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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 10, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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website, thank you for joining us on the special edition of "hannity," sean will be back monday night. hope you have a great weekend. "the ingraham angle" is up now. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, goya food, a true hispanic-american success story and one of thec- most charitable companies in the country. but because the ceo stood side-by-side with president trump yesterday, some vicious and powerful voices on the left are calling for a boycott naturally. goya ceo robert unanue is here on why he won't back down, but first, the madness of voting against yourself. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." some americans may be thinking that voting for joe biden in november will be a vote against trump, but maybe it is time to look at things a different way,
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mainly if you vote for biden, what exactly will you be voting for?ng how will america change? first thing you have to realize is anything biden says about being tough on china or pushing made in america stuff is a total lie. biden has spent half a century and politics including eight years as vice president to show populist? a i don't think so. this latter-day attempt to rebrand himself as some sort of liberal pat buchanan on trade manufacturing is a complete and utter force. instead of america first, biden's policies have always put american workers last. and after biden's speech the day before, come on, you might be wondering, where have you heard all of that before? >> the federal government spends taxpayer's money.. we should use it to buy american products and support american jobs.
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>> we will always live by two simple rules "buy americans and hire americans." >> laura: trump, of course sees right through what biden's is trying to do. >> he plagiarized me but he can never pull it off. he likes plagiarizing. >> laura: of course, little joke with biden problem with that speech years ago. biden's progressive cheerleaders know that trump will embraceh nationalism. it's one of his strongest appeals. they have tried to co-opt the message.mb >> he's being very intentional about who's been left out of the economy. we are really encouraging everybody in giving them opportunities to participate in this economy. it will be transformative. >> laura: transformative! [laughter] biden's long record a staunch,
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unrepentant globalist on trade, on immigration and of course on foreign affairs. he's been on the opposite side of trump on every major policy battle. president biden will install globalists in key positions in the state department and the pentagon, taking us back to the obama days have constantly apologizing to the world for our past sins and giving china and europe whatever they want remember back in 2011, biden wae actually rooting on china. >> there is a debate in the united states and quite frankly throughout most of the west whether a rising china was in the interest of the united states and the wider world. w as a young member of the foreign relations committee, i wrote and i said what and i believed then what i believe now, that a rise in china is a positive, positive development. not only for china, but for america and the world at large. >> laura: [laughter] just that line alone should completely disqualify him from
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the presidency. how did that work out for hong kong, joe? could he have been more wrong on issues? and for a second do you think it will come down for the left? the left will be emboldened and not chastened by a biden win. retribution will be a dividend for the squad and the biden era. and it will just get worse. they don't want you to worry about cancel culture, in fact, aoc said check your privilege tweeting. the term cancel culture comes from entitlement. you are not actually canceled, you are just being challenged, held accountable, or unliked. tell that to those who lost their livelihood. we will talk to a man who is being subject to the cancel culture in just a few minutes. you think it is all back now,l just wait until a biden administration. if anyone, including any company does something the left doesn't like, they will come under doj scrutiny.
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and the bill of rights, it's not going to do much good for you. after all, that was written by dead, old slave owners. moments like the tea party will be treated, i don't know like moments for domestic terrorists. "black lives matter," they will be treated like heroes. religious people, the ones that don't go along with the radical left will be investigated for hate crimes. heck, biden already threatened to rescind the obamacare exemption after the supremend court decision the other day. homeschoolers, forget it. you will face such strict controls, they will go back to public schools.ho college and high school sports teams, they will be in trouble and media companies, they will face pressure by the fcc and other regulatory body. and if you take the biden administration to court because you want to challenge the stuff you will find that it has at least five justices in washington to act as a rubber-stamp. meanwhile, the laws on the books that they don't like will become meaningless. no more enforcement of the
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immigration or drug laws. and of course, crime will arise as cops are taken off the streets and replaced with left-wing social workers and therapist. biden has already moved away and way, way, way to the left on that issue. >> the last thing you need is a humvee coming in, like the military invading. they don't know anybody and they become the enemy. >> can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?? >> yes, absolutely! >> laura: wow, and good luck complaining about any of this tu the press. after all, nothing more at this point than the propaganda arm of the dnc. if biden actually wins, they will work harder to protect him. >> there is no scenario where donald trump even competes with joe biden who drips empathy. >> we were talking about this recently on tv with a different speech.
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you point out just the empathy, the biden empathy. >> we really heard from him. he was trying to say to people, look, i see you. i'm feeling your pain. >> laura: but wait, i know what you are saying. how can the wealthy actually support biden if it is a virtual certainty that crime will skyrockets, tickets will go up. come on, the rich will always figure a way to score away their money and always find a way to be shielded by private security integrated community. that is why. that is the way it works in countries like mexico and guatemala. that is where we are headed under biden. for a long time, many of you have been very happy that you don't have to live in left-wing cities like baltimore, new york, or san francisco. but in just a few months, you may find out what it's like. finally, let's not forget a vote for biden is a vote to erase the history, national memory, and our traditions. which brings us to the riots. most people on the right are
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frustrated on the ongoingio destruction, but most of it is contained in areas where rioters feel safe. st. louis, chicago will never arrest and prosecute these thugs. yet that is only true us so long the republicans hold the white house. if the left gets control of the doj, the rioters will feel safe from prosecution almost anywhere. in fact, they will know anyone who interferes with them will risk federal investigation. biden won't have to order people to do much of anything like what, blow up mount rushmore? no, he's not going to do that. he just won't do anything to stop or punish the folks who try to. as nancy pelosi says -- >> i don't care that much about the statues. >> not a mob in the middle of the night. >> let them do what they do. >> laura: being a citizen is
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a duty and duties aren't always easy or fun to carry out. well, these days, when there's so much hatred towards ourwe country and the media, i know it is tempting to tune it all out and say, i'm not looking at it. hide our heads under the covers and wait for the storm to pass. but this isn't a storm, and it's not going to pass. it is a vicious and well-funded movement to take away your power and your money. and give them to people who want to crush you. but patriotic americans are starting to resist these unconstitutional series of edicts and actions of their mayors and governors.. and young and old alike must respectfully refuse to submit to this new normal that keeps us out of work, out of churches, and out of schools. we have to teach the democratic party once and for all that attacking us and aligning with the radical socialist fringe is going to cost them dearly. we can absolutely do this. we have beaten the left many times before, and we can do it
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again. in november, a vote for trump is a vote to preserve the saying that makes america the bestt country on earth. our freedom. and that is "the angle." the president's reelection prospects, well, they reckon in large part how well he can do with women voters especially suburban women voters this november. "the washington post" abc poll for may shows that biden leads among the group stronger than hillary clinton four years ago. 56% of that voting block favors joe biden compared to just 42% a for clinton. now, this is where trump is inin trouble, but is not all gloom and doom. had the democrats needlessly box themselves in on two important issues to women. democratic politicians, schoolol administrators, and teachers are the main impediment to schoolsdc opening in the fall, especially the teachers union.
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parents know the science says the kid should be back in school, but democrats seem to be ignoring that. the other area is the burgeoning effort to defund, dismantle or just further weaken of the police. now surprisingly empowering lawless mobs to rule the street is not exactly appealing to we women voters especially raising families. so i think trump had the real opportunity to peel off some of the crucial support away from biden and of course, the trump campaign. he needs to focus on three things: reopening our schools, you saw a little bit of that this week, reclaiming ourin safety, going after those people who are lawless in the streets, and rebuilding our economy, and he's on his way to doing that. joining me sara carter fox news contributor, host of the sara carter podcast and alsoew with me tom bevan, cofounder of real clear politics and lara logan who has no agenda on
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fox nation. tom, let me start with you. this is kind of a conundrum for republicans, certain election cycles, but are suburban women among the persuadables at this point in the election, or is it all baked in already and immovable? >> i don't think that they are immovable, they have strong opinions with trump and more of the style with his actual policies as you point out the there is a new poll that came out this week, the mayor in new york, get this 62% of folkss in the suburbs of new york and 60% upstate disagree with the defund the police movement. of that so you have this realne disconnect between folks in new york city and folks in the suburbs and upstate on the issue of defining the police and thate is new york which is a blueis state. when you take that to the swing states in the midwest, i think there is an opportunity for
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trump if he can do it stylistically in a way to appeal to suburban women to push this law and order message and make that a positive for him. >> laura: sara, isn't it a point for trump to say, well, you might not at times like my tone or even my tweets, but no one will fight harder for yourot safety at home,tw in the street, in your economic security, and the ability of your kids to go to school. it is almost like he has to do a little bit of that, it seems, in order to convince these women that they are not voting against him, really if they vote for biden.r they are voting for more chaos. >> that is absolutely true, laura. that is such a great point and something i brought up in the past before is reaching out to female voters and saying, look. i know there are things like about me that you don't like, but i am here as a president of law and order. i will get your kids back to school. these are the facts. the democrats are playing you, and they really are. they are putting our kids in the middle of this political
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football, laura, and it's so unfair. our children have been through enough. they need some semblance of normalcy to move forward. so do the families. and the two most important things for female voters and for mothers and for women in the united states of america is their children's education and the security of family. and if the president can move and just walk across that line, look, i am here for you. i am going to make this happen. i know you don't think i'm the most perfect guy, if you vote y for biden, you will lose it because the democrats have been giving way too much up to the radical leftists. we can see that from seattle to new york. >> laura: and lara, i get the sense from moms in my mom group who are not political. these are not political people, that they sometimes tweet, they don't like trump, but they are really turned off by some of
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these democrat leaders who are excusing the mob like nancy pelosi. this is what she said about the christopher columbus statues being torn down. >> in little italy, the statue of christopher columbus was removed.ri >> i don't even have my grandmother's earrings. i'm not one of those people with a statue someplace is an important thing.f i don't care that much about the statues. >> laura: she basically went on to say, people will do what they do. lara, what about that? vandalism in the streets, does that sell for women? >> well, laura, you hear about it allal the time. every channel you watch, every newspaper you pick up, you're pretty much getting only one perspective on this constantly day and night. and so many of the women that i speak to are extremely frustrated. because they feel that they are being completely ignored. there is a lot of talk about the silent majority, and what they are doing is screaming from the rooftops.ot they are not silent but utterly disregarded.
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we are being overlooked. there is nobody out there standing up for these values and standing up for what it is that we care about and what we believe in. and when you see all the talk online about, for example, "the new york times" had an editorial where opinion writers, under a headline that said "how white women use themselves as instruments of terror against t black men." there is an entire editorial about that. there are too many drowned soulh for these white women not to know precisely what they are doing. they are using their white femininity as terror against black men. and so there is a real sense and feeling that some women in this country that the values that think they hold dear, that they hold onto, the things they have known all their lives, that these are being torn down. there is a real opportunity fori
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the leaders to stand up for all races. this isn't a black/white thing. this isn't in many respects republicans/democrats thing. many women who are moderates, women from both sides of the aisle who are very concerned about really the direction that they see the country going into and just frustrated that theyno are not being heard. in fact, no one is talking to them and no one is curious about them but completely disregarded. >> laura: i think this is an opening, i really do for trump to kind of come back for suburban women and some of the pollsters, tom break it down suburban white women.f sometimes that's how they break down the polls. but i think safety, security, prosperity, reopening schools, reestablishing order, the home, the idea of home is very powerful, especially for women. to me, those things, they need to be hit and hit harder and more effectively by the republicans if they are going to make up some of the ground they have lost, tom.
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>> i think that is right and if trump's style isn't exactly right, someone like ivanka can be an asset to the campaign to go out and make that one more thing nancy pelosi's comments, that is exactly what donald trump wants to do, is that he wants to make this not a referendum but a choice between him and joe biden and say, look, the democrats are not willing to stand up to the mob. that is exactly what she did right there. she was not willing to say joe biden in his press conference tried to split the baby and some monuments are bad and some are good, and we need to protect them. but he really hasn't been forced on this. trump has laid out and staked his claim on this issue. to the extent democrats are unwilling to stand up to the mob, it plays to his advantage. >> and they can't. they have to ride the mob's energy to the election. and people say, sara, the republicans cut themselves in a trip box with a pandemic. i think the democrats are just as much of a trick box with the left because they do not
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resonate with most women. to that, one of the more shocking developments has been watching some of the big city mayors gaslight the country ovec the recent controversy. >> there is not one cause for something like this. there is a lot of different pieces. >> we have in some ways the perfect storm. we have almost three months of covid-19. >> just this perfect storm of stress in america. people are obviously anxious ano even angry about covid-19. laws overen the weekend and you saw that in many american cities. it is that same death cult mentality. >> laura: the death cult, sara, because only republican churchgoers can spread the virus or cause a situation where it encourages viruses, okay? come on! >> the rioters, laura, thousands of protesters in the streets,
11:20 pm
there was no cause for concern when that was happening. look, they have boxed themselves in a corner and we see that in democratic cities that are red. the crime and the violence in chicago. we see what is happening in new york. we see what is happening in san francisco, los angeles. and the democrats have put themselves in a corner. i agree with trump, the silent majority, you know, is not silent anymore. americans are starting to seek. if the president can cross the line and get ivanka trump to talk to the women and he, himself, deliver that message because it is an important message. he needs to pound on it a little bit harder and look, you have a choice in november. you can go in this directionon with joe biden and see other chaos and your children will not be in school. look at what has happened in democratic run strongholds, or we can build this economy back up again. we will have your children backt in school, and we will be the government of law and order here. we will stop this from
11:21 pm
exacerbating itself. that is the real challenge right now. that is what the republicans need to do as well. >> laura: lara, really quickly, is it essential that the voters decide electing biden will calm things down, or electing biden will embolden the rioters in the chaos? that is kind of what biden's is banking on and the message he's trying to put out there. >> it is interesting you make that point, laura. what i have heard from many women that i have spoken to is that this election for them isn't even about trump. it is about the principles. if you believe in the principal of, you know, the right to practice your religion whether muslim or whether jewish or whether christian, that you don't have those rights at the moment. and in california, you are not allowed to sing in church. if you believe in freedom of speech, you are not allowed to speak out and say what you think these days. you are a racist and a bigot if you vote for trump.
11:22 pm
you are a racist and a bigot if you say anything, you know, that goes against the grain. if you talk out and questioned the pandemic or question toes yu are a denier in the endangering people safety. there is a real sense any people in this country that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, these things are at risk right now in a way that has never been experienced in our lifetime. and those issues will be there with her regardless trump is present or not. you will still be voting on those issues in the next election, no matter who wins this one. so that's what i'm hearing from lots of people. that is what biden has going against him right now. he does not seem to be standing up for those things. >> laura: liberty versus lockdown, what is it going to be, freedom or intimidation. panel, the discussion, thank you so much. great to see all of you tonight. with the fda refusing to take
11:23 pm
down its warningan over hydroxychloroquine, two doctors have taken matters into their own hands. what they told president trump next. guys, times are tough.
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>> laura: now, despite the media in the medical establishments claims otherwise, hydroxychloroquine has been found to be so effective in a recent study that it cut the mortality rate in half for covid. now, one wonders how many lives have been lost due to this political teeth gnashing and purposeful politicalization by president trump's adversaries. and it is a drug that safely has been used for decades and decades. although the fda still issues a warning about using the drug, two prominent doctors are now pushing for it to be offered in small over-the-counter doses.
11:28 pm
now, here with more, dr. simone gold, a board-certifiedit emergency physician working on the front lines during the pandemic and dr. richard urso, an ophthalmologist practicing in houston, texas. dr. gold, tell us about your plans and why it is so important to get this done fast. >> thank you so much, laura, for having me on the show. i've been tracking the pandemic and the reaction to the pandemic for months, long before january, february. and initially i was excited about hydroxychloroquine and very distressing that the media pounced all over this as though it was not a good option after the president endorsed it. so we've known for decades that hydroxychloroquine is the evidence is pouring and that it is effective as well. early prophylactic treatment for covid-19. and the president did not pick hydroxychloroquine out of thin air. there was a lot to suggest it would be helpful but now the
11:29 pm
evidence is coming in like a tsunami, it will be unstoppable. but because they're so much political condensation of the drug, let's make it over the counter simply like we do the rest of the world. >> laura: i can hear heads exploding across thehe country tonight by you advocating for that. i want to remind everybody, this is what dr. fauci, okay, once a stall lockdown again, what he said about hydroxychloroquine back in may. >> clearly the scientific data is really quite evident now about the lack of efficacy board and the possibility that there could be coming out could be but, you know, the likelihood that under certain circumstances, it might be rare but you would see it adverse events. >> laura: i can hear plaintiff's attorney if this were a practicing physician with all the data we have now, doctor, the new mount sinai study to produce more mortality as well and a hint of henry ford
11:30 pm
study, the comments about the drug seems almost malpractice. how does fauci and why does fauci seems to want to deny its efficacy, doctor? >> laura, thank you, the political back story i have a hard time trying to figure out what is clearly wrong with what he said. hydroxychloroquine is super safe. i'm particularly have a lot of experience with it. i have several thousand patients to discuss the toxicity of this drug over the last 30 years. it's a supersafe drug, safer than tylenol, motrin, aspirin. and it's been around the largest analysis ever is 50% -- 50 patient deaths contributed to the drug so to make claims like that -- the only thing i can say, he's right in some respects if you give toxic doses, 34 milligrams per kilograms
11:31 pm
instead of 6.5, yeah, you will have adverse events. those studies, they gave high dosage without considering appropriate dosages. so i think if i can add one little thing, laura, is that the cutie interval everybody is so scared of them at the heart recharges every time it beats.s it recharges. the only thing i can tell you, i've been working with this drug for 30 years, okay, and i've never had a patient taken off df it because of a heart issue. and i went out of my way to talk to cardiologist about this over the last four months and not a single one has taken a patient off of this. >> laura: i want to get into this, but dr. gold, i have heard repeatedly that doctors who areo pushed to describe this to patients, knowing this works and knowing it is safe, have been targeted. it is like a medical cancel culture applied to this particular medication. no one is saying it is a cure, by the way, but it reduces the viral load in all of the patients that dr. smith has
11:32 pm
patients he treated at an early level. an incredible success,ce obviously, the turks, and other countries. by doctors being targeted and threatened, dr. gold, what about that? >> well, for sure. i absolutely and myself have experienced that. many doctors have been threatened with sanctions and losing their job. part of by the state medical board and also, it is a cure. if somebody says i can give you the best chemotherapy agent or the option of not get cancer in the first place, i will take not getting the cancer. you have to understand the covid disease is really two different problems. if you get the virus and treat it early, it is one problem, but if you get it late and treat it late, it is a different disease. so hydroxychloroquine given early, prophylactically treated, prophylactically when you really are sick, it is very effective. >> laura: doctor, really quickly, really quickly, peter
11:33 pm
navarro has pointed to the national stock by way of the hydroxychloroquine that it needs to be moved out and used where the indication, used where it's most effective. is that a good sign? >> that is a good sign. i i'm glad they were doing that. but the fear factor for physicians, that is what we have to get past. the fear of reprisals and also, basically this misinformation campaign with toxic, massive doses has tainted the drug in some respect. we have to get past those two issues. the drug is super safe in normal doses. >> laura: the fda has got to step in here. the fda, good people there i know, they are to serving him know, they are disserving him right now. i've got a frog in my throat talking about this. thank you so much, doctor. great to see you. and biden a new speaking enemy? we will show you how nature rained on his parade.e. who do you think has a more
11:34 pm
fashionable face mask. raymond arroyo is next. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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11:40 pm
week, what did you see? >> well, more of the same, laura. even in a controlled environment with preplanned questions and prompters, biden has a knack for losing his train of thought andc getting, you know... i'm going on too long, i'm sorry. >> i believe this with every fiber of my being. we propose, what i propose is... it can be done. i think we are in a position to really make it happen. critical laws like the pro activists with collective bargaining and politics like prevailing -- look, i guess i'mi taking too much time, but you know? >> he is taking too much time. >> laura: like the proposal, what?on he needs a little tooth picks to open his eyes. >> but this is why they were such fear in the biden debate
11:41 pm
with trump. he stumbled through nearly every primary debate as well, laura with kamala harris, beto and if you can't beat those people, trump will come out looking like rocky when this is over and even when biden attempted to steal some of trump's america first during a speechat yesterd, nature intruded as he started. there were more birds than a hitchcock film. [laughter] >> these are not somebody else's children but they are our children. they are children that are the kite string. given a chance, just a chance, ordinary americans can and have done extraordinary things. >> part of the advance team there, laura, i don't know what was going on. look, i know this.he and i guess it might have been -- i'm not sure. but then biden broke or tried to invoke rather unions and the skies turned dark. >> the only way to deal with abuse of power is with power.
11:42 pm
and labor, unions, the only oneb that i have capacity to do if it's raining outside, come in, guys. i don't want anybody out there. are you guys the rain? or is that not rain? >> laura: it is time to get out of the shower. i'm supposed to be ending but the chickadees are not believing my america first thing. the sparrows were not even buying it. >> there might be a weatherman future in biden ins the basement. >> laura: very odd the rain came and the birds tweeted. biden is not the only one trying to mask his policies. dr. deborah birx tried to turn the coronavirus task force gloom and doom into a runway event runway event. >> i know some of you watch what i wear so i'm wearing this
11:43 pm
especially today. this came from the salt river tribe. masks can be a fashion statement. f >> laura, she is a wintour of the virus i guess. not to be outdone, assistant secretary for health admiral brett giroir, he made his own fashion statement.. >> since we are breaking on their face coverings, this was made by a small religious community in pennsylvania, who are helped by the public health service and they hand sowed these for our officers to match our operational dresses, our uniforms. >> laura, i guess we all now have to do our own folk cotour mask? >> laura: raymond, what are you wearing? >> look at this, you just put this on and not only are you fashionable, but you look like an oval or something, where the head gets cut off. i see people wear this without the nose cut in so maybe this will work.
11:44 pm
>> laura: you see what mine says. it is from the alamo, and it says come and take it with the alamo canon. >> i love it. laura, a very underground group made this for me. it is the wayne family. how about this one? >> laura: what a goofball. you are competing on purpose. up next, leftists attempting to boycott goya. a true american success story. we will bring you the ceo next
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>> laura: now the left will have you believe that cancel culture isn't a real thing.
11:49 pm
the founder of thinkprogress and former hillary clinton campaign staffer, cancel culture is something that doesn't exist buc a very popular concept among people who do terrible things and don't like to be held accountable. you can tell that to goya ceo bob unanue for his near presence and praise for the trump administration hispanic initiative. powerful left-wingers including alexandria ocasio-cortez are now calling for boycotts of this incredibly successful company. not only is aoc attempting to destroy a hispanic success story, she is spitting in the face of someone who has likely helped her and her constituents get fed. in the past few months alone, goya has donated millions of pounds of food to the u.s. food banks, including 100,000 pounds to the new york city food bank to be distributed to families in need during the covid-19 pandemic. the goya ceo bob unanue joins me now, bob, this does not surprise me at all.
11:50 pm
i was so gratified to see you at the white house, and speaking candidly about what your thoughts are and what the president has tried to do here in a difficult time for the d bocountry. what is the real cause of all of this backlash that we are seeing against you and your company today? >> well, thank you, laura, great to be with you. united states is the largesty? hispanic country in the world. after mexico. and every ethnicity is present in this country from south america to the central america to spain to every country, every hispanic country on the planet. goya has been in business for the last 84 years, since 2000 the u.s. hispanic population has doubled. the goya brand is extremely iconic and mean something to every ethnicity that is powerful.em
11:51 pm
that can't be taken down, i don't believe in a moment. about the fact of the matter is, our country is very divided. i'm 66 years old, and i have been through a few decades, let's say. and in my lifetime, i have never seen the country more unfortunately divided up. i would like to say there are those who are born to love and build and others born to hateiv and destroy. unfortunately, there is a movement of hatred and destruction. who wants to see houses of worship burn? businesses? people have put their whole lives savings into to build a business and to only have peoplt come along and destroy it. they have no right to do that.
11:52 pm
and we have to stand for prosperity. you know, we are the most prosperous country in the world. precovid, we were the lowest hispanic and black unemployment in history. and even post pandemic, we are still the most powerful and most prosperous country in the world. and so we have to be positive and we have to continue to build and grow. >> laura: bob, will you be one of these, you know, big figures in american life? you have seen it in hollywood. you have seen it in sports who is forced to apologize for standing with president trump or next to president trump? will you do that? >> the white house has an issue they don't want hispanic prosperity. i was asked by the white house to attend the roundtable and even be part of a new commission, which is yet to be named. but of course, you know, when a you are called to service, to serve our country in whatever way possible, i am blessed to have the fortune of being ahead of a company that is iconic. and so --
11:53 pm
>> laura: so the answer is no. you are not going to apologizeha for standing next to president trump. >> hell no. >> laura: bob, what do you say to young hispanics in the united states, may be goingl to college or may be coming right out and want to start as, business and who are being pulled into this direction of socialism or just a destructionf american history and tradition? just very quickly a message from you given your experience to them. >> by 2050, the united states hispanic population will be one-third of the population. so we have before us a past. we can either take a path of building and loving and producing, being prosperous. that is what my grandfather came 18 years old from spain to the land of opportunity to live the american dream and to prosper. hispanic businesses are growing three times the rate of any other business. and so the future is in our hands, and we have the
11:54 pm
opportunity to either do well or to destroy. >> laura: socialism or capitalism, freedom or subjugation? it is a pretty obvious choice. bob, i just really want to thank you for standing up for what you believe in and your incredible success as a ceo and as a charitable officer of thats ceo and everything you have organized for people in need. it should be held up as an example to the rest of the country. and i want to thank you personally, and i know all of our viewers do as thank you so much. >> i want to thank you as well, laura, god bless you. >> laura: up next "the ingraham angle" gets results? i will explain. gets results? i will explain
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♪ >> laura: "the ingraham angle" gets results. just look at this week. tuesday, we brought you details of >> the ingraham angle gets results, this week, t tuesday w brought you details of the outrageous choices parents in fairfax county virginia were being given about how to get going to attend school in the fall, the next to the county said that it was looking at reducing these restrictions so kids could get a little more in person instruction. we also asked secretary of state mike pompeo whether the chinese and turks are would be banned
12:00 am
over security concerns, since that interview, one of tick-tock's largest influencers has left the apps. what should we watch out for next week? let us know your thoughts. that's all the time we have tonight. >> a busy friday night and we begin with a fox news alert, the white house, roger stone is a free man, details on the president's decision to commute his sentence in the latebreaking reaction and minutes ago there are reports that police have executed a searc


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