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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 16, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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this is a tipping point in an election, 110 days. let not your hearts be troubled. laura, how are you? >> laura: i saw that you castigate brian kilmeade for going three seconds over? how do you get away with that? you do it all the time. >>at sean: i have to explain -- >> laura: three seconds. >> sean: when i stole 30 seconds, this is instilled in my brain. i started first in radio in 1997 -- >> laura: okay, we're not going to walk down memory lane all the way, are we? are we going to long island construction, the trash job? >> sean: it is burned into myg brain, get the post. >> laura: but you never do and then you -- >> j sean: i do every night for you. i missed once or twice but it was trump's fault. everything is trump's fault. >> laura: it is, you got it. everything is trump's fault!
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>> sean: and i gave the time back! >> laura: what about killer wasps? was that trump's fault? >> sean: even if he cured cancer. >> laura: exactly. all right, hannity, great to see you. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we're going to go right off the bat with the angle. decoding the left, that is the focus of tonight's angle. 71 years ago, george orwell, wrote about the manipulation of language and politics. went on to recognize that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of 'slanguage. political language is designed to make life sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to mere wins. at the time, george orwell wasbn writing about the rise of communism in far left thought. today with the rise of the hard left in america, we should keep orwell's warnings in mind andhaw learn to spot lies that are made to sound truthful during this
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pivotal time. now, lucky for you, we are here and we are going to help decode and translate the language of thes democrats and their media allies this campaign season. first up, what they're saying about virus strategy. >> they need leadership, they need a plan. >> i wish we hadadre a national plan. >> everyone is confused. this is the time we should be talking to one very clear, very consistent voice. >> where's the national strategy, where's the national leadership? it doesn't exist. >> laura: okay, translation. when they say "national strategy," they mean national lockdown. it is abundantly clear that they want to shut down the entire country until the virus either magically disappears on its own or until there is an effective state vaccine, which even
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dr. fauci has to say may never come. and think about cuomo for a moment. with his deadly covid record, he should be run out of politics forever, not be held up as some kind of anti-trump superhero. and here is your nightly reminder, new york deaths account for nearly a quarter of all deaths in the united states. they have had nearly 13 timeshe more y deaths per 100,000 than texas and seven and a half times moreea than florida. now recall also that california, speaking of strategy, they instituted a strict lockdown and they still have rising infections. that obviously didn't work. it prolonged the inevitable, so the national leadership they are craving for has to be just another lockdown. this time, a national lockdown. matt, no exceptions. and biden can't admit this. of course he can't in the media is not going to press him on it, certainly not for any specifics
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of his solution because they know it's not popular. but moving on, decoding the democrats on race. >> americans areut in the strees demanding racial justice. >> i think that the right thing to do for our country moving forward is to guarantee health care, pay a living wage, support labor rights and make sure that we are doing that with the lens of racial and social justice. >> now is the time for racial justice. >> laura: empowering groups that pretend to care about minorities, but actually just end up profiting themselves by stoking racial animosity? under a biden administration, decisions will be made largely based on race, not on merit or hard work or achievement. those words themselves come from white privilege, they are telling us now. get ready for massive discrimination against i don't know, more than 100 million americans. special privileges,
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accommodations and money are doled out to certain politically preferred groups. and on foreign policy, democrats say they are going to need to rebuild all of our international relationships. >> the challenge following this disastrous will not just be to restore our credit melody and reputation. it will be an active forward-looking foreign policy for the world as we find it today. >> laura: translation: get ready for another apology tour. biden is going to go around the world begging america's pardon. after all, having a president who actually fought for and fights for american workers and is tough on trade is not giving away those score like obama did. you think the europeans like that? that is why europe would probably love a biden presidency, because they know he'll do pretty much everything europe wants. andns as far as china is
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concerned, remember biden said they weren't even a thread. expect the dismantling of all tariffs, huge concessions by the united states and the continued of american jobs. what about health care? it's still the old "if you like your plan, you can keep it." >> health care is a guaranteed human right, but taking away the right to have a private plan if you want a private plan, i disagree with. >> laura: here's a member of biden's own unity health care task force talking about how she andri the progressives were able to move biden to the left. >> we did a lot of good work together to really push the vice president health care platform much further than it's been before, to take elements of medicare for all and put it into the platform. >> laura: into the platform. of course, they mean government run health care.
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they've already embraced free health care for illegal immigrants, and i think to really understand what's in store for us, look no further than this chilling account from "the guardian" newspaper today. it was written by a woman with late stage cancer better delayed treatment from the national health care service. the operation finally took place on the 27th of february, almost five months after the cancer had recurred. once he had taken a look inside, my surgeon closed may begin with a heavy heart. it was now impossible to remove all the cancerous tissue. they got there too late. the heartbreak. on taxes, they are selling the same stale lines. >> i think we should raise taxes on the wealthy. >> pass a wealth tax and protect our democracy. >> let's help millions of would-be entrepreneurs get out from under their debt after they start businesses, and it's time corporate america paid their
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fair share of taxes. >> laura: fair share? translation: it's back to the failed policies of the '70s where the top rates are going to be 70%. it's not just going to be forwh corporations. of course the tax rate that high just hurts working men and wall street bankers and lobbyists can always find ways around paying these absorbent rates but that is their plan, ro punish everyone who works for a living, then dole out the money they have two programs like, i don't know, let's go back to midnight basketball. the tax policy center estimated that joe biden's agenda would raise taxes by $4 trillion over the next decade.ic more than twice as big a tax raise asas proposed by hillary clinton in 2016. and speaking of fairness, the rich already pay their fair share. check this out, the average household in the top 1% retains almost 18 times in transfer payments as the bottom fit, but pays more than 219 times as much
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in taxes. as we move through this campaign season, i'm going to be doing more decoding for you but i have to admit, there are some people in the democrat party who really are saying what they mean. >> they are criticizing, why use the word defined, why use the word defined? this is the word that is coming from the streets. >> this is about true reparations. they have a role to play in society but they needn't play a role in every partisan society. >> we must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it. >> laura: there is no translation needed here. they're actually telling the truth. they mean it when they say it. this is what they are planning, they are already doing it in places like minneapolis and l.a. on most big issues in the last year, the squad has been the democratic thought leader.
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from climate change to defunding the police to climate change, and it will all continue to be key influencers in a biden administration, you bet. and if you think biden is going to stop them, you are either ceive or haven't been paying any attention. biden will be nothing more than an oval office bobblehead nodding along with whatever far leftists appear before him at any given time. he is no longer the moderate of your. he is moved so far left to satiate the mob led to continue doing so, or else they're going to surround his house and then burn things around. and do you think he's going to call out the national guard to protect monuments or even the white house? no way.. it will get him out through the tunnel. i'm confident, despite all of this, despite all the decoding were going to have to do that, fall, many more americans will understand the orwellian chasm
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that you're going to get thrown into under a biden administration. wouldn't you rather be decoding and exposing the radical agenda than actually living under it? and that's "the ankle." joining me now is steve cortes and chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer and host of "the aggressive progressive podcast." steve, let's start with you. every time we start to peel back the onion on what biden or what a lot of the democrats are we always find it's not at all how they plan to govern because when you peel it back it's always going further and further left.em how does this work out? >> it certainly is. joe biden's handlers and allies in thehe corporate media want us to believe in the myth of the moderate biden, but here's the actual reality. biden is simply an empty vessel and he is tooyt weak to stand up tuagainst the most radical elements of the democratic party so instead, he bows down to them and caters to their agenda.
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they are the ones driving the policy agenda andtic this is clr and you are so right, that some of them are actually transparent enough to be honest with us and tell us things like defund the police means exactly that and banning fracking and killing millions of jobs around the country. the net take away from the policy agenda that this empty vessel has acquiesced towards, the net take away is that you won't be safe in your neighborhood and you won't be safe in your paycheck in joe biden's america and voters need to look past the media myth of the moderate. >> laura: tonight joe biden was in a pretaped remark that something called the virtual climate change town hall, and he talked about what he is going to do with a clean energy economy. watch. >> we are going to build back america better than it was before in our country's infrastructure, make it more sustainable and resilient. we are going to upgrade millions of buildings, installed tens of
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thousands of wind turbines. were going to advance well on our way to 100% clean energy economy. >> laura: first of all, he sounds like he's sleeping, singable, didn't obama promise all that in $500 million down. the tube? >> i think we have an opportunity to build a clean energy economy. we have a president in the oval office for the first time in my lifetime, may be anybody's lifetime that has advocated for higher gas prices for the american people i don't think that helps people in michigan or florida or arizona. it only helps a few billionaires in texas. i don't understand why he would do that or why anyone would support that. we should be moving towards a clean energy economy. joe biden wants to do that. as for all the other stuff we talked about in this segment, let me be very clear, joe biden has a record of 45 years of hearing all sides and then choosing a center left path to try to help move this country forward.
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that's his record, that's who he is. to say he is an empty vessel is absolutely ridiculous. it's not true. >> by the way, what is centrist about saying that the american taxpayer should pay for health care for illegal aliens. what a centrist about that. what is centrist about saying that beto o'rourke, the gun grabbing former congressman is going to be those are a firearm policy under a joe biden administration. >> let me answer your health care question first -- >> laura: hold that thought for a second because i want to play you something. you can respond afterwards. elizabeth warren today, kind of she let it slip just how biden is going to be changing. watch. >> vote like your life depends upon it b because it does. pick any issue you care about. i guarantee it is on the line in this election. if it is dismantling systemic racism, joe biden, he is going
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to strengthen america's commitment to justice and reform our criminal justice system. if it's for student debt, joe is going to fight to help cancel student loan debt. >> laura: help cancel student loan debt? is that moderate? on much is that going to cost? >> if you're one of the millions of americans that's drowning in student loan debt and you're seeing banks and airlines getting bailed out, why not bail out the american citizen for student loan debt? education costs way too much in this country and something needs to be done about it, as for your health care remark, we are already paying for illegal immigrants getting health care when they go to our emergency rooms. why don't we have a system that doesn't cause that that costs less? why don't we face the reality in this country? we have millions of americans in this country the president is trying to kick out of their health care by getting rid ofsng obamacare. >> laura: take a breath, do you actually think that biden is going to not put forward
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policies that end up outsourcing more american jobs to china? you think he will be tougher on china then trump has been? are you going to make that argument tonight? >> yes. this president has beenng rolled over by china, that is why we are in this mess. probably because he got all the trademarks from president xi early in the administration and trump gott t some other business deals we don't know about but i don't p know. all i'm saying is nobody could be softer on china than trump's. >> laura: are you kidding me? no one believes this. no one believes that a trump -- that biden is going to be tougher on china. they had eight years to be tougher on china. the only time china came to the table was for tariffs. hold on, don't talk over me. >> he let china kill us with the covid-19. >> laura: because biden would've him out of the basement to stop the virus from coming out of the plane? oh, t please. he didn't even come out to debate him, he's never going to debate the president. give me a break. close it out, steve. >> here's the reality of joe biden when it comes to china, he's been the best that he has. he was at the forefront of approving their inclusion in the wto which has led to the
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outsourcing of millions of manufacturing jobs from the united states, from the heartland over to china and he has been on a personal level totally compromised because of his son'sfa activities. forget about what happened with bereavement, that is bad enough but that pales into comparison with what hunter biden did with the bank of china in alignment with the chinese communist party. >> laura: we've got to go but i can't wait to see an actual debate, if it actually happens, and have china come up. whistle-blowers sent our next guest a trove of documents about a divisive diversity training program. what he discovered is deeply
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disturbing. he's here to tell us what he found. plus, north carolina took the historic step of starting a reparations fund. how will that turn out? stay there. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: critical race theory has made its way out of the ivory tower and into the federal government and you are paying for it. my next guest says a whistle-blowers sent him a treasure trove of documents last week about diversity training that's held at the u.s. treasury department. the lecture the employees received was called difficult conversations about race, which included helpful advice like virtually all white people tycontribute to racism in that white employees must accept their unconscious bias, white privilege and white fragility. joining me now is the man who uncovered this shocking waste of taxpayer dollars, it's an outrage. christopher rufo, contributing editor at a city journal. i learned about this and i saw your tweet on twitter. it's unbelievable, do you think programs like this, are they
11:23 pm
contained in the treasury department? why, yes? >> absolutely government-wide. the person who conducted this training session has build taxpayers more than $5 million, conducting this training throughout the federal government. he did for example a $3 millionc training for the gsa and a $500,000 training for nasa, in which he was calling power and privilege, sexual orientationll workshops. this is something that is running rampant and rather than curtailing this kind of thing in the past three years since president trump took office, it has simply accelerated through bureaucracy. >> laura: i think the bureaucracy and the swamp, they don't want to let go of the stuff, they want to keep it going. this is from the diversity training document that we found. i mentioned some statements earlier, it reads, watch robbie diangelo on youtube. the author of "white fragility." she talks about how white people struggle to acknowledge their racism. and here's an example of what they expect employees to learn
11:24 pm
from diangelo's videos. watch. >> my psychosocial development was inculcated in the water of white supremacy. racism is built into every system in every institution. we have to understand racism as a system that we are all a part of. >> laura: don't you just want to have her at your next dinner party? is there supposed to be value in this? it is like you in are a bad women's studies class at uc berkeley. >> it's really all centered on the concept of whiteness and the argument is that essentially all white people can be reduced to this kind of irreducible core of whiteness. it's a synonym for evil, all the evil in the world but it smacks of the race essentialism of 100 years ago. a it's really ugly stuff and it is absolutely a disgrace that it is something that is happening with
11:25 pm
taxpayer money to the dunes of millions of dollars. >> laura: i'm going to say what you didn't say, it think it's racist. it's racist to categorize people on the basis of their skin color and that is what this curriculum, this diversity curriculum is doing. by the way, one of the other scripts says don't perpetuate white silence. white silence has been one of the most powerful distractors from real progress and social justice. everyone has responsibility for bringing attention to this and stated values of the organization and the federalal government. in other words, white silence is violence. they are using that in the training manuals as well. chris, thanks so much. ten in north carolina, the city council voted unanimously to apologize for slavery, racism discrimination and give reparations to descendants of slaves. there is one catch, the city
11:26 pm
will not hand out direct payments to african-american residents but instead will make investments in black communities. joining me now, author of "the iron triangle." vince, i am kind of a skeptic of this, generally, to say the least, but if they think it will work, another way of thinking about it, try it, do your reparations thing and get back to us and tell us how it all worked out. >> they know it's not going to work. this is lucy moving the football s s harlie brown again. they do this every two years. i was born on a cotton plantation in tennessee. my father was a sharecropper. everything we have we owe to him, me and my siblings. he bought a set of property. we went around the south singing gospel so i know the black church but i also have the democratic party. when i started working as a prison officer when i was very young and the '90s i saw them locking up black man,
11:27 pm
bill clinton and joe biden, and i started asking the black intelligentsia what was going on 90and they said rich white republicans were locking up black man and when i went out of the black community to start a nonprofit i didn't see any rich white republicans anywhere. you would see a unicorn before you saw one. but i saw a lot of black democrats, and mostly i saw these. most black preachers and black politicians and civic organizers and this is what they do, they go down and there paid by white liberals to keep the black people in line for one reason, make sure they about 90% for the democratic party and they do this very, very well. this is part of it, this lie about getting people free stuff, reparations. it will never happen, they keep saying it every two years and until we figured out they're going to continue to do it. >> laura: one about this, though. do you actually believe that any large city or locality will actually write checks to people, or as you said, is this just
11:28 pm
something to dangle symbolically in front of people and say, youu vote democrat and you're going to get money. >> that's exactly what it is, and you're not going to get much of that. listen, they've been lying to the black community for 220 years. first they had slavery from 1800 to 1860. civil war, from 1865 to 1965 they had jim crow. murder, looting, theft of the black community, and now they have abortion in theirci killing black babies every day. look at the people they have running for office. joe biden, for instance. every black baby wants to kill, he wants to keep them trapped in these bad public schools, illegals to take all their jobs. trump is saying i'm going to give you the right to defend yourself, i'm going to give you school choice, get your children out of these bad schools. he said, i'm going to make sure i recognize the freedom of religion.
11:29 pm
as these democrats are doing nothing but destroying the black community and these reparations are part of their plan, they're going to continue it andep continue it until we figure out these people are no good. >> laura: when are we going to run you for office? that is my question. it's great to have you want tonight. thanks so much. i'm going to hang out with you, that would ben fun. good teachers unions in the left be exacerbating, kind of alluding to this, the socioeconomic in this country? we are going to tell you about it, plus, our mask mandates actually constitutional? we will ask one of our legal eagles next. ♪ none are proven stronger or more effective against pain than salonpas patch large there's surprising power in this patch salonpas dependable, powerful relief. hisamitsu. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response.
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♪ >> laura: while some of our country's biggest school districts are making this calamitous decision to remain partially close to this fall or totally closed, just online stuff, many private schools in those samemera cities and counts are going to be fully reopening. that ishi great news for the kis fortunate enough to attend those schools but for those stuck in the union dominated public schools, it's a disaster in the
11:34 pm
making.ulpe "the new york times" reporting that reopening plans are just another way that the pandemic has widened the gaps in education for your private schools were able to offer much more robust online learning last spring and research suggests that school closures have widened achievement gaps. as private schools move forward with the reopening plans, it's the children who most need to attend in person schools who will tend to be the least likely to do so. instead of putting children first, counties like l.a. and fairfax county virginia, montgomery county, maryland, with teachers pushing for school closures into these ridiculous conditions are met. of course the kids are going to be hurt our families of color who often don't have the resources that the other kids have. they would if they had school choice but the teachers unions don't want that i need to do the democrats shouting black lives matter.
11:35 pm
now the people they claim to care about are going to suffer. don't black students' lives matter as well in their education? and earlier this week, john bel edwards joined the ranks of governors mandating face masks to try to slow the spread of covid. >> it is mandatory. the measures contained in that order are necessary to protect public safety and promote the welfare of the people of louisiana. they are firmly based on the authority that i have louisiana law based onet the constitution and statutory law as well. >> laura: we've already showed you how the science behind the mask mandates is shaky and that is putting t it charitably, but what about the legality of these orders? claremont institute senior fellow and constitutional scholar. can governors unilaterally mandate the wearing of face masks and then force those mandates with no law on the
11:36 pm
book, no state legislature involvement and have these mandates go on presumably indefinitely? >> i am sitting in santa fe, new mexico, where we have a mask ordinance in place right now but i'm going to violate it here. >> laura: that is an odd mask, by the way. >> thanks. look, they have an immense amount of power that has been delegated to them under emergency statutes to deal with contagious diseases, and where the governors are starting to cross the line, and i think the louisiana case is a perfect example, i think theam attorney general down there has done a very good job pushing back. they can now impose certain mandates but they can't criminalize, they can't hand out criminal sanctions or side people. that is a legislative task and that is aa task that has not ben delegated to the governor, certainly not louisiana and a lot of these other states that
11:37 pm
ananare doing this. the governments are not the entirety of the government on their own.tot they can only exercise what power has been delegated to them and this is not one of them. >> laura: the big news today also, john, is that george is governor brian kemp is explicitly banning georgia cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places. now, he avoided orders on wednesday that at least 15 i think local governments across the state had already established, is that within his rights? >> i think seven here is what is going on. clearly if somebody has a contagious disease and we knowow that, we have all sorts of authority to quarantine them but mere speculation that somebody might have a contagious disease and we are putting people in lockdown for 14 days until we can find out for sure and then as soon as we venture out, they might bump into somebody that has the disease and that puts them in another 14 day lockdown,
11:38 pm
the silver liberties aspects of these things are rearing huge compared to what they are doing and if local jurisdictions are compelling people to wear a mask that they have no authority to do than i think it is perfectly within the governor's authority to countermand those illegal mandates coming from local >> laura: of course they are just lacerating him online. we will talk to him tomorrow night exclusively on the angle and here is what one doctor told cnn about mandating masks and social distancing. >> people are not going to distance. i'm not a constitutional scholar but this is an emergency. people are going to distance them aren't going to wear masks, maybe they need to be told that they need to. >> laura: do emergency powers go that far? >> these claims are coming out of the same crowd that saying the president didn't have the power to build a wall.
11:39 pm
either the top executive officials have emergency powers to declare whatever they want to be an emergency and take whatever steps they want or there is some separation of powers constrained and constitutional constraints on the exercise of even emergency powers, and the supreme court has always said, emergencies don't give rise to claims of power that ignore the limits of the constitution. >> laura: or indefinite. >> we don't know who's got it, we don't know who it's going to be. >> laura: when the science is shaky and asymptomatic viral shedding it gets. very murky. inalienable rights, last time i checked didn't have an asterisk next to them for shaky science. great to see you tonight. and how far can the tentacles of cancel culture reach? fox regular antiunion chair matt schlapp brings us his shocking experience next. this should be a warning to all of us, next.
11:40 pm
this should be a warning to all of us next.
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>> laura: the black lives matter movement is pressuring corporations to cut ties with anyone who doesn't toe the line. my next guest and a regular on the show, matt schlapp, became a target of this crusade for a tweet he sent last month. now he's losing some of his clients. m you may not feel bad because he's a h lobbyist, but matt actually agrees that you shouldn't feel bad but what his experience tells us about the cancel culture, that you should feel profoundly worried about. matt, this is the june 11th tweet that got you into hot water -- how can a company gave to a network of groups that want to outlaw corporations because many on the board are leftists?
11:45 pm
when did the backlash come? >> pretty immediately. a? few days, i sent this tweet and a few others which i thought, what i particularly got focused was on this call to attack churches, take down statues of jesus and mary, and within days some kind of blogger or pseudo-journalist was calling me asking me for public comments on the tweets and i knew that i felt immediately that this was going to be a coordinated attack, i never heard of this person before, i don't think anybody really had, and somebody with deep political background in john podesta's orbit and i knew from that moment on that it was going to get ugly. >> laura: it almost seems like a web organized social credit scoring thing. china has their social credit system.
11:46 pm
bad or good, so conservatives have a lot of bad. they don't have good credit, they have bad credit and that means they feel that they are entitled to cancel you out or remove you from the scene altogether. they're not going to put you in a camp but they want to remove your ability to make a living. how was that liberal, though? i was that the old-fashioned idea of liberal?ut >> how about the idea that we used to have disagreements in this country, democrats and republicans, and you can still be friends at the end of the day, but with the new toxic aspect of the debate is that not only will i disagree with you, i will destroy you and try to set you apart from good society and i will make it impossible for you to earn a living. don't feel sorry for me, i have great gifts, i'm going to bero okay but this doesn't stop at consultants. this goes from politicians to employees. how can an employee of these types of companies have any kind of career if they go a conservative church, or if the comment on the state of israel or marriage or families or their
11:47 pm
church, if this becomes anathema and if this is considered racist, there's no place for those people to go, professionally. >> laura: where did they go then? isolated from the entire society. n the disturbing thing, real quick, the media seems to be fine with this. watch.>>ed >> there is a difference between the so-called cancel culture and accountability. >> the pushback against cancel culture is wanting to tell the full truth about america. >> people are opposing cancel culture, then my question to you is how do you hold someone accountable? >> laura: to the left, holding someone accountable is not beating them in a debate, it's ruining their lives. >> yeah, it's destroying them and this iss the key. i think what companies should do is make great products and be more neutral on this question of politics. if i want to get a cup of coffee i want to get a good coffee and
11:48 pm
not get proselytized to. this is what has happened in these board rooms and conservatives and christians and just americans, people of faith need to make sure that. they don't throw their dollars to these companies that are literally funding the destruction of our great country. it has to end. that was the spot i didn't like. calling out the donations to the very groups that are causing violence and death in our society. >> laura: i think they think it's going to protect them and we want an exchange of ideas come i don't expect everyone to agree with me. i know you don't either, but let's debate it out and have a good conversation and vote. that is the way to supposed to be in america but we are taking a very dangerous, dangerous path. matt, important story to tell tonight. thank you for being here. and could we be seeing the unraveling of the college system as we know it? some are going back, some aren't going back, a lot of them are
11:49 pm
online. recent realities have pushed my next guest to a divest u initiative. charlie is here to tell us what this means. stay with us. >> laura: we raise this issue
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
♪ >> laura: we raised this issue on the show last week, should universities be defunded.
11:53 pm
joining me now, someone who's picked up the part, charlie, you said it's something divesting you. what can you tell us about? >> it's a program to get donors to decommence their commitment committing to the downfall of america.a. i'm pleased to announce that tonight that $7 million from a handful of daughters decommitted from universities such as harvard and baylor university because of their resistance to embrace free-speech policies and ideas that are abodes of the betterment of america. look, laura, divestment is a tactic used by the radical left for decades. we as conservatives don't like boycotts and engaging in divestment however, why wouldbe you voluntarily contribute to the universities if you want a stable and decent country?
11:54 pm
>> laura: why do you want to give to somebody who hates you. that hates whatever transitional america or whatever you call it in precovered america. if you want to change that and you hated it, you support people who tear down statues or throw paint at the virgin mary statue so why do you want to give into that? they want free speech and you know come down on the side of the looting and burning of america, it's fine to give money but otherwise why are you paying $50,000 a year intuition to charlie charlie for online classes? is a top university and that is low. 50,000 is low for tuition as you now. >> colleges are exposing how much they've been ripping off students and now they're saying budget on tuition and harvard is deterring over $50,000 a year for just a zoom call? this is outrageous and not to
11:55 pm
mention you're going to have students who perpetually study things that don't matter and they don't have the find jobs that don't exist. i don't get any price adjustment from the university and the broader point is that alumni and donors are wondering what we can do. stop contributing your hard-earned dollars to the power centersi of the left that are organizing and give credibility to the radical thinking and the intelligence out there and liberty university being one of them. >> laura: i like university of chicago and like notre dame, other schools but they are good professors at the schools and they certainly don't have that diversity we need to. charlie, great to see you and thank you so much. which high-profile democrats? ♪
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
♪ biden senator tim kaine must've accidentally swapped talking points with one of his republican colleagues. here's what he told >> senator tim kane most of hit talking points with one for his republican colleagues.
12:00 am
is what he told msnbc earlier today. he said when you detect an incoming attack you have to take affirmative steps to make the attacker pay a price. the obama administration didn't do that in 2016 even though they were aware of the attack. we did make russia pay a price in 2018. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon bream in the fox news at 19 take it from here. >> we begin tonight admitted another surge in coronavirus case numbers americans once again being warned about their personal liberties could soon be under lockdown again. washington governor james lee not ruling out another round of stay-at-home orders and andrew cuomo threatening business owners if they don't comply with his directives. many say they can't survive another lockdown. democrats


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