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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 15, 2020 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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arthel: fox news alert as we await the latest update from the white house, coronavirus task force in about 2 hours from now. there's chaos and confusion at u.s. airports where returning travelers face new ramped up medical screening. the latest numbers nearly 60 u.s. deaths from covid-19 and nearly 3,000 cases worldwide more than 350 cases and 5700 deaths. eric: hello, arthel, i'm eric sean. we are expecting news conferences from boston to california and virginia. we will bring them to you as authorities describe and deal
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with the coronavirus outbreak. as per at the time and officials in washington they do promise that testing will become widely available. the outbreak changes so much that we are doing american life to empty bars, theaters, dr. anthony fauci who has become a trusted person that we have been listening to in this nation, he's been part of the task force. he said that he should plan on things getting worse before they get better. >> i think we should really be overly aggressive and get criticized for overreacting. i think americans should be prepared that they are going to have to hunker down significant ly more than we as a country are doing. >> the hunkering has begun, kristin fisher has the latest. hi, kristin. kristin: in washington, d.c. the major announced strict
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guidelines, all venues to close, bars, taverns, they are allowed to stay open only if they follow these new rules. no bar seating, no serving, standing patrons. tables and booth separated by 6 feet. all of that for social distancing. one example of what's happening in one city but new guidelines like this are popping up and being implemented all over the country. in new jersey the major has gone to far to enact curfew, all residents to stay in homes unless there's an emergency or unless their employer requires them to work. same in puerto rico which is taking additional steps for closing businesses, except for super markets, gas stations and banks. the biggest hot spots for the coronavirus continue to be washington state, california and
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new york, but the numbers are growing across the country. nearly 3,000 americans have tested positive and that number is only expected to rise as the country's ability to test for the virus accelerates. the death toll here in the u.s. is now at least 57 people. so many people are now working from home. millions of students are out of school. the list of closures and cancellations simply too great to list. dr. fauci as you just heard, eric, the government's top infectious disease expert, he said today to all americans be prepared to hunker down this maybe only the beginning, eric. eric: wise words and a warning that we should all heed, kristin, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric, there's breaking news at the this hour, lax police officer tested positive for covid-19 as major airports see long lines at their international terminals. thousands of americans are returning from abroad and facing new coronavirus screening
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protocols. let's go to marianne rafferty live on lax and she has more on the story, marianne. >> hi, aarthel, we are at the arrivals terminal at lax. we are seeing steady stream of passengers coming periodically. not as much as yesterday but people that we talked to are reporting, getting feeling of chaos, we did hear from president trump responding to some of the chaos people were reporting. he tweeted this, he said, we are doing very precise medical screening at our airports, pardon the interruptions and delays and we are moving as quickly as possible, we must get it right, safety first. very reassuring words from our president but we were approached by a family yesterday who had just come back from sweden. they are actually u.s. citizens trying to make it home. mother was distraught at how the screening process went. she had twin girls and trying to
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keep them safe only to land at lax and be put in a room to what she said were hundreds of other passengers standing shoulder to shoulder for hours and similar scenes like the one here at lax at other airports around the country, chicago mare lori light foot blasting the federal government for what she call ad lack of planning. >> strong concerns and disappointment for the federal government's lack of prepared ness. [inaudible] >> now, also at dfw airport in texas, crowds reporting that they're waiting for several hours during the screening process for covid-19 prompting texas governor greg abbott to tweet this out today, quote, unacceptable and i'm working to get it fixed. i have spoken to officials in charge of this, the head of homeland security, they are working 24/7 to add personnel and make other changes to fix this asap. now, again, back here at lax, we
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just had a passenger approach us. she came back from the philippines she said, but she was surprised that no one really screened her. she said no one asked her where she had been, been before she came back from the philippines and she thought she felt that should have asked are you okay, she came from the philippines, not one of those countries that are right now on the radar of customs. arthel: seems to be lacking organization. hey, marianne, right before we went on the air we got word that lax police officer had tested positive for coronavirus. have you had a chance to source out any information? i know that you are waiting to go live, do you have any further details? >> that's something we are working at. we are trying to get more information about that and here i don't have my gloves on. i have been trying to protect myself as is everyone here and that's all we can do. it's rattling to know that there
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was a case detected here but we are trying to get information on that. i'm sure that the authorities are on top of it and as soon as we hear something, we will definitely bring it to you. arthel: okay, marianne, fair enough. right now we will go to virginia where governor ralph northam will update of the coronavirus in his state. >> that's james city county, williamsburg, hampton and york county. to be clear, these local governments will continue to provide services, picking up trash, sheriff's department, et cetera, this closure will limit contact with people as we work to stop the spread of the virus in our community. i thank the government officials for taking this important step. this is consistent with direction we have given state agencies to plan for remote
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working as much as possible. i want virginians to understand we are taking this seriously and so should they. we have declared a state of emergency. we have closed k through 12 schools across our common wealth. we have restricted visitors at nursing homes and correctional facilities and limited state employee travel. earlier today, we announced public announcement over statewide. we ask people to use common sense. that means events that bring together more than 100 in a single room or a single confined space at the same time in the room to spread out. it means events outside of the normal course of daily life.
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parades or festivals and gatherings and auditoriums and conferences. it does not mean, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores or other retail establishments. what we are trying to achieve here is distancing that experts tell us is critical to stopping the spread of the virus. we all want to end this pandemic and everything we hear from the experts tells us that slowing the spread is critical to keeping more virginians healthy and ensuring what we do does not overload our healthcare system, so i urge virginians, particularly those in places where there are known outbreaks such as the peninsula to please stay home. if you're going to a crowded bar or a large church full of
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people, i would urge you to rethink those plans. ask yourself if it's really that important that you go out right now. social distancing now can save lives later. these are critical steps to reduce and slow the spread of this virus. i will now turn this over to our state health commissioner dr. norm oliver to update us on the latest developments. dr. oliver, thank you. >> thank you, governor. as the governor said in his opening remarks, we have 45 cases of covid-19 in the common wealth at present. when we identify a case we do what we call contact investigation and we are looking into hundreds of contacts of these cases to trace down any new cases and to isolate them when we find them. there will be new cases, we know that. in particular we are very
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concerned about the outbreak in the peninsula region. as the governor mentioned there are 8 identified cases an upwards of close to 300 contacts that we are doing investigations on from those cases. we are also very concerned about the likelihood of actual community spread of covid-19, the virus that causes covid-19 in the peninsula region. and for all those reasons we are going full court press on trying to identify those cases while ahead of time and isolate them as we do identify them. we have currently at state lab somewhere between around 500 to 600 tests available that would be for individual patients depending on how many specimens
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come in from each patient and as you know private labs have come online and increased ability to provide testing to people in the common wealth and across the country. many tests are pending and we will keep you informed as new results come in. thank you. arthel: dr. norman oliver there and before him the governor there of virginia ralph northham giving us update, 45 confirmed cases in virginia, the governor ordering all schools in virginia to be closed for at least 2 weeks, that's going to start on monday. also there will be reduced public transportation in virginia again beginning monday. so it is affecting all states, eric. eric: well, we just heard from virginia governor northam, about
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to hear from andrew cuomo. do we have the clip of governor cuomo? >> we are looking at a new war that no one has seen before. this is a case of first impression for this nation. we have never fought a virus like this with this potential consequence. so plan forward, plan forward. eric: that's what the governor is urging the nation to do, plan forward. lieutenant governor of delaware bethany, you're a registered nurse, professor of nursing at the university of delaware in charge of your state's health system. you have -- your state has 6 cases so far all believed to be cluster from the university of delaware. do you know what the origin is, you know, who these people are and how they became infected?
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>> it's a pleasure to be with you today. we do know that there was a cluster in the newark, delaware area and i'm sure we will get additional cases as the case across the country. every day we are getting news update and we are being fluid in our state. it was an individual and many of them were at a party out of state and came back to the campus and so i'm very proud of the place of the university and the measures that they've put in place. eric: we just heard governor andrew cuomo talking about going forward and never faced something like this before. you've got a drive-thru testing site in wilmington, how did you set that up and how is it going? >> you know, our state before we talk about the drive-thru, i just want to mention lieutenant governor association and talking to other lieutenant governors across the country, you know, we
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are working with our governors with both public health agencies, emergency management systems, measures in place and one size doesn't fit all for each state. we are very fortunate, delaware is small and we have a fabulous health system with hospitals and our partner health systems have stepped up and one of them did as such in our state which offered and then after listening public health concerns of drive through domestic criteria that we only had individual that is were coming with a fever or respiratory problems. we certainly didn't want to do mass but that is something that the message we are trying to get across the country. eric: what are you hearing from them?
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the basic aim is to try and keep the wave of surge into the hospital systems down as much as possible because officials say the healthcare system is not prepared. enormous numbers could occur in we don't take the action now. >> right, you heard the governor of virginia was eloquently stating encouraging individuals to do social distancing those in businesses who could assess do remote working. let's face it all across the country recognize government can't do it alone. it's a community effort and so our state of emergency here put in place gatherings of 100 or less encouraging our faith-base communities to do remote services and really making sure we have those resources so that when we are at a surge we do
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have the capacity in our hospital beds and it's important that professor of school nursing that we take precautions. this is real and as you heard earlier it could get much worse before it could get better. eric: from your experience as a nurse, when you talk to your foe colleagues and we have such gratitude and thanks to all of them around the front lines, what would you like to see, what do you think as a country and as people should do that we are not doing now and what are your words of advice? >> i think my words of advice we have been hearing from others, but it really is so important that we take precautionary measures and no go out if you're sick and not go to work and go to emergency services if you're having the high fever and respiratory problems. do simple measures of washing your hands. 20 second warm water soap, sing
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happy birthday to yourself twice and listening to public health leaders and emergency management providers and what we are trying to do is support those messages. eric: got it right here. purell, use this a lot and urge people to wash their hands and take those steps tonight. i imagine stay home if you can do that and just like lay low. >> stay home -- yeah. cover when you cough. really simple things. cover when you cough and, again, staying home and checking in on those who are isolated. certify a social society and it's tough to be home. it's so important from a public health perspective. eric: that certainly is.
12:19 pm
elderly friend or family, give them a call and check in. lieutenant governor of the state of delaware, thank you for your time and advice and for your work. >> thank you. eric: of course. arthel: sign of extraordinary times pope francis blessing st. peters square as coronavirus devastates italy. that's up next. n't offer that. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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eric: update on coronavirus outbreak in 2 hours from now, 5:00 p.m. eastern. we will, of course, bring that to you live when that does happen. earlier this afternoon the president, the white house position said he tested negative for the virus. the president was on a conference call with executives from the nation's grocery stores. we have seen shelves empty by people panic buying, cleaning out the alcohol, toilet paper, et cetera, et cetera. mark meredith live at the white house but then coming the next morning. mark: that's a big concern for people when they see store
12:24 pm
shelves empty. the white house tells us that the president has wrapped up a call with a number of executives from america's largest companies making sure foods in shelves, cosco, target, wal-mart, the president getting a chance to speak with the executives within the last hour or so. we are told the call wrapped up. but so many questions of what's going to happen today but other stores like apple and nike suspend operations. we asked the president about this yesterday, here is what he had to say to that question. >> i think it's frankly it's good if they do it. i think it's just fine. ii want to keep people away, jut keep them away. when it gets better, people are going and buying things and i understand that. mark: the white house also said it's adapting to the new economic reality that americans and businesses, secretary
12:25 pm
mnuchin speaking and been in contact with several senators as they consider package that the house passed last week. mnuchin said additional relief will be needed by those hit hardest by the virus. >> there's no question that the travel industry has been imamounted like we have never seen before. the president is determined that we will use whatever tools we have and whatever tools we need we will go to congress and get. mark: the white house also adapting to new reality here as we saw yesterday when members of the white house press corp. had temperatures taken before briefing with the president and vice president and also members of the staff had temperatures taken as well out of precaution. we also learned from the president himself that he had taken a test for covid-19 and
12:26 pm
came negative. he wrote, quote, one week after dinner with brazilian delegation in mar-a-lago the president remains symptom free. we are encouraging the implementation of all exposure reduction and transmission mitigation. we are expecting another update here at the white house at 5:00 o'clock hours and we will see if temperatures get checked. we are more than 90 minutes out from that happening. also mentioned that the president has been busy on twitter. has something to do with former national security adviser michael flynn considering possible pardon for flynn. something that we will be watching throughout the afternoon. eric: we will have the news conference an hour and a half live. arthel: world leaders are coming together to discuss coronavirus
12:27 pm
response. french president emmanuel macron, g7 countries will have a conference call tomorrow. this after president trump announced a travel ban on 28 countries which he has now expanded to the uk and ireland. joining me now former white house director of global engagement threat, bret, thank you very much for being here today. you were the director of global engagement in the obama administration, so first, if you could start by explaining to us the choreography involved in global coordination in the face of a pandemic. >> strong steady leadership. unfortunately up until this point i think what we have seen
12:28 pm
has been a fairly uneasy and uncomfortable position. there's a need for coordination, communication, that's where the president and his team need to be focused on. arthel: here we are what sort of global coordination takes place at this point, who should take charge. emmanuel macron is calling for the conference tomorrow. can we begin to catch up on worldwide coordination efforts at this time? >> i think it's important for the audience to understand that we don't get out of this crisis there has to be level of cooperation. we can make progress only to see it backslide if we are not
12:29 pm
cooperating with other countries. the president got tested for coronavirus and the test have given negative results and he has to learn from that and it's unfortunately that he's tweeting about michael flynn when the country's focus needs to be on solving the problem and saving lives. arthel: meanwhile you know the hours after european travel ban went into effect midnight friday eastern time the uk and ireland has been added to the list yesterday. you see the chaos happening, o'hare, americans coming home from europe that prompted the illinois governor to tweet this, he says, the federal government needs -- she has asked faa to
12:30 pm
stagger flights because you have customs and border protection officials there. on friday, bret, they began enhanced screening for arriving passengers that currently by the way travel returning from europe and can only fly to 13 airports in the u.s. all that said, how do we ease the pain at the airports? >> well, i think it's reflective what we are seeing at the airports of somewhat disjointed effort that comes from the national security council where i served and all the way down through agencies and departments. they ought to have been staggering the flights and keeping people separated until they were able to test them for their temperature and we need to see stronger leadership, we need to see more proactive steps being taken, you heard it from dr. anthony fauci this morning on the morning shows, that he really is emphasizing, we need to be more aggressive, we can't
12:31 pm
always be behind the ball on this otherwise we are going to see the spread of this virus on a scale i think that is rather unprecedented. arthel: this puts global coordination and foreign policy at the forefront of the ballot box issues for the november presidential election. either of the democratic candidates appear to have sure footing in this area? >> well, you know, i have a piece out this morning, business insider how bernie sanders is really failing when it comes to articulate anything and i think this crisis puts in stark relief those failings in the sanders campaign to take seriously national security. arthel: all right, i'm up against the clock. i have to leave it there and i appreciate your expertise and information that you decimated in this interview, thank you very much, bret. >> thank you. eric: coronavirus sideline pro
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arthel: well, europe has replaced china as epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic according to world health organization and the hardest hit country in europe is italy where the entire country is on lockdown. hospitals in italy are near the breaking point with some at full capacity unable to admit new patients. the death rate there is doubled the worldwide average at 7%. amy kellogg is live in florence, italy right now with the very latest from there, amy. >> yeah, we are still not exactly sure why that is, arthel. of course, italy does have old
12:37 pm
population and we had the highest death toll 368 fatalities, 2800 new infections and this concern just grow about how much more the healthcare system particularly in northern italy can take this as an italian paratrooper flies flag in rome today in gesture of solidarity, great showings of patriotism, calls for people to buy italy when they do go out to shop and becoming clear that everyone around the world is coming together. pope francis slipped out of confinement to pray in santa maria madore. he prayed for an end to the pandemic and this after just ahead of easter he said that holy week will be marked without
12:38 pm
congregation this year, thank you, we have breaking news. arthel: we do, thank you very much, amy kellogg. what we will do take everyone to ohio where governor mark dewane giving update. >> but what to me is particularly interesting is when you look at first case in st. louis, october 5th, they started ordering social distancing october 7, 2 days later. here first case in philadelphia september 17th, they didn't move until october 3rd. so you've got 16 days here. 2 days here, and so the point is that sometimes when we are asked why are we moving, why are we doing this now, we still have a
12:39 pm
relatively small number of people who have been confirmed to have coronavirus and the answer is dr. atkin pointed out this also lags behind and the confirmations are behind and so we have consulted every expert that we can find and read everything we can read and so again we are relying in the decisions that we make on what we know and the best available scientific data that we can get our hands on. this morning pretty early i started getting some emails and texts from people in different locations in ohio and each one
12:40 pm
that sent me something actually sent a picture were concerned about the crowded bars in their area last night. we talked about and we've set a limit of 100 people and we've talked a lot in the last few days about social distancing and the necessity of people remaining apart from each other, at least 6 feet. we also are learning and we continue to learn as this moves forward how contagious this coronavirus is. several things i've read indicate it's twice as contagious as the flu. we also know that it's much, much more deadlier than the flu. so the social distancing is -- is absolutely vitally, vitally
12:41 pm
important. after looking at this picture and hearing from people, literally from the valley to cleveland, to southern ohio and all the same story. the concern that i have and the people who are contacting me is that one of our happier days of the year, st. patrick's day is coming up and we are 2 days away from st. patrick's day. st. patrick's day when people get together and crowd into bars and so based upon all of this and based upon the fact of where we are at this point and this pandemic, we are literally at a crucial, crucial stage.
12:42 pm
dr. atkin will be signing an order that all bars in the state and all restaurants will close at 9:00 o'clock tonight. how long this order will be in effect, we don't frankly know. eric: governor talking about the case, 36 cases so far of coronavirus detected and diagnosed in ohio. he's talking about bars and restaurants, something across the country there's been a lot of talk especially last saturday night and a few moments ago boston mayor declared public health emergency in his city. he's imposing restrictions on restaurants and bars have cut capacity by 50% where we are seeing that around the country. make sure no lines are formed outside, bars and restaurants have to close by 11:00 p.m. so there's a curfew there. hoboko, new jersey restricted a
12:43 pm
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eric: the sports world shut down by coronavirus, the national basket bale association, major league baseball, national hockey league and major league soccer all suspending play. nacca march madness tournaments, that's been canceled and the masters postponed. forecaster fox fuse contributor jim gray joins us. jim, the inspiration of sports, beauty, diversion, now we stay at home, i guess, we are in self-isolation. we will read, i know, but we don't have the greatest inspiration in sports to carry us through the next few weeks. >> that's really a shame because that's one of the things that really brings us together,
12:48 pm
brings communities together and people love the see the excellence of these guys perform. that's really going to be a major hole and gap in our society but, of course, it's the right move right now. you to protect the public and you can't allow the gatherings and so the athletes are going to be missed and the games are going to be missed. we will have to take in more movies and read more books and i guess listen to more music. eric: exactly, talk to each other and this sort of thing, get the kids off the phone and all that, but, you know, sports there this and after it ends, which it will, we will get through this, mark piazza, let me show you the picture right after 911, first baseball game played, walk-off home run, the jersey, the bat up in coopers town. i expect they'll be type of moments, won't be able to relive this and use this at some point hopefully sooner than later. >> absolutely we will and sports will be great inspiration.
12:49 pm
just remember back to that amazing arizona diamondbacks-new york yankees world series 4 to 5 weeks after baseball resume today play and the inspiration that that was and the first pitch thrown out by president bush and the moment of chills that that gave everybody and seeing the yankees win that game and baseball so they had responsibility and obligation and if you go back president roosevelt said you know what, during world war ii we are going to act as though we have to continue with society, grief for those who we have lost and we will be very concerned about those who are away but we are going to play baseball and so all of these sports as they come back, the nba, college basketball and unfortunately that opportunity has now passed for the season but the masters if they can reschedule it or golf tour will resume and all of these other sports, the baseball season which has been pushed back. that will give us some inspiration, that will give us the hope and that will bring us back together.
12:50 pm
eric: what do you predict? how do you think this will roll out? if they put reruns of great games, we can watch that too. >> well, i don't know how it's going to play out. nobody really knows, nobody knows which way the virus is going and how long it can last and do to those affected. we had a third nba player test positive last night. there's been a college play e even though that tournament is not taking place that's tested positive. i'm sure it's pervasive across all sports unfortunately and we will have to see where it goes and how these people recover and what takes place as things move on and nobody has the crystal ball in projection of time. we do have the ability to know that all of this will get better at some point just god knows when. eric: yeah, just wait for the first pitch for now. all of us in this together, jim, thank you for your thoughts. >> good to be with you. arthel: eric and jim, it could be the final faceoff between joe biden and bernie sanders and their debate tonight will take
12:51 pm
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arthel: joe biden and bernie sanders getting ready for first
12:55 pm
one-on-one debate. peter with the story, hi, peter. peter: joe biden urging supporters not to go to ballot box on tuesday and finding other ways to support him. absentee or vote by mail options are best way and tonight's debate one that bernie sanders was one reason for him to stay in the race. >> well, looking forward for this debate a number of reasons not the least it's a 2-person debate. i have a problem with debates that turn into food fights with 7 people or more and trying to get the sound bite that the media will pick up on. a 2-hour debate is good for the
12:56 pm
country. peter: the debate was supposed to be in front of live phoenix audience and dnc said no live audience and scratched the whole thing and in dc studio. arthel. arthel: all right, peter doocy, thank you very much. eric. eric: arthel, schools and businesses shutting down amid coronavirus pandemic. officials are warning, yeah, that things could get worse before they could get better. what to do, what could come next and how we better protect ourselves? we will get through this. we are americans. this is the usa. just stay safe. we will be right back. e! time to double down when the captain is callin'. captain d's. stays at
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libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at eric: the coronavirus latest, a briefing from vice president mike pence and the white house task force expected to happen one hour from now. we will bring you that and state and local updates from chicago and california among them. as the nation this afternoon ramps up our defenses against the threat. the latest numbers for you, more than 150,000 cases across the globe, at least 5,000 deaths and climbing while in our country nearly 3,000 cases diagnosed causing at least 57 deaths so far. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. efforts are underway to stop the spread from coast to coast, as eric pointed out, cities and
1:01 pm
states adding new restrictions as returning americans overwhelm international airports, where medical screenings is being ramped up at lax, an airport police officer testing positive for the virus. health experts say this could get worse before it gets better. here's dr. anthony fauci on fox news sunday earlier. >> we've got to admit it, we could be overwhelmed. are we going to have a worse case scenario? i don't think so. i hope not. things are going to get worse before they get better, but the kinds of things we're doing now will hopefully mitigate that. arthel: we have fox news team coverage on the pandemic. dan springer on the situation at grocery stores that have been hit by panic buyers. mary anne raferty is live at lax. mark meredith at the white house. but first kristen fisher live in washington. kristen? >> arthel, the biggest hot spots continue to be washington state, california, and new york. but the numbers are really just
1:02 pm
growing all over the country. the death toll here in the u.s. is now at least 57 people. the vast majority in washington state. california has five. florida four. new york two, new jersey, south dakota, kansas, georgia, colorado, and oregon all have one. many people are now working from home. millions of students are out of school. the list of closures and cancellations simply too many to list. in hoboken new jersey the mayor has gone so far to enact a curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. until further notice. all residents are being told they have to stay in their homes unless there's an emergency or unless their employer requires them to work. same in puerto rico which is taking the additional step of closing all businesses except for supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and banks. now, so far nearly 3,000 people have tested positive in the united states. and experts say that number is only expected to rise as the number of tests are made
1:03 pm
increasingly available here in the united states. and there's still a pretty big gap between the number of people who want to be tested and the number of people who can actually get a test. dr. fauci says he's being told by the ceos of companies rolling out and developing these tests that that gap should begin to close soon. >> they are telling us that that will be starting up within the next week or so, that it's going to go up. now, in the realty, there are going to be people a week from now who are going to say i tried to get a test but couldn't get it, but the totality of the picture is going to be infinitely better than it was a few weeks ago. >> it's just amazing how much has changed in just a few weeks, even days. i mean, keep in mind, it is the sunday before st. patrick's day but irish bars in boston are closed. parades cancelled. there's no sunday worship in many churches and no selection sunday for march madness for all those sports fans. arthel? arthel: we will take it back here, kristen fisher, thank you
1:04 pm
very much. eric: officials confirm that an lax, los angeles international airport police officer has tested positive for the coronavirus, and authorities now investigating if he had any other contacts and what contacts he had with other people. this as thousands of travelers return from europe last night and we've seen those pictures, crowded terminals at several u.s. airports, o'hare, dfw, jfk, these folks waiting for hours cramped in long lines, close together, not the way to do it, amid newly implemented health screenings. mary anne raferty is at the los angeles international airport with more on this. how is it going now, mary ann? >> well, eric, we are actually at international arrivals right now. we have had a steady stream of passengers coming through here. some of them have actually stopped to talk to us to tell them about their experiences, especially the ones that are coming through the enhanced screening. one family we spoke with yesterday said that they were pretty shock when they were herded into a room with hundreds of other passengers, standing very close to each other for a
1:05 pm
pretty long period of time, and those similar scenes were seen across the country at those 13 airports like here at lax where these international passengers are being funneled through. also, international travelers at o'hare in chicago, same thing, similar situation, and they were coming from coronavirus hot spots. chicago's mayor blasting federal screening procedures. take a listen. >> when the federal government doesn't listen, and when it doesn't bring the considerations of mayors and governors and other local officials into the equation, not only are you creating a disaster, not only are you creating a hazardous circumstance, that threatens a public, you risk causing serious illness and death. >> now also several passengers have come by to tell us that they haven't really faced much screening at all. granted, one woman says she did come from the philippines which is not considered one of those hot spots, one of those countries that's having an
1:06 pm
explosion of covid-19 right now but she says she still feels like someone should have asked her if she didn't feel well, asked her what country she traveled to or given her information about the virus. she said she didn't really get any of that. listen. >> i asked him why he wasn't wearing a mask. i asked him if there would be another checkpoint, where someone would ask me about my travel history. he said no. he said philippines not on our radar right now. you can go ahead. that is extremely concerning to me. >> all right. eric, we will have more coming up. back to you. eric: mary anne at los angeles international airport. thank you. we're going from lax now and skip over to o'hare in chicago. that's where illinois governor is having a news conference about what happened at o'hare and the city's efforts to address it will coronavirus. >> that will have meant that we survived all of this with the best possible outcome, saving many people's lives. as i announced last week, starting tomorrow, the james r.
1:07 pm
thompson center will be closed to all people who do not have business with the state. my team of deputy governors is working with each of our agencies to continue to provide critical services, while following idph guidance on risk reduction. that includes directing some employees to continue to come to the office, moving some to a work from home capacity, and making other needed adjustments to work schedules. these measures will roll out over the coming days, and state workers should expect communications from their agency leaders, shortly. all employees will continue to be paid during this time period. the department of innovation and technology has been working tirelessly to ensure that our state agencies have the resources that they need to continue state business. next i want to take a moment to talk about something that i know is weighing on everyone's minds, food access for our schoolchildren. our most vulnerable populations and all of our residents.
1:08 pm
i know the grocery stores face a major surge of shoppers in the last few days and pictures of barren shelves are quick to circulate on social media. i want people to know that illinois's food supply chain is among the nation's strongest and steadiest, and i'm committed to keeping it that way, as this situation evolves. already we conferred with grocers of all sizes throughout the state and asked for their advice on what would make it easier for them to get products through their stores and to our residents. based on that feedback, my staff and i have connected with municipalities throughout illinois including the city of chicago asking that they end their prohibitions on overnight grocery deliveries. we've also reached out to the federal level asking them to change regulations to free up the flow of merchandise from warehouses to stores, and we're working with our own state police to do the same, wherever
1:09 pm
we can. my team at the department of agriculture is working around the clock to see how our rural farming communities are doing, how they're faring during this time and across the board the answer has been that their supply remains good. we also connected with major national and global food processors including arch archer-daniels-midlands based in chicago to check in on their supply chain, and they are doing well, with no hiccups. we need the people of illinois to help us here too. please do not horde food. buy what you need, but please be reasonable. think of your friends and your neighbors. there is enough food to go around, but we need people to not be selfish. as for school-provided meals, as i mentioned, our state board of education has received the necessary waivers to continue to distribute two meals a day, to
1:10 pm
children who qualify for free and reduced lunch, statewide, starting tuesday. they have been working day and night to set up plans with districts across the state and local districts will contact students, parents and guardians directly with more information about what distribution looks like in their communities. here in chicago, all school buildings will be available for grab and go pickup, for breakfast and lunches, to any child 18 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. you don't have to go to your own school, and you don't have to be qualified for free and reduced lunch. cps is giving food to any child who needs it, no questions asked. and i want to just call for a moment for all of you to recognize the hard work that the mayor has put in with her staff and with cps to make sure that this has happened for the children of the city of chicago.
1:11 pm
that work is going on all across the state. we have 102 counties, cities over the entire state of illinois that are working this out, locally, and i'm very grateful for their cooperation and their hard work. additionally, i reached out to the largest food manufacturers in the state, including kraft heinz, con agra and pepsico and asked they donate specific critical items to food banks statewide to help provide a third meal to children who get most of their meals during a regular school day. those manufacturers conveyed a resounding willingness to help. regarding the food banks themselves, here in illinois, there are eight major food banks that serve every one of illinois's 102 counties, all have existing networks that they are partnering with, and all are members of feeding america. additionally, the food banks have a collaborative effort called feeding illinois.
1:12 pm
all eight are already doing some level of coordinated response in nearly every community. either they are in conversation with existing faith and community partners or have been contacted by school districts. for more information on food banks or to learn how you can help or contribute at this critical time, go to feeding il. that's feeding il. eric: listening to the governor of illinois. basically filling us in on some of the issues that they have faced. he's expected to have called for basically closing restaurants after 9:00 p.m., don't have dine h inform starting tomorrow -- dine-in starting tomorrow but can have takeout or delivery in efforts to contain the coronavirus situation. they were pretty upset over what happened last night at chicago,
1:13 pm
the bar crawlers for st. patty's day weren't abiding by the social distancing. who is going to have a beer in their hand and be 6 feet away from somebody else, that isn't going to happen, they are taking strong steps. the governor said earlier he was yelled at the white house official by his tweet in which he criticized the administration allowing 3,000 passengers to arrive at the international arrival center in o'hare. he said vice president mike pence has promised that o'hare will be beefed up in terms of those folks who arrive from international flights and get screened. some of the efforts going on across the country to face the coronavirus. arthel: eric, the governor just said don't hoard food and that the shelves at some supermarkets across the country have been stripped bare as panicked shoppers brave long lines and short tempers to, you know, they are trying to stock up on essentials, like wipes, rubbing alcohol, toilet paper, all those things. dan springer is live at the pike
1:14 pm
place market in seattle which is normally very bustling, but not so much today. dan? >> not so much, arthel. it's been two weeks since the first covid-19 death in the united states. that was just outside of seattle here. so we have really seen a big and swift impact in the business community, and this is the pike place market. the iconic tourist destination for people in seattle. it is pretty empty. people are really heeding the advice to not gather in large crowds and stay away from big gatherings. the one place where you do see the crowds, though, is the grocery store. we're seeing people line up waiting for stores to open, hoping to stock up on food and paper goods. many store shelves are empty. some costco stores have closed because they can't manage the situation. here in the puget sound, there's an urgent need to fill 2,000 jobs mainly to meet the huge demand for people shopping on-line who want to either pick
1:15 pm
up their order at a warehouse or have their groceries delivered. >> we have hundreds of jobs to fill at our qfc stores and it can be anything from focusing on the e-commerce stores, show up, be prepared from an interview and get to work right away. >> there is certainly now a big need for those jobs as we're seeing thousands of workers laid off at restaurants and stores that are either cutting back hours or closing all together. wal-mart just announced today a nationwide cutback on hours. they will still be open from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. the biggest impact seems to be with restaurants, though. dozens have closed their doors in seattle. some report a 90% drop in business. hotels are only about half full. so government at the local, state and national levels are trying to help. we've seen that. the u.s. house just approved two weeks paid sick leave for people at companies with fewer than 500 employees. the state of washington has eased restrictions on who is eligible for unemployment
1:16 pm
benefits. and seattle is allowing businesses to defer their tax payments. so we are starting to see the government taking action. how long it takes to get down to the people who are being affected by all this reduction in business remains to be seen. arthel? arthel: thank you very much, dan springer. eric? eric: the coronavirus crisis is changing almost everything about tonight's democratic debate between biden and sanders, even the city where it's being held. coming up, we will have a live report on what we can expect for the big showdown. next. the all-new silverado hd adds to the legendary capability of the strongest, most advanced silverados ever. with best in class camera technology and larger, more functional beds than any competitor. the only truck that can compare to a silverado is another silverado. truck month is the right time to get behind the wheel of the chevy silverado. now, get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 dollars cash allowance on all silverado 1500 crew cab pickups.
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>> here's the bottom line, we have to do what's necessary to beat this challenge sooner rather than later. we will beat it. >> we must prepare for this response in an unprecedented way, making certain that our government responds effectively and protects the interests of all of our people regardless of their income or where they live. eric: those are the presidential candidates joe biden and bernie sanders speaking this week about the coronavirus. they are set to debate tonight in washington, d.c. they won't do it in front of an
1:21 pm
audience after the debate was moved from arizona to a television studio in the nation's capital, that to lower the risk, of spreading coronavirus. they are going head-to-head right before tuesday's primaries. 577 delegates up for grabs. some big states, florida, arizona, illinois, and ohio on the line. peter doocy is live in washington with more on what we can expect tonight. hey, peter. >> eric, campaigns can't host traditional watch parties in small towns across the country, so instead dr. jill biden will be hosting a virtual watch party as her husband stands at the podium six feet away from a podium for bernie sanders. that's because the host network is trying to adhere to cdc guidelines. that's not all in terms of coronavirus and the impact on tuesday's primaries. joe biden tweets this, if you are exhibiting symptoms of covid-19 or might be at risk, absentee or vote by mail options are the best way to make your voice heard while protecting your neighbors. joe biden's last event was a
1:22 pm
virtual town hall with people in illinois. next up is one with people in ohio. bernie sanders meanwhile relied on a live stream of a fire side chat from vermont to lay out his plans to try to pick apart the former vp tonight. >> looking forward to this debate for a number of reasons. not the least of which is a two-person debate. i have a real problem and i think many americans do with debates that turn into food fights, when you have seven, eight people up there or more yelling and screaming and trying to get the sound bite in for the night that the media will pick up on. a two hour debate with two people where they can explore some of the real issues facing this country. >> sanders and biden had not been spending time at their campaign headquarters because staffers are teleworking and they haven't been out there glad-handing with voters because in person events have been cancelled but that doesn't mean that there are not new policy proposals going out. just minutes ago joe biden announced he is going to borrow
1:23 pm
from bernie sanders and support the sanders plan for free public college for families making under $125,000 a year. eric? eric: all right, we will see what else they have tonight. thanks, peter. arthel? arthel: yeah, for more on this right now we're going to bring in axios reporter. so you know, how crucial will demeanor, tone, and display of leadership characters be in tonight's debate? >> you know, tonight we're expecting to see bernie and biden will go head-to-head for the first time, and of course coronavirus is going to be an issue tonight, something that was barely touched on in the last debate, but now is obviously the issue that is at the top of most americans' minds, a danger that was not yet in the u.s. and now something that's really impacting american lives.
1:24 pm
we would expect for joe biden to again kind of present himself as the calm and collected candidate who is bringing us back to the time before donald trump. he has been very critical of the way president trump has handled this, and we can expect that bernie sanders will again use this as a way to pitch his idea of medicare for all and we expect a debate between him and biden over their healthcare policies, for sure. arthel: yeah, you know, there's that and also you've got consoling the public, reuniting our nation, you know, how much will those intangibles be on the ballot in november? >> i think we can absolutely expect for both candidates to speak to the idea of uniting the nation. you know, they are going to be speaking against people being afraid, against fear and fear mongering but also taking it seriously and promoting their ideas and making sure people are aware of what's going on. i think it will be interesting
1:25 pm
to see how they handle the debate, especially given the fact that there will be no audience for them. they will be speaking to you know moderators but it will be an empty room. it will be interesting to see whether they are able to connect to americans on this really tough and trying issue when they don't have the response from a crowd and the response from the audience, but i think we will hear from both of them trying to present themselves as the president who would be able to unite the country in the face of a crisis, like we're facing with coronavirus. arthel: yeah, you know, in what ways might the coronavirus define 2020? our political system and our social norms? >> we're certainly seeing coronavirus have an impact on politics in general. it is certainly shaking up the way the campaigns are able to go about their business. we've had president trump, joe biden and bernie sanders have had to cancel events. i have spoken with people in campaigns across the country who
1:26 pm
are now turning towards texting and other virtual ways of getting their message across to voters that doesn't include gathering in groups and of course the conventions are coming up, and those are big events and include a lot of people coming together in close proximity. the dnc chair was interviewed and at this point he said they are not considering changing up or cancelling the democratic convention, but of course they are monitoring the way the coronavirus is spreading and it absolutely could have an impact on politics. arthel: yeah, it is still early to tell. i mean, everything is changing so rapidly, so -- but you know, you say that you're thinking or you're going to be observing to see if the two candidates biden and sanders, if they can connect without an audience. i mean they are pros. they are experienced politicians. so i would imagine that they will just use this time to look directly at the candidates, you know, at the camera and speak directly -- >> i'm sorry, can you repeat the question? i didn't quite get that. the internet went out.
1:27 pm
arthel: it is okay. my apologies. i think because you are on skype and i appreciate you doing that because we have to do different ways of getting our guests on the air these days. i'm going to say thank you and end our conversation right here. and we will see you again soon. steph, thank you very much. eric: that's skype is a little tricky but you have to do it in the age of coronavirus, not have everyone come into the studio. arthel: you know what? i think i need to start -- [inaudible]. [laughter] eric: our emergency responders are really rising to the challenge, and we should be so thankful for that. they are trying to stay ahead of the growing number of patients from coronavirus. while they stay safe and healthy. up next, we will talk to a doctor who will talk to us about the toll this is having on our emergency workers and their pioneering out of hospital emergency care for coronavirus
1:28 pm
patients. arthel: getting very creative. eric: they are. we will tell you about that in a sec. stay with us. ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
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1:32 pm
a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. eric: first responders and emergency medical staff are once again on the front lines, as the country faces a viral pandemic and with their vital skills really essential to help our nation cope and eventually recover and we will. they are bracing for the expected up tick in coronavirus cases and it's important because of that they stay safe and healthy. the unique challenge, more than two dozen police officers and firefighters are under quarantine in washington state and a few hours ago a los angeles international airport police officer was diagnosed we're told with coronavirus. a doctor is joining us, founder and ceo of a company that works closely with ambulance services, paramedics and emts who respond to emergencies. doctor, first, our great thanks and our gratitude for your work and the work of all the doctors,
1:33 pm
the nurses, the physician assistants, the medical staff around the country. it's an unnerving time. you are a professional. it is unnerving. nevertheless, how are they protected, and how are they doing? >> thank you for having me. so we represent a unique group of doctors who actually work with firefighters, police officers, and ems first responders in general. we're nervous. this is a unique novel coronavirus that we haven't really faced before. now we have to make plans for what's going to happen to our workforce and how to keep them well so they can keep on protecting the public on a regular basis. we have the same issues that the emergency departments have, only we have it in uncontrolled environments outside of the hospital. so we talk about how we test ems workers, how we protect them when they interact with patients on a regular basis who could have novel coronavirus. eric: you also have a unique service in you are going out to the patients. i think one of the concerns is
1:34 pm
that the hospitals can be completely overwhelmed by the numbers coming in, but you can go out to people, if they have coronavirus, and is this being replicated across the country? >> we're a unique specialty actually. we're a group of doctors who are trained in emergency medicine, pediatric emergency medicine and critical care medicine, practice medicine outside the hospital. traditionally we've treated patients that have had car accidents when they are trapped in cars and can't get to the hospitals or major disasters. we also have training in bio hazards and air born illnesses and a variety of other conditions. novel coronavirus is an infectious process that falls under that realm in things we try to teach our providers. we work with our brothers and sisters in police fire ems on daily basis treating patients who are sick and now trying to protect them from the novel coronavirus and give them the fact so they can best perform their jobs on a regular basis. eric: you are based in new jersey.
1:35 pm
are there similar programs across the country? >> there are other programs throughout the country. we happen to be a very large program that will go throughout new jersey at any time, but we'll also go throughout many other states when needed to help people. we consult with hospitals and healthcare systems about this infection as well as others. eric: one of the great concerns and one of the reasons why we're doing social distancing and have the message out to stay home if you don't have to go to work is to get that surge, what governor andrew cuomo of new york called, a wave, a surge down so that the healthcare system is not overstressed and overwhelmed at one point. if there are a lot of infections, spread it out. it did raise the concerns about the number of icu beds and ventilators, that we just don't have enough. here's the new york governor earlier this afternoon. >> they need the icu bed. they need the ventilators. they need the machines that breathe for them. those are the ventilators.
1:36 pm
they are icu beds. the overwhelming crush is going to be on the icu beds. the critical people are the people who have underlying illnesses and need those icu beds and those ventilators. 3,000 on any projection of those numbers goes very very quickly. eric: i imagine one of your goals is to prevent that, be a stop gap so that before the patient gets to such a worsening point where they need a ventilator, that you can intercept them and try and stop it before it gets that bad. >> that's absolutely right. the governor's correct. we want to go into the community, and we want to start testing people in the community on a regular basis so the emergency departments don't get overwhelmed with testing. we don't want people to cross contaminate each other in areas. so if we can do testing outside the hospital, where people don't
1:37 pm
routinely congregate, then we can actually do social distancing and prevent the spread of this novel virus. eric: have you come into contact -- have your folks come into contact with someone with the coronavirus yet? >> there are people in the hospitals that i work with who have come into contact with the coronavirus and with people who have become very very sick. luckily the majority of people who are very young don't seem to have the mortality that everyone else does. i can tell you, though, that as we start to test more people in the community, the numbers will go up, and that's what we expect. eric: and finally, you know, you're sitting -- we didn't bring you into the studio because we're practicing social distancing here at the fox news channel, somewhat. what's your best advice for folks sitting at home watching this? we've heard about wash your hands a lot, get the alcohol, purell if you can. have social distancing, don't go to crowded events. kind of basically stay home and try to work from home if you can. what other type of advice do you have that will help us get through this >> stay at home is good advice.
1:38 pm
watch out for people who are in the highest risk groups, senior citizens, people on medications, immuno compromising medications. in general try to stay home as much as possible. any interaction in crowded spaces can easily transmit the virus. cough into your elbow. don't shake hands with people routinely. keep six feet between individuals. use soap and water for at least 20 seconds, make sure you scrub every single finger and between the fingers especially important. and if you don't have soap and water, use an alcohol preparation with at least 60% alcohol. we want to keep ourselves clean and we want to keep the surfaces clean too, and we want to put down solutions where they are going to drive for at least four minutes before they wipe them. we routinely practice social distancing when appropriate in ambulances, so we might just have one provider taking care of patients instead of two. we need to spend time now cleaning the ambulances between patients so we don't transmit the virus ourselves. eric: that's a good point. if you scrub down your kitchen
1:39 pm
sink or cabinet or, you know -- the countertop, that's it, that's a great idea. there's a in u -- that's a new one. i knew we would get great advice. thank you very much, doctor. arthel: this is national women's month. we will talk to a woman who is working with our top corporations who help our returning veterans and their spouses get on promising civilian career paths. [ applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra can increase risk of death. serious, sometimes fatal infections, cancers including lymphoma, and blood clots have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, and changes in lab results. tell your doctor if you've been somewhere fungal infections are common, or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr. arthel: we're going to press pause on coronavirus news for a minute and spotlight an organization helping veterans and their spouses, during this national women's month. the department of defense report saying about 1300 military servicemembers, spouses and children transition into civilian communities each day. american corporate partners
1:44 pm
helps them do just that. the executive director of the nonprofit organization, also an army veteran spouse. so very nice to have you. >> thank you very much for having me, especially given everything going on. i appreciate it. arthel: well, our veterans are very very crucial at all times. so let's start here and ask you, how is it that you match veterans or their spouses with jobs that are the right fit? >> yes, the way we do that really is through mentor ships. acp has been around since 2008. we focus on pairing up servicemembers, veterans and military spouses with a mentor which will help them look like at their next step. we focus on the solving the problem of underemployment. for us it is not that hard getting a job. unemployment is about 3%. but 25% of veterans are telling us that they are underemployed, and i think the numbers are something like 75% of military spouses are considering themselves underemployed. so for us, you know, we want
1:45 pm
vets to avoid being in a dead end job where they're waiting tables or they are a security guard unless that's what they want to do, and our mentors can help them think through how can they translate that military experience into a job that's really, you know, applicable to -- arthel: and support their families? >> exactly. arthel: what's the success rate and some of the success stories you have had? >> we've had 17,000 veterans successfully complete our mentorship program, and we have launched our active duty spouse program about a year or so ago. we have 500 spouses in that program right now. they are paired one-on-one with a mentor to help them jump-start their career. for us, you know, looking at some of our metrics, we have had about 2,000 veterans found employment with their mentor's assistance last year. the average starting salary was around $86,000 which is significantly higher than the national average which is due to the mentorship. arthel: very good. tell us about the difficulties that some of our valued veterans
1:46 pm
tend to have when trying to find work upon transitioning, if they are not, you know, a part of this program, you know, there's some difficulties; correct? >> yeah, i mean, it can be really tough to translate your skills especially if you were in an occupational specialty that were armor or infantry, how do you go from a machine gunner to a different career. taking a customized approach to this, we are not a one size fits all organization. we take the time to figure out what is that veteran looking for in civilian life or what is that military spouse struggling with and how can we find the right mentor with right personality and skill set to make that goal a reality? arthel: right. you are the spouse of an army veteran. tell us why this venture is personal to you and your family. >> it is. you know, my husband was active duty army for four years. growing up in a suburb of new
1:47 pm
york city, in the span of a week, i quit my job, got married and packed up the car and moved to kansas where i didn't know a single person and, you know, i really wasn't sure what my career path was going to look like, so for me personally, the fact that acp is now serving military spouses, you know, it is a much-needed area of focus. there's 640,000 other active duty spouses who are in those shoes right now. you know, on the other side of it, my husband as an army veteran looking to transition out, he was in the infantry, how are you going to translate, you know, working with heavy machinery, rockets and cannons into trying to tell somebody on a job interview that you want to, you know, work in finance and be on a trading floor, which is what he's doing right now, but it was a tough road to get to, and it is because of his acp mentor that he is where he is today. arthel: very good, very good. thank you and your family for your service. thank you very much. >> thank you. arthel: very nice to talk to you. >> thanks for having me. eric: absolutely wonderful, colleen, best to your husband.
1:48 pm
we're waiting for vice president mike pence and the coronavirus task force. they are getting ready in the white house for the news conference. we will bring that to you live in about 13 minutes from now. meanwhile, of course we are not the only ones taking action in the middle east. they are trying to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from overwhelming their hospitals and healthcare facilities. israel taking some special steps. we will have a live report from jerusalem next. wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. with our moving and storage solutions. pack what you want, we store it for as long as you want. then, we deliver it where you want, so whether you need to move or store your things, pods is here to help you with flexible moving and storage solutions. so whether you need to move or store your things, new crest pro/active defense.
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eric: concerns of a coronavirus are driving some countries in the middle east to some tough measures. israel shutting down all restaurants and theaters there today. and iran, the hardest-hit nation in the middle east fears the pandemic could overwhelm its healthcare system. that as some top regime officials have reportedly come down with it. we are live in jerusalem with the very latest from there. hi, trey. >> eric, good afternoon. overnight israeli prime minister netanyahu issued a public mandate closing all restaurants, cafes and movie theaters in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. additionally, the prime minister announced that israel would be implementing anti-terror technology in an effort to track
1:53 pm
coronavirus patients and release their whereabouts to the public. israel's health ministry is now reporting more than 200 cases and has mandatory 14 day self-quarantines are in place for anyone entering the country. >> going forward what is important for services, it will continue, but with restrictive conditions. restrictive means we are not strangling. we are tightening in order to preserve as much as possible the distance of 2 meters between people. >> further east in iran, more than 12,000 cases are being reported. over the weekend, the world health organization said more needs to be done to stem the outbreak in the islamic republic. the regime is calling for all american sanctions to be lifted since iran has the third highest number of cases just behind china and italy. satellite images first reported by the washington post show burial pits for the hundreds of coronavirus victims in iran. fearing a similar fate, countries like france and spain are joining israel in issuing tight restrictions, closing down
1:54 pm
public spaces. similar measures are not being taken in the united states. the bottom line is this, according to many doctors and medical professionals, the united states needs to implement some of these stricter restrictions for people when they are operating in public areas. we've seen it done here in israel and places like france and spain. the bottom line also is that there is something called asymptomatic transmission. mean people who have coronavirus in the united states -- many people who have coronavirus in the united states don't know they have it and are giving it to people around them. when you look at the facts, at the end of the day, you have to focus on that and that's what officials in the united states are going to be looking at moving forward. eric? eric: even in iran they say the numbers have exploded way beyond what the regime in tehran says. thanks. arthel: while we're focusing on coronavirus, some other serious healthcare issues can easily get overlooked like the need to keep donating blood. the urgent message from the red cross is up next.
1:55 pm
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arthel: the american red cross says the coronavirus is putting stress on the need for blood donations. lonnie wong from our fox affiliate in sacramento has the story. >> reporter: the red cross handles 40% of all blood collections nationwide, donations are historically low during the cold and flu season, but the coronavirus threats have had an added effect. >> and now with the coronavirus fierce, people might hesitant to
1:59 pm
give blood, so that makes the need that much greater. >> reporter: there's a shortage of 3500 units of blood nation wild. the red cross wants vulnerable populations to stay home, but for those who are healthy and regularly give blood -- >> we screen everybody and make sure that they're healthy enough to do it. >> reporter: and it's safe to receive as well because there is no evidence that the virus is spread through transfusions. still, the red cross is instituting new guideline for donations as an added precaution. >> you need to wait 28 days to donate blood if you have been diagnosed with the coronavirus or if you've traveled to countries that are currently restricted. >> that leaves plenty of people who can donate. the need doesn't stop. >> people that need surgery, people that have emergencies like a car accident, the need for blood is every single day. >> reporter: you can find
2:00 pm
donation sites by going to the red cross web site. in sacramento, lonnie wong, fox 40 news. eric: well, the vice president coming out from the white house on coronavirus. arthel: jon scott now. jon: we expect to hear from the white house any moment now as the coronavirus continues to spread across the united states. federal and local are governments doing their best to try to slow it down including one new jersey city that has instituted a curfew. good evening, i'm jon scott x this is a special two-hour edition of "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the white house is set to hold a coronavirus tax force briefing any -- task force briefing any moment now updating the nation on what's being done to control do -- control the pandemic. at least 3,000 patients here at home where the virus known to have hit all states but one, west virginia yet to rep


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