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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 7, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and prosecuting. >> people can't get away with these things. they had to know that they would get caught up maybe they didn't think the guys wearing a make america great again hat, he's screaming those sorts of things about -- i think is like make america great again or something of that nature. and this is where we are in this country right now. >> laura: teardown of stature, thomas jefferson or lincoln or some general and they're not going to worry about that one bit. depends on what you're protesting. that's all the time happening. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon. >> shannon: laura, thank you very much. we are going to continue that debate, whether they can do it safely. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. children, parents, teachers, everyone is in limbo tonight as the country tackles the divisive issue of whether your kids could go back to the classroom this fall. the president vowing to ramp up the pressure to make that happen but can we do it safely? with got experts standing by to debate. in the crime wave across the
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u.s. tonight following a deadly weekend in the number of major cities, it continues as we are monitoring another protest, pitting demonstrators against police right here in washington, d.c., tonight, just outside the white house. the press announcing -- one florida sheriff raising the idea of deputizing every lawful gun owner against protesters. our panel weighs in on whether the feds can crackdown if local government won't. plus, congressional democrats -- removal of confederate statues on capital with government funding that keeps the country running. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with white house correspond kevin corke, keeping an eye on the protests not far from the white house tonight on the day the president vows to get american kids back to school, he says he can do it out of danger. lots to cover, that evening. >> what's happening just outside the white house, we are keeping an eye on the situation over the black lives matter plaza, which
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as you know is just north of the lafayette park, which is itself just north of the white house. we seen video of an apparent trump supporter who's actually been struck by a black lives matter supporter, but he struck that man directly in front of the d.c. metropolitan police, which as you know have been more or less congregating in the black lives matter plaza for the better part of a month now. he struck the men in white. he was immediately apprehended and then pulled right over the barricades and promptly placed in handcuffs, so as we get more details, in fact i understand by some reporting on the ground tonight that things are heating up over there. obviously i will keep an eye on that for you. meanwhile, the president today says he will pressure state governors to open schools in this coming fall despite a recent surge in coronavirus cases across the country. that has proctored some local officials to actually slow their reopening plans. >> we want to reopen the schoo
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schools. everybody wants it, the moms wanted, the dads wanted, the kids wanted. it's time to do it. >> time to hit the books and head back into the classroom. that was the president's a message today as he welcomed a variety of stakeholders to the white house to discuss the safest way to reopen schools this fall despite a recent spike in covid-19 cases. in fact, at least 39 states have released school reopening guidance for fall of 2020 as most states start varying by district. on-site, online and on the air, the ministrations full-court press was evident with a single message. let's work together to get those schools reopen to safely and soon. >> lets remember working families, let's remember single parents. for people to be able to go back to work full-time this fall, which got to have these schools up and running and working. anybody that wants to play politics on this thing is on fair notice that we are not going to put up with it. >> politics. that's still a major concern in some corners that primary
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democratic run states possibly defy the president's plea to reopen schools because they don't trust his judgment or that of his administration, with some even using cautious cdc language is reason enough to keep schools shuttered. >> when it comes to opening our schools, nobody should hide behind cdc guidance as a way to not reopen schools. >> we hope that most schools are going to be open and we don't want people to make political statements, or do it for political reasons and i think it's going to be good for them politically so they keep the schools closed, no way. we are very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools to get them open. >> the debate over when to reopen schools because of lingering health concerns comes as the administration begins to withdraw the u.s. from the world health organization, a decision both and derided on capitol hill. china lied. the w.h.o. complied and americans died, says james comer of kentucky, while bob menendez of new jersey tweeted "this
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won't protect american lives or interests. it leaves americans sick and america alone." the president and the education secretary betsy devos meanwhile credited florida's new reopening plan which orders all of the sunshine state's public schools to reopen in august for at least five days per week for all students. score one for the sunshine state, shannon. >> shannon: we are going to debate that and will get back you on those protests here in d.c. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: source covid-19 cases continue to search, the new york city -- mass vending machines that across the country, one very large influential group is pushing states to make those masks mandatory. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening, trace. >> across the country mask mandates are hit and miss and it's apparently creating confusion, not to mention conflict as evidenced by a slew of viral videos of masked and unmasked shoppers throwing
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tirades. so now the retail industry leaders association, which represent walmart, target, macy's, and others, it's urgent governors to make it a requirement that everyone wear a mask. the national governors association says its members are discussing their request. of course part of the confusion is whether masks actually work. first sergeant general jerome adams cautioned against them writing in february "seriously, people, stop buying masks, they are not effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus" but in mid-june, dr. adams wrote this, quoting, "some feel face coverings infringe on their freedom of choice, but if more wear them, we will have more freedom to go out." maybe that's because in a letter to the international science community, 239 u.s. healthful experts warned that micro-droplets of coronavirus could be airborne for hours and social distancing may not be enough to stop infection. some doctors say they don't doubt airborne transmission.
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others say it's possible, but not likely in the cdc and world health organization say they need more evidence. as for the number of infections continuing to climb in some states, dr. scott atlas says it doesn't matter. watch. >> it only matters if we cannot protect the high risk people, which we are protecting. how do i know? because the death rates are not going up. because in fact, as president trump said, they're going way down. for example, in mid-april we were averaging around 30,000 new cases a day and more than 2,000 deaths a day. yesterday we had more than 46,000 new cases, 322 deaths. finally, what about the theories of sunlight and ultraviolet rays in the south were supposed to slow the disease? experts a hot weather is driving people into the air-conditioned indoors where the virus might thrive. so the cleveland clinic says there is no clear evidence air conditioning spreads the virus.
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shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher tracking that on many points for us on covid tonight, thank you. and as we reported at the top of the show, parents across america are frustrated they're facing deadlines, trying to make decisions about what to do regarding their children's education come fall. the president all in on reopening schools backed up by his secretary of education. >> children are social beings, we are all social beings and not being able to be together with students of similar age groups and with friends over extended periods of time, it's unhealthy for anyone. >> shannon: so can it be done safely this fall? let's discuss with former medical director of the peace corps, dr. steve weinberg. and republican congress and from indiana jim banks. good to have you both with us. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: congress men come i want to start with you because you've introduced something called the reopen our schools
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act that would take away federal funds for school districts that refuse to reopen. here are some reaction from the stock of reopening from pat gardner, down in florida where the governor has said we are going to get this thing moving. pat says i feel like teachers and staff are being put on the front lines with doctors and nurses. emt people and some police officers and they haven't been trained on how to work with contagious individuals and some of them are going to die. says teachers and staff are going to dive you make them go back, congressman? >> well, the statistics don't back that up, shannon. what we know now is that children are the least at risk category to contract coronavirus or to spread it. this issue is personal for me like it is for so many families. i have three daughters who are going into second, third, and fifth grade. watching them go through what they went through with virtual learning that failed, which studies now show they didn't retain hardly any of what they learned over the last few months when schools were shut down.
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if we don't put kids back in the classroom, where leaving an entire generation of kids behind in the statistics at this point don't back up anything but putting our kids back in the classroom where they belong. >> shannon: okay, so let's talk about that against the backdrop of the spike in covid cases that we are seeing i in a number of places. "time" magazine today reporting this, the covid deaths are down but there are worrying signs of a major spike ahead. set a recent surge of covid-19 in states like arizona, florida and texas with first detected in late may. it's likely too soon to tell for sure whether that surge will lead to a spike in deaths, but at least in one state texas, there's already a warning sign the more deaths are coming. if hospitalizations are spiking, meaning lots of people are getting severely ill. dr. weinberg, we had you want on this topic from the very beginning when there was so much we didn't know. we're several months into it now, so what do you make of where we are tonight? >> shannon, there's still an awful lot we don't know but we've learned so much in the last four months.
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i think i agree with the congressman, the president, secretary devos, the kids about to be back in school and this is personal for me. i'm a schoolteacher, i'm a college professor. i talked to my boss yesterday and said what am i going to do, i've got kids registering in my class. she said we don't know yet. so i don't know if i'm going to teach in person, i don't know if i'm going to teach online. but i know the kids have to get back in school. this is a very complicated iss issue. it is not a one-size-fits-all. there's no way we can say that a school district in washington state and a school district in florida have the same problems. they've got different problems in the local control is where the rubber will meet the road. just a couple of real quick example, school teachers for example. a lot of schoolteachers and some of the districts are 25, 30, right out of college and some are very seasoned in their 50 and 55. totally different risk factor for them. i saw today and i'm real proud
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of this, the texas education agency came up with a fantastic plan -- congressman, take a look at it, i think it's great. order the districts to do what they recommend, came up with a several page plan that i wish i could have written myself. it really goes into great detail about how to get kids back in school, what to do if you find an infection in them. how to mitigate problems, how to protect teachers and i think we are going to -- we are going to face this very soon. another problem is six weeks -- look at six weeks ago. we didn't have anything near the number of cases we have now. now we have a spike. but what are we going to be like in six weeks? i don't know. so this is a -- >> shannon: there so much we don't know. >> this is a problem waiting for a solution. >> shannon: so congress men, what you make of those that say that this has turned into a political football potentially the people who support the president what the schools open because it will let parents go back to work and help the economy and accusations that
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those who don't are trying to hold out to somehow impact the election in the fall to benefit vice president biden? >> i don't know what to think of it. on the one hand the president has been strong in his message and reopening schools. his administration is strong on this message as well. secretary devos making very strong statements today that she agrees with the premise of my reopen our schools act that i introduced last month, the taxpayers are going to begin wondering why are we paying taxes to fund programs like school safety grants for example if the school is not going to reopen in the fall. so the administration is on the right side of reopening the schools so you immediately have the detractors and those who hate president trump who take the other side of the issue. i don't think it has anything to do with the election at all, this is about leadership. at that school superintendents in my district reach out to me even just tonight about their plans to reopen in the fall. that's the type of leadership that we need. we need to change this conversation from our schools might not be able to reopen in the fall to our schools will
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reopen in the fall, but here is what it's going to take to get there and i serve on the education committee and the congress. i vowed to work with any school system in america if they commit to reopening in the fall and i want to work with them on solutions to do that. my bill grants schools with liability protections, for example, but at the same time, it states very clearly that if you don't reopen in the fall, then we have to ask questions about why we are funding particular federal grants with taxpayer dollars for schools that don't reopen. >> shannon: we will watch that piece of legislation on the hill and we will watch the medical data as it comes in. congressman banks, dr. weinberg, thank you very much, please come back. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: as communities across the country grapple with how to handle soaring crime, one florida sheriff it said he "deputized local gun owners and protests erupted again. tonight, walking back the comments saying he doesn't have the legal authority, alex hogan joins us now from new york,
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tracking protests flaring up again tonight, hey, alex. >> hi, shannon, learning more about an suv that drove through a crowd of protesters in midtown manhattan just a couple hours ago. we know that there were no reports of injuries and that driver is in custody. we will continue to monitor the situation but all of this follows an uptick in crime. we'd seen it around the country, specifically shootings with not only targets as adults, but targets as children, taking their lives as well. just in chicago alone the city last month saw 425 shootings. that's up 75%. one of the victims, a 7-year-old girl named natalia wallace and she was shot and killed a fourth of july party. police arrested one suspect but they're still looking for three others. >> take some ownership in the decisions you make. come on in, turn yourself in and admit that you killed a 7-year-old child. >> in indianapolis, a fight over
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black lives matter and language sparked a gunfire that killed a mother and injured her 3-year-old and in minneapolis, shooting took place of a woman who was sitting in her vehicle when she was pregnant, doctors at a nearby hospital delivering that child for she died. her grieving uncle speaking to fox affiliates saying this horrendous killing and cowardly act is an example of the pandemic of domestic violence and violence against women. it has to stop. quarantine has shown a rise in domestic violence calls, my niece with a beautiful creative soul, she deserved to live. women and children are scared. and here in new york, horrifying video of the father gun down while walking his 6-year-old daughter across the street. among the recent dead, 17-year-old in the bronx and a 14-year-old in queens. according to nypd there were 205 shootings in june. that's up 130% compared to the same time last year. >> the explosions started after the murderer -- murder of george
8:17 pm
floyd. after the animosity towards the police within the city. after a feeling of emboldened by the criminals on the streets that the cops can't do anything anymore. that no one likes the police. that they can get away with things and that it's safe to carry a gun out on the streets. >> new york mayor bill de blasio pinning some of the recent crime on people being cooped up during the pandemic and also the court system. >> shannon: alex hogan live for us in new york. thank you. so a deep dive into this alarming crime wave skyrocketing across america. our experts standing by to weigh in on the staggering numbers, next. ♪ protect. but new always discreet is made differently. with ultra-thin layers that turn liquid to gel and lock it inside. for protection i barely feel. new always discreet. it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪
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to low income families through our internet essentials program. and this summer, xfinity is creating a virtual summer camp for kids at home- all on xfinity x1. we're committed to helping all families stay connected. learn more at >> shannon: breaking tonight, we are monitoring protesters again taking to the streets tonight in the nation's capital.
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reportedly now blocking traffic down by the white house, forcing cars to turn around. if we are trying to track down some of the facts. kevin corke is on the situation for us tonight. what's the latest, kevin? >> i've been following jorge ventura, one of the reporters that i actually saw a great deal when i was down there covering the protests in what is now known as black lives matter plaza and as part of his reporting his showing his video right here i street being blocked off to normal traffic flow. they did allow a bust of protesters to pastor but as you can see there, i street has now been blocked for regular auto traffic and just to give you sort of a sense of where that is in relation to the white house, i can see the grill there, this is about a block and a half north of lafayette park. if you go up 16 the block and if you hang may be a and go half a block, that's what we are looking at. and as you see there still a large contingent of law enforcement officers and officials just along h street.
8:23 pm
sort of follow the alphabet. they are there right along the parking is to see the fame it saved john's episcopal church right now we do know that auto traffic is being impeded by protesters along i street as we get more details, i promise to pass them along but for now, back to you. spinrite, kevin, we were on the air together, you down there as the church was set ablaze not long ago by protesters. looks a little bit more quiet tonight. keep us updated. thank you, kevin. 31 people shot, five killed including an 8-year-old girl. georgia governor responded by declaring a state of emergency and deploying the national guard to the state capital. the governor saying peaceful protests were hijacked by criminals with a dangerous destructive agenda. lawlessness must be stopped in order restored in our capital city. as you know atlanta is just one of numerous cities facing an explosion of crime.
8:24 pm
former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik and former -- and enter mccarthy. great to have both of you back. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: okay, so we're hearing a lot -- we want to put up this new york post cover calling out the mayor there, bill de blasio saying you've got to do something and the editorial goes on to talk about a number of things they think would help the city right now, including bringing back the plainclothes anti-crime units the police shut down. stopping the covid compassionate jail releases and also repealing that no-bail law that's allowing people to get right out right back on the streets after they've been pulled in for some trouble. bernie, what you make of the situation as it stands died in new york and cannot be remedied? >> it can be remedied if the mayor and the governor combined did exactly what you just said. the anti-crime removal, the plainclothes guys that act as chameleons, that go into the communities in plainclothes to
8:25 pm
look for guns and robberies in progress and shootings in progress, when you pull them out of the streets, you're going to see major, major spikes in shootings. shootings lead to murder. in violent crime across the board is going to rise. so all the things you just mentioned should be done but you actually need leadership at the top. you need a mayor that's going to support the men and women in the field. in this marriage is not going to do that. he's proved himself over and over is not going to do that. >> shannon: while we do know that there are different things the feds can do and they canter which is where we will bring in andy here. san francisco chronicle talks about federal charges now being filed against seven protesters in portland, oregon, where they've been demonstrating for 40 consecutive nights. increasingly focusing their actions on federal properties in the downtown forum, including the hatfield federal courthouse. you wrote a piece today saying though a lot of this, and when you talk about violent street crime, that's up to the state,
8:26 pm
especially the locality. so what can the feds do and not do to try and shut down some of this activity? >> well, shannon, when you have a situation where the presumption of the rule of law is going to be enforced is lost in the berg problem is local street crime, violent crime, the federal role really has to be supportive. if that mean it's insubstantial. it can be -- it can be in the lead when you have things like you just described where they are attacking federal property or federal personnel or if it's a terrorism situation, there's a lot that the feds can do, but for the most part when you're talking about violent crime, the police and the local community are a much more important factor in the state government than the federal government. for example, if there were three times more new york city cops than there are fbi agents throughout the whole country -- that's just in new york city
8:27 pm
alone. so i think there's a lot that can be done when we work together and you know, thinking about what you were just discussing with bernie, right after the 9/11 attacks, which was another situation where we had a potential breakdown of order, that didn't happen and it didn't happen precisely for the reasons that he alludes to. you had unity of support from the political leadership, the police commissioner, the u.s. attorney, the courts, and we pulled together and worked together and that i think is what's lacking now. >> shannon: yet. i want to read this headline from the "washington examiner." shootings in the new york city area up 205% in weeks since the disbanding of the plainclothes unit compared to last year. "i feel like we're giving the streets back to the criminals" of the mother of one shooting victim whose son was shot just days after the unit disbanded. what your message to that mom and other moms and dads suffering out there tonight because they lost kids? >> the messages, put it on your
8:28 pm
political leaders, go after the political leaders. go after the democrat leaders in these cities with the violence is the highest and have to touch on something and he just -- that he wrote about, shannon. when i was in narcotics, 1988, '89, '90. i had hair down my back, diamond earrings, goatee. he wrote about this. that federal day. everybody that got locked up for gangs, guns, drugs, shootings and violence across state lines, they got charged federally. they didn't go through a turnstile justice system. they got locked up and they went to prison. that's what they should be doing now in chicago, baltimore, atlanta and other cities including new york city, now's the time to do it. >> shannon: we will see if they can get some agreement on that. thank you for sharing your experience with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. thanks, shannon. >> shannon: all right, breaking cancel kultur news,
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robinhood. >> shannon: in baltimore, authorities retrieving parts of the christopher columbus statue after protesters tossed it into the harbor on the fourth of ju fourth of july. here in d.c. on capitol hill their card targeting an annual spending bill to fund the government. congressional correspondent chad pergram is here to explain. >> shannon, purse strings are the ultimate in congress. how much money congress spends dictates policy. whether it be for a warship or confederate statue. 112 annual bills fund the government. central to five of those bills. >> i am including this bill language, to require the national park service remove all confederate commemorative works. >> house democrats direct $700 billion towards the pentagon but this year's legislation features a one million-dollar allocation to
8:34 pm
rename facilities bearing confederate names. the senate hasn't prepped its spending bills yet, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell does oppose some changes. >> there certainly a question of the prominence of recognition of confederates. for example, i don't have any problem with changing the bases in the south that i didn't even realize were named after confederate generals. >> one bill funds congress and orders the removal of federate statues on capitol hill. >> we spend every day in the capital to walk past statues of people who didn't even feel we were human. >> the bill removes the bust of chief justice roger cheney, author of the dred scott decision. excluding citizenship for blacks on the stretch of south carolina senator and vice president john c calhoun. >> this is the people's house, so let's make sure all people are welcome. >> one republican source tells fox the congressional money bills aren't the right venue for removing controversial statues.
8:35 pm
other republicans oppose changes altogether. >> i promise you this is going to continue to defend america and defend america's great traditions against those who want to tear down statues, who want to erase our history. >> there's little chance any of these bills become law. it's likely congress authors a big stopgap bill later this fall to avoid a government shutdown. that means the provisions about removing confederate symbols are just for optics. shannon. >> shannon: all right, chad pergram, thank you very much. in richmond, virginia, work crews started taking on a statue of confederate general stewart earlier today. just one week after the mayor order the removal of all confederate monuments standing on city property. removing statues, rethinking the names of schools and hospitals and shouting down anyone who doesn't agree. the president weighing in on efforts by the left to silence any debate. >> one of their political weapons is cancel culture.
8:36 pm
driving people from their jobs, shaming dissenters and demanding total submission from anyone who disagrees. this is the very definition of totalitarianism and it is completely alien to our culture into our values. >> shannon: well, let's have our own debate with fox news contributor jessica tarlov and trump 2020 campaign senior legal advisor jenna ellis. welcome to you both. >> thanks, shannon. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: let's start with this "washington post" headline. trump, king of cancel culture. the office that i cannot think of another politician a public figure who spent more time trying to cancel critics than the thin-skinned former reality tv star in the oval office and they say he's not one to be talking about cancel culture because he spent his whole life doing it, your response? >> yeah, well, that's just another ridiculous headline from the mainstream media left us
8:37 pm
trying to twist the president's words and their not wanting a fair and honest debate. the problem cancel culture is that it silences everyone in the goal is the president said so clearly from mount rushmore is that the goal of the cancel culture is not to better america, it's to fundamentally change and end america and so when we look at the fluid roles in the nature of cancel culture, you know, that they are upset over one thing, that they were fine with 5 minutes ago. it's all about manipulating the roles and it's about forgetting the fact that the founders ironically actually had that truth is objective and may codify that in our declaration of independence by recognizing the truth comes from god, our rights come from god and a free, fair and honest debate over these things is what we should be having america. our first freedoms of the right to freedom of speech, assembly and free exercise of religion so we can all come together and seek the truth and debate these things, so cancel culture and
8:38 pm
removing statues, attaching them to spending bill is tyranny in the liberal left continues to just push through their agenda instead of having an open and honest reasoned debate. >> shannon: okay. i thought it was very interesting of harper's magazine today that there were people across the political spectrum and people that i think we would very easily say are on the left of all of his argument and they wrote a piece about -- listen, we got to stop at the cancel culture so we can have a conversation. a letter that a number have signed on to. said the destruction of probate -- invariably hurts those that lack power and makes everyone less capable of democratic participation. exposure, argument or persuasion, not by silence or wish them away. dave rubin said this. hilariously ridiculous, several people on their who have tried to cancel me personally. it's totally out of the open. jessica, at least there's a
8:39 pm
conversation at least across the political spectrum that says forget about canceling people, let's at least have these conversations. >> i absolutely agree with that sentiment. i'm a liberal that works at a largely conservative network. i'm obviously for the debate and think that it betters us as a nation and frankly i think that it's possible that people switch allegiances and switch parties that they hear about a candidate from the other side what they think is good about the person and can measure that up against what they felt for decades potentially in the past. but i would say that there's a confusion right now and jenna is playing into that about canceling quote unquote and removing monuments to the confederacy and confederate flags versus having a conversation about keeping statues to ulysses s. grant. i was personally trouble to her of frederick douglass statue was attacked for instance. that has no place and what should be going on right now. but when president trump is on the side of slavery, he's on the side of the confederacy. the confederate flag, which is a racist symbol and it goes after nascar and bubba wallace -- it
8:40 pm
is absolutely true, look at the president's twitter feed, look at what he said about nascar's decision and bubba wallace. lindsey graham even had to come out and say nascar made the right call, they're trying to expand their fan base and guess what, if you want us to believe that trump supporter's and americans on the whole are not racist, and don't support things like having the confederate flag flying into it -- robert ailey has no place here. spackled on a second, jenna. >> actually watched it where he talked about our heritage. which is racist. >> shannon: hold on. hold on. if use of the president is for slavery, i think that is something that jenna is probably going to want to answer. >> yeah, and so, jessica -- absolutely no proof of that. for the president to stand up for our heritage, the entire point of his mount rushmore speech was to say that our founders were imperfect, but they had a perfect vision for a more perfect union and he certainly doesn't stand for slavery, nobody in this country does, that such ridiculous
8:41 pm
argument that you're playing in to the fearmongering to the liberal left to try to paint him in the category of racism when you don't want to actually talk about the difficulty of america and our culture and our cancer culture right now and our actual policy and acknowledge that he stood up boldly and strongly and proudly for america embracing our heritage because we have unique premise in american society that our rights are for all because we are all human beings made in the image of god. that's what he stands for and you know that. >> shannon: would got to leave it there and i think -- >> after standing up for symbols like the confederate flag, you're on the wrong side. >> shannon: our founders gave us ways to fix the things that are wrong in our society and that we will come to see as wrong and like what we done that numerous times and amending the constitution and we still can as we move forward and try to make it better for everybody. jessica and jenna, good to have you both. >> thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: your kids may not like this but the federal government is considering
8:42 pm
banning tiktok. what other apps may be on the chopping block, we will explain next. ♪ e the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to target weeds precisely and kill them right down to the root. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya
8:44 pm
welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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8:46 pm
>> shannon: if your kids are into tick-tock, you should know that the u.s. government may soon ban it over national security threats connected to china. where it's explains. ♪ >> this is tiktok, popular app where users can record, edit and interact with short videos. 30 million americans use up at the trump administration is considering banning the chinese-owned company in the united states over security concerns. >> we're taking this very seriously, we're certainly looking at it. >> u.s. officials tell fox news discussions around possibly banning tiktok are in the early stages. saying it administration is prepared to counter any app that spies on americans. chinese tech firm bite dance, which owns tick-tock is denying the claims, the company says it
8:47 pm
stores american users data and servers within the united states with a backup in singapore, that none of that information is subject to chinese law and "tiktok is led by an american ceo." " we have never provided user data to the chinese government nor would we do so if asked." was officials say tiktok is among other chinese owned app they are evaluating. for years administration has led an international campaign to convince countries to curtail or ban chinese software and equipment. claiming they expose sensitive data to china's government. fbi director christopher wray says of nearly 5,000 fbi counterintelligence cases, nearly half are related to china and that china is actively working to compromise american companies and institutions that are researching covid-19. shannon. >> shannon: rich edson at the state department. thank you. so with the white house use executive action to ban tick-tock? we are told the president is
8:48 pm
planning to roll out a number of executive orders in the coming days. so how far does the power extend? former deputy at distant attorney general john you. good to have you back. you know this is something the president actually previously -- ap said -- 33 executive orders this year though he was a critic of such action when running for office. extensive use of executive orders comes after he criticized obama for doing the same. so that's where we are tonight with a lot of -- a lot of inactivity on capitol hill, john. >> there's a big difference between the obama and trump executive orders. if the executive orders are talking about foreign affairs and national security, that's where the president's constitutional powers are at its height. the president is there because the framers put it in the constitution so there would be a branch of government to protect the country from sudden threats.
8:49 pm
china is the great threat, the chinese commish party i should say is the great threat to american national security now and for the foreseeable future. plus, congress has added onto the president's powers when it comes to foreign threats in the economic area. congress gave the president the power to impose economic sanctions on things like huawei on apps like tiktok. this is an area where the president -- quite broad and not likely to be questioned in the courts. >> shannon: let me really you, president might take another stab at rolling back dhaka. can he get it done? speak of the supreme court laid out the road map. even i think the court was wrong, it said that trump can use the admin's rate of procedure act, but usually that takes about a year. the trump of administration is going to have to accelerate that process to try to get back and have that repealed. >> shannon: all right, we understand that could be coming as early as this week. thank you, always good to see you. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: we are we are tracking breaking news tonight,
8:50 pm
protests erupting aghast at the white house. we are going to check back in with kevin corke on that next. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ whether it's bribes ...or an overdue makeover. get all your pet essentials right when you need them, with curbside pickup at petsmart. just order online, drive up, check-in, and pick up.
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i care. let's all do our part to slow the spread. wear a mask. learn more at >> shannon: breaking tonight, tensions running high end around black lives matter plaza in d.c. this is just outside the white house. where told the protesters have been taken to the streets.
8:54 pm
we know there have been several arrests. some tonight reportedly blocking traffic involving verbal assaults on the heavy police presence there on hand. kevin corke is tracking all of this and has the very latest, hey, kevin. >> good evening once again. i want to take you out to black lives matter plaza in the area just adjacent to it. as you know this is just north of lafayette park, which is itself just north of the white house. if you're familiar with the address 1600 pennsylvania avenue, we'll 16th street in the nation's capital, dead ends literally right there at lafayette park. we have seen protesters and demonstrators and others -- and i always add that, because not everyone is there to protest and demonstrate, some are actually there to do other things and create lots of trouble. we'd seen a collection of folks on different nights in that area. this evening, as you can see once again from these latest pictures, there is a large contingent of law enforcement officials and not just the d.c. police. we also understand, and this is
8:55 pm
fairly similar protocol to what you and i saw over the past couple of weeks when i was actually out there. the capitol police, the park police and others are also moving in and out of this particular area throughout the evening, just to make sure that things are safe. unfortunately tonight, i can tell you that there has been a few things that would really disturb the folks who live here in the district, including traffic being shut off by protesters along i street just to the north and east of the lafayette park and the white house itself. as you see through these pictures right here, they've been able to back up and get out of the area. buses have made their way through. we also saw a trump supporter apparently assaulted in front of police by a black lives matter protester. that happened earlier today. we will keep an eye on it for you and if i get more between now and tomorrow i promise to bring it back up. shannon, for now back to you. >> shannon: kevin you spent weeks down there on the ground covering it, looks like it's blaring back up in the nation's capital, thank you for keeping us updated. >> you bet. >> shannon: will keep an eye on that and all your other news
8:56 pm
but for now, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful that you spent the evening with us, good night for now from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ don't just think about where you're headed this summer. think about how you'll get there. and now that you can lease or buy a new lincoln remotely or in person... discovering that feeling has never been more effortless. accept our summer invitation to get 0% apr on all 2020 lincoln vehicles. only at your lincoln dealer. with herbal ashwagandas help turn the stress life
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for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at that's "the ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's a headline that would have been impossible to imagine a year ago. today the president announcedo. his support for opening the countries schools this fall. seems like a pretty obvious position, but suddenly it's not. any people violently disagree with it for reasons that still are not clear, but definitely are not rational. in any case, here's part of what the president said today. >> we hope that most schools are going to be open. we don't want people to make politicall statements or do it for political reasons, they think it's going to be good for them politically so they keep the schools closed, no way. were very going to put


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