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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 12, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ steve: fox news alert just moments ago carnival announcing it is pausing all princess cruises for the next 60 days voluntary halt for all global operations. be warned. >> ainsley: stay safe. we will see you tomorrow. >> sandra: stay safe indeed. fox news alert. the coronavirus a pandemic as president trump announces new restrictions on travel from europe. meanwhile uncertainty over the spread of the virus is rattling global markets in the most famous face yet has confirmed he has tested positive for the disease. good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> ed: i'm ed henry. tom hanks stunning the world claiming he has coronavirus while filming in australia. nba suspending its season putting it on pause as it sorts it out after a player for the utah jazz tests positive for the srao*eufs. cruise lines suspending cruise.
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vowing financial relief to workers and businesses. he also announced though restrictions on european travel. >> we have seen dramaticallily fewer cases of the virus in the united states that are now present in europe after consulting with top government health professionals i have decided to take several strong but necessary actions to protect the health and well being of all americans. to keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from europe to the united states for the next 30 days. >> sandra: team fox coverage for you this morning kristin fisher standing by at the white house. we begin with jonathan serrie who is live in atlanta for us this morning. >> good morning. president trump's new travel restrictions caught them by surprise. take a listen. >> the european union disapproves of the fact of the u.s. decision to impose a travel
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ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation. >> chancellor angela merkel predicts 60% to 70% of her country's population will become infected with covid-19 since there are no treatments or vaccines for the virus and humans have yet to build up immunity to this new coronavirus. germany has confirmed approximately 1300 cases of coronavirus, including three deaths. that is a small fatality rate compared to other countries which some health experts attribute to germany's rapid testing as the outbreak emerged. italy has banned nonessential travel nationwide as that country reports more than 10,000 cases and 631 deaths. the highest numbers outside of china. chinese media report health officials have closed 14 temporary hospitals that were originally set up in wuhan where the outbreak began, suggesting the government is curbing the
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viruses spread in that country. here in the u.s. a passenger showing symptoms aboard a jetblue flight that was going from new york jfk to west palm beach, florida tested positive for covid-19. palm beach county authorities screened the other passengers and instructed them on how to monitor themselves before releasing them from the plane. crews were called in to disinfect the aircraft as well as the area where the passengers were allowed to disembark. sandra? >> sandra: jonathan serrie, thank you. >> ed: meantime the president announcing big actions he wants to take to cushion economic of the outbreak. kristin fisher is at the white house with the details. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, ed, unmistakable shift in tone from president trump during that rare oval office address. he called the coronavirus a horrible infection and agreed with the world health organization that it has now become a full blown pandemic. in an effort to try to contain
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it, last night president trump surprised the world by announcing that the u.s. was suspending all travel from europe to the united states over the next 30 days. and that those restrictions also applied to trade and cargo. but, almost immediately after the cameras turned off, the white house was forced to issue clarification that the suspension only applied to foreign nationals and did not apply to trade and cargo. even the president followed up on twitter by saying please remember, very important for all countries and businesses to know that trade will in no way be affected by the 30 day restriction on travel from europe. the restriction stops people, not goods. over on capitol hill today, the house will debate a bill that would institute paid sick leave, offer free coronavirus testing and secure free lunches for children. this comes as the first senate staffer tests positive for the virus. here at the white house, the vice president has been making the rounds on every network this morning and one of the biggest questions that he continues to
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be asked is what is the status of those coronavirus testing kits. >> we are working every single day to clear out any red tape to make testings more and more available. right now every state lab in america can conduct testing. any one of your viewers that may have a concern can call their doctor. their doctor can contact the state lab, and determine how to get a test processed. >> but there is still a serious backlog in terms of the number of people and doctors who want to be tested for the coronavirus and the number of actual americans that have actually been tested, ed. >> ed: all right, kristin fisher. thank you for those details we will get back to you as it warrants. sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in fox news contributor dan. >> good morning, sandra. >> sandra: good morning. there is so much to take in. as an american you have so much news coming at you. how do you digest that this morning? >> not easily, that's for sure.
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that's because of the coronavirus has become the order of the day. and we had the president announcing a ban on flights from continental europe last night, clarifying that it will not include cargo. it was striking to me, sandra, that the president was making this announcement almost at the same time the nba was announcing its going to suspend its season and as we are hearing that tom hanks and his wife had the coronavirus. so i think still there are a lot more questions out there that need to be answered. i was a little ambivalent about the ban from europe. i have a funny feeling that maybe the president himself was. clearly the stock market is going to take a tremendous hit this morning. the europeans are saying this is going to cause a hit to their economy. now, the economy is not the only consideration here. this is being done for health reasons. but i think a lot of americans are sitting out there wondering what exactly are we expected to do in terms of social distancing in the european flight ban is an
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extraordinary exercise in social distancing. but what about the rest of us? i mean, the idea of the moment is that if companies are closing, the government says they respect those decisions. but, are we doing the right thing? what kind of social distancing should be going on and what is the point of it? what is the purpose in trying to stem the spread of the coronavirus? angela merkel says 60% to 70% of her population will get it. do we think 60% of americans are going to get it? and, if so, what should we do about that? should we just resign ourselves to the fact that a lot of people are going to get sick? >> sandra: these are so many of the big questions we will be asking throughout the morning and the u.s. stock market will begin trading 23 minutes for now, dan. it is set for another steep sell off. limit down the futures right now so we could see another quadruple sell off in the open. we will be watching that your piece in the "wall street journal" this morning the democrats self-quarantine. you say the democratic presidential primary race is
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effectively over. did you go on to talk about the american public so preoccupied with the coronavirus and the spread of this disease that enthusiasm is leaking quickly from the democrats' once entertaining gallery of once presidential candidates. it's an interesting take on the moment we are in now considering yesterday around this time, a couple hours after, this we got word that there was going to be a bernie sanders announcement at 1:00 p.m. eastern time yesterday. everybody said what is happening? is he dropping out? no, he is not. and indeed he did make a speech about his problem with electability in that moment. here is bernie sanders. >> while our campaign has won the ideological debate, we are losing the debate over electability. i cannot tell you how many people our campaign has spoken to who have said and i quote, i like what your campaign stands for, i agree with what your campaign stands for, but i'm
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going to vote for joe biden. >> sandra: so no he did not drop out, dan. he's staying in the race. meanwhile, joe biden's camp put out a memo saying it's nearly impossible for bernie sanders to regain a delegate lead. >> so what is going on? i mean, count me among those who as soon as bernie sanders was saying he had an electability problem i thought he was dropping out. it just doesn't compute that he has an electability problem but he is staying. in james carville thinks it's over. jim clyburn says it's over; let's get on with the election. what is bernie doing? in hand sight i think it's pretty clear to me what he is doing. peterson is going to stay in primaries and probably get 35 to 40% of the vote going forward in the states he loses. and what he wants to say to the democratic party is you have to understand that what i stand for, my ideology, my socialism
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my socialism is something you will have to take into account when we get to milwaukee and that convention. he has his eye on the democratic platform he want to move the democratic party closer to his politics, to the left not to the moderate center that establishment democrats are insisting on right now. bernie is saying to them i'm not leaving. it's not over until it's over, and you're going to move this party in my direction whether you like it or not. >> sandra: he very firmly put a message of that out there yet. a lot going on this morning. dan hen jerry thank you for your time. >> ed: as you were talking to dan the european central bank this is just breaking. they announced new steps. stepping up more stimulus. 19 countries in europe that they deal with are buying up to 120 billion euros more in bonds. that's on top of the 20 billion euros a month they were already buying. so you can see more action around the world dealing with the financial impact here. we will stay on top of that all
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morning. in the meantime, there is also a story about a massive law enforcement sting. that is targeting a brutal mexican drug cartel. project python resulting in hundreds of arrests all across america. >> sandra: and lockdown in italy. a student with dual citizenship, u.s. and italian, telling us what it is like to be living overseas in what has essentially become a nationwide ghost town. >> we need to move noun. iran and italy are in the front line now. they are suffering. but i guarantee you other countries will be in that situation very soon. so we all need to show that solidarity for each other. insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist!
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♪ >> sandra: cases of the coronavirus jumping in europe. new cases up 22% now in italy bringing the total there to more than 12,000. the entire country has now gone into lockdown. fredericka romeo is a student at john cabot university in rome with due dual u.s. citizenship d joins us now. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> hi. good morning. >> sandra: and welcome. we are curious -- can you give us an update on the situation there and what you are seeing and what you your experience. >> i mean, it's been pretty crazy since the last time i was on air. i was just on air on saturday. i really did think that all of this would have happened -- i
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was actually pretty hopeful that we had reached the peak of it and evidently that's not true. the situation, i haven't left high house. >> sandra: i'm sorry you cut out a little bit there. >> i haven't left my house much. i went to the market. that was pretty much it the last five days. i am hoping this ends soon because really it's bizarre to see italy in this kind of way. >> sandra: where specifically are you? >> i'm in rome. i'm right down the street from the vatican. >> sandra: so, we are hearing bars, restaurants, most shops have been shut down. i heard you say that you have gone to the market. are you able to get food? >> i am. so the only things that are open as of right now, markets, tobacco shops, hospitals, things like that. pharmacies. that's the only thing. i was able to get food. it is really not that i guess
6:17 am
drastic the measures they did take on food and closing of the markets. thank god hopefully it remains that way. the markets are pretty full so i was lucky. i haven't gone in like five days. i don't know what the situation is like out there right now. >> sandra: do you have a direct relationship with anyone who has become ill? >> i do not. i do not. i don't. >> sandra: thank goodness for that i'm sure your family is worried but back home? >> yeah. i mean it's been back and forth battle if i should come home if i not. given trump's address we have until friday night to come home. i have been back and forth with my parents. [inaudible] and we are just pretty much trying to figure out a way what to do. the tickets are about 2,000, $3,000 for a one-way ticket. but it's really not about the price. it's more about the risk and the one that i would bring with me. >> sandra: have you stocked up on supplies there? >> i do. >> sandra: food, medicine?
6:18 am
what precautions did you take? >> we have a bunch of stuff at home. we actually have a pretty small fridge. we have that full. we have things, you know, so much bread, so much water. we stocked up a lot to sustain the house for about two weeks. and then we will try to go out again. >> sandra: well, everyone is concerned back here and abroad. italy particularly hard-hit. you seem like you are in good spirits. that's a good thing to stay positive. >> yeah, i'm always pretty much in good spirit. we are just taking it on a day-by-day situation. play it out, see what happens. i think that people -- the atmosphere here is people have no choice but to stay in and stay inside. people have to have auto certification that is like basically a written permit that let's them go outside and tells them for what reasons they need to go outside if you were to be stopped by the police and
6:19 am
everything. >> sandra: that's for sure. >> people waking up and finding out that this virus is something that needs to be contained. if the government has taken such drastic measures and such extreme precautions there is a reason. people should listen. i'm happy that the united states has kind of gotten in front of this -- this whole mess. and hopefully it proves that it is helpful, it's going to work. >> sandra: we really appreciate you calling. in and we wish you the absolute best. stay safe. stay healthy. >> thank you. >> sandra: stay well. >> thank you, thank you. >> sandra: we will follow up with you. thank you; ed? >> ed: the state department temporary pause of international exchange programs now. can you still see the global impact. we will stay on top of that several republicans on capitol hill taking precautions after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive for the coronavirus at cpac. congressman doug collins is our headliner. he is one of the lawmakers now under self-quarantine. we will check in with him at the top of the hour. brand new study suggests coronavirus could easily spread
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what are your thoughts on this study because people pick this up and they start worrying. >> that's what we need not to do. the typical study comes out can survive in the air. here's what you need to know, ed, it's a hearty virus scientists at princeton and hnih looking closely at this virus. survives on respiratory droplets
6:24 am
and goes in the air stay alive three hours. it can live on surfaces for in a way that might effect you for 8 or 9 hours. >> ed: on that point of fact, let me just tell you, the study says up to four hours on copper, four hours on cardboard two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. results indicate aerosol and foam transmission of the coronavirus is plausible as the virus can remain viable in aerosols for multiple hours and on surfaces for days. so that's what the study says. you say? >> two things, one, even if it's alive on a surface, it doesn't mean it can infect you. that's the more important thing. how long can it stay on a surface and infect you? we think most public health officials and scientists think that's several hours. the study is in keeping with that several hours. as you pointed out differential surfaces work differently. i want everyone out there to know the exact same results came from the previous coronavirus sars. so in 2002-2003, we were worried beyond belief about this virus.
6:25 am
they compared these two viruses in this study and found no difference. >> ed: okay. >> so that virus ended up not being as contagious as we were worried about. >> ed: you are not that concerned. >> same context as the previous coronavirus. yes. >> ed: so the president, you talk about trying to calm people down, not worrying, the president, that was one of his goalgoals in this oval office address. we will get into. so criticism that his critics ultimately come up with what did you like about this speech? what worked? >> i liked that he was bold enough to decide to put a travel ban on europe even though that has huge economic consequences. do you know why? europe has a burgeoning number of cases the president's point was and we don't know if travel restrictions really have worked but we think they have helped. if they have helped and he went in with the travel advisories on china early, now a complete ban on europe, 26 countries for 30 days? wow, that's -- with france having over 2,000 cases and spain over 2,000 cases and italy close to 10,000 cases. >> ed: you think this will have an impact in a good way and deal
6:26 am
with community spread here within our borders? >> right, exactly. our public health scientists showing the number of cases we have have here originated from europe. we are seeding our communities from europe that will cut that down. >> ed: on the negative side people are saying hang on a second the president did not spend a lot of time on testing. and a lot of doctors, like you say, it's key for us to figure out exactly how many people have this virus? >> i am still deeply concerned about this exact point. i think it's a vulnerability. i'm not knowing that it's the president's fault but clearly it's a vulnerability. everybody keeps saying the test kits are there, they are there let me tell you the problem. medical centers like mine are saying don't go to your doctor right now if you have a cough, shortness of breath or fever. please don't come to the er. you hunker down at home. you call dr. siegel, he says i want to test you. i have been calling all over the place. i have the medium to test you with you about i can't get the results back fast that i want.
6:27 am
it's still going to the city or state health departments. >> ed: are they overwhelmed right now. >> overwhelmed and slow. a couple days before i get a result. i want it to be hours. i want it to be hours so i don't keep people home for days waiting for a test result. that's where the improvement has to come. we need hundreds of thousands of tests around the country. >> ed: we have got about 30 seconds. the president had a shift in tone last night in the seriousness with this. you saw that with dr. fauci and the testimony on capitol hill. do you believe the federal government is ready? do you believe that we are in a place now where we are prepared for what's going to happen next? >> yes. if the tests come. yes, if we continue to isolate people properly. yes, if we have someone like dr. fauci up at the microphone. he's absolutely brilliant. i have known him for many, many years. this is a contagious virus. the one thing i would say differently than dr. fauci is this. historically, when these viruses spread for a while, they become less deadly, not more. and i think there is so much virus around that has not been diagnosed, very low symptoms, very minor symptoms, no symptoms at all, we are going to find
6:28 am
that the death rate is well below 1%. that's where i think we are going to end up. that's reassuring news. >> ed: re assuring indeed. thank you. sandra? >> sandra: awaiting the opening bell from wall street a couple minutes from now. uncertainty threatening to fuel another steep sell off this morning. charles payne will take us through it. he will join us next. want to brain better?
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for the most part down 7. anywhere between 5 and 7%. 6 to 7%. this is 100 percent move already. in moments we will probably see the s&p gets down 7%, we will get the first circuit breaker. remember earlier this the week they went on that stops trading. >> ed: 15 minute pause. >> a pause so you can kind of collect yourself. what happens a lot of times, a lot of people aren't calling their broker right now. this is like machines, triggering machines, triggering programs. and it gets out of control. >> ed: calm it down. >> calm it down a little bit. so, a couple things here. first of all, i think wall street obviously wanted to hear more from the president in terms of specifics, bailouts and things of that nature. he focused more on the health
6:31 am
aspects on what we are doing to curb, curtail mitigate. >> ed: he has to deal with both. >> charles: there is a curved track. economic consequences. we talk about this coronavirus' impact on the economy. really what we are doing to stop the coronavirus that is having an impact on the economy. and these are more -- seen as more draconian measures but they also seem to have worked pretty well in china. the aggressive methods seem to be helping in south korea and, of course, italy just shut down 60 million people. we don't want to get in a position where we are italy kind of doing some things after the fact. i think there is more of an abundance of caution right now. >> ed: as you said that's the health side. on the economic side the president talked about his proposals. the fact that speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats seem to be completely dismissing his initial idea of a payroll tax holiday previously in the obama administration thought this was a great way to get money to
6:32 am
people fast. without pointing fingers in any direction moving forward, what's the best prescription to get both sides together here to actually help the american people. >> charles: it's heart-breaking. president trump should try to get nancy pelosi in the white house today. no more intermediaries sit down and talk about this, let's not politicize it. it seems -- i don't understand why the democrats would be against a payroll tax cut. i just really don't. it helps small business employers a lot. it helps the employees a lot. i mean, talk about a trillion-dollar, you know, the whole package in the air would be worth a trillion dollars. >> ed: which would be a huge shot in the arm to the economy, obviously. >> a huge shot in the arm to the economy. really what we are trying to find a way to specifically focus on people who don't have cushions, right? we are not as concerned about the executives or white collar jobs as we are people like gig workers, right? we listen to the bankers yesterday after the close. the bankers got a chance to talk. i was really confident. i loved what they had to say
6:33 am
brian moynahan of bank of america, others. our financial system is in amazing shape right now. >> ed: they were optimistic. they were saying this is not 2007, 2008. >> they pointed out specifically the most important comment this is not a financial crisis. this morning, the european version of the federal reserve, their central bank took action. they didn't cut rates,. >> ed: they didn't cut rates but offering more stimulus. >> stimulus and also pumping a ton of money into their banks. because they have a very fragile banking system. we are much more prepared and in better position with the bank saying they are going to waive fees, extend payment options. put out billions of dollars for small businesses. out obviously everyone is looking to washington, d.c. for more. and wall street certainly is trying to price in two things. when does this happen and what else happens? listen, the bail-outs, it's hard not to imagine we are not going to bail out airlines to some degree. >> ed: the cruise industry, you see their stocks getting better.
6:34 am
>> it's a little tougher on the cruise industries not necessarily critically important to the economy as the airlines. business trips are taken. the airlines, you know, they are much more of a component of the overall business. >> ed: a lot to get. to say one being you just deed it up with the european central bank and their action today. the u.s. federal reserve, obviously expecting a rate cut on march 17th. talk about that. last time they cut rates, it seemed panicky and the markets reacted negatively. what are you watching for? >> charles: be real careful trying to assess the market's reaction to some these things because the market might have wanted more. the market might not have panicked because it was 5 50 bas point they wanted 100? we assign these sort of things because we see one thing and connect the dots. i think that's not right. i try to push back from that. particularly when it comes to the fed. regular days, on normal days, you know, because what they do normally, to be quite frank with you, these actions normally don't even really impact the
6:35 am
economy for 12 months to 18 months. >> ed: right. >> what they are trying to do is get some calm and confidence and that's why people actually thought they should have been more aggressive. >> ed: you see the dow down almost 7%, almost 1700 points. talk about the president's action in terms of the european travel ban. he was very clear to clarify after on social media that this doesn't affect cargo. >> charles: right. >> ed: shipping, trade. >> charles: right. >> ed: the travel from europe. wall street is going to react to that? >> charles: it is going to react. we already know there was a report out last week. i think we talked about on the show from the international travel organization that said $113 billion in losses for airlines, 21 billion for u.s.-based airlines. we knew that -- listen, the planes are getting thinner and thinner. fewer receipts. airlines are having to park some of these planes anyway like they did early on with china. we knew there was going to be a major impact there i'm glad about the clarification. this, again, brings up one of the things i suggested a few
6:36 am
weeks ago, suspend the trade war for a moment, in fact, talk to president xi about bringing down his most favored nation status. >> ed: it didn't happen. >> it hasn't happened. but these are things that need to continue to go on. listen, this whole situation halls evolved. it certainly has evolved in the thinking and mind of president trump. so all of the things that he may have rejected or the white house may have rejected even 48, 72 hours ago should be. >> ed: worth looking at again. let's push it forward in terms terms of you were talking what b. what was on the table in terms of president's a moment ago. almost a trillion dollars in terms of the payroll tax cut through the end of the year. >> charles: right. >> ed: democrats in the house seem to reject that idea. is there a deal to be had here where the president could say let's do this through the summer? smaller price tag on the payroll tax cut and trade-off some of the child care, the free coronavirus testing and other things the democrats want? >> charles: the democrats aren't trying to be fiscally responsible here. not about a smaller dollar sign about how many more things they can get in there like extended unemployment benefits.
6:37 am
>> ed: pardon me one second. trading has halted for the second time this week just as you predicted as you were talking. i didn't mean to interrupt. so you can see the dow is now frozen there, down 7.2%. just here in the last five, six minutes. >> charles: right. so it's not -- again, this is not about smaller -- dems aren't saying we want something small and quote unquote fiscally responsible. what they are saying is we want to put a lot of things in there some democrats have asked the president to remove his tax cuts. so these are far-fetched redicks columbus. >> ed: not going to happen. >> charles: right. again, you know, extended unemployment benefits. we have got the lowest unemployment rate in years. and. >> ed: decades? >> charles: right. you got to go back to when archie's were number one on the charts, right? i think that was in the late 1969. let's be honest about where we are. let's be specific about where we are. what does everyone agree on? small businesses must be helped. everyone agrees that those folks working on the front lines our
6:38 am
healthcare workers must be helped. everyone agrees that people who don't have the wherewithal to go see a doctor because they don't have health insurance or afraid to miss work must be helped. the gig economy is huge. >> ed: yeah. >> charles: what do we do for those folks? there is unanimity helping out those folks. >> ed: reset the fox news alert the dow down 7.2%. this has been a very volatile market for a week or more down almost 1700 points. it's now been halted. trading halted for the second time this week. it was halted a couple moments ago. there was a 5 minute pause. bring back sandra. sandra, have you covered the markets for a long time. a very rare occurrence, now they are trying to calm everything down. >> sandra: i wonder if charles can sort of explain what this sell-off means in context? when you look at now the s&p 500 and the nasdaq are following the dow in the bear market territory when w. this sell-off the dow is off 20% from recent highs. historically, charles, that's
6:39 am
important because once a market enters into that bear market territory, it spends some time there. so, does this tell you anything about where the markets may be a couple months from now? >> charles: it does. but, you also have to look at how the quickness of it. the timing of you who quickly we went into this bear market could also inform how quickly we can potentially come out of it. you know, yesterday, for instance, a lot of people talked about a major call out of goldman sachs where they are saying -- they called, you know that we go into bear market. we weren't that far from it. what was interesting though the analyst who made the call suggesting that the s&p can go down to 2450 which we are not too far from now but actually thinks by the end of the year it would be back to 3200. in other words, actually up for the year. so this gets back to your point. yeah, we entered into a bear market. we didn't drift into it. we plunged into it. can we get a v shaped recovery? can we go through extreme short-term economic pain where
6:40 am
the country is set down like a scene from high noon and then as people come back on, as pent-up demand is met get a v shaped recovery. we will see what happens. >> sandra: ed, you probably remember, this too. charles, during the financial crisis, there were so many different barometers that we watched, including the vicks which is known as the fear gauge in the market. we are getting indication from our sister network fbn that the wall street fear gauge is now the highest that has been since the 2008 financial crisis, topping 65 for the first time since december 2008. what does that tell you, charles? >> charles: it means that people are buying protection to the downside and anticipate increased -- this volatility is going to be with us for some time. some people use that as also con trainer indicator when it gets too low and too complacent that the market is going to come down because it was very low and complacent in january. word is now you are actually going to have some folks on wall street think as contrarian
6:41 am
indicator the market is oversold. speaking of 2009, since it has been brought up a couple times, i remember seeing avis rent acar stock 45 cents a share. i didn't buy it, i didn't sell it or own it. i know some people had to sell it for to get down there. by 2014 it was $69 a share. my main goal when i come on right now for these folks at 40 years old, you have a college fund and retirement fund, ironically, as you continue to contribute to it, you are going to inadvertently buying at the lows but most important, no matter what, how are, if you got a quality company or quality companies in your portfolio, make sure that you are not panicking that this fear index, you are not the one getting snader in that fear index. >> ed: good advice indeed. we are now told that trading is expected to restart about 9:50 a.m. eastern time. it was halted a few moments ago because the s&p was down 7%. the dow jones as you can see in the left corner of the screen
6:42 am
down 7.2%. it's been a volatile market for a week or two, trading expected to start again, about 8 minutes from now, charles. >> charles: by the way, yes, i think it was yesterday, maybe we talked, i'm getting so confused now. the idea was that one thing i said after tuesday night was president trump didn't show up for that presser, you know, when it was just vice president and the team, and the futures were flat. they immediately tumbled. right now president trump and congress, they are feeling the pressure. wall street is pressuring washington, d.c. also to do something. i have seen this kind of action when it's come to wall street and the federal reserve. they try to push them around to do something. have a greater sense of urgency. you think you are going to go on vacation. >> ed: a recess. >> charles: if you think you are going to be on recess while these markets are plunging think will keep plunging. this market is going to make
6:43 am
d.c. act. >> ed: quick break, san draft something we have been watching all morning long. >> sandra: the dow off 1700 points before it halted training. 8 minutes from now, 7 minutes from now trading will resume on wall street. we have senator barrasso joining us blake burman is now reporting that the administration does not like the house dem's coronavirus package. so we have senator barrasso joining us in just moments to react. we'll be right back. we have like 40 years of data! that's incredibly valuable! ...i...i don't know... when did we introduce siracha? not soon enough. these are our sales... by product, by region... ...set against evolving demographics. you can actually see taste- trends. since when can we do that? since we started working with bdends. (announcer) people who know, know bdo.
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retire better. ♪ >> sandra: senator john barrasso joining us now as we look at markets down 1700 points. the dow halting trading just a few moments ago. a 15-minute break due to a circuit breaker tryinged because of the more than 7% sell-off in the s&p 500 all due to coronavirus fears. senator barrasso also a medical
6:47 am
doctor. you are a very important voice to enter into the picture as we have growing uncertainty over what happens next with this vice and you are certainly seeing those fears and uncertainty play out in the u.s. stock market this morning, senator. what can you tell us? >> well, what we have done in terms of the senate and the house signed by the president last week is very important because, until we get the medical side of this under control, the concerns on the market side will continue. we have now passed legislation. the experts say they have the money, the resources they need to develop vaccines to work on treatments to do available and more testing. all of that is important because, until the american public and the world believes that the disease itself is behind us, we're going to continue to have the concerns that you are seeing reflected in the market today. >> sandra: senator barrasso, we are getting word that some of your colleagues are deciding to shut down their offices due to this growing fears over the
6:48 am
spread of this virus. mitt romney, tom cotton and others -- tom cotton just putting out an announcement just a short time ago. do you expect that operations on capitol hill will come to an end? >> no. some people will certainly be working from home. but, my concern are the people all across the country who find themselves in the exact same situation. we do now have a case of, a positive case in one of the senate offices. so we have been discussing that at a briefing this morning. it's what one would expect, given the number of visitors and tourists that come to washington to see our nation's capital. we need all take the precautions whether it's on the workplace on capitol hill or the workplaces around america to prevent the spread by covering when you cough, by washing your hands thoroughly. and if you are sick, stay home. >> sandra: and, of course, you are talking about the staff member in senator maria cantwell's washington, d.c. office. senator, this sell-off that you are looking at on your screen began last night. we have had several wild days for the stock market.
6:49 am
but, specifically, this started as the president was delivering that speech, trying to calm fears over the coronavirus. what did you take away from his speech and was it effective? >> well, i thought the president was re assuring and realistic about the fact that we need to prevent the virus, additional people from coming to the united states but also what we need to do at home to prevent the spread at home and to work on treatment and vaccine and early identification. the testing is so much a part of that to know how many people truly are affected and infected. that is a key part of this. but i think the president set the right tone in terms of what government can do now to help people. i think we need to do more to help people with paid sick leave, to make sure that those people who are sick will stay home or if they have to stay home for quarantine purposes, stay home to take care of someone who is out of school, out of work as a result of this virus, we need to do that to
6:50 am
help those folks immediately. additionally, what the president has talked about with small business loans, that will be effective as well as what we can do by pushing back the date of the irs and the april 15th deadline for paying taxes. >> sandra: senator barrasso you just came out of that briefing. you come at this from an incredibly unique perspective that you are a medical doctor as well as a member from congress. do you believe we are having the right discussion in tackling this problem the best way that we can? >> we are absolutely having the right discussion. i would like to have seen more tests out there sooner during our briefing this morning lots of point gran poignant questione centers for disease control why there is a delay in testing. make sure we have the tests available so that people that have the symptoms of the shortness of breath, of the coughing, of the fever can get tested and can get the results
6:51 am
back in a timely manner so they know if they have tested positive or negative. >> sandra: were you satisfied with the answers that you got from the cdc based on the lack of testing available? >> they are not yet at the point where i believe that we should be and the american people would expect from the centers for disease control, an organization with a tremendous reputation for the years, they are not quite there yet. >> sandra: that's a lot to say, considering we were told by the administration the vice president and others that if you want to be tested you can get tested, senator. so, and i want to point to the screen here. we are looking at trading has resumed on wall street with now more than an 1800 point sell-off on the dow. the first 20 minutes of trading after that 15 i minute halt, senator. could you tell us what you see happening next? there are parents waking up this morning and debating in their minds whether to drop their kids
6:52 am
off at school. i mean, many schools in this country have closed. many others have not. >> for many americans and most americans this virus affecting them in terms of their health is very low. in terms of affecting people all across the country, in terms of the economy, it is affecting everyone. we need to act from a congressional standpoint on doing the things that will have an immediate impact on those families who find themselves in that situation. the best thing that we can do is through proper precautions, proper precautions and preventing additional spread of the disease, that's how we get this behind us and the economic recovery can begin. >> sandra: senator john barrasso, we really appreciate you coming on this morning. appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> sandra: dow now off 2,000 plus points. >> ed: see that coming down. congress announcing as you were speaking to senator barrasso
6:53 am
shutting the capitol house billings shutting to public tours through april. still remain open for senators, staff, the media and others. people who have business before the congress. you can see these steps that are just spreading around the world. >> sandra: we are going to keep watching these markets for you. senator john barrasso talking about the economic impact is what concerns him the most. whether or not to take your kids this school this morning he said most people will not be affected by. this fears playing out on wall street right now with the dows sinking to the lowest of the session. multiple circuit breakers in place, ed, to prevent an exacerbated sell-off. that 15-minute break is used to give investors a pause to assess a sell-off. that happened, trading resumed and now the dow is off 9 plus percent. >> ed: down almost 10% now. you asked a very important question with the senator as well whether the cdc is ready in terms of testing. he didn't seem as confident as
6:54 am
the administration. something we will keep pressing. >> sandra: he just walked out of the senate briefing and that really stuck out to us. he said that the members of congress in the room were really pressing cdc officials for more testing kits. where are those and why they are not being provided at a quicker pace. he had a problem with that. >> ed: earlier saying that is a big issue that he has been dealing with people, as a doctor, who are wondering what do you do? and a lot of people around the country will call their doctor. they want to be tested. they are referred to a state health department. a lot of these state health departments are overwhelmed right now as you can understand because they are trying to sort all this out. they are trying to be as responsive as possible. on the economic side you have been focused on the dow down 9% there was that brief pause of about 15 minutes earlier this hour so that everybody could calm down, re-set. they have come back, it's trading again and it's further down. >> sandra: and the ban on the european travel, obviously, was a big news item coming out last
6:55 am
night. you have to talk about -- i mean, you look at the stock market sell-off and some of those individuals names in stocks are getting hit in our u.s. stock market. are those travel oriented stocks. the big airlines, the cruise lines, all those tourist-related companies are struggling right now because people are halting travel. they're are deciding not to take trips that they had planned and might not be planning trips in the future. >> ed: absolutely. you heard charles payne say a short time ago he added a lot of time saying everybody should pause here and also saying should be a wake-up call to washington that there needs to be action. you can see the president put his proposal on the table. nancy pelosi and house democrats are pushing theirs. neither side likes the other side's plan. and so at some point, given all of this pressure, they are going to have to sit down and try to work all of that out. >> sandra: i want to bring this in. chad per gram is reporting from capitol hill at this time that the path of the coronavirus bill is uncertain today. and that there is scrambling behind the scenes to get this
6:56 am
done. this is fast moving, he says. but the house may be pulling the hand break on the coronavirus bill because there is concern from the administration about that bill this is throwing everything in flux. >> ed: the house democrats does not have the payroll tax as the president wants. it has a urge bunch of stuff as charles said the democrats. we will see if the ha president will have anything more to say. >> sandra: dow down 1985. we'll be right back. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx.
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>> ed: halting was halted to bring a pause. it's down 6.9% and about 1600 points. there is a lot happening this morning from the house to wall street. we are all over it. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm ed henry. >> sandra: welcome i'm sandra smith. waiting for comments from nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy as lawmakers set to vote on a coronavirus stimulus package, attorney general bill barr also set to speak in the 11:00 hour on the fisa renewal. he will be joining us. >> ed: he is coming in here to join us exclusively. you are going to want to watch that the president addressing the nation last night on the coronavirus, the vice president of the united states mike pence was out to all the morning shows trying to get the message out. here is he on "fox & friends."
7:01 am
>> but for every american, right now, as the president said last night, it's a good time to use common sense. wash your hands often. clean off-used surfaces. we will try to mitigate the spread. trying to prevent people from bringing coronavirus into the united states any further from europe. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage for you this morning. christina comey is covering theg the news that tom hanks and his wife have coronavirus in australia. we begin with rick leventhal in new rochelle, new york, a short ways from here. the site of a lockdown containment zone. rick, what are you seeing there? >> sandra, that containment zone is now in effect here in new rochelle and 140 national guard have now been activated in west chester county. and we now have video of some of those guard members passing out food to residents at a local community center.
7:02 am
we have spoken with the mayor who says that this containment zone is not about restricting people and businesses. it's about restricting the spread of the virus. and the area of highest concentration and new rochelle is now home to the most dense cluster of coronavirus cases in america. that's why the governor of new york created this one mile radius containment zone where the temple with the virus spread right in the center of the circle. there are roughly 1,000 residents here quarantined inside that zone. they are expected to stay home, schools and houses of worship are closed and large gatherings banned. but businesses can stay open and the people not quarantined can move freely and the national guard is also expected to help clean the schools and public buildings and continue to serve meals to the quarantined and kids who won't be in school for at least two weeks. meanwhile, the governor of new york is also contracting with nearly 30 private labs who increase virus testing capacity because he says the cdc and fda
7:03 am
cannot handle the demand. >> we can't just wait anymore. it's creating -- it's compounding the problem. and, frankly, they can't put us in this situation because we're not able to do our job and our constitutional duty, which is to protect the public health. >> we also have a developing story in west port, connecticut, which is another commuter suburb of new york city. a man who attended a going away party before leaving the country tested positive for coronavirus and at least 14 people who were at that party now are also believed to have contracted coronavirus. so that prompted the city of west port, connecticut to close public schools and close the public library for at least a week while they continue the testing there sandra? >> sandra: all right. rick leventhal in new rochelle. thank you.
7:04 am
>> ed: meantime tom hanks announcing he and his wife rita wilson have coronavirus. filming a movie. the oscar winning telling social media we hanks will be tested observed public health and safety requires. not much more to it than a one day at a time approach. that from tom hanks. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more details. good morning, christina. >> good morning, ed, the celebrity couple is now in isolation at gold coast university hospital in australia listed in stable condition. the a list actors are in australia for untitled elvis presley film hanks presley's manager. the film was set to be released in october. warner brothers says production has been suspended. tom and rita are both 63 years old and clearly taking their coronavirus diagnosis seriously. hanks shared their symptoms with fans on instagram and twitter say ising in part, quote, we felt a bit tired like we had colds and body aches. rita had some chills that came
7:05 am
and went. slight fevers too. play things right as things are needed in the world right now we were tested for the coronavirus and were found to be positive. also hanks is no stranger to health concerns. in 2013 he disclosed he had type 2 diabetes. chet hanks, the son of rita wilson and tom hanks doesn't appear to be too worried about his coronavirus diagnosis though. here is what they said in part on instagram they both are fine. they are not even that sick. they are not worried about it. they are not tripping but they are going through the necessary health precautions, obviously. i don't think it's anything to be too worried about. i appreciate everyone's concern and the well-wishes but i think it's all going to be all right. >> before tom and rita were diagnosed they were beach and opera house. as of right now australia has more than 120 confirmed cases of covid-19 and three deaths from
7:06 am
this virus. ed? >> ed: all right, christina coleman thank you for that report. the impact of the outbreak can also be felt on capitol hill. georgia congressman doug collins is one of several republicans who decided to self-quarantine after coming in contact with affecteinfected person at cpac. >> >> sandra: senate candidate doug collins, appreciate your time this morning. appreciate you skyping in considering you are staying in. why did you decide to do that? >> we did so out of an abundance of caution. good to see you though. because we came in contact. it's been two weeks ago today. in fact today is my last day. i will be back out tomorrow. i'm a symptomatic. i have never had any symptoms of the virus. make sure out of an abundance of caution stay in and emphasize to everyone that if they follow the rules, they follow the protocols that are set out, that we can manage this virus and we can do what is right. i think by doing this, we are setting example to others don't take it lightly, take it
7:07 am
seriously, but also don't panic. make sure you are doing the right things, washing your hands, staying away if you are sick. if you are sick, go to the doctor and get tested. >> ed: very important advice and certainly concerned about your health and all lawmakers, staff, and everyone around the country. obviously. this is also happening in a context where in the last moment we have just gotten a new statement from senator ted cruz. he has also been self-quarantined as you know i believe in texas. he is saying that his d.c. office is going to close temporarily. senator romney has done the same. at least one case of somebody who has tested positive for coronavirus in the office of democratic senator maria cantwell. so it's happening in that context, congressman while wall street is also suffering a very volatile day right now. and a lot of people around the country are looking to you and other lawmakers to get the nation's business done. and working on an economic proposal that the president wants. how do you balance all of that, sir? >> well, it's been a large balance. i think i have been at work all week down here. we have other bills on the floor this week. fisa bills and also now working
7:08 am
i was just on a conference call with my colleagues concerning our response. look, i think you will see a lot of other offices, especially next week. we are not supposed to be in next week. you will see probably a lot of working from home, probably and we are discussing that right now in my own office and making sure our d.c. office. you will see it. we are already starting to see a couple cases now on staff on the senate side and others. so it is a very real concern. we want to stop it in its tracks. this is why the protocols are in place so we can identify that are sick. isolate them, get them better so that others aren't infected. in dealing also with this economic side. the president made it very clear last night that he is willing to help. but he wants to help in the proper way. simply throwing money at a situation right now without having proper oversight even democrats last night in the rules committee were very concerned about the fact no hearings or anything involved in this. we want to work by par sanly together to make sure the people have what they need from economic standpoint but make sure it's targeted to make sure the economic stimulus or progress here is not just simply
7:09 am
throwing money at a problem without any real solutions to making the economy or helping those who need help. >> sandra: you can assume the market is looking for a solution. as you have been speaking the dow is off more than 2,000 reports. we can now report that the dow has fallen to lowest level since july 2017. so, looking at multi--year lows here. and i will let you know that our reporting from capitol hill as of this moment is that g.o.p. leaders mccarthy and mcconnell oppose house democrats' coronavirus bill. the status of the bill is now in limbo. com, how do yocongressman, how ? >> i respond in unison with leader mccarthy in this as well and mitch mcconnell. again, we need a stimulus package. we also need something that actually will work. there is nothing that we have seen so far that actually stems this tide. simply putting money into unemployment insurance whether you have unemployment claims at their lowest. these are things that you work on as the situation develops. we need a stimulus now that if
7:10 am
it helps small businesses. make sure you get extended leave. those are the kind of things work into this bill. right now not been able to partner like we did with the coronavirus package from last week in which we provided funds for the actual attacking of the virus and the response to that virus. that was bipartisan, over 400 votes. there is no reason why we can't do this today and work on that as we go forward and i know our leader mccarthy and others has talked to us and kevin brady and others talked to us on the conference call about why this is not a package that at this point we can support but i know the president is committed to finding something that is possibly going to work and our leadership is committed to working with the democrat leadership to find that. markets will be aware of that. i think we just need to make sure that we have a focused response and i believe that's what the administration is getting. >> ed: congressman, in fact, you just mentioned the house republican leader kevin mccarthy, we expect him to hold a news conference live in the next few moments. we will go there live to see what he is saying about the economic plans and response as well. nancy pelosi expected to have a
7:11 am
news conference. we will go threurt there later in the hour and hear from both sides. you are laying out the important economic response and what you want to see happen. what about the health response? about a week ago you were with the president in your home state there in georgia at the cdc headquarters and we have been hearing from the administration that they are prepared on testing and that if you want to be tested you can be tested for the coronavirus but, a few moments ago sandra interviewed republican senator john barrasso, who, as you know, is not just a senator, he's a doctor. he says he still has concerns that the cdc can really follow through on that. what assurances can you give the american people this morning? >> >> the a surance i have straight from the cdc and working and listening to not the president but the vice president of the task force and cdc of course in my home state, we never forget this is the group that also just a few years ago was able to get under control the ebola virus and others. these are not people who are accustomed to dealing with hard issues. and they are dealing with it. the issue that we have now is that we need to make sure testing is there for those that are sick. what we don't need to have is
7:12 am
rushing our healthcare system and rushing our public health system with folks that are just wondering if they have the virus. if you are sick, you have conditions, flu like conditions, symptoms, then go get tested. but i think right now the testing as it is ramping up, the more test kits that r. a available we will make sure anyone that has those symptoms are able to be tested. i trust the cdc. it's always as we look forward though we make sure that it is happening in realtime. they are putting forward the results. think we will see over time as that works out. right now i have every confidence that the public health officials all across this country and every state are doing everything they possibly can to make sure that they identify the proper cases. make sure that they're properly quarantined. make sure they are properly being treated. therapeutics being developed long term vaccine developed as well. be sure not to panic and doing what is responsible. one of the things i have told people for the whole week that i have been here. so simplest things are sometimes that you forget when you believe big crisis. this goes back to simple basic
7:13 am
personal high skwraoefpblt go back to the sink, use soap, wash your hands. d.o. don't go out coughing people. if you are sick stay away. if you are sick, make sure you are treated. those are the ways make sure to isolate, this stop it. it will continue to grow, but we can do so at a much lower pace than we have seen in the rest of the world. >> sandra: learning a lot more about the spread of it and how long it can live in the air. things we didn't even know yesterday or a week ago. so, congressman, there is still a lot to take in, as you can see markets taking all of this in this morning. we wish you well as you finish off your self-quarantine there and ted cruz, i think, finishes his this afternoon while he is also shutting down his office now. we appreciate it, congressman. thank you for coming on. >> ed: thank you, sir. in the meantime this fox news alert. the dow plunging again as you heard deeper into bear market territory. will economic stimulus measures help ease the fallout from coronavirus? we will go live to the hill to find out. >> sandra: bernie sanders refusing to back out even after joe biden widens his lead in delegates.
7:14 am
the a team will weigh in next. >> poll after poll, including exit polls, show that a strong majority of the american people support our progressive agenda. fox news alert.
7:15 am
>> testing, treatment and tele health which will help us not only to enrural areas and throughout the country as we try to prevent the spread of this disease. along with this public health challenge, we are also working on mitigating the economic downturns from this virus as well. the president last night said we are committed to helping those committed to economic hardship disruptions in work and illness. the country is looking for the government to come together and meet these challenges. the bill that we saw that just came forth last night at 11:00 p.m. comes up short. there is a couple major problems with it. here's one glaring problem. under pelosi's bill the social security administration will be set up to administer the paid sick leave program. now, this will take more than six months, so to t. won't work in time. it also will hamper the administration from putting out social security for those who need it right now that are in harm's way. this will hurt the very population that we are supposed to be helping. it forces permanent paid sick
7:16 am
leave for all businesses without exemptions and no sun set. instead, we are committing to get this right so we are working with the white house, with the secretary mnuchin and with the speaker. we should not just take a rush just because there's a bill. we want to make sure it works in the process where we are going. there are a few ideas that i think we have brought to the table that can help. employee retention credit, making public health emergencies eligible for major disaster programs. and finally, solving the problems when it comes to math. there is a certain piece of legislation that we can move that would be a piece of it that would give us millions of more masks out there for the health providers that need it. one thing i would say to all of america, we have overcome bigger challenges in this country. every time we have a disaster and others, it shows the very best of this country working together and coming together and to actually making us stronger in the end. i will make this commitment to everyone. republicans will not play
7:17 am
politics. we're not going to criticize and sit back. we are going to work to make this right. i think our best thing we could do is take a deep breath. let's work together to make sure whatever bill we can pass right here works to the needs best for everyone. we have put our ideas forward. we want to work with the speaker. we want to show the leadership that not only this country wants but this country deserves. this is our moment in time that i believe in history that we come together. i know we will get through this. i know at the end of the day we will find to do what is right and i want to make that day starting right now. i think the actions the president took was correct and i think when you talk to the governors out across this nation, they are showing working well with this administration. we need to do the very same right here in the house. yes? >> concerns you are discussing
7:18 am
about the bill aren't deal breakers. can they be addressed before congress goes away for a week and change for recess? how important is this to get this bill passed before you go away for recess knowing if this virus spreads you might not come back? >> i think it's more important that we get it right. i'm not concerned about that we go on recess. i think we stay here. we get it right. this is a time and place that you do not want to rush something. i mean, it's not just my words. if you talk to democrats on the rules committee themselves, earl -- and others has jurisdictions on many committees. no one got to see it. there at 11:00 last night. just as your question raises. i think it's more important we take a moment to step back, let's work together. there are bright minds. we should be listening to those in the industry. we have got some bright minds in the administration, here on our committees as well. let them look at it. let us get together and put the very best ideas together and i
7:19 am
will promise you that you will find a very bipartisan vote for that and not one that slows it up by any means and i think we can get this done in the next 48 hours. >> think the house will stay here until i get it done. >> i think we can get this done in 24 or 48 hours, yes. i think it's critical that we do. >> what was the concern here besides obviously there was concern on side of the aisle about the contact talking about some of the elements in it. but seeing what's going on on wall street, remembering the tarp experience in 2008, putting a bill on the floor that they probably could have passed with democratic votes but didn't have support of the administration and many republicans, the idea of sending kind of a message of confidence. is that part of the calculus here besides the policy elements or was it looking at what is going on on wall street right now and being concerned that there is a bill that doesn't see the light of day i or seen by te president? >> tarp was an economic meltdown. we have one of the strongest economies we have ever had in the last 50 years.
7:20 am
that's at a positive place. we have the lowest unemployment. so what you really should be looking at how do we make sure these people stay employed before you are just trying to get money into people's hands to get a consumption going. this is a stronger position to be in. one, you want to treat this virus. but, more importantly, you want to keep the economics going strong in the same spaces. that's why we are in a stronger position to get this right and to sit together and not play any political games. >> to clarify things are the ask by republicans beyond what you just mentioned there, are we talking about are you going to ask for the payroll tax holiday that the president pushed for are there things beyond the two things that you mentioned? >> i believe there are big things that will take more time. let's do what we can to do together right now. we can work on those bigger things and come back in the next couple weeks. but i do believe it is critical that we get a small portion of this done right now. i think it helps give confidence. but, remember, we are elected
7:21 am
policymakers and leaders. this is our moment in time to show that we will rise to the occasion just as every other american believes we should do. >> you are hearing from your members' frustration that there are no testing kits. i mean congress doesn't have any testing kits. what's going on? >> there are testing kits out there. there are people who have been tested. congress doesn't get any forward in front of the line as we talked to the doctor today. i was just talking to one american company out there that is just on the verge of being able to have the test ready in the next short time. they are making sure that it's done correctly. but you could have a test back in 8 minutes. i mean, this is the ingenuity of this country. it's not just government is going to be able to solve it, we have such bright minds in the private sector as well. we want to harness that we want to create the synergy. that's what's going to get us to the point where we will have a vaccine for this. just as ebola which was much more deadly able to con stain that back into africa. we now have a vaccine for it.
7:22 am
unfortunately when you look to italy and these other countries they did not have the leadership that took the action that this president took by stopping the plane from china coming here. >> what does that mean [inaudible] to your members and how has this changed campaign strategies for the large gatherings? has it hampered your [inaudible] as far as campaigning? >> the first thing i would say is this is not a time to be sitting, thinking about campaign events. this is a time, this crisis is about america and this is what we should focus on. put campaigns all aside. there is time and place for that later. let's solve this problem. you are elected to be a policymaker and let's work through that i just got off the phone with our members on a conference call we had dr. monahan on it. we had rodney davis from the house administration. we had larry kudlow. we are answering numerous questions. the one thing i wanted to take away from all of our members that we will work with the speaker, we will work with the
7:23 am
administration. and we will make sure that we get this bill right. >> you said there was a conference call? >> yeah. >> why didn't you do a conference meeting? >> the reason why i did a conference call because we had a number of things. this is not our normal time for a conference. we had on another day. i thought the participation would be bigger. i also would have other people that i wanted to participate on because they were some place else instead of traveling into the capital. >> the combination. i thought the participation would be better. it's also from the standpoint it does also help with health. you don't have as big a group together but for participation it allowed everybody to be. >> there can you explain more tax credits and other things proposed added to the bill. you added briefly and i wanted to get a little more detail on that. there is a big expansion of medicaid in this bill. do republicans have any problem with that. >> one thing sit back and f map and the expansions there. there is no scoring.
7:24 am
there is no committee looking at that and these are such big items. i just do not believe it would be smart on our part to russia through that you got it at 11:00 p.m. last night. you are voting on it at 11:00 a.m. this morning. without any score, without any work through, where sun set and others. i would rather have the minds and the expertise that we have on both sides of the aisle here, especially with the number of committees that have worked on this to be able to see that and at least have input. yes. >> one of the teams that we are hearing from our viewers they go to the market, there is nothing there. they are going to their prescription pharmacies and they are starting to run low on certain drugs. what can congress do about that? >> well, there is a number of things coming has already done. and this is the one thing i want to make sure the american public knows. just in the last five years, we have increased funding almost to 40% when it comes to the national institute of health and the centers for disease and control. cdc and nih. those are the individuals who
7:25 am
are actually help lead in this process. had you 40% increase. just in 2019 under this administration and our majority, we created the infectious disease rapid response fund. so they could actually go after dealing with this at the very beginning. and then we have the national stockpile. so we have been preparing for a situation such as itself. unfortunately, when this first came to the fruition, that president xi did not allow us in there. if our scientists, our doctor -frs were able to be in china from the very beginning, we would have more knowledge and we probably have been able to help save the world containment could have been just within their country. right now it's a different situation. so we'll do everything in our part working with the private sector, making sure that we have the facilities that we need. the other thing, too is from a responsibility from all americans, not to panic, but don't hoard it as well. let's make sure those who need it just like when it comes to a mask situation. you watched a run on mask.
7:26 am
>> here we have 3 m build. industrial one can work for medical providers. but because of our own regulations they would be sued if they sold it to them. those are millions of masks. we can simply change that provision and that's one of the provisions we are looking at. those would be millions of more masks today that would be able to go forward to be sold. yes? >> to follow up on those masks though, we are told they are for people who are sick. if they stop stop spreading why do they go to healthcare providers. >> it's a combination of both. if you are a medical provider on the front line that is dealing with somebody that is sick right there in testing, you need a mask on along with the person who is sick. that's why you want to make sure, too that you have both. >> my last question, you expect a disaster declaration today. larry kudlow told you guys in the call is that something [inaudible] >> i think the action this
7:27 am
administration has taken, i know some people criticized this president early for taking the action of not having china to come forward. he does talk about other items he will take. those are appropriate, smart, and helping to keep this country safe. >> you expect that to be today though. >> i would leave that up to the administration where they go. >> capitol tours are already cancelled. what is the likelihood that congress will spend this wee wen session. >> we monitor day by day. that's exactly how we should approach it. we want to make surety policymakers are here to take what action are needed. we need to lead in this situation. we need to work together. and, remember, we have overcome much in this country, but more importantly, this country has led in overcoming any of the problems around the world. and we will do the same with this. this is not a time to panic by any means. i'm looking what's happening in the private sector and with government. at the end of the day, we will get a vaccine. we are testing right now for the
7:28 am
best treatments and therapy. we are taking the actions and the precautions ahead of time to make sure this does not spread as rapidly as we have watched in italy and others. and whatever we see in front of us, we will overcome and we will solve it. >> can i clarify one point? did you have members of the administration from the economic -- not the health side but so much talk to the members this morning but saying okay, this is what we need to pass this bill in the administration? because obviously they had concerns. they said they didn't like it in its current form or what did the administration or have you spoken to the administration. >> we have been talking to the administration throughout with secretary mnuchin, with larry kudlow. we had larry kudlow scheduled to come on a whole different topic earlier today and we modified what the conference was about today. but, larry kudlow talked about the current measurements within the economy, how strong we are. prior to this virus, our economy is even growing bigger. and we want to make sure we have that. remember, this is so different than the economic meltdown.
7:29 am
we're walking into a virus when we are economically strong. so how do we make sure we take the treatment, we prevent it, and keep the economy growing and that is our goal. that is our mission. and that is what we will achieve. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sandra: you've been watching the republican news conference there talking about the lack of support for the house democrats' coronavirus bill. that bill is in limbo as of now. he is calling on his colleagues to rise to the occasion. we can get something done, he said, within 24 to 48 hours. but it is urgent. >> ed: he had a message no reason to panic. he believes congress will come together on an economic package and also he believes that the best and the brightest among our scientists and private business are going to come together, get a vaccine, get the testing to people and that everyone is going to come together. but there is obviously a lot of skepticism right now. can you see it in the market. >> sandra: also calling on congress to stay in session until that bill gets done. let's bring in the a team now
7:30 am
jessica tarlov, fox news contributor. brian brenberg chair of the program kings college here in manhattan and cheryl casone co-host of fbn am on the fox business network. what did you take away from what you just heard? >> i think vetoing the democrats' bill is going to be the big take away from that press conference. there is going to be a lot of pressure on republicans to get something done in the next 24 to 48 hours as leader mccarthy said he thought was feasible. the democrat bill covered a lot of things that are people are talking about, making sure that there is paid medical leave, that there is free testing. that healthcare workers are taken care of this. we know how serious are about to get for american hospitals. we would rather avoid going the way of itsly which has been purely an issue of overcrowding and contamination will once people actually show up to get treated for covid-19. i think republicans should backtrack on this and consider the democratic proposals, especially thinking ahead to how many millions of people by
7:31 am
congress' own doctors estimate 70 to 150 million people are going to have this by the end. people need to be taken care of. >> ed: certainly the attending physician on capitol hill was saying that could be a worse case scenario if we don't take big measures. we don't want to scare people big picture worse case scenario. >> dr. fauci said stop talking about this like it's the flu. dramatically waors than the flu. this administration wants to tamp down concerns about it. the united states of america nearly 48 hours ago said no big deal this will go away. it's not going away. his address fell far short three major inaccuracies that the white house had to walk back within minutes. >> ed: get it on the table so everybody has a voice. cheryl, your thoughts on what is happening in the markets, the president trying to sooth the markets, trying to sherman r. se american people but this travel ban is having a big impact. >> there are industries that are in jeopardy. talk about the tourism industry, the hospitality industry see more shut downs in the u.s.
7:32 am
that does effect the economy. part of the reason had the sell-off, the limit down on dow futures, the s&p 500 the halt you had in the last hour is because there is concerns about the u.s. economy going to into recession and may be zero percent growth. goldman sachs came out with a note what county government do? we are talking about washington. probably about $80 billion in stimulus. but it has to be targeted. it has to be specific. and it's got to be temporary. that is the big thing. the concern from wall street when it comes to the democrats' proposal is they will try to put things in that they will extend and extend and it may not be good fiscal policy not just for the u.s. government but also not good for the markets. the markets are very sensitive right now that everything they are hearing from washington. one thing that there is, i think, does need to be addressed right now is those low income workers that are across this country. look, 23.6 million americans are low wage workers and they're the ones that don't have paid sick leave given to them by their businesses. what d.c. could do right now is to target those businesses,
7:33 am
small businesses and president trump talked about this last night make sure those workers that don't have paid sick leave are at least given week by week for now the financial assistance that they need. >> sandra: we only have a minute left or so. brian, you are always good at looking at the consumer standpoint. we certainly have seen americans change their behavior based on the fears over this spread of this virus. >> yeah, look, the behavioral change has been big and consumers want to know how am i going to bridge through this? how is the government going to help me pay my bills and get through this day to day? which is why it is so important that congress act. the idea that they are going to leave to recess to me is incomprehensible. how can you convey optimism to the american consumer when congress is going to leave washington, d.c. at the moment, when we need some kind of relief for the american worker for businesses who are being held up for businesses who are struggling to pay bills. that's got to happen here. congress has to come together. i think they can -- this can't be a moment where the house democrats want to cram through
7:34 am
big ideas, you know, policy agenda. this is a time for temporary targeted relief. that's where they have got to get. and they have got to get there very quickly. >> sandra: brian, cheryl and jessica, appreciate all three of you being here today. thank you. >> thank you. >> ed: all right. let's keep it moving with the world health organizations their officials urging countries to take action after declaring the coronavirus is i is indeed a pandemic. alarming levels of spread and severity but also noting the alarming levels of inaction in some places around the world. let's bring in the world health organization spokesman tareq -- i want to make sure i get that right. tareq, thank you for come in. what led to the decision. there had been a lot of talk for weeks now whether in fact this was a global pandemic it. seems obvious that it now is what are the next steps to contain it? >> well, we have qualified yesterday this situation as being pandemic because there was
7:35 am
very concerning increase in number of cases and specifically geographic spread of the disease we have seen number of countries reporting covid-19 has tripled. this led to the qualification. advice has not changed. in fact, we are just trying to say even harder you have to take action. countries have to be ready, health systems have to be empowered, health workers have to be equipped and trained. populations should be informed and should follow the advice of national health authorities. and governments cannot leave this only to health professionals. this has to be all of the government's approach because we are seeing the consequences of this virus in terms of the destruction of social life. there are concrete actions that can be taken. we have seen countries like china, south korea, and
7:36 am
singapore with a strong public health measures of con deignment managing to reduce the numbers of newly infected people and countries have to understand that in is now affecting everyone in their countries and therefore urgent action is needed. >> sandra: it is. what can we learn from what we have seen so far. we have seen the warnings coming from angela merkel and germany. obviously italy and china, of course, what can we learn as we are now entering in the next phase of all of this? >> well, i think what is really important is to see where each country is. it's not the same thing if you have tens of thousands of infected people. thousands of people in hospitals. and when you just have a few confirmed people with covid-19. we still believe that containment is possible. that it can help the situation as we have seen in some countries. so countries should test people. should look for we should see
7:37 am
where the virus is and transmission chains are. that means finding people who are sick. looking into people close contact and making sure they are not infecting other people so really going in to the heart of infected area and trying to slow down and maybe even disrupt the transmission chain. this obviously is not always easy. but it is unprecedented situation and countries need to do that and in addition, there has to be other containment measures that we'll see some sort of social distancing, making sure that people adopt behavior that reduce the risk of transmission. >> ed: that rick, on that question from sandra about lessons leaed. what is your advice to americans this morning the two or three things they should be doing how concerned they should be moving forward here? >> i think our advice is the same for every person on this planet. it is -- there are basic things
7:38 am
can you do to protect yourself and your community. first, hand hygiene, we know how this virus is being transmitted. we know you will get infected by introducing the virus through your nose, mouth, ear. and that will happen most likely touching your face where you i don't hands, after you have picked up the virus on some surface. so, regular hand hygiene. if you see the person that is obviously sick, coughing, and if you are in the area where the virus is circulating. stay away, keep the difference. and if yourself have the stoplgs. if you are coughing, if you have a fever, if you feel tired, and you think that you have been exposed to covid-19, stay at home. we know that 80% of people who are infected will have a mild disease that may go through the person can go through this disease just by staying home and protecting others. those who develop severe illness obviously will need medical attention and will need to be
7:39 am
hospitalized and this is why healthcare workers need really to be equipped. >> ed: some really good advice. >> and need to be transported. >> ed: thank you for your advice. >> sandra: we appreciate it. coronavirus hitting the sports world hard now. >> ed: that's right. the nba suspending, putting a pause on its season as a player tested positive for the virus. jim gray is here for a look at the impact. >> sandra: next hour, exclusive interview with the attorney general bill barr. the house reaching a deal on the fisa renewal. but already some key republican senators calling on the president to veto it. we're going to talk to barr about that coming up. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. yeah, and now business with safelite's exclusive resin,
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7:43 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. nba taking no chances now suspending the entire season after a player tested positive. jim gray is a sportscaster and fox contributor. jim, good morning to you. >> tkpwaorplg. sandra, ed.
7:44 am
>> sandra: i imagine this came as a bit of a shock to you. >> well, it is. when you see what is going on all around us, it's a prudent decision. it's a wise decision and it was necessary. you just can't have players testing positive. they are in contact with each other. they have been in contact with the fans, obviously. they are flying together. and so this was the absolute 100 percent right decision by adam silver and the nba to do this at this time. >> ed: jim, you are mentioning rudy gobert from the utah jazz the first player to test positive. we don't know how many other players being tested now. obviously played games against other teams. he has been around teammates. there is video we want to show before he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. he was almost joking around with reporters he touched the microphones, you can see there a couple days back joking about the idea of spreading germs. and it's obviously unfortunate in the context now he did not know then that he had the coronavirus. but it just raises more questions about who has been in the locker room, which reporters he has interacted with.
7:45 am
>> correct. those teams the cavaliers, the knicks, the celtics, pistons and raptors have all been in contact in the past 10 or 12 days now all of them are obviously in self-quarantine. you just can't have this going on. and you know, that's unfortunate that that's what he did at the end of his press conference there at the press briefing. obviously he didn't know his illness. this is a good guy. he is an all-star. he is a guy who, you know, obviously has the respect of the players around him. so that's a very unfortunate thing that he did right there. but it just speaks to the seriousness. this is not a joking, laughing matter and this virus, obviously, according to the cdc iis multiplying and moving fast. other sports leagues are going to have to take a look at this. march madness is getting ready to have its selection show. they said they are not going to play in front of fans. it seems to me that's not a step far enough because all it's going to take is one of these players unfortunately to test positive or come down with these symptoms and then is he going to expose not only his teammates
7:46 am
but the other team that he is playing. it seems to me that they are going to have to figure out they want the revenue the ncaa needs this tournament to happen but this is a public health crisis what you would call it right now and it's just not prudent to continue. >> sandra: the president of the ncaa put out a statement addressing a lot of that saying well, i understand how disappointing this is for all of our fans of the sport. my decision is based on the current understanding of you who covid-19 is progressing in the united states. this decision is in the best interest of the public, including that of coaches, administrators, fans and most importantly our student-athletes. you know that will are so many organizations that are facing this difficult decision and, of course, the big question mark over the olympics still and what happens with that jim gray, we are going to thank you there. we have more breaking news on capitol hill this morning. thank you. ♪ >> ed: speaker of the house nancy pelosi, here she is. >> today we are having to
7:47 am
continue our conversation with the administration on legislation that puts families first. we are very proud of the work that the congress did last week with an 8.3 billion-dollar legislation to meet the needs of social and health services organizations, state and local government, testing all the rest of that. testing, testing, testing. so very, very important. so that we can have an idea of the size of the challenge but also that we, first and foremost, that we can meet the needs of those who test positive. today we'll bring to the floor our family first legislation, which is what we talked about as soon as we finished the appropriations bill. listening to our constituents, listening to healthcare professionals, listening to governors, mayors, et cetera. put the families first legislation together. it has a free coronavirus
7:48 am
testing by and large almost everyone in the country. we're having some discussion about that with the administration that maybe some people want to pay. by and large free kron testing scoronatesting. no one can say i can't afford so i can't. that's not a good idea when it comes to public health. paid emergency leave with 14 paid sick days. very essential as we deal with this challenge, public health challenge that we have. and hands on employment insurance, the first step that will extend protection to furloughed workers strengthen food security initiatives very important and kids just get their food security from being in school. schools are closed. we have to make sure that the food gets to the children. food is already paid for and allocated, appropriated for. it's just a question of getting
7:49 am
the food to the children, and that has some cost to it. we also have to get -- that's the school lunch program, et cetera. but, in terms of snap and food assistance for seniors, people with disabilities, helping the nonprofits who are on the forefront of helping people have access to food at this difficult time. and then clear protection for front line workers who are working in infectious environments and possible infectious environment so that the osha regulations are a protection for them and then increased funding for medicate. the f map, that's the initiative that gets money to the states for medicaid that is used hopefully to the counties and the rest which deal with many of these health issues to as we go
7:50 am
forward. so it's about putting families first. we did the big -- major investment last week. we are very proud of that strongly bipartisan, already signed into law, families first there will be another initiatives that we want to work with the administration on that may be necessary as we go forward. some that need more discussion, more impact in terms of what is the collateral benefit or collateral damage to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. now, let me just get back to testing, testing, testing. so very important. to take inventory, to understa understand -- the spread of the virus. [laughter] and also to meet the needs of the people affected. i'm very pleased also this week that we were able to pass
7:51 am
bipartisan fisa bill in the house. that's a hard thing to do. i know that from my intelligence experience that we were able to pass [inaudible] resolution repeal the amui as the predicate for how we go forward and rep conner's regulatio funding for y action. as we go forward, i want to thank the members for the bipartisan legislation that was successful this week on the floor. in case you were going to ask, no, i don't think bernie sanders should get out of the race. i'm a grassroots person. a party, a grassroots chair of the california democratic party. i know the enthusiasm of supporters for candidates and they want to see it play out for the ideas, the causes that the candidate advances for the opportunity for people to show
7:52 am
their support. i congratulate both of the candidates as they go into the debate on sunday. i wish them both well. and i'm very pleased that we're getting a chance now and a narrower field to be able to close to having a standard-bearer for the party. but, either one of them, whoever is the one who emerges the other one is the standard-bearer for a point of view in our party that is very important. with that i'm pleased to take any questions. let me see who, who? i say you. >> it sounded like your open to still changing this bill or at least tweaking it. >> yes. >> the white house concerns. when you guys vote this afternoon, are you planning to release your members to go home or will you keep congress in session until there is a bill on the president's desk? >> well, we have -- whether we go home or not is more related
7:53 am
to the -- what the house physician, the capital physician says and what the sergeant at arms and the police chief and the rest say about what could come next that we have to deal with. they make statements every day based on the current state of affairs in the community in which we exist here in washington, d.c. i do think that some of the suggestions -- what happened modify quickly who knew, right? who knew we would be in this situation. we passed a bill last week immediately. we knew we had to do more. we had to get paper. and when we had this, then we shared it with the republicans. they made some changes to it. we are negotiating with secretary mnuchin. he had some suggestions, all very reasonable. i think that none of them is --
7:54 am
would prevent us from moving forward with a bill. we just have to though in the world that we live in, have language so that we can go to rules, so that we can go to the floor. i don't think we would wait until there is a signed bill. we will do our work, as i said, sensitive to changes that have been suggested. i don't think they are unreasonable. there are options that we considered in our own caucus, some of them. and we wouldn't one route, they got other route, that's fine. we will have done our work and we would hope that that would be an incentive for the senate to move quickly because senator mcconnell -- leader mcconnell asked me to work with secretary mnuchin. we are, we had his concern. we are addressing them. i hope they don't move the goal post. >> good morning. so, to be clear, so you think you can work this bill out today and pass that with changes and
7:55 am
that the idea is that true house might go away with the caveat. >> one thing at a time. i'm not saying -- we are here to pass a bill. when we pass a bill. we will make a judgment about what comes next and we will see the manner in which the bill is passed. i'm not giving any travel arrangements. i know busy about weekend and that that's not what we are about. >> what are the other things that you see, obviously these are things we can do immediately. what are the broader things that you might see doing in a couple of weeks? >> let us get this bill tpasd first and see what goes. the fact is like the house is on fire. people are concerned about their -- of course their health and the health of their children. if they are losing their jobs because nobody is coming to the restaurant or whatever it is, then we have to be there with some help for them. and if the children can't go to school because the school closed, how do they afford child care? well, this legislation affords
7:56 am
them the opportunity to stay home on somewhat of a paid leave for a while. so, again, this is -- we are addressing the realities of life, of family life in america. putting family first. not planning a schedule or anything else until we get that -- until we get that done. and, again, we had in our bill last week the provisions for the small business administration to provide loans to businesses that were under duress, whether they wanlosttheir market overseas, sy chain overseas whatever it happens to be. we thought that was an important initiative to have in the bill. they may want to do more, that is something we can talk about. even if you have your small business loans so that can you pay the rent on your store or your restaurant or your facility, if you don't have customers, you still have a problem. that's why when we do the 10
7:57 am
tannif. the snap, food. paid sick lee, family, parental leave, that money will be spent immediately and creates jobs is a stimulus. so this is not without an opportunity to stimulate the economy. in fact, when we did this american reinvestment and recovery act, we asked the [inaudible] in particular asked the economist name some of the things that we could do immediately that would be stimulus to the economy? raise the minimum wage, we are not doing that here. unemployment insurance. paid leave, food stamps, et cetera. because, again, go to people who have the need. also have earned income tax credit, refundable and that.
7:58 am
maybe some things that we will talk about in the future. yes, sir? >> one of the issues that the minority leader is talking about has to do with he believes that compromise could take place within the next 24 to 48 hours. but, if it doesn't, the republicans are willing to stay and work this out. >> what is the question? families have needs that i just described. we have made the proposal which we started on sunday and put out there. listening to governors, mayors, nonprofit organizations. educators and the rest. this is what families need. they made suggestions to the language, we are making -- agreeing to most of it because they are not that different. so we don't need 48 hours. we need to just make the decision to help families right now because we have to operate not as business as usual but innage emergency status where we have to get the job done.
7:59 am
>> but if a decision isn't made, will you stick around? >> i'm not sticking around because they don't want to agree to language. we have -- we are agreeing to much of what they have to -- look, first of all, mitch mcconnell called me and said you work with the secretary, that's it. now the house republicans are saying they are not in the loop. we sent them the language. it's not about that. it's about putting people and families first. so, i mean, if everybody could have a complaint about this or that, i said save it for another day. we can have an after action review about how we got into this situation. save it for another day. right now we have to find our common ground, work together to get this done as soon as possible because we have other needs. we will have to address this issue further. and it's some things that they might want in this bill that aren't there. there could be another bill shortly down the road. we didn't do everything last
8:00 am
week with $8.3 billion. but we did a great deal and now we are doing more and then we are fully prepared to do more. so we are -- we -- we are responding to their concerns. we don't want them moving the goal post and that's it. yes, nancy? >> was it a wise move to block most travelers in europe to coming to the u.s. for the next month and if so was it wise to leave the u.k. off of that list? >> i had a conversation with the vice president and dr. fauci last night when they called to inform me of this. dr. fauci said it was a scientific medical decision. i have great confidence in dr. fauci. it's just strange because they are saying it's because it's easy to travel among these countries. but they are separate from the u.k. well, you can just get in the -- and you will be in the u.k. again, it's a decision they
8:01 am
made. it has its ramifications we will see whether it's worth the trouble, but, again, i'm here about what we can do to go forward for america's working families, for putting families first without having a criticism of one or the other things that the president is doing. i do think as chuck and i -- leader schumer and i said in our comments last night test, testing, testing, that's the only way you are going to learn about the how this is spread. i don't want to use that word because not everybody knows what it means. we have the [inaudible] i have to get going. >> you said last week congress is the last line of defense. beyond the recess, wondering if it came to -- >> -- i said it was a last line of defense? >> i heard you say that at some point. i'm wondering. >> a line of defense. i don't know if it's the last. >> how prepared is congress to work from home potentially if it
8:02 am
were to come to that? >> we have been briefed by chief administrative officer, by the chief of police, by the sergeant of arms, by the capital attending physician by the -- by our leader house administration committee zoe lofgren about what preparations have been made for remote work. that is something that we are actually encouraging people to be prepared for they may choose to come in but be prepared to do that. it isn't a requirement yet but it is that we want people to be prepared. so, we are finding the technology, the training and all the rest to make sure that everybody is up to par on that. our writing of legislation, our exchange of ideas and all, that won't stop the work of congress
8:03 am
because by the time we come to the floor it's the tip of the iceberg, there is so much else work that is going on and that -- with all respect in the world for all our staff who do much of that and our members who participate in that. everybody is not universally excellent at the same place in terms of technology. i want to makes sure they are all -- their personal best when that sets in. so, it's about -- i hope that much of what we are doing is redundant and that we don't have to engage in some of this. but if we do, we want to be prepared, we want to present the spread -- prevent the spread so if people have to stay home they stay home. we also don't want people to panic. that's why we based any decisions about the capital, this or that, on what is recommended by the capital physician and the sergeant at arms and the chief of police. but it is -- i think we have to
8:04 am
be very prayerful about this. people are sick and some people are dying in our country. and elderly. and it is kind of shocking to see the challenges that we have and the decisions that have to be made about people coming together whether it's sports or the arts or just political gatherings, whatever it is, we have to think in a different way about that. whether it's about personal hygiene or personal contact with other people. we have to be smart about how we do that. washing our hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, i say that all the time anyway as a mom. but, now it's imperative but it's always been important. so, again, as i say, what we think about one policy or another as nancy asked, what we really have to do is come together and get the job done.
8:05 am
now, we were very clear in our communications about what we heard and when members go home, they will hear more from their constituents, from their nonprofits, from their local government, from their healthcare providers amend the rest, that what other ideas have emerged as important in all of this. and that will be a source of knowledge for when we come back and we can come back any time. everybody has to stand ready to be here at all times if we have a legislative solution to put forth. but, again, it can't just spring from what we did before, anything like that. it's about what is current and the challenge that we face with this coronavirus and it's not about spending a lot of time saying how we got here. we have to talk about where we
8:06 am
go from here and then we can make changes for the future and how we could present or withstand whatever might be happening in other countries that might spread to our own. but i do want to salute our healthcare providers, our first responders, all of the nonprofits that are working to inform people about how they should be tested. we are -- in our legislation, we enable millions of masks to go out. that was something very important to the administration that we would suspenduspend immy for liabity was a very big deal. a big concession to the administration on that because weighing the equities it would be important to get those masks out. even though it provided that immunity. so we have tried to say okay, we
8:07 am
have our -- and specifically for the coronavirus crisis. so anyway, i thank you for your interest in all of this. i want you to wash your hands for 20 seconds, not just all the time just for no reason at all. for no reason at all one bit of advice they told me i was talking to somebody from california and i said my usual thing, you know, that a month ago i might have said whoever the nominee of the party we will enthusiastically embrace, and then i changed it to whoever the nominee of the party we will enthusiastically elbow bump. but somebody said to me know, when you elbow bump you get close to the person. forget any physical contact, greetings. boughbow, eastern style. thank you very much. again, we are all very excited that the shock is coming, honored that leader mcconnell will be part of our hospitality
8:08 am
to him at our lunch later today. thank you. >> does he get a handshake? >> i saw him last night. [laughter] we had this big irish dinner which i was honored last night and very excited about that and it was wonderful to see him. but, i did not impose upon him with a hand shake nor did he on me. thank you. >> thank you. >> ed: okay, speaker of the house nancy pelosi referring to the irish prime minister who is currently at the white house. he is with president trump. they are talking to reporters. we will have that tape, sandra in a couple of moments where we will be able to turn that around where the president was just saying that there are now some problems in france and germany with the coronavirus. italy obviously having record-setting problems. the president saying the european travel ban he mentioned 30 days last night. he hopes it can be reestablished pretty quickly.
8:09 am
we don't know what that means in terms of a timetable. we will get more details from the president. but then the irish prime minister is going to leave the white house and head up for the traditional luncheon with the speaker. saint patrick's day. had a lot to say about the coronavirus and negotiations over economic stimulus. >> sandra: she did an indicate a bill will come later today. they are accepting most of the g.o.p. proposed changes to the coronavirus bill but also talking about the immediate need to get those masks out there. she said we need to get the job done as a country. we heard from kevin mccarthy earlier on the republican side and then nancy pelosi. >> ed: she is working on the republican plan from the house but still rejecting the president's idea of a payroll tax cut. so they are kind of stalled on the big picture. in the meantime the fight to contain coronavirus is intensifying today. sweeps new bans and restrictions at home and around the world amid warnings the global pandemic will get work. welcome back to "america's newsroom" i'm ed henry. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the dow selling off nearly 2,000
8:10 am
points this morning offer concerns of the spread of covid-19. it has been sending markets into a wild week on wall street. here's what we know at this hour. there are now 36 deaths so far in the united states and new cases jumped to more than 1300 here at home including some news that we are watching, a player on the utah jazz has contracted the disease. this has forced the nba to suspend its season. meantime the outbreak exploding around the world with now nearly 125,000 cases globally. >> ed: yes. now getting word that the president is taking questions from reporters happening behind closed doors. once we turn that tape we will bring you that to see exactly what the president is saying. last night in his oval office address, remember, he announced a 30-day travel ban to europe that is going to start on friday. we're expecting to hear from the president any minute, as soon as reporters leave the oval office. we will roll that video. as i noted, meantime the coronavirus an emergency bill
8:11 am
now in limbo in terms of an economic plan it. would provide free testing for coronavirus, paid sick leave, this is the house democrats' plan -b and strengthen unemployt insurance. the house oversight committee is holding a hearing on oversight preparedness, here is a world health organization spokesperson earlier on "america's newsroom." >> device has not changed from who. in fact, we are just trying to say even harder you have to take action. countries have to be ready, health systems have to be empowered, health workers have to be equipped and trained. countries have to understand that this is now affecting everyone in their countries and, therefore, urgent action is needed. >> sandra: overseas now where cases are jumping by the thousands, by the day. italy now a ghost town with all shops closed except grocery stores and pharmacist as iran grapples with more than 9,000 cases and hundreds of deaths there and very high profile out
8:12 am
of australia where the actor tom hanks and his wife announcing that they have both tested positive for the virus. as ann curie tweeted now we all have someone we lo diagnosed with the coronavirus. we have fox team coverage for you this morning. >> kristin fisher is kicking off our coverage now live at the white house. hey, christa. >> good morning, meeting with the prime minister of ireland has been planned for some time. the timing is pretty remarkable given the strict travel reskreubgzs that president trump just placed on europe. ireland and britain are not included in those restrictions. here is president trump making that announcement during a rare oval office address last night, watch. >> to keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from europe to the united states for the next 30 days. there will be exemptions for americans who have undergone appropriate screenings and these prohibitions will not only apply
8:13 am
to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo, but various other things as we get approval. >> but just one hour later the president clarified by saying trade will in no way be affected by the 30-day restriction on travel from europe. the restriction stops people, not goods. regardless european leaders say they were blindsided. they say action was taken unilaterally and without consultation. the white house says it was simply the right thing to do to protect the american people. now, right now, over on capitol hill, the house is considering this emergency relief bill due to the coronavirus. and this is a bill that includes free coronavirus testing for all americans, paid emergency leave, strengthen food security initiatives and increase federal funding for medicaid. but, already, the top republicans in the house and senate say they have problems with the bill that is being pushed by house democrats. and so does the white house.
8:14 am
the capitol is now closed to the public after the first senate staffer has tested positive for the virus. here at the white house, and over at the pentagon, all public tours have been cancelled. the president has cancelled a trip out west and the president's campaign has just postponed an event in milwaukee that was slated for next week. ed and sandra, today we are really not just feeling but truly sees the impact of the spread of the coronavirus. >> sandra: it is quickly changing the environment for sure. kristin, fisher, thank you. >> ed: more on this katie pavlich editor at town a fox news contributor and tom thanks for both coming in on a big, big day. thank you. >> thanks, ed. >> good to be with you. >> ed: matt, i want to talk to you. heard from kevin mccarthy. look, let's try to find a deal here. he thinks both sides could come together in economic stimulus package in 24 to 48 hours. then you heard the speaker of the house of your party saying
8:15 am
we are moving forward with our plan increasing unemployment insurance free coronavirus testing but we don't want the president's plan of a payroll tax cut. isn't that something that your party liked when president obama was president? >> well, look, the circumstances are totally different. we are facing something that this country hasn't faced since like 1918. and so what the speaker is trying to do very quickly is work with leader mccarthy to put together a plan that can get through the house and can get help into people's hands very fast. i think if you would ask leading democrats, they would tell you that a payroll tax cut probably doesn't make sense. but if the white house insists and that's the only way that we can get this package through and stimulate the economy really quickly they will do that i think it's also worth noting all of these things, if they pass, they are going to help president trump politically. but, democrats are doing them anyway because it's the right thing to do and i hope that spirit continues with both sides. >> ed: well, that's interesting,
8:16 am
matt, although the house democrats have shown no spirit to actually meet him on the payroll tax cut so, katie, you just heard me press on that. i mean, i get what matt is saying this is unprecedented going back to 1918, but doesn't that argue for dramatic action like the president says he wants? >> well, and president trump presented the payroll tax cut as an option relief for hourly workers and right away nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, chuck schumer in particular held a press conference and criticized the president for the way he has been handling. this when it comes to some kind of emergency stimulus plan, there is certainly room for questions. a lot of waste, fraud and abuse tend to go into these emergency plans wish lists that have been on the table for a long time on both sides of the aisle tend to get put into these bills. but i was listening to speaker nancy pelosi and listening to what she was trying to say listening to vice president mike pence on the phone. gave us news she talked to dr. fauci last night and he
8:17 am
indicated that the travel ban from europe is based on scientific data and evidence and that she respects his opinion on that. so, you know, it's easy from the outside in to criticize the people who are actually trying to do things and get things done. i would hope that democrats don't take this as an opportunity to continue to go after president trump and that they can do something that will actually calm the markets and help people who are hurting. >> ed: matt, you mentioned democrats want to reach across the aisle, work with president trump to deal with this emergency. and so on one hand i wonder if you thought he was good last night in terms of his tone, the calmness with which he was trying to bring to the situation. on the other hand, there is criticism this morning that the president didn't spend a lot of time on testing, which seems to be in terms of a health standpoint critical to solving all of this. >> yeah. look, i thought his tone was fine. i suppose. he wasn't pwhruszstering as he often does. but he made three enormous mistakes in an 11-minute oval office address that he was reading off a teleprompter which is really hard to do. that confused a lot of people
8:18 am
and i think it's contributed at least to some of the market gyrations that we are seeing today and a lot of confusion out there. but the other thing, to your point, is he didn't address the thing that everyone wants to know which is how am i going to get tested if i have symptoms? and we have seen no leadership from them on this yet at all. >> ed: matt, we have limited time of course because of all the breaking news. i don't want to cut you off but i need to give katie a chance to push back on that. >> you heard them update the federal government updated on the testing. there needs to be more of it. there is now a drive-thru clinic open in colorado for people to drive up and move on and get tested. that is something that we have seen be effective in places like tijuana and south korea. so testing is absolutely critical. but the president can't present a testing option if it's not available yet. it seems like they are still trying to get there. >> ed: the administration has been promising they are going to get there that's why there will be pressure on them. katie, matt, appreciate you both coming in. >> sandra: eth, you mentioned breaking news. we have now more for you. word that another nba player has
8:19 am
tested positive for the coronavirus. we will have details on that for you next. also a new report claiming one cruise line down played the dangers of the virus to attract more customers. we will look at the legal implications of that move. >> ed: plus, 2020 democrats turning their attention to next week's primaries. why the key state of florida could mean more trouble for bernie sanders. the former house speaker newt gingrich gives us his thoughts on that plus the coronavirus coming up. >> poll after poll, including exits polls, show that a strong majority of the american people support our progressive agenda. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms which most pills don't. get all-in-one allergy relief for 24 hours, with flonase.
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8:24 am
because the biden campaign has announced that events today and on monday in florida and illinois -- or rather tomorrow and monday in florida and illinois are going to be virtual events. the campaign is apparently ironing out exactly how a virtual event will work while consulting with a newly formed public health advisory committee. a group of experts hired by the campaign to minimize health risks to biden supporters, biden staff, and biden the 77-year-old candidate. bernie sanders is not hosting any large public events either which may complicate his efforts to build up steam and catch
8:25 am
biden in the delegate race. so now he is appealing to party leaders to look at which candidate is capturing the support of people who could be voting democratic for decades. >> but it is not just the ideological debate that our progressive movement is winning. we are winning the generational debate. while joe biden continues to do very well with older americans, especially those people over 65. our campaign continues to win the vast majority of the votes of younger people. >> bernie sanders is up in burlington, close to home for him and joe biden is here in wilmington, delaware, close to home for him. is where a hotel in downtown wilmington is going to be the back drop for remarks from biden
8:26 am
later on early this afternoon about exactly how he would handle the spread of coronavirus if he was president right now. ed? >> ed: peter doocy live on the trail for us. peter, thank you. >> sandra: all right. 2020 candidates will be meeting again for more primaries on tuesday florida is the biggest prize, 219 delegates up for grabs as new polling now shows the state may not be helpful to bernie sanders. newt gingrich is a former speaker of the house and a fox news contributor. mr. speaker, good morning and thank you for being here. >> good morning. glad to be with you. >> sandra: yeah. glad to be with you as well. let's throw up this brand new polling out of florida, university of north florida, took the poll march 5th to the 10th. it shows joe biden with a commanding lead in that state. 66% to bernie sanders' polling 22% in the state. we can go back to the poll we just threw up there first and that's the real clear politics average of polls. that has biden at 53%. does florida spell more trouble for bernie sanders, mr. speaker?
8:27 am
>> oh, sure, look. i think you are going to see from here on out vice president biden winning the majority of the delegates. i think the race basically is over. bernie sanders can stay in to make his ideological argument, doesn't cost him much. and allows him to go to the democratic national convention in milwaukee in july and try to negotiate for the platform and maybe negotiate for hot speakers are. but i think that his campaign was broken last week when they -- they couldn't carry michigan or mississippi or missouri or idaho. at that point i think it was basically now over. but, the dance will continue a little longer, but i think, also, it will be really overshadowed by the enormous challenge that we are faced with coronavirus and we are feyed with the economic challenge. so, i think the country will pay
8:28 am
a lot more attention to the reality of governing and less attention to the campaign over the next, say, two months. >> sandra: there are growing hints from democrats that bernie sanders should drop out at this point. dianne feinstein is quoted in hill piece. bernie sanders should drop out in it i'm sure bernie will do the right thing and i know how hard this is. but i think it's pretty much decided now. i do think it is time to move on said dianne feinstein. so, you look at that, and you go back to something you just said and you said the economic impact of the coronavirus the impact that we are seeing on the markets the economy here at home. the global economy. mr. speaker, you are sitting in italy this morning. you are seeing firsthand the damage that this has done there. what are your broader thoughts on what the globe faces now with this virus? >> well, i have had the opportunity to watch my wife, calista, who is the ambassador to the vatican, lead her embassy team in responding to the things
8:29 am
that are going on. italy itself did not do what president trump is trying to do. italy did not get ahead of this crisis. it allowed it to suppress in a way that is really frightening. northern italy has thousands of cases and, in fact, there are several hospitals that are refusing to treat elderly citizens because they don't have enough intensive care units and they don't have enough ventilators and so they have literally begun to triage and said look, if you are above a certain age or you have a certain health condition we are just not going to treat you. this is a pretty good health system. this is not a bad health system. but they are just drowning in northern italy in the number of people who have the disease. so, everything is closed down. movie theaters, museums, restaurants, schools, churches, weddings. funerals, all these -- i mean, they are really trying to lock the society in place in the hopes that they can stop this
8:30 am
virus. but it's a very serious problem. >> sandra: very serious problem indeed. we wish you and your wife well, mr. speaker. we are watching this play out and the president is talking about, this we are told, in the oval office right now. we are going to get to that breaking news. speaker newt gingrich, we appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you. >> ed: okay, we have got another fox news alert we have got to get on right away. espn is now reportin report thad member of the utah jazz you see him right there donovan mitchell a star player in the nba now tested positive. rudy gobert had already tested positive for the virus. this will raise a whole bunch of questions on whether there are other players on that team who have been exposed to it, whether they are players that they played against in recent days have been exposed to it. s this is why the nba has put a pause on the season while they get a handle on it. watch that watching the markets. we are waiting for the president's remarks from the oval office. that's come out in a moment or.
8:31 am
so in the meantime we just heard from speaker nancy pelosi on the coronavirus. economic emergency package. we will see if she has anything more to say in an event with the prime minister of ireland, that's coming up. >> sandra: nationwide coronavirus quarantine streets of itsly leaving the streets empty. coming up, a live report from florence. as a struggling actor,
8:32 am
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>> ed: fox news alert. a battle over coronavirus on capitol hill. house democrats offering a bill to try and lessen the economic impact and make testing free. republicans in the whit voicing concerns this morning. our congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on capitol hill. chad, you were there at the news conference probably both of them with kevin mccarthy and speaker pelosi. what's the latest. >> that's right. republicans had a number of reservations as did the trump administration and so they have never, you know, completely formulated this bill so they have gone back to the drawing board and house speaker nancy pelosi, she indicated that she thought they could resolve this later today. here are some of the things that pelosi said. she said that they could accept most of the changes dealing with social security administration, dealing with generality for disaster aid. there were also some concerns about paid leave by republicans. so they are scrambling behind closed doors right now trying to retool this bill and pelosi thinks they can put that out later today. she did leave the door open, however, to recalling the house of representatives if they need
8:37 am
to move again with something bigger over this upcoming two-week recess. kevin mccarthy thought they should continue to stay here until they work that out. pelosi says we don't need 48 hours or one or two days we can resolve this right now. pelosi also said this is not time for complaints. everyone could have a complaint but save that for another day. now, the question is if they get this through the house, then what happens in the united states senate? keep in mind that the house democrats they could have passed this on their own. but here's the risk. with the market tanking the way it has been today, there a lot of people up here who remember this very bad experience in late september 2008 with tarp and what happened they were putting the troubled asset relief program on the house floor and in synchronicity with the bill to rescue the economy tanking so did the market. they don't want to have that sort of experience here where the administration opposes something they pass in the house, ed. >> ed: we remember that live feed on the house floor. tarp was going down. you go over there was a split screen and wall street was melting down over that they want
8:38 am
to avoid that chad pergram, we appreciate that sandra, a few minutes away from the remarks with the president. he had a lot it say about the coronavirus. >> sandra: questioned. spoke at length. meeting with the irish prime minister there. is he pressed on multiple occasions about the ongoing dilemma. over testing kits for the coronavirus. he is talking about millions of tests are out there. we are reading through some of the pool notes. hard to understand everything here, ed likely you will hear more from the president on what is being done at the federal level to combat this virus as fears grow grow of it spreading here at home. >> ed: big picture, of course, a traditional meeting where the irish prime minister comes in. a presentation of a bowl of shamrocks ahead of the saint patrick's day holiday. that has changed a lot this year though from dublin to tpwaoufpb here in new york where saint patrick's day parades have either been delayed or cancelled
8:39 am
because of fears of the coronavirus. and the president obviously announcing just last night a travel ban from europe that does not include the u.k. though we should point out. but that's having a big impact on the markets this morning. >> >> sandra: we heard from the republican and democrats news conferences earlier talking about a payroll tax cut. the president talking about that being a good idea to distribute evenly among working class people. the president at the white house, we're going to watch and listen together. here's the president. ♪ >> ed: we are waiting. >> >> ed: as you can see a technical issue. it is going to play out. hear a little bit of the noise. something that happens in the business every and now again. want to get it to you as quickly as we can accurate and ready to go. the president speaking with the irish prime minister in the oval office. this is a tradition every president goes through. also note there is a tradition
8:40 am
of presidents then joining the prime minister up on capitol hill with the speaker of the house that goes back to tipp o'neal and ronald reagan. this year that's not happening. president saying that he and nancy pelosi don't have that kind of relationship. >> sandra: we will play that for you once it's ready. a bit of difficulty with it. we were just talking to newt gingrich about 2020 and some democrats saying it's time for bernie sanders to get out of the race on the florida next week of course with the primary there. the president was asked just moments ago about joe biden. he responded, hope they make their decision soon. everybody thought it would be bernie, super tuesday, the president said, was a disaster. so, he is also -- it's wide ranging. >> ed: whole bunch of subjects. >> bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts is always ready for any and everything that might be happening there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. good morning, john. >> more importantly where weather i'm ready or not he had and sandra. i got out of 20 minutes with the president. i asked him a number of questions. first question i asked him was about the travel ban and why he did not inform in advance eu
8:41 am
leaders that this was coming in the president said we get along well. we didn't want to take the time to make the notification because time was short. he did say that he talked a couple of leaders about it though he didn't say who. i asked him about the impact that the travel ban would have on the economy. he said it will be a big impact. but the human impact is big as well. the president reiterating the heat that he took from opposition on the travel ban to china in the early going of this. the president also suggested that he is going to be canceling campaign rallies. he was supposed to travel to las vegas tonight to have events in las vegas and in reno. those have been cancelled. he also said there is a baking campaign rally coming up in tampa. i believe it's on the 26th. the president said that will probably be cancelled. he said we need some time to get this under control. it will eventually go away. the president also suggesting that he might do something under the emergency powers of the stafford act in the not too
8:42 am
distant future in terms of declaring emergency so that the full weight of the federal government can be martialled to help out local governments. the president reiterating we are in great shape in the united states compared to other places. he said that stocks will bounce back at some point i asked him if he supported the house bill as it is. he said no, i do not. there is a lot of things in there that have nothing to do with the virus a lot that the president has to say there. that's just a preview. >> ed: a lot of breaking news there sandra, the "new york times" has sent out a breaking news alert saying that a senior brazilian official who was at president trump mar-a-lago days ago has tested positive for the virus. the "new york times" citing brazilian media. there has been a lot of questions about how people inside the white house, people on capitol hill are protecting themselves and those questions will continue. >> sandra: you are about to hear from the president talking about americans coming back from other countries. the president saying we are heavily testing. we are not putting them on planes if it shows they are positive. it will be strong enforcement of
8:43 am
the quarantine. the dow is off 2,000 points. he is asked about that as well. now, here is the president of the united states at the oval office. >> like that for the next few weeks. >> mr. president, you talked about the trickle through effect of everything that we are seeing here? it's like when you cancel an nba season you are losing all of the revenue? i mean, that would alter the entire community. >> it has an obvious effect. the only thing worse is that you lose thousands and thousands of people more we would have lost than we are doing it now. it certainly has an impact. we are very much working with the states. the states are a smaller form of government. they can control individual arenas and individual things better. and it's different for different areas. some areas have no problem whatsoever in our country. and others do. so we're working with the governors of the various states and i think it's working very well. i think the relationship has been very good with california and some others that in particular have been hit. >> mr. president,. >> mr. president. >> looks like you will be facing
8:44 am
joe biden in the presidential. are you happy? >> yeah, i'm happy. whoever it is. i hope they make their choice soon. i thought it was going to be -- everybody thought it was going to be bernie. and i have said elizabeth warren, if she waited for, you know, she waited that extra three days, four days, and super tuesday was a disaster. he would have won every one of those states or almost, -- i think almost every one of those states, maine, massachusetts, texas. you take a look at the states that were very close, and many of her -- i would say most of her -- i would would say almost or many of her votes would have gone to him. had she left prior to super tuesday, which was just a few days, he would have right now been declared virtually the winner. it would have been over. now we have joe, and i'm very happy to run against joe. >> mr. president,. >> don't forget one of the reasons i ran for president is because of joe and the job they did. so it's one of the reasons. so, in a way it's -- you know,
8:45 am
it's maybe the way it should be. but it looks to me like it would be biden would win. >> are you [inaudible] >> united states, washington state other california? >> we haven't discussed that yet. is it a possibility? yes, if somebody gets a little out of control. if an area gets too hot. you have see what they are doing in new rochelle which is good, frankly. it's the right thing. it's not enforced. it's not very strong but people know they are being watched, new rochelle, that's a hot spot. >> a separate topic. you spoke to the saudi crowned prince the other day. >> i did. >> what did you tell him about the oil markets. >> i asked him what's going on? they are having a dispute with russia. this is something that drove oil prices down and one thing i can tell you is oil prices are at a point now that i would have dreamed about because the gasoline prices are going to be coming way down. they will be coming way down. so with gasoline prices coming down, that's like a tax cut.
8:46 am
frankly, that's like a big tax cut, not a little tax cut for the consumer. so, there is something about that that i like. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. >> ed: okay, so that is a little bit shorter what we expected. what happened is you saw the technical problems at the beginning. that was sort of the end of the tape. it was a lot longer the session in the oval office with the irish prime minister and the reporters. the tape is going to be re-racked as they say and we'll play it in its entirety. i believe we still have john roberts our chief white house correspondent who was in the oval office. you heard his voice there asking some questions. so, we heard the end. we heard a little bit of the 2020 politics. on the coronavirus there was a lot the president said if you want to tee it up. >> john: there was. there was about 15 minutes that we missed there in terms of the technical difficulty you had in the playout. again, let's come back to the campaign rallies. the president suggesting that at least in the interim his campaign rallies are going to be
8:47 am
cancelled or at least postponed. we also talked about the fact that he didn't support the democrat bill because he thought that it dealt with a lot more than the coronavirus. he said that americans, if they're coming back from europe, they are going to have to be tested. he said we have to have separation or this thing is not going to go away. i also asked him, ed, and sandra, about the attack by the iranian backed militia on u.s. forces in iraq. and whether that killed two u.s. forces and whether or not the iran or iranian backed militia should expect a response? he says i don't want to say but he said you will see. we will see what that response could be. he was asked about not going to the traditional saint patrick's day lunch up on capitol hill hosted by house speaker nancy pelosi. the president said i've got other things to do. i'm very busy. he also suggested that we could extend travel restrictions to europe, those could also be cut
8:48 am
short, depending on how the situation in europe goes. on the tokyo olympics, i asked him what his thoughts were because he has been asked several times about this. he said it's a shame they have got all these beautiful facilities there in tokyo and ready to host the games. he suggest you had that maybe the tokyo olympics this summer should be postponed for -- by a year. i asked him if he would recommend that to abe. he said i wouldn't recommend it but maybe they need to be postponed. >> sandra: talked about a lot of different issues there in the oval office with the irish prime minister, john roberts. thank you for that so a little bit of change in the way we do things here but we are going to roll on the president shortly. >> ed: we are about 15 seconds away as we understand. it. we will play it from the very beginning. this is situation where all the networks are getting the tape at the same time. and the president here he is at the very beginning with the irish prime minister talking about the coronavirus and a lot more.
8:49 am
>> thank you all very much. it's an honor to be with you prime minister of ireland. we have known each other for quite a while. we have great relationship and a great relationship with ireland and we have a lot to discuss. we will be talking about the obvious. and we will also be talking about the virus that's hit the world. they have cancelled their big soccer games. their championship games. a lot of other games they have cancelled a lot over in europe and all over the world. so this is a big world problem. we have taken some bold steps. we took the original boldest step of all when we closed very early with china. that helped us save thousands of lives. and we went very early with europe. and i think that will likewise be very good and hopefully we can get it back together very quickly in terms of reestablishing with china, that's on track to -- something happened fairly quickly because they have made a lot of progress over the last three or four
8:50 am
weeks. and certainly with europe, we think we can go hopefully very quickly. they have some hot spots that are really bad but they will get them. germany has some problems now. france has some problems. some pretty big problems. and italy, of course, is probably record-setting in terms of what they have gone through. italy is having a very hard time. but we think we will reestablish very quickly once this ends and it's just a question of time. i think it will go pretty quickly. stay away from people and wash your hands and do all of the things that we're supposed to be doing. a little bit anyway. but it will be -- it will go very quickly. i know that we were just talking that ireland has closed their schools and maybe i would ask the prime minister to say a little bit about what you are doing in ireland having to do with what we are going through. >> first of all, thank you, mr. president for having us again here today. leading up to saint patrick's day. another opportunity, i think, to show how close ireland and
8:51 am
america are and how good our relationship is politically and economically and everything else. and saint patrick's day has become a symbol of you who close ireland and america are. and continue to stay close in the future. the big concern with ireland and europe at the moment is covid-19. and we have acted just as have you acted decisively in the last couple of days. so we have restrictions on travel, for example, italy for a few days already. but as of tomorrow, our cools will close. our kareshs will close. we are suspending all indoor gatherings of more than 100 people and outdoor more than 500 all from the advisement of our cdc that we need to do this for a couple of weeks to make sure the virus doesn't spread and particularly trying to protect older people and people with chronic diseases, 13 or 14 cases so far one death. we have a concern that could rise. that's why we are taking the action we are taking. as you know it's a virus that's gone pandemic. it's all over the world.
8:52 am
no borders, there is no nationalities. and i think we all need to work together in the world on this and america in particular you are the richest country in the world. you have got great scientists, great companies, great universities, and we need them working on treatments and tests and working on a vaccine. that is what will get us on top of it. >> right, and we are making great progress there. >> was i with the vice president this morning who i know is heading up the task force for you and he gave me a lot of confidence that you are getting on top of this and you are investing in this. >> yes. >> mr. president, ireland excluded from your european travel ban. >> i think it was made very clear last night who is and who isn't. and we will be discussing that we will be discussing some other moves we will be making, and i think it's going to work out well for everybody. it's a world problem. you do need separation in some cases. have you some areas very heavily infected and some areas that
8:53 am
aren't, frankly. you do need separation for a little peer of time in some cases. >> the president has excluded ireland from the travel ban. one of the things we have in ireland is cbp american border secures in ireland. i went through it myself yesterday and they were asking the right questions whether people had been to china and things like that. >> one of the reasons u.k. basically has been -- it's has got the border. very strong borders and they are doing a very good job. they don't have very much infection at this point and hopefully they will keep it that way. >> mr. president, there are many european leaders who are upset that they weren't consulted about the travel ban. can you explain your rationale for not consulting with them first before announcing it last night? >> well, we get along very well with european leaders, but we had to make a decision and i didn't want to take time and, you know, it takes a long time to make the individual calls. and we are calling. and we have spoken to some of
8:54 am
them prior to. some of the majors prior to but we had to move quickly. when they raise taxes on us, they don't consult us, and i think that's probably one of the same. they have done things, european union, as you know, has done some very big tax raises over the years, not so much with me because i won't put up with it, but they haven't consulted us and in the case of european union, i have consulted with many people. >> do you have any idea what the overall economic impact of these travel restrictions will be. >> there will be a big impact but it's a bigger impact and also a human impact which is more important frankly than the financial. when you lose thousands of additional lives. as an example, if i didn't close very, very early, leo, you know we closed very early with china, and i took a lot of heat, including from you people, a lot of heat. they called me everything from a racist to everything else. it was terrible. and the same people then they say oh, he closed too fast. why did he close.
8:55 am
most of them said why did he close with china? that turned out to be a great move. what we did with europe, this was the time. and china, a lot of it came from when you think of what happened to europe because it was very fast and very furious, and what happened is a lot of people went from china into europe, and europe suffered tremendously. you know, you see what's going on. and so i just wanted that to stop as it pertains to the united states. and that's what we have done. we have stopped it. >> mr. president,. >> what are your plans, mr. president, about campaign rallies, about travel outside the white house? you originally had some travel on the schedule for tonight. >> we did have big rallies. we canceled one that we were thinking about doing in las vegas, as you know. and one in reno, nevada. we had one -- we had about three of them in nevada, actually. and we had four or five of them that we were thinking about. we have a big one in tampa all sold out. we had over 100,000 requests for tickets. but i think we will probably not
8:56 am
do it because people would say it's better to not do. you know, we need a little separation until such time as it goes away. it's going to go away. it's going to go away. i was watching scott this morning. and he was saying within two months. but, you know, in the meantime, we want to lose as few people as possible. so important. and what is the number as of this morning? is it 32? you could tell me. is it 32 deaths, steve, around that, think of it, the united states, because of what i did, and what the administration did with china, we have 32 deaths at this point. other countries that are smaller countries have many, many deaths. 332 is a lot. 32 is too many. when you are looking at the kind of numbers you see coming out of other countries it's pretty amazing when you think of it. so, that's it. steve, go ahead. >> [inaudible] stafford act today? >> we have things that i can do.
8:57 am
we have very strong emergency powers under the stafford act. and we -- rehaven't -- i havent memorized as to the powers in that act. if we need to do something. i have the right to do a lot of things people don't even know about. >> are you going it do that today? >> i don't want to say that. at some point it may be some of the more minor things at this point, but, you know, look, we are in great shape. compared to other places, we are in really good shape. and we want to keep it that way. that's why i did the ban with respect to europe. >> mr. president. >> emergency actions that you can take? >> i have a lot of emergency actions that i can take. >> with regard to workers, what are you looking at to help american workers. >> well, we are looking at a lot of things, including paid leave and looking at many things. make sure they are going to get their salaries. we have other workers, too. those are people that work for tips and nobody thinks about them. and we are including them in a lot of our schedules. we
8:58 am
we are also making sure the companies, which are good companies, stay solvent. have the money necessary to keep functioning. we have a lot of things that we are working on with the financial markets, and it's going to work out fine. you have to remember, the stock market as an example is still much higher than when i got here. it has taken a big hit but it will all bounce back and it's going to bounce back very big at the right time. >> reporter: for the american workers -- >> president trump: we are deciding right now. we are dealing also prior to even the stafford act with the democrats in congress. we will see what can be done. i happen to think that a payroll tax cut would be a very good idea, it really distributes it very evenly among middle-class and other workers. many workers, it would be a great thing. i happen to think it would be a great thing even beyond this, okay? so we are looking at the payroll tax cut, and that won't come
8:59 am
immediately because that is a stronger measure. but we are looking to do that, and i think at the right time congress will probably go along with it. it really is the most sensible thing. we had the biggest bankers in the world here yesterday giving their opinions. they all thought a payroll tax cut would be a good thing. it would evenly and quickly disturbed a lot of money. >> reporter: do you support the house to look at bill? >> president trump: no, there are things in there that have nothing to do with what we are talking about. it's not a way for them to get some of the goodies they haven't been able to get for the last 25 years. >> reporter:] indistinct] >> president trump: always, always. just like her by minister, always. not only welcome, loved. we have millions. what is the number now? it changes every year, gets bigger. >> about 35 million. as mike can you imagine? it's got to be one of our biggest. we love the irish. we are going to be looking
9:00 am
about, talking about that today. it's a very important part of our conversation. that's going to be actually a very important part of our conversation. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: i think there's a lack of security. if they use huawei, it's a real problem with intelligence and intelligent security. we will see what happens. we will discuss that point, too. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: can they what? >> reporter: can americans -- >> president trump: we have them very heavily tested. if an american or anybody is coming back, we are testing. we have a tremendous testing set up were people coming and have to be tested. if they are positive and they are able to get through because of -- frankly, if they are not, we are not putting them on planes if it shows positive. if they do come here, we are


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