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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 10, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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goes to prison, if he is not pardoned to do, we are all in big trouble. if they can do it to roger stone, they can definitely do it to you. >> 29 guys in tactical gear and frogmen, the cnn chemist just happened to be there and i don't believe it either. if you are right, a process crime and now we know that the jury foreperson had already spoken. he should not go to jail. >> that's well said. thank you, tucker. welcome to "hannity," we have so much to cover including these pictures of the statue coming down. we don't know exactly who it is and, we have a lot more and we will keep that up on the screen for a while. we will have more later. also we have new updates from
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the durham probe, breaking details, and we will show you a bizarre new proposal from the real house speaker, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, and when one police precinct has not been totally abandoned as protesters set up a multiblock, what they call a police free zone inside of that city. we will show you how that's working out tonight for them. we turned to the presumptive nominee and it, that made the security of his basement bunker and he tweeted "nothing about the fights will be easy. i'm ready to get to work on day number one. the ever forgetful joe must be
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confused yet again, because his day one was actually over 40 years ago. now he has a track record that does not match his rhetoric. what did biden do to end racism during his six terms in the u.s. senate? his two terms in the as vice president of the united states. it began in 1973 during the speech, and they are working with desegregation. he opposed school busing, according to nbc news, he led the charge on that issue that kept black students away from
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the classrooms of white students. and, he coauthored a very aggressive crime bill. that ramped up prison sentences for dozens of crimes. we have the video evidence and videotape. >> i want to knock my wife was a lead pipe, take on my sons. so i want to ask, what made them do this? they must be taken off the streets. we should focus on them now. not out of a liberal instinct for love, and humanity, and for
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simple pragmatic reasons. if we don't, they will. or a portion of them will come the predators 15 years from now. madam president, we have predators on our streets. >> sean: when the crime bill became law, biden was so proud of his accomplishments that he bragged, and this is the same guy that pretended to be a civil rights leader for years. and he lied about marching in the civil rights protest. recently he'd lied about getting arrested by the apartheid in south africa government while on his way to see nelson mandela. a few weeks ago he lied about his many political endorsements from the naacp. they don't endorse, they never endorsed him.
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by the way, what did he do to fix systemic racism? okay, it was under barack and joe's watch. and what did he do to fix the systematic racism, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and 2000s. you sound like a man, who is particularly worried about racism. >> it's the largest growth in population is indian-american. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> what kind of a chance what a northeastern liberal stand in the south. my state is the eighth largest black population in the country.
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>> >> we can keep going. first, mainstream african-american, the first one and this is a story book. a few weeks ago biden told radio host charlemagne, the following. >> we have more questions. >> if you have a problem, then you ain't black. >> sean: it's pretty obvious why biden spends most of his days hiding in his basement and democrats have been caught on tape, they don't anyone to see the real joe biden. the racial rhetoric, constant
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confusion, questions and america will have to ask and answer in 146 days. and does he have the mental alertness, the stamina, to take on what is the hardest job in the world, is he up for the job? what's going to happen when he finally has to leave his basement bunker? and that's as long as possible out of the spotlight, keep him in the basement and keep him there. he does a couple of calls a day, he's going to. >> two people see them a day, and must be there's a whole new strategy for winning the office of the president, hide in the basement.
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they are scared to death as soon as he opens his mouth. and rightfully so. biden will have to keep track of decades of ever evolving lies, political posturing, and if donald trump had his history you would think the main stream media mob would give him a pass or come up with a be asking him questions all the time? for example right now he's once again pretending to be on the forefront of equality. he said he wants to "urgently root out systemic racism to housing opportunities and in his recent op-ed, i wonder who wrote it? painted america's police with a broad brush calling him systematically racist, the ones he was bragging about hiring as he was bragging about the crime bill and all the predators on the street. and in doing so he's turning on the very police that he once
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claimed to support. if that's the case, is joe the forgetful one going to say all of that? he has arm security and secret service agents at risk their life daily to keep him alive. and rightly so in my mind. is he going to say that to them? now we have set on the show, there are bad apples. they serve their communities, they served with honor and distinction. they protect and they serve. biden is disrespecting the decent men and women who do serve their communities day in and day out, the good cops, protecting and serving. serving your community is and he's disrespecting those who have fallen in the line of duty including those who bravely rushed into the burning buildings in new york. remember? everyone is trying to escape,
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this whole group of other people. firemen, paramedics, placement on their way up to save lives. several have been injured in last week's riots. that's the lives of over 20 people and nbc, 22 police officers were hospitalized after getting pelted with, let's see, bricks, rocks and bottles, molotov cocktails aimed at their heads. others were charged with naming the laser at law enforcement aircraft. one las vegas police officers shot in the head last week. he might need it now and a ventilator for the rest of his life. and we must never forget, a retired st. louis police captain david dorn, 38 years he served this community with honor and
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distinction. he was murdered trying to protect a local store for move movers. i always say that 99%, they are heroes. biden is now using them as mere political pawns. when it serves as interest, they are heroes. they are something predators. when it doesn't serve a centrist he turns on them in seconds. we have larry elder and civil rights attorney leo terrel. all right, leo. i'm going to leo 2.0. i'm curious, you might have supported joe biden in the past. it's a serious question. now, we have gone through his history. including what he said about barack obama. this is the first time ever. we have an african-american who is clean, bright and articulate, this is storybook. >> let me be as calm as i can. joe biden has not earned of the
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vote of any black democrat in this country. the statement that you made and you highlighted, especially the one that he made about obama, about being clean and mainstream, does that mean tim scott, the great senator from south carolina doesn't qualify? what gives joe biden the right to evaluate the qualifications of a black person? more importantly every statement that you pointed out, every statement, i guarantee you with those statements were in a court of law joe biden would be guilty racism. so he has not earned at the black vote, he has insulted the black vote. one last point, i want every black democrat to hear this. joe biden was forced to say he supports the police funding but i challenge any democratic strategist for joe biden to say that they support "law & order" and they support full funding of the writ police. i guarantee if they identify themselves it would be removed from the joe biden campaign because it's been hijacked by
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the extremist. >> sean: have you ever voted for joe biden? >> let me be clear, absolutely not. >> larry elder. first of all i want to know whether or not leo's knuckles have healed from the beating he gave cornel west. and the fact that joe biden said to come there's only one way to be black, that's exactly why i made that documentary. you can go to see it, the trailer is on uncle the idea is democrats have to get black people thinking like victims, like they owed something where they are oppressed. that's how they get that 95% monolithic black vote without which they cannot win. when joe biden says they are not black, that's democratic playbook 101 and a voice of that. i mentioned ayanna pressley, one of the squad, she said we don't need any more black faces. so forth, that's how they roll.
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all joe biden was doing was given that democratic policy 101. all i'm asking is that joe biden came out of the basement and talked without a teleprompter to the black community. in the boat. in the vote, joe. >> i believe a lot of people, there is always talk, talk. and every two or four years, and i find it raises, and throw granny over a cliff. i asked the other night, opportunity zones, and if you look at the lowest record, record after record after record from minorities, and that was
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not barack and it wasn't joe. >> let me simply say the music, donald trump did the first step act, and even obama didn't do that. the man does not give any credit to what he does. he discovered a cure for cancer and would be sued for putting a bunch of doctors out out of work. i'm asking every black voter and every democrat, and ignore the old talking points. if you just ignore the al sharpton talking points, because we are democrats, forget those talking points. makes them tell you what they are going to do with you now, not 40 years ago. switch parties, sooner or later you will join the team you are already on.
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i'm right there waiting for joe biden to convince people to vote. >> sean, my 20 years of work on leo's brain has played off. >> you guys need to go out on a speaking tour. i will moderate and say, these are serious times. very serious. we need to be one united ameri america. one nation, under god. that means everybody. i want to see that. leo terrel and larry elder. shifting gears for a moment, and we are following the story by the way in portsmouth, virginia. when we get details will give you a report. confederate statues, our own hitchhikers guide to everything washington, d.c. anything you could add and it's
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up to the states for who they send to washington, d.c., and she has a written to the joint house committee on a bigger library asking the panel to directive the architect of the capital. nancy pelosi said it "i also believe there is no room for celebrating the violent bigotry of the men from the confederacy in the hallowed halls of the united states capital. the letters csa are emblazoned on his belt buckle. there is a virginia statue of robert e. lee, and alexander hamilton stevens, the confederate vice president. now, when george floyd's brother
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philonise testified at today's house hearing, he filed into the congressional auditorium past the statue of wade hampton of south carolina who supported the kkk. now confederate figures are not the only controversial statute in the u.s. capitol. there was a senator from nevada, democrat pat mccarran who was known as a race later. he said in fact he thought the united states would be" contaminated by aliens. a lot of these figures you know are very complicated and he was considered to be the father of the air force. if you fly into las vegas, you fly into mccarran international airport. back to you. >> sean: chad pergram, thank you as always. today the house judiciary committee held a hearing on police reform and among those who testified was the sister of the slain federal protective officer. these are powerful remarks and i think something everyone needs
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to hear it, take a listen. >> police brutality of any kind must not be condoned. however it is blatantly wrong to create an excuse out of discrimination and disparity to lose and burn our communities. to kill our offices of the law. it is a ridiculous solution to proclaim that defunding police departments is a solution to police brutality and discrimination. because it is not a solution. it gets us nowhere as a nation and removes the safety net of protection that every citizen deserves. >> sean: angela underwood jacobs went on to say that this is bigger than white, black or blue, it's a community issue. and she is right, less powerful testimony coming from an area of a lot of pain. here now with mark, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. i want you to respond to two different things, first the remarks that you just played and
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secondly the history of joe biden. because it is remarkable. he could say now on disposition company said everything upset all throughout the years. if it was donald trump or you running for office, you would be questioned about it daily. >> i would be questioned every single day. remember what joe biden also did, he gave the eulogy to robert byrd. he was the grand wizard. i wonder if nancy pelosi is sending a letter to the dnc to not have him as the nominee for the democratic party. just as she wants to remove statute, she should remove him as well for what he honored in the grand wizard and that eulogy of the grand winner. let's talk about angela. she is a very proud of her brother. her brother was murdered while
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defending a courthouse in the riots of oakland less than two weeks ago. you did not hear the democrats talk about that. the underwood family and the floyd family both deserve justice and that's what the hearing is about. he stood before the court and remember what the court stands for, the rule of law. a van pulled up, opened up and open to gunfire at him and his partner. and killed him in cold blood. it did not know him but targeted him based upon the uniform of what he wore. that is not the american way. >> are they serious about defunding the police? and that's a radical base of the democratic party. it seems like defunding police,
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but people say that's a horrific idea and we see these broad sweeping generalizations against men and women that protect and serve. nancy pelosi said she would not support impeachment and it, they have gone so for far, that they are going after children's cartoons and they now want to pull pop patrol so children cannot see about a police officer. >> i have heard of it, 146 days total election day, how do you
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feel about it? 15 seconds. >> we are in a fight for our lives, if you need more money to have better transparency and better performance, what you really needed to go to is take the otherwise nancy pelosi will be the speaker again. and not only will they do what they are doing to the police now, what's happening in seattle, this autonomous zone that they are taking over blocks, that will go throughout the country. it's about time we stand up for the rule of law, the floyd family and the underwood family. >> sean: we have to protect citizens, property and i always ask, who are you going to call? minority leader mccarthy, thank you. coming up, speaking of seattle, total chaos on the streets of seattle tonight. protesters have forced the police to actually abandon a precinct. we have a live report on the ground. also dan bongino and pastor darrell scott. congressman matt gaetz all
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participated in today's police reform hearings. glad you are with. you say that customers make their own rules.
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an area and now they have declared of a cop free zone. they've taken over an entire area of the city, and i also read that "armed volunteers might guard their cop free zone, is that true? >> that is absolutely true. we actually had to leave, we were at one of the barricades at the last live shot but i got a little too hot so we had to move a couple of walks away. basically what we have here is, they are surrounding a seven block area and what we have tonight, it doesn't look like it will be returned anytime soon. the protesters who took it over our calling at the capitol hill autonomous zone and another word is the free capitol hill. right there in the middle in blue is the seattle precinct.
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the crowd fluctuates, today it was around 100 people. there's also food making it look kind of like an urban commune. with in several dulles and homeless tents and one labeled a public tent. and they had several ammunition clips and a local station got a video of a handful of men armed with assault rifles. they were frisking people, and extorting people for money if they wanted to stay open. this all happened after police and the national guard pulled out monday afternoon. they say staying was too volatile. police say they do have plans to return but they are not sure how or when. they are hunkering down for the long haul.
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>> sean: you don't see how that's going to happen, listening to your report, i don't know -- i can't envision that the sounds well. this sounds extraordinarily dangerous, very sad developed today. we will go back to dan throughout the evening. darrell scott spoke on capitol hill during a hearing on police practices, let's take a look. >> the law-abiding members of society will be directly threatened by the absence of police or the inability of police to respond to criminal activities, and in many cases would endeavor to take the law into their own hands to ensure their safety and well-being. fico removing these serie eurosm your community and my committee will do nothing. they put the evildoers among us and the hardest hardworking
6:31 pm
americans. >> joining us now for reaction, we have fox news contributor dan bongino. congressman gates is with us. you talked about and i watched the passion, the heroes. and the odds were, they even and left messages for loved ones. did we forget the 99? looks like it. >> i think a lot of people watching haven't, either. but sadly, many have. no offense to the people in the media business. you know i love you and matt and darrell but the finest women i've ever met in my life were in law enforcement, and the fact
6:32 pm
that they have been so casually -- >> sean: i agree with you. so many of my family and friends -- i agree with you. >> these are the finest women i've ever met. you know, it turns out the precinct guy used to work in the 7-5. you know how many of those guys i walked by? i was a rookie and they probably didn't say much to me but i casually walked by in the parking lot of the 7-5 that are dead to, not around anymore? and that's not to distract at all. that's a police reform sitting down with the unions, that's all we talk about when we are
6:33 pm
together. a martial arts. >> yeah but throwing them overboard, the cops. i felt some of the democrats, not all, really did a disservice yesterday by turning to attack the cops. it really was unnecessary. we had a moment of bipartisan unity. >> let me go to and pastor scott. we have a talk of armed volunteers, and he fell to guard their cop free zone and taking over the precincts. for 32 years, there was a show on television i like to call the cops. there is a show on the weekend called lives pd with dan abrams. you know i like? we have cameras on, and i think every cop needs a body cam and every cruiser needs a camera. let's keep everybody honest, let's protect citizens and police that they were good, honest job. and i like those shows.
6:34 pm
i look at what we have to do every day on the good people that do respond properly, and how do you respond properly. and they take the abusive element out of policing >> absolutely right. as we are saying today, people are going to take the law into their own hands when it comes time to defend themselves because of the stand-down order that some of these democratic politicians are issuing against the police. i'm glad our president is a law and order president and every law-abiding citizen in this country stands behind him and stating, you know, dan bongino said, if you put a bad apple, one good apple doesn't turn the
6:35 pm
bad apples good to come but one bad apple can turn the good apples bad. we didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater, the police forces, i'm watching the interactions here, canceling cops and life pd, i think we need more cameras. cameras show us the truth. >> it disarms the cities, and i think today the reporting you
6:36 pm
just indicated shows that antifa has not designated seattle. and isolating and removing the bad pollutants. the great work that dan did, they aren't taking an entire city blocks and, they are protecting our kids at school >> we went the opposite direction, we worked with the republicans and democrats to increase the number of school resource officers because we thought if a young person could have positive interactions with police, they
6:37 pm
maybe would coach their basketball team, help them get a band-aid when they skin their meaning. we could keep law enforcement and our students safe. >> got for bed hear the school shooting are at your student school. are they there or not there? on most cases they don't come back. protesters are attempting to destroy this monument which we have been following the state of virginia. and that is straight ahead.
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>> sean: it joining us now from our west coast newsroom with the situation on the commonwealth of virginia, trace gallagher, these are the images we've been showing it. >> it started out quiet and it's quiet right now but in between this, i got rally rowdy. we see the pictures right there, this monument is 35 feet tall, the naacp believes that it was
6:42 pm
the sight of where sleeves use to be whipped prior to the civil war. they went to the city council, and the city council said they would decide on july 28th and that was not good enough for the protesters. they painted "black lives matter" on the ground in front of this monument and then they started throwing buckets of paint on the monument. they started getting bolt cutters, and this is a monument which is of the confederate data, there are soldiers around it. but one of these apparent statues fell on somebody and critically injured that person. suddenly that thing got quiet again. the monument for all intents and
6:43 pm
purposes still stands and many of the soldiers around it have been knocked down or their heads have been taken off. the city council says they will decide the fate of this confederate monument on july 28th and that of course is if the protesters decide they will wait until july 28th. more as it comes in. >> sean: and our focus is in two on the forgetful joe biden who is hiding in his bunker basement doing nothing and being praised by the former governor of the commonwealth, terry mccullough because biden's history, i'd like to think we have an honest media which asks real tough questions. the congressional republicans are now planning what is of a wave of brand-new criminal referrals stemming from the russia hoechst. he joins us now with the latest. if you could explain this through the context and the prism of the testimony, the
6:44 pm
blockbuster testimony of rod rosenstein, knowing what i know now, i wouldn't have signed those fisa warrants, then we have the house intelligence committee testimony that we now get to go back and see. a lot of people probably did things like what roger stone was accused of and paul manafort and george papadopoulos, right? >> exactly. what you will see is as many as ten referrals asking the justice department t to in both the crossfire hurricane investigation and the mike flynn investigation. the reason those referrals are possible now is because attorney general barr, and ric grenell made available evidence. >> sean: is unbelievable news. do we have an idea?
6:45 pm
you always know more. >> here is the biggest thing to watch. as early as tomorrow there could be a new declassification out of the o.d. and i, the annex. and yet james comey's fbi went back to the court three more times and claimed they had verified that dossier. >> sean: they knew earlier than we ever knew about the dossier. that's premeditated fraud in fisa court. as the clinton appointed judge, we already knew he would do this. they submitted the brief in support of blocking.
6:46 pm
they reveal the extent to which far left, attorney general revealed that the durham probe is investigating names and we are all familiar with us. terri, let's wait in the attorney general's talk in serious terms about what he now knows about all of this. add to that now the developing story of john solomon, they knew it was debunked and use that information anyway. what i believe is a humble old citizen come if i committed fraud on a court of law, i probably would be watching this show with someone else hosting from a prison cell? >> john durham and his team have been thoroughly and meticulously working on the investigation for many months.
6:47 pm
people deserve resolution, and it's important for the american people and it is important certainly to cover that as well. >> it's been going on a while and i know the wheels of justi justice, and that shocked everybody. >> i can assure you that john durham is working as hard as ever, president trump was one of the greatest injustice in the ministry and you should never happen again. >> sean: while saying he wouldn't sign the warrants, in retrospect we didn't need the
6:48 pm
mueller investigation, and it was nothing and they found nothing. coming up, geraldo rivera and sarah sanders react to the police movement in seattle as they continue. ell as remote pur. for a little help, on and off the road. now when you buy or lease a new lincoln, we'll make up to 3 payments on your behalf.
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>> sean: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez seeking to ban police from using tear gas. fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera, fox news contributor sarah sanders. geraldo, they have to have some ability to prevent people, more than an option, i showed the gun that i purchased, it's a nonlethal way to defend yourself. >> i've been teargas more times than i'd like to remember in the worst thing that happens is you pry, and you deserved it. particularly covering the west bank, the israelis were not -- >> sean: but on a serious note, it's not lethal. tell us about your experience. >> my experience is, i don't want to dismiss it.
6:54 pm
it's very profound, your face kind of scrunches up in your tear ducts are released. you feel choking but then when you wash herself off -- the reason they carry bottles of fresh water is you just for the bottle over your head and it flushes it and you are basically okay. you know, someday we will talk about -- >> sean: i'm just short on time, sorry. >> aoc is trying to defund the police and, sometimes i think she forgets that two black police officers were shot on congressional baseball practice. does she want to defend those officers, the capital police that protect her and her colleagues every single day. let's not forget, most police officers are good, hardworking
6:55 pm
patriots and there are some parts where those individuals should be held accountable but let's not vilify the entire police force because of a couple. >> sean: he got a rifle and walked in an open field, it doesn't get any more brave and dangerous. thank you both to get my beard e in this morning, so... what beard routine? ah. well, the key is maple nectar. gives it that sheen. is there something wrong with my screen? -mnh-mnh. -jamie, what are talking about? you're right, alan. we should be talking about bundling home and auto with progressive, not this luscious mane of mine. [ laughs ] jamie, do you know what a beard is?
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7:00 pm
are you going to call? we have to ask ourselves, what would this mean for the future of this country? and are people using a broad brush and literally smearing good people, the police that patrol our cities? laura ingraham. my heart is troubled again become lots of heart trouble these days. >> laura: well, this is where we see what people are made of, and it was well said. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." from a very busy washington, al sharpton has inserted himself, big shot, into and exacerbated nearly every thorny racial issue the country has seen over the last what, three decades? tonight horace cabrera delivered the response to the deliberate exploitation. also tonight and this is a huge story, a ucla professor is not receiving death threats after refusing to move exams in the wake of floyd's death.


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