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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 2, 2020 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> white house officials wrapping up the press conference on the coronavirus. if be back here tomorrow and a to "special report" is up next and stay tuned for a michael bloomberg town hall. ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier, from july, from to virginia, 30 minutes we will have a special fox news town hall with presidential candidate mike bloomberg. if there are several major topics likely to come up at the event and they are our top stories. if there's a major shake-up going on in the presidential race as moderates and centrists consolidate and the apparent attempt to stop front runner, bernie sanders beta amy klobuchr is out. if the rancor support behind joe biden. pete buttigieg dropped out last night lining up tonight with the former vice president. details on all of that and pressed up tonight, the
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coronavirus, former people have died. that brings the total in the u.s. to six. vice president pence taking questions about the virus and follow that on and we've been monitoring for news and president trump meantime says he's considering new travel restrictions and pushing drug companies to come up with a vaccine quickly. last week stock market leaned of the virus fears and mitigating a big in today, all three major exchanges exploded for the biggest single day point again ever. if on the hopes of an interest rate cut by the federal reserve, the dell finishing ahead 1294 sp 500 was up and nasdaq 385. the president will address the rally at the top of the hour. of correspondent kristin fisher is a at the white house tonight with the latest in good evening, kristen. >> good evening, bret, vice president pens taking questions right now in the
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briefing room and they said that despite some very sad news today, six americans have died from the kronos virus while in washington state. he says the overall risk to everyday americans remains relatively low. as for president trump, he just finished meeting with executive from top pharmaceutical companies and he's pushing them to get this vaccine produced and out as fast as possible. >> we will confront the challenge together and we will continue to do exactly what we are doing. we are going to be very successful. >> at the white house, and the world, they race to develop the vaccine for the coronavirus and today, they death toll jumped in the u.s. to six. all of them in washington state. health officials believe the virus has likely been circulating in the greater seattle area undetected for weeks.
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>> we expect the number to increase in the coming days and weeks. we are taking the situation extremely seriously. >> the risk for all of us becomg infected will be increasing. if speak of the coronavirus confirmed in at least ten states including new york. for the health care worker who returned from iran, tested positive and governor andrew cuomo said it's only a matter of time before the virus appeared in the nation's largest city and now urgent that all new yorkers to simply go about their lives. >> i guess the emotion i understand it, understand the anxiety. if i'm a native-born new yorker, we live with anxiety. but, the facts don't back it up. >> the coronavirus is now present on every continent except antarctica. if it's infected nearly 90,000 people and killed more than 3,0. including a top advisor to
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around supreme leader. over the weekend, president trump announced new travel bands. from entering the united states. he also increased the travel advisory for italy and south korea to level four, the highest level and now advising americans to avoid travel to specific regions in the country. today, president trump said he's considering even more travel restrictions from more countries. >> where at certain countries where they have more of a breakout. of >> president trump announced that he's going to be visiting the national institutes of health tomorrow and he's going e visiting the cdc in atlanta and at some point before the end of the week. but first he has another big rally tonight in north carolina in one of the super tuesday states, bret, the virus, it does not stop super tuesday. bret. >> bret: that's for sure, kristin fisher live on the north line and kristen, thank you, the market soared today and
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fox business has at a local from new york. good evening. >> good evening, bret, investors right now are vetting central banks around the globe including here in the united states stabilizing markets from cutting interest rates and when he interest rates, it encourages people to spend and that helps company profits. as you mentioned, s&p 500, nasdaq, all higher and many are worried about the spread of the coronavirus breed of shoppers flock to to costco and walmart over the weekend stockpiling everything from ten beans to toilet paper. you can see the shares higher over 7% than walmart and walmart announced it would launch its own amazon prime kind of membership. not everyone was a winner today, shares of lake linda plummeted and both companies. they urged people on twitter to
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"stop buying masks because they're not effective in preventing the public from catching the coronavirus." right now, investors don't know what the economic impact of the virus will be but today, you can see markets roar back. bret. >> bret: christina, thank you, other top story tonight, major movements in the democratic presidential field beta i was away from tuesday voting in mayor pete buttigieg and klobuchar out. if vice president biden say he's all in. correspondent peter is here to talk all about it. >> democratics desperate to deny bernie sanders the nomination are getting out of the way and amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg dropped out. >> are you trying to say that i'm dumb? >> they will reunite at the rally to endorse joe biden. >> we have to move and choose a
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path forward to friday and may be sooner than what people anticipate beta >> buttigieg goes back home after a month winning in iowa. >> i will do everything in my power to ensure that we have a new democratic president. >> the question becomes who is next? >> i talked to mayor pete and klobuchar and they represented their country and their states very well. i felt sorry for them, but i minute to win it. >> south carolina, the judge that he had a upperhand of my super tuesday, we could be on a irreversible trajectory to nominating senator sanders unless we come together around the alternative beta i'm offering to be the alternative. if an doesn't care, he just wants buttigieg backers behind him. >> i just want to welcome all his supporters into our movement. >> he never mentioned klobuchar or buttigieg. >> we are going to defeat trump because while trump is trying to
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divide our people up, we are going to bring our people together. >> don't do expect to drive out for is lo elizabeth warren latey as the grassroots campaign is built to compete in every state and territory and ultimately prevail at the national convention in milwaukee. buttons trying to make a compelling case before >> we can win big or lose big. most americans don't want to promise a revolution, they want to guarantee of results. >> there's one big untested wild card tomorrow though, it's bloomberg. >> i won the free election so far and i don't plan to start losing now. >> bloomberg has not competed on the presidential primary day yet, but he has been on ballots that people have been turning in early for weeks. if tomorrow, we will finally find out what half a billion dollars worth of ads gets you. bret.
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>> bret: peter, thank you. government agencies are warning of interference and super tuesday voting and a rare joint statement by the fbi, homeland security, and others size foreign sources are spreading false information and propaganda about political processes and also candidates on social media. in hopes of causing confusion and creating doubt in the syst system. federal judge ordering hillary clinton to sit for a sworn deposition to answer questions about her use of a private email server to conduct government business. the judge granted the request from conservative watchdog group and clicked it has argued that she's already answered questions about this and should not have o so again. the judge says clinton's early respondents were either "incomplete, unhelpful, or cursory at best." the u.s. supreme court once again will decide the fate of obamacare. justices agreed to take the case to date involving the challenge of the health care plan
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legality. correspondent david spahn has the details tonight. >> ten years to the month after it became a law, efforts by the trump administration to get rid of the key funding mechanism leave the entire affordable care act in jeopardy. if the supreme court agreed to hear a lawsuit by texas and other states questioning the constitutionality of the individual mandate. part of the aca requiring americans to buy health insurance or pay a price. >> it could be a huge deal, for ten years the health care system which is a fit of the economy has been completely wrapped up in the affordable care act. you can just push a button and unwind the clog ten years. >> this would be the third time the aca is before the courts. the justices twice decided the individual mandate penalty fell under taxation power. >> congratulation. >> when president trump came to the white house, he and republican allies in congress got rid of the requirements.
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>> we killed the individual mandate which is the most unbelievable, horrible -- >> coalition of winning states and democrats in the house of representatives want to keep current protections like medicaid expansion and coverage of pre-existing conditions in place. house speaker nancy pelosi said in a statement today, the sooner the g.o.p.'s dangerous anti-health care lawsuit is ended, is better. if every day care act provides life-saving protections and coverages for families across america. the court agreed to hear the case next term which means likely later this fall the date before the election and the decision is expected next year. until this is fully litigated, the 20 million americans now covered on the aca will not lose their insurance. bret. >> bret: david, thank you come out looking live now, charlotte, north carolina, air force one just landing as a reference before, kristin fisher saying that the president will have a rally there as he has in other
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states before democratic voting and iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina will be hearing you updates on that as we get it. former g.o.p. has died. welch transformed the company from the maker of lights bulbs to industrial and finances powerhouse. in 1999, "fortune" magazine named him the manager of the century beta president trump tweeted a condolences calling him a friend and supportive free the actors studio, also died, he died of cancer earlier today and the manhattan home and he hosted nearly 300 actors including many oscar winners during the show's run. jack welch was 84, james lipton, 93. (whistling)
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♪ >> bret: overseas israelis voted today the unprecedented the third election and less than a year. of deciding whether prime minister stays in power. despite the upcoming trial on corruption charges. he has been a prime minister and a divided country has weathered to inconclusive votes beta exit polls tonight indicate that he holds an edge over rival but so far has not clinched parliamentary majority. defensive said he might be withdrawing troops from afghanistan's and it comes to days after the two sides signed a historic peace deal that supposed to pave the wa way to d america's longest war. if it did not take long for the problem to emerge. senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest tonight. >> it was peaceful today that
3:17 pm
there's already trouble in the u.s. television peace deal. the seven-day partial truth, tela been down says it's resuming offensive operations, not against the u.s., but afghan forces. of the afghan government rejected the deals call releasing a 5,000 taliban prisoners beta they said they want to start new talks until t. for my tela beneficial take. >> it would take way to be a great in the agreement and would be divided for that upon these extensions. >> including the release of the prisoners. >> only if the taliban abided by the deals conditions and the commander of the u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan to general austin scott miller saves he will be watching. >> we have the names and the capabilities to monitor and verify. the agreement stipulates clear
3:18 pm
commitments. >> u.s. and afghan governments now say a look at the feasibility of releasing prisoners but given the time frame or number. he's playing fair but tough. >> it runs on the sense of deep tolerance and forgiveness and ability to end the conflict. if they join us, we will be delighted beta if not, well. we will see. >> leadership and the diplomacy, and in his words, disrupting a disruptive status quo. bret. >> bret: in afghanistan, greg, thank you beta spoke with secretary of state mike pompeo earlier today about the peace agreements and the afghans preso release taliban prisoners and starting asking if it happened if it could avoid the new deal. >> there's a long series of discussions that been taken place over months and months and
3:19 pm
it should not surprise anyone as it happens that the days break and it will be a bumpy road to going forward if you look at the agreement. provision about the exchange of prisoners and it talks about the discussions of the relevant parties going forward. if we have a team on the ground as were sitting here now. working to deliver not only on the elements, that's an important confidence building measure. but delivering on the larger task which is to keep the levels of violence down and getting the teams posted. the first time in 20 years, something that the previous two administrations could not achieve. if a commitment to break with al qaeda, it can vent to sit doh the other side has not been done before. that snaps that the end next call we are determined to get there. >> they spoke with the taliban and the resuming the operations against the afghan government and the forces and not u.s. troops. that's what they said in response to the president. about the taliban prisoner issue beta how's that going to work?
3:20 pm
>> just watch what really happens. pay less attention to statements, pay less attention to things that people say. watch what happens on the ground and there's been a lot of work done. detailed levels about how this will proceed in so far, so good, we are just hours into it. i'm sure we will have days when we start to say that the problems are here, but where determined and it's our mission. to protect america from the threat of terrorism from afghanistan to reduce the cost. i want to see fewer americans having to make the third, fourth, fifth trip there. fewer americans than ever have the chance to be at their loved ones and that's the mission and what the agreement is aiming to achieve greater >> bret: president as a candidate was very critical of president obamd about it a lot. we were sending a timeline. for the withdrawal of u.s. troops.
3:21 pm
>> what we have done is fundamentally different from whawhat the obama administration did we compass what they try to do but could not. they never got the tela been to break with al qaeda and if you g conditions and the violence level comes down and if the security posture for the united states of america is reduced, then and only then, will we begin to deliver a footprint inside. you can see the deal its public, you can see the two classified implementation military efforts of those but it's out there for the world to see and the confidence that over time, we will get to another place. >> bret>> the most and prevaricn that needs to be taken place, not just taliban a breaking ties with al qaeda but all terrorist groups. in our discussion, that's going to be one of the most
3:22 pm
fundamental issues. this requires verification and reassurances. as you know, the taliban has a long history with al qaeda detailed in the net 9/11 commission reports on this weekend, the nation on cbs, you said it was a strict cut and you said the taliban would now work against al qaeda and they made a break. al qaeda is mentioned twice in the passages in the reports in the language. it says it will not allow any or other individuals and groups including al qaeda to use on the soil of afghanistan to compromise the security of the united states or its allies. the announcing of al qaeda? >> when you're saying you're not quick to let them operate, they've done it for 20 years, they're not good to let them operate anymore and that's a central provision and that's one in 20 years, i know, it's what they are trying to get exactly that language. we got it. what's more important than the language, bret, the execution
3:23 pm
and the verification matters and we will have the ability to see what they are doing and really living up to the commitment and the expectation. i met with them myself when i was there and i look them in the eye, they revalidated the commitment. now, they have to execute and we will be able to see some of the world will be able to see, if they truly live up to the obligation. it's important, that's the reason we went there, bret, you know that. i think about 9/11, you can feel the emotion of the day and i know all americans can. we went there to defeat al qaeda, we crush them. we put real cost on the taliban over the past month and that's why they came to the table and having the discussion and why am hopeful that all parties in afghanistan will take seriously the commitment to try to reach the political resolution that's the only path forward for the afghans. >> bret: would you say to skeptical americans that say this head of the election and ts about living up to an election promise and not really
3:24 pm
about the specifics in the deal on the ground? >> they are wrong. besides, promises better, they're trying to live up to all the commitments that we make. it's a good thing the president made the commitment and a good thing we are on the pad. if that's not why it took place, it took us longer than we had wished to reach the place and these were hard for negotiations. the taliban expressed interest in having the no-go she haitians and president trump gave the department the authority to go after them. we now have a timeline and expense past the election and its conditions faced. we have the obligation to get this right for the american people and we got to keep america safe from attacking and then afghanistan and get the footprint right so we have the resources and capability to what we should do. we took all down all these peope in the president has a clear record and keeping america safe and determined to continue to do
3:25 pm
that everywhere including afghanistan. >> bret: john bolton, former national security advisor calling this a obama-style deal. he also tweeted out north korea in true form resumes ballistic missile testing yet again filing u.n. security council resolutions and u.s. policies filing the reality that north korea will never voluntarily stop pursuing denuclearization. >> they made a real command to try to find a path forward and almost two years ago they made a command to denuclearize and were trying to achieve that in the path forward for koreans is very clear. we are hoping they will choose it and using every diplomatic will that we have. >> bret: must think i'm a coronavirus, are you considering moving staff and a place beside china out of a spreading coronavirus environment? italy, europe, other places. >> good question, bret, they are running the element and we are working with them to make sure
3:26 pm
we get it right and we want to keep sure that our team is safe not only the tip of other people that fall under the state department in countries around the world and we want to make sure that we keep our soldiers and airmen safe as we well. the complicated decision-making process and constantly evaluating both the right number of people to have and where we can have them. >> bret: secretary, appreciate the time. >> thank, bret. >> bret: coming up next, we will host the town hall with a presidential candidate mike bloomberg here in virginia. up tomorrow, special coverage of super tuesday starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern and life results of race calls all evening long and then on thursday, we have another town hall and this time president trump and his first of the 2020 campaign season and that will start at 6:30 p.m. eastern after the abbreviated "special report" in pennsylvania. they give for inviting us into your home and that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. our town hall with mayor mike bloomberg begins after a short
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speak of the former three term new york city mayor says that he's the only one with the job training to run the country. >> the only candidates capable of defeating president trump data >> i know how to play against donald trump, i know how to beat him. speak about first, he is to beat the fellow moderates and not to mention, the growing movement bd bernie sanders. >> anybody in the room imagine moderate