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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 23, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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concentration camp is what fdr did in the world war ii, as if the united states and the communist chinese government are morally the same. they are not. it is 9:00 p.m. eastern, time for the great sean hannity. we join him now. >> sean: wow! great. listen. i love the upbeat message. i love when you say stay with your family and friends and stay close. >> tucker: yes. >> sean: great job. good message. great show. welcome to "to "hannity." we have never before ever seeing this level of mass madness, rage, insanity, psychosis, and it's the same printable people. top democrats, their willingie allies, their state run tv, the media mob. they will give your president credit for absolutely nothing, even in the middle of a national
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emergency and pandemic. think about how sick this is but not the travel ban. i think everybody needs to answer the question, in esretrospect was that a good choice by the president? that saved untold thousands of americans from immeasurable suffering. and also death. not the historic medical mobilization. we watch the largest, fastest medical mobilization in the history of mankind unfold in four weeks right before our eyes. not for the millions of supplies the president was standing all over the country, not for the thousands of hospital beds, nearly 30,000 at the federal government created, or recall of engineers down the army corps of engineers, the massive reduction in the death production models m 2.2 million? okay? they give this president for absolutely, positively nothing. instead, they accuse him of murder and yours truly accused
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trump supporters of murder. they even accuse me! it's like insane because they live. anyone, democrats don't like are now guilty pretty much a murder. that's how bad it's gotten and today this kind of malicious lying, slander continued even on the house floor in the middle of a national emergency, in the middle of a pandemic, there is sick, psychotic, andrey vitriol doesn't miss a beat. we've got some videotape. >> workers right now cannot afford for us to stand by for politics. leaderfo mcconnell said to our cities and states, to our cops and firemen and teacher, you told them to drop dead. why don't we put politics aside, rise up and tell him to put country first? >> sean: as you can see, the house finallyy came back in session today after being embarrassed again and again voting to refill the coffers of paycheck protection programs.
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that critical plan is helping workers, businesses, hospitals ravaged by pandemics, continuing to pay their employees. of course, millions of americans, they don't qualify for this program. so many americans, hardworking americans, they have worked aroundrk the clock. they are not reopening because they never closed. farmers farmed, truckers truck, packers packed, pharmacies continued to get the medicine to their groceries in need. in new york, right here in the epicenter. guess what, i go shopping every single weekend. guess what? the store shelves were full every single weekend. the guys who put the food on the shelf or working with their mask, with their gloves. they never stopped working. if it wasn't for these workers and even in new york, the ones who were manufacturing the medical equipment, new york, long island would have starved
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to death. they stock the shelves, they risk their lives too. thousands of restaurants, bars, small businesses across the country struggling like never before. they need the pavement protectionn plan to hold on to their employees, stay afloat. they are saying that they want to go back to work safely. we need to make that happen. pelosi, she has been holding this money hostage again for weeks, gaining whatever kind of selfish political leverage that she can get out of this. in fact, pelosi let the program completely run out of money. workers went out with checks, nancy pelosi all smiles a few days ago on the late-night comedy shows, $40,000 freezer, design or pints of ice cream, a collection of gourmet ice cream that she stores in duel $24,000 freezers. six. take a look. >> i congratulate the democrat
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>> thousands have been forced to wait for hours at food banks all across the country. >> chocolate. we have some other chocolate here. we've just got a big stock of ice cream. >> sean: may end up looking like a complete and total idiot for two plus weeks, hiding in a multimillion dollar mansion with her hoarding of designer gourmet ice cream.ur pelosi finally gave in and came back to washington pretty sure on a private jet. ppp was refilled, as one of pelosi's their credit colleagues pointed out, they lost all political leverage. in the middle of a national emergency, that's where their mind is at but not before pelosi pulled down her bandanna and proceeded to wipe her nose on the podium, ignoring those social distancing guidelines at the capital. i guess the rules don't matter for her. by the way, nothing comes before politics. not even a mask or proper
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hygiene. she has been one of the most repulsive people in this entire pandemic. it off, pelosiop and company actually be blaming republicans for letting the ppp money run out. she's in san francisco clinging to her gourmet ice cream and her freezers and in her multimillion dollar mansion, never missing a moment too grandstand and you also have congresswoman ocasio-cortez ripping off her mask, screaming into the microphone that republicans only care about ruth chris steak house and shake shack. by the way, the money that they are getting would be to give to their employees so they don't get fired. otherwise, they are not going to have any money to pay them. >> it is a joke when republicans say they have urgency around this bill appear the only folks they have urgency around our folks like ruth chris steak house and shake shack. those are the people getting assistant in this bill for not trying to fix this bill for mom
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and pops. we have to fight stuff on! fighting to it is unconscionable. you would legislate like rentou was due on may 1st! >> sean: the world is going to and in tend years and we are not going to have any more oil and gas and every other dumb things she has said. let's celebrate! all the people who work in the energy industry, they'll lose their jobs! she deleted that tweet. many democrats this coronavirus just another opportunity, we told you this in the beginning. exploit the system for political gain, they are saying it repeatedly now. clyburn calling it a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision. we told you last night about joe biden saying i'm excited because we can do these thingshi now. because of the virus? andrew yang, ocasio-cortez, now pushing for universal basic income. some people even saying don't go back to work. that would be ocasio-cortez.
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sanders demanding medicare for all, pelosi holding up the original stimulus package over wind and solar power tax credits. multiple democrats trying to open our borders, they want to read our election system and build that intour the aid and withhold aid from workers in hospitals and small business. even hinting at a socialist revolution. what we are witnessing from many of these vultures, and that's what they were and are on capitol hill, that's not leadership. the way they have conducted themselves is a disgrace. rampant hypocrisy. that lady right there,ig the one wiping all that stuff on the podium, visited the crowded streets of san francisco, chinatown february 24th. come on down to chinatown. she says it's safe and sound. great advice. comrade de blasio, the mayor of new york, the dumbest guy in politics encouraging new yorkers to go out on the town in march. catch a play. cuomo claiming the disease would not be in
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as bad as other countries. cnn, that would be humpty dumpty's network.ty anderson cooper said we should be concerned about the flu than coronavirus. we are going to get lectured from them?m today, liberal morning joe took the cake. accusing the president of killing 50,000 americans. joel, what you won't do for your career. take a look. >> you've got a president who said that this is going to magically go away. we had when do these people learn? this is not breaking news! how could the president not learn from his mistakes? even than the bar awarded him 500,000 people, the president ignored it. he didn't prepare. 50,000 people are dead now because of him. >> sean: okay, joe.
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you think it can't get any worse, another liberal hack at state run tv, conspiracy channel msdn ca accusing the president collaborating with the coronavirus. they said it. look. >> in washington it almost seems to be at times collaborating with the virus. i compared trump, who is called himself a wartime president, to the french general marcel pathan who was in charge when the nazis invaded and essentially gave up and allowed them to occupy the country. it's a harsh comparison but trump seems to be collaborating with the virus and doing his work for it. >> sean: these idiots with russia, russia, ukraine, ukraine, impeach, impeach. liberal joe, who staffed the emergency hospitals in new york?
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who built the hospitals inor new york? who sent the hospital ship and staff, created the javits center of the largest hospital in the country ? liberal joe, you failed everything ateverything you did. you are getting kicked by "fox & friends," didn't do good as a congressman, you abandon your constituents. joe, who ordered these facilities to be converted into covid units when they weren't originally supposed to be? who sentt the masks, the ventilators, the gloves, the gowns, that new york should've prepared for but they didn't? spoiler alert, it wasn't de blasio, joe, and the rest of you. because the travel ban, because of the medical mobilization, the largest and fastest in our history, because of project air bridge, because of the defense production act, because some a americans never closed down, america went all in and whatha
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could have been 2.2 million or maybe more, guess what? we are saving lives. thank god above. thank you. thank you. every life is precious. this is about death. death, hospitalizations, millions lower than the initial projections had we not done this. the president did it. new york and no city had any preparation ready for anything. they were ill-prepared, given the worst advice in march. but according to the mob, the president deserves no credit at all. hear from the trump organization. he knows the president pretty well. grew up with him. donald trump jr. how are you, sarah? >> i'm doing well, sean. how about yourself? spew what i used to say if your dad cured cancer,ur they wouldnt give him credit. i've been proven right because there is never been a medical mobilization like that. they can't admit that he's done anything well. new yorkld would be dead without
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donald trump's help period. >> i agree. and the revisionist history on everything as you pointed out so well is so insane. the same people are saying he didn't act are the same people he said that him stopping the flights from wuhan, china, stopping the flights from literally the epicenter of this outbreak, they said it was too aggressive, xenophobic, racist, and it was too much. the fact they are able to do this, statistics that 2 million americans were going to die, we are at one 40th of that. not one of those are acceptable but that's a pretty good response considering what they said we were up against, and it's because he's gotten things done. she's worked well with a team whose actedre aggressively, made tough decisions like shutting downe travel from another county when everyone said it was xenophobic and racist because everything is racist from donald trump, obviously, all they have left on the other side. it's truly disgusting watching
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these same people who were literallypl outraged two weeks o about the actions he took that are literally the number one cause to prevent the spread coming to this country. they are outraged and they are able to spin the revisionist history as though it's back. it's a new low for the media and they've got a lot of lows in the last four years. >> sean: y i have actually asked your dad in an interview why he wentn to ten days he put the travel ban in effect, took a lot of crap for that. >> it's not an easy decision to make. >> sean: pretty insightful. the person who warned the country the most about china was your father. the person who warned about controlling our borders, your father. these big issues in 194 days? we have an election, you know. >> without question. if there's one thing that the coronavirus has taught us is that donald trump and his agenda in 2016, the maga agenda was
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100% right. we need to control our supply chains, we need to control our manufacturing so the chinese don't do what we did dell make they did. you are criticizing us for lying to the world? which allow this plague to spread the way it did? we may cut off the antibiotics that are designed and made by your company's, but we control them, so you aren't getting them. we can't allow that to happen. look how quick mexico shut down the border to the u.s. they said, hey, it can actually be done. if one thing this has shown us is that donald trump was right all along. donald trump and the guy that got it and saw it, he's also the guy who created the greatest economy that anyone has ever known, he's the guy who can make america great again again once we get through this. he's going to be the guy to do that. not joe china whose son took
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$1.5 billion from the chinese, whose own record saying literally china is our friend, they are not a threat to us. >> sean: i've got to move on. i have secretary pompeo standing by. i will tell you, socially distant donald trump jr. i can see that. you are doing good. j all the best. tonight's epicenter of the coronavirus continuing to show signs of improvement picked we won't be happy until there are zero deaths, the number of hospitalized patients down the tenthiz day in a row. intimations now decreased 11 days in a row. death rate is at the lowest point since in a month. this comes m as antibody testing now underway in new york. according to the first statewide study researches, it might change some but the numbers interesting. they now believe as per new york and the governor and others that every 14%, nearly 14% of the population in new york has been infected with the coronavirus, the infection a rate that high. new york city, 21% of those
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tested had antibodies for this virus, which means that if those numbers hold and are accurate, the coronavirus death rate in new york would be .58% and the city, .87%. at some point they were saying it might be as high as 3.4%. remember that? here to weigh in on this, dr. oz, part of our medical a team. i've really gotten to become friends with him and know him. he is up 24 hours a day looking for the best treatment as he says, the army we have, not the ones wee wish we had. and involved in personal cases, doing shows, on in the morning, and on here. this is your calling. god made you for this. i applaud you and your commitment to all of this. thank you for what you do. > you are very kind to say that. i was interested in this study today because there had been antibody study done in the past but i have to hand it to the
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health commissioner and governor cuomo, they really worked together with the fed tok get the most accurate antibody test results they could. they stood outside of big-box stores, groceryto stores, they t 3,000 new york state residents to allow them to take some blood and run these antibody tests. reallyd quick, this is differet from figuring out if you are infected, this is to figure out if you were infected sometime in the past. you don't know when. specifically they identified there were ten times more people who had been infected that have tested positive confirmed for covid-19. that's an important point. that's less than what they saw in the california study which we think is pretty accurate. the mortality rate as highlighted by the governor today, i just want to point out a few things. new york city 21%, part of the reason is this illness almost certainly started earlier in new york. we have evidence that it may have happened in the beginning of february. long island 27% out from where you are, 12%, but the rest of the state was only 4%.
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a biopsy of the entire country, rural area, urban areas. can't go thing is we back to work if you have antibodies because we don't know the duration of the antibodies, how long you would be safe, and there are some reports in paris aboutre reinfection. the other big question i want people to think about is why is it that you have these people ten times more that we know reported cases either didn't have a lot of symptoms, didn't h know they had symptoms, or had no symptoms. what's the difference? another breaking news peas, a big hospital system in new york shared their results, log the number of patients. they found that 88% of the patients that got admitted to the hospital there had at least two comorbid conditions, high blood pressure, elevated body index, otherwise overweight for the wake-up call might be listening, let's make sure we focus on people have these comorbidities, they aren't getting sick because they go to the hospital and really get ill, help them get past the
10:20 pm
communities because if you are watching right now, your most patriotic move to get your blooe pressure down, get your weight down, work your doctor with this stuff because that's the best way you change national history gogod forbid you get covid-19. >> sean: dr. oz, thank you for your commitment for what you do. you personally are helping people stay healthy. great advice. we turn now from the country to china. they are a despicable, communist dictatorship. facing worldwide commendationcto its constant deadly stream of lies, we've been telling you all about it. here's our secretary of state mike pompeo who joins us. mr. secretary, i've seen a lot. i wrote w a book, "deliver us fm evil," 2004. 100 million people killed in the last century alone. i look at this, when they stopped travel from wuhan to the rest of china, from china to wuhan, but they left that open internationally, then they scooped up all of the protective
10:21 pm
gear and now profiteering, they kept the virus and lied to the world and it hurt all of us, and all these people dying, when you said to me you would've helped them, i am so angry, words cannot describe my anger. >> yeah, sean. that's appropriate you are angry. i know the president feels the same way. china caused an enormous amount of pain, loss of life. and now h huge challenge for the global economy as well picked we still don't have full transparency from the chinese government's government. we don't know the history, we don't have the team on the ground to do the work we need to do. the chinese communist party and the world health organization have failed to do the things they have a responsibility to do when there is a pandemic inside of the country. >> sean: okay. now the question is how do wes get them to make up for this,
10:22 pm
make good on this. they do hold a lot of our debt. i'm not involved in what you do, you are a lot smarter than me, number one at west point. i will see this territory to you. my feeling is we shouldn't pay it back. maybe that's impossible. >> sean, i'm very confident that the chinese communist party will pay a price for what they did here. i don't know what form that will take. our focus todayil isn't on that, as making sure we keep america safe, key people healthy as we can come and get this economy going back. iin am very confident. i've talked to business people all around the country, people who will put their lives at risk over the last week, they know this is a result of the virus that originated in will hand china and they know that there will be a cost associated with that. we need to focus on the here and now and there will be a time to make sure we get this right, to make sure we are not dependent
10:23 pm
on china for our pharmaceutical goods and all the things that we seem did not have a right and president trump identified early on and fixing the things between united states and china. >> sean: you and you pretty early that the largest critic of china, it probably cannot answer this so i won't waste a lot of time on it. private conversations, how direct are you and the president being with china? >> very direct. they know exactly what it is that we've reserved, they know what we asked them to do to make sure we don't have an ongoing problem. we want to make sure we understand on all of us, and elsewhere too, we want to make surere we don't have this problm again coming from china. buried dangerous situation. we've made clear our expectations. i've seen the president do it. >> sean: any update on iran and these ships, these boats wreaking havoc, the president laid out the order very clearly.
10:24 pm
>> this administration behave different from the previous one. you recall when they took our navy sailors, and kneeled down, senator kerry apologized to get them back. this president has told the iranian regime enough, we are going to defend our airmen, marines. i think the iranians understand that as well. >> sean: any update on kim jong un and reports on his health? i've got to try... >> i appreciate the question. i have everything i can share with you tonight but american people need to know we are watching the situation very keenly. >> sean: we always appreciate you. when we come back, the president called out thesi media. why? because they are so soft on little quid pro quo, the ever confused, confounded, poor joe. lindsey graham has a message for joe next.
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and we're still on the road. solving critical issues as they arise. ♪ go to thank you. >> sean: the ever confused quid pro quo joe biden trying to rewrite history. wait, where is he been recently? biden is the one who downplayed the china threat, claiming the china ban was xenophobic before
10:29 pm
changing his mind two months three days later, a little late. biden has consistently been soft on beijing and south america's foes. this is s serious. the president was asked about biden atat his daily coronavirus briefing. here's what he said. >> much of the media is not honest so i can't tell you about the election. you have the democrat party and you have a large portion of the media automatically giving the guy a pass. he's been given a pass but whether or not he's going to be the nominee, i have no idea. but he's p getting a pass. the media isn't covering the great job we have done. >> sean: by the way, if the dog bites, bee stings, feeling sad? just blame donald trump. remember, obama's own defenseet secretary robert gates says biden has been wrong on almost every single foreign policy decision in recent memory. of course, zero experience on
10:30 pm
hunter, he rode on airports too, went to china, when his dad. two weeks later, with no experience that we can find, came back with an billion-dollar deal no qualifications we see with the bank of china. also tonight, more developments in our quest for equal justice. former nsc chief of staff says that john brennan buried evidence that putin actually favored hillary in 2016. one thing "the new york times" got right leg, it was likely rushing disinformation from the beginning. we can confirm that the fbi was warned multiple times that steele was being used to spread disinformation. let's forget julian assigns and let's bring that guy to america. extradite anybody, i want to start with him. apparently he deleted his emails like hillary, lindsey graham. senator, how are you? >> good, thank you very much for
10:31 pm
having me. >> sean: iec nancy pelosi came back so ie made a promise, i would fill her freezer with gourmet ice cream. i would beer glad to make that happen. on a serious note, look at this china deal, peter schweizer chronicles all of it. any of the big banks, financial institutions would be a little bit more qualified than hunter to get a billion-dollar deal with the bank of china. thoughts? >> you know, we are going to have a campaign and it's going to be about judgment. what did donald trump do? he basically repaired all the damage done by obama and biden. it was joe biden pushing to get out of iraq against sound military advice. it was joe biden according to leon panetta who opposed at the rate at that actually killed bin laden. joe biden called donald trump a racist, a xenophobic person when he instituted the travel ban againstl china.
10:32 pm
joe biden has been wrong across the board on things that really matter. we will have a comparison and contrast complain about joe biden's judgment over time versus that of president trump's judgment over time. the caliphate came about because joe biden advised president obama, we need to get out of iraq and he was proud of that. he actually went to a ceremony when we left. the bottom line is without joe biden, there would be no isis. without donald trump, the caliphate would still exist. donald trump is the one who killed little general soleimani. i can't wait to compare andt contrast the judgment of president trump against vice president biden on foreign policy. this will be a this will be over in round one on the debate stage. >> sean: i see all of that and now we've got to get to the issue of reopening the country. you know, we keep talking about
10:33 pm
reopening. i'm in the epicenter of this thing. new york city, long island, i'm in both places. what i can tell you is every time i go into a grocery store, lindsey, they are packed. every single time they are, the guys stocking the shelves are there. i talked to one at a store two weeks ago, please put your mask on, thanks for all you're doing. you've got to put your mask on. and he did. he had it down by his neck, sick of wearing it like every body. new york wouldoi starve if peopi didn't work. thoseeo guys stocking the shelv, they are on the front lines get all the health workers, they are the heroes in all of this bit all the manufacturers that stayed open too, they are the ones applying medical supplies that saved new york. new york wasn't prepared for any thinkeror they said they were early march, they were prepared for anything. >> donald trump saved new york.
10:34 pm
he built hospital beds in record time. sent a hospital ship when they needed beds. we are now thinking of ventilators. cuomo has done a good job. but, will beuo the first one to tell you donald trump was there. the governor of california said donald trump has been on the phone every time i need him to be on the phone. we are going to have a contest about donald trump's performance as president with the virus. he's made consistently good decisions. shutting down travel from china. >> sean: if these guys stocking the shelves stayed open, the epicenter of this thing in the middle of all this, how come we can't -- and we kept them safe, why can't we open everything safely. i'd keep half of new york city workers home. give everyone a temperature check. put masks on everybody.
10:35 pm
>> i think you are going to see an opening of this country based on sound science. phase one, phase two, phase three. the president has given us a road map how to open up the country safely. if we follow the trump road map, we'll have the economy opened up strong by the summer safely. there is a road map out there. follow it. phase one, phase two, phase three. >> sean: this guy in georgia, he's a republican. if he does this wrong, they are going to bludgeon him and not wants to do anything. we don't need the tattoo parlors open yet. that's a dumb idea. some other of his ideas are pretty dumb. they are going to bludgeon him to stop all openings. this economy can't survive until we open safely. there is a way to do it safely, just like the guys at stocking the shelves. >> i trust president trump's team's judgment on how to do it more than any governor in the country. >> sean: thank you, lindsey
10:36 pm
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i am ashley strohmeyer. calls calling for the investigation of the ouster of a senior government scientists. claims he lost his post at health and human services for opposing the use of hydroxychloroquine which president trump sounded as a remedy for covid-19. hhs has not commented on political in appearance, but the chairman of house, energy, and commerce committee wants an inspector general probe. hydroxychloroquine and presidential providing money for votersto cag the coronavirus pandemic. biden also blasting president trump for criticizing male voting and not supporting aid for the postal service. biden suggests trump is trying to undermine the elections. i am ashley strohmeyer. now back to "handy."
10:40 pm
"hannity." >> sean: 4.4 million americans filing for unemployment last week as the coronavirus lockdowns continue to cause economic devastation all across the country. a also developing tonight, harvard, other major colleges, as the president said they would, they are returning the taxpayer relief fund citing the massive the massive endowments, $40 billion or somewhere near there. here to explain that, cohost of "outnumbered," she does a lot of shows and she's on a lot of shows, melissa francis is with us. i've had a lot of discussions with people on this and one really smart business friend of mine said, you know, some of these companies, and the money, even though they are big companies, they wouldn't be paying these they wouldn't be paid otherwise. the second thing they said it is you have no idea the fiduciary response abilities if they don't take it. does that make sense.
10:41 pm
>> that may be the case of the companies but look at the statement s harvard made about this and remember, it's the cares act, it's not the same as ppp, payment protection supposed to protect a worker is losing their salary. this has to do with students. look at what harvard said, they said they never sought nor received these funds. if you look at that, wait a second, that's exactly like everybody at home who got a paycheck from the irs or whatever that was, a check from the irs. you didn't fill out paperwork and has for it. if you f qualified, it showed up in your bank account by direct deposit. harvard is saying that's how the legislation was written, that they never sought it. they haven't received it yet, but full disclosure, i went to harvard and i'll tell you if that check showed up, i bet they would've cashed it. but all of this hoopla came up for this so they never got it, never cashed it. my point is that it's the fault of the idiots legislatures who didn't put anat asterisk next to
10:42 pm
that they were going to support students at universities unless you had in a development that was big enough to rival michael bloomberg's fortune. they wrote the law so fast, we'll send you money to support the students. harvard can afford to support the students on their s own beer they thought about going tuition free. they talked about that for a long time. i bet they do it sooner ratherat than later. harvard, yale, princeton, stanford, they neither sought to receive these funds and if they show up they are going to send it back for a bit u differentnt because. >> there is context and texture to some of that. are the american people -- these don't have to be clean. you can pour money into the endowment for the arts, humanities, and the kennedy center, or other noble causes. are you confident now that the money is going to be directed to those businesses and hospital workers and those that really need it?
10:43 pm
>> you know, anytime you write legislation that fast, you are not going to think of every possibility. i make fun of the fact that they wrote this and didn't put in the caveat where a t place like harvard would still qualify. but they were directing it at students who were on various types of financial aid and might not get the support they need during this time. in reality, without sarcasm, the heart was in the right place. harvard cance afford to do that support on their own, and a lot of other schools who can't. but any legislation that tries to move fast isn't going to be perfect, which is one of the reasons why we don't rely on government to solve our problems. because they are slow and they are not perfect. this is why we rely on each other and our community and frankly we all need to get back to work. it's time for america to get back up. i heardp what you were saying about the grocery workers. you are so right! >> sean: they are working. >> we need to protect the vulnerable at home, but the rest of us need to get back out there
10:44 pm
and get back to work in a safe way. >> sean: half of every building in new york should work from home. everyone gets a temperature check, everyone gets a mask and gloves, opened up a red just like the workers in the grocery stores thatre saved us. melissa, thank you. joining us with more, republic in republican senator john kennedy. hearing better news from louisiana. we weren't so sure a couple of weeks ago. update us. >> our numbers are much better. our private health care delivery system did not crash. we got plenty of ppe and ventilators from the national stockpile. we never came close to running out of ventilators. i want to thank the trump administration for that. now we are trying to make a
10:45 pm
decision about when to reopen our economy because like the economy and the rest of the country, it has been waterboarded. i looked at the unemployment numbers today, sean, they take my breath away. they just take mywa breath away. many of the uber elites who trust government more than people say you are morally tainted if you want to talk about the economy. i think that's untethered to reality. i think both lives and livelihoods are important and we can serve two masters. >> sean: we got to, senator, i talked andy levine, really smart guy. i think we've got to get the nba, nfl, we got to get the nhl, mlb, and we've got to figure out a way -- if it means for me that i got to get a temperature
10:46 pm
check, they have these walk through the turnstiles, take yourtt temperature, pretty good technology. and where mask and gloves, everyone else that works at the stadium, food handlers, ticket takers,, players, coaches are tested, i'd rather go than stay home. that's my feeling. >> sure, i think it's a reasonable approach. i think we follow the trump-fauci-birx phase three plan for reopening. but i'll tell you this, sean. i sit on committee. we talk often with the federal reserve officials. they are keeping this economy afloat. and all banks from crashing with spit and duct tape. they are doing a good job. i don't know at what point the economy and our financial system collapses, but i don't want to 'tfind out. and i think there's a way if we
10:47 pm
follow -- >> sean: yes, follow and open safely. you are right. smart people can figure this out. we are the united states of america. we can do this safelyd too. praying for your state. when we come back, the search for joe biden's running mate playing out on tv. karl rove has got some great insight. that's next. and his white board. straight ahead.
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>> sean: failed georgia gubernatorial candidate stacy abrams sharing her thoughts on whatht type of person that joe biden, the ever forgetful one, needs to name as his runningat mate. take a look. >> i think vice president biden is going to make the smart choice and i appreciate the fact that he's lifted up women as being a necessary partner in this. i wouldy share your concern abot not picking a woman of color, because women of color, particularly blackck women, all the strongest part of the democratic party. >> sean: joe says he'll select a vp by may 1st. former bush deputy chief of staff, the architect karl rove. i guess that's identity politi
10:53 pm
politics. fine, that's the democratic party. how does that play out?>> >> i think that statement effectively killed stacy abrams as a choice. if joe biden at picking her, he's back in a lot of trouble. the day before she said she'd make anoe excellent vice presidt for joe biden but basically today she said if he picks a vice president of that stage is a pretty rocky relationship if he were to pick her. a lot of these potential candidates for vice president have something common and that'h they've never been vetted on a national stage. let's take stacy adams, for example, she ran for governor of georgia in 2018, she had to reveal she owed $220,000 in debt, including unpaid taxes from 2015 and 2016, credit cards, she ran up her credit card $77,522, and $96,000 for college education. despite the fact that she was a
10:54 pm
state legislator making a salary fromar that, despite she was a yale trained lawyer and therefore had a good practice, i suspect, and also she had a habit of forming nonprofit groups and having them hire her. from 2013 to 2016, she had to go groups called the third during development and voter actor in this to painters of a half-million dollars out of it. remember, she was legislator getting ala salary, she's ann author. she writes glitzy novels, and she is being paid half a millioi dollars, and all the purpose of that t was to lay a foundation o run for governor and now she's got a new one called fair vote blue 2020 and we do not know who the contributors are or how much she's paying herself yet. >> sean: constant rumors. joe, does he get replaced, all michelle obama get placed. you've got 20 seconds. >> i think the idea of
10:55 pm
michelle obama, it ain't ever going to happen. he never gets replaced, he's the democratic nominee. they may not like him, but they may not be wildly enthusiastic. but he's going to be there guy i'm not certain that this is really... >> sean: a member of the media right there. he's in the media mob! i got to break. when we come back, we got a big announcement. straight ahead. and it's our job to protect it... because the best people to fight for our communities are those within them. so, if you've just bought a volkswagen or were thinking of buying sometime soon, we're here to help with the community driven promise. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first...
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>> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you always her being with us. you want to tune in monday nig night. big announcement, help some people in the mob have a nice weekend. let your heart not be trouble. laura ingraham? >> laura: i have a question. why are you teasing monday show on thursday night? hmm... >> sean: it's a big announcement. probably there will be to big announcements. >> laura: are you going to have another opinion? youyooi aren't going to have opinions. it's just going to be face. it's just going to be lots of >> sean: remember, you never look. spider-man, edition 129, the punisher. >> laura: i can't have this conversation. i got nothing from you. i got no


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