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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 12, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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tbd. >> march 13th is actually when it comes out. >> harris: thank you. i'm here is, "the daily briefing" is now. >> the fbi is joining the search for missing little girl in south carolina. 6-year-old if a marie sweat look was seen monday afternoon getting off the school bus in front of her home. what's happening right now? >> the fbi search is still underway this hour in kc, south carolina. 250 officers have been drawn into a massive search. authorities have launched a hotline for people to share information about her and we will share that number on the screen. it is 803-205-4444.
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call if you have any information about the situation. according to the city of casey, faye marie swetlik was last seen yesterday afternoon. authorities have provided the following description of her. they say she has strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and one last scene was seen wearing polkadot boots and a black t-shirt. in a press conference just a short while ago, the cases public safety director says it does not appear to be a case of an abduction this hour. take a listen. >> we are still exploring every possibility to bring her home. >> our search has been extended past 1 mile. >> hopefully not an abduction but no word on how they are categorizing the situation right now. >> trace: kind of odd that they've ruled out objection. tell us more about the search.
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>> the casey department of investigations is on the job, they've also brought in south carolina's law enforcement division and the lexington county sheriff's department and the fbi. those agencies are all now working hand in glove to find her and say they will keep going throughout all of today and all of tonight if necessary, whatever it takes to find her and bring her back to her fami family. take a lesson. >> we will keep getting the word out until we bring her home, that's our mission. as you watch the footage of fay, go back to our page and we will push out information as we get it. >> fox news sub also learning that tons of residents in the area are raising their hands and knocking door to door around the neighborhood and around the community. again, if anyone has any information about her they are asking you to call the casey
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department of safety 803-794-0456. >> trace: the family has got to be frantic. american health officials are now preparing for the deadly coronavirus to take a foothold in the united states. that's the word from the centers for disease control and prevention. health officials are warning the virus is likely to spread in the u.s. and other countries. it's already in 25 countries. coronavirus has killed more than 1100 people and made more than 45,000 people sick. in the meantime, more than 2,000 people are stuck on a cruise ship on southeast asia after taiwan, the philippines and japan all denied access to dock over coronavirus fears. the cruise ship operator reports cambodia will allow the ship to dock and disembarked just hours from now. an american woman stuck on that ship says they are checked regularly and there is no sign of coronavirus on board.
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>> we are hoping that any country will see us as many human beings from countries around the world. that literally are at their mercy to let us go home. >> trace: we will talk to a man whose daughter is also stuck in that ship and says she needs to get to a doctor who can give her an ultrasound. scott willis 'has a daughter is stuck on the cruise ship headed for cambodia right now. he said she's in a lot of pain and needs to see a doctor off the ship to get an ultrasound. now your daughter is a performer, a piano player on the ship. when's the last time you talked to her and what's her situation right now? >> i talked to her this morning. her mother and i dated. she was able to call from the ship. she's doing okay today, seems to be stabilized and is managing
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the pain with ibuprofen and other medications that she's been given by the ship but at this point we are anxious to get her where she can get the proper treatment. >> trace: just to be clear, you believe your daughter has a ruptured ovarian cyst. and the big worry here is that it could actually trigger sepsis. that's one of the big concerns that medical authorities have about this. the way to kind of get this diagnosed or figured out is with ultrasound and right now, the ship is not equipped with any type of ultrasound. >> that's correct. when she initially had the pain about three days ago, the unshipped doctor as well as her doctor at home both came to the conclusion that that's what she had and that she needed to have an ultrasound. but just the frustration of being stuck at sea when they thought they were maybe going to get into thailand, and that didn't happen. now with cambodia, it looks to be a good option. but i think at this point we are just going to get her home as
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quickly as we can. flights are being booked and transfers and cambodia to get to a larger airport to get home. >> trace: so when you say get her home, are you going to have her checked out in cambodia and then fly her home or you want her flying home as soon as she gets off the boat? >> i think at this point if she remains stable as she has been today, she's sleeping now but if she remains stable in the morning and they get off the ship, i think she will just come home and be more comfortable with getting cara back the u.s. >> trace: it's interesting, scott. and i like your take on this. you have a situation now where this cruise ship has been denied entry into four various sports. there is no sign at all on this ship of coronavirus. nobody has tested positive so, now you have a situation where in order to stop what might become a public threat although there is no evidence of that, you could be in the process of
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harming people who are already on the ship. >> you mean if they stay on the ship much longer? >> if they stay on the ship much longer. they are in need of medical supplies and those types of things. >> i think the best option is, they've been on there quite a while now and there's no sign of the coronavirus, they need to get them off of there and get them home. >> are they worried about food or medical supplies? i know they are being allowed to walk on deck and their freedoms are still in place, nobody is being quarantined. i think concerned that at the 11th hour they could be turned away from cambodia? >> there was a lot of excitement about thailand letting them in there that got turned around and now they are headed to cambodia so everyone is optimistic. i think they got some supplies
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outside of thailand, the thai navy ship give them simpl and se supplies and fuel, but from what i understand they are living on the ship. best of luck to you and best of luck to her daughter. i'm sure it will all turn out well. >> an update on the shooting reported from baltimore involving police. the u.s. marshals office is now confirming that two detectives are wounded and the suspect is now dead. this all went down in the northeast part of the city and a spokesman for the marshals service says that detectives were working on an attempted murder warrant when the shooting began. as you know the marshals service often enlists police officers from various different organizations and that's what these two police officers were doing at the time. he says the gunmen hit one officer in the leg and another in the stomach but that both
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it's our time. to continue to shine because we are the thrivers. ask your doctor about kisqali, the only treatment in its class proven to help women live longer in 2 clinical trials. >> trace: the political times in iowa and new hampshire now in the books. still big questions about who the democratic front runner is, bernie sanders with a win over pete buttigieg last night in new hampshire as amy klobuchar had a surprising surge. and by the time the gone and in south carolina were the primary is still 17 days away. peter doocy is live in manchester with more.
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peter? >> chase, bernie sanders strength last night was driven by his platform. every time he read part of it, you could feel a jolt of electricity in the room. >> the wealthy and powerful will start paying their share of taxes. we will make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all student debt. >> sanders did not win a margin by as big of a margin as he did in 2016 and right behind him was pete buttigieg. >> we are thrilled. we had a phenomenal finish and i don't think most people would have thought this possible when we got into the race just over a year ago. but two states are to states and we have to go on and demonstrate a broad coalition. >> and the finishers
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was on display when pete buttigieg told his supporters that he admired bernie sanders since she was in high school. >> trace: what about elizabeth warren? she didn't do well, what is she now telling her supporters to do? she gave them checklist she said take a walk around the block, eat a piece of chocolate, hug your pet, adopt a pet, watch a video of cats and dogs, call a friend, whatever wor she gave a shout out to amy klobuchar for representing the female candidate so well and she thinks now she's on a roll. >> do you think that you have beat the odds here tonight? >> i was able to get out here in new hampshire and it made a big
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difference. >> she said she would build out an organization and i've already heard from one rival democratic campaign who is skeptical about her staffing and infrastructure right now in the next couple states. >> trace: lots of talk about that. peter doocy live in new hampshire. let's bring in alex conant, was a press secretary for the republican national committee, and a former hillary clinton campaign advisor. i was watching peter doocy there and it sounds like elizabeth warren is about as depressed as her father is. she's giving him a list about hugging your dog and doing things, she needs to get running and geared up for south carolina and nevada. we want to ask you about joe biden.
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we know there's only one presidential nominee which has ever lost iowa and new hampshire and come back and won the nomination which was bill clinton in 1992. you say don't give up on biden but you have to remember in 92 when president clinton president clinton lost new hampshire, he came in second place. joe biden came in fifth place and it looks like he's trending down. thoughts? >> i have said very often that i don't think former vice president biden is the best candidate that democrats can put at the top of the ticket. i think democratic voters knew that but it was sort of proven by him. leaving the way he did before new hampshire was a done deal doesn't really reflect being a fighter. but democrats have a lot to
11:18 am
celebrate from last night. we had an historic turnout in new hampshire, more than 45,000 more voters turnedt night then did in 2016 and more voters turned out last night then did in the historic turnout in 2008. so that enthusiasm is what is going to make president trump deal. >> and warren and biden are on political life support. neither have the resources to aggressively compete on super tuesday. it's a bit better position, and it relying on a south carolina firewall may be irrelevant if he can't show strength anywhere else. >> i think both biden are running zombie campaigns. they are still moving around but
11:19 am
there's not much of a pulse in either of those candidacies right now. this is all about momentum and i've worked on presidential campaigns, we lost a lot of momentum and that ended up being why he lost the momentum. the candidates that don't have any momentum now, i don't know when they will get it. it's a long way between here and south carolina. >> we talked about african-american support and i wanted to put this on the screen because it's kind of fascinating. in late january you look at joe biden and he had 52% support, and if you look there, number two, you got michael bloomberg. he was at eight. it seems like every time bloomberg -- you can't win the democratic nomination.
11:20 am
and the democratic party i think now has a mission to look at why iowa and new hampshire should not be the first in the nation after the first of the year but to bring in these diversities and have a greater say. certainly, bloomberg, the increase that he has seen in black support is going to flip on its head. but i have to say something. to say something to alex's point. slow your roll. we have to start looking at this primary as a horse race from our media and the bias we put into it and educate the voters on this candidate. this is not a horse race. >> it's a contest. i think bloomberg is on a collision course and clearly he was with biden and now he's with pete buttigieg and to a lesser extent, amy klobuchar. whoever can see that moderate lane will be in a pretty good
11:21 am
position to take on sanders of sanders doesn't wrap it up first. >> trace: we didn't talk about amy klobuchar at all but she did have a remarkable night last night. then the question is, does she have the resources -- he of the economy. coming up next, new information on the man who plowed a van into a g.o.p. boat or tent. plus, nearly a year after former empire actor jesse small at claimed he was attacked by trump voters, now faces a new indictment. so what will they fix this time? we're oscar mayer deli fresh,
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>> trace: new information on the man in florida who rammed his van into a republican voter registration tent. he said he did it because he doesn't like president trump. phil keating has more on this. hate following the story on the monday. and, somebody had to take a stand. there were six volunteers wearing trump gear in the parking lot on saturday when witnesses say the suspect approached in his van and suddenly accelerated right into the group and at the end flip the bird to the crowd? he remains locked up on half a million dollars bond. he was upset because he accidentally stopped his recording before the "good part.
11:27 am
it's high time that the national media begin to act responsibly in this case and call this deranged criminals attack what has been clear. he did not quite understand what happened or why saying he was quiet and pretty chilled. >> for someone to do something like that whether it be republican or democrat or whatever the case may be, that surprising to me. he is not registered to vote and had no prior criminal record. >> trace: thank you. california's governor is out with the new budget combating the homelessness crisis.
11:28 am
but a government watchdog report says it falls short of articulating a clear strategy. christina coleman is here with more on that. >> over the past several years the state has sent 1.2 billion to local governments to help curb hopelessness. this year, newsome wants to spend another 750 million the legislative analyst's office aurelio was criticizing that plan and sing it shifts the decision-making power away from local government which typically handled most homeless services in california. the proposed funding would help people afford rent but the lao says it shouldn't be used to pay for recurring expenses since it won't be replanted just in subsequent years. in its report the lao said it "in the absence of a clear strategy, state resources could be allocated in a less targeted, coordinated way. as a consequence we believe the governor 's approach is less likely to make a meaningful,
11:29 am
ongoing impact on the states homelessness crisis. a spokesperson for the governor 's office defending the proposal saying, if you want to keep doing what you've done you are going to get the same results. now, trump has tweeted that the governor has done a really bad job of taking care of the homelessness in california and threatened to have the federal government intervene. but newsom says the trump administration hasn't done enough to help and criticize the president monday on abc's "the view." >> we are the most on trump state in america and we are also suing him. 67 lawsuits and we are beating him across the board. we are winning, not losing. we are going to stand up to a bully. >> state lawmakers will discuss a proposed budget tomorrow in san francisco. >> trace: the former "empire" actor who lied to police about being attacked by trump supporter's is facing new charges in connection with the
11:30 am
case. a special prosecutor in announcing a six count indictment against jussie smollett. he told police he was walking home in chicago when two mask commend approached him. he said they called him racist and homophobic slurs, beat him up, tied a noose around his neck and told him he was in mag a country. it came out that he paid two friends to stage a attacking apparent publicity front. they made the controversial decision to drop the charges and defended the move saying there may not have been enough evidence to convict. the decision sparked a massive public outcry and a prompt to the judge to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the case. that investigation has now led to a new set of charges almost exactly one year later. jussie smollett maintains his innocence. with us now, civil and criminal defense attorney eric custer. this stems from four separate
11:31 am
false reports that the special prosecutor says jussie smollett made. and he can do that, just for clarity, he can go back and recharge him? >> a person can be charged even after the cases dropped and in a case like this, every single statement that a person makes to police if the false statement, each statement stands on its o own. if you talk to police on tuesday and lied to, an indictment. they asked him different questions each time, and each particular time he lied is a new case. >> this is what jussie smollett's attorney said. after five months of investigation the office of special prosecutors has not found any evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever related to the dismissal of the charges. rather, the charges were appropriately dismissed the first time because they were not
11:32 am
supported by the evidence. that's not at all what the prosecutor said. in fact the police and prosecutors also become there is the evidence. there is enough evidence to take this thing much further. >> let me clarify that. the special prosecutor is saying the original prosecutor didn't do anything malicious or wrong or illegally wrong by dismissing it. however as a special prosecutor i can bring these charges back, although i disagree with the first prosecutor's finding. one of the problems in the first prosecution was they dismissed the charges and then ask jussie smollett to pay the fine of $130,000 which is money that the chicago police spent and paid officers to investigate. he refused to pay that after the case which is stupid. why would you dismiss cases and then say, give me 130 grand for what we spent, and he refused it. >> trace: eric custer, good stuff. thank you sir.
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>> trace: a president trump set to meet with the governor of new york after the state is blocking people who live there from certain travel programs like global entry. governor andrew cuomo said he's going to as the president to reverse that decision tomorrow. the trump administration blocked new yorkers from participating in trusted travel or programs over a state law that allows undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses and block immigration officials from accessing driving records. rich edson life at the white house with more. >> the president and the governor have insulted each other over twitter and they get to meet in person, or are scheduled to at least to discuss this. this is all over the state, denying that federal government access to its dmv records, all part of a new york law that is designed to protect undocumented immigrants and allow them to get
11:38 am
drivers licenses. the federal government and the trump administration argued that the federal government needs access to those records to consider applications for new yorkers applying for these trusted traveler programs like global entries. you have a much easier process getting back into the united states. the white house says they are working with government and that's protecting americans and their families. >> the president tweeted it was difficult to work with new york because he said officials there are always suing his administration. >> trace: and rich, governor cuomo says he's planning to call the president's bluff. >> he said he's willing to grant access to that, even as long as
11:39 am
it's only for those things. we will find that out also. this is a person knocking on the door saying let me in or i will burn the house down. okay, you can come in. if they burn the house down now, they are just an arsonist so it's stripping away any excuses. >> trace: he called last week's announcement a form of extortion from the trump administration. >> trace: rich edson live at the white house. so the contention here is not the drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, but the contention is new york won't turn the immigration over to immigration authorities. >> there is strict betting that they do as that report is part
11:40 am
of the higher profile items. there are certain misdemeanor convictions, and duis that would result in a denial. if you've had a single misdemeanor, and even if you have access to a criminal database, you will find some of these driving related offenses that you will find having access to dmv records. >> you want to get your response on the other side, play this. >> it's not about getting things done, it's about pointing fingers and blaming. they see new yorkers at democratic state and so i believe the republican administration thinks that there is no value to them. that's politics above basic
11:41 am
public service. >> look. we can't work with new york because i keep suing us, every time we do something they sue the administration. >> dhs has an important role to play with regards to public safety. ironically governor cuomo in his press conference last week i said this decision by dhs was eroding public safety. but in order to properly that these applicants, this isn't about politics or a hyperbolic rhetoric, it doesn't matter how far either side comes out of their shoes and coming out with one-liners, at the end of the day dhs has a job to do and in order to do that they have two have access to this record. >> maybe we will give you the information of those who would apply for the trusted traveler program. do you find that legit or somewhat disingenuous.
11:42 am
and that's primarily forecast on the immigration law and cutting off access to dmv records, and it also ends up in resulting i.c.e.'s ability to go after drug trafficking and sex trafficking and violent crime that we see and cracking down on ms-13 end of the people who are not supposed to be in our country. so with this narrow offer is being made by governor cuomo, is that going to be enough to allow access to the trusted traveler program or will the federal government seek to resolve the larger issue? >> trace: i also want to get your take on come buzzfeed to release this memo from dhs, a draft memo that's says what they will do and one of them is tsa
11:43 am
pretext. what do you make of those types of proposals? >> it's a great point to highlight that this is about public safety. the decision made by dhs last week doesn't affect tsa and the new york state law that was passed last week doesn't prevent dmv from providing access to tsa for the processing of applications for the tsa pretext. the trusted traveler program, it's different in that agency but they could have two that memo. >> trace: i appreciate your time, thank you so much. in the meantime russian satellites are reportedly stocking an american spy satellite and coming a little too close for comfort. brett larson has the details after the break but, let's check in with bill hemmer. >> we will get you life to the white house on that happens, but guess what, the next state is a
11:44 am
caucus, where there are concerns about nevada and how this will go. we will tell you about that. and christina cook is an american astronaut who just set a record for women in space. she gets her first live interview here coming up on "bill hemmer reports." we will see you in 15 minutes. n. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability... fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen...
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>> trace: firing in self-defense after coming under attack in northeastern syria. they fought with pro-syrian resume and no coalition service members were killed. syrian state run media reports one syrian civilian was killed and another wounded. the pentagon says things have calmed it down and their patrol has returned to base. u.s.-based force officers saying to russian satellites are tailing a u.s. spy satellite in orbit. the russian satellites launched as a single spacecraft in november and then split in two mimicking a nesting doll. let's bring in brett larson. how can this affect our
11:49 am
relationship with russia? >> this could potentially be bad. this is one of those situations where we are not entirely sure what it is that russia is doing. as you mentioned the nested doll satellites that we have here. the launch of a satellite within a satellite has definitely som because russia could put a satellite into orbit, russia launches a satellite into orbit and then something else could come from that which could create some kind of conflict. there is no doctrine in place to how things are handled when something goes wrong in space. we've seen this on the ground many times and in the air where there is that potential for conflict, if an airplane goes inside of our airspace, or if a boat goes into our water space. or if a conflict happens on the ground that results in casualties and it further escalates the situation. they are trailing one of our spy
11:50 am
satellites and it's interesting in and of itself that we know that that's what they are trailing. the map that we can see their, the user who keeps an eye on that public satellite data, that russian satellite is about 100 miles away from one of our spy satellites. further down the road, what if russia or china or another bad actor on the global scale or a global stage rather decides, we are going to do this. we are going to see if we can take out three or four gps satellites or something that we actually need it. then we have a lot of satellites overhead right now, about a thousand of them. they bring us everything from gps signals to gps connectivity, to a bunch of stuff that the government does that we don't know what they are doing. it's big when are we talking about sparking kind of a cold war in space? >> that's deftly a concern
11:51 am
because what could potentially happen here is, this is now the new place. and if they start launching satellites we have to and brett larson, good to see you. in the meantime, a rock band is now under fire for their anti-cop lyrics that they saying to a police officer at a bernie sanders rally. plus, we know fashion is cyclical but apparently, so too is technology. it's the phone.
11:52 am
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trace: just into fox news, breaking coverage on that shooting in baltimore. a baltimore city police officer in baltimore county police officer was shot. the suspect in the shooting is dead and now the governor confirms it happened during a warrant apprehension operation. as we know sometimes the u.s. marshals use police officers from other agencies to issue warrants and this time we are talking about two baltimore police officers. the governor also wishing a speedy recovery to the officers who were hurt. at those injuries not fight to be life-threatening. the rock band thus strokes taking heat for singing their anti-cop anthem at a bernie sanders rally on sunday night to police officers on stage.
11:57 am
musical physica♪ >> trace: in case you didn't get that, the chorus is "new york city cops ain't too smart." joining me now is tom shillue. maybe not the best place to debut your song. >> i like the interpretation of the lyrics, you want to sing them for us? you don't want to hear that. >> this is typical of protests all acro doing his job at people in social media tried to make it seem like the cops were the bad guys. the strokes play new york city cops one new york officers tried to kick him off stage in his iconic burning moment. i think what he should have written was ironic bernie moment
11:58 am
because this is what happens at protests. the police are there by request. they promote us at these events and ask police to come to these events to make sure that everyone is safe. so that singer, and safety was being guaranteed guaranteed by police. >> $1400 for a flip phone. i thought we got rid of flip phones? what's going on here? >> what this thing is, you flip it and you fold it. it's a fold phone. so maybe that will do something over the flip phone but it costs a whole lot of money, it may be about $1400. look how small it gets. we put it in your pocket, and what you have to do is remember that these devices, they are for rich people. you let the rich people buy them and then they work out all the kinks. then in a couple of years the price gets knocked down and you and i can buy them.
11:59 am
so you are saying leave it alo alone. then we can buy them second or third generation. tell me about this. >> we have aveteran and he rece0 valentines. do we have the vet video there? >> something i've never heard of or seen, and all of a sudden, there's like a ton of bricks. >> god love him. >> to be clear that 6,997 more valentines and i got last year. >> trace: thank you. i'm trace gallagher. thanks for joining us. bill hemmer coming at you right now. ♪
12:00 pm
>> bill: thank you, tracy. i bill hemmer and it's good to be back in new york city today. we are waiting to hear from the president, right now speaking with reporters at the white house. first we will talk about roger stone. this is one day after the rare move surrounding the sentencing of this campaign advisor. and those prosecutors had recommended for stone. last year a jury convicted him of lying for to congress.


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