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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 25, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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would be grateful. >> jesse: i would be the best electrician so i could unplug that horrible music. that's it for us, we will see you back here tomorrow. "special report" is up next. >> bret: president trump pulls the plug on foreigners coming into the country from brazil. joe biden makes his first public appearance in two months and we will find out what makes an american warrior as we talk exclusively to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. this is a special memorial day addition of "special report." ♪ good evening, i mike emanuel in for bret baier. president trump marks solemn and unusual memorial day by laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery honoring the americans who have bravely given their lives to secure freedom for this country.
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he also spoke at a service in baltimore. i will talk with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff exclusively in a few moments. the president's mind is also on politics and the pandemic. tonight he is threatening to move this summer's republican national convention from charlotte unless north carolina's democratic governor makes assurances the event facility can be fully occupied despite the coronavirus. and he has suspended travel to the u.s. from foreigners who have been to brazil, now one of the virus hot spots. starting us off tonight from the white house, good evening, mark. speaker president trump spent memorial day honoring america's fallen heroes and praise the men and women help in the country battle coronavirus but he is also calling on governors to do more to reopen the country. a musical speak of the president and first lady honored america's military with a visit to baltimore 'asked fort mchenry. >> we renew the internal bonds of loyalty to our fallen heroes. >> earlier at arlington national
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cemetery, the president saluted as our wreath was praised in front of a tomb of an unknown soldier. while nearby, onlookers including the first lady maintained their social distance, a sign of the times as the global war on coronavirus rages on. the white house as the u.s. will send thousands of ventilators to brazil, a country hit especially hard by covid-19. the president also order a new travel restrictions between the u.s. and brazil starting thursday night. >> one of the hard things about this crisis is that we had to restrict travel from from of our closest friends and allies. >> mike: closer to home, the president of the republican natl convention will go on. the rnc must immediately be given an answer as to whether or not the space will be fully occupied. if not, we will be reluctantly forced to find all the jobs and economic development. north carolina's democratic governor responded, writing
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"state health officials are working with rnc and will review its plans." the vice president says there are other options. >> there are states around the country, we think of texas, florida, georgia, the last two states i visited that have made a tremendous progress on reopening. >> the fight over conventions comes only days after the president urged governors to allow houses of worship to reopen. over the weekend, some churches, like this one in milwaukee, stayed close while others like the shield of faith family church in california remained open. >> i know god is going to protect me. >> a federal appeals court rejected a lawsuit from another church over overturned the ban. they now want the supreme court to hear their case. >> the w.h.o. says study found a higher mortality rate in patience taking the drugs,
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president trump announced he was taking hydroxychloroquine but he has since stopped taking the drug. >> mike: mark, thanks a lot. ♪ >> joe biden also observed memorial day by placing a wreath at veterans park near his delaware home, the first in-person appearance by the presumptive democratic presidential nominee in more than two months. peter doocy has the latest tonight. >> in a black suit with a black mask, joe biden emerged from quarantine to lay a wreath at veterans memorial park in delaware. it's been more than ten weeks since his last in person event. now the unofficial start of summer, biden is facing pressure from progressives who says she will vote for him even though she believes the woman who accused him of sexual assault. the trump campaign promotes a different side of the controversy. >> if you have a problem, figure
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it out. >> an official with "black voices for trauma" rights "the last thing any freethinking, typically engaged black person in 20 is a 77-year-old white man from delaware explaining to us." >> black americans made it clear on who they wanted, they wanted joe biden and he won overwhelmingly. >> this controversy should be top of mind for biden, especially if he is thinking about making his running mate amy klobuchar. >> people staying home on election day because they aren't enthused by a candidate. >> biden is trying to change the subject, tweeting "nearly 100,000 lives have been lost in tens of millions are out of work. meanwhile the president spent his day golfing." the president has a problem with press reports of his trips to the links. often flying to hawaii in a big
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fully loaded 747 to play. what did that due to the so-called carbon footprint? these are the hallmarks of a new campaign where candidates can't get too close to voters." >> 100%. >> there's been another big change on the campaign trail. a few months back, one former candidate promised not to host any private fund-raisers or even talk to rich donors on the phone. but next month, a joe biden fund-raiser will be headlined by that former candidate. elizabeth warren. mike? >> mike: peter, thanks very much. the republican national committee and two other g.o.p. groups are suing gavin newsom over his executive orders to use mail-in ballots for the electi election. california was the first to send and mail have been in ballots to all registered voters in response to the coronavirus
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pandemic. the rnc says voting by mail creates an opportunity for fraud. a federal judge in tallahassee says florida law cannot stop felons from voting even if they are unable to play to my pay back any legal fees and restitution they owe. florida voters improved the measure as they restored voting rights for felons. the governor's office says it is reviewing the ruling. law enforcement officers in three states are spending their memorial day on the hunt for a ruthless killer. correspondent alex hogan shows us tonight from new york. >> a college student on the run, 23-year-old fauc peter manfredo. how to track someone during covid-19. >> people started wearing masks, it's much different for us. it's harder to identify people that are wearing masks. it's possible that facial requisition will not lock on. >> police tweeting "do not approach, he is armed and
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dangerous. call 911 immediately." he is accused of stabbing two men and killing one of them, a 62-year-old. holding the other man prisoner and stealing his guns and a track before ditching the hostage and that truck in derby connecticut where investigators then discovered 23-year-old acquaintance killed in a home. the crime spree sending shock waves through neighborhoods as the suspect moves on. >> i'm thinking, oh, my god, what's happening, what's going on? >> it's scary. 90, 100 feet in your backyard, somebody getting killed. >> on sunday afternoon, more than 140 miles away from the connecticut crime scene, police found a second stolen vehicle at the border of new jersey and pennsylvania. the suspect is a senior studying finance and mechanical engineering at the university of connecticut but the university says he hasn't been living on campus. once an advocate online against gun violence, police say he is
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now the one armed and at large. manfredonia was last seen in east stroudsburg pennsylvania as the state moves to separate cases and moving forward, we know that his lawyer just spoke out minutes ago saying this 23-year-old had a mental health issues for years, the family also speaking out, urging him to turn himself in and that they will support him. my? >> mike: alex, thanks a lot. ♪ memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. for many people that meant returning to the beach for the first time since the pandemic hit. correspondent bill keating shows us tonight. >> for millions of americans, life got a lot more back to normal this memorial day weekend. people flocked to beaches around the country. here in cocoa beach florida. up in ocean city maryland where
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many packed the sand for sun and surf. the same out west at venice beach california and outside of corpus christi texas. big crowds, tired of being cooped up these past ten weeks of coronavirus dominating each day. then in new york, coney island boardwalk was busy again. some people wore masks as advised but many, especially on the beaches, did not. and often times, social distancing guidance was disregarded entirely. look at this pool party at missouri's link of the ozarks. all greatly concerning health experts but the white house task force. >> we also know it's important that we have to have masks on if we are less than 6 feet and that we have to maintain that 6 feet distance. we know being outside does help, we know son does help in killing the virus but that doesn't change the fact that people need to be responsible and to maintain that.
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>> and as all states are reopening to different degrees, there are more things to do this weekend. like visit the florida aquarium in tampa which is doing its part to limit crowds and follow cdc guidelines. >> the largest attraction here in the state of florida, to reopen, we are one of the first aquariums in north america to reopen so we take that responsibility very, very seriously. >> and a hellacious lee rainy day in central florida kept cocoa beach below me for the most part totally empty all this memorial day, meaning social distancing was finally aplenty. two big, popular beaches in florida i do still remain close this weekend, fort lauderdale and miami beaches but they are finally going to reopen and join the rest of the state. fort lauderdale's beach tomorrow, on monday. back to you, mike. >> mike: bill keating, thanks a lot. this memorial day weekend kicks off what is likely to be a very different summer than expected for many newly-minted college
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graduates. national correspondent william in los angeles looks at how the coronavirus pandemic has delayed, if not -- time of the dreams young people. >> from celebration to desperation, 11 million college graduates are entering the worst job market since the great depression. >> regardless of whether you are a student or recent graduate, the job market is a horrible right now. >> more competition, rescinded job offers, disappearing internships and no recruiting fairs on campus. even students top in their class can't score an offer. >> and everything hit in march, a lot of positions i applied for had been canceled and so i didn't even have the opportunity to make it to the interview phase. >> a graduate in biology from indiana university, instead of working in a
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>> my peers have always seen me as someone who is very, very smart, very, very talented, has a lot of experience under her belt. for them to see me struggling is worrisome. >> i have considered joining the military and see what it has to offer. >> sean graduated and dolomite. a move skeptical friends now concede was smart as he is off to pilot training in the air force. >> couple months ago, they were like, it's going to take up a lot of your time. those are the prime years of adulthood, right? and now, couple months later, it's like, i wish i had that. >> expert's advice, get experience. >> they are going to be asking you what you'd did during this crisis to take care of your skills. and if your answer is, i watched a lot of netflix, you are not going to get that job. >> while many employers did receive offers, a survey by
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found that they will plan to begin rehiring when economic conditions improve. mike. >> william, thanks a lot. the real reason for this holiday, it is a memorial day on like any because of the coronavirus pandemic. he has that part of the story tonight from seattle. >> what was a day to remember from a distance. people were mostly quiet. the service as a casualty the pandemic. the vets took their ceremonies virtual. in new jersey, vietnam veterans held their service on facebook and instagram. verhe was eight years old when s father was killed in world war ii. he laid flowers. >> it's a little different. we had a virtual ceremony for the world war ii were to
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memorial. my dad's photograph was shown. >> there are no flags. they were forced to stay away. for the first time in 94 years, there was no memorial day service. instead of big public gatherings, wreaths were laid in private and there was no bell for vietnam vets. >> no families are involved. no veterans are going to be involved and no music this year, but we will still hear it in our hearts. >> the united states navy was not silent. it took part in a virtual ceremony in new york. and across the country, 18 historic warplanes flew information over parts of southern california. carried a vet each war going back 80 years. with all the social distancing, a national moment of remembrance
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signed 20 years ago by president clinton, he calls on people to take a moment of silence at exactly 3:00 p.m. local time to honor people who paid the ultimate price. >> mike: up next, tensions between the u.s. and china escalate. here's what we are covering around the country tonight. fox 35 in orlando. astronauts scheduled to go into space wednesday participate in a dress rehearsal saturday. they will ride spacex's crew dragon spacecraft from kennedy space center in fort appeared it will be the first such lodge from u.s. soil in almost a decade. fox port 6 in charlotte as brad wins the coca-cola 600 nascar event. it is the longest race on the schedule and the third major contest since the circuit resumed competition last week. fox 2 in san francisco, there was a huge fire that tore through a warehouse in
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san francisco. destroyed fishing gear used to deliver about two-thirds seafood. thousands of cod, shrimp worth up to $5 million were lost in a blaze. and this is a live look at las vegas from fox 5. the big story, nevada's governor is expected to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss phase two. that's tonight's live look out from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ s mission is to give you truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning... or trouble falling asleep. because only tempur-pedic uses proprietary tempur® material... that continuously adapts and responds to your body, to relieve pressure... so you get deep, uninterrupted sleep. all night. every night. the tempur-pedic summer of sleep starts now, with all tempur-pedic mattresses on sale, and savings up to $500 on adjustable sets.
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♪ >> mike: china is warring that it will take countermeasures if the -- the latest comments from the trump administration about possible sanctions over new national security legislation for the city. this comes one day after another major protest in hong kong against the proposed new restrictions. correspondent, benjamin hall takes a look tonight. >> clashes erupted between protesters and police as china tries to impose new security laws. teargas is fired over. they are demonstrating against a
3:22 pm
proposal from beijing that would ban subversion against the chinese government. sending chinese spies and security forces operate freely in hong kong. national security advisor, robert o'brien warned that the u.s. could impose sanctions if china go through with it. >> we hope for the best and we strongly encourage china, the mainland china, not to impose this law on hong kong. if they do, i can't see hong kong remaining in asia's financial sector the way it has for many years. >> it could jeopardize hong kong's. sensitive u.s. technology under the 1992 u.s. hong kong policy. china has warned it would retaliate. >> i want to stress that hong kong is china's hong kong. if the u.s. does determined to harm china's interest, china will take any necessary consol measures to fight back. >> the foreign minister went a step further, saying that it is
3:23 pm
taking china relationships hostage and pushing us to the breakable hard cold war. >> many in hong kong now feel they are fighting the final battle against total chinese control. there are likely to be a large scale protests. but it comes at a time when the rest of the world is preoccupied with the coronavirus. mike. >> mike: benjamin hall, thank you. up next, america's top military officer on what it takes to be a warrior. first beyond our borders. venezuela's oil minister says the first of 5 iranian tankers holding fuel to the country has arrived. iran is providing venezuela with a million and a half barrels of gasoline and refining components. the u.s. is criticizing the moves since both countries are under u.s. sanctions. russian prosecutors are asking former u.s. marine, paul whalen,
3:24 pm
to 18 years in a maximum security prison. he is accused of spying for the u.s. he said he was set up and has pleaded not guilty for the charge. benjamin netanyahu complied for an order to attend the first day of his corruption trial sunday in jerusalem. he faces charges of breach of trust and fraud. he denies any wrongdoing paired homes and businesses have lost power during two days of powerlessness during the he calls it a once in a dece type storm. just some other stories in beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back with our special live coverage. ♪ for business as usual.
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♪ >> mike: tonight, as we honor the nation's top military. he is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. [trumpet sounding] on this memorial day, americans stopped to remember our fallen heroes, the flags, the prayers, the tears for those who did not make it home. it is also general mark milley's first as the 20th chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. >> it's a moment of reflection.
3:29 pm
it's a moment of remembering what this is all about and that while decisions are made on issues of war and peace and to put troops into harm's way, we should always remember every single one of those decisions at the end of it as a young man or woman, who is putting their life at risk for 300 plus million americans who are enjoying our freedoms every single day. it's an opportunity to reflect on the duties of my position, but also to honor those who have given their lives on the lines of combat. beguile your parents served. been a particularly heavy lift. they have answered the call. >> they have. it's remarkable. every single man and woman that's come into our service knew that they were coming in at
3:30 pm
a time of war. and they've been incredibly resilient. they are an incredibly talented group of people. we are proud of every single one of them. many have given their lives. they have given their lives since 9/11. >> mike: and for the families of the fallen. >> what we can do is we can honor them. we can honor them everyday. most families, every day is memorial day. >> 15 years ago, our fox news team, embedded with the tenth division unit commanded by a then colonel mark milley. one of the lasting memories what's mark milley and his soldiers paying their respects and recognizing they needed to return to the fight. but we have to focus on the mission, the task at hand while remembering those who have fallen and honoring their sacrifice peered with got to do both. it's extraordinarily difficult. it's difficult on all the troops. it's difficult on the leaders. but it's required.
3:31 pm
you have to do it. i appreciate you, by the way, being there with us. it is hard. it's tough. but we have to drive on. >> for chairman millie, memorial day is very personal. after commanding units in afghanistan and iraq. the guy feel personally responsible for the troops that i'm leading. i reflected off and come every day come on those who didn't come home. i've got 142 who served directly under my command. could you have a message for them today, so question much bigger i've kept in touch with many of whom resided over dominic. i've had an opportunity to talk to the families. many of them since. the question i've always asked myself, the question that only you can answer in the middle of
3:32 pm
the night at two or three in the morning is is it worth it? you see their faces rolling across your brain. you ask yourself, is it worth it? 20 years at war. 7,000 americans dead. 7,000 marines dead. 26,000 have died. is that worth it? i have two reflect on that a lot. you have to do a lot of very serious soul-searching. but at the end of the day, i ask myself, is it worth it? is it with you? is it worth freedom of the press? is it worth due process of law? is it worth freedom of religion, freedom of speech? is it worth having all those rights and privileges that americans enjoy that so many around the world don't? is that worth the sacrifice of all the men and women who have died since the birth of our nation? and my answer to myself is yes. i have to answer, yes for myself. i can't answer it for anybody else. but i answer it for myself and i
3:33 pm
offer that to the families to think about their loved one who paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> president trump suspends travel to foreigners who have been to brazil and threatens to pull the republican convention out of north carolina. we will get thei reaction from the panel when we come back. ♪ i and now, there's boost mobility... ...with key nutrients to help support... joints, muscles, and bones. try boost mobility, with added collagen. ibut you're not alone. apart for a bit, we're automatically refunding our customers a portion of their personal auto premiums. learn more at [ piano playing ]
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♪ >> i'm very concerned when people go out and don't maintain social distancing. we also know it's important that we have to have masks on over less than 6 feet and we have to maintain that 6 feet distant spirits because think we also do well to reflect on the fact that because the american people embrace the president's leadership, listen to state and local authorities. tens and thousands of families have been spared the heartache of that loss. to be another big issue this holiday weekend, of course was
3:38 pm
reopening houses of worship. we heard the president say very firmly that he wanted them reopened this weekend. dr. birx addressed that issue on "fox news sunday." >> dr. birx: it's very important to let people know where there is still high levels of virus where it is here in washington, d.c., in chicago, and in l.a. and to really ensure that those with vulnerability are protected. so, although it may be safe for some to go to churches and social distance, it may not be safe for those with pre-existing conditions. >> mike: let's bring in our special memorial day panel. national political correspondent of national public radio. so, what about the reopening of houses of worship. obviously a lot of people are itching to get back to normal, to get back to their particular form of worship. but then, dr. birx also talking about some of the concerns.
3:39 pm
>> yeah. everybody wants to get back to normal life as fast and as safely as possible. and i think that's what she's trying to give some advice about how to do that. some people shouldn't go out. that's what she is suggesting. if you are of a certain age or have some kind of underlying condition. she's also saying if you go out and you can't stay 6 feet apart from people, you should be wearing a mask. of course, we are seeing this week and tons tons of people though my pictures and views of people not doing that. there tension of people wanting to be dumb i get back to normal life and keep yourself 6 feet apart. and it's tough to do. >> mike: your thoughts on where we are after the president, calling to rope in our houses of worship. obviously still. >> yeah, i think at the heart of the issue with the churches was whether or not they were
3:40 pm
receiving discriminatory treatment. they weren't asking for any privileges. but if you're going to allow a bar, for example or a restaurant or retailer to open with certain health conditions, then they ought to be allowing the churches to do the same. that was really the issue in the church. it doesn't mean there are no conditions. for example, in minnesota, where the governor backtracked on his original plan to keep the churches shut down. the agreement was 25% capacity. a lot of the fury over the churches was sort of an unconstitutional discrimination against religious activity. >> mike: now it's my pleasure to welcome in my office mate, precoronavirus, chris. hello, chris. >> [laughs] my responsible social distance office mate. >> mike: a little bit of a delay. your thoughts, chris. >> so, i really enjoyed your interview with general milley. i thought about this.
3:41 pm
memorial day is, yes, about decorating graves and honoring the following. fallen. but it's also about taking inventory and whether our conduct as citizens and americans measures up to the sacrifices, whether or not we are worthy of the sacrifices that came before us. this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate that we are. this is the time where we can come as americans, follow the rules, take care of each other, love our neighbors as ourselves. do these very american things. but also worship. but also reopen the economy. do it in a way that honors the sacrifices. >> mike: sincere thanks for general milley for taking the time here there's also this issue of travel restrictions between brazil and the u.s. take a listen to national security advisor, robert o'brien. >> is likely that we are going to have to restrict travel from brazil, with respect to other countries as the virus progresses into the southern hemisphere weather the patterns
3:42 pm
are different. we expect we will be restricting travel from brazil not because we don't love the brazilian people and we don't want to help them. but just to protect the american people during this crisis. >> mike: lets show the viewers on the screen at the stats. 3,623,000. second highest in terms of the number of virus cases. in terms of fatalities, 22,000 plus. sixth highest and recovered. fourth highest. so, panelists, let's start with mara. what do you think of this travel restriction between brazil and the u.s. customer >> are they also oscillate? there are so many people who have already come here from brazil. i think the travel restrictions in general is something that the united states can do. the problem, i think with brazil is also that we don't know how good those numbers are. but this is something, there is already lots of brazilians who come from brazil to the
3:43 pm
united states. the time to do these restrictions, every public health official has told us is at the beginning. i don't know if it's too late or not. it's probably a good idea to do it now. i don't think it's causing any huge controversy. but it's going to be added to the travel restrictions of all these other countries. >> mike: and i should note, we are headed for summer. brazil is headed for winter. concerns about a second wave there. bill, your thoughts. >> yeah, look, i think it's a sensible move. as morris says, i don't think there's a lot of controversy about this. as we ease the restrictions, it seems to me that the case for other restrictions are more targeted they on this one. i mean, brazil has a huge number of cases. so, it makes sense. we are going to have more of these targeted payments as opposed to one-size-fits-all. >> mike: chris, your thoughts? >> so, brazil is suffering the consequences of bad leadership.
3:44 pm
they have sort of an aspiring authoritarian, who led protests against the initial restrictions. the virus is out of hand. they are looking for a military dictatorship of the 80s. it was his crew who was visiting way back at the beginning of this thing when we first started to really get anxious about it. so, it's not surprising that it returns to brazil. >> mike: all right, next up, president trump and joe biden argue over playing golf. ♪ ♪ (music) step by step... focused and undaunted. they are compelled to step forward. to the front lines. and into the unknown.
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♪ >> what you think is joe biden's strongest feature as a competitor customer >> while i would have said experience come but i don't think he has expense because he doesn't remember whae did yesterday. how is that experience? he was in there for a long time. he was never known as a smart person. >> pick one good thing. okay, what is his weakest point? >> i'm really serious. i could talk about weak points all day long. >> mike: then there was the twitter back and forth between
3:49 pm
the democratic nominee and the president of the united states. joe biden, nearly 100,000 lives have been lost and tens of millions are out of work. meanwhile, the president spent his day golfing. biden again, a lot more than tweeting from your golf cart. it requires taking on the ultimate responsibility for the biggest decisions in the world. trump simply wasn't prepared for that. i promise you i will be. sleepy joe's representatives have just put out an ad saying that i want to play golf. they think that i should stay in the white house at all times. what they didn't say is that it's the first time i've played golf in almost three months, that biden was relaxing and making shady deals with other countries, and that barack obama was always playing golf, doing much of his traveling in a 747, playing golf in hawaii. once even teeing off after immediately announcing the gruesome death of a young man.
3:50 pm
back with our panel. we want to lead us off on the golf game? >> oh, my goodness. while, trump does not t like toe criticized for playing golf. there was a second time. but putting fact-checking aside, it's curious to me, because he has past presidents for playing golf. i think he tweeted something like 27 times, attacking barack obama for playing too much golf. he promised that when he was president he wouldn't be golfing. he would be spending too much time focusing on the job. i don't really understand why he is spending this much time on this issue. >> mike: bill, i've spoken to people outside politics who aren't particularly partisan who say a republican president, democratic president, they should get a little breather to maybe get away from the job for a few hours. your thoughts on this back and forth. >> yeah.
3:51 pm
absolutely. look, this is silly on both sides. is this his biggest criticism of trump? when i worked for president president bush, it was good for him. it got out a lot of stress and so forth. i think it's ridiculous the idea that a president can't play golf when something serious is going on. presidents are on the job 24/7 and whether it's joe biden or whether it's donald trump, i don't think we should begrudge them for playing a game that takes their mind off of things for a little while, gets them outside and around. >> mike: we've seen the biden campaign creates an ad based on this. your thoughts on the golf issue. >> well, there's a reason. it's effective. it's not fair and i agree wholeheartedly with bill's sentiment. this is a consistently dumb, consistently mean-spirited, consistently boneheaded partisan thing that we do.
3:52 pm
oh, he went to play golf. dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. presidents have to have brakes. so, shut up about it, everybody. but it is effective. it may be unfair and it may be all those things. but what biden wants to create here is the narrative that trump helped create with obama. out of touch, doesn't get it, elite, fume spewing come as he said. indulging himself while people are suffering. the reason people take cheap shot is because it's effective. >> mike: controversy involving joe biden about biden and the african-american community. take a listen to this. >> black americans made it very clear on who they wanted. they want to joe biden and he won overwhelmingly. he needs to continue. he needs to continue to build those relationships, what she is doing. >> that's people staying home on election day because they just
3:53 pm
don't like a candidate. you can't act like this is the most important campaign ever while running a campaign from your basement. >> and some pretty strong pushback from the african-american community about the possibility of whether amy klobuchar could be the running mate. your thoughts. >> yeah, i think it when it put her at the top of the list, from what i've heard. but look, it was just dumb to say even in just that if you vote for donald trump, you ain't black. donald trump got into the same mess when he said the report for democrats or disloyal or dolomite. i mean, it's just ridiculous. i think joe biden understood that he made a mistake. he moved very quickly to try to make amends and apologize and said he was being too much of a wise guy.
3:54 pm
how much this actually hurts him in the black community, causes black voters to stay home. i think it's really too early to tell. >> mike: bill, your thoughts. >> yeah, i think the vice president invited this. i'm not a fan of the vice president, but i think this is what happens when you go down the road of identity politics. he had already promised that his running mate would be a woman. it's never enough. whatever he promised, it's not enough. joe biden did very well with the african-american vote with the primaries. and again, it's still not enough. the way the criticism is going, he just tells you that whatever you do, you are always going to have to do more. >> mike: chris, very briefly, does this raise the possibility of a person of color running mate? >> it certainly doesn't help amy klobuchar's chances. they better get used to the idea that the democrats are more than ready to create biden as republicans needed trump four years ago.
3:55 pm
they will protect him until the end. >> mike: all right, panel panel, thanks very much. when we come back, memorial day. ♪ i recommend nature made vitamins... because i trust their quality they were the first to have a vitamin verified by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards nature made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand
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♪ >> mike: finally tonight, a few sights and sounds from around the country as we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms on this memorial day. ♪ >> to pay tribute to the immortal souls who fought and died to keep us free. freeze, arms! ♪ ♪ ♪
4:00 pm
>> mike: powerful visuals, thank you to the families of the fallen and think if for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" guest hosted by my friend ed henry starts right now. hey. >> ed: great job, mike, great to see you as always buried >> mike: thank you. >> ed: it yet another twist in the already unusual legal drama involving the michael flynn case. if the judges seems to want to prosecute the case himself has now hired his own defense attorney raising some brand-new questions about whether politics is overriding justice. i'm ed henry in vermont mcallen and this is "the story." federal judge -- immediately dropped the michael flynn case reading our contributor andy mccarthy to charge the judge had become quote unquote unhinged. in a federal appeals court then demand that the judge asked lane himself within ten days so now judge sullivan reportedly