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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 12, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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are out of time, let not your heart be troubled, laura's next. >> laura: this is "the ingraham angle" from watching tonight. , violent assaults? those are the shocking actions happening right now in seattle's capri zone. we described it as a festival yesterday? is that the future you want for your children? sara carter, laura dorgan and chris christie are all here to respond. plus the big covid lie, where is the second wave that the left has been warning us about? if it weren't for celebrities shoving it down our throats,
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raymond arroyo is here with hollywood's latest embarrassing new plea to stay relevant. but first, the angles g.o.p. platform for 2020, that's a focus of tonight's angle. the past six months have been -- to put it mildly a very difficult time for the country. first the democrats drag the nation through the phony impeachment proceedings without even specifying a crime and then the coronavirus hit. a blue state governors decide to flatten the curves by flattening our economy and our constitutional rights. now we are in the midst of mass demonstrations and still some writing breaking out in major cities. with a 2020 elections now just four and a half months away or so, the g.o.p. has to make sure it's platform actually speaks to the horrors and the hardship that this country is experiencing. the best days are indeed ahead
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of us, not behind us. we have some platform prerequisites. first we will redouble our efforts to preserve for all americans of their freedom of speech, freedom of religions, freedom of press and freedom of assembly. we lost a lot more than just our booming economy and the lockdowns and even with states reopening comp millions of americans are still unable to attend church services, go to weddings, or anything for that matter are sacrosanct freedoms should only be abridged in true emergencies. and only pursuant to laws passed by elected officials. not by decrees issued by governors or mayors. especially those who don't even follow their own rules. >> chicago's mayor lori lightfoot is spotted breaking social distancing to
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get a haircut. >> governor pritzker of illinois since his family to florida and then locks on the whole state and tell them what they can't do. >> while governor whitmer was urging people to stay home over memorial day weekend, mark malory is pushing to get his boat in the water. he tried to name drop the governor to get it done. >> laura: number two. we want prosperity for all americans and to achieve this goal we will protect basic property rights. but we will also stop efforts by multinational companies to ship jobs offshore. think about it, 21 million americans almost are drawing on an appointment right now and while the jobless rate is coming down st3 open, so instead of congress green lighting more death funded, american workers do not have to compete unfairly with foreign workers. now trump has done the unimaginable by bringing china
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to the negotiation table with tariffs and by replacing the disaster that was knocked out with the usmca. but we need to do a lot more. we could start by bringing back our medical supply chains from china. the country of course that unleashed covid on the rest of the world. never again should we be held hostage by the ccp. when the next pandemic hits, we want all americans to feel safe inside and outside of their homes and that means swift and sure punishments for violent crime especially in poor neighborhoods. it also mean supporting the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. >> stop treating us like animals and start treating us with some respect. nobody's talking about the police officers that are killed in the last week and in the
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united states of america. >> we have tragedies like the cold-blooded murder. were the three officers in buffalo who were run over, by a peaceful protester. and he may be on a ventilator for the rest of his life. bad cops should be weeded out, cops who commit criminal actions should be date jailed in the punishment should be severe. the funding police because of the evil acts it's dangerous. we already know what a police free society looks like. >> response times for crimes in progress were over 15 minutes, about three times as long as the average of every year. if that is your mother, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor's kid that is being,
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robbed, assaulted and otherwise victimized, you might have to report that it took the police three times longer. >> laura: at the communist party is a great threat to the united states and will take all measures necessary to prevent it from endangering our interests. and, tech companies we are talking to you. and that means no more ccp funding for american university. let's go, they have trained so many of the chinese communist party's brightest minds to go back to china to ultimately, i
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need to take a very hard look at the visas that we give the chinese nationals to come to the united states to study. >> laura: number five. we believe that america remains the best hope for a better life in a better world. and we pledge to teach our children the truth about this country. both the good and the bad. and to encourage them to honor the sacrifices of all those patriots that come before us. >> that's based not on what -- on what is important. we know that freedom requires a fighting spirit. tyrants both large and small hate this country, they hate its freedom. they want to force us to live under rules that they make up.
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last unchecked, they will create a divided country and a divided world with the rulers enjoying special privileges and the rules, well, you will just be trampled. >> average americans have fought against the sort of tyranny and we pledge to continue this fight no matter the odds. and to give our children and grandchildren of all races and creeds of freer and better world both here and abroad. and that's the angle. as we see the chaos in seattle and other major cities you have to wonder what is it really all about? joining us now is a laura logan, a host of laura logan has no agenda on fox nation. sarah, this is not just about the group black lives matter anymore, is it? >> no it's not. i was listening to your opening monologue and it hit home for me and i know it hits home for so
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many people with children. my 7-year-old daughter asked me, mommy, why are we fighting each other? i thought that daddy bought the bad guys overseas. because my husband fought in afghanistan and iraq and was wounded fighting terrorists. i said to her, this is part of our history right now, part of our nation and we are struggling to get through this. and it's not just about being open-minded, it's about teaching our children to be anti-american. when i was overseas and we were covering the war, it didn't matter what color you were or what religion you were. he stood alongside each other and you fought a common enemy to protect this country. it's a tragedy, and to be part
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of this great nation, it's a wonderful basis in our constitution. even when the mob comes after you. this is a seattle protester, and what would that mean having a dialogue with the police >> for us to sit down and have a conversation with the police chief, i'm going to come up and say, that's beyond this
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question. >> and that's against some evil acts. what about a statement like that? >> it's very interesting because i also talked to a lot of people who fought in those wars and i've been speaking to a number of professionals who have been trained by the united states government to use the kind of tactics that you've been use it now by the american people but they are designed to be used against this countries foreign enemies. that's she and others out there that are recognized by a lot of these tactics. generally, and they are being
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used and those are genuine people down this short but there are in a anarchists against them as well. you can go to crime sink as one of their sites. and they describe how they got home. one of the most significant thing is here that's been overlooked in the national conversation, as most of the media and the political spin doctors on the left and some on the right, they rush to deny what people are seeing in front of their eyes. what they are missing is none of the people can do this without a significant amount of funding, organization and infrastructure and that's where you really got
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to the political dimension of this. they are all consistence, they all change their name all the time to avoid accountability, so they try to laugh at you and say these people say we are organized and we are not. but this is by design, part of the deception and tactics. but what about the political forces behind them? what about the political messaging? what about the former generals, we are taking these tactics that we design, and it's all over the internet. and he's got others with him. they are saying, we are going to use this against this president against his messaging on the pandemic and against him in the election. so when you hear people on the street saying the president has lost the support of the nation, the main thing you say hear that from is politicians as well.
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and i wanted to create the problem, civil unrest, and, he's overreaching. >> laura: well, you have a lot to say and we want to hear it, but i have to say what laura said about the generals, i have found this to be extremely disturbing, that we have on the elected military figures who seem to be in some instances, with folks that seek to do harm. they can hate the president, that's fine. that's all right. that's really what all of this is. this is a political reaction
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with antifa and blm and other forces mixed in. >> he's the commander-in-chief. this is the point, he's a commander in chief, and it's their place to take a step back. the military especially in the hierarchy is not there to, and they don't do that publicly because it's a national security issue. he seen this coming, and everybody coming out, and these are enemies. these are people that voted for president trump and they pose a significant national security issue in our nation.
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we know what happened, and the malfeasance within the fbi and what we are seeing now is another kind of hijacking of a crisis. let's see if we can exacerbate this crisis as much as possible, continue the chaos, right this train and i think as americans we need to be very cautious of what's going on here. i really think these generals need to keep their mouth shut because it's not appropriate, it's not right and it's not what they are supposed to do. they are not politicians and they need to take a step back and realize they are doing more damage to the nation then go to. >> laura: of the media by the way, will not accept the election results. watch. >> joe biden said this week, do
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you think that is a scenario specifically? >> i think they will probably be some scenario planning for anything that might happen after this election. >> laura: that's exactly what we were just talking about, like a gang the military. >> and they've been used frequently. that colluded with the russians to conspire on the president.
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that means a lot of the time they control accountability as well. and, the beginning was ambiguity increasing and they threw all kinds of things in the mix. donald trump is unstable, donald trump, an organization was funded by the way were republicans. they are very vicious and they are using a tactic now called ambiguity decreasing. they put it out a video which has them freaking out, and that's a consistency of messaging from the day he was elected. that told me how long they've
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been working on this. >> i think, it's so pathetic. and that's about how to raise people standard of living. all these people pushing this. and until they burn the country down. >> they are not divided. >> it's great to see on a friday night. coming up, the remainder of what is really at stake. if we give into the left, politics of panic and ruin. and then chris christie bless the seattle mayor's idiotic response, the occupation of her city. remember, it's just a festival.
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>> laura: at first it was covid and i we are dealing with the to fall out of a vicious example of police brutality. the notion that these two terrible events justify's the best of the most successful nation in the world, and tens of
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millions of people putting ten countless people into bankruptcy. they are turning the whole country into a cesspool of moaning and self-hatred, it's ludicrous. it will be absurd to give up all the progress we've made in improving the inner cities over the action of any number of policemen. it will inevitably run its course and go away. we have no cure and they can't agree that hydroxychloroquine actually works in some cases. most americans instinctively realize that these facts are getting back to normal. they are using the politics of panic. they want to keep them off the road, they don't want him to be
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going to rallies and they are going t to the project of canceling this campaign. we are getting into the snow was former new jersey governor chris christie who also has an interesting announcement. that's a new charity that he has started and he joins us now. i want to first get into, we will jump to seattle in a moment but i first want to talk about -- you knew this was going to happen. the moment trump says i'm getting back on the road with the american people, they are saying you planted on a day that's disrespectful to people or it's too dangerous. what do you see happening? >> i have been advising this person for some time. get back out there and think the american people for the enormous sacrifices that they have made. or flatten the curve on the virus. now he needs to think them and,
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again, it's encouraging to see how many people want to go to these rallies. just when i've traveled, it's like when is the president going to get back out there? i think that's very important governor christie, as a sign of hope and confidence. after what this public has been through in the past six months, we forgot that he went through impeachment for the first month and a half of the year. this is all it's been for six months. >> laura: i think we are going to have some trouble. >> the most strictly given diagnosis, the fact of the matter is, they lose their savings and people are distraught, they are submitting
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domestic violence and some tragically suicide. all the lives are precious, not just the people who have been infected by a covid, but also the people who are being committed to this because of the lockdown. it's important to get out there and lead by example and be able to show people that they should do them responsibly. >> we are encouraging young people to say this about police. these are mostly african-american and latino police officers, watch this unfold.
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>> look at him go. look at him go. >> laura: the governor noticed the protesters were attacking black officers. i thought this was black lives matter but not if you are wearing blue? >> unfortunately for me, i couldn't see the video and haven't seen the video. but let's be clear. we don't need to defend the police department. they were instituted and we didn't have less police officers, we had more police officers. we had them walking the beat and interacting with the community. this is not an issue to defund police, this is to make sure police is defunded.
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that was 81% and you can lower violence, and that's 96% minority. so we can be done and we should be done. >> laura: governor christie, i'm going to buy you a new studio in your house, because the audio is so bad. i want to hear about it, and i hope your audio holds, everyone has to hear this. >> we are going to be giving up $3,000 grants to small businesses in new jersey, whenever governor murphy is here. we made the initial contribution
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of hundred thousand dollars. every dollar people donate goes to a small business. >> laura: i will post the stuff on twitter, it's a great cause. i'm going to buy him a new studio, i just have to do that. skype. coming up, hollywood's latest attempt at wokeness, is she hiding one of her ancestors? bottom line is,
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>> laura: it's friday, and that means it's time for friday follies. raymond arroyo, some celebrities have my nose started on new online campaign. wait a second, i have to gather my thoughts, it was very moving. it was inspired by what they are going through and feeling right now. >> it's called taking responsibility.
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and i will no longer allow racist or hurtful words to be uttered in my presence. killer cops must be prosecuted, they are murderers. it's time to take responsibili responsibility. >> i am exposing this liberty squeezing lines that were written for them, things they might or might not be guilty of. >> this is one of the more ridiculous displays of flat stomach and self-flagellation. who are these people hanging around with? it sounds like they've been attending weekly meetings, what's happening in malibu?
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>> >> here's the kicker. things are explaining away systemic racism, saying i don't see color, and you can't get in unless you admit to something. it is in a whites only site? if that's the case this hispanic boy wants nothing to do with it. i propose inclusivity. >> laura: there are already parities of that all over the internet. there was an african-american young man who did a parody of it who took responsibility for any role he had in giving them this suppose it's guilt to create this horrible video. so everyone is doing kickoffs on it. do they know what most americans
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think when they see that or are they just so in their bubble that they don't quite see it? >> it's a narcissism as a penitential act. >> you did look like stanley tucci. more statues vandalized overnight, but the protesters seem to be missing their mark, i understand? >> they are actually equal opportunity when it comes to destroying public property. in richmond, virginia, a memorial statue for officers killed in the line of duty was vandalized and it's now been removed. >> it's a despicable act, it's incomprehensible. i have cried more than once over how the statue has been violated. >> the statue was in berger park. the former grand wizard of the ku klux klan and, the protesters didn't bother with that. they were too busy vandalizing
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the statue. and, these people were absolute and even defaced the philly civil war memorial. dedicated to the union soldiers that fought the confederacy. >> well first of all they are antihistory, but, someone says get that statue. and here's a news flash, the statue will run away. so you can just get that statue. i saw that, get that statue and they don't even know what it is. now nancy pelosi is requesting that 11 confederate statues be removed from the capital but, he was the mayor of baltimore, he
7:40 pm
dedicated a confederate memorial to robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. >> that's correct. on may 2nd 1948. the baltimore report said pelosi's father said "we could look for inspiration to the lives of lee and jackson to remit us to be resolute and determined in preserving our sacred institutions. americans must emulate jackson's example and stand up like stone wall against aggression to seek to destroy the liberty of the world. that money met ribs removed in 2017. here's why all of this was folly folly. we are not makers of history, we are made by history. so let's see all of it. we need to let our children seasons and the glory of the past including the civil war and those figures which explained where they went wrong and who
7:41 pm
they were. and mobs, some of the greatest he dedicated, i believe it was a university of texas. it's like this over-the-top dedication of the memorial. put grant up, >> i'm from
7:42 pm
connecticut. i don't like the idea of tearing stuff down. especially without a vote of anybody. that's another installment of the house husbands. ♪ >> now laura, cnn's anchor chris cuomo, and his wife was doing an instagram live at yoga instructional win in the window behind her, not before someone screen grabbed it. here's my question. that's only one of two things.
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it was that what is that? >> it's an outdoor shower i presume? >> laura: raymond, you're getting very cheeky tonight. >> i see what you are doing. are you doing anything to promote -- you've got to keep it up. raymond, you have to work on your confessional videos. are they going to do a confessional video for any of the really bad movies that invariably they've all acted in? some of those guys were great phenomenal actors obviously but everyone has to do a lemon. >> now that the economy is
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heating up, the media stoking fears of the second wave is coming, next.
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>> a new wave of coronavirus cases possibly triggering on another lockdown. >> texas already experiencing a
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second wave? >> many experts are more in a second wave of infection as i head it states relaxed the rules too aggressively. >> laura: especially in areas where president trump might do rallies. the idea that the media is worried about a second wave is laughable. they spent the last two weeks condoning celebrating marching themselves, and they told us the racism was the real health crisis in the united states. what is the data actually same? there has been an increase in covid positive cases in some places but that's a meaningless. what's really important is the numbers of hospitalizations. for example the media breathlessly covered the 1,902 2 covid cases in florida and it's a record. the data shows that florida hospitalizations have been
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trending downward for two weeks. that's great news. hospitalizations are increasing in texas but the media are treating the state like it's another new york which as you can see is just ludicrous, not the case at all. arizona has also grabbed the media's attention, they reported 1,600 new cases today but guess how many arizonans were hospitalized for a covid on wednesday? one. yes, that's right, one person. joining me now is the president of the committee to unleash prosperity. are they going to try this after everything they've said and done over the past few weeks losing all credibility over the covid fearmongering? >> the riots were a thing and the protests, doctors and nurses
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out there protesting, they go right back to the old story they were in before that. i don't imagine that people find it very credible but, they have the platforms that they have and they are doing it. >> laura: dr. fauci was fairly absent for most of the protest, he tried to explain some of the rising cases in some states. >> that seeing the increase hospitalizations. once they start saying increases in hospitalizations and they do that with increasing testing. >> laura: are people out there living their lives and having fun? >> going with the two, the daily
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admissions are flat or even slightly trending down but the cumulative hospitalized is going up. that means people are staying in the hospital longer than they were before, and diagnosing people who were already in the hospital for some other reason, there's something going on with those numbers. the most important thing, and the point they made those charts before companies are still very low numbers. what we don't need to do is consider going back into lockdown. to be one of "the new york times" is trying to produce the covid phil. they are saying that the time is now including cases and deaths that have been identified as
7:52 pm
public health officials as "probable" coronavirus cases. some on the report figures in which a coronavirus was confirmed through testing. we talked about this before but this is the recommendation, was it not, from the cdc? if someone had it covid like symptoms, they can check the b box. >> the interesting thing about this and the cdc does say to put that in the count, new york state, that's why a lot of the sites you see has like 30,000 for new york. if you go to the cobit tracking down academic covid tracking site, it's like 25,000. we think those deaths were actually covid or not? if we think they are, but we get to the fact that new york is not
7:53 pm
comfortable, then it may not be. whatever these numbers are, whether they should be in or out, it doesn't have any effect or very little effect on where the country is right now and going forward because tests are no longer is scarce, they are ubiquitous. in effect medicare and most private insurers require postmortem testing if before they pay out of something was covid unless they had prior confirmation. so i don't think we will see many cases like that anymore. they will either be lab confirmed or ruled out. >> laura: someone said minnesota is not getting notice for something and that's a fact that 81% of deaths from covid, 81% are in nursing homes. that is a stunningly high number in fairfax county, virginia, counties around d.c., very, very high numbers as well. maybe not 80% but most of the deaths in any of these highly populated counties in the
7:54 pm
united states are coming from those facilities. >> minnesota is interesting because it's another one of these states like new jersey and pennsylvania whether postacute care plan after someone is hospitalized is they send them straight into the nursing home even if they are so infectious which is a terrible, terrible policy. almost all the other states were doing that stopped doing it. the interesting thing about minnesota is, when we point out that the bad policy of receiving and pushing infected patients into these nursing homes which is one of the reasons we have meltdowns, the so-called experts on the left say, what happens in the nursing home is all about how much bread you have and the rest of society because you can't keep it out and the only way to stop is -- the wrong policy can lead to a high death toll even if you have almost no death of the rest of the population. >> laura: and what we are
7:55 pm
going into lockdown again. we see people out of work, too much time in the hands and devastation to american businesses. it is bad. it's time to open up and rebuild prosperity. you have helped us make sense of all of this, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. speak to the police find a friend in the unlikeliest of places. the last bite, next.
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>> laura: we found a sliver of hope in seattle's cop free zone. one man vowing to cross the aisle and help protect our protectors. >> and taking them to their office. i'm out here every single day so that everybody is okay. as many police, who gives a [bleep] where you take them? so we want to talk to them and
8:00 pm
that's when we will [bleep] this done. >> laura: did you see how the crowd turned to him for escorting the police into the building? that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and that fantastic "fox news @ night" team, take it all from here and have a great weekend. ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," shannon bream in washington. two weeks and a half in unrest, tension and destruction that started in minneapolis and tonight progresses are having trouble holding together constituencies. seattle mayor and police chief at odds about who was responsible and now, protesters and so-called "capitol hill autonomous zone." and the mayor says, it is an atmosphere but the far left said it is no joke. th


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