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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 21, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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he calls him a true champion for our country. we will see that season get underway on thursday. welcome back. they've almost done it. monday through friday 3:00 eastern time. set your ddr. never miss the report. in the meantime, dave is in for neil right now. >> dave: and fox on top of two briefings about to go down. one on the escalating violence in portland. secretary chad wolf is going to be provided an update on that. the other on the coronavirus. president trump will be leading a news conference on where things stand right now as cases ramp up. welcome everybody. i'm david as men in for neil cavuto. and this is "your world." we've got fox team coverage with john roberts at the white house and dan springer following the violence in portland and seattle. let us begin with john. big day there, john. >> there is never a dull moment here at the trump white house. this is the first time that the
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president will have led a coronavirus briefing since he appeared in the rose garden with admiral gerard back in may, it was made the 11th. he was talking about testing back then, but a lot has happened since including these big spikes in coronavirus cases. the president is sure to get a lot of questions about that as well as an increase in the number of debts, schools not reopening in many jurisdictions. they are probably going to go with online learning to start the school year. it's fairfax county, just outside of d.c. many states having to roll back. likely to get asked for more money for testing in the face of the relief bill that is being renegotiated in the senate. democrats claimed that the white house is trying to block new money for testing, but the white house says it just wants to make sure that the money goes to the right place. here's what she said in her daily briefing earlier today. listen here. >> nobody is blocking any money from testing. one of the things i would add is
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that this is an ongoing negotiation. we are just in the early days of that. currently, we have $10 billion. that's with the fee. that is allocated for testing. we are willing to put in money and for targeted testing that makes sense, not just dumping money into a pot that already contains $10 million. >> dave: it's a little bit of a mystery. we do not know who will be appearing with the president at the briefing. they are kind of holding that as a bit of a surprise. but, it is also becoming clear that this is not just going to be a briefing about the coronavirus. the president will entertain other subjects as well. i think it's an opportunity for him to get out there in front of the american people since he can't hold any of these big political rallies. so, the president wants to be seen as being presidential, doing his job. one of the topics he could possibly talk about is whether or not he will be sending more federal law enforcement officers into cities across america. and as you pointed out, this
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hour, chad, secretary of homeland security will be in the briefing about the situation in portland and the federal response to that. david. >> dave: one thing you know and we know is that it is 99 degrees in washington, d.c., today. and you might love it, but it's a tough day to wear a mask, but there are a lot of questions about whether or not the president will be wearing one. we'll see. >> john: i doubt if he will be wearing one in the briefing room. >> dave: john roberts, great to see you today. thank you. as john just mentioned, moments from now on what it calls a "violence, chaos, and anarchy" in portland. officials are fighting to get federal agents out of the city. dan has the very latest. in fact, the press conference, dan, we are going to get back to you, because the press conference is beginning. there is acting director chad wolf. >> chad: mainly the federal courthouse. the department commission is very clear. we are charged with protecting federal facilities across the
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country. we have been protecting the courthouse in downtown portland and's 1997 when first open. we began to see a rise in violent activity in late may in portland. it coincided with the death of george floyd. let me reiterate that the department fully supports those who wish to peacefully protest. let me say this again. we support and we will protect those who want to peacefully protest. unfortunately, what we are seeing in portland every night, roughly from midnight to 4:30 or 5:00 a.m., is the complete opposite. again, what is occurring in portland in the early hours of every morning is not peaceful protesting. these individuals are organized and they have one mission in mind. to burn down or to cause extreme damage to the federal courthouse and to law enforcement officers. at times, we also see them targeting city property. these individuals congregate in the same area night after night. we see them planning their
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attacks. and yet, the city of portland takes little to no action to stop or disperse this crowd. these individuals carry lasers, baseball bats, explosive fireworks, metal pipes, glass bottles, accelerants, and other weapons all targeting federal facilities and federal law enforcement. and yet, the city of portland takes little to no action. these individuals have repeatedly destroyed protective sensing, extensively feed the courthouse, pour plywood down from the courthouse and lit it on fire. attempted to bridge the courthouse. have thrown explosive materials in the courthouse. and again, the city of portland takes little to no action. the reasons increase dhs personnel are in portland is to go fold. criminal activity every night for 52 nights. and two, the lack of action from
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city officials and law enforcement. department law enforcement officers are there to support the symbol of jus justice to the courthouse. we mostly do that in a very defensive posture appeared however, we have been forced because of lack of local law enforcement presence to take measures such as arrests to protect our officials. the law is clear on what our authority entails. specifically, federal statute states that the secretary of homeland security shall protect buildings, grounds, and property that are owned, occupied, and secured by the federal government. the law goes on to state that the department conducts investigations. again, i'm quoting "on and off partner don my property in question on offenses that may he been owned by the federal government or persons on that p. "we will arrest individuals who
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have damaged federal property. we do this in conjunction with -- many of our officers in portland have many other response abilities in the country. they are away from their families and putting their lives at risk original night. the smear attacks leveled against our officers is disgusting. as it relates to cdp officers deployed in portland, these highly trained officers are in multi-klamath large where, because they work on the southwest border. that is there every day uniform and is completely appropriate. they have patches and the commissioner will talk about that in a bit that show which agency they are from. we repeat, these offices are not military. let's not confuse that. i have seen inaccurate press reports accusing them of being military. they are civilians.
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they are not the gestapo. that is hyperbolic and dishonest. every law enforcement officer and every reasonable american knows this. i look forward t to the day that our officers are redeployed back to their regular day-to-day mission. we will not shrink from her duty because of this violence. i've heard the mayor of portland recently state that the federal government is to blame for this violence. rational people know that is not true. he would have you believe that enforcing federal law incites violence. he would have you believe that holding criminals accountable incites violence. and the last 52 days, portland has declared a riot on numerous occasions because of is nightly violence. and while this action helps, unfortunately, they only take this action when city officials or local law enforcement are targeted, not federal. on july 3rd, before any surge of
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dhf law enforcement resources arrived in portland, the mayor said the violence in "has been going on for more than a month now. groups continue to target the justice center. they continue to target small businesses. these attacks undermine public safety." these words are true today as they were before they arrived in portland. my message is very simple. if you are looking to peacefully protest in portland, the department respect your right to do so. please do so away from the violent activity that is taking place near the courthouse on a nightly basis for your own safety. if you are a violent rider looking to inflict damage to federal property or law enforcement officers, you need to find another line of work. we will not retreat. we will continue to take the appropriate action to protect our facilities and our law enforcement officers.
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if you are a local leader, now is the time to step up and protect your community. work with the department and other federal authorities in portland to responsibly bring this nightly violence to a close. and if you are in the media, report the facts, all the facts. do not glamorize the anarchists and the criminals. do not perpetuate the false narrative many of us have seen recently. two headlines before coming down here today. one, u.s. official calls protests anarchists. inaccurate and very misleading. individuals trying to set fire to a building and no longer protesting, they are criminals. i or any other senior official at the department has no problem with peaceful protesters. i've said that a couple of times. i will say that again. second headline. "unidentified federal agents are detaining protesters in portland." again, on accurate and false. as you've heard i say, you will here acting commissioner morgan
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say. we are only targeting and arresting those who have been identified as committing criminal acts like any other law enforcement agency does across the country ever signaled day of the week. we all have the responsibility to condone the violent activity that is occurring night after night. i was in portland last week. it's a beatable city. but unfortunately, i saw buildings and businesses shut down and boarded up. i was briefed that the violence has cost the city businesses roughly 23 million in lost revenue. we cannot let one of our cities continue to experience this lawlessness night after night. let me turn it over now to chris klein, was our deputy director of federal protective services. we have the mission to protect federal property across the country. he will walk you through the role of fds as well as an operational summary of the past few nights.
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after that, we will have mark morgan. he will talk to about the role the cdp is playing in portland. thank you. >> dave: we will continue to monitor this press conference. a very historic moment. i don't think we've seen a moment like this since the riots of the 1960s when federal authorities were brought in or even before that when federal officers were brought in to desegregate the self against the wishes of some of the local officials. but that is essentially what is at play here. local officials are taking one position on the federal authorities coming in and arresting people. in the federal authorities are taken another position and federal agents are going to continue to go into these communities that the administration says are completely out of control and are being destroyed where citizens are being put in danger by anarchists and others, not the peaceful protesters come about by the anarchists. and therefore, the federal agents will continue to go into
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these areas and arrest people. chad, homeland security director was suggesting that a lot of the headlines were correct, suggesting that these officers were going in as unidentified individuals, some even go into an extreme as saying they were stormtroopers going in unannounced and unidentified to arrest people. he was making the case that is not so. with me now is homeland security deputy. thanks for staying with us, can. i appreciate you being here. how exactly are these federal agents identified? i mean, are they distinguishable from the police officers? >> ken: very easy to answer. so, a cdp there in portland has police on the front, police on the back, and on both arms they have their customs border protection and department of
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hom,homeland security is as wel. they also have a badge number as well, but not their name because of the doxxing of law enforcement and the threat to their families and post. every single agent interacting with a crowd there has that sort of identification on them. and, when they approach an individual who may be a suspect or who may be a witness, they verbally identify themselves as federal agents as well. and of course, they have been wearing the same thing with the same crowd every day for a number of weeks now. now, the violence predates our expanded presence they are by more than a month as you heard the secretary just say. but they have seen these officers wearing the same uniforms day after day doing their job all while the criminals and rioters do their
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thing. >> dave: now, i mentioned that there are parallels to what we have been seeing here. as horrible as seeing our cities being destroyed, we have seen these things in the past. in the 60s, there were riots. and we have seen the use of federal troops in the past. of course, they were used to desegregate the south in many cases. schools had jim crow segregation laws. federal troops were se sent in. do you see that as a parallel to what is happening now? >> i think that was a more widespread and more severe situation that what you are seeing now. i mean, just in portland, we were doing what we are doing now two years ago when the mayor of portland publicly announced that when one of our facilities was being attacked, that he was withdrawing for leas police sup, local police support.
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we don't have to expand our officers on the ground, because we achieved more working together. you have a mayor and a political leadership that blocks their law enforcement from working together. they make all of us less efficient and they make their communities less they've all on purpose, which is just mind-boggling. >> dave: all right, let me get to the issue of the constitutionality of all of this, which, and it may indeed be challenging the courts. george, our legal expert here, mention what he sees as unconstitutional view of what is happening there. let me play the sound bite and get your reaction. let me play it. speak of the federal put troops or military personnel or policet the invitation of the governor e legislature of the state. that's not only federal law, that's in the constitution.
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and as horrific as it is for people who believe in the sanctity of the person and to private property to watch this destruction, there's very little that the feds can do about it. what happened in portland over the weekend, david, was not only unlawful and unconstitutional, it was just plain wrong. >> dave: now, i understand that you don't agree with that position, but there are a lot of people who do. and it may, in fact, be taken to the courts. are you prepared to argue it or are you going to go ahead with the force necessary to quiet these disturbances? >> ken: yeah, look, i appreciate other people don't agree with advancing more aggressive and responsible policing, and i tweeted about his comments there about how wrong they were. he said that it's in the statute. no, the statute is that we will defend these properties and facilities just as the secretary not only noted. he quoted the law.
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you cannot find in the constitution somewhere that says federal law enforcement officers can't go do their job at federal facilities in and around them to exercise federal authority to protect federal lawt as much is. >> ken: i'm not accusing you. i'm just asking you about it. >> dave: my question is whether or not you were prepared to defend it if necessary all the way to the supreme court. >> ken: absolutely. >> dave: or will you just keep going on with what you're doing? >> ken: we certainly are well within the boundaries of the law and the constitution. this is a layup of a win for anybody who would find a to legally challenge us protecting federal facilities under federal law and executing arrests for people who violate that or attack those officers. that is legally easy to defend and i am a legal expert. i don't have any problem saying
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that. it's just, it's really a policy argument that you hear as opposition. but, let's look at just left wing mayors. surely they will be nice. even that city council started to advance more to take back their own city. >> dave: i only have about 30 seconds. but i want to ask you about antifa and whether a federal statute will be used to try to get inside of antifa, find out who is involved, who is funding it, et cetera, and finally, it is antifa a terrorist organization? >> ken: well, antifa, is probably not one organization. there's a different one in washington than there is in portland and so fourth. but, organized intentional violence can qualify under rico
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statutes for prosecution. that's a department of justice question more than department of homeland security, because we do law enforcement. they do prosecution. but that is an available tool under the circumstances. >> dave: can the acting deputy director of homeland security. great to see you, my friend here thank you very much for being here. i appreciate it. >> ken: great to be with you. >> dave: mark meadows, wrapping up a meeting with house speaker, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer all the new relief bill. chad, keeping track of those talks. there's a lot to keep track of here this summer. summers are supposed to be lazy. not this one. speaker yeah, this is going to be a busy couple of weeks as they try to knock out this bill. this is the first round of negotiations. he met with republicans earlier today. mthe key is going to be what senate republicans decide to do.
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he wants to write the bill. he's going to relief that in the next couple of days. that does not sit well with democrats. listen. >> in your own office without any input from democrats, dropping it on the floor and demanding that democrats support it is no one's idea of bipartisanship. you cannot fool the american people with these words that just don't ring true. >> he says that he is aiming for a bill that costs about $1 trillion. i asked him earlier in the capital if they were worried about the cost. he said "we will spend what we need to spend." now, some republicans are worried about doing another bill. as we say on capitol hill, it's about the math, it's about the math, it's about the math. mcconnell can only lose for republicans without meeting democratic health. >> i think that's a starting place for discussion with the
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democrats. clearly, they have the ability to prevent us from passing anything. we do have to talk to them. >> now, can they get this done here? house speaker, nancy pelosi has indicated that she want something done by the end of next week. going into the meeting, mark meadows indicated that there is an artificial deadline here. unemployment insurance benefits expire at the end of july. they also have to have a discussion about more direct payments. will they have more? will they have less? what will that look like and will that be part of the bill question marks the one what a mess. the very quotable senator john kennedy will be with us later. you don't want to miss that. meanwhile, down in pennsylvania avenue, president trump will be holding a coronavirus task force briefing in less than an hour for no. dr. nicole saphier joins me now. doctor, good to see you. what specifically are you going to be listening for, not only
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from the president himself, but also from the doctors who will be there? >> well, david, the time is now the president needs to address the coronavirus outbreak. too much time has gone on and this is the number one issue that americans are facing right now. first and foremost, i want to hear about point of care. when you go to your local urgent care or your lab, or wherever you're going to come and they are quoting 5-10 days wait for the results, that is absolutely unacceptable when we know that people are most transmissible during that early time. i also want to hear about the treatment. there is really good evidence that it is having some really good results in keeping people out of the icu. we need to have these updates. we need to know that there are treatments in the works. and we also need to know that they are doing every thing possible to make sure that these are accessible and affordable to americans as we move forward. and i also want to hear more about in regards to the testing, what about the combination tests
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that the president has already authorized emergency use for? the combination between the covid and the flu. we are heading into the flu season. august marks the beginning of flu season. we need to amp up our testing and we have to do it now. because as we go into the flu season and to begin to open up, we need that rapid testing. i would love to see a vaccine update. i know that dr. birx loves to show us the power points and the slideshows. what are they showing. we have had a little bit of discouraging news recently showing that antibodies tend to decrease after about a month or two ago, but the good news is it's not just about the antibody response. >> dave: forgive me for interrupting, but there's some other good news, which is that the covid mortality rate is coming down. of course, it's a lagging indicator. we may find that not to be so in the coming weeks, but from june 30th-now, the covid mortality rate has dropped 23%. is that because of the
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therapeutics that you were talking about? >> great point. globally now, the global fatality rate has dipped below 1%, which is what we anticipated early on to happen. this is for a multitude of factors. one of them being that we do have treatments now. it has taken several months to figure out what works, but we do have several players that are showing effectiveness of keeping people alive and keeping people out of the icu. we are also protecting our vulnerable a lot more. when the virus first got here, we were given no information from china as to how the virus spreads or who is the most vulnerable. we came up with that information ourselves and we now know how to protect our vulnerable, the elderly. those people are still keeping themselves safe. we as americans are doing what we can to keep them safe. and lastly, it's really important that i want to hear president trump address that it's not about tempe temperature checks.
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>> dave: should we or should we not open the schools? >> i absolutely think moving forward, we need to do everything possible to get our kids back in class. that is most important for them, but the schools will need support. we need to figure out what we can do to get those kids back there. it's not about temperature checks. >> dave: doctor, nicole. it's great to hear from you. we will all be watching what happens inside the white house. so, to the white house and capitol hill where the coronavirus is a front and center. john kennedy on relief negotiations coming right up, right here.
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>> dave: so, what are we going to hear from the president and what can we hear from congress on covid relief? john kennedy, bret baier coming up. stay tuned.
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>> dave: universal child care care, elder care, you name it care. democratic presidential candidate, joe biden, $75 billion plan. but who pays for it? fox news' jackie with more. hi, jackie. >> hey, david. well, the plan aims to expand access to and lower the cast down my cost of caregiving both for children and the elderly. the coronavirus has forced schools to close, leaving parents to care for aging parents. increase pay for child care workers through federal minimum wage laws and create new child care facilities and tax breaks. he claims it would also allow a hundred thousand people waiting for home and community care through medicaid to get off the waiting list by giving states funding for services like meals, programs for seniors, and rides to appointments. the campaign says the
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$770 billion plan would employ 3 million americans and new care and education jobs, ultimately allowing about $5 million t to o back to work. >> we are trapped in a caregiving crisis, and economic crisis, within a health care crisis. you are doing every thing you can. but this president is not. >> his proposal would be paid for over ten years to reducing tax breaks for real estate investors, making more than $400,000 a year and also increasing tax compliance for high earners. but the trump campaign collapse back writing "biden just says he knows families are being squeezed financially and emotionally right now. just wait until they learn about what joe biden plans to what their tax bill and their electrical bill. biden did not take any questions, but he slammed president for "quitting on americans amid the pandemic, not
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wanting it to distract from his campaign. both quote david. >> dave: jackie, thank you very much. the education association is suing rhond in an attempt to stp schools from reopening. frederick had set union and this move to sue. good to see you, sir. thank you for being here. appreciate it. what exact what would it take in the statistics or by whatever measurement you are using for you to accept school reopening the? >> let me say this. speaking on behalf of all the public school educators, we want to be back to school. we can't wait to get back to school. in fact, we miss our kids. this is what we pledged our lives to do. but against the backdrop of over 350,000 positive cases of covid, 5,000 deaths, and a positivity rate that is still in the 20th percentile, it is just unsafe for us to go back to school right now given the
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circumstances that we have. we've got to get control of this virus. we've got to see some sort of decline. we got to deal with the infrastructure with our school system that is built for social interaction and not social distancing.f decline. that's pretty vague. can you be more specific? what specifically, what numbers are you looking at that would make you feel satisfied to reopen? >> absolutely. well, the federal government and the cbc would like to see a 14 day decline. and so, that's what we are sticking to. we have never as a state got into phase two at all. in many cases, in our state, we have rolled back between west palm beach and other rural areas. we have actually rolled back to phase 1. and so, we need to see those declines. we need to see our positivity rates go down, and our icu usage go down. >> dave: a 14 day decline. that's a very specific figure. we appreciate that.
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that gives us something to chew on. now, this is the argument made by a lot of people for reopening, that 30 children in the united states, 30 under the age of 15 have died of covid. now, one death is a tragedy. you have to say that. that's absolutely true. i mean it. but 190 children die of the flu each year and we don't close schools for that. so, to the stats justify closi closing? >> listen, we don't want to play truth or dare with any child. >> dave: we have 190 children dying every year we keep the schools open for that. we have 30 children dying of covid. so, why not close for the flu then? >> we live in the epicenter of this coronavirus. there are so many unanswered questions that we don't have. the problem that we are having is that we know that this virus is so transmittable and we don't
1:36 pm
know what the impacts are going to be to children who live in multigenerational homes, children who have siblings. i'm sorry, children who have brothers and sisters that might have an underlying issues. teachers who are over the age of 660 hoop go back in our classrom and what that transmitter will mean. we have so many unanswered questions that we cannot simply say we are going to go full speed ahead with opening the schools. >> dave: i don't think anybody is saying - -- and high water. i think the lord just specifically looking at stats they haven't had these massive reoccurrences. by the way, nbc asked 5 doctors who were involved in pediatrics whether they would send their own kids to return to school. everyone of them said, yes, i would let my kids return to school. my kids are looking forward to it. yes period. absolutely.
1:37 pm
no hesitation. so, the doctors are saying it's okay to send kids back to school peered why don't you listen to them? >> well, it depends on what day my doctor you are talking to. again, there are so many unanswered questions. let me clarify. the executive order says that we will have one come the first day of school. they are going back to coweeks. we hate to interrupt you, but we have this dhs press going peered we have to get back to it. please come back and see us again. this is the department of homeland security talking about the unrest in our cities. >> it is acting like an authoritarian regime, especially because you have the governor of oregon saying that she doesn't want the officers in the state. she doesn't need them. there is escalating tension. >> well, what i would say is that if you did your job from the local perspective, we want to be there, just like we are not in any other city with this type of deployment having to
1:38 pm
protect other court houses. fact that we are there is because local officials are not taking action. they are not protecting. they are not helping to address the situation. i think that is the key difference in when we look at any other metropolitan city that fds has. facilities that they are protecting. they have a partnership with all the law enforcement and they help protect that facility to help make local arrests. they will help disperse local crowd. they help with a variety of things when violent activity is occurring. that is not taking place in portland. so, that's the difference between what we see in portland and what we see in any other place. now, regarding whether it was the mayor in portland or the governor not wanting us, we appreciate that, but we still have a job to do. so, we are going to have to continue to protect the facility. if we left tomorrow, they would burn that building down. i'm sure you are not advocating for that, but they would burn that leaned down. they have stated that publicly.
1:39 pm
we know they have tried peered we have them on video trying that multiple different times. we have a responsibility. secretary shall protect buildings. it doesn't say you can. it doesn't give me the options. it says that i shall. i continue to do my resources to protect those buildings. >> the president said yesterday, he said very clearly -- >> let's make sure we are talking about two very different things here. we are talking about portland, which is unique. violent anarchists in portland versus normal city criminal activity, behavior by gangs, by criminal elements throughout the country. those are two different things. you can certainly ask the white house and others. that's what he was referring to. so, what we have in portland is very different than we see in any other city. >> i was just going to ask, thank you for having us. he said these are well-organized and there's a large number of
1:40 pm
people. do you have information about who is supporting this criminal activity? >> i would do for you to the department of justice. the fbi is on the ground. they are investigating that question. so, they are going to have the best information for you on that. >> you said you spoke to the governor and mayor at one point and asked them what they needed. have you or any other federal officials spoken to the mayor or the governor since that opening conversation? >> again, i talked to the mayor and the governor. i gave them my number. told them to certainly reach out to me if they needed anything from the federal government. to bring this to a close. my phone is operating and working. i'm happy to talk with them anytime they want to talk. the conversation we had was very definitive on what actions they would like us to take. those actions were not helpful.
1:41 pm
it wasn't a productive dialogue on their side. i came with options for them and really listening on what it was they needed. it wasn't productive. happy to talk to them at any point. >> thanks for doing this. could you perhaps let us know how much this operation in portland costs the taxpayer? could you also confirm between the difference on how many officers? we have been seen reports of 60. is that accurate? >> i don't have the cost on what this is costing the federal government peered i'm sure we could probably figure that out. we have a number of agents. i'm not going to give out an exact number for operational security reasons come but we have a force now they can protect our federal property. you heard the federal director talking about how we have other properties there as well. we need to protect all of them. >> could you just clarify, the officers that are in portland
1:42 pm
are acting under the executive order on june 26th. what the president was talking about when he was talking about other cities, is that something different? could you just sort of tell us? >> sorry, i thought we were clear. the individuals that are in portland are acting under fds authorities, the department of homeland security. it doesn't have anything to do with executive order. this is an existing authority that has been on the books for decades. decades. that is the authority they are using to go in and protect the federal facility. fds supports almost 9,000 facilities in the country. there is no other facility that has this violent activity night, after night, after night. that is the authority they are using. and again, portland is different band othan any other season. street crime. drugs, guns, or the like. two totally different scenarios that are going on.
1:43 pm
>> dave: that's chad wolf talking about the situation in our nation's streets, those streets that are particularly out-of-control in portland, seattle, chicago, and elsewhere where federal agents are being sent in an order to quell some of that violence. joining me now is the republican senator from louisiana, john kennedy. senator, great to see you. thank you for coming in. what do you think about the use of federal agents in these cities if the people elected to those cities, mayors and governors don't want them? >> john: i don't understand mayor wheeler. i just don't. >> dave: this is the mayor of portland. >> john: yes. my first spo thought when i sawl of this is that when his iq gets to 75, he ought to sell. i mean, here you have them
1:44 pm
trying to burn down his city, destroying people's businesses, law-abiding people's businesses. the federal government is trying to help. and he is criticizing the federal government. who is on first? what's on second? this makes no sense to me. >> dave: just throw something out there, but he's running against an opponent in november for his position, who said very vocally, i am antifa. i'm quoting her right now. the person he's running against for the mayor. i may have something to do with it. he is running against somebody who is actively in favor of nt. >> john: i don't care if he's running against the pope. this is wrong. he took an oath to protect his people and to protect the city. how is allowing a bunch of people who don't even know the difference between...
1:45 pm
s grant and washington. how is that in the best interest of the people of portland? i just don't get it. >> dave: i want to switch to another issue involving what is happening on our streets. that's the couple who were protecting their home with weapons. the man had a long gone. the woman had a handgun. their territory had been invaded. it was private property by people they say were threatening their lives. and now, they have been indicted for felony charges? what do you make of that? >> john: i've said this before and this is kind of how i view the issue. i believe love is the answer. but i also own a handgun just in case. and if somebody tries to threaten me or threaten my family, i have the right as an american, to defend myself. >> dave: welcome it as a prosecutor have a right to indict a felony?
1:46 pm
>> john: no, of course not. we all saw happened on tv. and the attorney general and the governor need to overrule the attorney general. and by the way, when his iq gets to 75, he ought to sell too. >> dave: al all right, let me switch. we have nancy pelosi just announcing that $1 trillion is not enough money for a corona, another coronavirus relief bill. what do you make of that? >> john: look, cdc tells us, david, that out of every 1,000 americans who get the coronavirus, six are going to die. so, the coronavirus can kill you. poverty can too. we are trying to do something about it. our economy has been waterboarded. we've spent $3 trillion.
1:47 pm
$6 trillion, if you include the federal reserve. we are working on another trillion dollar bill. there's some good ideas being debated. the only thing i'm certain right now is, and the speaker just needs to accept this. speaker pelosi's bill is not going to pass. you can write that down and take it home to mama. and the sooner she accepts that fact, the sooner we will be able to confect a deal that is in the best interest of the american people. >> dave: let me just ask you what is accessible and what is not? ascending the $600 weekly bon bs that they throw into unemployment insurance for those out of work, that will extend at the end of july. about $360 billion. is that acceptable or not? >> john: nothing has been
1:48 pm
we are talking about a payroll tax cut. it won't be an extra $600 a week, but we need to address that. we are going to try to help the elementary and secondary schools to decide to open. there is some discussion on helping higher education. i don't understand why we need to help them, because we gave them a lot of money in the first round. i need some answers. sullivan and i have a bill to give state and local governments more flexibility to spend the money we have already given them. that's probably going to be a part of the bill. >> dave: just to be specific, you threw in there an extension of that unemployment bill or the unemployment check would be acceptable. >> john: no, not at 600 a wee week. we are talking about that. it will probably be a percentage of a person's former income. we are going to have some people
1:49 pm
out of work. i know a lot of folks had to go on unemployment and i think many thought, i thought that many of them, when it ended, they would be able to go back to a job. i'm afraid for people in the hospitahospitality industry, the not going to have a job. we can't pay people not to work. >> dave: always a pleasure to have you in, sir. thank you always for being here. appreciate it. >> john: thank you. >> dave: absolutely. we are moments away from a white house news conference. bret baier on a message we should be hearing from the president. bret will be with us next. ♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪
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1:54 pm
however, the earnings report, a little bit lower-than-expected. revenue was stronger at 1.4 billion. a little bit stronger, a mixed bag overall. the company is focusing on capacity. investors focus on how full our planes? they are operating at half capacity. social distancing in place. we look at the stock over the last six months, it plunged dramatically like many other airlines but today was climbing higher. investors like the fact of the company said that they will be burning less cash. instead of 40 million it'll be 25 million and unfortunately, david, they are still selling the middle seats. back to you. >> dave: it's been a while since i've been on a plane. good to see you. we are moments away from president trump holding a news conference on coronavirus. how important are these briefings for the president? with me, inker of "special report" at 6:00 p.m., whose time may be cut into by the press conference is coming
1:55 pm
back. these briefings very often got highly contentious. another thing one went by without some fight between the president and somebody in the press corps, usually about something that had nothing to do with coronavirus. does the president think that's going to help him leading into the election? >> bret: david, good afternoon. it's optimistic to say it's going to start right at 5:00. tradition has it that these things get pushed back quite a bit. sometimes, as you mention, going to the "special report" hour at 6:00. i think these are going to be shorter. from everything we are hearing from the white house so far, kayleigh mcenany cutting out earlier so far saying they will be more a little bit more condensed. this is the president. he's going to answer questions. however, he is going to deliver the good news, according to the white house, about vaccine progress and therapeutics and where they are on specific numbers. we know anthony fauci is at nih right now. doesn't have plans to be there at the white house in a few
1:56 pm
minutes. vice president pence is in charleston, south carolina, so he's not going to be there. we don't know exactly who else was potentially going to be there but the president will answer questions. >> david: let's talk about the presidential race because it has, the coronavirus has become political. pretty much you knew it was going to go in that direction when it became an economic factor. vice president biden has essentially been painting the president is having blood on his hands for this thing getting as bad as it's been in the united states. i think that more than anything might be motivating a return of these coronavirus meetings, no? >> bret: i agree with you 100%. you heard former vice president biden saying that the president has quit. he's done. he has quit america essentially is the quote that he said earlier today. i think the president and his team look at the polls, including our fox poll, that shows the coronavirus is the number one concern for voters as
1:57 pm
they head into the election. at least right now. who knows where this is going to go, david. it beats the economy to the one. in the latest poll as far as people's concerns. >> david: because it beats the economy. that's the problem with the coronavirus. in addition to the personal tragedies in every household, you have the economic consequences. but you also have another story occurring at the same time which is bound to pop its head up during this press conference and that's a question of law and order. how the president is dealing with it, particularly the use of federal agents to go into areas that have said that they don't want them, like in portland, seattle. possibly chicago as well. what do you make of all that? >> bret: it's a big part of the president's reelection pitch and that is law and order, keeping the peace, fighting even if some of the leaders in those cities come in his words, are not going to fight to keep it
1:58 pm
peaceful. it is controversial and he's received a lot of criticism for some of the people he's put into these different places but if you're a business in downtown portland that's dealing with the violence that leads -- protest that lead to rioting or looting, it becomes an issue. he's not going after portland voters. i think he's going after a law and order pitch overall and we will see how it sells. >> david: my buddy at "the wall street journal" had column saying the old if you broke it, you bought it thing. if the president allowed to situation to follow whatever disasters course they follow, maybe the voters will wake up and vote out the people that have the policies that are helping create this crisis. it doesn't seem like that message coming from a conservative voice is resonating inside the white house right now. >> bret: no, no.
1:59 pm
the president sees an opportunity here. i think this move with these coronavirus briefings tell you something different. as much as he can talk about law and order and as much as he can talk about not bringing down different monuments around the country and keeping the streets safe, it's coronavirus that he needs to be touting about what his administration is specifically doing and what successes they see. obviously there's a lot of questions about where the u.s. is of the big picture being able to fight the coronavirus and where we will be come november. it will determine the fate of this president. >> david: i hope it starts as soon as possible so that you don't have to take your script and rip it. that must kill you when you have to rip up your script. >> bret: i have a good staff, as you know. >> david: you are a good sport because you've dealt with it for many, many weeks. but bear, 6:00 p.m., "special report." let's say count on it -- bret baier, 6:00 p.m. tune in because the president is
2:00 pm
going to make it interesting. bret baier, great to see you, my friend. as you can see, they are setting up for the coronavirus task force. the president will be there. the question is, will have a mask? the white house briefing imminent. here is "the five." >> jesse: hello everybody i'm jesse watters with juan williams, greg gutfeld, dagen mcdowell and emily compagno. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." fox news alert. you're looking live at the white house podium where any minute now president trump will be holding his first coronavirus briefing since april. it could be a boost to his reelection campaign, as cases of the virus continued to spike in the u.s. the president is expected to focus on vaccines and therapeutics and is planning on taking questions from


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