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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 15, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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across a threshold of an elevator by her hair, and i am still listening. if the nfl holds a roundtable, maybe you should be there burgess owens. >> they would not invite me. they are leftist. >> harris: show up anyway. i am harris. here is "the daily briefing." >> dana: white house at the hold a briefing at any moment as protest erupted in atlanta where a police officer was shot and killed a black man outside a wendy's. hello, everyone, i am dana perino, and this is the daily briefing. ♪ demonstrators in atlanta calling for justice for ray shard brooks, police say two officers were arresting him friday night when he took a taser from one of them, surveillance video shows him running away, then one of the officer shoots him in the back. the medical examiner ruled it a homicide. the officer has been fired as
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prosecutors say they are considering charges. let's pray begin with jonathan perry live in atlanta. >> hi, dana, he lost his life in the fast food parking lot you see behind me, just a couple of hours ago family members held a very emotional news conference in part of it they called on protesters to remain peaceful in their efforts to bring about social change. let's take a listen. >> if we stand together united as one in, there be no more cases similar to rayshard. how many more protests will it take? >> today th the dash naacp calld for equal justice, something district attorney paul howard says he is mindful of as he continues to investigate the case. the d.a. says that he expects to reach a decision by midweek on whether to pursue criminal charges against the police
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officers involved in friday night's confrontation. news of friday shooting prompted mass protests over the weekend which blocked a major interstate and thick crowds preventive firefighters from reaching the wendy's where brooks was shot before an arson fire destroyed the building saturday night. and dana, back to the live scene, you can see the heavy damage at the building of atlanta a crime stoppers offering $10,000 for a reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of those responsible for the fire. dana. >> dana: thank you. with me now is philip holloway, criminal defense attorney and former assistant district attorney. and former police officer, a great person to have here. maybe we should start with in a situation like this, philip, what is the police training that should be done? >> good afternoon, dana. i always like to start with the law. throughout the united states police training is acted on the
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law. the supreme court told us in 1989 that the federal benchmark is objective reasonable nests. bear in mind that what is objectively reasonable they tell us cannot be viewed with the 2020 lands of hindsight. they don't want any armchair quarterbacking. they say that it must be viewed from the perspective of the officer on the scene and what is often ate chaotic and violent situation where they have to make a split-second decision. when you bring that down to the state level, state laws are all different, but they all sort of also are centered on reasonableness. in georgia, the training council requires officers at least once a year to take use of force and de-escalation training. and they find georgia law that correctly says that if a suspect possesses a deadly weapon or the suspect poses an immediate threat at physical violence or they have been in -- involved with a crime, then deadly force is authorized in those scenarios. if you look at all of the
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circumstances of this case, i think that the defense might have not so difficult of a time bringing in expert witnesses, this is assuming that the officers were charged and a lot of people are assuming that. they will be able to bring in expert witnesses that say under the totality of the circumstances, the officer's conduct was objectively reasonable. if you don't like the rules as they are currently written, maybe change those rules, but the argument is that prosecutors really should honor the rules that have been set up by the georgia police officers training council and let officers know in advance what those rules are. >> dana: it has already been ruled a homicide. the police chief is out. one is fired, one is suspended. do you think that all of that makes sense in your immediacy right after what happened to rayshard brooks? >> we have to understand that the supreme court has reminded us, look, you don't need to
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armchair quarterback this. you need to take time and do an investigation. we want to look at this not with that 2020 lens of hindsight, that's the supreme court's exact words, we need to let the investigation run its course. the officers are entitled to due process. so i think that it may have been a little bit of a mistake for the mayor to immediately call for the officer's firing. in fact, she said something to the effect of maybe it is one thing if you can do something, but i don't think that he should have done it. that's what the supreme court says we are not supposed to do. we are not supposed to go back with the 2020 lens of hindsight and substitute our judgment for the officers on the scene. >> dana: because what will that do to officers perhaps having a decrease in confidence that elected leaders would have their back based on the wall? >> well, that's right. we train these officers at least once a year and we say, these are the rules. so the argument is that it is unfair to change those rules now
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and there is something that happens that the leadership does not like it, whether it is the district attorney or the mayor. it is important to remember that the district attorney in atlan atlanta, d.a. paul howard said a week ago that when officers used a taser on civilians that they were using deadly force with that taser. so you have to ask yourself, and what jurisdiction in america can a suspect who is committing robbery by taking an officers taser turn around then use that taser on the officer and not expect to be met with a serious amount of force if not deadly force. so the officers have to say, we have to wait until the suspect gets our taser and we have to wait and see what they are going to do with it, police officers are not going to want to show up to work like that, so they have to know ahead of the game and the rules can change during the middle. >> dana: philip holloway, we appreciate your insight.
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thank you. let's bring in the speaker of the georgia house of representatives, republican david ralston. thank you so much for being with us, what is the state legislator trying to pass today. i know that you have 11 days left in your session, what do you think can and should be in this time? >> it's not that much time, dana, as you know. one thing that we are required by law to do is to pass a balanced budget. i don't have to tell you that since we suspended the session back on march 16th up until today, there has been a substantial impact on the financial condition of the state. we are going to be going through budget cuts and trying to get to a new number at which we could balance the budget. but the other item that is a priority to me and many members is passing a hate crimes bill
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here in georgia. we are one of only four states in the nation that does not have a hate crimes law on the books. i think that is a shame. i think that it is a tragedy. i think that it was all brought home for us by the ahmaud arbery case in brunswick, georgia when we saw the video of this act of evil on part of these guys who chased him down like an animal, hunting and animal, and then shot him with a shotgun at point-blank range. to me that is hate. and so, i think it's time -- >> dana: i saw that you called that a moral necessity to get that done. let me ask you, do you feel that to the is being responsive to the people of georgia at this time? they are even marching today
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after this other shooting over the weekend of rayshard brooks an action against those officers now. and they should get due process, but do you feel like the state legislature led by the republicans can help meet this moment in a bipartisan fashion? >> we absolutely can. they hate crimes bill that i mentioned was actually passed in march of 2019 by the house of representatives. it was passed in a bipartisan way. i pushed for it. it has been in the state senate now for 465 days without as much as a committee hearing, and i told the members of the house today that if we leave here this session without having passed that bill, that's going to be a stain on this state that will never wash away. georgia is better than that. and that's why we need to pass this bill. and that's why i have called on the senate to act, because
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people need to see that we can act in a bipartisan way to pass a good piece of legislation. >> dana: what is your view on the latest case of rayshard brooks over the weekend in atlanta? >> very troubling to be seen any individual shot in the back. obviously the gpis investigating that. i've great confidence in our team, they did some amazing work on the ahmaud arbery case. i will ask for patients while they complete their investigation, because you have heard our guest talk about, it is important that we get all the facts out there. we don't need to rush to judgment by the same token, it was very, very disturbing to see this individual, who obviously was not posing a threat to the
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officers be shot in the way that he was. it was -- it is very troubling. >> dana: we will be in touch with you, especially as you try to move through that hate crime legislation in georgia. thank you georgia speaker of the house. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: it's we will head to seattle where protesters continue to control a section of the city, plus so much confusion coming from democrats when it comes to the defunding the police, ed henry will lay in yo. ♪ i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help
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>> dana: it is now on one weeks in seattle police abandon a downtown precinct and protesters took over several box calling in an autonomous zone, now saying it is occupied.
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seattle police chief saying and abandoning that precinct was not her idea. dan springer is live on the perimeter of that occupied zone. >> yeah, they change the name, they did not like the optics of it being an autonomous zone, they are not trying to secede, this is an occupation protest. you can see one of the entrances into the zone, and it is still blockaded. so you have a problem with egress, and that's one of the things that the fire department once rectified. they want to be able to get their trucks in and out of here. and it has really grown. there are at least over 110's, maybe 300 people who are living around the area, so the size has really grown. we have some videotape to show you over the weekend, the numbers of people who came down here and just to check it out, we saw lots of people bringing their families down here, a lot of pictures being taken. a lot of curiosity about what is going on.
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but we have also talked to some people who are residents with a moving truck saying that they have to move out, we have talked to some business owners who say that they are about to move out as well, because they can't do business in here right now. here is a guy who represents those businesses voice. >> time is critical. i don't think that we have a lot of time, because i know that businesses that were ready to open last week that pulled back and said it is not safe. so we are on borrowed time, i believe. and we have to come up with a solution quickly. >> and another issue that the police chief is facing right now is low morale, i was told that 35 police officers last week alone left at the department for early retirement. people over here happy about that. the police department isn't. they want to get back into the precinct, but we are not seeing that happening anytime soon. dana.
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>> dana: dan springer, thank you. they are more mixed messages from democrats when it comes to defunding the police. watch. >> nobody is going to defund the police. we can restructure the police forces. restructure, reimagine policing. that's what we are going to do. >> you can't really reform a department that is rotten to the root. what you can do is rebuild. to the infrastructure that exists as policing in our city should not exist anymore. >> we are being drawn into this false choice idea. we use different language to describe it, but we have must have reformation transformation. >> dana: let's bring in at friendly, good friend and cohost of "america's newsroom." i wonder if you think about the democrats internal inner communications about this.
11:19 am
i guess what i'm getting at is there a generational divide? where you have a lot of sense and trying to explain to the younger democrats, you can't just defund the police. let's talk about reform. i heard him say if you talk about defund, it's going to derail the entire effort. >> you are seeing this play out on the ground in seattle when you listen to dan springer and what is happening right behind him whether they call it chopped or chas. but what was the first thing they did? they created borders, which does not really match, we have to have a border and keep people out, that doesn't really match what the democratic party is talking about around the united states in the last couple of years, does it? so you're pushing forward this argument about defunding the police, and it was very interesting, because yes, there is a generational divide and you have people like jim clyburn, senior member of the house democratic leadership and the
11:20 am
likely nominee joe biden trying to talk some sense into some folks on the left like hey, we have to figure out a moderate course, and then you have ilhan omar saying, no, they are run to the core, police essentially we have to blow the whole thing up. in "the new york times" read an op-ed over the weekend from someone described as an organizer against criminalization, and the headline, yes, we mean literally abolished low police. so there has been this semantical debate is defunding abolishing. is it just taking some money away from one pot and giving it to communities? all these vague terms, in "the new york times" put the op-ed saying, no, there are folks that want to abolish the police. what comes next? what do you do then? >> dana: one of the things you will see is something dan springer brought up which is the number of police officers who are either resigning or applying for early retirement,
11:21 am
and i think that you will see a lot more of this, and not just in seattle and minneapolis. >> i have some reporting on this, a good friend who is retired nypd was telling me that a buddy of his called in, a current nypd officer, and he wanted to call the retirement office, about if i retire this day, what will my pension be, he cannot get through, and when he did he talk to a person on the phone, this was last week and they said that the numbers of people in the nypd who are calling for either early retirement or what is the precise day, people who are not having this conversation six months ago, three months ago, they are doing it now. you will see some people leaving the nypd in droves. you have to wonder, there has to be some kind of reform. there've been too many of these cases. you see on the republican side, people like tim scott running point and saying, to not have a plan is not an answer. so nobody is saying don't do anything. that would be ridiculous, but to abolish the police on the other side, that would be ridiculous
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too. so let's hope that there are some common ground. >> dana: ra arik, henry, i have to run, thank you. president trump is pushing back his rally. ♪ ♪ the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now. &gwdcd0zlójraw if your child doesn't 1 iseem themself at times,ed. they may not be hydrated enough. wabba wabba!
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>> dana: president trump delaying his upcoming rally by one day after critics took issue with the campaign holding it on the june holiday. that's not the only issue, chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with more. >> good afternoon to you. about 20 minutes late for the briefing, but we expect that it will happen soon or need to because the president has an event that is supposed to start in 5 minutes. somehow they will work out the schedule, but to your point president trump pushing back against criticism of the upcoming rally in tulsa, oklahoma. pointing out that the same people who are being critical of him were not critical of the large crowds across america the last couple weeks. some of which resulted in violent demonstrations. the president tweeting "the far left fake news media had no problem with the democrat run city is is trying to covid shame us on our big rally won't work. we should point out that the director of the tulsa health department has encouraged the president to push back the rally
11:27 am
from saturday night saying there is been a spike in oklahoma, putting a large crowd into the arena is probably not a good idea at this time. there were 22 225 new coronavirs cases on saturday. that number is down to 158 as of yesterday. the republican mayor says that he is encouraging the president in support of the political rally on saturday tweeting "into also we protect the free and peaceful exchange of ideas. we have done it during protests and we will do it during the president's visit next week. we will also continue to follow the state of oklahoma's guidelines for safe reopening. as you pointed out, the president did push that rally backed by a day. the original date stuff 19th is juneteenth, celebrated by african-americans across the country as the original day of emancipation. when they set free everyone who is enslaved on galveston island. the trump campaign reporting
11:28 am
more than 800,000 people have registered for this event. the arena holds only 19,000, so some 780,000 people won't be able to attend. but i think it is safe to say that most of those people probably just registered because they wanted to show their support, probably no intention of actually going. >> dana: that is a huge number. john roberts, thank you. we will catch you at the briefing. and a landmark ruling from the supreme court and a victory for lgbtq rights, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has been following this for us that all came down this morning as the supreme court made its decision. >> yes, good afternoon. they ruled that federal antidiscrimination laws protect gay and transgendered workers. in the 6-3 ruling, writing "in title seven, congress adopted broad language making it illegal for an employer to rely on an
11:29 am
employee, we decided to fire that employee. we do not hesitate to recognize the unnecessary consequence of that legislative choice, and a player that fires an individual based on being transgender defies the law." they say that their colleagues were amending the law, not interpret airing it as brett kavanaugh writes, we are judges, not members of congress. alexander hamilton's words, you neither exercise for snow or will, but merely judgment. our role is not to make or amend the law as there is not employment discrimination because of sexual orientation. also the high court declined to take up new cases second amendment rights group denying the rights of gun owners. the court did not accept nearly one dozen sit down and kick cases that gun groups were hoping they might consider. the supreme court weighing in on the fight by some in congress and new york state to get president trump's financial records. plus the fight over the deferred
11:30 am
action for childhood rivals or daca for those brought to the country as children and president trump's effort to end that protection. dana. >> dana: a lot coming up from the supreme court. we will watch you and shannon bream as you help us understand it. thank you. a number of states mostly in the south and west reporting increases in new coronavirus infections, this is just weeks after reopening. casey stegall is live in dallas with more on that. casey. >> according to the latest data released out of johns hopkins university, at least two dozen states are reporting some rising trend at the number of new covid cases. but health officials attribute a lot of that to increase testing. but they say that the real metrics to watch our hospitalizations in various communities. and those are spiking and a handful of states. here in texas for example, covid hospitalization reached an all-time high over the weekend.
11:31 am
but the governor says that they are still plenty of available beds to handle the search. while over in arizona the state's largest hospital system has warned of a potential shortage in icu beds if the numbers keep trending upward. epidemiologists are pointing to a single reason for the jumps, rather saying that it could be a mix of things such as the demonstrations, perhaps going on around the country in recent weeks. listen. >> what we are really talking about here now is what does reopening do? what does the protests do? we just have to be humble and say, we are in an unsure moment what is happening in this country. >> leaders in parts of utah, tennessee, and oregon have put some of the reopening plans on pause. they are talking about doing that potentially in austin and houston as some of the cases continue to go up. dana. it's going all right, casey stegall, thank you for the update. up next, nbc getting called out
11:32 am
for a couple of contradictory tweets about crowds. howie kurtz will weigh in. ♪ urbenefit lets you easily refinance to a lower rate? one call to newday can save you $2000 a year. with newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no home appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. it's the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. call newday now. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dana: nbc news taking heat over a pair of tweets. the first one boasting about a pack protest in brooklyn. it then the next one they tweeted about was president trump's upcoming rally noting that health experts are questioning the decision because of crowds. let's bring in howie kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of media buzz. and it really illustrated some frustration with a glaring double standard. >> the contrast between the tweets could not be starker, and it goes well beyond nbc in terms of standard. the media all the bands the coronavirus once the nationwide protests swept city after city in the wake of george floyd's killing.
11:37 am
the demonstrators posed, anybody with a tv set could see standing shoulder to shoulder, many of them not wearing masks, that was rarely mentioned, because the media by and large supported the cause of the police brutality. and now the president trump is holding his first rally in oklahoma, the main story line is oh, my god, he is exposing all these people to risk and they have to sign a waiver. officials are opposed, a very different focus from that on the protests. >> dana: it's almost as if the protests are considered noble, and indeed they might be you, but then going to a political rally in support of the candidate you support in the presidential election is not worthy of the same type of treatment. >> if you consider one thing to be noble, i have no problem with the protests as long as they are peaceful, and i think that it is helping the change of public conversation, it does not mean that you simply turn the other way, turn a blind eye to the thing that had been arab
11:38 am
session, the coronavirus started coming back a little bit now as you just report it spikes in certain states. but the thing is that when you consider the risks, i'm not a big fan of either one part i'm not sure that the president should hold a big rally, i think the protests were worrisome that we will see a lot of people that are not infected themselves, but will spread it to others. you have to apply one standard. and the double standard is just so obvious and blatant that it really cannot be denied. >> dana: there is a big piece that i have not read yet about the media is destroying itself, and i am going to spend some time and read that later today, you can check it out for yourself, but i wonder if things like lists, tell me -- give me your thoughts on it before i read it. >> my thought is that there are some good points, i've been talking about this as well, which is when you blatantly apply these different standards and you have this growing atmosphere of intolerance in the news business like that that led
11:39 am
to the ousting of "the new york times" editor, where you cannot even publish or talk about, it is unacceptable and anybody who does it has to be hounded out of a job. the problem is you are appealing to one side and maybe that's a good business model if you have anti-trump viewers or readers, but there is a good chunk of the country that does not trust in them, they are just plainly anti-trump, so more examples pile up and that the notion that the media has become what steve bannon would call the opposition party. >> dana: i will read it this afternoon, and i will send you a note. howie kurtz, always love having you on the show. thank you. a russian court sentencing a former u.s. marine to 16 years behind bars, they accused him of spying. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this. jennifer. >> paul wheel and a one time
11:40 am
u.s. marine service who attended a friend's wedding in december 2018 after a friend met him at the metro hotel and handed him a usb flash drive that allegedly contained a classified names of russian intelligence agents. his family and lawyer say it was a set up by the fsb, russians modern kgb service. mike pompeo demanded his immediate release "the united states is outraged by the decision of a russian court today to convict a u.s. citizen paul wheel and after a secret trial with secret evidence and without appropriate allowances for defense witnesses." a moscow court as he mentioned sentenced him to 16 years of hard labor and a prison camp, and his brother explained how he was entrapped" he was convicted of espionage, but it was the russian legal system that was found guilty of and justice.
11:41 am
gaining his own promotion, we will look to president trump who alone can act to bring paul home. we hope that he will do so swiftly." the lawyer says the russian government has floated the idea of a prisoner swap for the notorious russian arms dealer victor boot. a russian pilot convicted of smuggling cocaine. both serving long prison terms in the u.s. court system. >> dana: outrageous story. thank you, jennifer. up next... why you could get some money back if you take a summer vacation. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> bill: i'm bill hemmer on a monday, we will hear from the president and we expect to hear
11:46 am
from it proposed. ted williams reporting on what happened over the weekend. a new outbreak in beijing, and shall be steel on what becomes of the black lives matter movement now. just in a few minutes. 15 minutes away. i am bill hemmer. ♪ >> dana: you could soon get cash back if you hit the road this summer. fox business network brady trimble has the details. how can this be? >> hey, dana, so i will explain how it works. first where we are is along the chicago river on the shoreline sightseeing vote tour that i recommend to anybody who comes to chicago that would benefit from this tax break. the tourism industry is lobbying the white house as well as congress to try to pass this as legislature. and essentially what it would do is give anybody who takes a trip within the united states half off of their vacation by giving
11:47 am
them a tax break of up to $4,000 that would cover things like this, going to a theme park, your hotel come in your restaurant. so it really encourage people to get out and explore their own country and coincidently as we talk about this, trump towers right over there, that is somebody they would like the attention of, president trump who has expressed that he support something like this, but whether they will put it into law we will have to wait and see. dana. >> dana: grady trimble, i think you have the best assignment of the day. that looks really beautiful and fun. thank you. my next guest says that it is going to take a while to get the economy back on its feet after the coronavirus pandemic appeared to stephen moore is an economist and senior fellow at the heritage foundation, policy institute research. and i am all for being optimistic, and i do think that there are a lot of things that show that there are some good things happening out there. but i also think it is important to be realistic with people, and
11:48 am
tell them, it is not just going to be easy and everything is not going to come back immediately. we still have things that we need to do. let's get your take. >> we are running ahead of schedule, we saw that blockbuster jobs report that came out about a week ago that showed two and a half million new jobs created about two or three months ahead of schedule. so that was really positive sign. this weekend you can just see people out almost all over the country, people are getting out. they are going to stores. they are going to restaurants. it was amazing and that jobs report that we saw a lot of those jobs were in the retail industry, and the hospitality industry and restaurants. so we are starting to see some very welcome signs of a comeback, but also you are right to that i believe that it will be a rough patch. we lost a lot of jobs. 20-30000000 jobs that will take a long time to get back. i like that we are officially in recovery stage. >> dana: right. there was a poll from monmouth
11:49 am
that asked people questions that is on everybody's mind. american say that they will have to make permanent changes to how they live their lives. 38% say they will go back to normal. until there is a vaccine, tell me a little bit about that retail angle, for your mom and pop shop, the main street shop, what can we try to make sure that they survive? >> go to the stores. buy stuff from your local main street stores. i have been trying to do that. we are all a little pinched because of a lot of us have lost income and lost jobs, but it is helping to shop locally and go into those stores and you know, what i like to do is give a little dollar or two tip and the people working in the grocery stores and people working in the dentist office. a healthy economy locally, that makes a lot of difference. because there are still a lot of people that are afraid to go out
11:50 am
and so business, that's why say it will take six months or so, and getting back to any normalcy. let's give a little lift to those local businesses. >> dana: let me get the last question, the administration and the congress are talking about a possible additional stimulus bill, i think everybody agrees that one is needed. how much should they balance needing to help provide support for people with a concern for spending on a government level? >> i am against, we are having a press conference tomorrow in the committee, we don't want to more spending. we think that the government spending is the problem right now, not the solution. i mean, my goodness, dana, we are looking at a federal budget deficit of as much as $5 trillion this year. so federal spending is definitely not the solution. let's repeal the payroll tax for the rest of the year.
11:51 am
that will help low income workers, by the way, blacks will benefit from the most from that. it will give breaks to small businesses that we are talking about, that's what we should do and no more. >> dana: i like it. creativity, figuring it all out, steve moore, always a pleasure to have you. >> thanks, dana, have a great week. >> dana: up next cancel culture strikes again, and this time it is the "dukes of hazzard" that may be on the chopping block. ♪ is that net carbs or total?...
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one call can save you $2000 a year, every year. >> dana: senator elizabeth warren is back for a backing when it comes to big donors, the former presidential candidate is said to hold a high price a virtual fund-raiser for joe biden. peter doocy with the news on this. >> elizabeth warren appears to have carved out a loophole for zoom and her promise not to do so much as even talk to a wealthy donor on the phone from
11:56 am
december. >> i don't do closed-door fund-raisers with big donors. i don't do special call time with people who raise quarter of a million dollars. i don't sell access to my time. naf said out loud and in public or any donor can hear that a wall option off and bass leadership to highest bidder. >> senator warren did not endorse joe biden until after barack obama, but it proved that they patch things up, the biden campaign is bragging that they raised $80 million in may, tripled the number of online donors they had back in february when the field was still crowded with other competitors, like elizabeth warren. but the trump campaign had something to brag about as well. $14 million in one day, that is the biggest day ever cross two election cycles, and it came yesterday on the president's 74th birthday. dana. >> dana: that's a lot of
11:57 am
money. no one will be short of money for the election. peter doocy, thank you. ♪ ♪ cancel culture dominant culture are now coming for general lee. amazon slamming on polling the "dukes of hazzard" from its streaming services because of the confederate flag on top of the show's iconic car. with me now is comedian and television writer and producer michael loftus. so i will tell you, i've watched "dukes of hazzard" a lot when i was a kid. i'm sure that you probably did too, what do you make of it? >> did you have a pair? [laughs] >> dana: daisy dukes, i might've a long time ago. >> yeah! the insanity rambles on.
11:58 am
this destructive tornado that we all like to call cancel culture just continues to randomly rip apart lives and careers on its path of destruction. this is one of the doneness -- dumbest moves i have ever seen. and i am really having a hard time wrapping my head around it. those duke boys, i want to quote, it's one of the best theme songs ever. we could just play that whole theme song. listen to me now, dana perino, just some good old boys, never meaning no harm. never. i'm going to underline that. and they have been in trouble with the law since the day they were born. they were the original antifa. they were the original anarchy -- they are antipolice, and they never do harm. how can you cancel that? >> dana: i think that the confederate flag in the symbolism, i understand that that might be where they are
11:59 am
headed, with this and when it gets canceled, you know, maybe it will get picked up somewhere else prayed i wanted to ask you about this, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences announced these new initiatives to increase diversity in the entertainment industry and annual awards. okay, i don't know, the oscars, what do you think about this? >> the people who run the oscars members of the academy, they need to go back and watch titanic, because all they are doing is rearranging deck chairs on their sinking ship. if there is an award show, that's it. it's a big commercial for movies and the ratings are down. and they are going down every year. and if they can't get that figured out, they will just go away. it is a silly meaningless award show that sells box office. they want to encourage equitable hiring practices on screen. hey oscars, you are not in the
12:00 pm
job of casting movies. make an award show. >> dana: just casting judgment. thank you. and thank you for joining us, everybody. happy monday. i am dana perino. i will see you on "the five" how was your weekend, bill hemmer? >> bill: fantastic. and you? >> dana: all good. >> bill: see you at 5:00, dan dana. here we go. ♪ good monday, everybody. i am bill hemmer as we begin a brand-new week checking several big stories, getting were just a moment ago that the atlanta mayor will hold a press conference in 30 minutes. we will carry that live for you. meanwhile, we are about to hear from the president, protests for police reform sweeping the nation. the president speaks at any moment during a roundtable and protecting seniors at the white house. there is outrage and calls for a change growing after a another police officer-involved shooting


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