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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 17, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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it's been a wild week. don't forget, chris wallace interviews president trump on "fox news sunday" and check your local listings. i can promise you it is one worth watching. "the story" guest hosted tonight by jon scott my colleague in new york starts right now. hey, john. >> john: and thank you, and happy friday. i'm jon scott and for a martha maccallum tonight and this is "the story." as a country grapples with covid-19, a divide is breaking up when it comes to the issue of masks. here's president trump in an exclusive interview with our very own chris wallace airing on fox news sunday this weekend. a new poll shows that when you break down by party affiliation only 38% of republicans and those who lean republican say they always wear a mask near others outside of their home. that is compared to 70% of democrats.
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and be on the public sentiment, better legal battles over mask enforcement are erupting within states. george is brian kemp is suing the governor of atlanta keisha lance bottoms in order to block the city's mandatory wrap mask rule, a move that bottoms has decried as bizarre. here's the governor today. >> instead of issuing mandates that are confusing and unenforceable i'm asking all local leaders to enforce the current executive order. enforce the rules that we have put in place to keep employees and customers safe at local businesses. enforce the provisions that ensure folks are staying 6 feet apart in large gatherings. enforce measures to protect the medically fragile. >> john: in the leasing and other republican state attorney general's slamming republican governor john bel edwards for an executive order that mandates masks and imposed other restrictions.
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who might kemp as if legally unenforceable. the attorney general jeff landry joins me in moments. but first kevin corke with the back story. >> good evening, john. can a state or city chief executive at a whim shut down parts or whole economies because of what they deem an emergency? by the way the other questions would be like who gets to define that as an emergency and what is the role of the legislature in the federal government? that's the crux of the debate in the number of states across america and you mentioned at georgia where the governor is suing the mirror over any covid-19 mandates and now the debate is also playing out in louisiana where the state's governor is mandating masks. >> masks are now mandated statewide for everyone age eight and older. at the end of the day, while i know this will be popular with some and controversial with some, we know that face masks
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work. it really is that simple. >> that position laid out saturday has laid out the attention of the states attorneys general have said it, it's my opinion. as to the chief legal officer of the state, that the order does not and it's unenforceable. and as much as any part of this debate, and that is which the governor replayed this way. >> the order that i issued on monday is in effect, it's binding and mandatory. >> it's also important to point this out the pretty spicy letter from john bel edwards to the ag,
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obviously his forceful dissent, and it's an abundance of caution coupled with an aggressive anti-covert strategy which was supported by the white house coronavirus task force and data. he's been pointing to science all along the way but john, lastly, i can say this. landry and others still .2 competing science including some that note over 880% of those who get the virus could recover in the question remains, why creating the economy and the well-being of children when mitigation can be achieved with the resumption of some sense of normalcy. that is really a debate that will we will all watch play out perhaps in the courts moving forward. john? >> john: kevin corke in washington, thank you. the louisiana attorney general jeff landry joins me now. you announced on tuesday that you had tested positive for a covid, a lot of people might be surprised that you're sitting
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for this interview right now, how are you feeling? >> i feel great, i really have had no symptoms. i got tested on sunday and another test on monday and both confirmed that i had it. i've just been quarantined, staying isolated and taking my vitamins and meds per my doctor's orders and just trying to get through the next 10-14 days get a couple of test and hopefully get back to work in the office. >> john: does your own case, though, illustrate perhaps the utility of a mess? you are not feeling symptoms, and that's what experts say justify the wearing of masks in public. because people who might not know they are carrying the virus could spread it. >> here's what's very important, it's not about antimasks but it's that the constitution does
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not allow you to mandate in a very arbitrary, capricious and really broad sense in the way that the governor issued his executive orders. by the governor's own words and the very press statement that he used where he announced the mask mandate he said several times when questioned by reporters that he wasn't that interested in enforcing it. and in some cases he wasn't even going enforce it. the governor is a lawyer and he knows that the order is extremely broad and vague and it's unconstitutional. i can appreciate it being aspirational, but we can't mandate this type of conduct. business owners certainly have the right to demand or set forth a policy where they have to wear a mask, but the government can't sweep with such a broad brush,
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it's based upon numbers and where is our benchmark? >> john: the benchmark in louisiana right now seems to be -- i'm talking about the number of cases, it seems to be problematic. louisiana reporting more than 2,000 additional cases for the last four days. and at nearly 304,400 deaths since this all began. he recently said that he wishes he would listen to your own words from march 18th. we dug up that sound that he we were talking about from you and wanted to play it here. suspending legal deadlines, and
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ordering restaurants and bars to limit their service. the short answer is, yes. >> john: it's of what has changed, general, since you made those remarks? >> a lot has changed. that was back in march when we dealt with the novel virus that we really knew nothing about. you didn't know the infection rate or mortality rate, and we were making comments that two or 3 million people were going to die here in this country from the virus. today, it's happily different, right? we know, our medical providers are doing a fantastic job and treating it. the number of deaths has fallen dramatically.
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and if the emergency changes and the threat changes than their level of mandating has to change as well. that's just unconstitutional. in fact in louisiana it's not only constitutional at the state and federal level, it's also at the statutory level as well. when facts change, those have to change as well. >> john: attorney general jeff landry from the state of louisiana. also tonight, dr. marty makary, professor of health management at john hopkins school of public health anna fox news news medical contributor. the mass controversy goes on. there are those who say the mass do no good and there are those who say you've got to have masks
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if you are outside. what's the science? >> i think it's good for our public leaders to show some degree of humility. and if the data comes in, it's very clear empirically, of universal masking policies around the world and countries that adopted are able to manage that. it's high benefit and low cost and it's compatible with an open economy. what are we going to go back to shutdowns which are harsh for are we going to adopt universal masking? it's not healthy at a time when we need a uniform message just as a medical community has a unified message on this. >> the mayor of atlanta over her
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mask mandate. he says he ought to have one rule for the entire state and he doesn't think that her rule for the citizens of atlanta or residence of atlanta is proper. how are people to make some sense of all this? >> i think ultimately some of these political leaders are going to lose that politically. people are going to know somebody who's hospitalized, and right now today in florida, there are 9,000 people i in the hospital having trouble breathing, or they are on the brink of an icu admission. for people who don't take this seriously, i would say those 9,000 people in florida hospitals would disagree. we have the same policies with seat belts and it's time to have the same with masking for a short period of time until this is beyond us. >> john: short period of time,
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but are going to look back and say it seems like coronavirus has been with us forever. people have been out of work, locked into their homes, home confinement, innocence. you have kids out of school for the last school year and probably come possibly out of school for the next year. when does it end? >> while all of the news on vaccines is promising and when you couple that with the amount of community immunity, you are pretty close to herd immunity with only 20% more of the population getting immunized. that's really promising. remember also, you've got to be selective. kids are at very low risk with serious health complications and there's only 14 deaths among children, albeit tragic, from covid. that's less than the ammonia and less than flew in the same age group. what we need to do is identify those vulnerable at schools and how to select strategies rather than these harsh strategies that have their own consequences.
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>> john: we will get into that next. dr. marty makary, thank you. a highly respected group of academics and professionals recommending students should return to impressin to in persog this fall. without an prison instruction students risk falling behind academically and exacerbating educational inequities. victor davis hanson when "the story" continues. ♪
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welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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>> the reality is, the science tells us that being in school is safe for children. the science says it's safe for kids to be in school, practicing hygiene, wearing masks when appropriate and teachers have distance and production but this can be done. it's a matter of will and it's a convenient argument to make now when -- you say follow the science, let's follow the science indeed and let's ensure that kids can get back to school and that parents and families that need to have their kids in
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school five days a week have that option. >> john: that's betsy devos making the case for students to return to classrooms this fall amid a raging debate of whether it's safe to do so. tonight, under report from the highly regarded science and engineering stressing that whenever possible younger children should go back. "the school should reprioritize opening grades k through five and to students with special needs who would be best served by in-person instruction. here now, victor davis hanson, >> for a lot of reasons. science says that children rarely get it and they are not
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super spreaders. they are almost like cooling rods, they tamper down the disease. psychologists and sociologists have told us again and again that it's very harmful for the childhood to veltman to be locked at home and more importantly, we are reaching $30 trillion in aggregate debt. if we are going to protect the vulnerable, we have to get people out in the workforce to restore the economy and they can't do it if they are staying home taking care of their children. it makes no sense, and any scientific dimension. what i'm worried about his antiscience movement. we had two catastrophic decisions during this epidemic that were antiscience. the first was in four or five states, people who were sick were turned away from the hospital and put into rest homes, just four states. massachusetts, connecticut, new york and new jersey. about 11% of the u.s. population accounts for 50% of the dead
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people. it was absolutely an unscientific decision. the second one was even more catastrophic and we had a downward curve on this quarantine. without masks and social distancing and not only was that it destroyed the credibility of the quarantine so it's logical that people are hit and miss now because they say to themselves, while the expert said that we were supposed to quarantine and we did, and they said we like to go out and demonstrate aura loot, we have a lot of science and a lot of antiscience but we have to separate who is the scientific and who's the antiscientific. >> john: joe biden for his part has been quite critical in
4:22 pm
his efforts to about the virus. joe biden is putting his eggs very much in the online learning basket. listen to what he said. if i were president. i be sending a funding bill right now to the congress today, every single student should be able to access high quality distance learning. we can't allow the pandemic to further exacerbate educational disparities that already exist in this country. we need a white house that is laser focused on closing those gaps. >> john: and so he wants to spend money that distance learning is improved. what do you think about that idea? >> we have to translate this. the scientific consensus of child psychologists, and they unanimously want kids to go back to school and i reject the science that says that children are neither likely to be
4:23 pm
infected more to spread the infection. more importantly we have already borrowed $3 trillion this year in addition to about a trillion dollar annual deficit. so we are getting near $4 trillion. and he says he wants to spend all of this money and he wants everybody's children to be locked down which means a lot of a lot of the workforce will not be able to return to work, he has a moral and political and social economic recovery requirement, a duty to tell us how he's going to pay for it. you can't tell the entire country, when they are going to get i in and out inadequate edification and borrow more and more money, how does that work out? >> john: it right. because then those kids, if the parents stay home and don't go to work they are not adding to the economic output of the country. >> no, they can't. if i came from mars, and this
4:24 pm
was 2,020 and donald trump wasn't up for election then we wouldn't have these arguments. the science is clear. as a kids can go back without a lot of threat and pull who are in the education professions, they can stay home and do things by tele- learning or something. that's the science. when the science economically says this economy will not sustain itself, what joe biden is talking about is a political -- not a scientific or rational statement. >> john: victor davis hansen, thank you. meanwhile the city of portland is in a direct standoff over the presence of federal officers sent into enforce the law after more than seven consecutive weeks of protests they are. officials are saying the federal government is only making the situation worse. acting deputy secretary of homeland security coul ken cucci
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's spiel in the city erupting into its 50th night of protests. local and city officials say the presence of federal officers is escalating the violence and let the city would be safer without them. there is the man or a short time ago. >> last week, we were seeing the de-escalation of the violence. they were seeing things calm down, but the intervention of federal officers reignited
4:30 pm
tensions. >> john: acting deputy's secretary ken cuccinelli, both of whom are saying federal troops should not be there. >> you mean federal officers, they have utterly failed the first job of government and that is to maintain public safety and they are looking for someone to blame. who do they blame? they always want to blame the president. the reality is we have seen all around the country where you advance responsible policing in the face of violence, the violence receives. that is true across the country and mayor wheeler's comments, he's making up reality there. he wants to tell you that things were calming down in portland after 45 straight days of violence and suddenly, the fact that people showed up and enforce the law in our area of
4:31 pm
jurisdiction somehow ratcheted up the violence. while we have determined that president trump's leadership to ratchet down the violence but to as many cities as we can. state and local officials have most of the responsibility but, where we can step in, and advance the cause of peace in the streets, the president has insisted to us that we should do that. >> john: mayor ted wheeler had this to say in those remarks made a short time ago. >> the words and actions from president trump and the department of homeland security have shown that this is an attack on our democracy. keep your troops in your own buildings, or have them leave our city. >> john: an attack on our democracy is pretty strong stuff. how do you respond?
4:32 pm
>> there are people attacking our democracy and they are in the streets of portland with the encouragement of mayor wheeler and they get to roam free by and large without consequence. some of them are getting arrested, small numbers. we are not doing our part on the federal side but we don't have jurisdiction over the whole city of course. you look back at mayor wheeler's history in portland, he encouraged and allowed a tax on a nice facility there two years ago and it seemed like he regretted that. here, we see him repeating it in the streets of portland, again, for the last seven weeks where he has encouraged these folks to come out and use the legitimate concerns following the george floyd murder to mask violence, looting and not protesting. let's be really clear, that's not what these people are coming to do. they are coming to attack our
4:33 pm
democracy at its base and that they don't respect elections, they don't respect the law and they want to tear it all down. mayor wheeler is right there with them. >> john: but our dhs officers, are they only guarding federal buildings or have they moved out into the streets, to clear a streets? one of the complaint says they are using tear gas which under oregon law right now is not to be used against some of these crowds. >> so we have jurisdiction that starts with an organization in the homeland of mike the department homeland security called federal protective service. they are responsible for keeping track of federal buildings and they are there to support the fps. if you see pictures of the courthouse, you see the graffiti on the violence directed at official officers. as best we can, they are allowed
4:34 pm
to continue to cooperate and keep the peace which means we have arrested people for a tax on both the property and law enforcement officials off the property because our jurisdiction allows us to do that. federal jurisdiction doesn't go everywhere and the local authorities like mayor wheeler and of the governor of oregon are going to have to finally pick up their responsibilities and actually reestablish peace. we can only do so much of it, that america is a big place in the federal government even though dhs is the largest law enforcement agency in the country. it still only has so many, so we will do what we can and where we can and reestablish peace as we are doing. >> john: just a few seconds left but how long do you expect your officers to be there?
4:35 pm
>> we expect our officers to be there and arresting violent criminals as long as they are coming out with the intent of committing violence in and around portland and where we have jurisdiction. however long this goes. >> john: ken cuccinelli, the acting deputy homeland security secretary. thanks so much for coming on. the head of the new york state troopers union says he wants his officers off the streets of new york city, saying they are being set up for failure and new reforms make it impossible for them to do their jobs. that story, next. za because for every shaq-a-roni sold, $1 is donated to the papa john's foundation for building community.
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4:40 pm
mayor bill de blasio signed. "if we continue to allow our members to remain stationed and conduct police activity within the five boroughs of new york city, we may be opening them up to the civil and criminal liability simply by doing the job they were trained to do. joining me now, i want to read for you some of the statistics out of new york city over the last week. on monday there were 18 shooting victims, 13 on tuesday and 12 on wednesday and 11 on thursday. crime is spiking in new york city, given those circumstances, why would you want to pull state troopers out? >> as their head of their union i have to look at the member's best interest in what new york city has done, they basically handcuffed my members
4:41 pm
into effecting an arrest. but what new york city has done, you can't put any pressure whatsoever on someone's diaphragm. any tactic at a high school wrestling match, if my numbers were to employ that, they could be arrested for arresting a violent person. >> john: mayor de blasio, he says the black lives matter movement has been at the forefront of change in new york city and across our nations. i'm confident that we can make these reforms work and continue strengthening the bond between police officers and our communities. the new rules of band choke holds and they even ban, as i understand it they ban you from essentially grabbing somebody by the test, is that correct?
4:42 pm
>> you can't even put any pressure on somebody's torso. obviously somebody who wrote this law has never arrested a violent person who doesn't want to be arrested. when you are on the ground wrestling around with somebody it's inevitable that there will be a knee or something in somebody's chest, and to bring somebody under control. in 57 counties outside new york city my members are trained to do it in a certain way and they are fine there. within the five counties in new york city, this is a whole different ball game. we had two different sets of rules within the same state and i would like my members removed from the city. with the reforms they want to do, they can do with the new york state police. >> john: at the trainers at your troopers have received is no longer supported or even allowed by the city of new york. thomas among gear from the troopers union, thank you.
4:43 pm
a professional athlete who supports the black lives matter movement set off a firestorm for wearing a mask that appears to be a nod to law enforcement and the blue lives matter movement, begging the question, can people support both causes? jack brewer and michelle ritchie, next. musical musical stock slices. for as little as $5, now anyone can own companies in the s&p 500, even if their shares cost more.
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>> john: nba star james harden who supports the black lives matter movement in igniting a virtual firestorm after the houston rockets tweeted this picture of him wearing a thin blue line mask generally synonymous with support for law enforcement. the backlash was swift. one user tweeting, i didn't think i could hate him more and then he rocks a blue lives skull mask. another person tweeting, burned out and get a different one. but this one said it, black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter. don't judge the whole on a few bad apples. turns out, he wasn't making a statement after all. >> i wasn't trying to make a political statement, honestly i wore it it covered my whole
4:48 pm
face, it's pretty simple. there are people that do their job at a high level and there are other people in every profession. it covered my whole beard and i thought it was cool. that's it. >> john: with us now jack brewer, ceo of the brewer group and former professional football player. and jack, to you first. the twitter-audie were quick to jump on him. >> of course. he's a stand-up guy and a great character and he can support law enforcement and black lives. you can support law enforcement officers and to be against bad ones, just like you can support black lives but not be for that antichrist organization black lives matter.
4:49 pm
in this nation, we talk about how quick we are to counsel people, to shame them. and that's the kids that are across our nation. we are looking up right now to these professional athletes, and we need to teach them principles again. we need to start teaching these kids to get back to the word of god and getting back foundations into our nation, our families are broken. that's a call to the issues. we will fight the spiritual battle that is wrecking our nation. >> john: or you also want to teach kids that most police officers are okay, don't you? when you demonize police, that
4:50 pm
doesn't help anybody, does it? >> you do want to teach kids that not all police officers are bad, you also want to teach police that not all black people are bad. clearly said it was unintentional but i do think that the idea of this mask, the fact that it is anti-black lives matter because often times when you hear blue lives matter, it is the rebuttal to black lives matter matter and police brutality that's conflicted upon black people. that is why they are so offend offended. >> i mean i think all lives matter. >> that's absurd. >> that's fine, you can think that, but for people to think that blue lives matter and all lives matter is a rebuttal to black lives matter. i'm not saying that people who think that are wrong, it's a
4:51 pm
fact that they use it to counter the black lives matter movement and police brutality. i'm not saying he needs to be canceled, he can obviously wear the mask if he wants to come is just the fact of what it represents. >> every single person including herself that feels like supporting police officer is a rebuttal to black lives matter, each one of you will call the police the second something happens in your home or the second you need how much help and that's the point, that messaging is hypocritical. >> first of all, let me clarify something -- >> good, law abiding police officers -- i will let you finish. they should be standing against any type of evil whether it's a police officer or any other individual.
4:52 pm
we have black officers, brown officers, and everything is not racial. don't restrict the parents and, it's all about this. that's divisive and evil. >> i don't do this argumentative kind of thing, that's not my style and i've never been on with you before. that's not why people are upset. >> you were on last week. >> i work for the state's attorney's office in baltimore city, along with police officers. i was a crime reporter and i actually helped to turn in a suspect who was accused of shooting a police officer. so i know that there are --
4:53 pm
>> john: we will have to leave it there. >> all lives matter, in fact there's a lot of black police officers. >> john: let me interrupt you both, we are coming up against a break. thank you both jack and rochelle. in the meantime, dr. isaiah washington with his new fox nation show "kitchen talk" and why he wants to tell the story of real americans come up next. musical safe for sensitive skin with eczema and psoriasis.
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>> john: this week, rapper kanye west sparking confusion about a possible presidential bid after being on and then off. he qualified to a brown almost presidential ballot as an independent. then he tweeted this picture of himself photoshopped on mount rushmore the caption "20/20." joining me now, actor isaiah
4:58 pm
washington, host of "kitchen talk" on fox nation. is kanye running for president? >> i don't have a comment for that. i've never seen a war won. in receiving enemy won over our culture people move forward without good food. that's my show. that's what "kitchen talk" is about. >> john: we have a little clip of "kitchen talk." it's on fox nation. >> the most fantastic and fascinating conversations i've ever how over the world have happened in the kitchen and at the table. come, be a fly on my wall as i cracked the code to what connects us all. >> john: makes me hungry. we have lost our connection, i'm sorry to say, to isaiah washington. oh, he's back. you're there!
4:59 pm
give us a summation. what's it all about? >> the whole subject is talking to real americans. i have some familiar faces. maybe kanye west will come on the show and he can have a -- we can have a conversation about what he's reading and can talk about it. you have wine and great food, people tend to be more calm and less upset. i've never had a food fight or argument over a great dinner and that's what i'm offering. the only red meat that we put on our show, we actually cook it and serve it. [laughs] >> john: the invitations out there. maybe kanye and kim will take you up on it, come on the show. looks great. we will be watching on fox nation. thanks very much, isaiah washington. that is "the story" of friday, july 17, 2020. as always, the story continues. have yourself a great weekend.
5:00 pm
see you back here monday night at 7:00 and i'll see you tomorrow on the fox report at 6:00 p.m. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am lisa boothe filling in for tucker. after a few minutes, mark steyn will be reemerging and tucker is back to join us. first, mayhem is ripped the city of portland, oregon. take a look. >> why are you coming for


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