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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 14, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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phone. there has been issue on the road -- rotary dial. thanks for that. we have to run, everybody, have a great weekend and we hope to see you on monday. "your world with neil cavuto" follows so check out, neil, the markets were a little shrug he today. ♪ >> neil: all right, thank you very much, bill. it looks like off of the hook, michael flynn the former national security advisor not so much. in the president right now might be battling kind of his own attorney general on how these and other cases are being handled. david outside of the justice department on what led to all of this and at the white house, john roberts on what the white house wants to do to respond to this. david, what is the latest? >> neil, good afternoon, andrew mccabe has always
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maintained his innocence. everything was mischaracterized and he believes this begins a new chapter in his life and closes a chapter of investigation here and he will not be charged. the former acting director of the fbi, remember came in after james comey was fired. he was accused of leaking sensitive information to a reporter from "the wall street journal" about an investigation into the hillary clinton foundation. then lying about that to investigators. justice department inspector general looked into the mccabe situation and agreed he "lacked candor." ultimately, they decided not to charge him. here he is earlier this afternoon reacting to the news that he will not be charged by doj, listen. >> as glad as i am that the justice department and the district attorney's office finally decided to do the right thing today, it is an absolute disgrace that they took two coyears and put my family through this experience for two years before they finally drew
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the obvious conclusion and when they could have drawn a long, long time ago. >> neil: mccabe has been a frequent target of president trump. he was fired in 2018 by then attorney general jeff sessions. he was fired on the last day before he could get full benefits. neil. >> neil: the reaction out from the white house where we have john roberts, the president taking all of this in, the oddity of it, of course come on the heels of the reporter. the president and his attorney general may be having conflicting views on tweets and that sort of stuff. >> good afternoon to you, though only when at the white house is the whirring of helicopter landing on the south lawn as the president prepares to head off to florida and mar-a-lago. but when it comes to mccabe, it has been crickets around here. no reaction from the president, no reaction from his campaign. no reaction from any of the
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staff at the white house. they are keeping this close what could change in the next few minutes. don't forget the attorney general bill barr publicly admonished the president yesterday not to be tweeting or commenting and other forms of cases that are currently before the department of justice. the attorney general saying, it makes it impossible for him to do his job. but don't forget, for the past couple of years, the president has been very vocal about his belief andrew mccabe belongs in jail. it may be difficult for the president to resist saying something about this though because now the doj has washed its hands of it. earlier today mccabe gives the president of using the justice department to carry out a political vendetta. listen here. >> the pursuit of political enemies in the use of the criminal justice system and criminal investigations to exact some sort of revenge on those political enemies is not something that should be happening in the united states of america. >> just waiting for the president to leave the oval office.
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he should be on the south lawn and a couple of minutes. i'm led to believe he may stop to talk to the assembled media outside, neil, so we may be back in a few minutes to change the topic. >> neil: all right, we shall see my friend, john roberts at the white house. the oddity of andrew mccabe who lied to congress getting off the hook, michael flynn who lied to congress, not really yet off the hook. now, we report the justice department looking outside prosecutors to look into the case. former doj prosecutor joins meaning now. what do you make of all of this? >> well, you want to do a three hour show because we can talk about all of this stuff. look, there is a couple of things. one in terms of the flynn situation what is interesting, it is starting to shadow what happened in the ted stevens case a few years. judge edmund sullivan, defense attorney new round of defense attorneys coming in to say what is wrong with the plea? which is usually a nonstarter. usually it doesn't go far but then you add in a wrinkle of
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independent counsel looking at the process. i was a bit of a naysayer when it came to flynn being able to withdraw his plea, but i don't think i can make a bet on that now. in terms of mr. mccabe, have to say, look, not everything in life that is wrong ends up with the persecution -- prosecution and the guy at the center of all of these decisions by comey to have full statement prosecution with trump and not e statement prosecutions connected with hillary clinton to be in himself in the middle of all that. i think he had two good lawyers, three picks of lawyers in terms of former ig and a talented aes ua and they spent a good part of the two years pushing hard on the u.s. attorney's office with the equities and why the case shouldn't be prosecuted. but it is really early for him to have a parade for himself and suggest somehow he is a victim when the ig said he lied over and over again. >> neil: i'm just wondering
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and some conflict of interest and the one key person in the flynn case makes me wonder if it is unlikely that it might seem the entire flynn case could be dropped. what do you think? >> i tell you i would not predict it would get to the point there is another lawyer, and other u.s. attorney looking into the conduct. so that told me this thing does have some life. but again normally, essentially insulting the judge, telling the judge you did something wrong when you found not guilty plea knowing and intelligent voluntary. so far dan sullivan is tolerating a lot of litigation on this, or at least potential litigation. i think it is a crapshoot. i think this can blow up into something much different than normally would be a full statement plea and sentencing which could be pretty routine. >> neil: so what you're saying in terms of, it is not over. >> it is certainly not over. sue and jim, thank you very much appreciate it. convicted on charges and tried
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to extort millions from nike. the kind of charge is guilty, could land them in jail for decades. david lee miller has the latest, hey, lee. >> high matt, neil the jury deliberated three days with a high-profile lawyer, three charges of extortion and while fraud -- wire fraud. the jury was told that avenatti demanded athletic shoe nike pay $25 million to conduct an internal investigation of the company are arguing the damaged news conference that nike made improper pay outs to athletes with a financial report. his lawyer tried to portray him as an aggressive attorney simply representing a client with nike's cancellation of sponsorship of a high school basketball program. following the verdict, the attorney described avenatti 'action. >> very disappointing as you can imagine. we will exercise so you can expect an appeal. >> neil: and the legal problems are not over.
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he paces two more criminal trials in federal court and among the allegations, neil, there is tax evasion as well as embezzlement. he could be sentenced for the convictions today, neil, to as much as 42 years behind bars. >> neil: thank you for clarifying that. i love that you went into that david lee, thank you, my friend. well you know what joe biden is raising money to raise money last night. and that figure was disappointing, but even more disappointing, what he encountered when he left. >]chanting] >> neil: (loud splashing) (high-pitched laughter)
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in so many ways. which cage free eggs taste fresher and more delicious? only eggland's best. which organic eggs have more vitamins and less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. >> how was the campaign doing? how do you feel about your campaign, sir? >> i'm heading down to rock star. >> neil: we are heading down the right straw.
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i've said demo things, let's put it that way. joe biden raising $1 million in new york but did not meet the goal. and what have you found out, my friend? >> where did he say he was going? >> neil: the straw or whatever. >> that is why he only raised $800,000. let's be very clear. during early in the campaign he was a front runner, joe biden, he raised $500,000. that was the biggest draw and people thought a lot more would come in. last night, at two fund-raisers, he barely got $800,000. and telling fox news business network, it is not chump change but not what they were expecting. clearly what we have now is a campaign that is in trouble both in polls, neil and also the money race if they don't do well in south carolina, nevada, this race is essentially over. not just because of the polls, neil, but because of the money. they might not have enough money to get through super tuesday. so that is where he is right
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now. and because of this, neil, we understand sources are telling us -- and these are democratic sources close to mr. biden, they would vote for him, give him money. a lot of them are telling us, they think he should possibly step down sooner. leon cooperman, a financier, but voted for democrats in the past did not like barack obama i should point out, but he is the type of person to vote for biden and heading for michael bloomberg and the guy with a modicum of the firepower and the message to beat to win the nomination. and he can be donald trump. as you know fox business first report my producer did great work on both getting cooperman on fox and this number, $2 billion. we have learned he is willing to spend 2 billionth report cooperman believes that type of money is the type of money that someone could be donald trump who will raise about $1.5 billion. so we are talking about a lot of
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billions here. the problem is joe biden doesn't have a lot of those billions and maybe won't. and the calls are coming in loud and clear that, you know, he should step down and let the moderate wing of the party moved to michael bloomberg to possibly defeat bernie sanders. >> neil: great to see you, my friend, very great reporting. so here is where we stand right now michael bloomberg seems to have the money to get the commercials, the rice in the polls, including one that features him leaving and that delicate rich state we call florida. not only there surging national goals as well but what to make of that blue berg threat with joe borelli, "the wall street journal," and of course the democratic strategist robert. robert, this notion that maybe we are seeing a shift in favor -- it's always premature to go in a moment and assume he has finished. we said the same about bill clinton for a while losing a string of primaries. kind of at this stage, they said
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the same about mccabe, when he edged out a victory. so be careful, but i think having said that, are you hearing from colleagues, they are worried about biden? >> no, not yet. let's understand bernie sanders had 21 delegates out of the 2,000 delegates he needs to win. joe biden has a very clear strategy and the same since the beginning, do well in south carolina, go through super tuesday where you have staged a verse that represent the democratic party and then have a delegate all through the primary. so let's understand, buttigieg does not have a path to victory after new hampshire. and coming in third and fourth place, and klobuchar has not picked up the momentum. joe biden is still the front runner in this race despite losing the first two primaries. so i think all the hyperbole, 24-hour news cycle and the new, shiny object of michael bloomberg is taking the ideal way from them. joe biden held strong at the top
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of the polls for over a year since he entered the race. and i don't think that the democratic party just shift. let's wait for a vote to the start and not too early in the primary states. >> neil: fair enough, joe borelli in this stage, a lot of folks are saying no way even with new hampshire victor that donald trump could ever get the nomination. they will peter out by then. maybe that is a good reminder from robert, what do you think? >> i'm certainly not in the complacent against anyone of the candidates but look how joe biden went? he was leaning in the polls for a year and that is true except today when it counts, super tuesday is going to be a big test for him and obviously he's taking his waterloo on south carolina, but super tuesday just a couple of days later. there are two code delicate rich states california and texas. he has not leading in either of those. north carolina the third largest state on that date, also plummeting in the polls. this is not a good position for someone built as the democratic
1:17 pm
primary, the front runner to vienna. and i would be surprised if he is able to go the distance given the fund-raising over the past two weeks or three weeks. >> neil: you know, jillian we were expecting the president with -- i think he's going down to mar-a-lago this week but he did not. opted to stop and talk to reporters. but i'm wondering the developments in the division of the democrats whether the president then does or should he be advised with republicans when it comes to tweets on the justice department and case is pending or not pending. just not say anything. because the only one who could lose this for donald trump they say is donald trump. >> yeah, he is certainly his own worst enemy. you are coming off of the impeachment. you are coming off of iowa with democrats in disarray. still, i think it is one of those situations if you step back just a little bit, democrats will make themselves continue to look bad. but he's got to be in the spotlight. that is something we have usually seen.
1:18 pm
i want to push back on this idea that joe biden has a front runner. i've never heard of a front runner that is not in front. i think it is an unusual case to be made after what we saw in iowa and new hampshire. he's really got his work cut out for him. but i do think that leaves a moderate in the democratic primary race. and i'm just not sure who will fill it. bloomberg pushing very hard to sell it, but the energy and momentum within the party right now is on the hard left. and i think the central argument for biden all along is his electability. we have seen so far and new hampshire and iowa, voters are not turning out to support him. i think that gets at one of the central claims of his candidacy. >> neil: i guess it comes down and robert yu reminded african-american vote and how it sorts out in south carolina will be a toast to that as well as the union vote particularly in nevada. we will have a caucus next week. i'm just wondering, what could be the game changer for biden?
1:19 pm
who else emerges in that gap? the criticism party, if you will never see sanders pick up that kind of support. so open convention, what do you say? >> we have to understand even in a state like iowa where bernie sanders was supposed to do well, 70% of caucus goers voted against bernie sanders. in a state like new hampshire with borders vermont working all counties in 2016, 72% of voters voted against bernie sanders there. so what joe biden has to do is get out of the shadow of impeachment, get out of the shadow of hunter biden, a year-long attack on the campaign on his record. remind voters exactly what he stands for and the normalcy he's trying to bring america back to. and i think bloomberg is doing well right now because he is unvented. he has running commercials, no one has asked him questions, his policy issues and nobody has -- >> neil: he wouldn't be serving searching.
1:20 pm
>> he put $2 million into commercials. mcdonald's does not have the best hamburgers but the best commercials. >> that will benefit bernie's supporters rather than biden supporters. they have all along been attracted to the establishment that is rigged against their candidate. >> neil: very early, remind me 20 delegates the highest seeker and close to 2,000. there was a long way to go, guys, thank you very much. it is valentine's day. a lot of people just have so many great thoughts and great memories. except my next guess who knows what happened two years ago this very day. the shooting. his beautiful daughter he lost that day. we will wish him a happy valentine's day after this e? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me.
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>> should have been one school shooting, and we should have fixed it! and time upset, because my daughter, i will not see again! she is not here. she is not here! >> neil: rarely have i ever seen anything so gripping coming out of the white house, but that was andrew, the father of parkland shooting victim meadow. he was at the white house and he was angry that politicians talked a good game and trying to get a handle on this, but they didn't appear they wouldn't. his daughter was dead. he was furious. he was a death looking to avoid this in the future. he has devoted his life to that and much more in memory of his beautiful little girl. he joins us right now eagle point, oregon. this guy, andrew, very good to see you. i'm sorry under these circumstances. how are you holding up? >> i'm holding up, you know. today is not much different than any other day for a parent who
1:25 pm
loses one of his children. it is a day of reflecting back on my daughter's life and what we accomplished over the last year. and to try to make school saved her and to honor my daughter. so today is just a day where i'm lazing around and thinking about my daughter a lot and what we accomplished. >> neil: where were you and what were you doing when you got the news? >> well, when i got the news, neil? >> neil: yes. it was valentine's day, you kn know, and there are no more valentine's day for me after what happened to my daughter. like any other parent, i thought, it couldn't happen, it can't be and as the day went on my took my wife on a picnic. as the day went on to my reality got to sink in when i couldn't reach my daughter and i knew that she had been gone forever
1:26 pm
then. that something that sticks with me day end. like today, a two year anniversary to me is really brutal. but when i think of anniversaries come i think of happy occasions. to me, today is not a happy occasion and really shouldn't be called an anniversary. >> neil: you have taken this tragedy and tried to make it a cause. you worked with governor scott and senator scott along with the president to tighten up safety outside of schools. ironically, outside of parkland, security there did not go into the school. there were a lot of people botching up from the get-go. what what has happened since? >> well, we accomplished a lot in florida and with the president. the president just had to talk to parents at the white house this week. they opened a website school safety don't work where they list 100 recommendations and best practices. school safety. but what i've learned over the
1:27 pm
last year, neil, the president can't fix anything for you at a local level with the local school board appear at the school board dictates their policies and their own budget, and they will do whatever they want with that money. and they are going -- they don't have to follow any federal guidelines. so it is really up to parents locally to get involved at a local level to make changes. don't look for your governor or your senator or the president. it's really up to the parents. they dictate and they are responsible where they put their children in school. >> neil: i know there is a lot going on with the shooter and the allowances being made for kids with problems that other parents were not aware of. that is still out there as a possible threat. they don't hold shooters and attacking other kids. but do you see anything on the front that has been addressed? >> well, what happens is when the last and certain people hijacked school safety, and all
1:28 pm
they look at his gun control, it really distracts from what we can really do as a country. and that is make our school safe. that is what i work on day in and day out with different initiatives to make our school safer. when you look at gun-control, it doesn't work. so in florida, they are looking at legislation to put different types of situations in the hands of law enforcement and take it away from the school district. >> neil: like what, restore justice programs that are practe and a lot of the school districts, and i feel law enforcement should be involved with the restorative justice programs. they are making the way. but it's on the parents. the parents have to pressure locally. >> neil: and i think you've done that much more. andrew pollack, the day meadow died was the runaway best seller. it hit a nerve in this country. he has not given up an inch. he has not given up the fight.
1:29 pm
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1:32 pm
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♪ >> neil: all right, now reports that warmer weather might not make the coronavirus go away. and other indications that the spread of human contact could pick up speed. the cdc already warning that this is something that could happen whether people showing symptoms or not. so just be careful. family physician dr. with the spirit doctor, good to have you with us. these latest findings indicate this could drag on a while. what is your gut telling you? >> neil, that is a great question. i mean come on mike it is telling me we don't know the whole story yet. that is researchers are saying as well. there are so much we don't know about this virus. we are learning and by minute, hour by hour, day by day. right now it is not possible to predict how long this will go one. >> neil: microscopic images we
1:34 pm
are getting with this virus. and they say it is different than sars and it could be more stubborn strain. what do they mean by that, doctor? >> welcome i think it is important to remember that covid-19 which is now what we are calling the coronavirus this particular strain is a type of coronavirus. coronavirus is a big family of viruses. and there are multiple types of viruses within the family. covid-19 is one, but mers, sars or ones as well. we had to spite the information, we don't know about this virus, they were are a lot of things we do know. we know it can be spread person-to-person through upper respiratory droplets and the symptoms. how long it remains it infectious, how long it will last and things like that, still a lot of things we don't know. i should say, neil, in today's press conference with the cdc, they talked about focusing on surveillance and containment pier that is taking a look even
1:35 pm
closer at the virus so we can understand the patterns and help to understand what may be we can predict in the future, especially in the country. >> neil: doctor, thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> neil: we will continue to look at this tomorrow morning on my live show at 10:00 a.m. and talking about the acting security with the u.s. is doing to respond to this outbreak. whether we have it under control and much more, 10:00 a.m. eastern time. meanwhile there is a consensus joe biden can't win. he's raising less money and dropping in the polls, but history says don't rule him out. woe to those who do. who knows better than goodwin. she is next ♪ ♪
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1:39 pm
1 million expected. but be careful of that. history proves again and again, that donald trump and that clinton was going nowhere. jimmy carter was a joke until, welcome until he wasn't a joke. who knows that better than multiple best-selling author, executive producer of the miniseries watching, preparing for sunday. a busy woman come i understand. you have the same 24 hours i do. >> you do plenty too. >> neil: i stream a lot but i can't wait to watch this. where is it going to be? speak with a history night, sunday, monday, tuesday. i learned so much about george washington and the experts. it has actual drama and it too. very exciting. >> neil: who is the actor? >> nicholas rowe who played sherlock holmes. >> neil: that is what i was wondering. >> he's got a ponytail and hair sticking up. one of the historians said he is a stud. >> neil: i don't know if the
1:40 pm
same as joe biden. >> a great transition. >> neil: but everyone is saying he's done and yet, he might be but you know a lot about the history people we have written off. >> i think it is too early like the first quarter and a football game, you never know how it will come out. the country is split, the party is split. the turnout will make all the difference in the world. and we don't know where people are going to go yet. i think the democratic party has not figured out who it is. i don't think he is finished. i don't think sanders is the winner. >> neil: folks are worried about that he can't win. and i'm old enough to remember when the carter folks open bush sr. and iowa at the much preferred ronald reagan. but we know how that worked out. so is it a basic assumption that nominating sanders is a disaster for the party? >> what the polls show who voted so far is that the people in the
1:41 pm
moderate or winning out over the people who are the more leftists. that generally tends to be true in campaigns. i mean, when you think about it -- >> neil: because there is a lot of them. >> there is a lot of them but when you add them together, the question is whether or not the progressive left has built the public since it's about the things they care about. medicare for all overwhelmingly want to buy the democratic party, but it still isn't. even in the party to want to have their own insurance companies and not give that up and go more gradually toward some greater changes. unless you change the policies and that is what lincoln said with public sentiment anything is possible and without it nothing. so the real goal for the progressives if they want to win they have to change public senses. >> neil: he was the beneficiary of the broker convention. >> he sure was. you know what -- keep going. what is interesting there, the reason he won is that there was
1:42 pm
a conservative candidate, a radical candidate and he was a central guy. he said to the people, i'm not your first love and i know i'm not your first love. if you don't get your first love, come to me. he had an attack the other guys when they didn't win on the first ballot. he has the darkest words of the candidate. nobody wins. >> neil: a known quantity, right? the known quantity is, what they have her go outside of michael bloomberg? >> possibly. i think we cannot tell what is happening. i think elections are so unpredictable. the desire on the part of the democratic party to find somebody who can win is pretty strong. the ads he's making vague, indeed, give him an edge. i don't think we know. it would not want to predict. >> neil: you are the political expert -- >> but history going back. >> neil: i have a spreadsheet on this. but i think given the proportionate, 50 million to share the delegate and given the crowd and the back-and-forth committed to this distinctly
1:43 pm
possible to arrive at the convention without someone having anywhere near what they would have. and i know others come into the convention with a healthy lead in delegates, barack obama, but they can't close the deal until the voting starts. so would they go to bernie sanders if he simply had the most delegates going in? >> i think if they don't have a majority when they get into the convention, which is unlikely in the later years, because i usually do, then i think anything is possible. you know what i keep thinking of, in 1924 a big split between two copeople how smith and maca do. it went on for more than 16 days almost and 103 ballots and finally, neither one got the numbers that they needed. so complete other person john davis wins. so who knows, i spoke -- i suppose all of us and politics are looking for that. >> neil: they don't emerge victorious. >> that is exactly right. >> neil: i'm beginning to wonder if this much division, of course, democrats were
1:44 pm
salivating when it was the republicans. but we recalibrated and ended up supporting the guy they were trying to tear down. i don't know what would happen here, but they've got to leave, you know, it is united or appeag united, can they? >> if convention is not united and appears like this, nonenergy behind one person, none of those candidates usually -- look at the 68th convention with a violence that happened to. >> neil: name. what became of that year and everything else going on. but then outside and all of a sudden emerge as a landslide winner. i was thinking of ronald reagan not only in 1980 but again in 1984. i'm thinking to myself could given the strong economy, one or two people counting on not just a trump victory but a trump landside to make landslide. you see that. >> i think anything is possible. i really do now. i think it is unlikely that that
1:45 pm
the democrats don't get a majority somewhere along the lie in the states and a landslide happens, what happens to the energy two years ago in mid term when the democratic party was able before impeachment to talk about issues and the majority with health care. >> neil: the economy dramatically improved. >> that is still true. >> neil: new hampshire and iowa that, no, we think these issues will trump the good guy, no pun intended. that is tough to do usually. >> it is very tough. history shows that people care more than anything about the economy. the economy is not just a job, a sense of dignity and you go to work during the day. a possibility of the future. the question is whether or not one can argue that even if the economy has more jobs than it did before, many of those jobs are not paying higher wages and people are still struggling paycheck to paycheck and have problems. >> neil: it is a tough fight? >> of course it is a tough fight. 1966 midterm elections for lbj,
1:46 pm
the economy was going well still, but people lost their credibility in him. in the vietnam war and it was heating up here they lost midterms. but that is unusual when it happens. so we will have to see. but i still say things are still so jittery in this country right now. things change, breaking news happens, something could happen between now and then and it could be a policy -- foreign policy event. >> neil: what about this environment and you've already heard about the stuff going to town on the gay issue. but is this country ready to elect that kind of person? >> that is the interesting thing, when we worry about where we have come is for social justice and economic justice, overwhelming majority say yes we have a black american and yes we have a woman but we have 90% that say yes. and it's like 78% or 80% that say we will take a gay man. i don't know how that will play out but the more troubling thing whether people feel he has enough experience from
1:47 pm
south bend, indiana, in the small city. >> neil: and you are right, that is the kind of stuff that should decided. >> what should really decided, there should be a leadership indexed. what kind of teams have these people created? what kind of experience? have they grown in power and have they grown in office and learn from their mistakes? we should be looking back at the kind of leaders they were. i would love to know what kind of mayor he was, what kind of governor he was, what kind of senator stomach senator was sandra's and how much legislation didn't get passed? we don't talk about these things. who was in the debate, who raises the most money. we are upside down in terms of how we evaluate our candidates. >> neil: i love to focus on the money. always good to see you. i look forward to it. you are the star or stud. so a lot more coming up. stay with us r problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise.
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♪ >> neil: all right, joining bloomberg, the biggest meme maker, on the internet and both sponsored promoting his campaign. is this really going to win over young folks? well, let's ask them. we have -- kept. by the way, you can see catherine fox nation. all right, so we begin with you on this. to make a difference. >> i would like to say no. people do like a candidate with a sense of humor. i think donald trump, even if you hate him, let a people say he's not funny. they are wrong. he is a hilarious guy. but the difference was michael bloomberg here and he's not funny at all, okay? >> neil: i don't know about that. >> he clearly hired someone else to do these things. >> neil: i don't know.
1:52 pm
>> he's releasing these -- they look like messages with the person putting out. >> neil: is as effective? >> may be for some people they are. i don't know. i could not tell you. >> neil: you are saying no? >> what is funny he's playing on himself and try to make himself look squared. am i going to be hip with young people? and probably dump trucks of money putting out for this, which obviously works. >> neil: would it make a difference for you because we aren't talking about it. >> clearly, this is what donald trump did worked and bloomberg thinks he needs to do the same thing to get some numbers up there. >> neil: the interesting debate young people's look at and that kind of stuff. >> kind of insulting. >> not they, we are a victim of our devices. you will see this and he put it in the right spot. >> neil: what are you saying? >> not instagram. >> neil: by the way, prince harry and meghan markle eight buckingham palace and they
1:53 pm
dismantled their office there. are they ready to move on? >> big royal fan. >> neil: not so much of yours, but what do you think of this? >> i think they have to downsize because they are moving. i guess they will be moving i guess, north america or canada. you can't bring to staff with you since they are trying to step back somewhat from their loyal. >> neil: they still have royal title. >> they have tons of influence and i want to make clear, i am team may attend but it bothers me when people talk about this, some big risk. i'm sorry, they are not like the kids hopping on a greyhound bus from kansas. >> $20 in their pocket. >> a guitar and a dream. >> wild times. >> come on! bee went they had a deal potentially? is that right? >> and they bring to this the sussex, the name brand.
1:54 pm
so they will be printing the cash in the basement. >> neil: are they definitely going to canada? >> i say yes. and i know them quite well. >> neil: i knew i had some royals here. by the way, probably hitting your wallet this valentine's day. the average going to spend upwards close to $200, $196 to be exact. that is up 21% from last year. that is pretty surprising. >> here is the thing -- [laughter] -- it is men spending this money and not limited. >> that is true. >> but it's good. hold on, hold on, excuse me, don't interrupt me. here is what happens all the other days of the year. it is so much more expensive to exist as a woman. you have already saved enough money by being a dude. if you are on a date valentine's day -- >> objection your honor! >> whatever she has used to paint her face alone cost more than that. >> your honor, can i approach
1:55 pm
the bench? because the neighbors to look presentable in front of them. so you owe us. >> i do agree that this is a great day to show your love for your significant other. >> neil: you don't get anything for your boyfriend? >> cash. >> i give him the company of a beautiful woman. >> neil: oh, my god, wow! your thoughts on that? >> i gave my husband a card and he came home with flowers and a gift in between. so clearly, you are right. >> maybe i will get a card. >> what have i missed here? is today valentine's day? look at the time, honey. >> neil: we have a lot more coming up including what's going on in vegas, ab. ♪
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
>> neil: here is how smart
1:59 pm
our jonathan hunt is. the nevada caucuses are not until next saturday. not tomorrow, next saturday and he's already camped out there. he joins us right now from vegas, baby. jonathan? good to see you, my friend. speak up we got a fascinating new poll from the las vegas review journal conducted by the republican leaning wpa intelligence organization. it shows senator bernie sanders with a coachable lead, pulling around 25% amongst likely caucus goers. he's followed by joe biden interestingly in 18%. then elizabeth warren and the rest for the union vote may be decisive here. the powerful color culinary union has not endorsed a candidate so they are all trying to get you you candidates to vote for them. at a union run health care center today, she said, i'm basically running because of the
2:00 pm
unions. that's the message they are all saying. caucus date is very 22nd. >> neil: in the meantime, the acting homeland security secretary along with the attorney general matthew whitaker team to look at what's going now. >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with emily compagno, greg gutfeld, lawrence jones, and juan williams looking at me. this is "the five." for nato, breaking news coming out of washington. new outrage over the sentencing of roger stone, attorney general bill barr criticizing president trump for tweeting about the case but adding that he was not pressured by the white house to intervene. some democrats are not buying that explanation. >> very important to question the integrity of the attorney gen


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