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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 20, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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for people to stay at home. we are confident the people of california will provide that. rob: leaders claim it is a necessary step to avoid millions of coronavirus cases. >> 75% of workers want to stay home in new york city, the power struggle beating the big apple to a tug-of-war. rob: or statement? final word from the state department americans abroad it is now or never.
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jillian: skyrocketing cases overseas turned by her. rob: social distancing did not stop one family remembering what matters. jillian: the heartwarming celebration going viral for all the right reasons. "fox and friends first" starts right now. and a very good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friends first" friday morning. rob: straight to a fox news alert, state leaders say americans stay home, 14,000 people test positive for the deadly coronavirus. jillian: the pandemic is expected to get worse, horrific numbers have been confirmed. >> reporter: states are taking a stream measures as predictions of how this virus will play out
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if extreme measures are not taken. the latest cases across the nation, 14,200 cases have been confirmed, 205 death. california's governor thinks half of his state will be infected with this virus within a couple months if a newly enacted stay-at-home order is not obeyed. >> there is a mutuality and recognition of our interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct the statewide order for people to stay home. we are confident the people of california will abide by it. >> reporter: governor greg abbott of texas is taking measures to slow the virus down. the lone star state will soon be under a public health disaster declaration meaning bars, restaurants and gyms will be close, streets the never sleep expected to get emptier. new york governor andrew cuomo demanding businesses cut down on employees leaving their homes as cases skyrocket in the state.
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>> the numbers have gone up overnight, no more than 25% of people can be in the workforce. as a mandate, 75% of your employee base must work from home. >> reporter: it is a back and forth between governor cuomo and mayor bill diblasio. diblasio mentioned the shelter in place, he has no plan for the city adding fear and panic are bigger problem than the virus. bill diblasio is pressing donald trump for military aid to combat the coronavirus considered the hotbed of the outbreak, new york is asking for 15,000 the ventilators, 3,000,095 masks, 50 million masks come millions of gowns and gloves, dealing with the death of a loved one is painful enough, the state of washington has added funerals to the list of social gatherings meaning they have been banned for the time being.
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jillian: the pressure is on on capitol hill over the $1 trillion rescue dealer made this crushing outbreak. rob: the white house working for a break for treatment. jillian: where do the response efforts stands right now? >> reporter: the president looking to fast-track clinical trials of drugs promising to combat covid-19, using the anti-malaria drug soraquin >> it is an anti-malaria drug that has been available, the safety level we understand has been relatively safe. it showed encouraging early results. >> reporter: the pfd commissioner will pursue, knows it is important not to provide false hope. all eyes on capitol hill, the
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economic relief, kicks off in the senate, to $1 trillion package bringing financial help for americans. here how direct payments will break down, 1200 adults or 2400 for couples plus 500 per child but there are income caps and adds billions for the airlines, chuck schumer has concerns about the drafting and worries it doesn't go far enough, mitch mcconnell says it is time to act. >> all republican senators whether they are part of the group i just mentioned or not have been asked to stay in town. we are here, we are ready to act. >> we have to put the workers first. we don't want these industries to go under.
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we don't want the dollars that are put there to go to shareholders. >> reporter: look for this to move fast. the white house will descend on the hill to meet face to face with republicans and democrats to push this quickly into final legislative form that can pass both sides of congress, a real sense that this needs to happen by monday particularly with day after day of markets tumbling. rob: headlines from the attorney general and red cross making a call for blood donations. nationwide, 30 percent-40% of blood drives were canceled during the outbreak, the surgeon general reassuring healthy americans it is safe to donate. make an appointment at your blood center, go to donald trump showing appreciation to first responders writing thank you to our police officers, firefighters and ems for defeating the virus every day, our proud nation is
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grateful for the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of our first responders and their families. together we will beat this. 20 nypd employees tested positive with 14 numbers of the fda, chicago announced its first affected police officers and some believe they have been given ineffective and old hand sanitizer. jillian: americans held in a lebanese prison for 16 and is released suffering from lymphoma. he was captured while in lebanon and accused of torturing palestinians when he served with lebanon's military in the 80s. he denies the accusation, donald trump says he is on his way home. >> grateful to the lebanese government. they work with us, they slipped by strongly. jillian: american navy veteran is temporarily released in iran amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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michael right was let out of an iranian prison to get medical treatment. he has been detained since 2018. a state department is white was wrongly arrested and they are working toward his release. a pakistani doctor arrested at a minnesota airport is facing terrorism charges. the mayo clinic researcher admitting to fbi informants he wanted to carry out lone wolf attacks in america for isis to frame prosecutors. at the time of his arrest he was trying to fly to syria to join the terror group. rob: parts of the southland by powerful storms and tornadoes on the first day of spring in texas. the roof torn off of this home. the national weather service issued several tornado warnings, powerful storm downing trees and causing damage in arkansas. colorado hit with a blizzard, 15 inches of snow and winds making traffic dangerous causing flight cancellations.
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jillian: a family celebrates a grandmother's 90 fifth birthday from a -- >> happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear grandma ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ rob: that is something. she stood several feet away. the family matriarch says she loves the surprises she remains quarantined in new york. rob: joe biden picked up two big endorsements. now giving the thumbs-up. the statement gave the green light for bars to deliver drinks to their home.
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jillian: fox news alert, the state department dishes the highest travel warning tell americans overseas come home or stay put. rob: italy is reporting more coronavirus death in china. a new way to identify patients. >> reporter: a lot going on all around the world. the state department is telling americans come home now or prepare to be stuck abroad as coronavirus does continue to spread around the world of the global dental surpasses 10,000 people. in italy, 3400 people have died as the european country has passed china in the amount of people who lost their lives to the outbreak since it first
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began. such a rapid increase in fatalities that italian authorities have called in the military to remove bodies from hospitals and homes to morgan cemeteries. in china life appears to be returning to normal, the chinese government ported 39 new cases thursday. reports indicate the country has under 7000 active cases with 70,000 having recovered. no new cases reported in china's wuhan province where the operator started. chinese civilians being released from the hospital the questions are arising how honest the government is being about positive infections. in israel, benjamin netanyahu has issued a state of emergency. the population of 9 million people is being ordered to stay home or face heavy fines from police. israeli researchers using artificial intelligence technology to develop new testing methods for coronavirus. as the world looks for a vaccine or an effort to treat this virus as it continues to spread of
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donald trump has canceled the in-person portion of the g7 summit that was supposed to take place in camp david in june it will be a teleconference. jillian: we are relying on technology more than ever. rob: china reporting no new coronavirus is for the first time since the outbreak began. jillian: donald trump warns don't believe everything you hear from china. >> reporter: for the first time today china reported no new cases, but donald trump says it is hard to trust those numbers. >> as far as believing with their putting out i hope it is true. who knows? i hope it is true. >> reporter: he also accused the chinese government of a cover-up. >> 241 different countries right now. it could have been stopped in
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its tracks, they didn't decide to make it public but the whole world is suffering because of it. >> reporter: even the national security council condemns china's government accusing officials of working around the clock to spread disinformation about the origin and spread of the chinese virus. the chinese communist party is trying to prove the country were coronavirus took root is on the front lines of tackling the pandemic. president 11 jinping deploying medics to the middle east, chinese billionaire jack ma donated 1 million masks to the us and president xi assured spain's prime minister in a phone call the sun will come out after the storm. experts say the spin has a more sinister reality for citizens they say have been subject to an unprecedented crackdown including forced quarantine of healthy people, sealed off cities, heavy surveillance and punishment for was blowers. sources tell fox news there's evidence president xi new about the impact as early as the first week in january when officials
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were downplaying the outbreak. there will be more tough questions from world leaders next. jillian: 16 after the hour, as churches close how do americans keep the faith? kim jong un woman organize a nationwide day of prayer, how technology can help, stay tuned.
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rob: 2020 hopeful joe biden picking up two big endorsements from former rivals. >> i suspect my presidential campaign and offering my support to joe biden in his quest to
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bring our country. rob: hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard dropped out officially making the democrat primary a two man race. senator kirsten gillibrand backing biden saying we need a president who will provide steady honest leadership and joe has the experience, empathy and character. pushing back the primary due to concerns of the virus, the primary schedule for april 20 eighth will be held in june. the governor claims public health is a top priority, three people have died from covid-19 in connecticut, joining 6 others that delayed their primary. jillian: as millions of americans grow worried about covid-19, churches and houses of worship are closed their doors for the first time. how can you maintain your faith during this uncertain time?
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christian ministry leader leading a nationwide day of prayer and joins me live today. >> thank you for having me. jillian: this is so important, so many people trying to keep the faith, easy to lose touch with that. >> god is bigger than this virus. the bible tells us he is our ever present help in times of trouble. while a lot of us are fearful right now, we have a god that is bigger than this virus. jillian: tell me about the day of fast and prayer. >> in the bible we see people like queen esther, when there was a huge enemy against the nation. she called for fast and prayer and the coronavirus is a huge
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enemy that has come up against our nation and i felt it was appropriate to call in a fast, to sacrifice food and call on god almighty to come in and ask for his assistance during this time. jillian: the goals for the end of the coronavirus, we are looking at another goal, healing for those currently affected and the effects on the world economy to be reversed, these are things everyone is hoping and praying for. what do you tell your friends and family members who are struggling with this? having a hard time mentally? >> most people i have a hard time with this mentally. you watch the news and get concerned quick. we have the word of god to go back to. a lot of people i talked to one of the basis, i direct them to the word of god, to prayer. it is something the world needs
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to get back to. if you have fallen away from the lord this is a great time to hear what it says. it is full of encouragement. isaiah is full of encouragement. this is a time for us to reach out to others. we need to step up and be the church. reaching out to people on the front lines, healthcare workers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, this is time for us to be the church, we don't have buildings go to right now but we have to encourage those that are fearful or are on the front lines. jillian: faith can be bigger than a building at this time it is making the spiritual connection. give us some tips how to maintain the storm in the time of quarantine. >> like i said before go to the
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word of god. before you turn on the news or get on social media, allow the lord to the deer day during this time. look for online resources. churches are not canceling their services, just transferring them online. think that we have facebook live the we can do for our services, get online, find a research, find a trusted ministry leader and god set us apart for this time and the third is don't isolate yourself, don't sit in anxiety, call your friends, call your small groups, pray together, encourage others. this is a time like i said before we need the church to step up and be the church. don't walk around fearful because we have a god that is bigger than this.
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jillian: thanks for that advice and for joining us, we need it now more than ever. go to rob: help for americans is on the way as mitch mcconnell unveils the senate's next coronavirus relief plan. >> it is critical that we move swiftly and boldly. rob: include include help for small business and democrats are slamming this for some reason, we will tell you about that. jillian: a former army surgeon joins us with why america needs this help right now. announcer: there are everyday
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actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people who are sick. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. stay home when you are sick. cover your cough or sneeze. clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray. for more information, visit this message brought to you by the national association of broadcasters and this station. rob: state leaders begging americans to stay home as 14,000 people test positive for coronavirus. jillian: new numbers were
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confirmed overnight. >> reporter: states across the country taking extreme measures of predictions how this can play out of certain precautions are not taken. more than 14,200 cases have been confirmed, 205 deaths. california's governor thinks half of the state of california will be infected with this nasty virus within a couple months if a newly enacted stay-at-home order is not obeyed. >> there is a mutuality and recognition of interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct a statewide order for people to stay home. we are confident the people of the state of california will abide by it. jillian: in texas governor greg at is taking drastic measures to slow the virus down. the lone star state will be
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under a public health disaster declaration that bars restaurants and gyms, the state will be closed. streets and the speaker never sleeps expect to get emptier. new york governor andrew cuomo, businesses cutting down employees leaving their cases as cases skyrocket in the state. >> the numbers have gone up overnight. no more than 25% of people can be in the workforce, 75% of your employee base must work from home. >> reporter: a back-and-forth between governor cuomo and bill diblasio, mentioned the possibility of a shelter in place but said he has no plans to quarantine any city adding fear and panic are bigger problems than the virus. he is threatening donald trump ability aid to combat the coronavirus, consider the hotbed of us outbreak, new york is asking 15,000 ventilators, 3 million masks, 15 million surgical masks and millions of
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gowns and gloves. dealing with the death of a loved one isn't painful enough, the state of washington has added funerals to the list of social gatherings. they have been banned for the time being. jillian: senate republicans announced their covid-19 relief plan complete with checks to americans at small business protections. >> it is critical that we move swiftly and boldly to stabilize our economy, preserve americans jobs. >> corporations should not get a bailout and be allowed to fire employees and cut their benefits. rob: there are democrats already denouncing this bill. doesn't have a chance of making it to the house? congressman bill done is with the doctors office of the gop and joins us this morning. do you think it will get through? >> i think it will get through.
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thank you for having me. i think it will get through. something must get through. it is not acceptable in this emergent situation. jillian: it employs $208 billion in loan and loan guarantees including $50 million for commercial airlines, $8 billion for cargo carriers, $50 million for eligible businesses and loans for small businesses. >> we don't know if that is enough but i prefer to see a loan to get people through hard times. we want to see them make it. we don't want to see these businesses crash and burn. rob: itself like most of that wouldn't have to be repaid. democrats are focusing on money that might go to places like airlines and there's a lot of
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anger about that on both sides. what do you make of that? that would have to be repaid. >> there is a high chance you could get repaid by the airlines. they are getting benefits, there are ways to do that but it will take a while, issuing them credit. jillian: we are looking at impact on the supply chain, the us reliance on china. drugs and devices made outside the us, and economic impact of domestic manufacturing. what do you want to know about this? >> that is a dramatic example of supply chains in china who have done that for years, just in
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time supply chain. it is because it is financially incentivized. it is time to bring a lot of manufacturing back home. rob: we have seen reliance on china give us the vulnerability, is this the final wake-up call that all this reliance on this country that doesn't like us that much, we don't -- we need to do something about it. >> it will pull the lever, doing things in america or in a friendly country. jillian: this anti-malaria drug
1:36 am
we heard about yesterday. tell us your inside knowledge. >> the chinese had the audacity to run in the middle of an epidemic, a double-blind trial to see who got better at who didn't. the disease was less severe and less - resource that drug because this is an antimalarial, so much has become resistant. we are using other drugs but this drug is when i was in medical school. >> that is an old drug.
1:37 am
>> very optimistic about this yesterday. >> clark when is a common malaria drug that has been around for a long time. it is very encouraging early results. we will make that drug available almost immediately. >> great optimism, the thought that if you're going to get sick maybe there's already a drug that can be made really fast they could make you feel a lot better. >> that is great news, like accidentally stumbling on an answer. might not have been the drug of choice a few months from now it is is available more widely in europe and they are trying to
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make it -- jillian: thank you so much for joining us. rob: the coronavirus spreading in the sports world, the newest nba player to be infected. >> washing your hands and help protect your self and others. rob: at least 14 cases in the nba. the nba has its first case, sean payton is resting at home and feeling better. he wants people to take warnings from government seriously. jillian: tv star daniel day kim tested positive for covid-19. >> please be healthy and be kind to one another.
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stop hoarding, seriously. jillian: the actor revealed he went to a drive-through testing site in hawaii when he started to feel ill. he has been in self quarantine ever since. wuhan rob: did he say 51 or 31? jillian: the president using all the levers of power to get the once booming economy back on track. >> working with congress to provide additional relief to workers of small businesses and the hardest hit industries. we want to make sure everyone will continue on. rob: wall street and main street struggling mightily. we check in with three small business owners to see how they are adapting to this new normal. healthmarkets compares your current plan with
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jillian: donald trump says china did not do enough to stop the coronavirus when the outbreaks first began. >> we continue the relentless efforts to defeat the chinese virus. the world is paying a big price -- >> they have harshly criticized donald trump's use of the term chinese virus. and elizabeth lauren criticizing the term. she blurted out the word chinese when responding to one of his tweets. >> selling of stocks before the markets plunged. according to the daily beast order republican kelly leffler sold millions of stocks following a private senate meeting on the coronavirus. a spokesperson says, quote, this is a ridiculous and baseless attack.
1:44 am
investment decisions are made by multiple third-party advisors without her or her husband's knowledge. city committee chair richard burr sold often million dollars in stock. he says he filed disclosure forms in the transaction made weeks before the market crash. rob: the pandemic wanting the us into uncharted economic territory. >> we never had an economy is good as the economy we had just a few weeks ago. we are working with congress for additional major relief to workers, small businesses and hardest hit industries. we want to make sure everybody is able to continue on. rob: 96% of small business owners feeling the effects of the outbreak in social distancing hits new extremes. how are they adapting to scary new normal.
1:45 am
the cofounder out of connecticut, thanks for coming on this morning. start off, tell us about your company and how it has been impacted. >> thanks for having me on. the campus for early-stage businesses, we operate a fitness facility, district club, to workers in the building, all the employees, companies and employees, a co-working space, restaurant, gym and amphitheater. above and beyond that an advertising agency called home surgeons and everyone is feeling it. all our businesses are feeling it, the entire state, the city, all the businesses we call our community, the community is crying right now.
1:46 am
and their businesses, sera to 3 months if the situation stays like this and why it is so hard. >> without notice the district athletic club closed down, for the right reasons we had to lay off 38 people, membership, some calls by the fact that the university the city relies on that many businesses rely on, instantly that put hampering on the businesses especially if working off of 10%, 20% margins,
1:47 am
30-60 days cash flow and some people even worse. >> we will bring in another business owner. todd rosen is with todd rosen limousine. you have a limousine company, how have things changed for you? >> across the country, 3 percent-5%, it is devastating. the ranch house, normal bills. it is pretty bad. rob: i can't even imagine. collins, rubio in the senate giving $300 billion to small
1:48 am
businesses, paying for essential bills, you get to keep that money. we will start with you. >> every day, small businesses -- -- they meet today. rob: are you going to try to get in on that money? >> the problem is how they get to us and the first fda loans that are initially overwhelmed and get through the application process, they are confused with the guidance they are given to process those loans.
1:49 am
we see unprecedented numbers on the unemployment line. if they get it to us, we would love to keep everybody employed, everyone is looking for answers how that is going to land. >> one of the industries with the tightest margin in small business would be a restaurant, another edition, many ask -- zoe's local eatery has decimated business. how are you operated? >> a very tough time. we are taking it day by day and because we don't know what to expect we are minimizing the
1:50 am
workforce, minimizing what we can minimize and at the same time we are offering services, no contact delivery, we are trying whatever weekend. rob: they are utilizing some of these businesses. thank you so much for your time. we will be right back. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
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rob: the party is over in florida as state leaders fight back against covid-19. >> now gatherings on beaches, 10
1:54 am
or more. these are our neighbors who may need to go out, spring break is done. >> miami-dade county shutdown beaches and stores to protect floridians. they lay out the statute right now. let's go through the numbers, 432 cases in your state, 9 deaths so far. more than 20%. did anything change? once those videos came out, all those people partying on the beaches. >> that was where most of the kids were. the city of atlantic beach close their beaches, we closed our beaches yesterday, all the beaches in miami-dade county are closed.
1:55 am
we closed nonessential businesses in miami-dade county. we have a large senior population. rob: a lot of people wonder if you missed a little bit of that? all these people that are very vulnerable to this disease. >> the city of miami beach, we looked at it as soon as we saw what was going on we got together and said it is time to do something about it. they issued those orders, it was only one particular beach in miami beach so now, in miami-dade, the numbers here, they are pretty low, they are
1:56 am
taking more and more positive steps to cut down on the number of interactions and public gatherings and closing all the beaches and parks and nonessential businesses, they tested positive for the coronavirus. jillian: people taking it seriously? how long do you anticipate this lasting? >> the plan is it will last as long as it takes so we know we are on the other side of this crisis was as our numbers start to diminish, people are taking it seriously but some people aren't. a lot of young kids weren't taking it seriously. they weren't scared about the coronavirus. all the reports being this hits the order population. now we know it does it young
1:57 am
people too, just not the same numbers as the older population. we shut that down and they went from the beach to the streets. rob: a tough call, small business and tourism is the backbone of your state. we appreciate it. jillian: thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues next. it's the small parts that make a big difference. at chevy, we promise to do ours. we're offering chevy owners complimentary onstar crisis assist services and wifi data. if you need a new chevy, interest-free financing for 84 months - with deferred payments for 120 days on many of our most popular models. you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part...
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