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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  July 2, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and doesn't have her eyes on her that her daughter is going to get into it and it's tough. i admire you. have a great weekend, thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino. i will see you on "the five. >> my mom and dad called me a goat, too say you're not alone. to be when i can see why. >> bill: indeed. good afternoon, everybody. here we go. i'm bill hemmer. feels like a friday, doesn't it? president trump says the economy is roaring back after the june jobs report. more americans getting back to work than expected. 4.8 million jobs added last month. some businesses are shutting down again, however, as the virus spikes in a few states. unemployment rates at just about 11% last month after the historic high in april. 48 million americans filed for unemployment in the past 15 weeks and the big question now, how many more of those jobs will come back and when? reaction from the biden team in a moment, we begin with
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kristin fisher live from the white house, the north lawn there. >> will tell you what, the stock market sure seemed to like the jobs are part, too. something president trump pointed out during a spirit of america showcase at the white house earlier today heading into this holiday weekend but before speaking there the president held a surprise press conference in the briefing room though he didn't take any questions and you may remember he did some thing similar after that much better than expected jobs report the previous month and the president said all signs that the economy is roaring back even as covid pace's spike in many states. >> we have some areas where we are putting out the flames of the fires and that's working out well, we are working very closely with governors and i think it's working out very well, i think you will see that shortly. >> former vice president joe biden is quick to point out that a burner all the good numbers president trump rattled off, there was one number he
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didn't mention. >> is happy as i was with the millions of workers returning to their jobs, there is one number that i was stunned that the president didn't mention even once in the process. the entire time he talked about it. the number was 50,000. >> that number is significant of course because 50,000 is the number of new coronavirus cases reported yesterday in the united states. a new record and the problem with today's jobs report is that it was taken partly before so many of these states have had to shut down or at least slow down their efforts to reopen many businesses in many sectors of the economy so right now vice president mike pence, you can see there, walking up air force two in florida. one of the biggest hot spots right now after a trip to a two other hot spots, texas and arizona earlier this weekend you
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can see that florida governor ron desantis wearing a mask on the tarmac, it's clear that they are now trying to really lead by example and you know as we head into this holiday weekend, they are really pushing much harder than they have perhaps in the past that everybody should be wearing a mask, everybody should be social distancing, there's been a lot of concern that if people get together and have these fourth of july parties and barbecues that the coronavirus cases, a number of them could continue to go up. >> something we shall watch. kristin fisher from the white house, thank you. kate bedingfield now, joe biden's deputy campaign manager. an early fourth of july to you and thank you for being here. good afternoon. pretty good jobs report out, the former vice president talked it down earlier today, how come? >> well look, this is president trump spiking the football on the 50-yard line, let's not forget, you heard vice president biden's at the top of the segment, we didn't hear from donald trump today, 50,000 new cases of the virus
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yesterday, the highest rate of -- since the crisis began. so obviously vice president biden is thrilled about the jobs that are coming back but let's not forget why we are in this hole in the first place. this is donald trump trying to take credit for positive jobs numbers after he spent the last four months tragically mishandling this virus, meaning that we are now in the hole that we are in. >> bill: to be clear though, this is the recovery, the president -- the former vice president is cheering for that type of recovery, is he not? >> of course he is, we are all cheering for a recovery but i think to suggest otherwise is crazy. but we are not going to get there unless we do the hard work to get there and that's what donald trump is failing to do paid from the outset he's been more focused on his own political fortune, more focused on dismissing the virus saying things like "it will magically go away," saying, remember back in march when he said everybody
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who can get -- everyone who wants a test can get one? that's still not true. he has not done the hard work to put in place the protections to ensure that our economy can reopen strongly and that's part of what we're starting to see and why we are seeing, people are feeling a tremendous amount of fear, you heard joe biden say today, there are some encouraging numbers in this report but are you feeling it as an american, are you feeling it? >> bill: i want to jump in for a moment here, the election is four months from tomorrow and there was a poll that came out this week, about enthusiasm and energy and in that poll, donald trump supporters were at 50% down joe biden was at 27%, how -- that's a pretty big gap, how do you close the energy gap here? >> we are seeing massive energy for biden all across the country, he's currently leading in all the key battleground states we are going to have to win to win the white house in november. we also just outraised to the trump campaign for the second consecutive month, those numbers
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coming out last night, we raise $10 million more than donald trump did over the last month so if that's a measure of enthusiasm we are lapping the trump campaign right now. >> there was also an axios headline that came out today, trump versus biden becomes the 2020 flash point. they have a difference of age of about four years at the moment, this came up the other day and the press conference held for the first time in 89 days and the question came from doug mckelway and when he was asked about it he said "i've been tested" with regard to cognitive ability and "i'm constantly tested" i didn't know what that test entailed, kate. >> first of all, he's been tested every single day that he's been on the campaign trail, he went through 12 debates in the democratic primary, defeated 25 other candidates to become the democratic nominee. >> to be clear it wasn't -- this wasn't a mental test that he took then, right? you are talking about being tested in life?
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>> being tested, being on the campaign trail every day running for president of the united states but this is an important point, bill. these are the desperate talking point of a failing campaign. if you look at sean hannity on this network, sean hannity asked donald trump if he could articulate why he deserves a second term? and donald trump could not lay down an argument for why he should be reelected. he talked a lot about himself, talked a lot about the grievances against him, didn't say one word about the american people, american families, what is going to do to make people's lives better, how he's going to get a virus under control and that was a softball from sean hannity. >> bill: you can take that up with sean but that's what campaigns are . joe biden has said he has not had a covid test, when will that happen? >> he has not yet needed one and we certainly don't want to be putting in place any measures that suggest that he's getting special treatment. so should he need a covid test
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he will get one but he is not currently needed one. >> bill: when does he hold his next press conference, kate? >> i would say after the performance he game on tuesday i'm hoping -- >> bill: thank you for your time today. we shall speak after the holiday. thank you. t>> thanks for having me, i appreciate it. >> bill: the suspected ringleader, the attack on the andrew jackson statue near the white house appearing in court this afternoon. sources telling fox news the suspect has connections to antifa. doug mckelway reports live in washington, what do you know? >> it happened early this morning, a joint task force composed of the fbi and u.s. park police raided the home of the ringleader of the antifa movement here in washington. attempting to take down the monument of andrew jackson at lafayette park just across from the white house. his name is jason turner, taken into custody without incident at his home, we believe he may be
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in the u.s. federal courthouse behind me right now, appearing there via video. many of the events in the hearing have been slightly delayed while the court tries to figure out exactly who is representing him. in any event he is charged with two counts of destruction of federal property. authorities identified him in numerous videos and still pictures wearing rose-colored goggles. and others without a mask. in one he's a scene lighting a cigarette on the burning statue. law enforcement sources say he has connections to antifa and "was on top of the statue directing people. had a human chain preventing police from getting to the statue. also under continuing investigation, the arson of st. john's church and other related structures in that vicinity. >> the afl-cio was lit on fire as part of an arson, there's a starbucks arson fire,
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mcdonald's arson fire, and a few others. lafayette park was also lit on fire, directly in lafayette park, looking for people, the person responsible for setting that fire as well. >> others who participated in the attempted disruption of the andrew jackson statue are already in custody including 37-year-old graeme lloyd who turned himself over to authorities in portland, maine, and made his first court appearance yesterday. the judge in that case transferred the case to here in washington, d.c. by the way, bill, the bureau of alcoholic, tobacco, and firearms is opening up to team is offering a $15,000 reward for anybody who can identify leading to charges and conviction of people who are send the church and the related structures. tremendous amount of money involved for people willing to talk about that. >> we are on it. we will bring you back. thank you, doug. hearing from lawmakers after intel chiefs a moment ago brief
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congressional leaders, live in capitol hill to find out what happened behind closed doors. a record 10,000 new coronavirus cases in one day, dr. marc siegel, what you need to know heading into the weeke weekend. cut funding from police even as the violence continues, reaction from her geraldo to geraldo rivera. to severe crohn's disease. yes! until i realized something was missing... you ok, sis? my symptoms kept me- -from being there for my sisters. "...flight boarding for flight 2007 to chicago..." so i talked to my doctor and learned- ...humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief... -and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,- -, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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>> bill: here we go, minutes ago, the country's top intelligence officials briefing leaders about the possibility that russia offered the taliban bound bounties to kill american troops in afghanistan. today's briefing from ranking leaders in the senate, the white house has the intel is unverified. chad pergram live on the hill, what are you learning now? >> not much, anytime you have one of these big intelligence briefings, though it were a stop taken the world for members of congress is to work out and talk to the present u.n. members coming out basically not saying anything and in fact, the fact that they have been so circumspect tells you how serious this is. usually they will chatter a little bit. not in this case, that speaks volumes. the silence does. there's a dispute about the credibility of the intelligence here according to republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. >> we now know that there was no
12:16 pm
definitive intelligence, there was a strong dissent within the intelligence community. a career brief or at the cia chose not to highlight this to the president. and that there remains disagreement within the intelligent community. >> there are disputes about what's accurate, before the briefing house bigger nancy pelosi was asked what she needed to hear in the briefing, she replied "the truth." but intelligence is in the eye of the beholder, the truth is up for interpretation, that's why congressional leaders insisted on a super-classified briefing from the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe, cia director gina haskell and the director of the national security agency. >> did congressional leaders know about the possible bounties? there's been some reporting that may be back in february several of them were alerted of this. >> house speaker nancy pelosi just held a press conference a few minutes ago and i asked her directly about that point. listen. >> i will say this, it was of
12:17 pm
consequential that the intelligence community should have brought it to us in that way. >> this is important here when i talk about what's going on with nancy pelosi, what's going on with tom cotton, there is this dispute and she finds out, she believes that the white house is trying to con people. she indicated that this was kind of a spin job by the white house and others rose to the level that they should have been briefed and that's why everybody is being so quiet right now. what happens next, house speaker nancy pelosi has talked about possibly imposing sanctions on moscow and some sources i've spoken with indicated that they would like a nondiplomatic solution. bill, back to you. >> bill: we will see what that could be. thank you, chad. meanwhile, this is breaking this afternoon. longtime associate of jeffrey epstein arrested today on alleged sex abuse charges. in a moment, the latest on her bond hearing forthcoming.
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also, police in seattle putting a stop to the chop in that town, the mayor declaring the gathering unlawful after two deadly shootings and the father of one of those victims now talking in an exclusive interview here on box. >> somebody should have helped my son, he needed help. he needed paramedics, he needed the police to come and somebody was supposed to go in there and help my son. ♪ is that good? no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. get relief finally, with magnilife® pain relieving foot cream. while also restoring cracked, damaged, and itchy skin. and get living. available at your local retailer.
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>> bill: this video in a moment ago, i in lower manhatta, confronted by protesters while playing his guitar in new york city hall. $6 billion budget.
12:23 pm
some protesters are still camped outside city hall saying the cuts do not go far enough. how about that for some flavor here from manhattan. meanwhile, police in seattle cleared out the cities occupied protest tone after at least two deadly shootings there, the father of a teenager killed in one of the shootings now pleading for answers here on f fox. >> somebody needs to come to my house and knock on my door and tell me something, i don't know nothing, all i know is my son was killed there and he's just a 19-year-old. that's my son. you know? and i loved him. >> bill: a new video showing the police facing the protesters in seattle earlier today, police said they used pepper spray on people throwing bottles at officers. that story with me now. christina? >> early this morning tensions mounted between officers and protesters who refused to leave this area, police largely cleared out the protest on
12:24 pm
yesterday and reclaimed the east precinct buildings. earlier this morning they said they had to deploy that pepper spray and fire off so-called blast bulbs after bottles were thrown at them from the crowd of people who refused to leave, a total of 25 individuals were arrested. crime within the chop protest zone rose 500% since protesters took over the area including the four shootings that took place there. a federal lawsuit has been filed by nearby residents and business owners claiming the city was way too lenient when it came to stopping the vandalism and violence in that area. cleacleaning crews left to cleat tents, graffiti barriers and other things left all over the street. >> the question is why it took them so long to act and why did they leave us, good, taxpaying, law-abiding people as collateral damage and ignored us. >> the father who lost his 19-year-old son to violence in
12:25 pm
the protest zone spoke out to hannity saying he wants to know exactly what happened moments before the teenager was killed. his son, 19-year-old horace lorenzo anderson jr. was shot on june 20th. his dad says the police and seattle's mayor didn't even reach out to him about his son's death and that is dramatic for him, knowing his son is gone. >> i wake up in the morning, i look for my son in the morning, he's not there no more, i go in there, i am kissing a picture. >> in the meantime peaceful demonstrators who occupy the area protesting against police brutality reiterate they shouldn't be blamed for all of this violence. >> bill: details from washington and outside the federal court, suspected ring leader who tried to take in a statue near the white house made an appearance, we will let you know how that turns out plus a live look, city hall in new york city. some cities facing demands to cut funding for police as violent crime continues.
12:26 pm
geraldo and leo will weigh in on all of this in a moment, next. because heart and kidney disease
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>> bill: a bond hearing set to get underway for the former girlfriend and longtime associate of jeffrey epstein, arrested today in the state of new hampshire on alleged sex abuse charges. the latest on the case with us now, brian? >> bill, good afternoon. ghislaine maxwell is making her appearing to via phone, not video, in concorde new hampshire end. she's expected to be expedited to new york as she faces six federal charges as a coconspirator to jeffrey epstein. she was arrested in bradford new hampshire, a town of less than 2,000 people, less than five hours north of new york city. according to reuters as she was arrested on her 156-acre property, a property she bought in all cash under the guise of
12:31 pm
an llc to conceal her identity. according to the federal indictment, prosecutors allege that between 1994 and 1997, maxwell recruited, coerced, abused and groomed three minor girls under the age of 18 including a 14-year-old girl. they were groomed to be sexually abused by jeffrey epstein. she was not only in the room during some of the abuse but prosecutors say she also took part in some of that abuse. she transported these girls are from epstein's three properties, one in new york city, the estate in palm beach and his ranch in new mexico as well as in ghislaine maxwell's own home in london, england. these charges, four charges for conspiring, enticing and transporting minor girls for the purpose of illegal acts and two charges of perjury for lying under oath twice, at least twice in two different depositions in 2016 where she denied knowing
12:32 pm
about any recruiting efforts for young girls for epstein or knowing whether or not epstein had any other partners aside from herself. the fdny, prosecutors are now asking to make sure that she's detained until her trial, they are citing her wealth as well as her propensity to travel internationally, she's traveled at least 15 times internationally in the last three years. they do not want her to be out on bail. >> bill: thank you, reporting here in new york city on that, meanwhile, the latest on this debate over removing statues and monuments in america. in richmond, virginia, you watched it live yesterday, workers taking down confederate monuments after an order from that city's mayor. also in washington, the accused ringleader of the attempt to take down a statue of andrew jackson making an appearance in federal court today. i will talk with fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera and leo terrel about that but first i want to bring in former federal prosecutor jim, good afternoon to you and thank you for coming
12:33 pm
back. what laws are involved in these with regard to these statues and vandalism and violence there? >> for the moment there is a several, the first is a one president trump mentioned, the veterans memorial preservation act which carries a possible 10-year sentence are basically vandalizing statues associated with people's military service. it's a little bit narrow and probably applies to andrew jackson but maybe not to every statue that's being pulled down but there's also a basic destruction of government property charge that also carries ten years and that's a significantly easier to prove end applies to any and all of the statues being torn down and in some instances like the lafayette park one, our sin is in play if they are lighting fires and setting fires to help destroy the items, that's a federal charge as well so there are some pretty significant weight being brought to bear on these people right now. >> bill: with the executive order, what is that out on top of all that, were the laws already in place? >> the laws are in place, i
12:34 pm
think the executive order was a highlight or a punctuation, exclamation point to say we really need to pursue these things and if you look around the country there are a lot of moments of kind of laissez-faire enforcement by mayors that maybe view this as a summer of love moment rather than vandalizing national treasures so in the early stages of these protests there's a lot of impunity when it came to tearing down things and now i think what president trump was presumably doing was signaling the law enforcement that we are not going to take this lying down, we are going to intervene, stop people and prosecute them for their vandalism. >> bill: do you find it to be a deterrent, jim? >> i think it's a deterrent, i think the bigger deterrent is still to come and that is, you start bringing in these guys and start telling them they are facing federal charges, some of them might flip and if you get to the point where they are talking to other investigating agencies about antifa and how organized this wasn't how sophisticated even the teardown operations were, you might have
12:35 pm
a much bigger case on the horizon, against financiers, arsonists and people involved in antifa or antifa-affiliated groups. >> bill: i wasn't expecting a man bun to be dropped today but thank you. geraldo rivera and leo terrell, good data you. thanks for coming in one day early. what do you think about this monument statue debate? where does it end? >> i think it's ending promptly, what happened, what we've seen from seattle all the weight of the jackson statue in washington, d.c., is where local leaders let their ideology get over their common sense and allow this kind of laissez-faire, we've always said that the cops are the thin blue line that protects civilization from anarchy. what these local mayors have done is remove that thin blue line and allow the anarchists to take over.
12:36 pm
especially now, july 4th weekend coming up, americans are not gaudy about our patriotism. something that we hold in a modest way to celebrate the country in this case 244th birthday but to watch this wanton destruction, this kind of malicious erasing of our history. i think it's very distressing and i really put the blame on the local leaders, the mayor in seattle, i think that she should watch sean hannity's interview with that poor man who lost his son, should be forced to watch out along with the voters of seattle and people trying to destroy our monuments in washington, d.c., should get a lesson. >> bill: there's a process process for this. if you don't go to the process you see what geraldo is talking about in various cities across the country, how do you see that?
12:37 pm
>> this is why i can't be part of the democratic party, president trump utilized the federal power to bring these people who were trying to deface federal property in the jail arresting them, that's what democrats want, "law & order." conversely, he said democratic mayors in seattle who basically turned their back online order. i would submit to you, that those individuals that are protesting are not democrats. the democrats will not criticize them. you saw a family last night grieving. where is al sharpton? wears black lives? it's driving me nuts of the democratic party will not criticize criminal acts happening in democratic cities you have to the president took affirmative action to establish law and order, it's very frustrating. >> bill: new york city is one of them. cardinal dolan here in new york, for god's sakes, stop demonizing the nypd. you know about the budget cuts that came down in new york this
12:38 pm
week. governor cuomo was asked about that and responded this way today. >> they cut a billion dollars, so what? does not mean they're not going to be protesters? not going to drive them over with their car? what did that actually change? >> that was from yesterday, i don't know if you believe in these, some people think it's a shell game. how about that from the govern governor? >> well, i saw it more as a broadside against the mayor, the governor the mayor have not gotten along since day one, bill. what is interesting is i do believe that in a certain sense the billion dollar cut in police budget is the p.r. action because what they've done is they've taken the traffic cops and move them from the pd to a different department, taken the school guards and moved them to the education department saving hundreds of millions of dollars, postponing some overtime and
12:39 pm
freezing the police academy so i don't think policing will be meaningfully impacted. what is distressing is we've allowed an entire generation to grow up believing the cops are the enemy, believing that these kinds of acts of malicious destruction aren't in some way ideologically justified. some real concerns. that data on hannity's show last night, doesn't his son's black life matter, bill? >> how many people are going to be shot and killed in chicago this weekend? this weekend. we are going to be talking about it on monday, leo. >> this is what happens, we have a problem with the inability to basically address the black on black crime and the fact that this type of crime that's going on in these democratic cities, let's be clear, is not being addressed. why? i just don't understand, as an
12:40 pm
african-american, the police department is the only thin line between the criminals and protection in the black community and its shameful that this is happening in democratic cities. i just can't be part of this anymore. to be one last word, geraldo? go ahead. >> the people opposed to cutting the police budget in new york where the black, latino, and asian caucus within the new york city council, poor people, people of color want policing, they want protection, they know that safety and security is the only way to guarantee a good life. >> bill: thank you, gentlemen. we will see you next week. geraldo, happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> bill: right on. vice president mike pence now in florida, meeting with the governor of that state as that states he is a record for new covid cases. it also, the race is still on to develop a vaccine. dr. marc siegel and what you need to know in moments, he is up next.
12:41 pm
>> we have three vaccine candidates, we've had many more but three are really, really looking good and i think you're going to have an answer to that very soon.
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>> bill: hello, what governor ron desantis alongside mike pence speaking to reporters in tampa. florida just hit a single day record with more than 10,000 new cases. the state has the fifth most confirmed cases in the country. i will talked with dr. marc siegel about what all that means. phil keating on the beach in miami. hello. >> hey there, bill. south florida in particular has been surging for weeks and clearly continues to do so and
12:46 pm
independence day weekend is right around the corner and today being the first day to enjoy the big long holiday weekend on the beach, the last day all beaches going from jupiter, florida, all the way to key west will be closed for the entire weekend. the state of florida just said that new record of 10,100 plus new cases of covid-19. up the state on the gulf side a little bit of a different story there, beaches will be open all three day weekend long which is not pleasing the fort myers beach mayor. >> to pile on top of each other on the county pier, in the county park and it'll be up and down the island over the weekend so that help us all. >> he's talking about people on the sand without a doubt. in miami beach, old rules are now back as south florida surgeon new positive tests.
12:47 pm
the midnight curfew has returned about mask wearing republican, counties also ordering restaurants to close from midnight until 5:00 a.m. because basically they've been turning into bars. >> people need to treat this like a hurricane. if a hurricane is coming to my community, we don't care what party you are, we are not worried about insulting your family, we do the right thing and ask responsibly for ourselves and for our neighbors, that's what has to happen. >> nationwide, 36 states now reporting increasing covid cases over the past week, up from over ten days ago. it florida, california, and texas have seen record numbers, available beds at houston hospitals are said to be disappearing alarmingly fast. and elective surgeries in south florida now being canceled and delayed once again to free
12:48 pm
up resources and bed space just in case. as for the surge that's happening right now, a lot of elected leaders and health experts say they really saw the spiking numbers begin about ten days-2 weeks after memorial day weekend. that was the first big holiday weekend after much of the country basically sheltered at home for two months, the cabin fever took over, they went out to beaches, had crowds, they mingled, went to restaurants and bars and also went to backyard gatherings as well as public parks and that's why so much of the state is closing after crowds this weekend hoping not to repeat what happened memorial day weekend which is suspected to be increased surge of the virus. >> bill: let's keep it safe. nice to see you, phil keating in miami, cases on the rise. according to johns hopkins university, 50,000 new cases yesterday, new single day record, 20 states now pausing,
12:49 pm
reversing, or delaying reopening plans. dr. marc siegel is with me now, good afternoon to you. what's the story behind the rising number of cases? >> phil keating just made some really good points here, it's not just indoor activity, it's also outdoor activity. to think it's only indoor, on the beach if you are huddling close together and not observing physical distancing you can spread it that way too so it's absolutely important that the beaches on the east coast of florida are being closed, bars are being closed, that restaurants aren't open past a certain hour because they function as bars. all of this is why it's spreading. here's what happens, when it's really hot outside people go indoors and spread it. on the beach as they can spread it, it's a respiratory virus that travels very far, can travel when you're shouting and speaking, when you're coughing. even as we made the single day record, 50,000 cases around the united states, the death count
12:50 pm
is still under 700 a day. that's good news. why is this? the spread is occurring among our young, our teens, are young adults and they definitely don't get us sick. the other point i wanted to make us talking about the hospital filling up on one of the reasons that's happening is because so many cases, i've talked directly to emergency care workers, hospital officials in california, in florida, in texas and what i'm finding is because they were already reopening, the vast majority of the cases are new normal cases. people that need icus and on top of that now you have covid cases. in texas last week they had about 4400 noncovid cases nicus come on top of that they got about 12 or 1300 covid cases. then covid has to be isolated besides. >> bill: that's on the cases. on the vaccine, reported some news today that their trial has been delayed, i don't know what the story is there, i' where are
12:51 pm
on the status of a vaccine, doctor? >> well, i'm going to hazard an idea here. it's never been in the game with the big boys before, it is a very, very, very interesting and promising technology, they are only being delayed a few weeks and then they're going to be going forward with a large trial. i have to get that in order but at the same time, pfizer which has almost identical technology, the vaccine that causes your cells to have the exact protein that the virus has come of that vaccine is doing extremely well and the result of the early trials show as it did pause in immunities and antibodies and it was safe, they are zooming ahead to phase three trials and will be giving it to 30,000 people and that's very encouraging and
12:52 pm
meanwhile the oxford university trial which is also based on modern technology is starting to get vaccines on a large number to people in brazil so those two call vaccines are moving faster but m they're still in the game. >> bill: your headline, " if americans keep ignoring covid-19 safety precautions we love to shut down again." really? do we have to shut down again? haven't we learned a lot more about this that we can go to a hot spot and manage it? and maybe close for four weeks in certain areas and reopen yet again? i'm wondering if you cut down country of 330 million people, what kind of country are you going to have after that? how do you answer that? >> great question and we are not shutting down again and you already gave the answer, we have to focus in on the hot spots. but we need our leaders to be uniform and not go one way and then another way so our young adults learn that they are responsible. if you spread covid and it's a
12:53 pm
mild case, it ends up with an elderly person or somebody at high risk and they end up in the hospital, you are responsible. that's a public health we are going to take a laser surgical approach to the hot spots, not close them down because the reason we are seeing all this behavior is people are rebelling because they were closed down, were not going to be able to sustain that economically, physically or emotionally, can't do it. surgical approach in the hot spots. >> thank you, nice to see you. dr. marc siegel. meanwhile, a pro golfer says his fitness tracker alerted him to covid symptoms and now the d.a tour is teaming up with that company. next. ♪ granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ tvwhere we've got the best to odeals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for... (grilled cheese sizzles)
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to bit never bothered me.dust? until i found out what it actually was. dust mite droppings? ewww. dead skin cells? gross! so now, i grab my swiffer sweeper and heavy duty dusters. dusters has three layers that grab, trap and lock away gross dust. gotcha! and, for dust on my floors, i switch to my sweeper. the textured cloths grab, trap and lock dirt and hair... no matter where dust bunnies hide. no more heebie jeebies. glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering. speed to the pga tour are teaming up with a fitness company to try to stop the spread of speed nine. the goal for us as he suspected his first symptoms after his tracking device noted an increase in his breathing rate. founder and ceo.
12:58 pm
good afternoon and thank you for your time. this is clever, different, how does that work? >> it builds technology, you can see him wearing the small sensor appeared as measuring everything around sleep and recovery, most importantly of recent and this world of covid-19, we measure a statistic called respiratory rate. for a long time when people got sick we would see a change in their physiology. typically there would be a nonspecific change, elevation and resting heart rate, decrease in variability, low recovery scores. what is so unique and interesting about covid-19 is that triggers the statistic called respiratory rate. respiratory rate is the number of breaths per minute that you have and typically it's very flat, it's a boring statistic. every day you wake up and you get the same number.
12:59 pm
what happens with covid-19's we actually see in elevation and your respiratory rate, dramatic elevation when you get covid-19. in the case of nick that you are just describing, professional golfer, they ban on whoop for over 12 months. he sees 14, 14 every day, flat respiratory rates. he wakes up one day and he is god and 18 and he says, something might be up. he goes to the doctors and says i need to be tested for covid-19. he comes back positive and he's able to withdraw from the pga tournament. as a result prevent the spread. >> what does the doctor say about this? do they believe in it? >> if you have a lower track infection it's going to affect your breathing. it makes all the sense in the
1:00 pm
world that covid-19 would trigger an elevation and respiratory rates. we work closely with researchers on this. >> bill: i've got to run. congratulations and good luck. thank you. ♪ >> america's economy is roaring back to life like nobody has ever seen before. the one this comeback as a piece of work. i am neil cavuto add this as "your world." read them and weep, jobs, 5 million more in the latest month. the 1% unemployment rate is down to 2% from the prior month, half what it was when all of this virus nastiness started. now you have the president of the united states, this is working. getting back to work is doing its thing. what's remarkable about the comeback of the situation is it includes the fin


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