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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 30, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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intelligence, they've had "the new york times" acting incredibly irresponsible and politicizing this information which i think is incredibl absoy disgraceful. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said today that russia should "absolutely not" be allowed back into the summit. does president trump agree with mitch mcconnell? >> secretary mcenany: the president believes that we have to have diplomatic relations with the top economies of the world. there has been no one that has been tougher on russia that has president. i went through several of those actions. also, i would note that when it comes to acting on viable actionable credible intelligence, there has been no one who has acted more forcefully than this president. he has a track record of that. he has made protecting our troops overseas his highest priority. as you know, responsible for the deaths of 600 americans and thousands maimed from
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"explosively formed penetrators" improvised rocket assisted munitions, rockets and mortars, rocket propelled grenades, this is what he did to our american troops. you had president bush who declined to strike who was "in the crosshairs according to "the new york times." you had obama-biden who "never made an effort to strike." when you had actionable intelligence to protect american troops, he did it. he took that option. he was criticized by democrats. democrats condemned the strike. nbc said democrats demand answers. politico top democrats a blast trumps false justification for killing. the atlantic asked, why kill him now? we removed him from the battlefield to protect our
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american troops based on credible intelligence. he did the same for those responsible for 300 public beheadings, who killed thousands of captured prisoners of war. this president with actionable intelligence, he took actions, criticized by democrats for it. that is what this president does. he acts in the interest of our american troops. >> who is doing the targeting, and why are they doing it? >> secretary mcenany: these are great questions. these are rogan intelligence officers. we will not be able to get -- very likely not be able to get a consensus on this intelligence, because of what was leaked to "the new york times." you have both the nsc, odeon i, noting what damage this does not only to the safety of our troops which is paramount but the ability of the united states to aggregate information from our allies and have assets and get this valuable information.
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>> members are going after trump? is that what you are saying? >> secretary mcenany: it is possible. if that is the case, it is absolutely despicable. >> are they taken any action on the audit of the ic? what steps are you taking? >> secretary mcenany: the doj has done several credible referrals. 88 in 2018, 104 on average per year under president trump. we do take those steps. we do have a president who ultimately when it comes down to the safety of our troops, he hasn't taken impulsive actions, he takes deliberate action. we saw that in a protecting of our troops. at the same time, when you had iran who shot down a drone, he chose not to shoot back in that instance. it was a measured response. ultimately the ultimate way to
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protect american troops is to not get into needless foreign wars. this president is on record for decades of opposing foreign wars. iraq is a great example appeared nearly a 2 decade war. when washington was unanimous saying we are going into iraq, this president said no, that's not the right decision. he has ultimately protected american troops and kept this country safe. this president has a very strong foreign policy record to be incredibly proud of, thank you. >> neil: that was short and sweet. you heard more or less dismissing these charges that the president was aware of the still disputed intelligence report that the russians were placing bounties on u.s. soldiers and coalition forces soldiers including the australian and the brits.
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there is no way to verify that. we don't know how high up the chain of intelligence or when or if it ever reach the president's desk. there's always caution about relaying information like this before you can check it out from fear that whoever the president is would immediately act on potentially false intelligence. she was also very quick to point out the progress the president has made in dealing with renegade elements, certainly within the middle east and pointed again and again to achievements of the president to make sure that she had american soldiers back. welcome everybody. i am a neil cavuto. this is "your world." i'm starting a little late today to explain the comments that came up today. on the coronavirus for example, she was still saying that she believes we are making progress here and so does that president. it occurs on the same day at the president challenger for the
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presidency joe biden took to a form in delaware to say that the president has failed to protect the american people and dr. apache said that no one should take this very likely. talking about us and the fears that if we don't handle this right, that this could quickly coalesce into something even more serious than a hundred thousand deaths a week if it were to half the size he appeared in the meantime, they read we got from those who requested other health officials is this -- will talk to senator rand paul about that. so guarded and so tentative, it is actually bordering on being irresponsible. the senator here on that. we will have joe manchin come out the democratic senator who is no fan of the way this has been handled at the federal
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level and how about west virginia governor is handling at the state level. we have a lot coming up here as we wrap up what has been a robust quarter for stocks and robust come back for stocks. in the meantime, i want to go to doug who is very, very closely following how this president is dealing right now with challenges from his challenger, that when it comes to this virus and how he's been leading it, i think the message from biden, doug, was too little, too late. and i would change that. what is the fallout from what he is saying? >> he made a point of saying back in march, he offered a 5-point plan for dealing with the coronavirus. 5-point plan that the nation's leading epidemiologists are still talking about. that is the point he made. the bigger deal today for joe biden was that he came out from the proverbial basement. he started campaigning again actively and actually had a press conference for the first time in three months give or take 90 days.
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there are obvious reasons for that, though coronavirus is dramatically changing how the campaign is done. joe biden is 77 years old. he's in the target range for the worst of effects of a virus. there has been widespread speculation that he is enjoying thing at home because he is not subject to the constant exposure on television and to constant speculation about alleged cognitive decline. i asked him specifically today, has he been tested for cognitive decline? here's what he had to say. >> i've been constantly testing. all you got to do is watch me. and i can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man i'm running against. >> today may have signaled a return to a semblance of normal campaigning for joe biden peered he says he wants to do more of these interactions with the
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press. he committed to three debates in the campaign season. i asked him about the ongoing destruction of monuments across the country. he offered this bit of a nuanced perspective. >> i think the elected officials where those statues are have a responsibility to move. let them in museums. to get them down. but don't expect if you have sitting in front of you after all of these years, and we finally, finally are going to another phase in major responding to this systemic racism in america and what we have seen happen is, don't be surprised if someone pulls down the statue of jefferson davis. it is better that they do not. >> he offered a very clear contrast to the way the president is handling these allegations of bounty by the russians on the head of u.s. troops by afghanistan. biden said that he read that the
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presidential briefing every day at his residence on observatory circle. when he went to the white house for work, he would read it again. a clear contrast. back to you. >> neil: that's alleging that this president does not. that can be disputed. thank you very, very much. i want to go right now. an issue that did not get as much coverage today when joe biden was making his remarks is taxes. taxes are going to go out. whether you love joe biden or you love donald trump, you get the drill. invariably, text will go up. that is something that is indisputable purity joe biden is indicating that with fund-raisers last night. charlie, what kind of taxes are we talking about? >> i think he underplayed how many taxes he will raise and how much regulation will go on. if joe biden becomes president, he will probably be on an agenda
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that is much more progressive than even obama, president obama who he served with. he was a vice president of obama. we are talking about massive regulations. we are about dismantling the entire trump tax agenda which was lower taxes for higher income people and much lower corporate income taxes. we are talking about massive amounts of regulation. elizabeth warren will have a say in this new administration on various regulatory policies may be even tax policies. she might even be that treasury secretary. we don't even know. he will get something -- this is all presupposing that he becomes president. and these are something that could be very fertile ground for donald trump to attack if he does -- during the debates. let me tell you something, neil, to raise taxes passively, to wrap up regulation passively of
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what we are going through a pandemic which wasn't donald trump's fault. you can debate whether he did a good job handling it, but the lockdowns were not donald trump's fault. they had to happen. to sort of stymie the economy through massive government programs of regulation and taxes is probably not a smart thing to do. it will have an impact on the market. its not have any impact now, because we are not close to it yet. i know for a fact that i've been reporting this out for the last week. wall street brokerage forms are starting to get worried about how they are going to address the biden economic agenda, how they are going to break it to their investors, hey, guys and gals, this is how you have to arrange your portfolio, because certain companies are going to get crashed on this because they are going to get much higher taxes. joe biden gets up there to break up the big tax. i know that the trump administration is making noises in that administration. there will probably be some sort of case against google. we don't know how far-reaching it is.
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guess what? they are going to attempt to break up big tech. this all presupposes if joe biden wins that the senate goes to democrats which is likely. that gives them a pretty clean slate to do what he wants. this is something in investors really need to worry about. they should be talking to their financial advisors right now, because it is an issue that the state -- you will have to decide what to do. back to you, neil. >> neil: it is how people are feeling about this on the prospects of gold in the fall. that is when it comes close to sticking. markets are not envisioning one thing or another. markets aren't red or blue, they are grain. they like making money. they made a lot of it under bill clinton, the democrat. they've made a lot of it even with the gyrations of this crazy year under donald trump. jarring that would be jarring to them.
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hart hogan without the national security chief market strategi strategist. on that point and after coming back to one of the best quarters we've seen since the 1980s, all of them up double digits, huge comebacks, is it your sense right now that politics isn't coming into play right now? maybe if these polls were the way they are now in august or september and might be a different story. it lay out. >> it is interesting. i think you ran that up perfectly. we have all lack of trust in polls. certainly got it wrong about your brexit. i certainly think that the wall street looks at this and says it is way too early. let's start thinking about this as we head into august, september time frame and when you can credibly look it up all back and think that is telling you something. the other thing that you brought up which i think is incredibly important is that the market is down over the last 50 years actually better under democratic
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administrations and it has under republican administrations in general. one party in the white house in a different party in control in the senate. that causes a lack of any major change. this current administration took at least two years to get reform. it is not a calibration of what we should think about. nothing happens that drastically whether it changes regulations. i would say investors understand that and say, let's see how this plays out. what does the world look like in august and september versus where we look at the end of ju of june. >> neil: about individual investors operating getting scared around march or april when it looked like we were free falling into a pretty durable bear market and then stopped that and reverse that. but their mood right now and the confidence that they are examining right now in this quarter in particular after a bumpy start -- what do you make of that? have they gotten ahead of
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themselves? what? >> it is interesting. of this quarter is almost a mirror image of the first quarter where we had a pretty good month and 2 terrible months. now we have 2 terrible month on a pretty good month. what has happened over the course of the second quarter is, information has gotten sequentially better. better numbers out of new cases covering covid-19. we certainly heard a lot of stimulants both monetary and fiscal. the second half likely looks better than the first half. i think that instills confidence that it's not great right now. none of the economic data is great but it certainly was better than the last mile than them up before that. investors would say about 2021 is going to be better than 2020 was. it is interesting how quickly we rotate. we have had several rotations where technology has been the leadership. is heaven for almost the entire quarter. for about three weeks, we rotated. at the same thing is happening again this week.
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i think this shows that investors are very keen to make sure they are not overweight what has worked and start to get into things that might work as the economy slowly reopens. >> neil: you have mentioned slowly reopening. it has been staggered a little bit in states like texas and south carolina, arizona. i'm wondering now even with california seeing an unprecedented spike in new cases that the slow recovery and may be the reemergence a more suburban virus as dr. fauci was saying, one that could turn on you fast and produce a lot more doubts than we are seeing now, there is no way to plan for something like that, you know? >> yeah, there really isn't. we're trying to use other countries at the template and say this is how long it took for them to reopen. we really can't do that. we are really having 50 reopening's all at the same time. all of that is staggered. new york went very slowly and york is doing much better with single-digit new cases.
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largely the case in most of the northeast where some of the states opened a bit quicker. a couple of months ago or eight weeks ago, call it. staying in the south or southwest weather has been a flareup i think that we need to learn from those experiences, tap on the brakes and the reopening plan to make sure the source of where the new cases are coming from. at the same time, hospitalization rates are going up and the death rate is going down because the health structure has gotten better. the standard of care for admitted covid-19 patience are such that the results are better. at that therapeutic response is better and we are working rapidly toward a vaccine. it's an experiment. we are getting there and getting better. i don't know that we will ever go back to where we are all shut down again. i think this will be a different reopening. >> neil: at that point. my family is already sick of me. i don't know if i want to press my luck. thank you very much, my friend.
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it is an important distinction. we are seeing a big spike in cases, but we are seeing a big decline in deaths throughout. i don't want to be morbid. to point out that the hiking cases is to be expected. maybe not to the extreme in some of these states. it is not corresponding especially with a disproportionate number of young people affected interferes that this is going to spiral into something very, very for a population. but right now, we have seen fewer deaths than we've ever had even in some of states affected. back and forth on this on whether we are making progress at all from the coronavirus, rand paul and senator joe manchin after this. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk...
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>> neil: all right, the vice president of the net estates will be addressing coronavirus concerns right now. he has urged people to wear a mask. the president has always indicated to people around him that he has been tested many, many times. there is no chance that he has the fire is, so there is no need
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bear them. given all the crackdowns and states to deal with problems and pick up some cases. now it's probably a good time to consider doing that then have the issue forced on you. that's go to senator joe manchin on all of these diplomats on the beautiful state of west virgin west virginia. nancy pelosi, senator -- very good to have you, by the way he would have said the mass thing is such a good idea that everyone should wear one in this country. make it up federal policy that everyone wears a mask. do you think that is a good id idea? >> i've done a thing called mask up in virginia. it's a prudent thing and protects other people from each one about us. i think it is a respectful thing to do. with that being said, it is being told by the doctors and scientists that it does help and would prevent the spread. it is good for all of us. anything that helps along those lines is hard to open up a restaurant and go back to a restaurant with a mask on and
1:25 pm
eat your food or go to your bar with your beverage. they are going to have a harder time until we get a handle with the antibody or vaccine, neil, until they can open up safely. with that being said, i think it is a good practice to have a mask on whether you going to make it a federal law and a federal offense, i think that might be going a little bit too hard. it would be great if the president would lead a little bit on this and show that it is the safe and prudent thing to do. i try to do it all the time. i tried to go into cvs the other day in d.c. i didn't have the mask on and they would let me in. i won't forget my mask anymore. >> neil: they have to know who you are. let me ask you a little bit joe biden's comments today. he came down the bunker as some critics call it over the handling over the coronavirus. do you think the president has boxed it as far as that
1:26 pm
responses concern and what the vice president had to say? >> let me just say -- and i have always tried to be as respectful as i can, and i mean that. the office deserves the respect it should receive. with that, i could never figure out why the president did not enact the defense production act immediately especially with all the ppe needed in the hospitals and all the clinics in a different essentials that he had still a working. and on top of that, i couldn't understand why we had the defense production act that made manufacture testing so that we could get a handle on it quick quickly. and those things, i really think could have been a lot quicker and a lot better along those lines they are. as they say, hindsight is 20/20. that is something that was there for us to use. and i think we could've used it a little more effectively.
1:27 pm
>> neil: do you think it was hyperbole for dr. fauci to say if we are careful we could rock it up to 100,000 coronavirus tests -- he said per week. i think he meant. day. what do you make of the possibility of a dramatic resurgence even in your state? >> we are seeing it. first of all, i have all the respect for dr. fauci. he's been been respected for many years by many administrations in a bipartisan way. i appreciate that. with that being said, we're seeing it it in areas in west virginia. we are a small state. we have social distancing built in already. we don't have any towns greater than 50,000. we are a state of towns. with that being said, we are seeing a spike in certain areas
1:28 pm
in rural areas because people pretty much have been nonchalant thinking that everything is okay, and it is not okay. with the reopening in phase 2, we are starting to pull back a little bit because of that. we have the most vulnerable state in the nation. because we have an elderly population. these are hardworking people. they gave so much to this country and to their families. >> neil: a lot of those people are being protected we are told with a cares act have been critical about whether that money has reached down. can you update us on that? >> neil, i can. over 23 states had not distributed the money we gave them. i state has been really johnny-come-lately. please get that out to where it is supposed to. guess what they did. they announced yesterday -- and with $1.25 billion up until now i think were teen billion dollars has been given out.
1:29 pm
they announced how they are going to roll it out. six over 6 to 700000000 will go back to the stage for workers comp. and the amount of worker's comp. situation and demand that we have. $100 million he's putting it to highways. covid related highway. i don't know about pot hole that is how the covid virus. i haven't found one yet. how they are using it for highways and potholes and not using it for people is beyond me. and having all of our counties and cities. i'm a little bit reluctant to start say let's put more money to it. let's make sure what we have done has worked. >> neil: find out where that money went. senator, i want to thank you very much. we are going to reach out to the governor's office to find out more about this. thank you very much. we are going to hear from senator rand paul. a real moment today on capitol hill when he and dr. fauci went at it.
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>> neil: things getting rocky in new york city as they move on a measure to defund the new york city to police departments. not entirely, but what about $1.5 million taken away? it's not going well after this. until i realized something was missing... you ok, sis? my symptoms kept me- -from being there for my sisters. "...flight boarding for flight 2007 to chicago..." so i talked to my doctor and learned- ...humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief... -and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,- -, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor... ...if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections...
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...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your doctor about humira. with humira, remission is possible. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >> dr. fauci, every day, virtually every day we seemed to hear from you every day things we can't do. when we are asked, can we go back to school, i don't hear much certitude at all. i hear maybe it depends. if you're listening to my opening statement that my response to one of the questions, i feel very strongly we need to do whatever we can to get the children back to school. i think that we are in a lock agreement with that. >> neil: one of the more he had moments of today's coronavirus members meeting before the senate. rand paul was the one asking the
1:35 pm
questions of dr. fauci that he might be a little to garden a little too unclear in this particular case about allowing teachers to return to school. the senator with us right now. thank you for coming. he seemed to say, that is dr. fauci that you are on the same page. you are pointing out that you're not because he is not more unequivocal, i guess, right? >> it takes a little bit to draw out dr. fauci, but in the end, he did seem to agree with me. the scientific evidence is overwhelming. they kids really get the disease. the kids rarely dive... they really transmit the disease. here's the problem. you've got scientists at the w.h.o. that said, who said this? a scientist came on and said this. if you know what they did? they shut her down because political correctness rules everywhere, they deleted the
1:36 pm
link to the studies that pointed out that this is rare. i think this is a rare bit of good news and we should be happy for children. they need to send them to school. frankly, many of the schools in europe are going back without masks. many of them are going out without modified if any social distancing purity kids are not causing a spike. i listed eight different countries. we show the chart where, guess what? there was no spike when they open the schools. >> neil: there have been spikes in other reasons for other areas in number state. a dozen right now i have seen double digits in increases in cases, senator. i'm wondering whether or not you agree with the governors and those states with phase three openings in the case of texas, and florida, they are reversing them. >> i think it is unknown right now. that they are definitely increased cases. there is more testing. i do believe there are more cases. but the thing we don't know yet,
1:37 pm
is is it having a really terrible effect? if you just have cases in the average age is 37 and there is virtually no mortality, you can make the argument that we are increasing our herd immunity for the country. i'm not as alarmed as some. am not saying that it is nothing. i was saying we don't yet know. they say that the death rate lags. that's true, but we are two or three or even four weeks opening. the increased cases have been going on for a while. i think it is very good news. i think we shouldn't always have bad news that we talk about. it is very much good news that the average age is 37 and that the vast majority of them are surviving. if you look at statistics from the netherlands. at age 37 or even at age 47, 95 to 97% were either mildly effective or a symptomatic. the odds are good with this disease. we need do not keep scaring people. this is the point with opening
1:38 pm
schools. they are now scaring teachers such that the teachers don't want to go back to school and they will refuse to teach. the facts, the scientific evidence our kids really transmit this at all. kids don't catch it very often. kids don't get sick. all the worry about grandma, kids need to go to school. don't send the kids to the nursing home. we have to do what we can to protect those in the nursing home. that doesn't mean that we shouldn't send the kids back to school. >> neil: fair enough. you talk about practical advice that people should honor rather than wait for an 8h from the government. one concern is masks. whether you should wear masks. the vice president who is speaking right now and maryland is advocating that yeah, if push comes to shove, probably a good idea. the president doesn't wear a mask. i get the reason and part of his rationale is that he has been tested again, and again, and again that he doesn't have and i will not give it to anyone.
1:39 pm
but is it a good example to set? do you think the president should wear it? is he pushing a cavalier attitude where a lot of people say, to heck with it? >> i'm old enough to remember when the cdc was saying we were idiots for wearing mask and now saying we are criminal. i think there is a compromise. i think if you're elderly, you should avoid crowds. i think if you are 20 years old, the same prescription isn't there. for the people who want to tell every 20 road you should stay inside forever or until there is a vaccine and no vaccine comes that this is the new normal, i'm really just not for that. i am for individual responsibility. every body every day, do you want to get in a car or ride a motorcycle? do you want to jaywalk in d.c.? all the decisions we make in our life are involved risks. for young people, the risk of death from accidents and other things are as high or higher
1:40 pm
sometimes and some of the risks from infectious disease. i am for individual choice. there are people that should wear a mask. there are other times in which it is theater and may not be doing anything to change the rate of what's going on. >> neil: if you don't see people taking those common sense measures to just be aware of the crowds around you distancing and allow that, why do you think of governors who force the issue, like in new jersey where the governor just said, all right, i'm holding off on indoor dining, because you guys aren't listening. >> the thing is, they really don't have any scientific evidence on their side to say, if you see every other seat on the airplane, you have reduced infection. there is just no science to that. at that is we're doing now. even the airlines are pushing back and saying, what is your science? the same with restaurants. what are eight people in the same family and i hang out with
1:41 pm
their neighbors to mark neighbors are getting together over america. neighbors get together and have picnics and associate with people. that is happening. when you go to a restaurant, you are not allowed to sit with those people? there are some absurdities do this thing. on not saying that we shouldn't take precautions. if you are in a nursing home or cancer, take extra precautions for all means be it i don't like the one-size-fits-all. i'm against the mandatory masks. i'm against most of the government mandates on your personal behavior. it doesn't mean that we should ignore advice, but we should remember that we are a free country. that is what we were founded on his freedom of choice. >> neil: senator rand paul, for good having you back. be safe. rand paul, the beautiful state of kentucky. we are little more than an hour away from a crucial vote in york over whether or not they should take money out of the police
1:42 pm
budget. they are talking about stripping $1.5 billion out of that. it is as divisive as you can get. nasty, too appeared to with us. .
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>> $1 billion has shifted away from the nypd in a variety of matters. we will be canceling the upcoming recruited class that will be starting in july. and we are going to make sure that patrol strength is consistent by reassignments from administrative duty to patrol duty. >> neil: all right, so it has begun. a live look at new york city hall which will be a very big boat later on today. that is not live. this is live. i apologize for that. the issue is a defining mechanism where they will
1:47 pm
channel at least a billion dollars out of the $6 billion police budget in new york into the youth services and the like. that will be forestalling another class for incoming or potentially incoming police officers depending on how you talk to come up at always go taldown very well. let's get the read of it in new york city. >> hi, neil. that vote happens in just over an hour from now. so far, things have been pretty calm where protesters are anticipating for that vote. we will see in a little while earlier this morning, a completely different story. we did see clashes between protesters and police officers that showed up in riot gear paid one person was arrested for assaulting an officer this morning. the mayor's plan would slash the nypd's budget by a million dollars and cancel as you mentioned in upcoming recruit class with those dollars going
1:48 pm
to use and community programs. the mayor says he can make all of those cots while keeping the city safe. pointing to a surge in shootings and violent crimes. that's why not every council member will be voting yes tonight. >> we are and doing everything we did to make new york city the place i like to live in that place that so many people like to live in butte is just a sad day for new york. i'm confident that this boat will be replicating in so many of america's large cities. >> even if the budget passes with the $1 billion and police facts, new york city police advocate is threatening to use his powers to block the execution of that budget in order to get more budget cuts in place. we will see what happens again. at that vote at 6:00 tonight. >> great reporting as always. in the meantime, you might've heard of other cities and states
1:49 pm
that are taking measures and going in reverse. miami beach is a good example of that. if you want to hit the beaches, good luck. the miami mayor on why that is after this. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ trust us. us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch. or psoriatic arthritis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness,
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♪ >> neil: all right, miami beach, home of sun and fun but this weekend no open beaches at least in miami beach proper pay the democratic mayor of that beautiful city joins us right now. in coordination with others as well, what's the reason for? >> well, the county mayor closed all the beaches and i agree with what he did. we are a destination city, small city managers, we get hundreds of thousands of people and they come to the beach, the restaurants, the promenades and there has not been at all the kind of compliance with social distancing and masks that we've hoped for and all our metrics are going in the wrong direction in the county and the state, increase in hospitalizations and icu patients, obviously with positive cases so i think this is an action we needed to take to avoid having to do what ultimately may be something we don't want to which his return
1:54 pm
to a shelter in place. >> neil: how do you police something like that? the local police say al all rig, spread out? what do you do to try to contain it, a lot of people were doing things i shouldn't have been. >> the only thing you can do is arrest somebody and we haven't done that and we wouldn't do that for not wearing a mask so we've created a $50 fine i would hopefully get us to something to enforce it but more importantly we are sending out masks to give away, hundreds of thousands if necessary, so people that may be congregating, a police officer presumably or an ambassador of a walk up to you and say listen, why don't you use these masks if you're not going to exercise the proper social distance outside. >> neil: do you worry the impact will be people not only here but those who come to your
1:55 pm
beautiful city say, derrick with that, i'm not going to come because i don't know if the beach is going to be open or closed. >> it's a good point but we have to decide between lives and livelihoods and try to strike a balance. we did open up and unfortunately when we opened up it seemed like a green light to people that this was over and they could -- it was all clear and it really wasn't so i don't think we have really a choice here because you know, i am a small city, we have a nursing home in south beach, 13 people died in just that one facility and over -- almost 1,000 have died in dade county. i think we have another choice at this point other than to try to diminish crowds even in the city that has an economy built on crowds, i guess. >> neil: all right, we will watch closely. hope everyone goes okay. look out for each other. thank you very much.
1:56 pm
in the meantime, putting to rest a quarter and a half that no one would've predicted. after this. 300 miles an hour, thats where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. protected lifetime income from an annuity can help your retirement plan ride out turbulent times. learn more at
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>> neil: reading it and weep, this is how he wrapped up the second quarter, the various market averages, the dow on the corner up about 18%, the best
2:00 pm
since 1987, s&p 20%, look at the nasdaq of about 30%, the best since 2001. that's a pretty important advance. noteworthy. here comes "the five." ♪ >> dana: good evening, everyone. the 2020 race entering a new phase with joe biden getting out of the basement and going after president trump and one of his sharpest attacks yet, the former vice president holding is a first news conference in 89 days where he reportedly attacked the president over the coronavirus pandemic and more, watch. >> despite the administration's propaganda that their response should be a cause for celebration, despite president trump's request that we should slow down testing because he thinks it makes him look bad, covid-19 is still here


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