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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 29, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but i'm glad you told it. something is going on. thank you. before we go tonight, happy anniversary to two of our favorite members of our group, dan and deb have been mad marrid for 40 years. sean hannity now. >> sean: happy anniversary to your staff and thank you. welcome to "hannity" it, we begin with a fox news alert. a district court judge just unsealed a trope of documents that completely and totally exonerate lieutenant general michael flynn. these records contain handwritten notes and emails from the fbi, and they prove beyond any shadow of any doubt that general flynn was completely set up by corrupt agents who targeted him with a clear perjury trap. they were after him. lieutenant general flynn has been and is an innocent man. tonight at lindsey graham will join us, we have an exclusive
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interview with general flynn's attorney sidney powell. she will join us with reaction. john solomon, gregg jarrett will weigh in. tonight we also have a shocking investigation into what is new york's epic failure and that is an elderly population in new york. they were not only not protected by their government, they were put in harm's way by new york state, new york city. they completely fill those people. they completely failed to prepare for anything. now we have dead bodies stacked up. they were discovered inside of you walls. stacked up in front of funeral homes. last night we showed you this woman, remember -- mayor de blasio, it doesn't make any sense. come and get these bodies out of here. people are dying at home!
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how dare you make us have to deal with that! how dare you, mayor de blasio! >> sean: it is worse than anybody knew, we have a full-fledged investigation tonight and we will show you more of that. we begin with tonight's big breaking news. it's the moment we have been anticipating for a long time on this show. equal justice, equal application of our laws. echo flynn was a war hero, he served this country honorably and with distinction. with multiple tours of iraq and afghanistan he put himself in harm's way for freedom under way of life. 33 years of total service, he was unjustly targeted by deep state bureaucrats that clearly, with all the evidence to prove it, wanted to take him down. we have unsealed documents to prove that corrupt agents from jim comey's fbi were discussing strategies on how to set
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general flynn up on what we call a perjury trap. according to one handwritten note, an unnamed agent asked, what is our goal here? is it truth? admission? or to get him to live? to get him to live, is that our goal? we can prosecute him or get him fired. it is at the fbi's role? at this, in a email peter strzok and his fbi lover lisa page discuss how to casually slip in an admonition about lying under oath in order to set a perjury trap. these agents were preparing for an interview that ultimately did take place on january 24th, 2017. they warned the trump administration, truth be told it was an ambush. a legal abuse of power. during the phone call it was mccabe who recommended to flynn, you don't need to have an attorney during the interview, that would have been a miranda
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rights violation. four days after president trump's inauguration, peter strzok and one other agent visited the white house and they were there to interrogate flynn. they were sent by jim comey himself. james comey bragging, he sent the agents to grill him for two days. he wanted to exploit the chaos inside the transitioning white house. something he would never do in the bush or obama administration's come or get away with. ultimately that perjury trap was not a success. agents are no indication at all that the national security advisor was lying. they didn't believe he was lying. they said he didn't believe he was lying. the fbi turn the screws anyway, they threaten to lock him up for years. eventually he went bankrupt. he had to sell his home. they threaten to prosecute his son. they ultimately forced him to plead guilty, get this guilty plea, or they were going to
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prosecute his son. they didn't think he lied, but then they forced him to live, core stem into making statements. why? to protect his son. frankly, what a great father wouldn't do that? either you sign this or we will put your son way for the rest of his life. where do i sign? he was set up, a perjury trap all along. comey fbi knew the russia collusion narrative and they knew it was a hoax. we have new information regarding that. they were hell-bent to punish anyone inside the trump administration. by the way, mr. comey i've been warning you. you have the right to remain silent. i suggest you use it. you've not listen to me. jim, tick tock. keep in mind we've been right every step of the way and the media mob has lied, advanced hoax after hoax, conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory.
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the socialist paper of record of united states. the new york toilet paper times. take a look. >> this is week one of the trump presidency. it is the name of jim comey's book, "higher loyalty?" wouldn't that be the united states constitution, does that sound like a virtuous public servant to you? or someone trying to trap lieutenant general flynn peered from day one. >> page after page of evidence, corrupt agents like mccabe and peter strzok comey and others were conspiring to set general flynn up and ruin his l, and by the way this is exhibit a of a corrupt bureaucracy that is a threat to everything we hold dear. our republic is now, and i'm not overstating this, we are facing a clear and present danger. american is at a tipping point.
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we've been very important election in 188 days. to the credit of the attorney general bella bar, he has been leaving these little crumbs here, they are, and everywhere and if you listen to what he is saying, the president was spied on, the candidate was spied on. he has made other statements like, this is not about writing a paper, this is about justice. this, my source tells me is all happening because the attorney general believes in the rule of law. by the way, i haven't fbi pin here and i have a cia pen here. why? for the 99% that do a great job and protect us every day. we must restore confidence in our premier enforcement agency. the premier intelligence agency in the world. for the sake of our constitution, for the sake of the 99% of people who bravely serve these institutions and
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protect us. thanks to the president and his attorney general bella bar, this deep state reckoning is going on right before our eyes. it's sad to see, but at least people believe in the law. this is not how we should be treating a 33 year devoted veteran who loves his country and his son. this is not the last shoe to drop. the very latest and all these details, john solomon. we said it over and over again that this happened to general flynn. >> there is no doubt. listen, i remember in the fall of 2017 sara carter and i were approached by senior fbi official said, i think flynn was set up. these notes now show that a senior fbi official had that very theory. he had misgivings about the way they were treating flynn, maybe what they were trying to do was to lure him into a lie so that they could either get him prosecuted or fired. he actually said they were
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playing games. he has a concern. it's all about politicalization, abuse of power. >> sean: we are not taking our eye off the ball, the pandemic. we have learned a lot of things. exculpatory evidence with him as well. we learned for example roger stone's, publicly was trashing roger stone. it's unbelievable! we also know they knew from the beginning, john solomon. they knew that christopher steele was getting information. don't we know that? don't we know the details?
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>> even more importantly now with the story breaking yesterday, christopher steele testified. president obama's national security advisor, the highest levels of the clinton campaign. the picture of evidence that we now have, a lot more people are involved. it suggests that may be cooperating witnesses assisting. >> sean: john solomon, we will continue to follow it and follow it to the end. i have to applaud people who seek truth and justice, and equal application. thank you. tonight we have the clearest, most indisputable evidence yet that the fda framed not only michael flynn. this goes all the way to the
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top. weaponize, law enforcement resources, the powerful tools of intelligent to use them for political purposes. they destroyed the life of a 33-year-old veteran of this country and now the question is, do we have equal justice? will we have equal justice? are we going to have real accountability of the biggest abuse of power scandal in american history or not? the fbi never thought michael flynn was an agent of russia. they didn't care about the logan act that they referred to here. 1999, no one has ever been found guilty of the logan act violations. agents even said they didn't find general flynn to be deceptive at all. they didn't want to ruin his life anyway. why? because he supported president tromp and they had been invested, let's see, spying trumtrump and denying carter pae and his constitutional right since he was a candidate. as attorney general barr has
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said, deep into donald trump's presidency. they have to be held accountable. they made general flynn pulley. they threaten his family, he fell on his sword for the ones he loves the most. all of those who lied lack candor, they committed fraud on the fisa court and i would like to see the reckoning of comey page, peter strzok, the rest of them. remember -- >> bragging about taking advantage of general flynn. i would never get away with it. i took advantage of the chaos. take a look. >> you look at this white house now and it's hard to imagine two fbi agents. how does that happen? >> i sent to them. [laughter] something i probably wouldn't have done or maybe would have gotten away with and a more organized investigation, administration. in the george w. bush of
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administration or the obama administration. two men, all of us have increased appreciation for over the last two years. in both of those administrations there was process. if the fbi wanted to send agents and to the white house itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the white house counsel and there would be discussions, approval and it would be there. i thought it's early enough, let's send a couple of guys ov over. >> sean: let's just do it. jim, tick tock. i've a message for the director tonight, do you see the 99%? you have a duty to the premier law enforcement agency in the world. you clean this up for the sake of everybody. did comey sent investigators to the white house? the first kid at days of the administration? it's all on tape, but it was from the beginning. a perjury trap before the
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election. andrew mccabe, you don't need a lawyer. he did, comey set on tape he did something he would never do under the bush or mop obama ministrations. he exploded all and two best-selling books, fox news contributor, investigative reporter sara carter. greg, let's start with you. what we expect? >> the obstruction of justice statute says if you corruptly impede or interfere in the due administration of justice you have committed a crime. what do we have here? we have the fbi and his prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence that under the law they're supposed to turn over. they also concealed from the court they are terms of the plea deal, which was they will remove flynn son, which was unconscionable, and based on phony evidence anyway.
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what happens when prosecutors actually create a crime or invent a crime to keep the goal, get him to lie so we can get him fired. that could be an abuse of power. to invoke his right to remain silent, he will need it along with peter strzok, and lisa pa lisa page. they are the ones framed corruptly go flynn. >> sean: you have not given up on this. obviously the news has been on top of the mind. we know they spent a lot of time in europe. we know intel agencies. we know he is hiring a lot of
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people. we saw the problems the attorney general keeps dropping are beginning to bear fruit and were understanding them more deeply. >> now it's been exposed to a large extent. worsening information on george papadopoulos, michael fleming how his life was turned upside down and tell prosecutors and agents could care less about his family or violating the law, or doing what they needed to do. there was one goal in mind and that was to break anybody around president trump, to target president trump. there was no crime, no evidence of a crime and just as gregg jarrett said. they created and concocted a false crime that they spread across the globe to spread disinformation about the president of the united states of america. john durham and william barr have one duty and one duty only and this is according to fbi officials that i have spoken with, both former and current.
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it is to clean out the system so that the system can repair itself and so that americans can trust again and these great institutions. because if they don't indict anyone we won't find that trust again. these institutions are weaponized and we have to stop them. it never happens again to another president or person. >> sean: every person, and i applaud the attorney general, he is just following the law. he is applying it equally. that will save our great republic and our constitutional form of government. >> i will say the judge really needs to step in here and vacate the guilty plea and allow the department of justice to dismiss this case. that will allow flynn redress and civil court to sue his peers and curators. >> sean: i got to go. great point. i will ask sidney powell and a second. we are learning that even more documents are expected to be
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released including new text between disgraced fbi levers peter strzok and page, but we now have confirmation everything we have been telling you, the mob and the media never told you, it's all confirmed. law enforcement abuses have been exposed. we've been breaking that down day by day. general flynn was set up by dirty cops as joe rightly said and deep state bureaucrats inside the highest levels of our government. here now with more, the coauthor of conviction a machine, standing u up to prosecutorial abuse. sidney powell. please send my warmest regards to general flynn. will the judge, you know him well, you praised him and your previous book, judge solomon. will he vacated this? which i believe he should. >> i think he is going to have to. the documents i've seen so far in addition to the ones you have any her hands now are even more
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stunning. it's absolutely appalling what these agents, and a special council operations dated to general flynn. it's abuse of their authority at every turn. i can't thank attorney general barr and mr. johnson, mr. durham went off for having the integrity and fortitude to get to the bottom of this because that is what it. these documents weren't easily discovered. of the emails have been in the fbi the whole time, but the handwritten notes may not have been. we still don't know exactly who the author of those is. devastating evidence of the lengths they were willing to go to disregard all protocols, all prior rules, their standard practice and other cases to warn of 1,001 violations. none of that applies to general flynn. they had only special violations, every protocol known for him because they were determined to take him out.
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>> sean: sidney, when it says, what is our goal? truth? admission? or get him to live so we can prosecute flynn or get him fir fired. you know my mom was a prison guard. my dad was probation and a waiter. my whole family was in law enforcement except to me, i was a failure in medicine. the two guys that made it to the fbi, they were deity and my family. they were the top. my question is, will we get the justice here, do you feel confident that those that did this will be held accountable? how do you interpret that? >> i interpret the notes as absolutely of their conduct's and their plan. they rejected the advice of the apparent lawyer who wrote the handwritten note that they not play games with the white house and instead that is exactly what they did. the author even expresses regrets about having agreed the
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previous day that flynn not be shown any of the transcripts they had of his call. transcript is redacted but i'm sure that's what they're saying there. they usually show the evidence to the people when they're talking to them about it. general flynn, they blindsided completely at every turn. they planned ahead of the meeting to keep him relaxed and unguarded so that he would not even know he was the subject of the interview. i can't even tell you how outraged i am by all of this. >> sean: judge sullivan, your honor, you need to vacate this. director ray, ten free to step up. given a great job. our prayers are with general flynn and his family tonight. i admire him more. he did this for his son. unbelievable. when we come back lindsey graham will react to these documents and then we will hear from the reporter who has been covering tara reid's allegation. wait until you hear that woman, we began to play part of it last
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night, we will play its entirety speaking out against mayor de blasio and a investigative report into new york's epic failure of its elderly population. it is shocking. straight ahead. ♪ i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sean: joining us now with more reaction to the bombshell flynn documentary release, lindsey graham. senator, i don't know what else to say. i mean, is this the biggest set up you've ever seen? i am told by my sources this is only the tip of the iceberg. there are so much more coming. >> i think there's more coming. it's pretty apparent to me that general flynn was a victim of an out-of-control department and justice. he basically got railroaded. as wildly known the obama administration didn't have much use for general flynn. general barr needs to be complemented, he is doing the right thing. he has three goals that i share. restore trust, hold people accountable who have engaged in misconduct, and right a wrong slug general flynn and i believe eventually pat put up a list >> sean: what is our goal?
6:27 pm
truth, admission, or get him to ally? live? senator, maybe i am old school, old-fashioned, i don't know. if somebody serves their country, and a lot of that time and war zones for 33 years, protecting our liberty and our constitution, and our way of life, you would think you would bend over backwards. not set him up, not say you don't need an attorney when he definitely needed one. not brad, i sent my agent said to take advantage in. something i never got away with and previous administrations. that is the deputy director roof. they didn't think he lied, they made him plea after he went bankrupt. he sold his house and said we are putting your son and joe if you don't sign >> general flynn deserves better from that. the people who were involved in
6:28 pm
this, i hope he is beginning to right wrongs. everybody was assigned to the fisa warrant against carter pa carter page, it will be up to them. the goal is to make sure this never happens again. he's a war hero. >> sean: so many people, we bent on peeling the layers of this on the end. people ask me, when are we ever going to get justice? we are very close to that now. a line of moving parts here and i think it's very revealing. i'm paying attention. some of the movements of the prosecutor durham in terms of hiring more staff. what do you see from the statements and actions? >> these notes reek of criminal
6:29 pm
misconduct. i trust attorney general barr to be fair to everybody involved with those being investigated, but his goal, i know him very well, is to right the ship. to restore trust. to hold people accountable. one of the worst things that can happen in any democracy is for those who are in charge of the law to take it into their own hands for political purposes. i think that is what has happened here. time will tell. i promise you that we will find out how the fbi operated when they were told by the russian sub source in january 2017, the dossier is a bunch of garbage. i find it impossible to believe that did not work its way up comey and mccabe. the person who prepared the dossier for christopher steele told the fbi it's a bunch of bartok and hearsay. they have obtained two warrants after that. how could that possibly happen? >> sean: premeditated fraud
6:30 pm
against a fisa court. if i lie to a judge i don't think you could get me out of jail, and you're pretty good lawyer, mark levan can get me out. senator graham, thank you. more coming, i promise you. this is a type of the iceberg. also tonight, major developments into the sexual assault allegation against joe biden. "the washington post" is turned to ask questions with the editorial board calling on the nominee to finally address former staffer tara reade's claim that while he sexually assaulted her in a way too graphic for me to say on television in 1993. the head of the white house correspondents association saying biden will have to eventually answer question about her claims and even the new york toilet paper times is hitting biden over his claim that they cleared the former vp saying that biden's team, "and accurately describe their reporting about tara reade
6:31 pm
story." here to announce all of this as a man who greatly contributed to the stories that led to the downfall of harvey weinstein. rich mchugh. he reported monday on tara reade's neighbor, a biden supporter who cooperated her story. let me ask you quickly, by the way, great word, a great job. my old friend ryan, we had some pretty fierce debates and the day. honestly, i see what you are doing here. you talk to this neighbor. this neighbor is a joe biden supporter. we have a police report, the haunting call of her mom calling into larry king in 1993. we didn't have any of that when all the eye believers were out there >> that is right. first of all, none of this really existed a month ago. it's been on earth by number of
6:32 pm
reporters, katie halper, ryan, and people are starting to come forward and cooperate. it does improve what the allegation is true or not, but it certainly is a growing number of voices that are saying this needs to be looked at. especially this woman who i found. she was her neighbor back in 1995, 96. she is like, look, when i spoke to her she was not really wanting to do this weird she is like, i felt a responsibility. in conversation she's like, i interviewed her a number of times. she said look, i'm a lifelong democrat. regardless i am voting for biden, but this needs to be reported. i need to say this because this happened. she struck me as very credible. >> sean: i will say this, everyone deserves the
6:33 pm
presumption of innocence. we didn't have a police report, larry king from the mother and the brett kavanaugh case. everybody ran out and rush to judgment, i believe. there is a lot more here, as you look at this and you look at the media, you are doing great work. your colleagues are doing great work, why do you think they ignored this one? >> it's a good question, sean. i would like to say that i think it's important and i know ryan feels this way too, it was part of my reporting process before even taking this on. i wasn't even wanting to take this on, but you have to however possible strip away the politics of this story. i have looked at these allegations just like i did with women against harvey weinstein. it's like you need to strip away the politics. if certain bars are met and
6:34 pm
reporting this out, certain levels of cooperation. those create data points with whether you go forward with the story or not. for me when she fell the police report. i got the police report, i was like, that's a story. i spoke to corroborating voices and when i found this neighbor and this woman who works alongside of her and 94-96. i was like, this needs to be reported. i think we will see this tied change year. >> sean: good reporting. thank you for following the story. appreciate your time and sharing your information. when we come back i'm a huge "hannity" investigation and the epic failure of new york. worse than we ever thought. not only did they not prepare for the pandemic, but their orders literally put the most vulnerable population and knew you were, the elderly, and harm's way. when donald trump had built them
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all the safe covid-19 beds they could have used. that report and dennis miller coming up straight ahead. ♪ . together, we'll weather this storm. if you have a garden you know, weeds are low down little scoundrels. draw the line with roundup. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to target weeds precisely and kill them right down to the root. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years.
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♪ >> sean: a sad "hannity" investigation and to what is the
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complete, auditor, epic failure of new york city state politicians all across the board to protect residents amid the coronavirus pandemic. it's worse than we thought. they failed to keep the city safe in the stayed safe and it's absolutely unacceptable and shocks the conscience that they have allowed this to happen. you have the mayor, the governor, everybody in this state of new york was completely ill-prepared, unprepared. they failed to act, they played a petty politics. they didn't want to work with the president. they barely gave him a compliment. they held passports. they never use the beds that the president sent to covid-19 compatible, including changing ventilation systems. the consequences we are now learning were dire, but yet this was predictable. this was avoidable, and now the epic fail is undeniable. remember they were out there,
6:40 pm
november 2015. a task force said that new york state would be shy. let's see, health officials said that money on peak week, if, in fact. they didn't buy it. don't forget, by the way, they were warned they would need ventilators of their own. they got 500 of the nearly 10,000. he saw them at an auction and nobody knows who he sold them to. at thousand beds, he converted it to biden capability. he man to those hospitals. they refused to take responsibility for him.
6:41 pm
they didn't get anywhere near the presidents beds he built and manned at the javits center. they had the ability to use all of these hospital beds in preparation for covid. we played a part of this video yesterday. she is crying out for help. it is so troubling to hear this. she said she had to put her husband's body on ice four days after he died earlier this mon month. watch. >> mayor de blasio, it doesn't make any sense! come and get bodies out of here. people are dying at home.
6:42 pm
how dare he make us have to deal with that. how dare you, mayor de blasio. you can't blame that [bleep] on trump. you can't blame that [bleep] on governor cuomo. that's all on you. this is our city and were being treated like [bleep]. >> sean: unimaginable pain. remember, new york, give us, give us and then they were saying to the nursing homes, you must take these patience that are covid-19 positive. they were prepared for. the ppe, that is your responsibility and you want to beds anyway to make money. let's look at the timeline. they downplayed the coming pandemic. people love accused me and attacked me like the new york toilet paper at times. mayor de blasio was telling the workers to get out, enjoy
6:43 pm
the town. march 2nd, suggestions for more to go. he reiterated it, march 10th. early march, march 2nd assuring everybody, i speak as an arrogant new yorker. we are not like these other countries. what happened and there is not going to happen here. we have the best hospital system and the world. donald trump saved their backsides. they didn't take it seriously has early, as recently as march. worst of all, seniors, 25% of new york deaths they suffer the most. take infected patience, even if they're still contagious. they had beds prepared at the javits center they didn't use. look at this. we now have breaking tonight, bodies stacked up, discovered inside of you halls, in front of
6:44 pm
funeral homes. i hope we have "the new york post" picture. in brooklyn, new york, the subway systems, they are becoming a full-blown public health nightmare. this same subway system, they cut the usage in half. look at your screen, subway cars all across the city. that would be dangerous and a health hazard, and public safety. especially as subway crime continues to spike. the heroes and all of this, health way workers, they're taking the subways. the state deserve so much better. by the way, not a surprise why new york city is the number one state. one resident made that clear to the mayor this week. take a look. >> seriously, you have a park. you live in the middle of a park. you don't need to travel to brooklyn. you won't even open roads for people of all backgrounds. i'm not going to give it a
6:45 pm
break. this is selfish behavior. this is so terribly selfish. you call yourself a progressive, but you show for yourself to brooklyn. >> sean: ari fleischer. this is so sad. >> like you i'm a new yorker, i was born here, i was raised in westchester. here's how the game is played and new york. if you scream the most you get the most. do you remember when governor cuomo said he asked all the hospitals, do you have enough ventilators? he said on live tv, even if they do, they would all say no. that's the way the game is played here. >> sean: the thing is, they didn't prepare. they were telling people and early march, it's fine, we are prepared. how did they not listen to their own task force? why wouldn't they have used the beds that were both by the
6:46 pm
president? converted, as they asked to covid-19 capability. why didn't they use those beds? why? >> when the ship pulled in, they both said, they would immediately fill the ship and send patience from new york's overcrowded hospitals. they didn't do it. they argue too much, they demanded too much. the sad fact is, the poor people demanding it are the ones hurting. >> sean: sad story. ari fletcher, thank you. we need to change to a lighter note. dennis miller, thank god. we need him, we need anybody who can lighten the mood. ♪
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♪ >> sean: he is back. he is the host dennis miller option available. dennis miller, did you see that hillary and doris joe biden? >> it's been a big week for biden. last week they heimlich maneuver at that endorsement out of obama and this week hillary through a
6:52 pm
bone. i'm not sure that biden even understands what they mean when they say they have no endorsement. sometimes i think he has been hired to do a commercial for geico. if i was him i would keep my eye on hillary. i still think she has and the bullpen. i think she realizes six months is a long time. this guy might end up in traction trying to pronounce it. you never know. i think she will hang right off his wing there and keep an eye on him. i think she can jump in grade six months, anything can happen. biden has gone around the band more quickly. there are people who win nascar race as we don't go around the band that quickly. >> sean: i love comedians, they can get away with anything great is the greatest thing in the world. you, bill amara, did you happen to see the university around the
6:53 pm
bend? i can't get over it. >> i saw a couple of things. it was beautiful. it reminded me of peter sellers character, chance the gardener. are we going to let this guy become chance the rose gardener? nancy pelosi, do you know it me laugh? universal income, she wants the empirically printed, a flat tax. it will show you just the way they think. a guaranteed income over there. nancy pelosi, fauci talks to he, talks to her, they said.
6:54 pm
i think she is emblematic of modern liberalism. it's like a nude beach. it sounds good, you get there, and it's not that good. >> sean: [laughs] that is so true. we have about 45 seconds. mayor de blasio got heckled, did you notice that part? >> to me, listen, when i saw mayor de blasio in utah, he wasn't stupid. i'd always wondered, what is this guy's deal. i think he's a little -- i didn't find him dumb, i just found him ill intentioned. the blank square and political hack scrabble. you use him to complete a lot of use lists words that is how it is in new york
6:55 pm
right now. a lot of fits. >> sean: dennis miller, thank you. we need a break. dennis miller. ♪ people used to care. heck, they'd come
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all the way out here just for a blurry photo of me. oh, that's a good one. wait, what's that? that's just the low-battery warning. oh, alright. now it's all, "check out my rv," and, "let's go four-wheeling." maybe there's a little part of me that wanted to be seen.
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well, progressive helps people save when they bundle their home with their outdoor vehicles. so they've got other things to do now, bigfoot. wait, what'd you just call me? bigfoot? ♪ my name is daryl.
6:59 pm
>> sean: ronald reagan said freedom is but one generation away from extension for. for a while i've been working on this book and it's called "live
7:00 pm
free or die." in latin. we have made it available to a mother's day with a special card in the first week, you get a commemorative first edition for mom the week it comes out. don't forget to set your dvr and let not your heart be troubled. i will send laura an early copy or she will yell at me. >> laura: thank you, hannity, an awesome show. we are loaded up tonight on the "the ingraham angle." i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." american versus the continued shut down in so many states. tonight i will explain why these extended stay at home orders are more about control than safety. plus two drugs have shown positive effects of the spread but why are they getting different receptions? and what do dr. fauci and nih connections have to do with it? raymond arroyo is also here


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