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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 10, 2020 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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become owners, you're getting gentrification because outside forces with more money and connections to these democrats are able to come in and get this money a lot faster than the black people it was actually intended to help. you are seeing the changing of the community where at no point in time are we allowed in the process to become a part of it. maybe the innovators of what the future can look like, because that is what you really have coming out of the black community. a desire to be an intervening force about what our communities look like in the future where we have been handed policy or we have been handed government for so long and now you now have a population that says quote we want to use the government as a republic, localized governments, and reinvent what our communities look like." it will include police. it will include schools. it will include all the necessity of civilization. but it will also include more
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investment, ownership, and entrepreneurship from the citizens in those communities. >> you will be happy to know this administration has recognized that problem. community development, financial institutions, the credit unions, the local banks have been excluded from a lot of the dissemination of the funds previously. that's been recognized in the process of being corrected right now. >> mr. president, you've been nothing short of historic for black america. i don't say that because i have to. i can say whatever i want to. i am a citizen here in the u.s. criminal justice reform was historical. we were getting locked up at unprecedented rates. you undid the 1994 crime bill and we are forever thankful for that. these are the opportunity zones. we can be critical of a lot of things.
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the opportunity zones, rural and urban neighborhoods. hbcus. the current issue we are having here is police reform which is so much needed. we did criminal justice reform but police reform is the gateway to what we see is an unjust criminal justice system sometimes. meaning it with her crooked cop doesn't do a terrible, corrupt thing with an individual, we ner get into that bad system. this administration has been marred by a crooked cop, by james comey and others. creating things that just were not there. the impeachment, it's not real. but they can do that. communities have been affected by that. it's hard to explain. i tell people this all the time. this whole situation with this policing, it's not new to black people. we have been used to it. as a kid, i got harassed by a
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police officer. i was a good kid. this part of our community. so we do need something to happen on the police reform side which will connect with the things you've already done with criminal justice reform and you are the president to get it done. we understand that we need some holistic approaches. voting rights. blacks have to go to get voting rights. these are things that are historic and we believe that you are the president to get these things done for the black community. you've done some great things for us already, and we are relying on you and we appreciate everything you've done, mr. president. >> president trump: thank you very much. well said. your friend. he's a good man. for a long time we've known him. thank you all very much. see you tomorrow. see you tomorrow in dallas.
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>> let's go! we are done! >> thank you very much. >> let's go! >> jesse: welcome to "the five." president trump wrapping up a roundtable discussion on race relations. it comes during a growing debate on police reform. the president expected to unveil his own proposals in the coming days. over on capitol hill, the house judiciary committee holding a hearing two weeks after the death of george floyd. floyd's brother testifying today in making a passionate plea to congress. >> george wasn't hurting anyone that day. he didn't deserve to die over $20. i am asking you, is that what a black man is worth? $20? this is 2020. enough is enough.
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>> jesse: conservative witnesses and republican lawmakers pushing back against calls to defund the police. >> it is pure insanity to defund the police, and the fact that my democrat colleagues wold speak out against this crazy policy is just that, frightening. >> it's not some amorphous mass that will be affected. it's real heroes in real time right now. moving these heroes from your communities in my community will do nothing but ensure chaos and destruction. >> jesse: that was dan bongino. juan williams, before we get to the discussion, i just wanted to pick up on something that sonny johnson just said in that roundtable with the president that i think everybody can agree with. they found out after the ferguson scandal that it looked like the mayor had used the police force to raise money for the budget and was encouraging more and more contact between
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police and the substance just to increase fines and tickets in order to help the budget. i think that happens a lot more than we realize. using the police force to throughout tickets and find centers to help the budget. if we can end that, i think that would end a lot of unwanted harassing contacts between the police and citizens. i think you'd agree with that. >> juan: yeah, i think that's part of the overall structure that leads people to feel like they are being harassed unfairly, jesse. so yes, i would say yes. i don't think that's the heart and soul of it but it's part of an overall structure that i think is biased against black people in terms of law enforcement. i think it's something, so i agree with you. i would say though generally in response to a tapping on capitol hill today, to the hearings, with philonise floyd, george floyd's brother and the like, that we have a moment of tremendous momentum in terms of police reform.
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i think you see it on capitol hill. i think you see it when jim jordan, a real strong conservative, says to philonise floyd, your brother's death is wrong, wrong, wrong. there's no getting away from that fact. and i think you see it in the polls right now. it's like 81%. it could be apple pie, motherhood and christmas, americans saying that we need strong police reform and saying that the way police treat black people is wrong in this country. that's amazing. but we are at that moment and i think it's why this is the moment that requires action on capitol hill and around the country to take advantage of people who are saying not only is it morally right but it's politically right. i think for some republicans who want to focus on oh, was there violence? was there not violence? i think you've got to understand this is a moment when the country is asking its elected representatives to actually
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achieve real change. >> jesse: dana, was there anything you'd heard over the last couple days that you think republicans and democrats can agree on in terms of police reform? >> dana: i thought police unions addressing issues of police unions being too powerful might be one. but today when the white house was asked about qualified immunity for these police officers, kayleigh mcenany the white house press secretary said it's a nonstarter with the president. it has a lot to do with the unions. that might not be one. but i do think you'll probably find some support for some grants and some training issues. overall, i think there will be something but i don't think it will be -- it will never be satisfactory to a large group of people. but there is an opportunity here and senator tim scott has been
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working for years. for years try to get to the point where he could work on something and there would be bipartisan support for reform like this. i mention one other thing, this is more of a state issue. one of the things that happens for those tickets what you're suggesting, what's happening in ferguson. in a state like virginia, you get a ticket for something that has nothing to do with driving or having anywhere to do near a road. but part of the penalty is that you get something against your driver's license or they take away your driver's license. even if it has nothing to do with you being in a car. so then you can't get to your job. and then you lose your job. and then what are you going to do? so i think there are things that can be done to help address this issue. people think it's systemic. that are not necessarily federal issues, jesse, but they are more on the state and local level but
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i think there is movement there too. >> jesse: that would make a lot of sense to me. you want to make sure people can continue to go to work, if it's just for some nickel and dime traffic situation. emily, all hell is breaking loose in your neck of the woods. seattle is having a really hard time. ththey have completely -- the police have completely pulled back. he doesn't look too good. >> across the hill from where i live the police had to abandon the east precinct and that is a no cop zone. people have declared. i'm going to get more into that in the next block as we talked about the vilification of police officers. in this moment i would like to address the federal legislation. it was a federal attorney for a long time and it was my world and i'm not quite sure how the federal legislation will impact or have an impact on the state and local practices, and city department policies. as usual i think the federal legislation, especially with been thrown around by the democrats it's oversimplifying
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and it's missing the mark. when we talk about police reform, we have to include all the contribute factors, a lot of which collective bargaining has control over. of course we talk about use of force policies and community reporting standards, disciplinary measures and the like. we also have to include that when we talk about the black communities that are impacted and especially geographically, it is the why that matters and the reason these efforts that for example juan pointed out in the community supporters behind them, how it works when we amplify those voices to what end? we need to acknowledge and realize it requires investment. i'm not talking about money. not talking about taking money from here and dumping it here. i'm talking about an investment in those thoughtful discussions between law enforcement in these communities so that we understand why redlining has occurred and food deserts and public transportation and schools and resources and also the lack of trust. that only time will help foster. all of this right now in this conversation, the larger
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national conversation, has just set it back. >> jesse: lawrence, you were nodding your head. i will let you finish. >> i was heartened to see that the president was discussing these issues with leaders that i respected clear about -- care about. last week i mentioned that ferguson report and police for profit. this is a liberty issue for me. i've been very clear about it. with the liberty issue, people have to understand the federal government, as emily pointed out, has no control over a lot of this stuff. they need to clean up their own house with the fbi, the doj, dea, some of these no knock warrants that they have on their end before they start telling the local level how to do their job. there's no doubt that there's issues and i've highlighted them over the last two weeks. but that takes local support and there is over 18,000 police agencies on the local level.
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if you're going to get body cam legislation, if you're going to attack the unions, if you're going to get rid of these no knock warrants, and requires local support and from the community to come together but if the federal government think they can facilitate these conversations from washington, they are going to miss the mark again. it's only going to happen on the local and the state level. i think they can. there are communities that have proven that they can get it done, but if washington thinks they can handle it when they can't even handle their own federal agencies, we are in a world of trouble. >> jesse: yeah, that's a great point. if you look at the corrupt and aggressive police actions that was unleashed on the president's campaign and administration, people in glass houses. coming up, some powerful words from a police union president set up over the media vilifying cops.
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♪ >> dana: welcome back. the head of new york city's largest police union railing against what he says is the way in the new york police department is been treated by the media and lawmakers. take a look. >> i am not derek chauvin. they are not him. he killed someone. we didn't. stop treating us like animals and thugs start treating us with some respect. we have been vilified. it's disgusting. >> dana: jesse, defund the police won't really be an issue
2:19 pm
if we can't find people who want to work as police anymore. >> jesse: that's true. these people volunteer. they are not drafted. it's a noble profession. we should be thanking them. whenever there is an emergency, who do you call? you call the police. when your baby stops breathing, when your friend gets raped, when your dad ods, when your husband has a heart attack, when there's a massive collision on the highway, you call 911. they are there to help. they say what's your emergency and you give the address and within minutes of squad cars are there. do you know how much violence these people see? do you know how much blood, how much danger? they wear bulletproof vests because they are being shot at. there are bad guys out there who take advantage. there are scam artists, con artists, identity thieves, strong arm all over the place. these police are there to protect you. we just had a covid-19 outbreak.
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everyone is sitting home washing your hands, watching netflix. they are out there patrolling the streets every day with masks on. they are going into people's homes where there is domestic dispute. when some girl calls the police because her boyfriend is beating her up. they are there to help her and help other people. to sit on the sidelines and say these guys are bad guys. we need to take their money away. they don't like black people. no. that's not the case at all. i think everybody needs to step back and look. these people are good people, and we need to honor them because without the police, there would be no civilization. >> dana: lawrence, when you saw the video of that police union chief, what was your take away? >> lawrence: you know, it was heartbreaking because i think there is a similar feeling.
2:21 pm
you've got the policing look, don't judge us by the bad apples, right? and you've got people in the community sing look, not all of us are criminal so don't treat us all like the bad guys as well. i think we are at a boiling point in this country. and we've got a look at people as individuals. i'm reminded of the minnesota police chief, he did a press conference today and he talked about him implementing the duty to intervene in the police department. he's trying to reform the police department, got the majority of his cops to get on board and now the story in minnesota has become about the guy that put his knee and killed an american citizen and the other ones that didn't intervene. even though he was making so much headway in his police department, the bottom line is there are bad people out there, bad criminals, that american citizens, bad cops. we've got a reform this thing together and we've got a look at
2:22 pm
each other's humanity. i'm just afraid that the country, the will and us looking at each other as americans, we are doing harm to ourselves right now. i think there are real reforms that need to take place but there was a report by the ap today saying that the homeland security is saying that people are leaking officers personal information. that's not cool either. you can't put innocent cops at risk because you're angry. so we have to take a chill pill. >> dana: emily, you said you wanted to make some comments about the police in defending the police in this block. i'll let you do that now. >> emily: thank you so much. the vilification of law enforcement is dangerous and it's absolutely heartbreaking. and we talk about, we keep talking about the good officers out there. seattle pd, seattle where i live, just lost one. officer josh johnson posted a really sobering account on his personal facebook page, and he said he acknowledged the need
2:23 pm
for reform and accountability and especially the departments commitment to ensuring justice but he said it's not new. seattle law enforcement has been invested in our community for quite some time and holding community meetings and gatherings and the like. he said however that in the wake of george floyd's killing that he was hopeful that he had hoped fayette things could have money metal change but he said the only thing he learned the last two weeks is that all hope has been extinguished for that. he said that he's seen his black colleagues be called traitors, uncle toms, and the n-word by white protesters and that he sees now and acknowledges that the community "doesn't want them there," that they have totally turned their back on them and they see them as worse than the criminals that they are there trying to protect. he said "progress is off the table. discussions off the table. progress comes from nothing and the unity to address problems is dismissed." keep in mind you guys, the real victims here as jesse pointed out, they are
2:24 pm
domestic violence victims, in-state child pornography victims, sex trafficking victims, they are everyone who's voiceless at this moment who is muted by these loud protests and cries for defining when we all know that the vilification of police will have less took on lasting ramifications for our community. >> dana: will juan, let's get final thoughts from you. >> juan: i don't see vilification of police. i see that we live in a system that celebrates police and protects police. that man, that police chief, and the police union representative that was talking, something that you touched on, unions are part of the root of the problem. why? they protect that cops and they put it into the contracts. today in the press conference that lawrence was referencing, chief arradondo in minneapolis, he was talking about why that department is saying that they are going to withdraw this contract with their police. he said it's not about benefits.
2:25 pm
it's not about wages. it's about the fact that when you want to discipline a backup, the union has a contract that prevents that office, the chief of police from doing that job. he can't get rid of a bad cop. he's got to put them back on the force and even worse, he says he's got to put them back on the streets. so you get somebody like the man who put his knee on george floyd's neck who had several issues but again he's back on the street. no data, no way to monitor, no process. that's the union not serving good policemen and women and i think that's the real heart of the issue. when jesse is talking about well, if your girlfriend, boyfriend is drunk or somebody has a heart attack, maybe we shouldn't be sending police to that. maybe we have to look at better ways to serve that need. it's not about tough cobs and dirty harry showing up at the door. i don't think that serves the police or the community. >> jesse: if a woman is
2:26 pm
getting beaten up by her drunk boyfriend, i don't think the therapist is going to help her. i would take law enforcement. >> juan: i think everybody agrees with you on the unions. >> lawrence: what i have a problem with democrats, if you notice the unions in the police department, why don't you see te fault with all the other unions, like the teachers union that prevent us from getting quality education. >> juan: are you kidding? lawrence, you are talking to me. i'm somebody who -- i don't see good public schools for black kids in cities. if you know me, you know i have for school choice. that's not an issue. i just don't like the way -- the police unions. >> dana: we have to run. more ahead. are democrats actually happy to keep joe biden in the basement? president trump just set a date for when his rallies will return.
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♪ >> emily: welcome back. president trump announcing the location of his first rally later this month. >> we are going to start the rallies back up. the first one we believe will be probably, we are just starting the: will be in oklahoma. tulsa, oklahoma. we are going to be coming into florida, do a big one in florida, big one in texas. they are all going to be big. we are going to arizona, north carolina at the appropriate time. >> emily: meanwhile, democrats are happy to keep joe biden in his basement. one of his top surrogates admitting he's fine with keeping the former vp there. juan, i'd like to start with you. i like to get your thoughts on the notion that outside of d.c., atlanta mayor keisha lance bottoms is looking like
2:32 pm
increasingly like the pick for vp over kamala harris. what are your thoughts? >> juan: the only place i've seen that is in a pretty conservative newspaper and i have not heard that from anybody involved with any campaign, pro or con. she's a wonderful marriage he had a wonderful statement she's a wonderful mayor and she had a wonderful statement. her national profile is, but i haven't heard that she is in the lead for vp. in general i think as we consider what we just heard from terry mcauliffe, i want to salute him as being an honest man. i think he told the truth. joe biden is a good retail politician. but this election is shaping up as a referendum on donald trump, and so far, the polls indicate donald trump is losing to donald trump. so to my mind, what you've got is a situation where the act, if joe biden is standing there as an alternative, most americans
2:33 pm
are clearly saying we prefer the alternative. one last point on the vp thing, even if joe biden doesn't pick a black woman, and given all the racial trouble at the moment, you'd think oh, that's a logical choice. it would stir up the base. the number-one pick among black voters. vp, elizabeth warren. >> emily: what are your thoughts, jesse? what hope to the democrats have? they are in a civil war and they don't care if their figurehead is in the basement. >> jesse: they have been hiding biden in the basement and they looked at a rig to cnn poll and think they are doing okay. i'll be perfectly honest. you had a quarter where you have the chinese virus which was very deadly and you had racial riots. you had a snap recession. so it's been a challenging second quarter for this republican president in an election year. especially when 95% of the media is negative. with that said, the more things return to normal, which they
2:34 pm
will, the worse it is for joe biden. eventually he's going to have to come out of his basement. he's going to have to give his little tiny speeches, and very, very small events. he's going to have to give interviews without looking at his notes. he's going to have to start answering questions from a giggle of media reporters. we all know he's not the most talented guy. he was kind of the default taken the primary and everybody else kind of lost and they said okay we'll go with joe. not a good fund-raiser. not a good debater. not that great of a campaigner. and president trump has been fighting joe biden with one hand tied behind his back. once they stop that he can go out and hold a railing, things change. these rallies are kind of like the lifeblood for the president to get the base energized. they can pull out all the data from all these people there. you buy 50,000 maga masks and you strap them on a new dude two hours in a deep red state, things will get back to normal and do i look worried? not yet.
2:35 pm
>> emily: lawrence, the biden campaign said they hear calls from the black community to instill of black female vice president. and from the latino community, to choose a latino. what are your thoughts? >> lawrence: biden has a huge problem at all the things that he's banking on have nothing to do with him as a candidate. he is depending on others. number one, he is expecting barack obama to be the guy to go out there and bring people together. i would note that didn't work out too well for hillary clinton. the other thing he's banking on is his vp. still at him. he's debating on someone as a black woman or minority and i think is going to choose a black woman to bring the country together, to close the gap between the progressive voters. to make sure black people are definitely going to turn out. the third thing he's depending on is that there would be tension still in the country when it comes to race relations,
2:36 pm
that america would still want someone to have peace in the country. and is still an anti-trump message. none of the things he's banking on says "i'm a good candidate." that's why he's in the basement. >> emily: dana, what are your thoughts? >> dana: well, i have 30 seconds. i will say if you listen to the full audio of terry mcauliffe, i think some people are suggesting, they are like please stay in the basement. you are gaffe prone. that's not what terry mcauliffe was saying if you listen to it. he was saying joe biden just needs to be strategic where he can be and he will be fine. and things will evolve. i agree with jesse. as soon the rallies get started, you'll see the enthusiasm pick up. no doubt it's been a challenging quarter and if you see a gallop drop like that month-to-month, it gets harder to win every single week between now and november but of course everyone is going to give it a try. >> emily: coming up next,
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♪ >> juan: dr. anthony fauci's worst nightmare and i'm quoting, is far from over. the white house task force member is worried now about coronavirus cases spiking in hot spots as they begin to reopen. dr. fauci also concerned that the last two weeks of nationwide protests will spread the disea disease. >> unfortunately the report of the national guardsmen being infected is certainly disturbing but it's not surprising. when you get congregations like we saw with the demonstrations as we have said myself and other health officials, that's taking a risk and unfortunately what we
2:42 pm
are seeing now is just an example of the kinds of things we were concerned about. >> juan: dana, i want to start with you because i think there's a pretty obvious question, everyone is thinking given the outrage over the george floyd killing, should protest leaders have said to folks, don't come out. don't lead these big protests. >> dana: i think if they had, juan, people are going to come out and you also had public health officials who'd been demanding, not speaking about dr. fauci in particular but demanding people stay inside and social distance that then said it was more important to go out and protest against racism because it was a bigger issue than coronavirus. i think another issue is that so much of media coverage is based in new york and the people who work in media that live in new york and now that new york's cases are coming down and deaths are down, i don't think you're seeing as much media attention
2:43 pm
when places like in arizona has an increasing cases. they might start to try to point to rallies that the president has. maybe he should call them protests because then the media would probably come along for that. but i think there's nothing they could have done. i think the protests were going to happen. i realize that a lot of people trying to wear masks. they tried to social distance which is really almost impossible to do with that number of people. >> juan: emily, picking up on what dana just said, if people realize the risk but took an informed risk and as dana said, wore masks, socially distance. do you think they were wrong to go up there? >> emily: if people are confined with social distancing rules and the ordinances then what argument is they are to be had. it is sickening and disturbing that the national guard has been infected with people who were ignoring those regulations.
2:44 pm
who is defending them? to pick up on dana's point about arizona, there are 19 states that have an outboard trenton infections and seven are holding steady. arizona is at 76% capacity with their icu beds and at their pe peak, that was 78. so i think it sort of begs the larger question that is they say we are going to hold off on elective surgeries, it amplifies the ripple effect of the other health concerns that the population faces while they are at stuck at home. it's a total pattern. >> juan: yeah, so jesse, what do you see, seeing spikes in places like texas, arizona, oklahoma, tennessee. to me it is a shock. what are you thinking? >> jesse: sometimes you can even believe the reporting about the spikes. you have to look at the numbers yourself because there are reports about spikes then you look at the numbers on the fake news media have been manipulating them so i don't know what to think.
2:45 pm
i do know if there's a second wave, it's on the left. they went out there and rioted. they probably spread the disease. they burned it down 70 testing sites. they set the economic recovery back big time. so it is what it is at that point i understand but came up to protest. they probably broke the fever a little bit. but to hear the media who in may said no large gatherings over ten and then in june said yeah, 12,000. 50,000, go for it because racism is deadlier than coronavirus. now that trump is doing rallies we are back to the coronavirus is coming to get you. i just don't know how a deadly and is. it wasn't taken that seriously by the so-called experts when you have thousands of people in the streets. i do know this, juan. i'm going to dinner for the first time since march 15th. long island has done outdoor seating opening tonight. i will be going out to dinner so i will let you know how things
2:46 pm
go. >> emily: that sounds amazing. >> juan: enjoy, jesse. lawrence come pick up on what emily was talking about, the d.c. national guard saying that they have suffered some infections. i don't know how they got them but maybe they should have had better equipment. what do you say about the people who were protecting us coming down with the virus? >> lawrence: it's unfortunate that the people that were trusted to protect us and have catching it. i know we've got ago but this is our leaders' fault. no one of convicted there was going to be this mass protests e world but as a libertarian, they should of never restricted people in the first place. they shouldn't of told people they couldn't go to church. they shouldn't have told people they couldn't operate their own businesses. you never know when that moment is going to come with a country is all outrage. so because they do not let people choose their own destiny, now they are being accused of hypocrisy. >> juan: interesting point.
2:47 pm
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♪ >> lawrence: pulley shows are under fire in the wake of the death of george floyd. the hit show "cops" has been canceled after 32 years. another show on the hot seat after the anti-network pulled last week's episode and it's unclear when the program will return. going to you first, jesse, what are your thoughts? >> jesse: if they touched "life pd" i'm going to riot. not happy with it. nothing to do on saturday night sides watching. i think they should put more life pd on the air and i'll tell you why. it shows you how color-blind the police are when they deal with the suspects and how dangerous it is. they are so well-trained, so professional. they pull a guy over for a traffic stop, he hits the gas and you have a high-speed chase. huge collision. then you have a foot pursuit and then the guy resists and you
2:52 pm
have to tase him. turns out he is wanted on some kidnapping warrant out of state. you're like, unbelievable. these guys do an amazing job. more "live pd" is what we need, not less. >> lawrence: juan, i thought we wanted more camera so we could protect the cops and we could protect the public. >> juan: i want to reassure jesse that his taste is rewarded by the public. "cops" doesn't have great ratings but "live pd" is a mega-franchise for 80. i don't think they are going anywhere, jesse. i think the big issue today on this is president trump refusing to rename these military bases that have a name for confederate generals. i think you shouldn't have bases named for people who wanted to undo the united states and took up arms against us. >> lawrence: got to agree. dana. >> dana: when it comes to the "cops" show or "live pd," i have a hard time watching it because i hate to see people make really bad decisions and get in troub
2:53 pm
trouble. i cringe if anybody's ever in trouble. so i prefer to watch jesse's show on saturday nights. >> lawrence: you have such a pure heart. >> dana: and greg's. >> emily: i spent so many hours in prisons and jails and court rooms, i would like to see more broadcasting on the other elements. any interest in this national conversation and heightened awareness, i would love to see live video cameras everywhere so that people can see top down in the entire criminal justice system what's going on. i think then we will probably see reforms quickly. >> lawrence: i don't miss those days when i worked in juvenile court, emily. "one more thing" is up next. alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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2:58 pm
>> juan: thanks, jesse. sometimes public tensions can lead to interesting art. take a look at these storefront murals done in los angeles. these signs and paintings are appearing on the plywood used to protect stores against rioting. now they have been such a success that local businesses are raising money to help the artists, even as those stores prepared to reopen. all of that good news should put a smile on your face after a tough two weeks. >> jesse: that's pretty good. we should put a fox news logo on them. dana perino. >> dana: jesse, i know you have daughters and i love them. they are so cute. think of the sisters in the u.k. they want to go to mcdonald's so badly with her mama say no because of the expected crowds. so there babysitter gave them these toy cars to take through the drive-thru so they could get their mcdonald's. they were the hit of the place.
2:59 pm
when you want your mcdonald's, you really wanted. [laughter] >> jesse: that's very cute. what can't michael jordan do? he was in a fishing tournament in north carolina. he hauled in a 442-pound marlin. look at the size of this fish. guess what. i'd only got jordan fifth place. so you better believe he's angry and is going to get first place next year. good luck, mike. emily, europe. >> emily: sometimes rescue missions do not go as planned. check out with his family in texas found swimming stuck in their swimming pool. >> let me save you! [screams] [laughter] >> emily: on the second try they were successful.
3:00 pm
>> lawrence: what was that! >> jesse: do we have time for lawrence? >> lawrence: we don't. i will post it on my twitter. >> jesse: sorry, lawrence. we'll get you next time. scariest thing i've seen there. that's it for us. cementing up next with bret. >> bret: that squirrel was classic. thanks, jesse. good evening. i'm bret baier. tonight the search for bipartisan agreement on police reform in the wake of the george floyd killing. president trump expect to release his version soon. the house judiciary committee held a hearing today featuring floyd's brother to talk about the issue. this comes amid new poll numbers that cannot please the president. gallup says that the trump approval rating has slipped to 39 points, down 10 from last month. his disapproval mark is now up nine points. he's lost seven points among republicans and independents. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off. >> good evening. no set timetable.


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