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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 9, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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a hero in my book. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to it with my open. the release this week of long hidden transcripts fully expose the left's attempt at a coup d'etat where a faction of the government tries to take down the leader of the country. the evidence shows former president barack obama and the obama administration were the hub of the bloodless coup. more smoke emanated from that hub, each with a man's name on
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it. rod rosenstein gave his friend the appointed special counsel in the russia investigating names of michael flynn, paul manafort, george papadopoulos and carter page. each spoke was an effort to get that person to flip on the president. the primary objective, reverse the election of 2016. the horror was not just in the treatment of these men. but that michael flynn had already been ruled out as committing no crime and no derogatory information was unearthed. but fbi agent peter strzok couldn't have that. flynn had to be destroyed. we know from the text messages between him and his lover lisa page that potus, the president of the united states, then obama wants to know everything we are doing. in other words, obama was
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keeping tabs on the investigation. so why? he was leaving the white house. wasn't his term over? yet the lies of these four men -- general flynn a decorated war hero was railroaded by cardinal comey. he violated white house policy. shands p andy mccabe said he didn't need a lawyer when flynn was a target and he was denied his miranda constitutional rights. therein it had already been determined there was no need for an investigation of general flynn. they have tried to get flynn to lie to prosecute him or get him
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fired was hidden or lost in the law firm of flynn's first attorney who keeps trying to get him to need guilty. the same law firm where eric holder was partner. those records finally released this week. so why the flynn hatred? barack obama had been touting the killing of that old geezer osama bin laden and barack had him on the run. flynn said the opposite. that al qaeda was making inroads in the middle east and the obama administration fired him as the director of the defense intelligence agency. he also contradicted that bengazi was a peaceful protest gone awry. obama hated flynn so much that he warned incoming president
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trump of two men, kim jong-un and michael flynn. he was afraid of flynn as director of the defense intelligence agency who news where the bodies in the obama brennan clapper swamp were buried. and he would be streamlining those 17 intelligence agencies. and consider this. when flynn was to be sentenced, judge emmitt sullivan actually asked if mueller ever contemplated charging flynn with treason? imagine the judge in sentencing flynn for lying to an fbi agent even wet fbi agents didn't think he lied suggesting the prosecutor consider a death penalty eligible crime when flynn was facing five years only. but the most damaging evidence implicating barack obama is the reveal from the january 25, 2017
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meeting in declassified fbi notes that barack obama met with scrapes comey and sally yates after brennan and clapper left the oval office. obama stated in front of yates and comey that he learned of the information about flynn in the conversation with kislyak about sanctions. clearly the fbi coordinated very closely with obama on the investigation of michael flynn. according to andy mccarthy and the "national review" obama was surprised putin did not retaliate when he imposed sanctions on russia. so obama officials and the fbi collaborated to invent a russia collusion narrative. lsally yates says in that meetig she recalls comey previously
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mentioning the logan act. now we snow two weeks before incoming president trump was going to take office. obama was discussing flynn about russia, an issue already determined by the fbi to be groundless. obama was in the middle of the plot to take down flynn and trump. now, there was a counter-intelligence investigation of flynn and trump -- counter-intelligence investigations are done for presidents so that they can protect the country. versus criminal investigations which are done to vindicate the rule of law. the information of a counter-intelligence investigation that peter strzok started against michael flynn and the trump campaign were included every day in the president's daily briefing. president obama, susan vice was the national security advisor who would have been briefed by
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the fbi object the counter intelligence and we assume he would have known, but now we know he actually knew of the takedown by the corrupt and dirty fbi agents. they lied to us. they did it on television, to the press, and under oath. truth plays no part in the taking down of a legitimately elected president. the star chamber in the sub basement of the capitol is just another place where lies were cultivated. these people lie wherever they go. all of them. clapper not only lied when he testified about not spying on us, not wittingly. he lied about russia. susan rice lied about benghazi and unmasking, she lied about russia. adam schiff lied about having proof of russia collusion and lying to congress. he had nothing on russia and he
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fought hard to prevent us from getting any of this information. but that's because what they said under oath was totally different. and as for president trump's hatred of donald trump. when was the last time you recall a sitting president campaigning vigorously against the candidate of the opposing party tore president? when wassed the last time in mayor -- when was the last time in american history that a sitting president said a candidate of the opposing party will never be president. when is the last time you heard annex president actively campaign against a sitting president, fundraisers are one thing. but barack obama is all in. he never stopped in his communities activism against trump. obama went after trump harder than bill clinton. obama rallied the justice department and the fbi intelligence community. asitting president saying a
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candidate of the opposing party is uniquely unqualified to be president and is helping terrorists is the epitome of obama's hatred against trump. stay tuned. there is a lot more to come. and that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me now to discuss my open and the deep state cover-up is none other than our friend lindsey graham. we learned some incredibly damaging information this week. i will start write ended off in that open. you had the director of national intelligence clapper going on tv saying trump was a putin puppet. susan rice saying the same thing. but when she was placed under evidence she said she had no evidence pointing to that.
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samantha power trashing the president but under oath saying they had no evidence. what sanctions do you have intend as chairman of the senate judiciary committee plan to do. >> i want an oversight hearing to find out why the justice department now believes general flynn was unfairly prosecuted. try to fill out why the system failed general flynn and the country and how it got off the rails. i will allow general flynn to come before the country to explain what his life has been like. i will have the doj come before the country and explain why they thought general flynn's prosecution was wrong. i will talk sally yates and clapper to talk about their role in this. i will invite schiff to come to explain his side of the story.
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judge jeanine: the american people are furious. if you have a hearing, what sanction can you use? what can be done? >> well, durham is looking at criminality. what i can do is have political accountability. i can let general flynn talk about what his life has been like. i can give the department of justice a chance to explain why the case was dismissed so everybody in the country can understand what happened. barack obama said the flynn case compromises the rule of law. president obama you know what compromises the rule of law in manufacturing a crime. my job is to bring oversight to the table, political accountability. durham's job is to put people in jail who broke the law. judge jeanine: in terms of
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political accountability. the guy who has to be made accountable is adam schiff and you can't force him to testify. bill barr, the attorney general, he submitted papers as to why they dismissed the channels based on the recently disclosed fbi notes. the american people are tired of this. would you agree with me this whole issue of russia collusion was something that was drummed up in the highest echelons of the obama administration, that obama was in on it, obama knew what was going on, he knew about it from the counter-intelligence and he knew about it from that meeting with gates and comey. >> i think horowitz told us the carter panel warrant was illegally obtained. they withheld information from the court and maid carter panel look guilty when he was not. general flynn, the dwoal was to
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get -- the goal was to get him to lie or get fired. i am going to give people the chance to speak. i want to give general flynn a chance if he wants it to tell the country what his life has been like under this system and i want to call sally yates and ask her a lot of questions about the conversations with barack obama. i intend to do that. judge jeanine: let me ask you this. i assume you have been talking to bill barr, the attorney general at the very least. because i would as a prosecutor. am i going forward with my case, testimony under oath, or am i going to let the feds go first. talk to me. >> i don't want to get in durham's way. you make a good point, judge. the flynn case is over. at least i hope it will be over by the first week in june.
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we are going to have our first hearing the first week in june about the flynn case. how the manufactured crime rather than investigating a crime. if the real professional fbi agents said there is no evidence flynn has been involved with the russians. but this is when strzok said, people on the 7th floor want to keep it going. don't you want to hear from sally yates? don't you want her under oath, and clapper? durham can't do that kind of stuff, i can. don't you want to hear about the carter page warrant? judge jeanine: don't you understand how frustrated the american people are. we had the benghazi hearings. we flow they lied about the russia collusion collusion and the hoax. people are losing faith in the system. we have got to make sure people start going to jail. jim comey, do you have jurisdiction to subpoena him?
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he's not working for the government anymore. >> certainly. i think he's one of the last people you want to talk to. i want to build a file before i talk to him. but we are a rule of law nation. even jim comey, if he's investigated by durham, i can't jump in the middle of his case. my job is oversight to explain to the country how in the hell did this happen? how is it possible you can have a two-year investigation where there is no evidence to begin with to make sure it never happens again? judge jeanine: exactly. senator lindsey graham, thanks for being with us tonight. we heard from the senator. now let's talk about this from a congressman joining me from louisiana, how minority whip, steve scalise. you know i'm fired up here. i can't believe what i have been reading today. this is a coup. it is an attempt at a coup to get rid of the president.
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there was no russia collusion. they made it up. they had four spokes in the wheel. none of them flipped because there was nothing to flip. flip. in the end we are trying to figure out what will you be able to do so americans feel we are living in a land where there is law and order. right now it ain't sounding like it. >> no, judge. it's going to be with you. as all this has come out. it's vindication tore people like general flynn. for so many of us who have been calling out on the justice department to hold people accountable. how far it goes, we still don't know. joe biden has serious questions to answer. but you can recall devin nunes saying this years ago. jim overcan saying this years a -- jim jordan saying this years ago.
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some of the information he said publicly was the russian disinformation. the some of russia was trying to do to interfere with our election. adam schiff himself was spreading false information. then they used it as the basis, the hoax, the witch hunt that was the impeachment trial of president trump. all of it is coming to a head. there are some dirt yesterday comes. i want to see the whole thing investigated. judge jeanine: what can you do about adam schiff? this guy wanted to be a screenwriter. he choreographed everything from that crazy -- the attempt to impeach the president. now this russia collusion. now we know there was nothing. everybody said under oath there was nothing. but they tell the american people, they lie to us every day. what are you going to do? >> it's disgusting.
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what we are going to do, getting the facts out is the first thing we can do, make sure the justice department sees all of this. the fact that bar trapped the case. the durham report turned into a criminal investigation. i want to see it sped up. justice has to be served. and not next december. there is an election coming up. the american people have a lot of decisions to make. all of this needs to be factored in. all the way possibly to president trump at the time and joe biden when he was vice president. i would like to see the media that loves asking him all these softball questions. ask him what he knew and when he knew it. the american people are going to demand answers to this when they make a decision in november. judge jeanine: they have been for years. and it's so frustrating. when you talk about joe biden we
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know biden was in that room. this is the obama-biden administration. this was something that was discussed constantly. this is counter-intelligence. what about the fact that you are now -- >> keep in mind, nancy pelosi gives adapt schiff his gavel. in november, in every democrat election, the question will be asked, are you going to vote for for speaker. if it's nancy pelosi she'll give schiff the gavel. that will be a factor in november. judge jeanine: senator marsha blackburn standing by tonight. i'll discuss the white house plans with economic advisor larry kudlow. ♪
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[♪] judge jeanine: there is no doubt about it. the april jobs report out this weekend makes clear the devastating economic toll the coronavirus shutdown has had on the country. more than 20 million jobs lost.
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what's the road back? larry kudlow joins me live now. welcome to "justice." those numbers i just read off, they are -- they reflect individual people who are not getting checks. who are not able to pay their bills. and who as they look forward don't know if they will be able to stay in their homes and apartments. this is a very, very painful number. the problem is that if we start to re-open, is there any way that we see this improve or are we still headed for more dire numbers? >> look, there is a lot of heartbreak and hardship behind those numbers. there is no question about that. i call it a pandemic contraction. because of the virus. and because president trump i think was right. he had to shut in.
9:25 pm
we need that for mitigation purposes. i think that part is working. i don't want to sugar coat any of this because it's so difficult. i don't think the numbers are going to turn up in the next few weeks. i think for may the job figures will be difficult. i don't want to forecast it. but that's what i think. i think you have to wait until we cross the bridge, get the economy safely re-opened, then we'll see a lot of economic improvement in the second half of this year. but getting here to there, the president has done a lot here. basically if you total up his work with congress and the federal reserve, we put $9 trillion of stimulus or assistance toib this economy to help the men and women, to help the manufacturers, to help the blue collars and the ranchers
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and farers. we have done this to brian it, to stabilize it. unfortunately you can't do everything. so these numbers will be poor. but i would not lose hope. i think at the back end of the year we'll see a rebound. judge jeanine: i never lose hope. we are americans. we are optimists. we we just want to get out of our homes and start working again. all the people who want to go back to their jobs, whether it's a beauty parlor which we'll talk about later in the show. or a big corporation. how do we know if there will be a job for them to go back to. anxiety. we have to start getting out again. >> yes. there is a lot of anxiety. if you want a glimmer of hope, jeanine on the job numbers. the 0 million lost. about 80% were furloughed.
9:27 pm
they were temporary layoffs as reported by the individuals surveyed. so that does suggest some of this economic assistance, especially things like the payroll protect program and the individual checks are working, and they will go back to their job. i can't promise that, no one can be 100% sure. but i think a lot of this assistance has worked and maybe will continue to work. then we'll get to the other side. i think, you know, it has to be done safely. you are seeing over half the states gradually re-opening. it's got to be done safely. the president he a sized that time and time again. on the other side hopefully an economic comeback. which by the way. congressional budget office and private forecasters are predicting a 20% rebound in the second half of this year.
9:28 pm
we are getting closer to that point. judge jeanine: larry, the question that i have is this. do you think the consumers have the appetite now to get back into the market and start buying thing? i remember when trump came in there was the animal spirits that everybody was ready to get out there and bye-bye because everything was going to be great. how do you deal with the fear people have of what people are telling us it's going to come back in the fall and be worse than ever. how do you deal with the anxiety of this. >> you said it, and i'll echo it. we are americans and we have a lot of spirit and a lot of strength. i think people are dying to get out of the house and get back to work. i think there is tremendous pent-up purchasing power. i think a safe re-opening is
9:29 pm
crucial. i think folks are going to go out. that's part of our spirit and part of our psyche. this is a great country and we can overcome this. the pandemic was brutal but we can overcome this. judge jeanine: thanks for joining us tonight. we look forward to having you back. the deep state cover-up collapses. senator marsha blackburn is next to discuss shifty adam schiff and the whole lot of them. -excuse me. uh... do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour? the real question is... do you mind not being a mo-tour? -i do.
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[♪] ashley: live from "america's news headquarters." an environmentalist warned about pollution from personal protective equipment. the scientist saying that can pe can be mistaken as food and puts animals at risk and improperly discarded ppe could carry pathogens. the fda announcing emergency authorizations for an antigen test.
9:34 pm
the test produces results within 15 minutes by detecting fragments of virus protein. officials say this is key to opening up the country. to "juse jeanine." judge jeanine: the establishment deep state takeover was turned upside down with the justice department's decision to drop the michael flynn case and what president obama knew about the case and when did he know it. joining me, tennessee senator marsha blackburn. the department of just its has made the decision to drop charges against michael flynn which i am sure you would agree is the appropriate thing to do? >> i do agree it was the
9:35 pm
appropriate thing to do. and wait appears is we now know this was a cabal. it went all the way to the oval office with this scheme to set up michael flynn and to try to create a crime. it is just unbelievable and it should frighten every american citizen that they even thought they could get away with doing this. >> but senator, the problem is they did get away with doing it. the fear of the american people and i can tell you now is there will be no consequence. only the good people end up being raked over the coals. you look at the lives that were ruined. paul manafort on the tax case or bank application. in solitary confinement at 72 years old.
9:36 pm
flynn and george papadopoulos, a volunteer on the campaign. even more significant is what we know about the president and the fact he was involved from the get-go and was have much in the middle of this and they were disappointed putin did not react to the sanctions obama put on them. so the issue of russia collusion, the pot started stirring. nunes it seems along with jordan had a handle on this right at the beginning. >> yes, indeed they did. what we are firing out is the things they were saying from their investigation there in the house were indeed direct. and as you said, they got away with this to a point. they created this story. they decided this what they were going to use to set up this
9:37 pm
entrapment. and it didn't work. they hate donald trump so much, they created this. as lindsey graham said to you earlier, what we can doth the senate is expose what transpired. dur & reported that is a criminal investigation. and judge, i have to tell you reading from -- look at the rod rosen seen memo, his response. one of the things this showed to me when you look at what he did, comey being fired, then the way he wrote the scope memo. they were not there to protect the constitution, to protect our government, they were there to protect themselves. and that is something that you look at this culture that had grown up with this group of senior fbi agents and james
9:38 pm
comey and peter strzok and andrew mccabe. judge jeanine: senator, i only have a few minutes and i'm having trouble in my ear here. i wanted to talk about china because i know that's one of the issues you are devoting yourself to now. what are we going to do when we come back or you are now back in the senate, to stop the reliance in china. i know you have got all these bills in the hopper. how dumb does the congress have to be to not recognize when we put our supply chain in the hands of people who would definitely not tell us there is a problem with human-to-human transmission, that we are ultimately putting our lives in danger by talking to them at all. >> and one of the things i am doing in order to return that supply chain, whether it's pharmaceuticals or
9:39 pm
telecommunications or electronics. every single day i'm working with my colleagues, republican and democrat to say this is vital. senator menendez joined me on the pharmaceutical supply chain bill. senator markey and i are work the human rights angle and this surveillance taking place by china and russia. judge jeanine: let's hope we can get moving on this quickly enough. it's time for the united states to take a stand, especially when people aren't honest with us. and they have us by the short hairs. they are part of the our supply chain. that's a problem. a dallas salon owner is released from jail. i will discuss the case. at leaf blowers.
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[♪] judge jeanine: the texas supreme court freed dallas salon owner shelly luther after her decision to open her salon sparked a nationwide debate. attorney general ken paxton joins me to discuss the case. the question i have and most people have is this. there was an order that basically said that you couldn't go back to work until the week after shelley opened her salon. is that correct? >> that's absolutely correct. judge jeanine: by the way, my sympathies are with shelley luther here, they are. she was victimized by this judge. and the truth is that this judge went above and beyond where any
9:45 pm
reasonable logical judge would do. but what were the parameters of the order regarding the stay at home? that's what people don't understand. they need no to know what the punishment is going to be. and there is no law here. >> it's an interesting case. normally the legislature is make the laws. under the disaster act the governor has the ability to issue disaster orders to deal with the crisis. he's doing it just about every week, dealing with different times of openings or shutdowns in this case. hair salons were not open yet under the order. judge jeanine: what would a sanction be? >> a couple choices. the choices were either a fine. there could have been no sanction or there could have been jail time. if actual remember the way this
9:46 pm
played out. judge jeanine: i don't have a lot of time here. is this equivalent to a misdemeanor, an infraction? what is this akin to? >> it's not even a criminal proceeding. it was a contempt order. it was done under a contempt order. it wasn't downed the governor's order or even the sometimes order. it was done under contempt because she wouldn't apologize in the street way. judge jeanine: he didn't want her to say she was sorry. he wanted her to save she was selfish. to me that's not appropriate for contempt. but that's just me. what are we doing now to stop this kind of thing from happening again? >> well, the governor just changed it so you cannot put
9:47 pm
anybody in prison in texas for working. you can find them for violating an order. but you can't put them in prison. he changed the stage so a judge can't arbitrarily put someone in prison for doing their job. judge jeanine: what can the public do in dallas against this judge? >> he's up for reelection in the fall. that would be if thers nice thing that could happen -- that would be the first nice thing that could happen. and apcom rain in the could be filed with the judicious commission. he made and' joke about somebody getting the coronavirus anyway. it would be interesting to see their take on it. judge jeanine: they are letting the criminals out of jail and putting hard working americans in jail. shame on him.
9:48 pm
back next with author dave rubin.
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judge jeanine: are the state coronavirus shutdowns taking away our personal freedoms?
9:52 pm
joining me to discuss that and more, the author of "don't burn this book," dave rubin. americans are you independent. we are freedom loving and they are locking us up. whether it's the shelley luther or the rest of us. what are we going to do to get out of this. >> shelley luther is a true american hero and every american should believe that regardless of their political persuasion. the woman wants to put food on her kids' table. it's a beautiful thing. i am here in california. i have and progressive governor and international airport who is literally telling me to snitch on my neighbors and maybe i will get a reward. gavin newsom was the mayor of san francisco and he basically ruined that city. they are telling us we can't go
9:53 pm
to the beach. in s sorks cal it's 85 and perfect. how about you tell us something mature temperature tell us we have to go to the beach at half capacity and you can only go in groups of 4. give us something that will make us feel like mature adults. don't just say you can't go to the beach just because we say it. as if what they say is true just because they worded it. that's the problem with progressives. judge jeanine: we just found out this week an incredible number of people in new york who were shelters at home, 66% or even higher than that. stay at home you get the virus. at least get a tan. a little vitamin d would help them out. tight would.
9:54 pm
i come from new york. city was broken in brooklyn. i group on long island. my sister and her family -- the weather is good, i thought we had a beach. i will tell you this, my sister and her family and two kids just moved out of new york city this week. people want to be free. your intro was exactly right. americans love liberty and freedom. we are willing to take a little risk to be free. nobody is saying do whatever want and crowd everything. people are saying we have to get back to our lives. we are not hamsters in a cage. you have to let us take a little risk so we can decide the threshold for our lives opposed to getting it as an edict from somebody else in sacramento in my case. judge jeanine: we have all been trained to wash our hands and
9:55 pm
keep our hands away from our face. you would think they would figure we got some of it right. dave rubin i want to congratulate you on hitting the "new york times" best sellers list..... ♪ you should be mad they gave this guy a promotion. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis.
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>> caller: finally tonight, tomorrow is mother's day, a special day for every mom, for those of you who still have your mom, don't miss this opportunity to tell her how much you love her and how grateful you are for everything that she has done for you, i think that most of you who watch justice know that i lost my mom last year, but she is with me every day and i treasure all the memories of my youth well as opportunity to have been raised by such a strong and loving woman who guided me through my life and
10:00 pm
inspired me and thank you to fox news for supporting working mothers every day everywhere. thank you for watching i am judgeg for truth justice and the american way. the gray got till show is coming up, see you next time ♪ ♪. greg: let's start with something adorable from politico. an article called hobos were on women, they offered this sentence. it is true that more men are dying and women from covid-19 around the world but that is not exactly cause for celebration. isn't it nice of politico, mike dad's death, your son's death, not exactly a cause for celebration, now this casual endorsement of gender side was written by two people but is also seen by an editor, a


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