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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 8, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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quarantined patient collapses. in the middle east dozen more reported in iran and bethlehem in coronavirus lockdown. trey. >> arthel, good afternoon, as the global number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, countries outside the u.s. are arthel: new travel precautions and protocols announced as the taking extreme measures to ensure safety of civilians. number of coronavirus cases the west bank town of bethlehem keeps rising in the united states u. the u.s. death toll is locked down after 19 cases were confirmed there. now at least 19 with over 400 the closure affecting a group of people confirmed to have the 13 american tourist who is are being told to self-quarantine in virus in at least 25 states. a nearby hotel. hello, everyone, welcome to that hotel is guarded by america's news headquarters i'm security forces. arthel neville. there's extensive coordination eric: hello, thank you for joining us on this sunday, i'm between the israelis and eric sean. several airlines have suspended palestinians on this issue as travel to china, that's where new checkpoints are being implemented an mosques are being the coronavirus outbreak began closed. in december that after american the death toll from coronavirus airlines and delta, well, they is nearing 20. stopped fly to go milan, italy -- 200. authorities confirm more than where there have been cases. 6,000 positive cases. americans traveling back to and in china millions remain
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china they have been rerouted under quarantine. yesterday as you mentioned a for screening. chinese hotel that was housing vice president mike pence has people under observation announced new screening and collapsed, that incident killed at least 10 people as rescuers quarantine protocols for cruise ship passengers. continued through search for the earlier on fox news sunday we rubble for other survivors. got this from anthony fauci, in israel 25 confirmed cases of coronavirus as israeli allergy and infectious diseases. government has implemented a >> right now i'm telling the american people based on self-quarantine for more than a hundred thousand people, there's everything that's agreed upon in also a political battle raging the task force that if you are on between israeli prime an individual who has an minister netanyahu and health underlying condition particularly an elderly person ministry as to whether or not israel should add more countries with underlying condition, right to that list of mandatory now not wait, you should start self-imposed quarantine. to distance yourself from the arthel. arthel: trey yngst, thank you. eric. risk, crowds, getting on a eric: former vice president and plane, long plane trip and don't bernie sanders pick up major get on a cruise ship. arthel: we have fox news team endorsements today. coming up who is backing which one as they prepare for tuesday. coverage on the u.s. and on the globe and we begin with kristina you know, it could be defining contest of finishing bernie off, coleman. >> hi, arthel, california, new york and the state of washington remain the hardest hit states in
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briefed with cruise lines executives and port directors in florida yesterday on additional measures that should be taken on cruise lines to ensure safety during this rapid worldwide spread of this deadly virus and florida right now over 3500 passengers and crew remain a board a regal princess cruise ship 20 miles off the coast of miami, they are waiting tests for coronavirus on two members that was transferred from princess coast ship. with our moving and storage solutions. pack what you want, we store it for as long as you want. then, we deliver it where you want, so whether you need to move or store your things, pods is here to help you with flexible moving and storage solutions. so whether you need to move or store your things, this as an attendee at the cpac ♪ convention where both the new fixodent ultra dual power president and the vice president spoke last week have tested provides you with an unbeatable hold positive for covid-19 and and strong seal against food infiltrations. fixodent. and forget it.
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currently receiving treatment in new jersey. arthel: thank you very much for this new samsung galaxy on verizon's 5g network is a big upgrade. updates. eric: relief for cruise ships this is ultra. the new samsung galaxy that are stuck on grand s20 ultra 5g powered by verizon 5g ultra wideband. princess. the ship sitting off in san francisco in the pacific where some of the fellow passengers 5g ultra wideband is so much faster than even my home internet. and crew members having tested with ultra-fast speeds. positive for the vie -- virus. in the gaming world, if you lag you're done. with verizon 5g ultra wideband, i don't worry about lag. the giant ship has found a place to dock. now, buy one of our newest samsung galaxy 5g phones, oakland port has agreed to take the vessel in. and get an s20+ on us. it was stuck at 3 waiting for you can download a movie that normally takes officials to find a port but the 20 minutes in, like, 20 seconds. passengers, the big question now is will they have to be quarantined for 14 days once they disembark. dan springer in seattle has the very latest on that. hey there. >> the west coast continues to be ahead of the country in terms of cases and measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. much of the focus has been on the grand princess cruise ship. we know that the plan for the 3500 people on board. the ship will dock and open monday.
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the 21 people tested positive will go to hospitals. california residents will take to travis air force base or miramar. the rest of the passenger wills go to military base in texas or georgia for those two weeks and the crew will then go back out to sea and be quarantined for the same period. the trump administration has taken criticism for not getting passengers off the ship sooner but officials insist they are making it happen as soon as possible. >> i recommended to get people off the ship. we don't want to see repeat that we saw at diamond princess. i feel strongly of getting them off there and getting them under appropriate quarantine and/or care for those who are sick. >> news better for passengers on a cruise ship. arthel: will do everything in her power to help him win. late last night test came back
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>> i believe in joe and i really negative. passenger who is want to believe in him and i have known disembark will do so tonight and him for a long time. those who want to continue trip one of the things that we need right now is is we need a leader to méxico, can stay on. who does care about the people and who can therefore unify the nearly all of the cases from people and i believe joe can do nursing home in washington and that. now stronger measures to take arthel: ellison barber live outside mississippi where the from keeping people from big former vp is set to hold a rally later this afternoon. gathers. hey, ellison. >> hey, arthel. several other universities yeah, former vice president joe followed suit, we spoke with one biden adding more names to that student who agrees with the list of fairly sizable list of cautious approach. >> i haven't met anybody. rivals turned endorsers, senator i'm personally playing it safe kamala harris as well as former and making sure i'm keeping myself in god situations. massachusetts duval patrick >> we have seen a couple of saying biden is the person to school districts saying they are unit the democratic party and teaching from the classroom, take back the white house. they are doing their part to harris' most memorable debate slow the virus and keep students moment was calling biden out and criticizing record on school and older teachers safe. busing and past relationships arthel: meanwhile president with segregationists. trump says he's not too worried 6 states vote on tuesday, biden
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about the cpac attendee testing is leading in delegate count but positive for the coronavirus. the president spoke at the president trump is at his heels conservative conference 2 weeks ago. meanwhile he's spending the weekend in florida where he will with two rallies yesterday in missouri. attend a lunchtime fundraiser, what a difference a week made let's go to kevin corke. for his campaign. he did not spend a lot of time kevin live from west palm beach attacking chief rival but he did close to the president's criticize, quote, negative mar-a-lago estate. attacks. >> the nominee will bring this kevin. >> good to be with you, arthel. party together, run a concerns continue to grow over progressive positive campaign the spread of the coronavirus and turn, turn this primary from but from the white house's a campaign that's about negative perspective this is a fight that the country is well prepared attacks. we are building a coalition, we for. are building a coalition that you heard christina allude to. most presidents in our lifetime obviously the president and vice barack obama had started. president were both there, but there's still been no evidence >> he thinks that the momentum that either was exposed to that is moving in his direction and he can beat biden in michigan and draw contrast between virus. >> i can verify that he had no himself and the former vice president. >> now that it is a two-way race contact with either the president or the vice president and i can tell you when the it is important for the voters president was on site at cpac, of this country to ask he -- he lives by what he tells themselves two questions, number
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1, which candidate is stronger us because i saw him scrub down his hands and clean his hands in terms of being able to defeat trump and number 2, what are the more than once while on the premises. differences in record? i did the same by the way. sometimes joe is taking credit as vice president for initiative there's hand sanitizer stations that is were led by president obama and by many members of the everywhere. >> matt schlapp right there. the president in florida monitoring the crisis. congress. >> and sanders announced fundraiser as well. last night you probably heard he significant endorsement of his own from reverend jesse jackson, had a working din we are the president of brazil, asked about arthel. if he was concerned of the arthel: eric. spread of the virus. eric: a big day in just 48 hours the president said no, not at from now, 6 states on the line. all. he was asked that it was in the democratic strategist former bill clinton adviser and recent nation's capitol. dozens of states impact by the mike bloomberg pollster, doug virus. even now the district of colombia. tomorrow the house will set up jones. we just heard bernie sanders predicting he will win michigan, special infrastructure to perhaps create a circumstance will that happen and be last where they can telework because stand? >> i think it's more likely, eric, to be last stand. the polls in michigan show clear folks on capitol hill are lead for joe biden and the other dealing with, we will keep an 3 states for which we have eye on it, for now back to you.
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polling, again, from a narrow to eric: the outbreak hitting the more substantial lead for joe biden and if bernie loses 6 of 6 military, suspending travel to which is possible, i think it'll and from south korea which has be pretty clear the handwriting is on the wall for him. been hot spite -- spot for the eric: what does he do then? vie pus. the suspension through at least >> it's interesting. i think he's going to keep may sixth. mark meredith live in fighting. many politicians if they didn't washington's news room with more on our armed forces, hey, mark. see a clear path to nomination >> within the next hour we might drop out. expect to learn more information i think bernie keeps going. about a u.s. marine who tested he's pledged he would back biden positiver for the coronavirus. we first heard about the case but the real question is, one last night through pentagon how fervently and number 2, would the so-called bernie bros, spokesperson. marine is being will they back biden or protest when they get to milwaukee. eric: that's a great point. treated 20 miles southwest of washington, d.c. the pentagon said that he you have the bernie bros, the radical supporters of bernie returned from overseas and the marine's family is under 14-day sanders. >> sure. eric: they hate billionaires and quarantine. we are told the white house has what joe biden stands for and been briefed on the latest case. constantly attacked and sanders secretary of defense mark esper has been blamed in many for told reporters that they are
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still evaluating what the spread of the virus means for the causing hillary clinton military so far pentagon identified 3 service members presidency. >> yeah. hillary didn't get the turnout worldwide, virginia case and one among younger people and african in italy and south korea and americans that barack obama had officials say they are preparing for even more cases. gotten 4 years before. bernie himself has had enthusiasm gap but if the democrats are to give a real >> we have implemented response fight to donald trump, they need plans and every installation, the party to fully coalesce and emergency preparedness and going as far as worst case scenarios anything less, eric than on bed expansion plans. complete unity will play into the hands of the incumbent we are taking a holistic president. eric: here is bernie sanders saying that he would endorse and approach as an army. back joe biden, maybe no matter what -- >> we learned u.s. army is >> but there are real differences between us and suspending travel for soldiers that's what democracy is about. and families to and from south korea. i helped lead the opposition to rules remain in effect through early may. the war in iraq, joe biden voted eric: we must protect those in for the war in iraq. harm's way any way we can, joe biden was on the floor of arthel. arthel: the number of global coronavirus cases have now the senate time and time again surpassed 100,000 according to g talking about the need to cut social security.
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eric: he's revved up the radicals in his party. how do you score that and saying now you support joe biden when she's been smashing the guy throughout the campaign? >> you raise the war in iraq, cutting social security, you take other issues like working across the aisle with conservative republicans. the bernie bros, the radical that is you were talking about, they don't respond at all to this and to the extent that bernie keeps talking about it which i predict he will all the way up through june, it will further exacerbate the differences and divisions in the democratic party. eric: what's motivating him? why does he keep on doing that? i think the difference between bernie and most politicians, he's motivated mostly by the cause, the ideology, and his goals rather than practical politics. he's 78, eric, and i think this is probably his last shot and if he goes out he's going to go out
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with passion for his ideas. eric: even if the cost of his principles are the cost of grander principles perhaps losing an election for a democratic candidate because he doesn't support them completely? >> i don't see him as a practical man the way that i'd like to think myself is and many other democrats. i think he believes the cause is more important than party unity or victory and we will see in november if what you hypothesize could well happen again. eric: speaking of november whoever get the nomination will face president trump and here is what the president said during the fox news town hall we had an thursday, a little bit about both of the candidates. >> i was all set for bernie because i thought it was going to happen. you know, we get ready for things, right? so mentally i'm all set for bernie, communist, i had everything down. [laughter] >> i was all set and then we have this crazy thing that
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happened on tuesday which he thought was thursday. [laughter] [applause] >> but he also said 150 million people were killed with guns and he was run if for united states senate, support me, i'm running for the united states -- there's something going on there. eric: wow, what a race it's going to be. suddenly gets those jabs on joe biden. >> yeah, the real question is if joe biden is the nominee, will he have the strength, the discipline and the focus to go the distance. trump is betting he won't. eric: good to see you. tuesday is coming up and we will be talking a lot more. arthel: thank you. up next is more -- if there's measure one strength of the virus and if so is one more dangerous. we will ask next breast cancer on my birthday.
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♪ ♪ >> with at least 21 people so far testing positive for coronavirus on that cruise ship off san francisco, vice president mike pence saying the u.s. will take, quote, decisive action with crew members on the vessel and announcing new screening and quarantine protocols to take effect in the next 72 hours for cruise, passengers entering the u.s. we will go to amy kellogg in italy where millions are now under quarantine but first our fox news coverage continues with garrett tenney live in washington, garrett. >> working to come up with new standards for screening, testing and evacuating passengers on ships impacted by the coronavirus. this comes after several high-profile outbreaks on board cruise ships including the grand princess which has been held off the coast of california since thursday after 19 crew members and two members tested positive.
9:19 am
the cruise line will now be able to dock at the port of oakland on monday and all 3500 passengers will be tested in quarantined at government facilities. vice president mike pence said there's now a second cruise ship off the coast of california that's being monitored as well and while most americans are not at great risk if they contract the virus, he emphasized that others such as the elderly may want to reconsider their vacation plans. >> if you have a member or are you yourself a senior citizen with a serious underlying health condition, this would be a good time to practice common sense and to avoid activities including traveling on a cruise line that might unnecessarily expose to coronavirus. >> new york governor andrew cuomo was down playing the threat that coronavirus to most
9:20 am
americans and declaring state of emergency when the number of cases jumped to 89. he told maria bartiromo this morning he expects that number will increase. >> yes, we are testing aggressively, yes, you will see the number of people test positive going up, yes, a large number of people will be infected is my guess by the end of the day, but remember what we are really trying to do here is avoid the massive disruption of closing everything down for 2 weeks the way china did and the way italy is doing. >> this afternoon vice president pence will lead another coronavirus task force meeting as the white house continues to see what they can do to control outbreak, arthel. arthel: eric. eric: italy is putting 16 million people now under coronavirus quarantine, that in the country's north, that takes
9:21 am
the hardest hit of the outbreak in europe. it effectively locks down a quarter of the whole nation's population. amy kellogg live in florence. she has been to milan which has been one of the centers of the outbreak, amy. >> eric, the measures taken were extremely drastic, draconian many people are saying that italy did like china by locking large portion of the population but they really felt they had no other choice after the cases doubled last week pushing well above the 5,000 mark and most of those cases are in the north. 14 regions in addition to milan area have been locked down and this will go on until at least april 3rd. there was a lot of confusion and chaos and a bit of panic this morning of people struggled to make sense of these new regulations, what it means for them and basically how long it
9:22 am
really will last. it is a loose quarantine at this point. people are not going to be able to attend funerals, are in the able to attend church. there will not be any weddings, schools, gyms, theaters, cinemas will remain close. people started to head to the south and great numbers when they caught wind that the measures will be put in place. here was the prime minister this morning explaining the decision about the quarantine. >> we must think of protecting the health of our beloved ones, the health of our parents but mainly grandparents. >> the pope did not give his angellist prayer from window. usually so many are drawn to st. peters square, rome has not been hitter by hard by the
9:23 am
coronavirus but concern all across the country obviously about the further spread. debate here and divided opinion about whether or not measures were justified, but the world health organization did come down on italy's side saying that the move was very courageous and that world health stands in solidarity with italy as they have put the spread of the virus and the health of the population and the greater world over the economic considerations in this country which is constantly teetering on the edge of recession, we -- eric. eric: authorities taking it very seriously as we can see the seriousness of the outbreak, amy, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric, thank you, amid coronavirus outbreak questions of when we can see possible vaccine and whether there are multiple strains of covid-19. joining me now steven morris. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. arthel: i want to talk about the passengers in oakland but i will
9:24 am
start with this question about are there multiple strains of corona vie -- of of the coronavirus and is one more dangerous than the other? >> relative of sars from 2003. main difference is that it spreads from person to person much more like the flu, but coronavirus are big family of viruses. there have been publications suggesting that there are 2 different strains circulating now. i'm not convinced. i just think that we need more evidence because there are a lot of speculations right now and many of them are not necessarily very solid. arthel: then on that note, what's the difference between the coronavirus and the flu and is one more dangerous than the other? >> well, they belong to different families of viruses. the flu is one we are all familiar with but, of course, the 1918 flu was the greatest natural disaster in history. it was unique. it killed 50, maybe 100 million
9:25 am
people during the period of world war i but it was unique in history. we worry about flu pandemics with new varieties of flu because of that, but nothing has ever been like that. the coronavirus are a different family, different physically although they are also large family of viruses. some of them do circulate but respiratory route but sars which is the closest relative to this one didn't. it spread largely through hospitals because of lapses in infection control. this is different in that it spreads through the respiratory route and we know other coronavirus that is do it but not in this group and this is a new thing for us. arthel: some people that are infected they could be asymptom --attic.
9:26 am
>> until it hits someone who may be at risk for more severe disease, older person, someone with some underlying medical condition that we have become aware of what we would call a case. arthel: so do those characteristics of the coronavirus make it more insidious and therefore more dangerous than the flu? >> i think it's very much like the flu and we take the flu so much more granted and we should be doing much more about that too. we have such bad history with sars and syndrome from 2012 and still going on in the middle east that we obviously are much more watchful about the coronavirus simply because we know so little about what this might do but it is acting a lot like the flu even though obviously there's a lot we still don't know. arthel: because we don't know because you don't know, your colleagues, because it's a new virus, new form of this virus,
9:27 am
there's no vaccine at the moment and there won't be one online until about a year or 18 months from now, does that concern you? >> oh, yes, very much and after sars there were a few attempts to make some sort of candidate vaccine, like an experimental vaccine that could be rolled out quickly. this would require a different -- coronavirus would require slightly different vaccine from sars. you need a new vaccine. at least a couple of companies have experience making similar vaccines, we are also trying new technologies, but it does take time and it has to go through a number of tests and also obviously to be produced in large quantities it's a time-consuming process. arthel: 35 passengers and crew members going to be disembarking in oakland tuesday from the grand princess. they will be quarantined. so if you could help us understand what's going to happen at those facilities, how will they be treated. there's no vaccine.
9:28 am
>> well, the idea of quarantine obviously is to -- and it goes back a long time, in fact, to the 14th century in italy ironically enough, but the whole idea is to keep people who don't appear to be sick, they look well, but to keep them separated so that they -- if they do get sick we can present them from infecting others. that's a distinct from what we call isolation which is people we know have been infected, so the positives, those who are sick will be kept under more rigorous conditions to prevent them from passing it onto others. those who are not yet sick but were in the environment, we quarantined to see what happens. but they really should all be tested and i understand that there are plans to test them and i hope they will. >> so dan springer had a report earlier saying that the noncalifornia residents will be
9:29 am
taken to military bases in texas and georgia. how risky is the transportation to those facilities? >> we've done that before, so i think if you have a plane where you basically keep the people fairly well separated but also they've all been together on the ship and you don't have others, even with one of the planes we had a while back, there were both people who had come from one area that was exposed and another where there wasn't exposure and that seemed to work all right although there was a lot of concern about that. so i think it can be done safely and obviously putting them in a military base or some place like that has been done before when we've flown people back from china or from the cruise ship in japan. arthel: if you can tell me in 30 seconds, doctor, what about the community, the people who live in oakland, the people who live where the passengers are going to, texas and georgia, should they be concerned? >> if this is done properly, no, because the whole idea is to
9:30 am
keep them from coming into contact with people in the community so that there's no spread in the community from the sources. arthel: dr. stephen morse, thank you very much. eric: thank you, doctor, arthel. president trump continuing campaign now going to court launching another lawsuit against cnn claiming the network made false and defamatory statements about him. senior trump 2020 legal adviser is here to explain. which is why when it comes to his dentures only new poligrip cushion and comfort will do. the first and only formula with adaptagrip cushioning technology. choose new poligrip cushion and comfort. and i don't count the wrinkles. but what i do count on is boost high protein. and now, introducing new boost women... with key nutrients to help support
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eric: president trump's reelection campaign is suing cnn for liable, follows similar lawsuits with washington post all 3 targeting opinion pieces, some experts say moves are off base.
9:35 am
jenna ellis, constitutional law attorney joins us, jenna, complaint focuses on cnn story by general counsel, soliciting dirt on your opponents from a foreign government is a crime, mueller should have charged trump. why are you guys suing over this? >> well, we are suing cnn as well as new york times and washington post for false and defamatory statements. cnn claimed that soliciting russia's help in 2020 election and decided to leave that option on the table. that is a false and defamatory statement that cnn knew at the time that it published the statement with false, there was extensive record of the campaign disavowing and disclaiming any interactions of the sorts with russia. eric: did they put that in the story in any place? >> they didn't, cnn, we reached out to cnn and asked to retract
9:36 am
and apologize and they declined to and refused. the campaign has been left with no option but to file a lawsuit to get the public facts on the record and also to make sure that readers understand the truth and to seek damages that are in the millions of dollars for the types of false statements. >> the supreme court as you know shows you need to show malicious intent. it's an opinion piece. critics can say it's supported by supported by the first amendment. let me read you something from the freedom forum institute. an opinion is not liable, liable facts that can be proved untrue. public figure has to prove published statements with actual malice. either knew the statements were false or acted with reckless disregard. it's a lot harder to prove than negligence. do you think you have those in the bag? >> we look forward to proving that at trial and, of course, cnn and the other publications knew that their false statements
9:37 am
were false at the time that they published them and published them with intentional disregard for the truth. so here although this was published in the context of opinion piece, the court has also had a long precedent of case law that just because you couch a statement as opinion doesn't mean that you can assert statement effect and the court will look at statement and determine if this is a statement of opinion or assertion of fact and here in the cnn, new york times and the washington post pieces all of their statements are provably false and defamatory. eric: how would you respond to those the president is trying to muzzle the media that he doesn't like? >> not at all. it's the campaign that's filingg the suit and not the president. we, of course, value and have the free and fairest prez but that doesn't shield the press to make false statements. of course, the law allows for liable suits and to hold the
9:38 am
media outlets responsible when they publish false statements because the public deserves to have the truth and not these false statements and so we have to go to court because they're unwilling to retrack these statements. eric: you said we have the freest and fairest press but the president calls them ten my of the people and during rallies he points to all the cameras behind the audience and slams. >> well, the law -- the free and fairest press in the sense that the law and first amendment is absolute fair to the press. doesn't mean that the press itself have been fair to the campaign and the president. clearly you have 3 giant media outlets that have published with reckless disregard for the truth and so they need to be held accountable as well and their readers should not be intentionally misinformed. eric: cnn is not publicly commenting on this. quickly, what do you think is going to happen? >> we look forward proving this at trial and i think we will absolutely prevail. eric: all right, jenna, see you
9:39 am
at the courts, thank you so much. arthel. arthel: new developments in the case of millionaire suspect murder that gripped the nation with the hbo series the jinx. the latest on the trial of robert durst next savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. (sensei) a live bookkeeper quickbooks for me.tomize (live bookkeeper) okay, you're all set up. (sensei) thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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arthel: robert dust accused of killing a friend 20 years ago because she was about to implicate him of disappearance and suspected death of first wife back in 1982. durst was subject of hbo documentary the jinx which he confessed the killings. what's the verdict? >> circumstantial evidence against robert durst and led prosecutors to build a case and now trial underway. durst only facing charges for murder of best friend susan berman but investigators believe he killed late wife kathy durst and executed berman 20 years later from keeping her to
9:44 am
talking about police about wife ice disappearance, kathy's body has never been found. she stockpiled money, set up a false identity, marrying and giving power of attorney he previously dated debra who was married to another man. durst went into hiding in galveston, texas. they didn't say why susan berman would have told durst. in the hbo documentary durst talk about time in hiding but what was interesting hot-mike moment where durst appears to admitting to killing. [inaudible] >> killed them all. >> durst also previously
9:45 am
acquitted for killing former neighbor black. durst told jurors black was in his apartment and gun went off during struggle and durst testified that he dismembered body and thrown to gulf of mexico. the judge ruled in favor of the prosecution saying it speaks to motive, arthel. arthel: jacqui heinrich, thank you very much, that will do it for us but we are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern with more news, hope you can join us. eric: set your clocks forward, did you do that? arthel: yeah. eric: see you in a few hours. rf. everyone is really excited for you because it was such a great high-five. and then...
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because this isn't our network... it's yours. ♪ ♪ gillian: the cdc confirming that the coronavirus is now in at least 25 states plus here in washington d.c. new cases continue to pop up across the country virtually coast to coast, now this includes vermont where health official announced the first presumptive positive earlier this morning. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington, d.c., great to be with you, leland, i'm jill january turner. -- gillian turner. leland: they're already canceling church services here in washington, d.c. because the elderly and those who are
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