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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  March 2, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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they say he should quit. >> i am glad are here. thanks, everybody. thanks for joining us on this busy hour. see you on "the five"." bill hemmer, i am out of breath. >> ♪ >> bill: i am bill hemmer. breaking news on 2 major stories. the coronavirus has killed 6 people here at home. president trump sits down with his task force and drug company executives to nail down a vaccine or a cure. with that wraps up, the president head to battleground north carolina. the month of march is all about racking up the delegates. that starts tomorrow on super tuesday. you have more than one-third the delegates needed to clinch the nomination on the line tomorrow.
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the path for joe biden might be clearing with another high-profile dropout. the 3 biggest states to catch. california, texas and then north carolina. that's where we start this hour. republican senator tom will join the president later tonight. i want to get to the coronavirus in a moment. the movement is on to stop bernie sanders. who wins north carolina tomorrow? >> well, i think biden may have a shot at north carolina. particularly after the exit of buttigieg and klobuchar. i think bernie sanders will pick up some delegates here and back to california and texas where i think he will use. >> the poll shows head-to-head match up with bernie sanders and donald trump and with michael
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bloomberg and donald trump and with joe biden with donald trump. all 3 beat them. >> i don't weigh it. -- buy it. when president trump takes the stage against biden, sanders or bloomberg, he has a good match up regardless of who comes out of it. >> a tweet from the west wing. pete buttigieg is out. all of his super tuesday votes go to sleepy joe biden. this is the beginning of the democracy taking bernie sanders out of play. no nomination again. what is your sense about how that plays out on the left? >> i think they will go all the way to milwaukee. i believe that bernie sanders will probably go in with the plurality of the delegates and the democrats will take it away
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from the vote of the people and put someone else forward, maybe biden. the president's accomplishments on taxes and reforms and funding our military and helping our veterans, taking china to task and getting trade deals with mexico and canada, people will ask themselves: am i better off now than 4 years ago? they will say yes and vote for donald trump. >> bill: unemployment rate is low in north carolina. 4.0? >> that's right. we have record high employment of minorities and women. job creation numbers are great. the markets are skittish now with the coronavirus. you look at where we were 401-ks or retirement, the wage earners are increasing their wages. there are so many things the president can talk about. the democrats will give you the green deal and medicare for all.
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i don't think that will resonate. >> bill: off we go to november. now to the virus, the news from the state of washington. 6 deaths there. a debate on capitol hill. what is the right number? >> shame on the democrats for politicizing this. this is a time where we have to have our thoughts and prayers out to the victims and their families of the coronavirus. 2.5 billion dollars is not all inclusive. that's the first step to mobilize money that is already being spent. rather questioning the numbers, why don't we get started. figure out where we need to put healthcare support. figure out what we can do to accelerate the investigation of the vaccines and treatments for those who get the illness and stop playing politics. 2.5 billion dollars is a first
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start. the threat here in the united states, we can add to that. we should not be bickering when people are getting sick. >> bill: how is the white house doing? mike pence is coming to the hill determine. democrats say they will lay into him on this. >> well, the democrats are always trying to figure out ways to undermine the president's progress whether it's on the response to the virus or on anything else he is trying to do out of the white house and with congress. mike pence was a good pick to lead the effort. i believe they have -- it's odd you would talk resisting 2.5 billion dollars if you want $8 billion or 80 billion dollars. this is to get it started. this is so we can be prepared to deal with this crisis. i hope vice-president pence makes headway with them.
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if not shame on the democrats for putting us at further risk. >> bill: there is a lot of concern. i threw out a tweet at noon today asking for questions for an expert that comes up in 10 minutes from now. they just kept coming in from across the country. how do you answer this question, senator? >> well, the first thing we have to do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. recognize this is a flu-like virus. take proper precautions, but not over-react or make sure that deal with it in the same way you deal with a serious flu season. particularly people with under-lying health conditions who are most at risk of dying from the illness. maintain calm and prepare for the worst. hope for the best. i know this president and our congress, republicans in congress are going to do
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everything to make us best prepared to get through this season and hopefully have time next year for a vaccine. >> bill: thanks for your time. we will look at north carolina tonight. president trump meeting with drug makers about speeding up the effort to make a coronavirus vaccine. u.s. health officials have confirmed 80 cases in 10 states. 40 are here. kristin. >> the coronavirus jumped to the top of the agenda when president trump sits down with these top executives from pharmaceutical companies in a few moments at the white house. issue number 1 is how fast can the u.s. get a vaccine? >> we have a big meeting with the most powerful companies. hopefully the smartest companies anywhere in the world. when it comes to vaccines. we are talking about a vaccine,
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maybe a cure if that is possible. and then moving quickly. >> another topic that may come up in this meeting that is set to start any moment. drug shortages. u.s. drug shortages due to supply chain distributions in china. the fda identified about 20 dugs that get their main ingredients in china. it's something that could be disruptive for americans. but at this point in time the white house is saying they only identified 1 drug that led to any shortages. they don't see any immediate drug shortages other than that one reported last week. >> bill: i thought the briefing by the senator was interesting to talk about iran and south korea and italy. what about new travel restrictions?
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>> president trump said it's possible. it's evaluated on an hour by hour basis at the white house. over the weekend there were high-profile new ones. specifically the administration banning any foreign national who has visited iran within the last 14 days from entering the united states. the administration increazed trav travel advisories to italy and president trump talked about restricting travel between the u.s. and mexico. hopefully we will get an update from the president in a few momths. -- moments. then we will get a briefing from vice-president pence in the briefing room. we have 4 briefings from the president or senior administration officials within the last 5 days. >> bill: waiting for all of
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that. thank you. a lot going on. viewers at home, hang on. we will bring it all to you. some of the american passengers from the cruise ship in japan are allowed to go home as in their house. we have been following two married couple who went on the cruise together. jeri got out of isolation but her husband carl tested positive for the virus. he is staying under quarantine for now. jeri said it was hard leaving him behind. >> i woke up this morning and it was like oh, i should be doing a happy dance. i wasn't. i was doing a sad dance. >> bill: the couple said it's the longest they have been away for each other from the 29 years. their marriage. we will update you on their progress. fox news alert moments ago. james lipton died.
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the host of inside the actor's studio. interviewed the biggest names in hollywood including meryl streep. he had bladder cancer and died at his home in new york. james lipton 93 years old. in a moment, viewer candidates in the race ahead of super tuesday. michael bloomberg hoping to make a slash tomorrow. we will talk to his campaign senior spokesperson here in new york. the coronavirus closing the world's most famous doors. the dow hits a bounce back after its worst week in 12 years. and israel holding its 3rd election. live in tel aviv where the polls just closed. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield.
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>> ♪ >> bill: the polls are closed in israel's election. exit polling show benjamin netanyahu with an edge over his rival. but it's not clear if he will earn enough support for a majority. this is the third time between the two of them that the israelis voted. they have not made a clear decision. tre is live in tel aviv. >> that's right. for the third time in under a year. israelis headed to the poll.
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we are getting exit poll numbers between benjamin netanyahu and his main opponent of the blue and white party. it appears another political deadlock in israel. you need 61 seats in israel. to form a coalition government and have the ruling power. right now according to the 3 major exit polls, netanyahu will have 60 seats. this is 1 seat shy of the majority needed. the key factor when a candidate who will hold 6 to 8 seats. it would make a difficult decision for the israel president who he will give the nod to, to form a coalition
12:17 pm
government. there will be a week period the president will have to make that decision. we don't know until we get the formal results whether netanyahu will be given the nod by their president to form a government here in israel. >> bill: and talk about the back drop to this race. >> there is a lot going on in israel. later the prime minister will face his first trial for charges of corruption and bribery. paired with regional conflicts unfolding and an active conflict in syria when troops in turkey. rocket fire from gaza last week and the coronavirus and attempts by the israeli government to ensure that doesn't spread across the middle east. today more than 4,000 voters headed to special polls here in israel in an attempt to make sure they would not spread any of the virus that was taking place in israel.
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there are multiple confirmed cases. >> bill: tre, thank you. back at home. the united states apparently lost a big economic and technology edge it had over enemies after the cold war. a new military strategy reports that the navy is set to overhaul the way it teaches sailors and marines. jennifer griffin at the pentagon on this today. >> well, it's part of the defense department's belief to get the best war fighters to fight the next war, they need to appeal to an educated population to be part of a future conflict. john kroger the former marine and form president of reed college. he is proposing a comprehensive overhaul of the navy's education
12:19 pm
system to create a navy community college for higher education related to technology. the strategy is laid out in the navy's education for sea power tragedy 2020. the first comprehensive strategy for the navy and the marines. it will be released later today. "it's a shift from ways people think about the effectiveness of the armed forces. we are not talking about how powerful our missiles are... this comes as china and others make advances in military weapons. >> bill: why is the navy doing it now? >> with unemployment so low in the u.s., it's hard to recruit. and the start of world war ii nearly all of the navy's admirals were highly educated graduates. now that number is a quarter of
12:20 pm
what it was then. the navy's first officer explained where adversaries are ahead with the economy. we must outthink them... they shifted money to set up this community college system. >> bill: thank you. containing the coronavirus. 6 days ago my next guest said that would not be possible. has he changed his mind. i asked for your questions about the virus. we will get you answers in a moment because you asked. >> ♪ >> ♪ va mortgage rates have just dropped to near 50 year lows. veterans can refinance their va loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours
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>> bill: at the moment as we speak president trump holding a meeting on the coronavirus. updates as we get them. 6 people last hour have died already here in the u.s. all of them in the state of washington. my next guest told the atlantic magazine the likely outcome is the coronavirus won't be containable. sir, how are you and welcome to our program. that's quite a statement. that was 6 days ago. you have changed your mind, sir? >> only to become more confident in that statement. all of the projections people are making at this point are uncertain. this is a new virus and we can't say anything about its progression. containment becomes more difficult as more places have it and more people have it. since a week ago there are a number of additional countries that reported cases. the number of cases as gone up.
12:26 pm
>> bill: your forecast could be true if that's the case. what do we think about that? >> we think about what measures we can take as a society and individuals to protect ourselves. we all have an interest in slowing the spread of this virus. >> bill: no doubt. >> individually we have that interest to protect ourselves and as a society, the more we slow it down, fewer people will get it. if you get it it's better to get it a long time from now than now because we will know more about how to treat it. and it will reduce the burden on the healthcare system. >> bill: personal responsibility is a big point. we are getting questions from the audience by the hundreds. here's number 1:
12:27 pm
on twitter, has a vaccine been createed to combat the virus and if so how long until it's available to doctors across the country? i thought the answer was a year. has that changed, sir? >> a candidate experimental vaccine has been created. we don't know if it works yet. the last i heard a year and a half to two years before a vaccine is approved and ready for use if all goes well. >> bill: you and others, we want it faster than that. this person writes: is it safe to fly in the usa? anything we can do on the airplane? you flew over the weekend. what is your answer? >> i did fly over the weekend. at this point because we don't know what the level of infection is in the u.s. because we have not been testing widely, it's hard to give an evidenced base
12:28 pm
answer. i would fly again this weekend. that's a personal choice. >> bill: another one. what is the difference between covid-19 and the flu? this has come up a lot, mark. >> that's a great question. they are both viruss and they are distantly related in the viral world. covid-19 is a coronavirus. influenza is a different group. they both infect the lungs and the spread of covid-19 seems to be pretty -- has many things this common with the spread of the flu. >> bill: one more here: do we need to stock up on food because it's going to affect everyone? how do you answer that, mark?
12:29 pm
>> i think that's one aspect of readiness. get up-to-date on your vaccine because that will keep you out of contact with the healthcare system which is not where you want to be in the middle of a pandemic. if you smoking if you can. you need your lung function to deal with this infection. if you are a worker outside of the home, you should find ways to, especially if you are sick, to not go in. employers should not have the workers come in when they are sick. it's good for the uninfected co-workers and good for business. >> bill: is the media fanning the flames? >> it's really hard to get the right balance. the most important thing is for
12:30 pm
people to try to convert the fear and anxiety that everyone feels into positive action. that helps to relieve the anxiety and helps to slow the virus. protecting one's self and community and loved ones safe set of action. >> bill: thanks for your time and knowledge. 3:30 here on the east coast. michael bloomberg just a day away from his first appearance on the ballots in the 2020 race. his national spokesperson will join me live on his chances. then live in texas. that's a top super tuesday prize. where amy klobuchar is set to endorse joe biden during an appearance there tonight. where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant;
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va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50-year lows. so whether you need to move or store your things, newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. i urge you to call newday usa now. >> ♪ >> i talked to mayor pete and
12:35 pm
amy klobuchar. both talked to beat early in the day and amy a little while ago. i wished them the best. i thought both of them behaved themselves. they represented their country and their states very well. i felt sorry for them. but i am in it to win it. >> bill: the breaking news that coming in quickly. michael bloomberg talking about his big debut tomorrow super tuesday first time on the ballot. the national spokesperson for the bloomberg campaign is here with me. you have your work cut out for you. where do you win on tuesday? >> everything is up for grabs. one winner in iowa pete and new hampshire a tie. and nevada bernie sanders and south carolina biden. it's anyone's game. we are competing everywhere. >> bill: we found this in california. bernie sanders is 34.7%. bloomberg down to 13% on that.
12:36 pm
in the state of texas, he is at 16.7%. and north carolina down around 16%. there you see it on-screen. of those 3, where do you get a winner? >> we have to remember a 3rd of the delegates are on super tuesday and two-thirds more after. that the math gets better for us. we look ahead to florida, michigan and pennsylvania. these are the big battlegrounds. we were in virginia. he was across the country just this past weekend. oklahoma, new york and colorado. >> bill: and michigan bernie sanders has a lead in that state. if you forecast after tomorrow, what is the best chance? is it florida? >> well, tomorrow is our first time on the ballot. we will see what our chances look like after tomorrow. i think you have to remember
12:37 pm
there were a lot of people that started voting had the iowa caucuses. we don't know what anyone's path is. the field is unsettled. until tomorrow night, we won't have results in california until the end of the week in not longer. >> bill: what is your sense about african-american support? so difficult to win a democratic primary without that support. we had that case in alabama when people stood up and turned their backs on michael bloomberg. >> mike was the mayor in new york city. one of the most diverse cities in the country. from all parts of the country. coming to new york. he knows how to be a mayor of a large city. >> bill: you saw the exit polling on saturday. 6 in 10 said they would be dissatisfied with him as their nominee. >> i don't believe that's the polling across the country. i believe that mike has a path
12:38 pm
here. at the end of the day, we are talking about someone who was a former mayor of new york who created over half a million jobs here. took on the nra and big tobacco. they want people to deliver in the white house. i believe the only person that can do that is mike. >> bill: last point. he spent $500 million so far give or take a little. florida is in 15 days. he wants to compete there heavily. could he be at a billion dollars by the 17th of march? >> well, we said we will spend whatever it takes to beat donald trump. we believe we are the best candidate to defeat donald trump. >> bill: that could be a high price tag. thanks for joining us. looking forward to the town hall tonight. check it out with bret baier and martha maccallum. former vice-president joe biden campaigning in texas, the second
12:39 pm
biggest prize in super tuesday. 228 delegates up fore. we expect biden to pick up two big endorsements at a rally in dallas. that's where mike emanuel is. he calls texas his home state. >> bill, 228 delegates at stake. the second largest prize on super tuesday which explains why joe biden is in houston and later today in dallas. making a mitch to voters this texas moments ago. >> [silence]. >> biden was considered the frontrunner in texas before the entrance of michael bloomberg. it's believe that bloomberg entering the race hurt joe biden and helped bernie sanders.
12:40 pm
when biden comes to dallas later today he will be joined by minnesota senator amy klobuchar who is expected to endorse him. she was compaining in utah but called it quits and will travel to dallas. also in dallas tonight mayor pete buttigieg. he dropped out yesterday and is going to endorse biden tonight. a poll released yesterday suggested that bernie sanders has a comfortable lead over joe biden in texas. biden here in dallas tonight. then you have tulsi gabbard down the road in austin, texas campaigning. more than one million texas primary voters already cast their ballots before the rest of the state goes to the polls tomorrow. >> bill: thank you. the board right now. this is a delegates game.
12:41 pm
this is what we have done so far through 4 contests. buttigieg picked up 2 over bernie sanders in iowa. then up to new hampshire. this is how they broke down. buttigieg at 9. and bernie sanders at 9. they picked up a little bit there. we moved out to nevada here. sanders getting separation. 24 delegates in nevada to joe biden's 9 and buttigieg 3. in south carolina over the weekend on saturday, this is how it breaking news now. joe biden 50-50 -- 50-% and bernie sanders 20%. this is where the game will be played. on the national stage here. 1,991 the nomination is yours. how do you do that? that's what we look at tomorrow on super tuesday. this is the marker you need to go. the redline here.
12:42 pm
1,991. this gold sliver is today. sanders at 56 and biden at 48. watch that gold sliver barely move. if we were running a marathon, we are at mile 1. as of tomorrow we will be close to mile 13 of a 26.2 mile race. that's how much is at stake on super tuesday. 38% of the total of 1991 delegates needed for that -- nomination. u.s. troops pulling out of afghanistan. the new peace deal with the taliban hitting a snag. we will tell you about that. and talk to ari fleischer, president bush's press secretary during the run up to the wars in afghanistan and iraq. n that does the same. the new rx. crafted by lexus. lease the 2020 rx 350 for $419 a month for 36 months.
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experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> ♪ >> bill: defense secretary says some american troops will pull out of afghanistan in the text tone days. -- in the next 10 days. the president of afghanistan refusing to release thousands of prinkers. -- prisoners. we will talk to ari fleischer who was president bush's sect in the run up to the wars in afghanistan and iraq. but greg in kabul. >> the last 48 hours, the taliban deal hit a few snags. after a 7 day partial truce, they are resuming offensive operations not against the united states but against the afghans maybe because the afghan government is refusing to release taliban prisons. the u.s. agreed to go down to
12:48 pm
zero on troops and nato troops in the next 14 months but only in the taliban abides by the deal's condition. we have seen a u.s. afghan statement saying the government will look at the feasibility of releasing prisoners but not giving a time frame or a number. a lot of variable on the ground. >> bill: thanks. we bring in ari fleischer. good day to you. it's not easy. it's tricky. but it's all been 18 years. what do you think? >> i think every single american wants to bring our troops home. people are tired of it. here's the catch: how do you bring them home is everything is about to unravel? how does america honor its promises to the people we left behind? the thing about ceasefire it never exists between 2 sets of
12:49 pm
armies that trust each other. they exist among hostile fires fighting with each other. that's why they are always a mess. >> bill: cheney put out a scathing statement about this deal. i will read it for our viewers if they missed it. what do you think of the points she is making? some are significant. >> yes, that's tough stuff. it's reflective of a point of view that america can't leave everywhere around the world. the american people lost patience. they are not there and when there are american casualties we want to bring our troops home.
12:50 pm
when is enough, enough? that's an uneasy thing to settlement the good things about this agreement it lasts a while. it's not set where we cut and run and come home. the taliban have to behave. if they do we reduce forces. it takes time. >> bill: on the coronavirus. you make a living on communication. how are they doing at the moment? you have the briefing on saturday. the vice-president will be out in an hour and 10 minutes again in the same briefing room. how are they doing? >> i went through the mess with the anthrax attacks. what strikes me is how nasty, mean and partisan it is compareed to 2001. when there is a scare people
12:51 pm
should stop the partisanship. let the doctors and the people from the national institutes for health take questions every day. the politicians, don't sugar coat anything and let the scientists speak. >> bill: i don't know if the investors speak to you at all. i am looking at a dow up more than 1,000 points on this monday. back above 26,500. what are they seeing they didn't see last friday? >> i think they saw a bottom of a market. this has more to do with financial reasons. people said we over-sold. buying back in. there are bargains than anything with the trump administration day-by-day. this is financially driven. i don't think it's confidence in the virus handling or lack
12:52 pm
thereov. >> bill: ari fleischer with us. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you. >> bill: these cases of coronavirus on the rise. the dow on the rebound after a really tough week last week. man, look at that. up 4.5%. one of the world's most famous museums closing its doors. an update on that and more when we continue in a moment. >> ♪ veterans. with mortgage rates near record lows, newday's proud to announce their fastest and easiest refi ever. one call can save you $2000 a year. @hx0 you spend less and get way more., so you can bring your vision to lif. for small prices, you can build big dreams. spend less. get way more. shop everything home at wayfair toda.
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>> bill: new york's plastic bag ban is now in effect. the state's democratic governor says giving up the single-use bags is a minor inconvenience. some store owners and a plastic bag maker are suing. the ban won't be enforced until april 1. a live look at the markets. u.s. markets closing five
12:57 pm
minutes and some companies and businesses, they're already cancelling events. up almost 1,200 points. from paris, the louvre closed for a second day in a row. susan li is here with more on this. watching it go up and down. >> yeah, a 1,000 point rally. the louvre closed a second straight day. that's because employees actually have a right to not go to work if they feel there's serious threats to their health. france is banning any gatherings of over 5,000 and discouraged the double kissing the greeting in france. >> bill: can't do that either. in church, nobody is shaking hands either for peace. march madness, the ncaa basketball tournament. are there plans for that? >> can you imagine march madness without crowds? the ncaa is pressured to play the games without and audience, which wouldn't be the sa
12:58 pm
the ncaa has not responded to that yet. we have the brackets coming out march 15. the first game is -- >> bill: big money on the line. they're playing soccer games. >> you wonder how much other losing because of that. and there's the mobile world congress. usually attracts 100,000 in barcelo barcelona. it was cancelled because of the coronavirus. a lot of people were traveling because of the ongoing spread of this disease. facebook had to cancel their developers conference. they attract about 5,000 each year. the big game conference, 29,000 makes it to this event. they postpone it. haven't given a new date. >> bill: in l.a. or las vegas? >> near san jose. >> bill: so you have the olympics in july. >> right.
12:59 pm
>> bill: it's in japan. is there a chance they hold the games and just allow the athletes to compete and everybody else -- >> there's talk about that right now. it would be disappointing if it was cancelled. there's been pressure from the athletes side and also the japanese government have been rethinking whether or not to hold this for everyone's sake. right now in terms of travel, a lot of companies are not allowing anybody to do nonessential travel. >> bill: what makes sense, we'll see more of that. >> i think so. especially when you have amazon saying you don't have to travel in the u.s. you heard google say don't travel to china, iran, italy. amazon says they're going to limit travel in the u.s. borders, a big deal. >> bill: thanks, susan. tomorrow former presidential candidate bill de blasio is my guest. he's a big supporter of bernie sanders. i have a number of questions for him. join us for that this afternoon on tuesday. we're here monday to friday.
1:00 pm
3:00 eastern. set your dvr and never miss a show. meantime, good news out there. if you were sweating this market, breathe easy today. here's neil. see you tomorrow. >> neil: if there's anyway you'd think a market would react to growing cases of the coronavirus because of the corner of wall and broad, we saw heady advances of the dow, the s&p and nasdaq. the biggest point advances we've seen ever. what to make of a market that is coming back in the face of a virus that is not letting up. we begin with jackie deangelis. hi, jackie. >> good afternoon, neil. the markets are doing what wall street hoped for friday. they paused over the weekend. people regrouping, taking it in. and just looking at this market. the dow, the s&p 500, the nasdaq, all


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