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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder force factor is the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. unleash your potential in the bedroom with score!. >> protester for months or weeks, saying black lives matter, only when police officer shoots a black person. what about all the black on black crime that is opening in the community. jillian: this is a fox news alert, the grandfather of an 11-year-old boy shot in the
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nation's capital is joining heartbroken parents calling for a end to the bloodshed as violence surges in the major cities. todd: the national guard called into atlanta as pressure mountaineers of new york city and chicago to step up and stop in a number of cases. the push to reopen schools at the top of the president's priority list. carley: is it a realistic expectation for students and parents across america? a birthday surprise for an american hero. todd: the ninetieth birthday with a little help some friends. "fox and friends first" continues right now. good morning, i am rob schmidt.
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carley: i am carley shimkus, thanks for starting the day with us. todd: rob: the swat team has been calling after a deputy constable has been shot near houston, texas. harris county constable mark herman says deputy christopher hendrix was shot by a suspect with a rifle and the deputy was rushed to a local hospital in the area. he posted this photo with the deputy's family saying undergoing surgery and asking for prayers. we don't have an update on the condition at this point, this gives us some optimism of the situation, posted and updated throughout the effort. carley: the national guard, declaring a state of emergency after a violent weekend. rob: mark meredith is live as they deal with a sharp uptick in crime.
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>> reporter: leaders are vowing to get crime under control, not just one place, new york, chicago and atlanta. atlanta seeing a surge in violence over the holiday weekend with 30 shootings and 5 did including an 8-year-old girl. the governor of georgia, brian kemp deploying 1000 national guard troops to protect state buildings including the n the governor's mansion. the governor says peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals, dangerous district of agenda. innocent georgians being targeted and left for dead. this must be stopped and order restored in the capital city. a very violent weekend in chicago with 90 shootings, 17 murder since last thursday. >> we cannot allow this to be normalized. we cannot get used to hearing about children being guns down in chicago every weekend.
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>> in new york is the story leading to outrage where horrific video is reported to show a man walking with his daughter holding her hand as he is guns down. the mayor of new york says the situation in his community is unacceptable. >> we saw too much violence this weekend, something we have a lot of work to do to address, all this location happened over the last few months with the coronavirus. >> it is getting a lot of attention on fox and on air, online. the white house is it is ready to play a bigger role in the discussion how to address this. >> i was asked 12 questions about the confederate flag. this president focused on action. i'm a little dismayed i haven't received one question on the death we had in this country this weekend.
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>> reporter: reporters will have a chance to see the president holding an education event talking about schools reopening of it coronavirus later this afternoon. in the cities nationwide. rob: the real world consequences of lawlessness in american cities are being felt by the children and families who lived there, not by the politicians to defund police. >> it stops right there. you need to watch and take every second of this, what this 6-year-old does after her father is killed in front of her. please watch it. she runs in fear and panic and didn't know what to do as she watches her dad fall in front of her. take that in. that is the real world consequences of the cancer that has been eating away at our
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inner cities, these are our citizens. >> donald trump says his administration is ready to use federal resources to help the struggling to stop the violence. rob: a police officer shot and killed at home depot parking lot, private memorial being held for anthony dio. the community being asked to line the streets for a process and after the service. deal was killed by responding to a call from an intoxicated man, the toledo police department temporarily suspending patrols to increase their safety. jillian: mike pompeo called to testify before the house foreign affairs committee over russian value claims on us troops. the administration is accused of ignoring the intelligence but those reports have never been confirmed. the administration has done everything it can to keep
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american this safe. >> this administration acted in a way to protect every american serving in afghanistan. donald trump will protect our soldiers by working to get peace and reconciliation deal that allows them to go home. jillian: it is unclear if mike pompeo will attend thursday's hearings. >> the president and first lady will participate on reopening america's schools this fall. jillian: not all states are ready to take the plunge. todd piro joins us with the back-to-school battle. >> reporter: good morning, the president and first lady will meet with teaching professional students and parents at all levels of education to discuss the impact of keeping schools closed. 31 states have released guidance to reopen schools this fall, cases rise to 3 million in the us, doctor anthony fauci warning we are not even out of the first wave.
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>> we are still knee-deep in the first wave of this. we went up, never came down to baseline and now we are surging back up. >> reporter: hospitalizations in texas hit a new daily high. overwhelmed in two weeks, in florida, miami's mayor, cases in that state topped 200,000 this despite resistance from governor ron desantis who declared schools in the state must open in august. >> we need to protect the folks in the at risk age groups, people with comorbidity but the broader part of society doing moderate social distancing doing basic things will go a long way, we need to keep people working, keep society functioning. rob: governor andrew cuomo still on edge about reopening.
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>> we want kids back in school for a number of reasons. not saying children go back to school, i am telling all school districts to come up with a reopening plan. rob: atlanta mayor and possible biden -- biden v pick tested positive for the virus despite no symptoms. back to you. jillian: supreme court's electoral college members backed the state's popular vote. the chief counsel and policy director of the judicial crisis network joined us earlier on the decision. >> it clarifies the potential downfall of these a lector it's in 2016 to convince certain collectors to vote differently
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than they were intended to. jillian: justice a lot of kagan saying in part the electors have no grounds for revising the vote of millions of citizens. a huge surprise for korean war veteran on his ninetieth birthday. rob: boston police officers with bagpipes at a drum line followed by a parade of police officers and the national guard all for dennis reddy junior. >> i am overwhelmed, i didn't expect this and don't deserve it. i wish my wife was here. carley: i might cry right here. rob: he joined the army at 15 years old. he had a 30 year career with the boston police department and he is well loved in that community.
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that is fantastic. 10 minutes after the hour. willie lane maxwell name names? >> she could decide to speak for them at any time. rob: she could dish the dirt on jeffrey epstein's rich and famous friends, live with the explosive claims. carley: pandemic and spikes in crime might be stirring in urban accident. the author of the liberal invasion of bread state america says it is a perfect storm next. ♪ ♪
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todd: americans fleeing big cities with many in the suburbs during the coronavirus pandemic and with all the social unrest so what does it mean for the future of america's big cities, kristin tate joins us to talk about it. we had coronavirus, bad enough but adding insult to injury you had this exploding crime rate, protests, looting, what do you make of this? >> perfect storm of economic uncertainty and social unrest, waves of americans to leave big cities and more sparsely populated areas, new york, la, chicago, new york city alone, 500,000 residentss, millions more are expected. there has been a massive surge in demand, new hampshire, vermont, connecticut, montana
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and oregon, city living is becoming passé, people realizing it is too expensive and dangerous to raise families in urban areas. we have seen crime rates explode in these places, double digit murder rates in chicago and new york at the same places saying they are going to defund their own police department, many families terrified to leave their houses and when the middle class leaves, not the rich who will be hurt but the poor and the most vulnerable who can't afford to move. rob: let's bring up some information on mail forwarding requests from new york city and it shows if you go back to march and april, triple the request. that is covid-19. you think all these people who pulled out of the city because of this virus are seeing the situation devol thing.
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will pay come back? will people come back to the city's after the virus is gone? >> a lot of people won't be coming back because it is shifting workplace attitudes that makes working remotely easier than ever. it is not just families but young people, 2.7 million young people, in march and april, many will never return to cities. people are starting to realize the charm of country living. i have lived with 1000 people, a lot of places have stunning natural beauty and low cost of living. if you can work remotely why would you go back to the city and spent $3,000 a month, crime is through the roof. rob: we have seen the budgets in a lot of trouble. there is not the tax revenue,
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they have to raise taxes so you've got to raise it even further for lower quality of life. what will happen in these big cities that haven't had the revenue if they start pumping up taxes for people wanting to leave, it will be exacerbating the problem. >> it is tragic what is happening in the nation's great city. this is a trend of the apps exodus happening as the cost of living has increased and quality-of-life declined but covid-19 accelerated the trend and i expect it to get worse as corporations follow suit and leave as well. for many there is no reason to stick around in these urban areas and it is really sad, new york and la, we don't want this. todd: rob: the new york post, if you had a question, bill diblasio, post begging him to do something, crime out of control,
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doubling for the third straight week in a row. always good to see you. jillian: 2020 enters attack mode. >> months from now we are going to defeat sleepy joe biden. >> the former vice president's campaign filed a memo the trump's attacks will backfire, biden's team is getting ahead of itself, she joins us live next. no matter where you live, where you live has never mattered more. for over 100 years, realtors® have brought local knowledge and deep expertise to helping people find new places to dream and thrive. the next great place you'll call home. so, whether you're upsizing downsizing or just ready to make a change. look for the r.
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>> a memo circulating through the biden campaign on donald trump's attacks, turning his own reelection chances by slamming the presumptive democratic nominee over things like corruption in ukraine and china. rob: hell has a better track record on foreign-policy? thanks for coming on. the reality is no matter how hard he tries the only candidate trump's attacks, himself either down ballot republicans who can't cut themselves to him. the american people are not buying his fabrications about the vice president. what do you think? >> the biden campaign was overly optimistic with this memo, we are 100 days out and have it in a single debate, voters of not a chance to compare the two candidates let alone make a decision whether joe biden is corrupt or not or has a better record on foreign-policy or not. dealing with trump's impeachment
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trial, in the forefront people working, joe biden, it is proven, especially swing state voters the biden campaign needs to be worried that once people start paying attention a little more, corrupt joe biden might stick. jillian: because we are talking about the president's attack dog style how do you feel about his behavior on twitter, tweeting about bubba wallace at a time when a lot of americans are craving unity is this a good tactic? >> i heard multiple things from voters. it depends who you are talking to. if you talk to women they do not like donald trump's twitter style. if you talk to rust belt middle-aged men they love that
2:25 am
donald trump says they wish they could say, he doesn't hold anything back and keeps fighting the fight. it depends what the path to victory is a let's orally for the president. it may be one of those, going that style. donald trump's style, it is what you get. it doesn't appeal to some voters but does appeal to others. rob: always good for a comment, senator kennedy from louisiana had this to say. >> the vice president says he will transform america. he will. and the american people will pay a fearsome price. his foreign-policy is hugs and hot cocoa for america's enemies. if he is advice use bill a fallout shelter.
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>> the trump campaign says biden is soft on china and they really push that and seem to have a lot of proof. what do you think? >> joe biden will have a lot to reckon with which he was part of the obama administration, reset with russia and we see how that went. this is why i said debates matter. we need to have a comparison of these two debating foreign policies, you see the differences between the candidates. carley: i like hugs and hot cocoa. shouldn't run for president. rob: good to see you. 26 after the hour. the nasdaq hit an all-time high as the country continues covid-19 recovery. it is part of a string of good economic news despite a lot of negative headlines. he put it in perspective. jillian: a close call caught on camera. a rockslide that nearly flat the
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rob: e lane maxwell, jeffrey epstein's associated former girlfriend is in a new york jail was her first court date is one week away. >> police i ignored her sexual assault allegations more than two decades ago. >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell is behind bars in brooklyn after being arrested at her million dollar estate in new hampshire. the daughter of late british media mogul robert maxwell indicted on multiple charges and secluded sex trafficking that brought girls, some as young as 14 years old to jeffrey epstein's manhattan home. alleged victims calling maxwell a monster, recruiting, rimming
2:31 am
and sexually abusing them including epstein, her former boyfriend. gloria already represent 16 alleged victims. one of them is alicia arden who says epstein sexually assaulted her in santa monica, california in 1997. she filed a police report with the santa monica police department which apparently was never investigated. already calling on printed route to speak with federal prosecutors in new york before it is too late. >> if i were president i would want to speak to the prosecutors before miss maxwell to the prosecutors, the clock is ticking. she could decide to speak to them at any time. >> reporter: according to the sun, maxwell's arrest has the prince feeling merit after admitting in an interview that maxwell, quote, key elements with epstein, has not been charged in the investigation and denied any wrongdoing which
2:32 am
maxwell's first court date is next tuesday, a week from today. prosecutors say maxwell's welcome international connections and free passport makes her an extreme flight risk. todd: after months of market uncertainty the nasdaq closes at a historic high. also on the heels of last week's record-setting jobs report. >> reporter: that americans see these as signs the economy is rebounding? the chair of the business and financial program at kings college in new york city, professor brian bradford joins us to weigh in. how do you feel about the economy? why are we seeing such significant gains when we are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases? >> reporter: what we've seen are surprisingly good reports,
2:33 am
starting with the jobs report last week, but away expectations but that is one of many reports that have been good, consumer spending very strong, manufacturing has come back, services sector, leisure and hospitality, vacation has come back, we see the economy surprised to the upside time and again and that is why the stock market is so high, the american people seem to be getting back after it faster than thought so that is good news, we are dealing with a lot of coronavirus spiking that so far hasn't seemed to dampen people's desire to get back to work or employer's ability to hire them. the question is will they continue? todd: the nasdaq is up 226, the dow up 2% and the s&p up one.5%. do you really think the stock market is in touch with reality? people worry what the fall will look like, will these kids go
2:34 am
back to school to see the market exploding like this, says work on apple, amazon, these numbers are so high. is that in touch? >> markets are always looking ahead at what is "happening now," making predictions for the future holes. rob: the future is the fall. people are nervous about 6 months from now. >> we have heard time and again how nervous people are. even back in april we were talking how nervous people were going to be in may and june but what is interesting is when we got to may and june we saw consumers going back. there is a question, to the headlines we see about coronavirus case count reflects what people on the ground are actually doing? how much are people acting on that? what the data said is people are more willing to get back at it,
2:35 am
we don't know what is going to happen in the fall. we are seeing people aren't exhibiting the kind of fear in the economy we thought they were, devon better economic outcomes which translated into the nasdaq, the s&p, hitting levels we did not expect at this point. jillian: mitch mcconnell said the next coronavirus bill could include another round of stimulus checks, do you think there should be another stimulus bill? a lot of republicans are concerned about the price tag. >> the price tag matters. we spent $3 trillion of money we don't have. we've got to be careful about this. at this point the key to recovery, forget relief or stimulus and talk about recovery, helping people get back to work. i'm looking for policies that help people do they whether ith is a payroll tax cut that is the cost of hiring or protections for businesses from frivolous lawsuits so they are not stuck in court spending money there. these are the things that could
2:36 am
help, stimulus checks are tricky, last round we send a lot of money to people who needed it, probably a lot of money to people who didn't need it. if we do that this time it has to go to the people who are really in dire straits. we were not able to do that last time but it matters when you spent $3 trillion, you can't keep piling trillions on top of that. >> the debt is something people like to ignore but good to bring it up once in a wild. carley: suspects accused of killing jamal khashoggi, 25 russians linked to the death of lawyer sergey megnitschke, an american resident was killed in 2018 in the saudi consulate in his temple, his remains have ever been found in the saudi government denies involvement. in 2009, he was beaten and left
2:37 am
to die in a jail cell after accusing russian officials of massive tax fraud. all violators will be banned from the uk and have assets permanent. >> mike pompeo hinting the trump administration a crackdown on the popular chinese social media apps tick-tock. >> shouldn't we be considering right now tonight a ban on chinese social media apps especially tick-tock? >> we are looking at it. we looked at this issue for a long time. >> we recommend people download that on their phones? >> leave you want your information to enhance the chinese communist party. >> this apps has been accused of feeding users information directly to china. it has been banned in india. tick-tock's developer denied the allegations.
2:38 am
>> how about this video? a massive rack slide crashes into a night highway. came out of nowhere. the rockslide, 120 feet long, 40 feet deep. >> slow cleanup for crews, huge boulders on that road and cleared it all off. carley: janice is here with a look at the forecast. >> janice: it feels like summer time over the northeast. i know you love summer time. we look at it, 70s across much of the country this morning, we will get into the 80s and even 90s in some areas, showers and
2:39 am
thunderstorms across portions of the southeast, an area of low pressure could develop over the next couple days, maybe something tropical in nature, we will watch for that but there is a severe threat for parts of the northern plains including larger, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, severe thunderstorm warning in parts of the planes will be ongoing today. future radar showing widespread scattered showers especially for the southeast, that will remain in effect the next couple days. a frontal boundary, stalled frontal boundary and along that front we will see scattered storms and the potential for fire danger in the great basin, that area of low pressure the next couple days, right now over the southeast could drift into the atlantic and this is the time of your we start to see tropical activity especially along the coast, keep you up to date.
2:40 am
nice to see you both. >> a big storm around 5:00 pm right outside, watched the dump. it was great. >> love janice dean. >> all tied together. 40 minutes after the hour. it is the richest contract in sports history. >> kansas city chiefs locking up super bowl mvp for ten years, half $1 billion. we will break down that deal next. [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right?
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tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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jillian: on run for baseball fans, mlb setting schedule for the 2020 season.
2:44 am
rob: more on the return of baseball. >> reporter: major league baseball reveals a 2020 schedule, shortened 60 game season begins july 2, '03, revenue issue for the stadium, new york yankees head to dc to play the washington nationals, la dodgers host the san francisco giants, 14 games paid july 2, '04, we should at each team has 40 divisional games, 20 interleague games in the season ends september 20 seventh after it started. this is a testing problem over the weekend, the astros and cardinals and nationals canceled their workouts monday after not getting results back in time, those with on friday, the angels, delayed work out, waiting on their tests, the holiday weekend affected the delivery, the league using fedex
2:45 am
in a lab in utah, maybe rethink how they process the testing. some shaky news with baseball. a really good day to be patrickm aholmes. >> every day for the rest of his life will be a great day. is record $530 million contract makes the case, this is a 10 year, $503 million deal and it is the first time in nfl players the world's highest paid, with the chiefs through 2031 and jumps ahead of mike trout, mexican boxer of her is, james carlos extension and a lot of details not revealed, it is $40 million a year, not bad.
2:46 am
jillian: i want to see what his bank account like. rob: you can't get by on $40 million a year. car payments and taxes. carley: protesters topple searches across the country, one ohio town, a safe haven for controversial monuments. we are live with the city manager behind the idea. >> was controversial, frederick douglass in rochester, baltimore's columbus, ronald reagan christened, not really sure what, maybe the one carly has for rob, a surprise at the end of the show. i forgot this was cable. on our show a state of emergency in georgia, the shootings going crazy, violence out of control,
2:47 am
cops on the sideline, the national guard after a week of violence, we get your reaction from a georgia congressman, doug collins, nasdaq getting 20 fourth record high for the year, what it means as we recover from coronavirus setbacks, dan bonngenome, will not wear a tie, don't know why, they have a personal plea to the mayor of the city to get things under control, we talk about that and video from the nations veterans sending a message of encouragement amid the coronavirus pandemic. joey jones orchestrated this project and join us with more on his mission to help americans at which time i asked but don't demand you get dressed, see you soon. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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rob: in ohio city stepping up as a things way for statues and monuments being removed from cities across the country. carley: not everyone agrees, voicing their concerns during a heated city council meeting. joining us live to defend the decision to take in the monuments, city manager david lynch. this is an interesting idea, new york city, baltimore doesn't want statues, we will take them but not everyone in your town agrees with one resident was quoted as saying we don't need that here in our city and another person said what about the safety of our family. your plan has sparked some controversy.
2:52 am
>> if we succumb to the fear, we are succumbing the idea that is being driven by the people taking down those statues, the american values of courage and defense of freedom that we are not going to respect anymore and people do respect those values here, we are not going to be like other public officials that are silent in the face of this. i don't want to wake up in the future when kids are saying who is that george washington guy? that's not where we want to live. rob: what inspired this move? >> 5000 residents, value their history, we have one of the great iconic historical covered bridges in town and people are digging up indian arrowheads around the community. we are particularly connected to
2:53 am
history type of community and when i see these stages coming down reminded me of give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, historic heroes that established our country, these crazy mobs that are trying, not just trying to tear down inanimate objects, trying to tear down our history and the great achievements of these heroes, george washington was a brave man when he stood against the most powerful military force on earth to stand up against king george. jillian: do you think anyone will take you up on your offer and send you your there statues? >> we should proclamation. it is early. i've had dialogue with the arts commission and they are considering the proposal, having a state that iconic statue of christopher columbus.
2:54 am
we want to put the statues in a place of respect. they may have had flies as humans but these folks who are icons had great achievements in their history. it is the bravery, fortitude and things that created our nation. abraham lincoln making sure slavery was stamped out. he may have had flaws but his achievements were unbelievable. >> appreciate it, good to have you on. jillian: we will be right back.
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rob: welcome back. the creator of the musical hamilton responding on kit particulars to stop showing the broadway hit. the creator in twitter says it's all fair game. alexander's hamilton's life should not be celebrated by hamilton considering he traded slave. rob schmitt joined us earlier to weigh in. >> this call to cancel hamilton pop culture that represents our founders and country in a fairly positive way is a part of that it's really unfortunate. rob: it's amazing this is now being called on to be canceled. disney plus downloads up by 74%. carley: tattoo parlors with back open in new york city.
2:59 am
parlors are almost fully booked for the rest of the week. biggest command is covid-19 tattoos. doctors and nurses battling the virus wanted to get a group tattoo which makes sense. i like it. rob: that is interesting. essential workers could get the wedding of their dreams. throw a wedding worth $75,000. follow dream wedding give away on instagram and say why you or a friend deserves the prize by july 17th. the public will choose hot winner is. not bad. carley: on to very important news for us. we have a important member of the fox news. congratulations to "fox & friends first" senior producer kim haggerty and husband mike. rob: we were wondering when this was going to finally happen. the bouncy boy born at 11:45 p.m. there he is with dad on july 5th weighing 9 pounds. she had her work cut out for her. older son landon excited to be a
3:00 am
big brother we are told. congratulations to kim and her family. carley: look at those little rolls. so cute. congratulations, kim. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ come on over ♪ come on in. steve: live from new york city, it is 6:00 on, this the 7th day of the 7th month of 2020. look up 6th avenue we have a little more traffic than that, it is an early morning here in new york city, which still a lot of people aren't at work but here we are live from the big room at the fox news world headquarters. ainsley and brian, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning to you, steve. good morning to you, brian. thanks so much for all of you for watching at home.


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