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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  March 15, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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howie: on the buzzfeed this sunday as we are watching stories from school shutdowns to market plunges. president trump declares national emergency after speech that was widely panned by the press. >> no nation is more prepared for more resilient than the united states. >> the president's ten minutes was a complete contradiction of everything the president had said publicly prior to his ten minutes tonight. >> sort of strange, he doesn't have an easy time reading from tale -- teleprompter. i think we should all listen to
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the president. it's not about politics. >> i have never seen him give a speech and seem as nervous as he was tonight. >> thank goodness we have a president that cares about the american worker and american family and is doing everything in his power now to learn from whatever happened early on. howie: how much of the criticism is legitimate? tom hanks and his wife have coronavirus, probasketball, ncaa cancels march madness and late night shows go on hiatus. days after biden's latest win prompted media to declare the democratic race a fore gone conclusion. >> actually the democratic race
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is all but over. >> let's shut this puppy down and let's move on and worry about november. this thing is decided. no reason to keep it going. not even a day longer. >> the race is effectively over. bernie sanders has no realistic path to nomination. >> millions of bernie supporters wake up outraged and disappointed. they believe sanders had nomination stolen from him by ruthless democratic establishment fearful of change and to some extent they'll be right. howie: biden has a commanding lead, should the pundits who wrote him off be awarding him the nomination? i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ ♪ howie: president trump has repeatedly blame the media of coronavirus, the fake news media and the democrat party is doing
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everything within power, used to be greater to enflame the coronavirus situation far beyond what the facts would warrant. >> what do you say to americans that are concerned that you're not taking it seriously enough and comments don't match. >> that's cnn. howie: the president struck a different tone. >> we must put politics aside and stop the bipartisanship and unify together as one nation and one family. howie: joining us to analyze the coverage from new york ben dominic and jessica tarlov, griff jenkins. ben, with the president declaring national emergency you have colleges an schools shutting down, sports colleagues shutting down and the stock market and chaos at airports, can donald trump partially still blame the media?
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>> i think he can blame the media for some of the panic that's been induced. i don't think you can see people punching each other having access to toilet paper. looks, this is a serious situation. what's been really concerning to me in the past couple of weeks has been the number of major media figures, i think particularly of the writers at atlantic who has been praising china's response to this serious situation and lotting them as if they are something that ought to be emulated when it's everything wrong to authoritarian approach to this. the president should take this serious, but i do think that the media endanger as oppose to deal with it responsibly.
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howie: he was saying things, the virus will vanish by spring, our response is right. have events pointed pundits right? >> we are dealing with a pandemic so the stakes are much higher than they usually on when you said this or you said that and about how many people are at an inauguration versus the fact that we are to witness overflow of hospitals and months of social distancing and self-quarantining with what's going on right now. so i think that the two sides of that are actually both accurate here and i did not like to her from the president the day before his oval office address that this will just go away, and he was contradicting his health officials. that's a dangerous place to be. that's why you have these people like dr. fauci who can come out there and tell you what's going on and i did think that the
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coverage of the oval office address was warranted when you had to have 3 corrections. howie: we will get to that in a second, jessica. i want to get griff jenkins. the question he did not like from pbs. take a look. >> you said that you don't take responsibility but you did just ban the white house pandemic office and the officials that were working in that office left the administration abruptly. >> well, i just think it's a nasty question because what we have done and tony said numerous times that we have saved thousands of lives because of quick closing and when you say me, i didn't do it. howie: certainly he must have become aware of it. why is it a nasty question? griff: it's a fair question. no one in the country has lived in this, 3,000 cases, 47 deaths.
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do we have enough respirators or hospital beds? all of these things, trying to social distance, we also need to uncover any weaknesses, the president may not liked how it was asked. if we banded an office and something that we we needed to y catch-up with, we we needed to k sooner than later. howie: my question is he took a lot of criticism from the pundits and the press for answering a question that he doesn't personally take responsibility for slowliness and testing, your response to that? >> the buck stops here at a certain point. the president needs to say this
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was a situation where we had a glitch, failure in our process, one that slowed down the process of testing. testing to me is beside the point at that juncture. we need to be working on mitigation. we need to be building additional space within hospitals. we are well beyond the point where testing is a major issue that we need to be grappling with and it's a real test. people compare it to katrina or situations that have come on the president's desk before and these are the moments that test you as a leader and to the president defensiveness reads poorly in the media when he ought to be saying, look, i've already gotten to the next step of this thing. we are going to be building new hospital wings, making new space because we are anticipating the kind of patient crunch that everyone who is an expert says it's coming. howie: a test for the media as well. jessica, you were talking about
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oval office speech and the president got pounded by the prez by several errors that the white house had quickly to correct, not making clear the 30-day ban on people coming from europe didn't include american citizens or residents or cargo or trade. how can a speech this important had not been vetted more carefully? jesse: that's something that he loves to do. you saw it on friday in rose garden which was widely praiseed except q&a. so the idea of the oval office it didn't say that we are banning cargo and americans can't come home and insurance companies will be covering the cost of treatment, they will pay for the testing, i wonder if that was presidential ad lib or
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mistake in teleprompter and was seeing it for the first time which i understand we are in a pandemic situation but you need at least an hour beforehand for someone to review it, especially someone not as comfortable with teleprompter reading and has not been doing this his whole life. howie: it was a rushed speech. the dow went down 2,000 after the president's speech, got better reviews. yesterday at another of the white house briefings, i'm glad they are holding them, jarome adams told reporters, straight talk from the nation's top doctor, no more bickering, no more partisanship, i agree with the first two but no more criticism? griff: he's been out there every day and heavily on the surgeon general, dr. fauci, the experts,
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as you will, to give them one thing and one thing that americans want and that is facts, but for the surgeon telling us not to smoke, eat too much, not be telling us to not criticize the president, that's not your lane, stay out of it. howie: ben, another criticism of the president and i thought this was great, put politics aside, let us unify as a nation and one family but the next day on twitter the president chastised sleepily joe biden saying the response to swine flu in the obama administration was worst on record. that was debatable, how is going after likely democratic opponent putting politics aside? >> ben: that's something that happened in the financial crisis and something that happened in the past when there was a need to kind of step away from the partisan bickering of the moment. that's not happening here and so as long as the campaigns are
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going to continue, i think you will see the president continue to criticize joe biden and criticize democrats generally. one of the things that we need to keep in mind here is these debates are always opportunities for terrible legislation to move forward. you know, things that are disastrous get pushed through at times like this because everybody just has that kind of motivation and acceleration. howie: we have to do manager. >> we have to do something, exactly. howie: i have to move on, jessica, quick answer on this, new york times headlines earlier this week, trump's reelection chances look shakier because of the virus and impact of the economy and stock market. now that may be true but the president has default to politics. i understand campaign is not suspended but is that the thing that we should be focusing on? jesse: it's one of the things that need to be focusing on. people are stying -- deciding
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who they want as president for the next four years and that's why joe biden and bernie sanders had press. joe biden rolled that out, these are the people who would be in charge if this was a biden presidency. "the new york times" -- "the new york times" headline doesn't bother me there. howie: okay, nbc poll, 45% approve of the president's handling of the virus. quick question to you, griff, the president had been tested for coronavirus, tested negatively after he came with brazilian officials that does have the virus. he originally said, no, i won't be treat him. people we wanted to know, right? griff: of course, they do, you lead by example in these situations. that is what the president wasn't a politician before he got elected and he's shown he can learn quickly on the job.
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let's see if he takes perhaps some early stumbles in dealing with the pandemic and then things like getting the tests, getting it out there. he needs to console the nation but lead by example. we will see what comes. howie: a lot more ahead this hour. when we come back the pundits say that joe biden is essentially the democratic nominee as the coronavirus turns the campaign into a virtual show and later baseball, hockey suspend or cancel their seasons. let's get down to business.
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everybody wins. now that's simple, easy, awesome. say "xfinity sports zone" into your voice remote today. ithat car is one of mine. and soon, it's going to be one of theirs. but they would have never even known it existed. if it weren't for the power of targeted tv advertising. it's smart. it grabs people's attention. it works. it's why comcast spotlight is changing its name to effectv. because being effective means getting results. howie: joe biden as the defacto nominee but only half of delegates have been awarded after he racked up major victories in missouri, mississippi and especially
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michigan. both candidates canceling rallies. >> lack of trust in this president fueled by adversary relationships with the truth. >> unfortunately in this time of international crisis it is clear to me at least that we have an administration that is largely incompetent. howie: georgia postponing primary, ben domenech, is this the coronavirus campaign? >> it really is. we can expect to see kind of a return to 1920's era front-porch campaigns where you have the media coming to the candidate as oppose to them going out and doing rally that is we have seen them do in recent years. this is going to be a real test of america's faith in row of
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candidates and be in risk pool in terms of people likely to acquire the coronavirus which is why the president got tested this week. you know, i think between joe biden and bernie sanders there's going to be a lot of real testing within the next coming weeks about the kind of faith that america has in them to lead our institutions and whether they're willing to roll the dice on really a revolutionary approach to them which is the kind of thing that sanders is really trying to put out there. clearly there's been a push on the part of the democratic establishment to close ranks around joe biden. howie: let me get to that a second. i want to ask jessica, seems strange that campaign trail has no trail to cover and cnn debate tonight was going to be in phoenix and now in washington studio with no audience. how does this affect the press coverage of the campaign? jesse: well, people will be
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spinning the wheels about how novel the campaign is. reporters will have to find other things to talk about, side show things. people did look forward to seeing everybody up there together or going to a rally or having an opportunity to meet your candidate. that isn't going to happen anymore so biden and bernie really need to continue to put themselves in people's faces as much as they can in whatever virtual way so people don't forget it's an election year while they are freaking out about personal health. howie: seems like six months ago that joe biden won -- >> jessica: it's crazy. howie: should journalists be declaring the race over? is that going too far? ben: i think it is going too far. there's still a number of things that could happen.
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the climate here and the conversation has changed dramatically over the course of the last month, who is to say that this is not a situation where bernie sanders can go and mount a comeback in a number of different areas, but i do think this is a situation where the leadership in democrat party closed ranks around joe biden, made a clear decision that this is what they were going to do this cycle, that they were not willing to go with a revolutionary movement surrounding bernie sanders and frankly bernie has lost a lot of the kind of momentum that he had in the past by appealing to working-class americans. they really peeled off particularly in michigan and supported joe biden in ways that they didn't last time around and i think that's just a demonstration of how much his own message shifted away from the class-base appeal that he had advocated for for years to one that was appealing more to progressivism from advocates and those who acting surrogates.
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howie: biden wins millions of votes, hundreds of thousands of votes in the last couple of weeks. a lot of speculation of whether he would drop out. he said he was losing the delegate war, he said he was losing the electability argument , but at the same time why should we listen to all the very smart media geniuses who said a few weeks ago that biden was toast and should get rid of the race. jessica: james carville has been consistent on this. i don't like the idea pushing bernie out before his time if he's going to do it appropriately and we still don't know if that's the case. i believe that after tuesday joe biden will have insurmountable lead and it'll be clear to bernie supporters what's going on. i think that bernie sanders knows that joe biden will be our nominee and wants to make sure that his supporters turn out in
8:23 am
november for biden and so he wants to show up and he wants to do the debate and be on ballot on tuesday and once it's crystal clear he can say, guys, we tried, we need to unify, getting donald trump out of the office is most important thing. he's blamed by a lot of people in 2016. we have to go. everybody wash your hands. howie: stuff happens as we are learning from the virus campaign. jessica tarlov, ben domenech from new york. ahead more on the media challenging covering this fast-moving crisis, but up next katie kirk joins criticism and donald trump weighs in on the cable news wars.
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transitions light under control. ♪ upbeat music transitions signature gen 8, available now in 4 new style colors. transitions. howie: cnbc rick santeli went
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off on viewers that maybe it's better to give it to everybody and in a month it would be over. after a storm of criticism giving it to everyone in america rick said this? >> it was a stupid thing to say. the idea of something so absurd, i just i apologize and i apologize everyone on the segment and my peers at cnbc, we will get through this, we are resilient but even if one life is affected, i do apologize for my insensitivity. howie: well, i agree with everything santelli just said, how do you make a crazy suggestion like that? criticism why didn't she self-quarantine? my interaction was a 90-second conversation with an asymptomatic person and involved
8:28 am
no physical contact. she checked with her doctor and finally she tweeted this, i'll be working from home and making sure if i am not feeling well, i will go to the doctor. of course, we are glad to hear she doesn't have any symptoms. amidst of coronavirus crisis president trump tweeted about cable ratings, "fox & friends" blue competition of morning joe which did poorly on msdnc and cnn's new day. total blowout but that's what you get when you treat trump fairly. >> he just tweeted about our show. donald, i've asked you this for years, donald, please don't watch our show.
8:29 am
it's better for you. we think it's better for america that you just keep watching "fox & friends". howie: hey, fox could use that in advertising. i suspect the president will ignore the advice from msnbc and often finds time to watch all the shows or at least excerpts. how networks are doing business? is the virus debate overshadowed by partnership? renewable natural gas led chevron to partner with california bioenergy. working to provide an alternative source of power... ...for a cleaner way forward.
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howie: there's a fierce media divide and whether the trump administration's has been way too slow or criticism is way too harsh. people you trust, people you voted for have spent weeks minimizing a very serious problem and that was wrong because the virus is a major event. joining us from new york buck
8:33 am
sexton and here in washington mara liasson. what they view as trump administration slow response or the coverage of the virus itself is partially to blame for undermining the president? take your pick. buck: i think the media has focused on areas that's understandable. dr. fauci, for example, big issue here about is the administration listening to experts, let's hear from the experts and also are you taking the actions they want. fauci says, for example, there's a testing, but on the travel ban, for example, there were a lot of press reports early on, analysts and other people suggesting that that wasn't a good idea including ron, obama's
8:34 am
ebola tsar. so we have to play it fair. howie: there's an element of truth because critics in the press are using this as club to beat him. >> sure, the president supporters are saying see, the media is out to get him. you want to read the newspapers or listen to mainstream organizations you will find a lot of information about the virus, important information to the extent that we know what it's about and what it's going to do. i think there's been tremendous high-quality journalism done on this unprecedented crisis and, yes, there's also been partisan and i think from the president and from his enemies. howie: both sides. it's hard to keep up.
8:35 am
we have to give the public about their community. this is a news story, market meltdown, panic travelers overseas and just how dangersly he has fumbled his management of coronavirus, management, go ahead. buck: this is where you see media drilling down on things that they can use as an attack against the president that aren't necessarily as important as they are making it seem. i think there's exaggeration of how bad the speech was. i mean, there were a couple of errors made in the speech and clarified right away. it's good the president gave a much better speech and brought a lot of people, experts on friday and markets reacted as expected. we would like there to be a sense across the board and i think mara's point, if there's ever a time when there should be
8:36 am
petty partisan when we are in the midst of a pandemic and i don't think that everybody has been playing fair and straight on that one and there's been efforts to assist biden or bernie campaigns a bit and people look at this and say, can the press just not -- can they put away the cheap attacks for a little bit, some have, some haven't. i say a lot more need to. howie: okay, there was a more serious tone to that speech and that was a good thing. the president talked about partnering with google and google ask -- is making tremendous progress. well, it's actually a pilot program for the san francisco area. mara: the president said this, this is what google said this.
8:37 am
aha, the president made a mistake and he's proven to be horrible. the people are going to decide in november what they think of the president's leadership through this crisis. he's going to be judged like every other president who has faced a crisis has been judged. howie: i think we all need to rise to the occasion and in in cases it is not happening. there's been goo-solid journalism. a cultural note here. same hour wednesday when we found out the nba was suspending its season. the president gave the speech and we learned that tom hanks and his wife rita wilson, he's filming a movie in australia, contracted the virus, such a nice guy by all accounts. i've met him, seem like a nice guy. there's a picture of them. is he the face of the crisis because most of the victims aren't very well known? buck: yes, it brought it home
8:38 am
for people. tom hanks story breaking right within minutes it felt, that's when i saw it and also the nba cancellation. the nba player, that happened, tom hanks all of a sudden. when you see somebody that's globally famous actor who comes down with this has to quarantine, it makes every realize that this can happen to everyone because there are people walking around still i'm thinking i'm young and healthy and not near outbreak zone. the truth is no one knows where the outbreak zones. tom hanks has done public service and makes everyone realize this is for real. howie: he was in australia and therefore he would be tested. mara: celebrity impact was the most important part but it allows hey, what's australia
8:39 am
doing because the prime minister did such a bad job on the fires, he made really sure he -- >> howie: thank you, both. the cancellation of march madness and spring training are hitting us so hard. we look at the damage of prosports and the networks that carry them.
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howie: when first major bombshell dropped reporter got news from reporters. >> astounding and unprecedented story continues to evolve. at half time he tweeted within the past 2 minutes that the nba is suspending the season. howie: major league baseball drops spring training and boom, ncaaa canceling march madness. the pga postponing golf tournament and canceling 3 events. joining us from new york, jared max. obviously, jared, a blow to espn, a blow to fox sports 1 and cbs which carry it is march madness tournament. what do they show in the meantime and how does it affect people like you that cover sports for a living? jared: that's a good question.
8:44 am
good morning, howie, i'm on fox news 24/7. what would we talk about a week from now when we don't have results? and i going to be talking about my neighbor? no, that's not the way to go. with the sports world took a great pause for a period about 6 days before action came back and even longer in new york. sports reporters might find themselves they are becoming news reporters now. we are still people. this creates fan that's opportunity for sports program and bring people together here. after 911 i remember listening to local sports talk radio and it was the most compelling sports talk radio i had ever heard in new york city and it was sports fans, sports fans are people too as are athletes and we are all going through this together and while i'm not die
8:45 am
to go put on the tv to watch sports and older generation might want to watch classic events, we are seeing that on the networks, whether espn's networks or nbc sports or, of course, fox sports 1. fsn will be canceling live shows until friday. more than anything in recent years it bothers the living daylight out of me that younger generation sports fan doesn't have knowledge of history. here is an opportunity to bring the sports talk conversation almost to television, so we can have studio hosts who are introducing and saying, hey, while we are all going through this, let's have a discussion, who is the greatest basketball player of all time. let's watch this, let's watch this on bill russell.
8:46 am
howie: but as you just proved sports talkers can talk about anything. but a broader question, how much does this tear of the fabric of america? not everybody is a sports fan but everybody gets in office pool for march madness and the communities, local teams are part of civic identities, what do you see the impact there and i will make it a two-part question because you talk long, how does sports come back if they are off the air not playing for months? maybe some fans drift away. >> when the ice cream shops open again that's what it'll feel like. sports is something that keeps us cool, keeps us calm, enjoying and people to have hobbies who are spending a lot of time at home. i was thinking this morning driving in along the west side highway and noticing that for every vehicle there's somebody outside running out on a path. people are taking precaution and
8:47 am
as we continue to go with the new norm, well, let's see brackets of who is the greatest ncaa champion of all time. put that together. we have to be thinking out of the box, this doesn't just shut down and our lives do continue and we will get through this. howie: there was talk about having the gym and overlooked that basketball is a contact sport and then you have all the people out of work who clean stadiums and that sort of thing? jared: great tend was -- trend by kevin love and others are following, why are the players doing this? well, the players have a big opportunity to spread goodness around and it's contagious. as comedian chris rock said,
8:48 am
shaq is wealthy and the guy who signs his check is wealthier. howie: good luck deciding what you will talk about next week. appreciate it. jared: we will find something news. howie: many shows dropping their audiences, personal impact on the coronavirus affect the media's coverage let's get down to business.
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howie: media world has been rocked by the virus, fox sports 1 suspended in-studio programming for a while. fox business put two prime shows on hiatus, fox and other outlets are urging staffers to work from
8:52 am
home and the situation more dire at cbs headquarters in new york where there's no choice. >> cbs news has two known cases of coronavirus so we have closed our new york broadcast center to clean and disinfect the premises like a lot of folks we are not working from home but working from another home here in washington. howie: ap closed washington bureau after one journalist showed virus symptoms and morning shows are going without live audiences. ♪ ♪ howie: and soon after steven colbert was running around his show put on two-week hiatus, we are back with griff jenkins. no colbert just when we need more laughs. griff: losing that one thing that, you know, helps us survive
8:53 am
which is humor, it's be a tough loss. howie: cnn put this out for tonight biden-sanders debate. the podiumses are 6 feet apart in accordance with cbs guidelines. so many encouraging staffers to work from home, it's affecting our lives not to mention the kids in schools and all of that, how much could that change our approach to coverage or the tone of the coverage because it seems more serious when you're affected? griff: of course, what you want news organizations to do is to go to place where is the stories are happening. in this case the story is happening in the self-quarantined and we were talking off the air, it may be technology saves us a little bit on my phone as do many reporters and allow me and i've done this in the field record where i am. the cost of what that does in
8:54 am
terms of not getting information firsthand accounts, be eyes and ears to the public, i don't know. howie: things have changed and the white house and understandable reporters have their temperature taken. if it's too high -- there was one reporter that was denied because 99 -- not a fever but 99-degree temperature. the capitol essentially closed to public. you and i can get in but will people be more weary and all the things go through your mind. griff: absolutely. just in the last 10 minutes we saw a report that another staffer in capitol hill office has tested positive so you will see, i think, people taking it if you weren't paying attention now, you should be and capitol hill is not immune to this.
8:55 am
howie: before the virus, griff, we follow the news on twitter, e-mail people for comments instead of talking to them on the phone rather than going to offices and i feel like i mentioned about the campaign. no campaign trail. what did you think of the speech or the president and again understandable, we have to worry about health and safety of colleagues. more sort of sitting in an air-conditioning studio and not actually talking to people and i'm worried talking out to people. begin grin the -- griff: the 20-somethings are not getting sick or affected, perhaps they are suited to get through it better. howie: i wonder, who knows how long this will go on, maybe a few weeks or a few months but
8:56 am
whether or not this will usher in permanent changes in media business because less costly than sending reporters to troubled spots. if you're a guy that covers hurricanes and things like that, riots, border tensions, there really is no substitute for being there and yet we have to stay safe, we have half a minute. griff: life is going to change and we have permanent changes but being on the scene particularly for natural disasters, that can't change, there's no other way to do it. howie: we are spending a lot more quality time with our kids, griff jenkins, great to see you, thanks for coming on short notice. griff: get the board games ready. howie: that's it for this edition of media buzz. let's continue the conversation on twitter at howard kurtz, check out podcast media buzz meter, we talk about this a lot and you can subscribe apple itunes, google play or fox news i looked at the front pages of "the new york times" and washington post, every story is
8:57 am
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arthel: fox news alert, growing concerns about the battle to contain coronavirus with chaos erupting at many of the nation's biggest airports as the number of cases spikes in the u.s. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: nearly 3,000 people across the country who are infected with coronavirus, so far 57 people have died. the white house announcing president trump while he has tested negative for the virus after meeting last week with two people who later tested positive. now on this sunday some are calling for stronger measures here at home to fight coronavirus. dr


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