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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 21, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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seconds, go, lauren. >> i would have to take ethan's word on that. i don't see it. >> harris: fair enough, that literally was pretty great to see you both. have a great weekend. thank you for watching. i am harris. "the daily briefing" with trace gallagher in today for dana. >> trace: harris, thank you. a live look in las vegas as president trump will take the stage to rally thousands of supporters less than 24 hours before democratic voters begin caucusing. good evening, everyone, i am trace gallagher in for dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ folks in vegas lining up last night to get into this afternoon's trump rally. nevada, one of several states where the g.o.p. has canceled the caucuses. the president looking to steal the spotlight from democrats making their final pitches to voters. democratic socialist bernie sanders appears to be the clear front runner right now.
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former new york city mayor michael bloomberg rising in the polls, but not even on the ballot as he skips the early stage to focus on super tuesday, which is march 3rd. let's get right to the campaign trail and peter doocy who is life for us on the vegas strip. >> trace, michael bloomberg's big argument is that bernie sanders cannot be elected because americans don't want a socialist. but now bernie sanders has an argument that michael bloomberg cannot get elected, because he is a bad debater. >> are you less worried about michael bloomberg if you were worried about him before? are you less worried now that you had the debate? >> i am worried about an unprecedented amount of money being spent on a campaign. and we have never seen anything like this in american history. and i just think that the american people would rebel against the type of oligarchy movement. we are a democracy.
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one person, one vote. not a guy worth $60 billion buying an election. >> elizabeth warren fresh off of that debate performance where she picked fights with just about all the other democrats is now backing away from something that is right on our website. elizabeth that says elizabeth rejects the help of super pacs, and would disavow any super pac to support her in democratic primary, it is not for sale. in the meantime, democrats should show some moral backbone by refusing their own super pac in the 2020 primary. but now she says she is okay with super pacs. >> so here is where i stand. if all of the candidates won't get rid of super pacs, help me in, i will lead the charge, but that's how it has to be. it can be the case that a bunch of people keep it, and only one or two don't. >> so why the switch?
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a new batch of federal election disclosures shows that at the beginning of february, the campaign was down to just $2.5 million cash in the bank. although they have raised about 17 million so far in february. >> trace: peter doocy five in las vegas. let's bring in the political panel, dan palmer, strategist to tag groups but also with us is talk radio host leslie marshall. i can see him smiling when he heard peter doocy say, elizabeth warren was not going to take outside money, and now when we get towards the nitty-gritty, she is like, i will take a few dollars. what you think about that? >> good candidates don't quit because they lose a primary or a common below expectations, they quit because they run out of funding. this is crunch time. we have ten days in two weeks until super tuesday, that clears the field. it's time to push the chips in
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and try to get a win that you can raise some money on after that. there's probably only room for two or a third candidate the day after. >> trace: when you have michael bloomberg coming in the money. and elizabeth realizes she needs some cash, i know that i said i was going to stick to my moral high ground, but give me some money. >> she was trying to do the right thing in a sense and appeal to the very liberal progressive faction of the democratic party. but michael bloomberg is a game changer. when you look at the candidates, you know, elizabeth warren, buttigieg are spending doubled then they are bringing in. and 100% of what they are bringing in. elizabeth warren raised as much money as she has raised after the debate in a single 24-hour period. but the bottom line is it is still not enough. she should have never said that. if i was running, i would say, i would take money. it does not mean that you have to give promises back to the people that rode the checks. >> trace: you are not selling
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your soul, but you have to stay in the race. you look at nevada, and it is a bell winner, much more than iowa and new hampshire, 20% african-american population, and these are critical states or important states for joe biden. doesn't he at least have to make a showing here? >> yes, he has to come in top three. and i think anybody who is not top three needs to walk away and put your support, your voters, your percentage into one of those top three candidates. going to go in south carolina and has to have a top three in nevada. and a very big game changer. if not, then joe biden will be in trouble. >> trace: you think that he has a little bit of wiggle room. that nevada is not as crucial as a lot of people are making it out to be. >> south carolina is usually the critical state. it is the slingshot into super tuesday. the real reward out of nevada is you might get a little bit more earned media. you might get a little bit more
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fund-raising. other than people have very broad fund-raising base is like bernie sanders or can reach under their own pocket like bloomberg. people maxing out at $2800 is not going to give you the money that will make a material difference on super tuesday. so it is soft money, which is leslie's point. to move the needle, soft money. >> trace: is anybody worried about the style, the caucus being, look, in nevada you can pick number two, number three, and if your candidate does not come in, you can recalibrate. anybody worry that we have a repeat of iowa? figuring out who voted for who at 5:00 on saturday afternoon? >> that can happen in almost any state. there are a couple of factors in the process and whether you are going to be electronic or have paper ballots. those two things factoring hugely, there can be problems especially when you have people that say, i thought i was number one, recount. >> we are not worried on the
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republican side. we are amused. >> trace: the republicans don't have a caucus in nevada. but it will be interesting to see how the numbers start coming out in the early evening, but also, dan palmer, leslie marshall, good to see you both. i mention president trump is speaking at a rally in las vegas. let's head out to todd piro who is on scene in vegas. todd. >> trace, the only reason we were able to hear you two seconds ago as they finally switched to a soft song, lionel richie "hello." before that what you would expect from the trump rally, heavy rock 'n' roll, a raucous crowd, and quite frankly a a rare day for a trump rally, normally these are at night. a couple of observations walking through the crowd, 1, the number of individuals are from out of state. vegas is a heavy tourist destination, so as you might imagine you planning a trip to vegas and you find out there
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will be a trump rally when you are there, and you have another tourist event for you to attend that day. another big thing that we notice, one, the people are excited that they are here during the day, but when i asked them about who they thought was going win the democratic caucus tomorrow, 95% of the individual said bernie sanders. as for what else we talked to the voters about, take a listen. >> i think it is amazing. it's a bigger turnout than a lot of people thought there was going to be. >> i'm so happy that we have more people here like myself. >> i love it. i was confused. i thought it was too early, better early than late. we will scream as loud as we can. >> incredible, awesome! you will get all the other people out here! i think it is awesome. >> it is perfect, those that want to be here will find a way to get here. >> i am retired and i did not have to take off of work. >> we love it. >> it is better than going at
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night. ♪ >> one of those who rally goers is marilyn, what is it like as a young person to be at what feels like a rock concert? >> the energy here is wonderful. so much patriotism, so many people here. you would never know from what the media tells you, but there's so many people and i am honored to be here. >> four years ago you were not allowed to vote, talking with a number of individuals here, there is a regret that trump lost here in 2016, a feeling that not everyone mobilize to vote. are you doing something different? >> this time is definitely different, trump has been here for years, we have so much done with the economy in the trade deals, and to the company has gone through so much. we have seen what the democrats have wanted to do to the contrary, that will be enough to persuade people to vote for trump this time. >> we thank you for your time,
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we will send it back to you in new york city. >> trace: todd piro live for us in las vegas. more of the race for the white house coming up. the democratic socialist leading the pack says mike bloomberg has no chance against president trump. we will speak with mike bloomberg's national campaign cochair. the former baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake about that. and more. but first president trump pushing back on reports that intel officials warned lawmakers that russia is trying to help reelect him. brian kilmeade on all of it next. ♪ [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eh, not enough fiber- chocolate would be good- snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna
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spin on "the new york times" is now reporting that election security officials breached the house intelligence committee
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last week warning lawmakers that they are trying to interfere in the 2020 election to help president trump win reelection. here with brian kelly mead, the cohost of "fox & friends." i want this on the screen, we got reaction from the administration. president trump is made clear that any efforts are attempts by russia or any other country to influence or interfere with the elections or undermine u.s. democracy will not be tolerated and met with sharp consequences. the election community has made significant progress in understanding and defending against these threats to ensure that american voters determine the outcome of the 2020 elections free from foreign interference. clearly not trying to get a step ahead of this thing, brian. >> what happen was the present and found out about it on the 14th of february that they had the briefing with house intel committee on the 13th. he found out about it on the house of the republicans, did you hear that we were just
11:16 am
briefed by joe maguire, shelby pearson about the russian interfering in the election in 2020. but they said on behalf of you. so a lot of people who looked at the intelligence said where did you get on behalf of trump? they have a candidate, but why trump? we do not know who the president is running against, what do you not think that russia wants to be with a nice list named bernie sanders who vacation to a honeymoon and that then soviet union? wouldn't that make more sense? why jump to the conclusion? the senses from the white house you walk into an infection that was about to heal. between that, adam schiff, he seems to be exercised about the president and russian interference into the election. >> you make a good point, because the whole fear is that the white house is going to go through this, and quoting, we count on the intelligence committee to inform congress of any foreign interference in our
11:17 am
election if reports are true and the president is interfering, he is jeopardizing our efforts to stop foreign meddling, exactly as we warned he would do. the president is concerned that the democrats are going to weaponize, and then you have adam schiff appearing to try to weaponize. >> it is tone-deaf, i will give you a quote from the same story. intel officials viewing the briefing, they said that it was a tactical error saying conclusions could've been delivered in a less appointed matter were left out entirely avoiding angry republicans because he models the message. secure the election, but when you say for a certain candidate, both sides run to the separate corners and we know what happened for the last three years when that happened. and less committee hearings, we do not see enough of "the daily briefing," because it is preempted by endless hearings like the impeachment things we saw in the house and senate. >> trace: topic two, what do you think of "the new york times" running an
11:18 am
op-ed for all intents and purposes a terrorist, a member of the taliban and senior member of the taliban? >> a couple of things, we have some news on the issue, the seven-day deal agreed by the secretary of state, with the work with the taliban to have a seven day reduction. no explosion suicide bombs, we will see where that goes, then we will get the afghan government involved. is it right for "the new york times" to take a guy, and his editorial. we don't know if he was paid and went back or not his perspective from their network on this deal that could be imminent with us? and if there is a 5-$10 million bounty on his head by us because he is a terrorist who has killed americans, do we really give him a page in "the new york times" to air his views? a war that we started? they said it was a defensive
11:19 am
war? do we remember 9/11? >> trace: the senior afghan correspondent wrote to this, and i am quoting "he says the piece in "the new york times" which is independent of our news operation talking about the opinion section omits the most fundamental fact that there is no taliban and peacekeeper as he paints himself behind some of the most ruthless attacks of this war with many civilian lives lost. that is the guy they sent over to report on the whole thing saying that this is a mess. >> i talked to adam who talked to him perfectly before his hit with the radio. he said that he said this would be conditions based. and the network and everybody knows they cannot be trusted. in the '80s, they were in line with us, then they turned against pakistan and are as brutal as they get. if they take over to some degree, i wonder about the families of the 20,000 plus that lost their lives, to wonder why
11:20 am
do we fight for after 18 years we turn the keys over to an evil organization like this. i don't buy a word of the editorial, but i will lead it up to the reader to decide if they should feel the same way. i don't really fall "the new york times" were doing it, i would not have made that decision, but i am someone like you who knows that we want all sides, and you don't make peace deals with your friends. >> trace: in the meantime, the man who writes more books than john grisham is with you right now. brian kilmeade would like to promo his new book. is it your 37th book, brian kilmeade? what is this about? >> i've never done this at 1:00 on tuesday, subtracting three hours for you, trace, because you insist on living in the west coast. go to . we can do that interaction internet thing. >> trace: i have read them, they are fascinating. you are a very talented man in good writer. go get them.
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>> go get them, trace. >> trace: now the so-called doomsday cult mom is under arrest. up next what we are learning about her task. ♪ team at newday usa is helping more veterans refinance than ever. the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now.
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>> trace: fox news alert, now some breaking news.
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the jury in the harvey weinstein trial has reached a unanimous verdict on three of the five counts against the disgraced media mogul. the thing is, we don't know what those verdicts are. we want to get to brian hit us outside the courthouse with more on this. >> trace, so word just came in that seven men and five women came with a unanimous verdict on three of the five counts. the two counts of rape, and the two counts of the criminal act. the two counts that they have not reached a unanimous verdict have to do with the predatory sexual assault accounts. those are the serious accounts that he was facing. the sexual assault counts were worth 25 years-life in prison. a minimum of 25 years in prison. we now understand is that the judge, the jurors have asked the judge. we have not been able to come to a unanimous verdict on those
11:26 am
2 of 5 counts. ten we move forward. prosecutors are saying, no, we would like the jury to go back and deliberate and to come back with a unanimous verdict on all five counts. the defense from what we now understand is having a private discussion and wondering what they want from all of this. we are trying to figure out whether the jury will go back to deliberate or whether or not to the judge will say, you guys, it is fine if you are hung up on the two counts. let's go with the three counts that you have come up with a unanimous decision on. it is important to realize that the two counts all have to do with anna bella's testimony. she is the "sopranos" actress who said that she was raped by harvey weinstein. the jury is having a tough time being in a unanimous verdict on, they had to find that her story was real and that they believed her and that they believed both of these plaintiffs in the case.
11:27 am
so it is confusing, but the question that the jury has had over the last few days have really ascended around her testimony and that 1993-1994 rape claim. >> trace: standbys so that you can keep us there. i want to bring in sarah's story. the legal mind. we have counts 1 and 3 inconclusive. we don't know. we know that 2, 4, and 5, they have a verdict. we don't know guilty or not guilty, but the actress who used to be on "the sopranos," her testimony is critical. the charge was not based on that. they did not charge her crime, but her testimony is critical. >> her allegations fall out the statue of limitations in new york. so they could not use her as a victim. but they could use her to establish a pattern of assaultive behavior by weinstein in order to attach
11:28 am
sexual assault was an enhancement. to attach those to the underlying crimes. the one thing i want to add is that the three other counts, the two predatory sexual assaults are the enhancement, but the three underlying accounts, there is one for the first degree act, which is oral, and the other two are enforceable rape in the first degree, or rape without consent in the third degree. weinstein cannot be found guilty of both of those rapes for one incident. they have to find that he was guilty of raping by force or at the threat of your forest, or if it was against her consent. >> trace: brian saying that the counts 1 and 3, but rape charges count 2, 4, and 5 are significant. if he is charged for those counts, he is going away for a long time. to speak of the criminal act or the first degree rape, if it is
11:29 am
five or 25 years in prison. and third degree rape, anywhere from probation to four years. and i want to add that no matter what the verdict turns out to be, it is absolutely critical to the metoo movement. if he is acquitted, it is a punch in the gut. if he has committed, it will redefine consent in a dangerous way where men have to read minds. as a criminal defense attorney, that is really scary to me. >> trace: a lot of people were saying it is interesting, because no police officers testified during the whole thing. what does that tell you. all the cases you look at, there was no legal, no police officer, no investigators testifying, what did that tell you when you looked at this? >> these are different times. we are just looking at women and believing women, and empowering women and really looking at their testimony as gold. and unfortunately, i think it is, i don't know how the verdict
11:30 am
will turn out, because i don't have a crystal ball, but either way the testimony of this women have a lot of problems in it. there was a lot of doubt that the defense raised. the credible witnesses that were called to defense and also their own emails with weinstein. the prosecution has some problems, and i also want to add that the prosecution made a big mistake of resenting the theory of the beauty and the beast. that harvey weinstein was such a monster that he was so lacking in hygiene, that he was deformed sexually. then no beautiful woman could possibly want to touch a man that looks like that. i think that cheapens the case and also diminishes the credibility. >> trace: worth noting that harvey weinstein is facing allegations in california. he has a long road to go even if his acquitted. and we will find out more. i have to go, sarah, but we will keep an eye on this. the breaking news is that harvey weinstein, two rape charges against him, and there has been a verdict only on three of the
11:31 am
five counts. the judge told the jury to go back and see if they can do some, the judge has not said that, but the jury was told to go back and see if they can get some consensus on all five counts. we will keep you up to speed on some of the breaking news. up next michael bloomberg's democratic opponents go after the new york city mayor, they say that he should be sitting on the sidelines. we will talk to his national political cochair next. ♪ when you shop with wayfair, you spend less and get way more. so you can bring your vision to lif. for small prices, you can build big dreams. spend less. get way more. shop everything home at wayfair toda.
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>> trace: 2020 democrats attacking new york city mayor michael bloomberg after his widely criticized debate debut wednesday. coming from bernie sanders in an interview that aired this sunday on "60 minutes." watch. >> were you surprised were how unprepared he was her some questions in the debate? >> i was. and if that is what happened in
11:36 am
a democratic debate, i think it is likely that trump will chew him up and spit him out. >> trace: the cochair for the bloomberg 2020 campaign and former mayor of baltimore. thank you so much for joining us here. it is a fair question that michael bloomberg was unprepared because he appeared to be unprepared for this debate. your thoughts? >> while the other candidates have been spending their time brushing up on their debate skills, michael bloomberg has spend the time since he has been mayor investing in electing democrats to fight back on unreasonable gun laws. he has been fighting to eliminate climate change, and he has been spreading his money throughout the country. the issue with that cities care about. so yes, he was a little rusty on his debate. but i think he has good reason,
11:37 am
he has been otherwise occupied. >> trace: the question becomes, he was clearly knowing some of these questions were coming about the nondisclosure agreements, the 17 women who have filed grievances against his company over the years was going to come. you know that question was going to come, yet he came the same answer that he gave on the view. i want you to listen to the sound bites and get your response on the other side. >> you have no desire to lift the nda? >> we have an agreement. he cannot do it if you wanted to. and the women would not want to do that. maybe if you, but i don't think so. >> trace: it did not go over well on "the view" and not on the debate, why was there not an adjustment? it seemed like game-time decisions that were not thought through on his team. >> i think there is no adjustment because the story has not changed. there is no indication that, you
11:38 am
know, that anybody is interested in breaking the nda agreement, and mike bloomberg cannot unilaterally do that. >> trace: i am curious, because after the debate he was criticized, and then he took part in that debate any changed day. he edited the ending to make it seem like it was more powerful than it was. and he got some criticism. i want to play it for you and get some thoughts on why the campaign chose to make an edit to make it appear different. watch this. >> i'm the only one here that is ever started a business, is that fair? okay. i'm the only one here that has ever started a business, is that fair? >> trace: it ran actually for 20 seconds, we did not have the whole thing, but 20 seconds of the dumbfounded silence by the panel was edited. what was the purpose of that,
11:39 am
mayor? >> i don't know the purpose, but it was impactful. the 20 second silence i was in the commercial really was what it felt like. because the other candidates were faced with the reality of michael bloomberg's record of getting things done. this is a country that inspired him for great nests. that's what he wants to do for the rest of the country. he has been very successful. here it. he is working hard to make sure that the next generation is as successful as he has been. when you look at the initiative and the 1 million new homeowners that he wants to create an african communicative use. the $70 billion that will be spent in cities with need across the country, you know, he is really doing good things on the ground, and when you will, when your record is of winning
11:40 am
debates or arguments on the floor of the senate, you don't have a lot of come back to that. >> trace: i am curious because you are the mayor of a big city with a high crime rates, and curious of the controversy the mayor was embroiled in with the stop and frisk. i would like your point of view. what are your thoughts about what the mayor did when he was the mayor of new york city, and how he handled the controversy in the fallout? >> writes, it is a very, very touchy and touching subject, because at the end of the day, s mayor we cannot protect life, what are we doing? and we are talking about a crime strategy that was focused on reducing homicide, on saving lives. when he became mayor, new york had the highest homicide rate, over 600 people were killed. and if you look at those numbers, the disproportionately if they were and brown people. so like many mayors across the
11:41 am
country, when faced with an urgent matter, he was not -- there was not time to study and find out which tend crime strategies would make the most impact seven years down the road, mayors like michael bloomberg were tasked looking at mothers whose sons had been put in the ground looking at them and saying, i pledge to you that i will do something. that's what he did. the crime strategy proved over time to have unintended consequences, unintended impact. he has acknowledge that. he has apologized. and just like cities across the country, not just in new york, those policies have been changed. i believe his apology. i know his heart and you take a look at the work that he has done to improve the lives of african-americans. that speaks to his heart with respect to the policy. overaggressive policing is never acceptable. but neither his death on your
11:42 am
street and in your community. >> trace: former baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake. thank you so much. for more reaction let's bring in amy stoddard, editor at "real politics." it's fascinating, because you are thinking that he was doing the right thing at the time. and maybe there unintended consequences, but he was looking at these parents whose children had died because of the crime rate and was trying to react to that. >> it really is interesting to see not only how many african-american endorsements, significant ones. mayor rawlings blake, former mayor of philadelphia, and members of congress as well. who have come out. a couple of them, knew endorsements yesterday after his poor debate performance where he did not have a terrific answer on stop and frisk. and i think that it sounded
11:43 am
genuine and trying not to use the words worried and embarrassed about it. it does not seem to be an insurmountable one with afri the reach of the money and how well it is being spent. mississippi and southern towns where democrats are showing up and asking black community leaders, we want to listen to you, we want to hear what you want to focus on, and a black empowerment plan for black youth and economic growth and economic wealth communication for african-americans that is appealing. despite the debate and the fact that he should've been far better prepared not only to answer the nda question, but others, stop and frisk, i think that we will learn on super tuesday and the later contest in march how many people he reached in a positive way by just not only the money, but how well the money has been spent.
11:44 am
>> trace: ab, i want to put the pole up, because it is interesting, 50% of people have little to no confidence in the democratic primary, and you look at the moderate amount, only a little not at all, you look at the process and since there is no winner-take-all, they piece the whole thing out, bernie sanders gets a delegate lead, it is pretty much over. >> you are absolutely right. the democratic contest is a mess. it has been all long, since joe biden had a front running lead that has evaporated, you can see that it is a very divided party that was never coalescing and never really liking its choices. that's why each person gets a little bit. very much like 2016. the republican side were now bernie sanders is eking it out with the plurality where the dominant faction, voting is split across the other candidates, clearly moderate and
11:45 am
a pragmatic voter looking to get rid of donald trump. the path is very clear at this point. >> trace: we have to go, heartbreak, a.b. stoddard. keeping an eye on the courthouse in lower manhattan where the jury has reached a verdict. ♪ ♪
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>> whether or not it was in 1993 or 1994. a lot of the questions have had to do. >> back to you with breaking news. as was mentioned, the actress, her testimony was pivotal in this thing, but the interesting part is that her case was not. the case had expired because of statute of limitations. so he was not charged with raping the actress, but it was the other charges, that's where the fascination comes in. again, they want 1 and 3, because those are the more serious of the allegations when it comes to jail time. and that's what the prosecutors are shooting for. we will have much more on the harvey weinstein verdict almost coming up next. news for all veterans.
11:53 am
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>> trace: breaking news, the harvey weinstein trial, the jury has reached a partial verdict. there are five counts against him and two rape cases, and the jury has come to terms on count. but not unanimous on counts 1 and 3. i want to bring in jonathan hunt as well as a criminal defense attorney, talking more about this. and it is fascinating, because the prosecutor said, go back, we want you to keep deliberating. the defense said, no, we are ready. we will take the verdict as is. >> you know why, because counts 2, 4, and 5 are the underlying crimes. this could be a guilty verdict. >> trace: we don't know that. >> i'm speculating based on how it is sensed here by the jury. if he is not guilty of 2, 4, ane
11:58 am
on 1 and 3. 1 and 3 is an enhancement that attaches only if he is guilty of the underlying crimes. as to why the defensive saying, we are okay with just the 2, 4, 5, because he is spending less time on the 2, 4, 5. he is facing probation until four years on the third degree rape. >> trace: you mentioned that the accounts are redundant, because one is rape in the third degree, one is rape in the first degree. >> correct. it is either with force or without consent. >> trace: what happens is he has to come back to california and take charges. even if he is guilty and reprimanded to the prison, he has to come back to california. >> they were announced on january 6th, the day that his trial started in manhattan. he faces two charges of assaulting women here on consecutive days in 2013. jackie lacey, the district attorney says whatever happens
11:59 am
in new york, he is coming back here to face trial. he will be back according to the district attorney, facing 28 years on the l.a. charges if he is convicted. >> trace: as far as scheduling goes, in the east, 2:58-59. almost 3:00. we heard that the jury would only go till 3:00 because they had other commitments. we don't know if that is change, we don't know if the 3:00 deadline has changed. if, for some reason, they have to leave at 3:00 and come back monday morning and for the harvey weinstein lawyers, this is a very tense weekend. >> absolutely. i think his lawyer had a funeral to go to that she will not be able to make. and it is critical, because counts 1 and 3 is where he is facing 10-life. >> trace: it will be fascinating.
12:00 pm
sara has a new book, do you want to promo that? >> yes, it is out march 1st. >> trace: the other book is still in process. i am trace gallagher, we will have more on the verdict coming up, right now "bill hemmer reports." ♪ >> bill: i am bill hemmer, reporting starts with president trump holding a campaign rally in las vegas. his third rally in three days out west. and coming just hours before democrats in nevada make their official statement in -- bernie sanders has a four-point lead in the caucus saturday. with me tom steyer, another billionaire candidate not named bloomberg. welcome to the program. good to have you on today. >> it is great to be with you. >> bill: you miss the debate stage this week. don't know if you will make it next week. where's the campaign going, tom? >> well, bill,


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