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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 20, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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thank you for making this the easy to do. now shannon bream at "fox news at night" takes it right from here. >> welcome to "fox news at night". i'm shannon bream in washington. we've got a lot of new shannon: welcome to fox news at night. a lot of news, the president preparing to hold the signature maga rally after protests across the nation where some marchers calling to defend the police. streets blocked in anticipation of protests. will the president say this critical moment, as his recklessly holding his rally, covered -- birx back in
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headlines as they prepared to take the stage. the latest covid-19 case data in minutes. marchers triggering protests, rides and violence have now the structure of america's monuments, george washington toppled in portland, thomas jefferson could be next in new york. city raising our past be part of our future. we debate, right now, right here in the nation's capital crowd is working on trying to tear down a statue of the confederate general, ropes tied to it, we go to that, lawmakers saying tearing down the statues is not a good idea even monuments to the confederacy and explaining why but now the countdown to tulsa. >> the robert passable days donald trump has been talking about the issue of statues and
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renaming bases, he is against that. breaking tonight oklahoma logged its largest single they increase in coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic and with the news or despite at the rally is on. >> we are on board with going to oklahoma, taking appropriate measures like hand sanitizing, temperature checks. >> rally goers will not be required to wear a mask even though new fox poll shows 80% have a favorable view of people who do. the press secretary says she will not be wearing one in the president has a warning for those in. so with his visit with any protesters, agitators, looters or lowlifes, you will not be treated like you have been in new york, seattle and minneapolis. it will be a much different scene. the chair of the democratic national committee says the president's, quote, reckless apathy for coronavirus health and safety standards as a
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reminder of why he is unfit to be president but oklahoma's supreme court rejected a legal bid to delay the rally. it is unclear if the president will talk about his former national security adviser's new book at the rally. government lawyers asked for a temporary restraining order prohibiting the sale. there's nothing ambassador bolton can do to stop the book from becoming public on june 20 third. it is already public as the judge asked the horse was out of the bondage most news organizations already have a copy and quote extensively from the 500 plus pages, the president and his team are hitting back and defending the president's name-calling of bolton. >> if you're going to hire rivals why hire those that are competent and -- >> sometimes they prove those labels to be true. >> we not yet heard from a federal judge whether he will grant the temporary restraining order to try to prohibit the distribution of bolton's book
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next week. tonight is still for sale on amazon, seventeenth on the chart selling for $19.42. shannon: we will await a decision from the judge. as the crowd continues to grow around the arena hosting tomorrow night's rally the mayor of tulsa declared a civil emergency and at first imposed a curfew for the area but partially withdrawn after he spoke with the president today so let's find out what is happening on the ground, casey steagall is on the ground. good evening. >> reporter: just after 10:00 at night and also, oklahoma look at these people, they are hard at work tonight. what they are doing is setting up giant temporary fences that will make up the federally protected secure zone. one of the reasons the curfew you talked about was canceled because you are erecting this
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giant perimeter managed by the secret service. only authorized people in or out and a handful of entry points, local and state law enforcement will patrol the outer area. city officials say they are preparing for some 100,000 people to show up including those who will attend the rally. the overflow and the counter protesters. we are told the goal is ensuring everyone's safety. >> this will be the first undertaking i'm aware of for the department to handle this situation. from the outer perimeter there only be a few ways to get into the event. >> reporter: the reverend house sharpton isn't also where
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thousands have been gathering to remember juneteenth, that taking place in the city's greenwood district where in june of 1921 some 300 african-americans were killed in 35 blocks of homes and businesses were burned down at the hands of white oklahoma residents. it has been described as the black massacre so it has been a very emotional and meaningful day in parts of this community and one of the reasons the president cited for changing the rally date from today to tomorrow because it was originally scheduled to happen tonight. shannon: we will have full coverage tomorrow night. breaking right now protesters have gathered in front of police headquarters, an area with a lot
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of courthouses and judicial square in washington. richardson is live on scene to tell us what is happening. >> reporter: civil war statues throughout washington dc, the bulk of them, most exclusively all of them except the one behind me are for union members, commemorating union items of the civil war. this is robert park, in or narrator, also a confederate general so you had about 100 or so protesters who been here for the past hour or so, trying to coordinate this to bring this thing down on command. you've got police officers, courthouses, buildings to the left, the department of labor in this confederate statue right in the middle of it. this has been an issue in dc for some time, eleanor holmes norton has been trying to get this statue out of here. she's not for ripping it down and getting rid of it. her perspective from a statement
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she put out a year ago, she opposes tearing down the statues which she wants to do, she thinks they belong to appropriate settings like museums because you don't want -- you want to avoid erasing the history of what happened in the past, more appropriate to put these types of monuments in museums as opposed to public spaces. this isn't the secret large. mcpherson, farragut, they are all throughout dc, all commemorative of the union army, the union efforts during the civil war. another fight in washington is contained within one complex, the capital building where there are monuments to confederate president jefferson davis, robert e lee, that is another issue going on within the capital so all these efforts
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going on throughout the country in washington dc, albert pike, there are no vehicles. to this. they've been unsuccessful so far. >> this is right at police headquarters. it. hard to see but you mentioned maybe there were officers out there. were they simply not interceding, allowing folks to proceed with the plan to try to get this statue down, no intervention at this point? >> we will show you right here. if you want to just shoot over that way there's a handful of police officers situated there for quite some time, us tax court is right there. dc is a government town and this is the government of governments right here in the officers have been watching. there hasn't been violence against people, they've got ropes on this statue and it is not going anywhere. shannon: it is quite a large and
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heavy statue. we will check back in with you. you can hear protesters counting down to cool their efforts to get that down so let's talk about the rally tomorrow and where we are in the country right now with clinton advisor richard goodstein, the founder of the center for american liberties. good to have both of you with us tonight. hard to know where to start. there's a lot going on out there. the headline on my phone says the rally violates virtually every one of the guiding principles for gatherings issued by the centers for disease control and prevention. putting it on the highest risk category. why should this proceed if you think it should? >> interesting how the same publication did not have the
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same hysteria over the protests and riots that have taken place. in los angeles we had 100,000 people come together and exercise their first amendment right to protest and i didn't read any articles like this. here the trump administration is done a great job in guiding the country to suppressing the spread of this disease, we flattened the curve in the state of oklahoma has been for business for 57 days. so there are precautions in place, 19,000 people, if you don't want to go to an event like this don't go. most americans will not be attending this event, people should focus on their own health and their own safety and not have this double standard about this type of first amendment
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protected activity which is important in an election year. >> there's been a legal fight to try to shut it down by number of concerned citizens and groups in oklahoma but the oklahoma supreme court has said tonight the rally can go on as planned. the justices said the plaintiff can't point to anything here that would show there is a law that has been violated in one of the current concerns is it is not the duty of this court to fashion rules or regulations where none exist, simply to achieve the desired outcome. >> that is true. it is the law of common sense that is the problem. in fox's own poll, the public sees does donald trump care about people like you, he's 20 points underwater on that question, joe biden is comfortably had. the country was asked in a fox poll do you think it is wise to have big rallies, almost 3:1 the public says no it is quite unwise and every single expert,
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sachi, they have flattened, the president says coronavirus is fading away. mike pence's is declining precipitously, that is delusional or misleading the public. it despite. we had all-time highs in oklahoma over the past few days in the number of cases so is within first amendment right? yes. is this a superspreader event in the minds of every health expert, something we haven't seen anywhere on the planet since we've known how deadly the coronavirus is? yes. is a smart thing? we have a lab, we didn't see any spike, most people did wear masks. will people wear masks tomorrow? we see trump people say they won't. get what most people watching do, they won't a there. let's hope somehow or other we dodged a bullet. i don't think the health experts
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are comfortable with that approach. >> our own health expert doctor siegel is going to join us a little later to talk about the data in oklahoma and tulsa specifically, he says there's more to it. we went into with him. the federalists is the mainstream media suddenly cares about social distancing again. when it came to weeks of mass demonstrations in the nation's these protesters were celebrated. the violence is downplayed as millions of americans remain banned from properly saying goodbye to loved ones because the government deemed too dangerous, new york is one of the areas we have seen double standards when you talk about outdoor activities, they have cracked down on playgrounds, outdoor funerals and all kinds of things when marching with protesters the past couple weeks. how do we square that? >> it is why i have gone to 15 court to governor the -- challenge the governor of hawaii.
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the governor of california banned all protests in california even socially distant masked protests, now briefing the case in the ninth circuit and a lot of lawyers are supporting our position. it is important even in a crisis to tailor the government's response to the constitution and preventing specific harm. not overbroad, to the point people ignored. i didn't hear name-calling when there were 100,000 people in the streets not social distancing, one of the things the doctor suggested we have had 0 incidents of people being hospitalized as a result of that. you will hear later in the show more cases, more infection as a result of more testing. a lot of a symptomatic cases out there. people should make their own decision, 19,000 people -- shannon: we are watching live in
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dc, a group gathered outside the judiciary headquarters, it just fell to the ground, statue of albert pike, a confederate general. we saw them there. i don't know what the orders were to not intervene or what guidance they were given by city leaders a chief. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that statue just came down. they got to the back side of it, held it together and it came down. there are 20 more protesters who showed up since we last spoke who joined this effort and managed to coordinate it. i will jump up here. you see right here, they are now on top of this statute that 30 seconds ago was up on the
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pedestal and they are saying they are going to take it to the river. they managed to pull this thing with the stone bottom off its pedestal. you can hear right now. [crowd chanting] shannon: did you say they are going to take it to the river, to give people a sense of the geography of the land, that's not close to where the statue is. it is not exceptionally far but would be a long walk with a very heavy statue. >> reporter: exactly. quite an effort to get this
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thing off the pedestal. to drag it you've got to go all the way through the national mall and down. right now you're having different calls for different things, asking people to spread out. shannon: are they pouring flammable liquid or gasoline, lighter fluid on this? looks like it is starting up in flames. [crowd cheering]
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>> as we are watching the protesters attempting to get this going up in flames it is described as a bronze figure by an american artist 100 years ago. i don't know the properties of metal. don't know -- will it continue to burn? there is the effort underway tonight. >> people are now dispersing a little bit and the police have stood back, there has been no presence other than what we saw block and a block and a half away from here, just letting this go on from here as people celebrate the destruction of the
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statute that stood here more than 100 years, one of the few within city limits that commemorate confederate general, confederate officer. >> if you are just joining us, what you are looking at is the newly toppled statue of brigadier general albert pike, a confederate general and that piece was prepared in the early 1900s. it has been up since 1901 and tonight a group of protesters decided to go and fasten the ropes and have taken it down and richardson is on the scene watching as they have let it aflame. rich was talking about the conversation about trying to get it to the potomac river which is not close by but looks like it will burn where it is. >> this was an effort that was going on the better part of a couple hours and you probably
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have 100 protesters so they are trying to pull it down from the pedestal. when we first spoke at 11:00 there were 20, 25 additional protesters who decided to pull this thing down and very quickly after that you had movement in the pedestal and it came right down, settled throughout the square here, protesters spray painting the pedestal, that continues and i am standing here. you can see the fire, celebrating, getting this statue down. we talked about the police presence, this and in the middle of government buildings,
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courthouses, just a few dozen dislodging from across the street and other than the violence to the statute, there has been no fighting, scuffling, arguing, violence to any human beings here but now they are now calling to get the march going throughout the city. what we've been seeing in dc has been marching throughout the city. there is a celebration ongoing, protests ongoing, same happening with a street northeast over by the white house so the city throughout the city different things going on, some different files, some celebratory, some protests, some a little bit of both. you have a statue and the confederate monument has been torn down. >> that is the only outdoor sculpture of a confederate general in dc.
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there are other confederate memorials to war figures in other places in dc, this being the most prominent which makes it the biggest for protesters, dc's delegates eleanor holmes norton said i opposed harrington down this way, there are more appropriate settings like museums to avoid the racing an important part of history from which americans can continue to learn. we don't want constituents -- stages removed but we have to justify any honor considering his history. that was prominent. only confederate general monument in dc is down. that area is at police headquarters amid a number of courthouses was as we watch this, this is happening across the country in different ways,
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discussions of different monuments that need to come down so a statue of george washington by protesters in portland, they got that when down, wrapped the head of that statue in an american flag, that was set on fire it after this was taken the group pulled the monument down and defaced with graffiti. rick leventhal is reporting on this across the country and now a formal push where he is in new york city to get rid of a statue of thomas jefferson. >> many are wondering how far this will go. the large memorial to thomas jefferson in washington dc, his face is carved in granite in mount rushmore, he's on the nickel and there are countless statues across america dedicated to the nation's third president and architect of the declaration of independence including a statue in new york city hall's council chambers. it has been inside the building since 1834, 166 years with
12:25 am
several members of city council say it is time for the statute to be removed calling the glorification of the darkest days of american history. a letter to the mayor they wrote jefferson is america's most noted slaveholder. a man who owned 600 black men, women and men and a scholar who maintains blacks were inferior to whites, he's a statue is an appropriate answer is a constant reminder of the injustices that have plagued communities of color since the inception of our country, this comes during nationwide protests over the death of george floyd, a black man killed by a white police officer with widespread re-examination of american history. new york city's government announced the formation of a racial justice and reconciliation commission led by the mayor's wife to look at his including the possible removal of the statue of jefferson. >> they will work to explore the pulse narrative we've lived with for far too long, they claim the truth, that even in 2020, to be
12:26 am
a person of color means to live a parallel existence with white new yorkers. >> it is time to evaluate the entire look and feel of the city and a commission focused on justice and reconciliation can really think about a bigger approach to address our history in a constructive way. >> councilmembers following back saying history should be respected including republican joe borelli who tweeted someone to clean to me which civilization that banned or destroyed art was ever considered liberal and progressive. isis, communist, henry viii, who? do they need to scrub washington and stuyvesant, livingston and lafayette from city hall? some might say yes, you do. we will wait and see.
12:27 am
shannon: a growing movement, truth and reconciliation process aimed at monuments to the founding fathers, to erase american history or to learn from the good and the bad in our past. burgess owen's, author andy know who has been on the street with other cities. you have seen a lot of this, what do you make of what these protesters are calling for and what they want to see with these memorials. >> they are doing this because they literally want to destroy what the united states actually is.
12:28 am
what happened was extremely disgraceful, ongoing and violent protests for 20 days. and you set it on fire with an american flag. shannon: you are watching this is the rest of the country is too. they do represent pain and injustice. what is your take tonight? >> need to man up and woman up. the first battlegrounds, and anything in terms of appreciation, and any kind of vision. these are folks who never built
12:29 am
anything in their lifetime but they destroy anybody else's property because they don't like it. the same people stood for the murder of 20 million black babies the last three years and the black community, murdered by the same folks, stay quiet when it comes to slavery and trafficking today. history will look back and see that we will come out of this, evil, they want us to not respect our country, to respect our flag, protecting other people's property, they don't mind destroying it. jillian: under control of progressives, longer than that, residents feel the problems and concerns are not fixed in all those decades.
12:30 am
>> the autonomous zone in seattle, the city installed upgrades, they provided more barricades for this illegal occupation. the problem with the politicians, as good as they think they are trying to be don't seem to recognize a lot of impulses for people to create autonomous zones or destroyed property is out of violent ideology. some of the literature, creating bombs for example. actions being put in place on the ground this week alone, they
12:31 am
tried to take over the central police precinct. this is about left, right of center americans coming together making the point that we are not going to accept radical extremism, left, right, whatever. shannon: we are tied because of breaking news but appreciate having you. should athletes born biologically male join all-females to beat against females, the trump administrating, legal eagles debated next in white court, you are the jury. when we started our business
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.. >> temper and i court. we passed a judgment on the stories but we present them to you. we are daymac time for night court, we passed no judgment on the stories that happened to you the jury for your consideration was
12:36 am
looking at idaho's fairness in women's or act, those biologically male from competing in female sports. a young woman from connecticut sued her state. >> it is frustrating and demoralizing at the start line of a race and you know what the outcome of the race will be. >> bradley maas and deputy assistant attorney general john you, welcome to both of you. the attorney general, the trump administration weighed in on that issue. there is a back and forth, donald trump and his associates or family, statements from the attorney general and that one from the white house saying he was leaving and picked the successor to the appointed. we have a statement from the
12:37 am
attorney say i have not designing. >> all the us attorneys, one in each major city of the united states work at the pleasure of the president, the president of the attorney general, one removes the chief prosecutor in the southern district of new york, that is what the trump administration did when they removed a very active prosecutor, one of donald trump's biggest critics, maybe this guy doesn't want to leave the job or take the salon nudge from the white house as time to go. daymac you are going to have to fire me and john said both parties have done this numerous times as us attorneys and it often happens. the southern district of new york has a lot going on involving the trump
12:38 am
administration. >> another firing from the trump administration, a lot of investigations going on, the president promised the president of turkey he would fix the issue with the criminal probe the district is running, rudy giuliani, and southern district looking at deutsche bank, donald trump's personal predator. the president can fire his us attorney but this doesn't look good. daymac the investigation can continue. we will see about that but let's see what we initially talked about, this issue of biologically born males who want to compete in female sports, they want to pass a law against that.
12:39 am
exhibit a, idaho, resulting law, harmful to transgender student-athletes and conflicts with the ncaa core values of inclusivity, equitable treatment, they are opposed what idaho is doing. >> if the law were as it is now, in the supreme court's decision this week, idaho should win and the reason, the decision was only about whether congress intended to prohibit discrimination against gays and gender identity. forces states to respect those
12:40 am
categories and that is not holding the supreme court, in gay marriage cases anytime the court is asked to recognize gays or gender identities they refused to do so. daymac here's what the doj said, the same interests that allows the creation of sex specific athletic team. this is an important issue, rooted in the reality of biological differences, and objective biological facts. >> a legislative fix looking for a problem to solve that isn't there. the last 20 years either transgender women taking all-female courts and i miss it? women's soccer, women's tennis, women's swimming? marymac and olympic woman in connecticut.
12:41 am
you heard from the a woman in connecticut. for her it was a real issue. it talked about the fact their missing opportunities for scholarship. at the high school level and going to college. >> there are measures to be taken. the limbic committee put in a measure 17 years ago to allow transgender women to compete. edges with medical science and tech stocks and other things to ensure there is not an unfair advantage. it is a broad categorical ban, something to get on board with but this is a broad attack looking for mass promise in their? daymac so much more to discuss and not enough time so please come back soon. it seems worries about the
12:42 am
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>> i can't imagine during h1n1 the president o >> i can't imagine during a ball or h1 in one but presidentf of the united states encouraging people to do the very thing that would get them sick. daymac the president under 5 from his critics for moving ahead with tomorrow night's rally in tulsa, the first in 3 months where masks will be optional. let's get medical perspective from fox news contributor doctor mark siegel. should folks be worried about going to this rally based on what we've been hearing in oklahoma and tulsa? >> i think not. let's start with the numbers. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that numbers are going up in oklahoma. we are still talking 120 cases in the tulsa area in 24 hours
12:47 am
and a little over 450 for the entire state. that is an increase but that does not make oklahoma anything close to one of our hotspots like florida or texas. from numbers alone the chances of somebody appearing at the rally locally that has abca24 would be extremely low. as you have shown with all the footage of the protests people get very excited at protests, at rallies, not taking precautions or social distancing, shouting, that increases chances of spread. i would prefer if it were outside. daymac they say they are not moving it. a lot of people will be outside who couldn't get tickets inside. kaylee mcinerney was asked about this. >> taking appropriate measures like hand sanitizing and temperature checks provided at the door. daymac she will not wear them, others will.
12:48 am
>> i'm all for the idea of what she is saying, passed out at the doors and hand sanitizers but keep in mind the fox news poll shows 80% of americans believe masks are the way to go. unfortunately that's not based on real science. you know it works, social distancing has been shown to work with respiratory viruses especially this one which is very contagious. there is a new study out in proceedings of the national association of sciences that looked like it showed that populations showed a massive decrease because of masks but now scientists are questioning whether the study itself is flawed and the data it used is flawed. i would say social distancing worse. masks add something, stay 6 to 12 feet away from people.
12:49 am
daymac thank you for your advice as a medical doctor. some of the marchers seemed to promote the message of defunding the police but for the majority, we explore the importance of what it means today next. they line up by the thousands. each one suffering with a story that breaks your heart. like ravette, who needed help, because every step brought her pain.
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daymac the death of george floyd and focus on racial issues making this juneteenth different from any other. the rallies and marches happening today across the country, lauren green looks at what the observance means and how it is changing. >> reporter: the mood in the country is different this year. juneteenth celebration targeting national attention and promotion in weeks of protests over systemic racism is police brutality. juneteenth, one scene of the effort american tradition being embraced as american history. >> celebrating juneteenth nationally heals the wounds of slavery. by learning about slavery, by learning about the effects of slavery in learning about the
12:54 am
lingering mistreatment of this large group of people in the united states i think people will begin to understand. >> reporter: juneteenth marks the day in 1865 when the last slaves of the south in galveston, texas learned they were free. the union soldier major general gordon granger announced abraham lincoln's a emancipation proclamation in did slavery to a half years earlier. celebrations of juneteenth in community events, the coronavirus pandemic forced many to be canceled but rallies and marches took their place along with online celebrations. most states recognize juneteenth in some way. now as the black lives better movement games momentum, protests of police brutality and racism there's a push to make it a national holiday. >> i believe it is very important there be an executive order declaring juneteenth a national holiday. won't be a time to just
12:55 am
celebrate but to use transformation, love and peace to have america come together. >> reporter: target, nike, the nfl and many others have made it a company holiday and more are following their lead as changes happening. john cornyn, a republican, says he plans to introduce a bill making juneteenth a federal holiday. group of democratic senators also announced plans to introduce the legislation. daymac thank you so much. finally incredible video out of chicago showing the moment after a family got trapped in their overturned suv following a hit and run accident. it doesn't good samaritans rushed to the scene worked together to get that vehicle up right. there was a family inside, they freed them including a toddler who was in the backseat. they saw this happen, got together with teamwork to push this thing over and kept at it
12:56 am
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weekend nevertheless, we will see you monday. sean hannity right now. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special "hannity" countdown, i'm jason chaffetz and for sean. president trump is going back onto the campaign trail tomorrow night and told to oklahoma, set to hold his first rally in months and supporters are already lined up and eager to see the president and action. now the president tweeted earlier today "big crowds in line already forming an toll set up. my campaign hasn't started yet. it starts on saturday night in oklahoma. and also warned anarchists and agitators to stay away. after an apparent


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