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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 29, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> tonight thanks so much for watching i'm jeanine shapiro advocate for american way and my store judge jeanine greg is next don't miss him. ♪ administration netanyahu a pleasure. benjamin netanyahu: good to see you. >> as an american you've entered into this peace deal president of the yiet you've negotiated this peace deal. and this peace deal benefits israel criminally and palestinians too in their own way but i in terms of israel expand your boundaries increases your security. but this is what i'm perplexed about. you're running against an individual that's blue and white party.
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and i'm looking at this from afar. i don't quite understand what the blue and white party stands for. you've got arab parties part of the blue and white party. leaders of these arab parties don't support the state of israel. so o my question to you is you negotiate these thing you're the prime minister, and you look at this. how does your opposition plan to institute a peace plan that expands israel's boundary increases its security when it is relying on arab parties that don'the believe in israel's existence? benjamin netanyahu: the party is leftest party in disguise. remember the majority of israeli iser in right and in order to get center right voters they pretend that they're center right party and that they will take up the terrific trump land that has been put forward by trump that's very good for israel that has israel applying israeli adding to sovereign territory and important place
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like jordann valley a strategic buffer againster smuggling of weaponss from the east. it recognizes the legitimacy and the sovereignty of israel over communities in and homeland and blue and white to leaders said that opposite just a few months ago but when the trump plan came out they said we're for the trump plant and a a you're not b, they said horrible thing about president trump. just before the trump land was announced like comparing them to the clerk. and three, they're dependent on the support in the commencement parliament to form a government on the joint arab bliss that says if you accept the trump plan you won't be prime minister. so they're not going to adopt the trump plan which would be a historic miss.s. we have here the deal of centur.
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the opportunity of a century we're never going to have something like this and only one who will implement it is me and i think that voters are getting, you know, getting that message have a stark opportunity. i don't intend to miss it. i intend to do it but only way that i can do it is if i'm elected prime minister so that's what i tell our voters other guy, is dependent on a joint arab about bliss that refuses to recognize state of israel and will certainly not support the -- the trump plan in any way. mark: you mention these staffers toto mr. gantz and i'm familiar with this too. two staffers who refer to our president and one way another as hitler and mr. gantz keeps them onboard as senior advisors you have also obama -- benjamin netanyahu: i've asked to fire him and he wouldn't. they're guys who have given lines -- you know, look i'm appearing
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here. there's to teleprompter. there are no note. there's nothing. and you know where teleprompter is inside my brain. my experience, my convictions, my beliefs, that's my teleprompter. okay, this guy is being fed by two people. one, is israeli advisor he compared president trump to adolf hitler greatest friend we've ever had in the the white house compared him to adolf hitler second is american advisor joe you said you're familiar with him? mark: he worked for obama. benjamin netanyahu: okay that's legitimate he worked for obama but he too did something that i think is legitimate he too compared president trump to adolf hitler so these are two closest airs who is tell him who to say and so on they're putting on an act therefore for trump plan these people who call president trump hitler before
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president trump's plan come on give me a break. so this is one big con job that's what it is. mark: i try to follow as closely -- what does that stand for i mean this in all integrity and honesty what does this blue and white party stand for. how do you have arab parties and then you have people who claim to be center right and so forth? benjamin netanyahu: arab parties are not part of blue and white. the blue and white get a majority former government without relying on their vote in the commencement either a yes vote or a extension vote. mark: who do they stand for? benjamin netanyahu: getting into power and applying opposite of my policies to get into power they're to pretend that they follow my policies i'll give an example okay. i fought really hard to get israel's incredible gas reserves out from under the seabed. they fought incredibly hard to keep them under seabed. now they'll say --
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oh, we'll finance israel -- various social programs with the gas revenues which are actually enormous. but you fought to keep the gas under the sea. so basically lie number one. lie number two, we're for the trump plan. they're not. lie number three, against iran deal and benny gantz was for iran deal and glad that president trump made a bold scug to get out of iran deal but gantz wanted iran deal fourth when i went to u.s. congress which was a very, very difficult thing gantz senior partner and said this isff an e norm normous mistake you cannotan challenge the obama nuclear deal well i did. there's stand for everything we stand for in reality they're against. now they're pretending to be about for and last -- example i'll give you offense. i put upns a wall along israel
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boarders. benny gantt was and blue and white these are all blue and white senior[i extensive members running for leadership of the country. he was against my building this fence. they said it wouldn't stop a single, you know, illegal immigrant you know what it stopped there's not one zero who has gotten through every single thing in iran on the gas deal, on the border fence. on the trump plan on everything they're actually in other side they're leftest in disguise. leftest in disguise if they get into power will only get into power by relying on an anti-israeli joint arab in the commencement to get into parliament it will be a tragedy and missed trump plan and miss opportunity of a century we would weaken our defenses. it would be a very dangerous
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government for israel security. that's one choice. gantz with a joint arab bliss or with me, bring a -- form a very strong right center right government to protect israel security and continue this unbelievable prosperity that will bring country with remark. mark: i want to get to that in a minute. before i do, i want to swing back a little bit here. there have been articles in the the newspaper here in israel -- about something called the fifth dimension in america fifth dimension was a group. t it was a band but in israel it was -- benjamin netanyahu: good song too. mark: it was a cybersecurity company that was founded by -- benny gantz ceo i think founded in 2015 when a business shortly thereafter.. went bankruptcy and article state that they get a big contract from million of dollar and they aren't produced a thing.
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and now i read that attorney general who i've talked about many t times was -- can't stop investigating you from one election to the next election, to the next election has announced that they're beginning to look at this from a criminal perspective. but after the election, and, of course, benny gantz is just material witness. how do you know he's a material witness before you conduct your investigation ? and how would the ceo in the owner of the company not know what the company is doing? and more to the point, why wait until after the election when you've been hammered through every lech? benjamin netanyahu: under argument that public has a right and need to know in my case, with with all of these false charges that are leveled against me, they have to be air ad before the elections because the public has to know. in the case of benny gantz the same people made that argument are are making opposite argument we don't want to interfere with elections of course you do because you're not putting forward equally information that you supposedly have on me.
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and the information that you have on gantz now what do you see in the fifth dimension this is incredible story okay. so benny gantz this one eexperience, and civilian life e formed a cybercompany, and went bankrupt. by the way, his copartner all a top guy in his party also a chief of staff he had one experience is. [laughter] in public life he also was a head of a company that is supposedly -- is accused of deceiving its investor they also went bankrupt. these guys really are expert at bankruptcy. we build most fantastic economy in the world with my free market policy these guys go bankrupt that tells you about economic ability. but here you have something else and you're asking mark about something else. what's going on when -- when they refuse to investigate these people for a year and refuse to investigate them before the election?
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benny gantz formed the company that went to the israeli police and said, and signed a contract without with a bid while other companies cybercompanies that are really experienced couldn't get this contract for 50 million shackles over 10 million dollar there was no product. no software no cybersoftware there were no customers. and no bid, okay? you've got 50 million she shacks over that and went into the company pocket, and hasn't been returned to the taxpayer as yet. this has r clearly a questionabe thing. people have to ask, how can you have such a thing from the police to the guy, and they also gave them some software that apparently was sent it a police officer that wasn't checked by the police controller. either for its financial value orre for the implications to
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israel security. this has to be investigated. of course, there's something wrong with here and they said rswell, benny gantt is not involved but only view they made. he's the ceo by the way the number two in the company is another blue and white member. they're to investigate all of that is pushed aside and popular in israel if it is not busy don't investigate. that's justice. that's not justice that's a political system we can't accept and this is something that's very dangerous for democracy. the t minute you -- you use or not use criminals investigations as a political weapon, the minute you throw false charge on one side and ab solve other side that is dangerous for democracy and people get it here. they get it. initially it is a left right
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division but more and more people from, you know from the center and a soft left they get that something is wrong here. because all of a sudden they say hey wait a minute how come benny gantz isn'ting being investigated how come lying there dormant for so long until some honest journalist started to -- not that many but in honest journalism started poking at it. something is wrong and it's true. it's wrong. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: you brought up the economy and you brought up your handling of the economy. i drive around israel, i see construct cranes -- benjamin netanyahu: crane eve where. mark: i see road construction and high-tech buildings popping up everywhere different than ten year ago. it is enormous. you read american newspapers, and the israeli medical field breaking, breaking, breaking -- things it is a tineny little country how do you explain that? benjamin netanyahu: it is a tiny country with gigantic talent and i had to unleash enterprise from
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innovation from bonds, the bonds of socialism, you know i got rid of that. i opened up the economy. i just destroyed bureaucracy i lowered tax rates. i reduced public spending and bam we have a tremendous growth. we actually grew from the time i made these major reforms started with lifting all of a these strength and currency can you panel -- imaginena that you can take a thousand dollars and out of the country without receiving per anything from a central bank clerk ridiculous i got rid of that soon after relented in '96 but after that finance min strer from 2003 to 2005 i had 60 major free market reforms that we did here and country just exploded with talent and ingenuity and grew 5 to 4% a year with exception of one or two years but that create at the situation where our gdp per capita which
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is on road past japan's looks like we're going to catch if we haven't already passed britain we will in coming year. huge, and this is tiny israel. and other thing that happened was that -- israel became a power house for cybersecurity number two in the world. 20% of the global investment in private cybersecurity is in israel, 20% we're one tenth of one percent of the world's population so we're punching 200 times above our weight in cybersecurity. the same thing is happening in autonomous vehicle enormous and a hundred and hundreds and hundreds of companies one will sold to intel for $15 billion other day. jerusalem company athey told them now you run all our worldwide autonomous vehicle company and explosion in autonomous vehicle explosion in digital health explosion in precision agriculture which uses
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big data drones and sensors on ground. explosion, explosion, it is happening because i put in free markets. that's my policy. and you see that in the crane, in bridge, the tunnel, the interchange, the highways, everything that is changing in israel. it is huge. but it's not accidental. we brought israel best decade in its history. because we put for the free market policies and open up world market. israel has become not a cul-de-sac not a dead end. but basically a center for global technology that the whole world is coming to. so we have direct flights to san francisco, obviously -- direct way you can hear some english spoken among hebrew and indian dialect you can hear it or you can direct flights to china direct flights to india over saudi arabia that's a change. direct flights now across africa, over sudan that used to
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be enemy country and met the president of sudan so you can go to each country four hours on the flight three, four hours cut from flight to brazil cut across africa major markets opening up with new products and this is our policy. that's basically how you grow businesses and how you grow economy new product new market you get by lift restrictions and lowering taxes on businesses. on enterprises, new markets, because we open them up. i open them up it's tremendous. mark: what is your were gross domestic product now and what -- what -- benjamin netanyahu: 400 billion. but we're a tiny country. mark: what is your increase in gdp? benjamin netanyahu: last quarter 4.8.. 4.8% -- mark: would kill for that. benjamin netanyahu: if you're of the 43, 45,000 dollars get a precise percent that's really
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good and it is happening not accidentally but because of policies i've instituted. benny gapts gantz who failed in bankrupt that is questionable fifth dimension affair which is now being investigated for criminal activity but it's a market failure. he went bankrupt. he wasty chief associate in his- his member who was his chief aid -- went bankrupt and in a single enterprise i'm bringing him mayor of jerusalem high-tech entrepreneur who made successful amount of money successfully i'm bringing him as my finance minister and we're going to, you know, continue israeli success story for every single citizen of israel. jew, nonjew i want everybody to be part of this. for benny gantz he's going to
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take the head of the israeli labor union as his finance minister. in other words, they'll go back to the old socialist policies and i'm going forward with free omarket policies that are meant to invest every single citizen of israel. we have a tremendous plan ahead of us. mark: and what is your plan ahead of you? what are your economic proposals going forward? benjamin netanyahu: well six thing most important thing is we've got to drop, we have got to have a drastic reduction of theo cost of food and cost of housing. and we're going to do that, that's two r thing. we're going to do -- the third thing is we're going to have mass haddive investments in our -- in our health system even though it is ranked by the ocd number ltfour in the world. just the other day, in the ocd i want. to bring it to be number one. okay? d massive investment in our health system, support tremendous support for small businesses,
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continuing the development of the negatives to raise any differences. shouldn't be any difference between the nigger in south and galilean and land for development and equalizing social services very easy tods and last thing is israel has to be number one in the world in the leading high-tech fields that are coming up that's big data that's artificial intelligence, connectivity 5g it's biomedicine. it's robotics it's transport autonomist transportation. and a few other things in life sciences that's where we're going fop we canning do that. we have to do it and we continue to do that. now the real question is, so let's attack one issue. how do you bring down the cost of food? so if you go into israel people are richer than ever, they're more successful and driving these fast roads. they live in these tower and, i mean, you can see that happening
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but still when you go to pay for food bill it is high about 30% higher than it is in europe. why in well there's a simple reason. because we keep a high tariffs high custom on imported foods to protect our local farmers. okay, farmer are important. we want to protect them. they're holding on to the land. they've been doing this for many, many decades so we want to support them but way to support them under our plan is very simple. we support them directly. and we lower the tariffs toking nothing. so ine steffing having the entire population carry brunt of supporting farmers with high food price, we'll just subsidize them directly and save billions to israeli consumers here's an example. i mean, it's about time to do that. so we're, you know, people have me hey how come you didn't because i've done everything else and you can't build a fifth floor of a building until you build basement, with first,
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second, third, fourth floor now the fifth floor actually many -- six, seven, eight, and so on. these massive reformings that we're putting in these are great thing. where are we going to take money with wh we need it for building new hospitals which we're now in the process? well there are two sources. first the first source is obvious that's the gas revenues from the gas fields that we've developed that blue and white our opponent say they'll use and saying no keep it under the ground but that's not the main source. that's the second source actually. you know what main source is, it's the billions and billions of added revenues to tax revenues that we get from lower taxes. and from our growth polls that put in an e norm amount of cash into the government's each year just by growth. that's our policy. so we have netanyahu and free market policies compared to to
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gantz and socialist labor union polls. what do you think is better for the country? mark: we'll be right back. we'll keep building smarter suv's. to help keep you focused on the road ahead. and. the road beside. did we mention the road ahead. with an available best in class. epa estimated combined fuel economy and the technology to practically park itself. this is the reimagined 2020 ford escape.
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>> live from america's news headquarters i'm aishah, the supreme court is set to hear a major immigration case, putting the trump administration crackdown on asylum seekers
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under review and focus on president trump use of expedited removal deciding whether the u.s. can or cannot deport asylum seekers would allowing them to have their case heard before a federal judge arguments are set to take place on monday. meantime u.s. and taliban signing historic peace agreement aiming to end that war over there. president trump says, that deal has a chance to succeed allowing had imto fulfill his campaign promise to stop endless war and success hinge on taliban commitment to prevent terrorist afnght in afghanistan. deal would allow u.s. to withdraw soldiers back to levin. mark: by the way i want to make it known to the american people
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mr. gantz you're welcome on the show and following israeli politic for a long time and love to pin you down on a few things to make that clear you know. benjamin netanyahu: listen i don't think you're going to have much luck i invited benny gantz to three debate on economy, on security on foreign poll wouldn't show up to anything. you know, and i said by the way, i had one condition no ear piece no feeding -- no whispering in your ear but i'll give him ear piece i don't care. but he wouldn't do it. he would not do it because he can not stand the pressure of a tv debate. and i ask myself, you knowing being the prime minister of israel is arguably toughest job in the world or none tougher. how has he wise stand pressures of being prime minister of israel if he can't stand the pressures of a debate. he can't even stand pressures of a mark levin interview. he can't be prime minister if
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you can't -- stand up to that. mark: i have to ask you this. as i watch your journalist in this country, about for the most part or very unimpressive. some very good ones. america, same thing but here it is even worse. i have to ask you this question by i've been reading this from some bloggers and others, journalists -- do you think one of the reasons that mr. gantz is not so publicly available to people who would like to question him and a a ton of issues, there's in this talk about the iranians, having compromising information even a video i'm not trying to be provocative it's out there. i didn't create this. do you think that in part could be one of the reasons? benjamin netanyahu: well these report are very disturbing because prime minister of israel has to be able to pressure iran andre not be blackmailed by iran so these reports seem to imply
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that mr. gantz would be subject to potential blackmail from iran and that's terrible. we have to make sure israel deserves a strong prime minister who can apply pressure on our enemy and not be pressured by them. and i think i've proven that i can do it, and i can tell you i don't think benny gantz i don't think he's up to the job and i say that -- as objectively as possible and fact that he refuses to come to debate and refuses to answer a question like this, or any question, the fact he won't come to your show. tell you this guy can't do it. mark: it was in "new york times" been in other public instances -- benjamin netanyahu: kept down because people want s to -- they want him to win. and they don't want anything that would compromise his victory. mark: i see some of the in
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israel similar to what's going on in united states and democrat party who have moved hard left and called out they kind of fudge a little bit onn their positions and so forth. but several of them are socialist. and then you have our president, who is cut taxes, cut regulations, wants to secure the border filled up united states military, do you think that free societies get a little lazy? get used to prosperity get used to peace and then willing to take a risk and throw it in another direction? you're a historian in many ways. benjamin netanyahu: well i'm a great historian and my father taught mewa something valuable e saidre history is very is cruel. i quote history does not distinguish between jesus christ, unfortunately strong and smart survive, and we have to be strong and smart. because very bad people can be
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strong and smart so we have to be stronger and smarter i think that's's been the lesson of the jewish people and made israel a lot stronger. first we have to come out from the ruins of the holocaust to have a i state in independence w now we're somewhere el in order to keep our state, keep our independence, keep our secure our future, we have to be strong and made israel very strong. very strong economically through free market policies, made it very strong militarily investing heavily in our military and in our superb intelligence which we share with the united states. we savend through this cooperatn which is deeply valued with the united states. we also have given a lot of information that has been valuable to safeguarding americans, and you know, none deserve more and i can say that we also have made israel a diplomatic power house in the world because of the combination
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of our civilian high-tech and our military high-tech so a lot of countries want to come here. i've made israel strong. and i don't think we can relent on that and we can be lazy. because if we learn something, one thing from, you know, from the history of the jewish people is that, when people say they're going to destroy you, believe them. and be strong enough to prevent them. s as far as america is concerned i can tell you look i think people shortchange the united states. i think there's some very broad values broad support for deep values of the united states. many of them cohere with what i've just said. but there are, obviously, some differences there as you have here. youu have extreme left here and extreme left there and i'll tell you what i don't appreciate i think that support for american values cut across both parties and -- it is very important for israel to maintain a bipartisan base of support we've had extraordinary support from president trump.
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extraordinary and we value it, and it is very important for us that this basee of support reman as broad as possible. but there are people who challenge the relationship with israel, the fact that itle is a tremendous ally of the yiet. united states there are people who reject that and reject alliance with the united states here. the leftest don't want that. you know when -- when president trump was candidate trump three members of gantz blue and white parties petition me not to meet with him he was supposed to come to israel that's their position and they think their united states is a terrible country and so on. this is what these people you know i don't agree with them. but at least i respect people on the far left if they voice their opinion. what i can't accept is that -- they disguise their true opinion because that's what blue and white is doing now to the vote ers they have leftest person and masqueradet asking being moe how shall i see more b than
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you're not. one you're not, you're not. your real opinion have been shown before you went to leches. you're on the left, your positions are anti-free market you're a pro, proiran nuclear agreement, you're ai-border fence that i put p up. come on. be brave. be honest. tell the truth to people. let them decide. you know democracy is not a game of hoodwink you're trying to hoodwink the public. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: i want to swing back to iran. you brought it up several times israel greatest enemy. benjamin netanyahu: all right. mark: president of the united states take out soleimani. he's criticized by in our country i.c.e. elements throughout the world, now why in the world would anybody criticize the president of the
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united states for taking out the number one terrorist on the planet? benjamin netanyahu: i think this was a great action and first for him. firstnu leaders of the world to applaud the president for this action. this soleimani was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people including americans. he was the principle i wouldn't say even -- excuser i would say he was the architect and generator of the iran empire. that is the aggressive expansion of iran by building shiite militia controlled bid commander that he appointed in iraq in syria, and in yemen throughout the middle east. and he was really the architect of iran's imperial aming -- am big that knew no bounds and he did it a service not only for
11:45 pm
american security but for the securityon of the middle east ad the world and i can tell you since i'm in contact with mr. arab about leaders that's another change that has happened. most of the arab leaders in the middle east and many of the muslim believers and muslim countries around world they have thousand very is strong relations with us if you ask them what they vote for they're in saudi arabia, one of the fans a saudi blogger who says, you know that's repeating itself eve where. well you know when i speak to arab leaders they all applaud it, president trump for knocking out most dangerous terrorist that iran has put on earth. so ping, you know, i think he should be applauded, period. and then shouldn't be a part of the mission. mark: we'll be right back.
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comcast business. beyond fast. mark: let me ask you this, with you bring up arab countries, again things happen and people almost don't realize that they're happening or they now expect them to happen. ten years ago these arab
11:50 pm
countries -- now you have diplomatic relations if not openly -- you're also expanding the support for israel, the capitol ofof israel and jerusalm this has been a strategy of yours h as aggressively as you can -- benjamin netanyahu: peace through strength. that's my policy too. peacegt and strength. mark: so what countries now would you say israel is much friendlier with than israel was say ten years ago? benjamin netanyahu: let me put it differently, first of all some of them are come out in the open last year of oman invited me and my wife for a very, very moving visit and then we spent a day and a half together. literally the entiree day and a half we had a dinner that lasted until the morning.
11:51 pm
with fantastic european music and arab music it was just incredibly moving he knew he was on his last days. he was very sick. but he wanted me to come as the prime minister of israel he wanted that to be one of his parting actions. that was out in the open. that was a year ago and that was now y weeks ago i met with the president of sudan. sudann is an african arab county muslim country that was our worst enemy now i meet in uganda under the president president of uganda with leader of sudan who says let's normalize relations. israeli planes are already flying above airma space of sudn short cutting town to south america. tremendous, i was with normal
11:52 pm
relations with us and i was there. we reestablish relations that was a few months ago so something first of all that's above the surface. this is the tip of the iceburg that you see above. the below surface i would say you can count on fingers of one hand the number of arab states and muslim states with we don't have relations given that there are dozens and dozens and dozens ofof such states you understand that something very big is happening here. they recognize israel now as their valuable ally not as their enemy but there's -- as their indispensable ally against iranian regression and al qaeda we've with saved so many people by sharing our impeccable and incomparable and united states, obviously, people want that. they want that and they want our high-tech because it gives their
11:53 pm
people a better future. future of, you know, with cleaner water, cleaner air, better communications, this is what israel can do. so i've turned israel into a global power, into a power in arab and muslim world because theyow respect, they respect our strengths. our strengths in innovation, in security, and intelligence. they respect that. and i respect the fact that they're coming together with us. this is the path for genuine peace and recking reconciliation not the path of confession what the left and what it is oh we did horrible things. we're sorry, we're wrong. blame israel for first all of that. no they're not going, arabs are nott doing that anymore with exception with palestinians caught in their horrible -- just paralytic politics the rest
11:54 pm
of the arab world is wake withing up to a different israel and kind of hard for old traditionalist those whoho buy this -- you know this narrative that already been, you know, put aside by history, about by reality. the trump plan talks into account this new relationship, new reality to have a different arrangement and that's a very good thing and i hope and more and more arab countries are coming along. mark: we'll be right back. depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. well now there's score!, time...from force factor,enin'. to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!.
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mark: to uganda your brother was killed in uganda. what was that leak going back to uganda? benjamin netanyahu: that's how he was killed underneath a control tower in the old terminal in the airport where israeli houses were held at the
11:59 pm
chain of death. and he was about to storm into the terminal hall when when a bullet cut him down and i stood at the place where he fell. and i always -- i always remember that it was israel who dealt the devastating blow to international tariff, and this rescue force led by my brother who died at the age of 30 as a commander of our special forces, he, with i think he proved that free people, free men and women could overcome most horrific terror and the most horrific odds if they muster their will, they resolve and their courage that's what israel stands for. that's what our free civilization stands for. but beyond the symbolism of that it's a very painful place.
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because he was so exceptional he was my brother. mark: it has been a pleasure and an honor. >> thank you, sir. mark: god bless. least that much. he will probably stay physical healthy throughout the crisis but his mental health which is weak on his best day can only get much worse every day of this crisis. [laughter] greg: at least no one is politicizing it you jack ass. ♪. greg: before we get to the fun stuff, let's address the viral elephant in the room, the coronavirus. when there is little info


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