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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 22, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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sure to follow them face again, ins to graham and twitter. justice with hydroxyquinoline is next, and remember i'm jesse and this is my world. ♪ ♪ so breaking tonight the white house announcing just minutes ago that vice president mike pence and his wife have tested negative for the coronavirus. this you have to remember the vice president staff tested positive. hello and welcome to justice i am hydroxyquinoline [inaudible question]. i'm so glad you're watching because we are all in this fight together. i want to bring you as much information as we can to help you, keep you safe and address the biggest questions out there as we enter a another week of the corona virus pandemic that is keeping so many of us indoors and out of work. throughout the hour, will have
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the latest numbers and information at the bottom of the screen. through all of my interviews and important interviews they are. i'll be joined tonight by two members of the white house coronavirus task force, trait advisor peter navarro, hud secretary doctor ben carson. also standing by doctor steve corwin who won some of the biggest hospitals in the new york polity and area. one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. also ahead, customs and border commissioner mark morgan, congressman doug collins and dr. marc siegel. an important hour ahead indeed. but first, my open. what a difference a week makes. yep, it's real, and is already changing our lives. and guess what, that change is going to continue. we do not know when it will ends, but what we do know is
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we are facing a seemingly incomparable enemy virus inflicting sickness and in some cases death as it washes across the world. i sit here tonight in new york city, in new york state, which is of this moment rapidly closing in on 12000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. by far, the most of any state in the nation. but make no mistake, this virus is everywhere. and all of us need to be vigilant, and most of us need to stay in place. the numbers we have seen from china, south korea, italy, the united states suggested different mortality rates. china, it appears is back online. south korea seems like it is at the end as well. and italy, as you probably know is being devastated with 800 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.
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so how will the united states get through this? who will be lead on along the way? i don't have all of the answers, but there are four things i know for sure. number one, we will get through this. remember, we are americans, board of a revolution, vice is in our dna. americas at our best when she is tested. she is strong, determined, and has the metal to get through anything. the white house coronavirus task force is making sure we will get through this with the best of the best engaged on our behalf. a whole of government responses on this. since president trump implemented travel restrictions on china, and then europe, then closed northern and southern orders to nonessential travel, we are protecting our citizens as
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much as possible. the fda has issued an emergency approval for testing and has cut its redtape. americans are being tested for free. the fast track right now is the only track in america. the president has brought together bank executives, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, airlines and stores. number two, when we get through this we will be stronger than ever. economists agree that once this virus plateaus, as it hasn't other countries, our economy will come roaring back. president trump signed an emergency coronavirus package injecting $8.3 billion into the efforts to fight this outbreak. tax day is delayed until july, student loan payments are suspended for 60 days, there is a moratorium on fha foreclosures. and this week stimulus package will provide at least $1200. adult who makes $75000 a year
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or less. all in an effort to get to the point where we can be stronger when we get out of this. this is the kind of holes government response american have never seen before, this is the responsible pride is a gem provide us with the ability to come back. number three, we are finding common ground in unusual places. the president has brought together former competitors to fight this together, all focused on america's common enemy. companies and workers are volunteering even though they are suffering financially. they are stepping up with masks and drive-through's for testing. and amazingly, even politics comprehends the need for common ground. >> with respect to governor cuomo we had a great talk this morning. we're both doing a very good
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job. he's doing a phenomenal job on this. even gavin newsom. we argue a lot but gavin newsom has been very generous. >> i spoke to the president this morning about specific actions the president is going to take. i can tell you he is fully engaged on trying to help new york he's being very creative and very energetic. and i thank him for his partnership. judge jeanine: number four, we are getting close to our humanity, our faith, and our purpose in life. the silence of isolation is deafening. it is forcing us to think about our purpose. we are social beings but maybe the silverlining will be that time we have two self examine, reflect, and get closer to our creator. vice president pentz said today the religious
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communities have had to make the hard choice to suspend services. so maybe you can practice your faith by finding that senior citizen in your neighborhood who can't get to the store, who can't cook his or her own meals, do something for them. our kids, the ones who are dancing on the beach last weekend in florida, have a lot of energy. get them out of the house to help others. be sincere. be kind, and be temperate. make a valid to give. remember the importance of love. and family. the darkness of the presence, will only fade as the brightness of the future is just to be on the horizon. i look forward to enjoying that day with you. and that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter, #.
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judge jeanine: . joining me now from the front lines the fight against the front line assistant to trade and manufacturing peter navarro. peter thank you for being with us tonight. the most important question right now is what do we need, and how do we get to what we need? >> personal protective equipment, that is the frontline for our healthcare workers in order to take this virus on. what we have, the full force and power of the government and private enterprise, the full cooperation with the american people as they practice their social distancing and do what they need to be done to fight the virus in their way. it has really been gratifying to me to it work at the white house and see how this government is working so well with the private sector to get
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things done. i would like to give you a couple examples some of them will hit pretty close to home. there is a common go that makes alcoholic beverages. we got a call last week they wanted to take their production line across four states like arkansas, kentucky and make hand sanitizers. so as we speak there is a truck moving to new york city with their first batch. it is going to be here on tuesday. and delivered directly to hospitals. there's a company called aso which, i just talked with today. today, we were able to get half a million gloves from aso and palmetto florida to the hospitals in new york. it's going to be landing tomorrow. and sloan, another company in texas, again just talked to them today, we are getting tens of thousands of jumpsuits
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and booty covers that are going to go both seattle and new york city. this is over and above what fema is doing from the stockpiles. and then, honeywell, we have been able in just a week to get them to start staffing up a factory in rhode island to increase the production of masks. there is a coalition with the national council of trade led by a woman can glass a very dynamic figure. she's put together figures who are usually making undergarments and teachers, things like that with haynes, fruit of the loom, they're going to be making three ply masks. we should have that up in production as well. so we've got planes in the air from fema, fedex, and the military going all across this great country. sometimes bringing stuff from around the world so that we get what we need in
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real-time. for the american people. this is what the trump administration is bringing together in this crisis. judge jeanine: you know peter, what you're trying but the third point of the open i just made. that's common ground. people who aren't normally in the business of making sanitizers, they are in the alcohol business, and understand you were an individual who is able to cut through what was it both the fha as well as treasury and other departments to make it go smoother. look, this is the whole government approach, i understand that. but let's talk about what we are going to do in getting this to all of the people who need it. i know, and the next guest on my show, doctor ben carson is doctor steve corwin who is the head of the presbyterian they are desperate for masks. i understand that some are now
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going to them. how do we get to the point where this never happens again? >> that is a great question. the problem we face, and is i try to solve these problems for the white house and the president, here's the thing, our supply chain for medicines, medical supplies and medical equipment, is spread out all over the world. that works fine when there is no problem and you don't need them. but check this out, we buy about $120 billion of medicines every year from the rest of the world. about 95% of them come in for about 20 countries. guess what judge, ten of those countries have already imposed some sort of export restrictions on things that we actually need. it's a situation where we found ourselves in many of our sectors of the economy were we have offshore our jobs, machine tools, electronics,
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steel, whatever it is, that cost us jobs. in this case acosta's lives. so one of the lessons i hope i learned is after this is over so we can bring it to america, make the medicines, make them facemasks here. >> . judge jeanine: with president trump america first, made in america that's perfect sense it's time to tell the rest of the world we are not going to rely on them anymore, especially when it comes to our medication. and you know for me, nuclear medicine is making me crazy as well. peter navarro, thank you for what you're doing. i want to know how you're able to do this 24-7 and you all still in great. >> i am just so proud of this presidents in this country. and the people working in government and business right now. and the people of america who are cooperating with what they need in terms of social distancing. i salute you and let's stay on it here.
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let's make sure you get done for the american people. judge jeanine: thank you we salute you as well thank you for being here with us tonight. joining us tonight is housing and urban development and also part of the white house is doctor ben carson. it's good to talk to doctor, i want to ask you about something that has been in the news for the last few days, and that is the whole idea of the hydra okay what what is that that is hydroxyquinoline nz pack. i realize this doesn't have fda approval for individuals who now have the coronavirus, but is it available for those who want to be able to use it until we get to the point where we have a cure or at least a vaccine? >> these are prescription drugs. that they have utilized for many, many years.
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with hydroxyquinoline, it has been used for malaria for decades. but it has not been used in this particular context. i think that is where there's been going between the president entrance one and there's really no room for a fight because simply because doctor fauci is saying we don't have the data to prove over the long-term that this is effective and totally safe in this setting. and the president is saying, you know by the time we get that data, it will be too late for a lot of people. we know that it has been used in setting safely. let's maybe take a little more risk, because we get a lot more upside. and that sort of the difference between a business person and a scientist. with a scientist everything
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has to be, and with the business person it's wing this versus that. judge jeanine: it's really a benefit. if you go through all the phases of review, the person who has the virus could be dead. so given the administration and president trump once to try, this is now something there's a certain compassion ability to get this stuff. let's talk about when you think, doctor wendy think we will get to the peak of this? do you have any idea? >> we have an idea based on what has happened in other countries. it is a reasonable assumption we would have the same kind of things happening here. we are probably looking at months, hopefully a couple versus several. but somewhere in that range. of course things are better
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because we're treating this very aggressively. as you have noted in some places, there wasn't an aggressive push back. and hence you see an increase. we have some places like that in our country, like new york city, washington, and it wasn't because they didn't push back, they had a lot of people coming into those areas from outside the country and the places where the contact had been made. judge jeanine: doctor, i want to move on to your position is the head of hud. i want to let my viewers know what the federal government is doing with the moratorium on foreclosures can you explain that to my viewers? >> what is the most important thing that people have financially for their home? while they are being terrified
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and trying to keep themselves and their family safe, the last thing we want them to worry about is whether they're going to lose their house. because of payments that a been lagging. so the president authorized us to go ahead and place a 60 day moratorium on foreclosures and evictions that were in progress as well as those that may occur over the next 60 days. judge jeanine: will there be a reinvestment doctor? i only have a few seconds left but people have trouble paying their mortgage where there is no foreclosure, what is the federal government offering? >> we asked before engine forbearance for the services we want them to look at the whole cascade of options that they have before they would even think about eviction or foreclosure. judge jeanine: okay so i guess it's up to congress to pass
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the forbearance, correct? >> when it comes to the pha's, the public housing authority and people on section eight, for us to be able to restrict them from doing evictions would require congress to act and we have asked them to do that quite frankly. but i don't think you are going to have a lot of problems with that because they are not interested in throwing people out. judge jeanine: doctor ben carson thank you so much for being with this i appreciate all your doing. and, doctor marc siegel is ahead and i will talk abut the plans for the southern border with mark morgan. what you don't want to miss a man who ran the biggest hospitals in new york, is going to join me live to talk about what hospitals are seeing right now, what they are preparing for, in this
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judge jeanine: as i reported earlier, new york state is the hardest hit in the country by the coronavirus.
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closing in on 12000 cases and counting. many of them centered in the new york metropolitan area where this show in so many others broadcast from. doctor steve corwin is the president and ceo of the new york presbyterian hospital system which runs more than a dozen major hospitals in the greater new york city area. doctor corwin joins me know by sight. good evening doctor. >> thanks for having me on. >> thanks for joining us. you are at the epicenter in new york city. do you have what you need for all of the hospitals? and let me just say one thing. i want to give you some credit and i look this up today. in terms of new york state, new york presbyterian hospital is number one in the nation you are number five in the nation. your hospital system. so having said all of that, do you have what you need to continue to be number one in new york? >> let me just go back for second period as you said it
12:25 am
should be getting, we will get through this. it is going to be very tough, but the reality is, that new york city is not going to break, and america's not going to break. we have the best healthcare system in the world him we will get through this. now, the president has unleashed all of the manufacturing capacity for gloves, all of the protective equipment, ventilators et cetera. it's going to be a little bit of time before that ramps up. right now our biggest need is for personal protective equipment for all of our employees. we are seeing we can predict the surge of this. we think over the next three to four weeks we will see the bulk of the surge for our hospital system in the city, certainly for my hospital system would then a lot of predictive modeling around this. the urgent need right now is for protective equipment. i know the governors working on it with the president. as you said before, this is not about politics. this is about america.
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judge jeanine: well, doctor what we have up on the screen now or all of the hospitals that you are the president of an the greater new york hospital association. when you talk about the needs you have, how many healthcare employees you have in your system? >> we have 47000 employees and if you include the doctors from columbia and cornell we are around 60000 employees. judge jeanine: do you have gloves forget about for the patients coming into you have gloves for the healthcare workers? >> we do. and we do have masks and let me give unit example, on an average day pre-coronavirus, we would use 4000 masks a day. we are now using an excess of 45000 masks a day. ten times. so would mr. navarro was talking about the strategic stockpile, that strategic
12:27 am
stock pile as we go forward is going to need to increase dramatically to combat things like this. judge jeanine: use did something interesting you said some modeling on the when this might peak? it's interesting i just heard from another guest that we are talking three or four months. you are talking four weeks? >> we think our model are predictive modeling for our hospital in the hospital system is about four weeks from now, the middle of april. remember, the rest of the country might be behind new york. we modeled after the wuhan outbreak, we modeled the italian outbreak, we modeled that when the lockdowns occurred. for us, that looks like april, middle of april or thereabouts that it will peak in new york city. that doesn't mean it's not going to peek in other places at different times. judge jeanine: you believe in the shelter in place right now near state in your city?
12:28 am
>> look, i give the president, the administration, the governors a lot of credit. this is a huge economic impact, i think americans are really sacrificing to make sure they can protect each other and i think it's the only thing we can do right now. we don't have a cure, we don't have the vaccine. there are medicines being tried, but we don't know whether they're going to work or not. this is the sanest thing to do. judge jeanine: ra, doctor steve korn thank you so much for taking the time to be with us tonight i know how busy you are. >> thanks for having me anna really appreciated thanks for all you do. judge jeanine: the stock down to heard around the world. my outbreak on the senators who sold us out who sold their stock right before the pandemic hit is still ahead tonight. you don't want to miss what i have to say in an entire family devastated by the coronavirus, four of them
12:29 am
dead, more hospitalized, why? joining me to it talk about this tragic cage and drink case and much more this pandemic is the american red cross urgently needs blood and platelet donations and asks all healthy donors to schedule an appointment to give. now, with the corona virus outbreak, it is important to maintain a sufficient blood supply. your blood donation is critical and can help save lives. please schedule an appointment today. download the blood donor app. visit or call 1 800 red cross today. you can make a difference.
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judge jeanine: . ♪ ♪ welcome back to justice.
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we have some important information from dr. marc siegel who was among the first details about a critical drug is being looked at to fight the coronavirus. doctor siegel is a fox news contributor who is been on day and night and is joining us again tonight. first of all doctor siegel are you okay? how do you feel? >> i feel great actually i am out here in long island i'm having a great time and i'm good health. i'm exercising and i'm not sleeping enough, judge. judge jeanine: i know you're not sleeping enough that's why asked you. you talked about the hydroxyquinoline. what is it? >> it is hydroxyquinoline is used for malaria as a prophylaxis of malaria. also in our brightest rugged still the same drug. it's been taken together with zip through in this situation. judge jeanine: and is shown to have some success correct? >> there's a study out of
12:35 am
france as a small study that showed 25 out of 30 patients and we need larger studies, but in the meantime it's going to be or used around the world anecdotally is going to be used in hospitals around the world who have those and are getting worse. they have to try some treatment. this treatment is pretty well-tolerated. judge jeanine: but the not getting worse with this? >> this is usually well, well tolerated. i think that's the point the president was making the other day. we don't have clinical trials, we have one trial and it looks promising. it's already approved it looks promising so why not try it for someone is getting severely ill? judge jeanine: that's great i agree. i'm not a scientist but i agree. want to talk about a family that's fastening people around the country. it's the family from new jersey, four of them are dead since contracting since one contracted the coronavirus, and three of them, three more
12:36 am
are in the hospital. now how is this possible? is there a gene? what is it? what is it that they could be so affected that everybody seems to be dying in his family? >> and a judge you could've been a doctor if you could have been a judge. it must be something genetic which puts him in predisposition to a more severe outcome. that would explain it. that's how viruses work. some people are weaker, some are better defended, some are more likely to get a hyper immune response that causes them to get into immediate trouble. they may share something some disposition, that needs to be studied. one of them has diabetes, one is over 70, but three are in their 50s to the not that old. i think that makes the point here that we can't just say it's a virus of the elderly art only affects people with severe underlying conditions. we are finding more and more that there are sporadic cases where people are getting
12:37 am
really sick and we can't absently predict why. but looking at this genetically, there is a common ground. judge jeanine: so why do we know about genetics and the coronavirus if anything? >> it goes deep into cells, and i think what people to need to know out there is your genetics predicts your immune response and how quick your antibiotics come up. it depends how they defend themselves coming in and replicating pride all this is genetic. what's interesting here though it's also interesting that at this party where they got it was spreading around the party so it could be a strain of the virus to super spreader. judge jeanine: lisette about the genes and more men are dying and getting men china smoke i get that. but i don't get i don't know what the other issue is women is estrogen relative? why are women not dying as quickly as men?
12:38 am
>> will judge italy has men who smoke to so 70% of the men dying in italy are men. but in south korea it's just the opposite. i think the issue in the united states were more men are getting this, and more men are having serious outcomes is the genetics of the situation. there is a study last year that showed the x chromosome is directly tied to your immunity. guess what women have? 2x chromosomes so doubled the immunity they go through childbirth they got the more estrogen. estrogen also protects you. guess what else they have to do they have to put up with men. putting up with men build a stronger immune system. judge jeanine: we are getting and on that line, doctor because i know you're kidding that putting up with men makes them stronger. we got to go, doctor, thanks so much for everything you're doing. and, mark morgan acting head of the customs and border protection agency is next.
12:39 am
but these people are u.s. senators who work for you and our growing sales about stock sales right before the pandemic hit has the whole country and me in particular outraged. you can count me as the most outrage. i will give you my take and then i will talk with congressman doug collins of georgi
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judge jeanine: welcome back, now i am sick and tired of people in washington using inside information to benefit themselves. they knew the market was going to tank and they sold based on that inside information. here are four u.s. senators who allegedly did just that. obviously, greed does not have a political best. but one senator in particular irks me. senator chloroquine. not elected but appointed just a couple months ago after her
12:44 am
covid-19 briefing where she profits from the catastrophe by selling over a million dollars in stock in her own personal portfolio before the market tanked. >> i am only informed of my transactions after they occur several weeks you cannot see into the future. judge jeanine: can't see into the future? folks this woman is knee deep in the swamp and she just got there. georgia congressman doug collins is running against her later this year in a special election for the seat in georgia. the congressman joins me now. alright congressman, i have to tell you, i am furious over this. and in somewhat even more furious because the voters of georgia never elected her. she was just appointed two months ago and she is already in the game. so do we know if this woman has a blind trust? >> no she doesn't. she says they just handle step outside of her knowledge. the fact is these transactions took place after generate 204th.
12:45 am
nothing beforehand. also need to realize she is, kelly kelly loeffler's married her husband is in the stock exchange. no questions were asked of if she talked in windage talk to him but she set about it after the fact. i'm not sure that's unbelievable to anybody in the state of georgia in particular. judge jeanine: what is even more interesting and as a prosecutor this is the kind of thing i kinda go okay, i got it is when she then invested the same time in telemarketing or teleconferencing stock, suggesting she knew that people weren't going to be working at their offices preach he buys that stock at the same time. to me that cements the intent that a prosecutor would need to take a good look at her. >> it makes you want to think twice because if you look at not only yourself you buy something that's going up to, either she's got the most luckiest transactions in the world and that just happens that way, and i just wonder that same portfolio investors
12:46 am
do those for other investors a well or just her? these are the things it needs to be answered she said she was to be transparent so see what can happen here. so far the answers have been sad. for those of us working for the people right now, and try to keep their health this is just not what we need to be talking about people is disheartening, for those of us who serve this country not only military and public servant, people expect us to do better. this in right now, she's got to explain and she's not expending very well. judge jeanine: knows she is and i've seen on fox a couple of times i had henry comment tucker carlson, and she says she cares about the little guy, but her actions seem to belie her words. would you agree there needs to be a full-scale investigation? there is a law against doing this kind of thing. so i think that's what she said she'd be willing to do and others are a think we will see if that investigation started we'll see how goes. at a time of crisis we should not be happy to talk about this and the answer so far don't add up. the transactions took place.
12:47 am
judge jeanine: finally, there is are those calling for her resignation, i believe the woman should resign. that would certainly eliminate the need for an ethics investigation paired that the fact that we are looking at this right now, this time with a woman who is not even been elected by the people of georgia, i want to be fully transparent, you are running against her is it in november in the special election? >> yes it is. >> in november. i wish you well. any last parting words? >> i think we are going to continue to fight for this i think the people of georgia know our working notes happening happening now. this is not right. they know what they get in her and what they get a knee. someone who will fight for them and fight for this president is doing a great job. two aren't thank you congressman doug collins for it a partial closure of the southern border to fight the coronavirus is that enough? i'm join next by acting head of border protection mark mo
12:48 am
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judge jeanine: our southern border with mexico is close to all nonessential travel in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. jody me now is acting customs and border commissioner is mark morgan. thank you so much for being with this.
12:52 am
i am not require about this, but are the northern and southern orders close? >> so, judge, that is a great question. i ratio asking that. there's a misnomer out there. the answer is no. the entire northern and southern borders are not close and shut down purred but we are doing is applying common sense, yet aggressive containment and mitigation strategies to try to stem the covid virus. we are implementing significant restrictions as appropriate. i will give unit example, trade, to merkel and track commercial traffic is going to continue in the northern and southern border. we do over $3 billion a day between the northern and southern border for trade. they're bringing across medical supplies, food, and other stuff comes that's not going to stop that will continue. to be five but what about the rest of it? we talk about trade and medical supplies, food, does that mean people who just went to visit the united states can do that from canada? or mexico?
12:53 am
>> so no there are two elements to that. first, absolutely your spot on. those who are are here illegally whether it's the northern or the southern border, this is not about immigration this is about public health and contain the spread of the covid virus but if you enter illegally know we are not going to take you into our custody purred we don't know anything about you. you have no documents we're not gonna take you in our facilities and expose our personnel, the american people and immigrants will be does contact you were turning around immediately, taking you poe and taking you to the country come from whether it's mexico or canada prayed that the game changer, that is absolutely going to help contain the spread. judge jeanine: said that is the discussion about the illegals who are then being returned to their port of entry or to their country. so what did i hear about the northern triangle? that some of them are being returned far beyond mexico is
12:54 am
that correct? >> that is correct. that's an key point. title 42, this is a cdc, this is not immigration policy. this is a policy from hhs it's a public health policy. this applies to anyone who is illegally entering. it doesn't matter if it's mexico, northern country or anywhere else. we are going to expeditiously return into the country you came from. this is a global pandemic. all countries, they need to step up and start doing more. judge jeanine: but still, if they are not illegal, if someone wants to travel from canada to the united states, and they are not involved in trade, are they going to be able to come here? >> it depends. and this is a big difference between those who are hill illegally and those are here illegally. if you come here legally we know where you're from, you got proper documentation, we know you are. what we are going to do is if you are trying to legally
12:55 am
enter and you have a reason to do, we are going to let you in. but if you are coming here to party, to go shop at the mall, you're not going to be allowed in. judge jeanine: art finally ports of entry, what's going on there? >> that is exactly right. we are doing the same ports of entry were doing at the airports predicament, you're going to be evaluated, if you're symptomatic were going to turn you over to cdc or local healthcare providers and they are going to take appropriate action. but few are asymptomatic and you are coming here for essential reasons, you're going to be allowed in. if you're coming for nonessential reasons shall be turned around. judge jeanine: alright, mark mo
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12:58 am
dr. jerome adams: why should young people care about the spread of coronavirus? well we know that people with underlying medical conditions over the age of 60 are at highest risk,
12:59 am
but they've got to get it from somebody. dr. deborah birx: so we're asking everyone to be selfless for others so that we can protect those who are most susceptible. dr. anthony fauci: not going to bars, not going to restaurants, it all just means physical separation, so that you have a space between you and others. dr. jerome adams: for more information on how you can social distance please go to judge jeanine: thank you for watching tonight i am jeanine pirro advocating for true justice and the american way, greg got fellows coming up, i will see you next saturday night in the meantime, please stay safe and stay at home if you
1:00 am
can, learn to play cards, read a good book, read my book, rea book, go find someone that needs your help, good night, that is it but i will be back ♪ ♪. greg: so far away. are you going crazy? don't be, we are all in this together, you and me like the wonder twins but better looking. we will beat this virus for one simple reason, humans are better working together than viruses. were a team species, viruses may be invisible and spread but we humans and that a lot of [blee [bleep], math, physics, dune buggies, we always prevail together. it reveals how the entertainment world wrongly pretrade that stuff,


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