction is frivolous. some others like senator, some of the senators that said, look, we don't think it's appropriate, but we don't think it's constitutionally impeachable. bill: we will watch it together. how do you feel having the big game in your hometown in. >> i lo it and love you become here -- love it and love you being here. and think kansas city might pull it out by about 3. laugh. bill: there's a prediction there. that's your vote, huh? if great. thanks for the sup shine. sunshine. blue skies as far as we can see. >> thank you. bill: in a moment, back to miami. kick off to the super bowl three hours away. niners and chiefs on the field
12:31 pm
and a busy week leading up to the big game. in a moment we'll talk to the mayor of miami daipped county, he is the biggest host that you will find in the entire towned today, so come on back right after this. ♪ ♪ i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. at outback, steak & lobster oh no! it's gone! phew! it's back, with lobster mac & cheese. it's gone again! it's back, with shrimp now! steak & lobster starting at only $16.99. and if you want outback at home, order now! outback steakhouse.
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12:36 pm
bill: so 11 times miami has hosted this game. the last time was a decade ago. how much have you seen in the difference between 2010 and now in terms of preparation? >> so it's more tense. it's a bigger game, it's a bigger, you know, event. and in terms of even on security, this is like right beneath a presidential inauguration. so it takes about a year and a half preparation to put it all together. we have a great host committee, we work with the nfl, we work with all the different municipalities, the county and each counties to the north to make sure that everything prepared and safe for the people that come down -- bill: the league has been here for some time, i imagine the federal government too when you talk about security. how much would you say has changed? just going back perhaps the last two or three super bowls themself. >> oh, it's changed a lot. in 2010, you know, the different threats that there are, and so we and the new technology that we have now, nowadays and the
12:37 pm
way that we all cooperate, we cooperate a heck of a lot better now than ten years ago. also miami, we've hosted ten of these, so we get better and better as each one comes along. bill: i've seen the helicopters flying in the air and the drones in here as well. what about the advantage? this really has to be something that is quite remarkable. >> the advantage is an economic advantage. this game, we think, will generate between $4-500 million in direct economic benefit to miami. bill: wow. >> also the images coming out of miami and the images coming out of the game, beautiful weather, 65 degrees, everybody else is freezing up north and here we are. and you can be in shirt sleeves and having a good time. sun, not a cloud in the sky, so the images. but also, one more thing. miami has changed a lot in the last ten years. it used to be just a tourism town and construction and real estate. now we're a technology center,
12:38 pm
we are ranked number one by the kauffman foundation in term it is of start-ups here. miami is the number one start-up city in the country. so the economy has changed, and that's why we're growing by leaps and bounds. probably maybe 2, 2.2 million people, now we've got close to 3 million people here. they're coming from all over the world. you can tell i'm really proud of my town. bill: i tell you what, you know your numbers. thanks for stopping by. who do you like? >> afk guy, i'm going with -- afc guy. i'm going with kansas city. bill: on paper -- >> it's going to be a great game. bill: let's hope it lives up to the hype. hope to get you back here in the next couple years. bill: enjoy the game. following some other stories on this sunday afternoon. super bowl sunday, police in london a lit earlier shot and killed a suspect after what they're calling a terrorism-related stabbing. they said the man was wearing a fake explosive device, two
12:39 pm
people injured, one with life-threatening injuries. not in the tourist-heavy areas where past terror attacks have taken place. police plan to search the home of the suspect and his internet history to see if anyone else was working with him there. the coronavirus killing a man in the philippines who had traveled to china as the number of people infected soars to more than 14,000 worldwide. according to the world health organization's office in the philippines, it's the first reported death outside china where the virus has killed more than 300 there. it comes as the the president of homeland security -- the department of homeland security announced restrictions on flights to china after the number eighth case of that virus in the u.s. in a moment the wife of the nfl commissioner, she's got great seats, and she's got the a great story. the story of four female nfl
12:40 pm
owners, one is norma hunt, man, is she having a day today. getting ready to watch the team play, more on jane's wonderful documentary in a moment. here in miami. ♪ if metastatic breast cancer. not the exact type. not this specific mutation. but i did pick hope... ...and also clarity... knowing i have a treatment that goes right at it. discover piqray, the first and only treatment that specifically targets pik3ca mutations in hr+, her2- mbc, which are common and linked to cancer growth. piqray is taken with fulvestrant after progression on hormone therapy and has been proven to help people with a pik3ca mutation live longer without disease progression. do not take piqray if you've had a severe allergic reaction to it or to any of its ingredients.
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♪ ♪ bill: could be a real good one
12:44 pm
today. former fox news channel anchor jane goodell is here in miami, her husband's the commissioner, roger goodell. jane made a movie about four legendary women who own nfl teams today. ironically, one of them, norma hunt. she's watching her kansas city chiefs in today's big game. >> we're at the super bowl here in new orleans! [cheers and applause] >> hey, let's go, man. >> he had his own language. >> just keep matriculating the ball down the field, boys. >> matriculating the ball down the field. the he called the play 65 toss power trap. >> 65 toss power trap. bill: that was 50 years ago, and now 50 years later kansas city's back in the big game for the first time. i talked to jane about the documentary which, by the way, you can stream on fox nation
12:45 pm
starting february 10th. check it out. here's jane. great film. >> thank you. you came to my screening, thank you. bill: yes. i loved it. i love the faith that you showed. the midwestern values that you showed. why'd you make it? >> well, you know, i got to sit with these four incredible women. i'm so lucky i get to sit with them a lot, and they tell these incredible stories privately. and i always wondered who was putting them down for posterity, and it turned out that nobody was. and so the hundredth season came along, and i asked if i could. i asked nfl films, and they said, sure, did you get them to agree? i said, i haven't asked them yet. it really was just a generational difference that they didn't feel comfortable bragging about themselves. once we got them to understand that there was an audience that would crawf, you know, virginia mckaskey, her father started the game 100 years ago, her
12:46 pm
first game she remembers she was 5 years old in wrigley field, chicago. she can tell the history of the national football league just by sitting with her. bill: what do you think you learned from them? was it the level of humility and the fact they didn't want to brag? >> as i say, they're the generation of we, we're the generation of me. we're about kind of selfies and talking about ourselves and our accomplishments. theirs is very much the opposite of that, team and family and community. that was super refreshing. i knew they were big football fans as four older women, they're all in their 80 and 90s. mrs. hunt, who's going to the super bowl today is 81. and i knew they were big fans. because i know when you walk into a skybox with them, you can't speak to them during the game because they are taking notes, sending texts, all this stuff. they're incredible students of the game. but i really think what people will be surprised is i think they maybe think they know what a team owner is like or what their lives might be like, but
12:47 pm
we really give you an insight into, you know, they go -- we have a couple who allowed us to go to mass with them and go to church, and you get to meet their families, and you know very much, i think, by the end of the film what is important to them. and it's really what's important to all of us. bill: it's the value that really came through in the film. >> and also they love to laugh a lot. i learned a lot from the just spending time with 80 and 90-year-olds, they have a long view, don't sweat the small stuff, and they have a really good time. bill: what about the irony that norman hunt and her team are in the super bowl? >> it's amazing. her storyline in the movie is she's the only woman who has been to all now it will be 54 super bowls. there are a bunch of men who have been, it was there because it was their job to be there. but she can tell you exactly what it was like at super bowl i, at iv when the chiefs played. and now, as you know, the big story is that she's coming back 50 years later to see if they
12:48 pm
can get that championship. bill: maybe she's a winner. >> we'll see. it rook looks like a good one anyway, right? bill: i think the league has found itself -- my view now, and i'm a fan, bigtime, of the game and the super bowl. they have themselves in a -- they got, i think, the best matchup out there. >> well, it's supposed to be that way each year, but this year it really feels that way, doesn't it? i can't take -- [laughter] yours are probably better, by the way. bill: mine aren't bad. oh, my gosh. jane, enjoy it, thanks. we're watching a lifetime of sundays. catch it all on fox nation starting on february 10th. you can stream it then. check it out, very good. all right, jane, thank you for that. in a moment, the two-time super bowl champ davis knows what they're going through only hours before the biggest game of the year. we're live here in miami, hard rock stadium in south florida on this super bowl sunday.
12:49 pm
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12:54 pm
guys -- in it's been aspect if cl. you come to a city like miami, the first part of the week is all interviews and things you're not normally doing, but the last couple of games you get preparing for this game, right? thursday, friday, saturday, and then today, the big game. no more preparations, no, it's time to go. bill: you won in this town. >> yes. yes, i love miami. absolutely. bill: how'd you guys do it? >> you know, again, we just kind of stuck to our game plan. be who you are. don't try to change things up too much. we got here for a reason, right? there was a reason we got here. just stick with the game plan and try to elevate your game and play as great as you can, but don't try to do too much. bill: my feeling is that the league might have gotten the two best matchups -- well, the best matchup it could have hoped for. uh-uh think patrick mahomes is either going to be the generational quarterback who comes out of this game or the san francisco offensive line will be -- >> i can't disagree with that.
12:55 pm
because if the niners win this game, their offensive line is going to have to do a lot. not only just opening up holes, but jimmy g. has to be protected. and then chances are number 15 is going to have something to do with kansas city winning. bill: so who do you like? >> i got the 49ers winning 34-31. bill: wow. >> i think that, i feel good about that number. i feel good about my pick. i've done all the analysis, the information i've collected, all the data led me to that score. bill: it's a data world. great to see you. enjoy the football game. terrell davis, thank you. and that's a hall of famer too, by the way, he's going with san francisco. the last time the kansas city chiefs won the bowl, the first jumbo jet was about to make its first commercial flight, the beatles were on the verge of breaking up. that was 50 years ago. if patrick mahomes and the chiefs want to raise the vince
12:56 pm
lombardi trophy, they're going to have to beat one of the best defensive teams in the league. sports report, fox news headlines, 24/7, hello to you, sir. who's going to win? >> 49ers. we've had two weeks to think about this, and the answer seems so clear for a lot of reasons. the nba and the western conference the west was the best, far and away the west was the best. i think we have that in the nfc this year. i think the 49ers have had tougher competition than kansas city. i think they're a stronger team. both teams started the season and ended, there's a mirror image. the 49ers opened with 8 straight wins, the chiefs with 4. the chiefs have woning games in a row, and the niners have won 4 in a row. the chiefs have been comeback specialists in the season and then in these playoffs twice. they trailed by double digits and then they just brute their opponents. so i figure kansas city in this case does not want to play from behind. they need to set the tone today.
12:57 pm
that's critical. bill: wow, you've done your homework too. [laughter] >> i try. bill: what did you think of my idea to terrell davis there, either mahomes is the mvp or you give it to the san francisco offensive line because they can throw the football and keep mahomes on the bench. >> this is the second time in the super bowl where you have one team that led its conference in passing, the chiefs and mahomes, and one in rushing thanks to the offensive line of san francisco. something is going to give in this game. what does this mean for patrick mahomes, the reigning mvp of the nfl. if he goes out and leads this team to victory, almost like a modern day dan marino. the way he slings it around and brings it. if garoppolo wents, is in the start of the next tom brady. remember, develop poe was a patriot -- garoppolo. bill: he has two ings, sit -- rings, sitting on the bench. >> so what about the score today? what could be the score?
12:58 pm
the niners lost three games by 3, by 3 and by 7. mahomes has never lost by more than 7 in a starter. should be a close game. but in this week i'm going to stay 24-8, the kobe bryant super bowl. 49ers 24 -- [laughter] chiefs 8. it came like that. bill: oh, man, good stuff. how many bowls have you been to? >> this is number eight, i believe. and the greatest weather. bill: i think for me it's 15 or 16. >> you win. bill: i come as a fan when i'm not working. we're working this year, which is fantastic. i just think, you know, a lot of people say what's so great about the super bowl. you cannot go anywhere in this country where there are 50,000 people who are all happy about the same thing at the same time, and that's what happens in football. >> well said. [laughter] bill: doesn't end that way, but that's the start. >> these fans are special too. i'm sure you've had
12:59 pm
opportunities to talk to the fans, you have middle america. 19% of tickets through the second tear stubhub purchasedded through the kansas city area. 21% from california. everybody's happy to be here, and chiefs fans first time in 50 years in the big game. for them i hope it's something special or at least, as i told the fans yesterday, consider it a win that you got here so that the game doesn't change your mood and you have a great time. bill: you know what treal stinks? what's great is seeing your team a wearing your uniform on that field. >> yes. i'm a vikings fan. [laughter] bill: i feel for you. >> i was nervous that if they got here, i'd be a wreck for two weeks. bill: great stuff. terrific seeing you and good luck, all right? this is what it's all about, folks, down here in miami. we'll watch it together. >> great celebration for america, great day for us. bill: we'll see whether or not your prediction comes true. enjoy it, everybody. it is america's game of the year, and then tomorrow you've got the iowa caucus. ♪ bill: on tuesday the state of the union.
1:00 pm
what a week it is. i'm bill hemmer live in miami. enjoy the game, everybody. we'll see you right soon right here on bill hemmer reports. take care. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: right now 2020 democrats fanned out across the state hope to go rally last-minute votes ahead of the big day, hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville, welcome to america's news headquarters. eric: hello, arthel, it is the big day, super sunday. of course, later on in the day the game in fox channel. presidential candidate bernie sanders meet and greet there, the vermont senator, well, he happens to be one of the several of the


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