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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 22, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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available. everything you need to know to understand that if bolshevik burning, aoc, pelosi, schumer, biden, and bozo get in power, w. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham? >> laura: okay, can you not go from we are screwed to... speed to >> sean: i don't want to live. we are at that point. i'm not kidding. >> laura: are you on my show next week or what?ne when is this happening? >> sean: it's the week after. i need a lot of time to prepare for this. >> laura: this is the longest build up to a book in the history of publishing, okay? all i know is you are o on the show. >> sean: i am. >> laura: this is the only cable show you are on. >> sean: you asked and i'm waiting for the an
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>> laura: i can't wait sean. >> sean: great shows, great ratings. congratulations and thanks for all you do. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight.ra the administration orders up a million doses of a potential vaccine. what you need to know about the promise and the pitfalls. and cnn's and dihydroxy obsession called out by one of the nation's top epidemiologist. dr. harvey reese is back to response. the wall of mom's in portland? doesn't it sound so sweet, almost nurturing. what is the truth behind the media's newest heroines? mollie hemingway and logan revealed. obama and biden are united and it smells so good. we will tell you why it's necessary, raymond arroyo brings us revelations in seen and unseen.
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but first, joe's care package. that's the focus of tonight's angle. tonight we are about 15 weeks out from the 2020 election if you can believe it. the last few days have revealed the candidates' starkly different approaches to leadership. each one has tried to improve his standing on the economy or covid. when biden emerges from his comfy basement,, he is shuffling upstairs to a camera near his french doors with a bucolic scene framing the shot. yesterday he tried to show us he be more hands on regarding the pandemic offering never before heard solutions like, appoint a commanding speed 26 officer. or hit officer.covid officer. didn't trump already do that? we know regardless what he sayst we know the only thing poor old
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joe would do differently are the lockdowns. in other words, he'd mandate a national shelter in plac shelter which would push us towards a socialist cliff and it would end up killing more people than it would save. of course he had to start his attempt at relevancy with a shot at the trump economy. >> this man simply doesn't understand. he can't deal with our economicc crisis without serving and saving and solving the public health crisis. for all his bluster about his extra how it would help working families hit the hardest. >> laura: just laughable. trump's retort is so easy, he kept the economy afloat by assigning an unprecedented relief package. his resistance to permanent lockdowns actually helped the economy p rebounds faster than y of these so-called experts could ever have imagined.
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>> we want to go back to work as opposed to being forced in the position where they are making more money than they expected to onmake and the employees are having a hard time getting them back to work. we were very generous with them. i think it's been a tremendously successful program. we are in a pandemic yet we are producing a tremendous number of jobs. that is something no one thought possible. >> laura: he is talking beyond the generous checks, more generous than some would've m liked, but we are already seeing a recovery. 4.8 million jobs added in june after 2.7 million added in may. could a biden economy ever approach that in a middle of a pandemic? of course not. withth no credible plan to creae jobs, biden could only use the emphasize- >> you have to put your job on hold permanently, the job loss.
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the confusion, the confusion over school re-openings only makes things work course >> laura: the president has been incredibly consistent on this. >> they should open the schools, absolutely. >> open up our schools. open them up. it shows that children have the lowest fatality risks. >> your grandchildren, would you be kumble having them in schoo schools? >> i am comfortable with that. b >> laura: joe biden's point on this are all union talking points. basically, biden wants to unionize child care and home health workers. he wants to give the teachers unions basically stay at home vacations, keep all the kids at hehome. with the health care workers and other workers getting unionized, who gets to fit that bill? >> the way we pay for is by
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rolling back protected tax cuts ensuring high earners pay their tax bills. we invest that, that $775 billion over ten years. >> laura: that's a lot of them presented tax cuts, isn't it. by investment, joe biden means spending for there is no such thing as a free lunch or free eldercare or free child care. as nice as thatt sounds. you will be billed for the cash with crushing your taxes while he and his cronies create a new government-funded series of unions, all captive to the democrat party. but don't worry about all the details. after all, joe doesn't have to. because the press is essentially acting as his campaign calms team. the president himself, he faces these types of inquiries. >> would you do a national strategy to help us reopen and reopen safely? >> do you want the
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>> three governors today came out with new orders on masks. is that something in which all americans would do? >> americans are dying. are you accountable for that? >> laura: nice people. by contrast, this was biden's q&a session. >> thank you for listening. i look forward to having your questions for another time but i'm off to another event. thank you. [applause] >> laura: they don't even bother shouting questions anymore. he just gets shoveled off the stage. time and again he devolves into bromides, biden does, with all the originality of a hallmark card. >> a president is supposed to care, to lead to meditate responsibility, to never give up. that's what presidents are supposed to do. >> laura: it's like one of
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those corporate posters. while empathy is nice, do not be fooled by the awe shucks stuff he's selling. this is part of a carefully orchestrate and look at joe! eased a sweet old man and he really cares about us. >> this is joe biden's empathy with people believe is a real selling point. >> we now biden has empathy but thise time around he connected policy and empathy. >> he understands that empathy is a huge part of this job. will you come back? >> i'm happy to come back. by the way, we were thinking of you as vice president. what can we do? >> laura: you know he wanted to lean in for the shoulder rub, but he got confused on his own satellite. this is the kindly face of an administration that's going to ram through crushing regulations, speech codes, new taxes,ec reparations, and radicalism at every turn.
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meanwhile, biden refuses to subject himself the difficult interviews either because he's incapable of answering tough questions, cognitive decline, or he is afraid that maybe he'll reveal the truth, that to survive and his party, he's become little more than a puppet of the radical left and blm. it's a movement that believes the founders were evil,rs capitalism is evil, the constitution is evil. most americans are racist, thus evil. you get my drift. but we are supposed to believe that the only guy, sweet old joe biden, who can save us? are we supposed to believe now that obama, you know, he wasn't as talented as joe is now? they were together for eight years. so barack obama wasn't really authentic, couldn't get the job done? the most telling moment over the last few days was when biden invoked his dad. >> we used to have a saying. he said, joey, i don't expect
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the government to solve my problems. but i sure expect them to understand my problem. >> laura: that's pure nonsense. the government's job is to allow you the freedom to solve your own problem and make your own way. government doesn't understand anything. it's not a person. we have to see the god gauzy biden sympathy jimmy carter cared. lookok where that got us. time and again, we've seen biden wear compassion as fashion. the eyecare stuff is a veneer to distract fromno how far left is how to move on almost every major issue facing america. and he's even trying to deflect the squad's racial smears. >> no sitting president has ever done this. ever ever.
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no republican president has done this, and the democrat that we've had racists who have tried to be elected president. he's the first one who has. >> laura: number one, it's disgusting. number two, it's defamatory. trump shouldn't tolerate this and and number three, it's all very ironic. given biden's own checkered history on racial rhetoric and his abysmal policy failures. president trump slapped back today. >> we've passed criminal justice reform,cr something biden and obama was unable to do. we've had the best african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american, almostt every group was the best for unemployment. >> laura: that's what i call caring: results. you know what real compassion looks like? offering crime-fighting assistance for the most crime ravaged communities in america where law-abiding americans,
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many of them black, suffered due to him prosecuted drug and gang violence. >> today i am announcing a surge of law enforcement and american communities plagued by violent crime. >> is not to harass, it's not to harm or hurt. it's to help investigate unsolved murders. which one of those happened to be our innocent 4-year-old son. we have to take a stand in our communities and speak up to help this operation. >> laura: everyone should watch that operation legend events today. i'll tweet it out later. you'll be better for watching it. biden is engaged in a high-stakes shell game. stoking the public about virus and racism and maybe nobody will notice that he's a doddering fool that can control the mobs on the street where the mob in his own party. this is one care package that'll blow up our future if we allow itit and that is the angle.
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joining me is dr. ramin oskoui. we'll move on a lot of topics beyond politics. the big news is the announcement, dr. oskoui, ordering 100 million potential doses from that's potential news, but the speed of it? >> we've skipped the number of trial steps we often take with vaccines. we are hoping to have this vaccine available by january. that's what the contract says. but this is a new viral platfo platform, and we aren't even sure it's going to work. especially since it's not geared to go after immunity, it simply an antibody response. >> laura: dr. birx talk about the antibody aspect of this on "special report." watch. >> a majority of people around
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the world, once they are affected, they mount and antibody response. it's the road map for vaccine development. i think that's what's so encouraging about this virus and our ability to clear it. >> laura: dr. oskoui, does this paint a different picture than what the media has been saying and does that take into account the issue of t-cell immunity immunity that i and so many others with this medical cabinet i put together that we've been referring to? >> i think it does and it has important applications for vaccine development. vaccines like a strike of as well asantibody b cell immune probably likely to be a bit more successful than ones that strictly stimulate antibody immunity. so the short answer is and has huge invocations for vaccine development.
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but also i think our general understanding of herd immunity and how this virus is going to work itself through, and how it's been so deadly. >> laura: dr. oskoui, an important response from the cdc director earlier today when he was asked of this question. >> would you be comfortable with your grandchildren going back to school in the fall? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> laura: this is just a purely political calculation these schools are making across the country. scientific research about kidsds in school, 2006 hong kong study about the sars outbreak warned about the adverse psychosocial impact on children. so why is this pro-science party ignoring the science, dr. oskoui? >> you know, that's a good question. we locked down the country and never thought of the ramifications inn terms of undiagnosed cancers and other issues. and the effect of the economy. i think the same thing is true about not having in-person
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schooling. it's critical these kids go to school five days a week. they are at low risk and without it they are going to be clearly, and we have seen this scientifically shown with the sars epidemic, clearly implications for severe social distancing of children and not havinger in person schools. >> laura: dr. oskoui, as always we really appreciate your insights tonight. i want to move now to this exchange that made a lot of waves on the sea and then between the trump campaigns communications director tim murtaugh and a cnn host. >> remember the hydroxychloroquine host where the entirety of the media was dead set against anyone ever talking about this simply because the president expressed optimism -- >> that'ss not right, it's because it killed people and doing a real disservice to americans and i want to be clear to americans out there, we talked too a number of doctors and experts, federal experts, this is not something you want to be playing with. studies have been canceled because the stuff is soso dangerous. we are done with this
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conversation. >> laura: joining me now is that epidemiologist, dr. harvey who's really doing the disservice to the american people, doctors with decades of experience like yourself? other treating physicians, or a cnn host thinking hydroxy is so dangerous that we shouldn't even talk about it? >> good evening, laura for that's funny that we shouldn't talk about anything. this is a drug that's been used for 65 plus years and billions of doses around the world that people take without thinking about it, suddenly it becomes dangerous? that's ludicrous. >> laura: the idealy that has been floated by yours truly and a few others, of giving hydroxychloroquine to those essential workers who want it before they go back to work in a prophylactic dose, dr. risch, we
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done favorable studies on prophylactic use on the drug but what aboutct that, how about tht to give people a piece of mind and where is the fda on revoking its emergency warning about hydroxy? >> those are two questions. there is evidence to show that prophylactic use, at lower doses, it still beneficial. it's not as strong as the evidence for successful treatment with the drug. but still there is evidence for that. one shouldn't be overly confident by taking prophylactic doses that you will get it. it still possible. but there is still the possibilityhe for treatment. i hope the fda will change his mind when they review all thean evidence it has and update the evidence and see that there is room for changing his position. >> laura: it's just amazing we have cnn anchors out there proclaiming on this drug as if they reviewed all the peer-reviewed studies on this.
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it does such a disservice to people and it's been going on for months and i haven't dropped it because i actually know the signs on this pretty well at this point. dr. risch, this is what dr. fauci said about the end of the pandemic. >> i don't see this disappearing the way sars one data. the reasonwa i say that is it so efficient in its ability to t transmit from human to human that i think we'll ultimately get control of it. i don't really see us eradicating it. >> laura: dr. risch, your reaction to that as y therapeutics are so much more important in the short term? >> the short term? yes. it's hard to predict a sequence of events but it's possible it may circulate like influenza where it's seasonable, comes
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back in our winter. it's hard to know. i think once we have a handle on treatment, it won't matter so much because the treatment is a very effective. >> laura: dr. risch, thank you as always. great to see you tonight. >> pleasure. >> laura: a new media hero has emerge from the rubble of pacific northwest. the portland moms. the media love these folks, but wait till you see what we caught them on tape doing. mollie hemingway, lara logan react as i put my earring back on in moments. hike!
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>> portland, oregon, is not out of control. there are some people who have strong feelings. >> theyav are not welcomed to bring these federal officials into our community because they are making things worse and they seare hurting people. >> your presence here is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism. they are not wanted here. >> laura: it isn't local officials working overtime to downplay the lawlessness and violence plaguing the streets o portland. the media, they are joining in, they have a new group of heroes. >> they are calling themselves the wall of moms. >> a group of moms who have come
11:26 pm
out to protect these people. >> dozens of women having formed themselves into a human shield to try and protect the crowd from the federal agents. moms are here. leave our kids alone. >> laura: this is like pravda, okay? unbelievable propaganda! as you see in this video, the same wall of moms, part of the group trying to kick their way in the federal courthouse. joining me now, lara logan, host of "lara logan has no agenda" on fox nation, and mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist. the portland moms... this really took the cake. it's a microcosm of the media's coverage from portland and other cities. pay no attention, everything is peaceful, happy, and even homespun. >> you see the way the protesters will say when they see someone filming them to put their cameras down. they do not want the violence ts be shown to people.
11:27 pm
that's understandable because another violence is at odds with theirle own agenda. you see so many other people in the media going along with that is very disturbing. and likewise, this approach of taking your most sympathetic members and putting them as thea face of what's going on, this is a very common tactic in paramilitary organizations to do that. hide your weaponry in schools or hospitals and whatnot. to see the media going along with that and doing these puff pieces is very disturbing. >> laura: lara, i want to play for you what one blm protester was caught on tape actually saying. watch. >> hi, everyone. my name is laura sinclair. i am an african indigenous nonbinary organizer here, organizing for the abolition of not just from the military police but from the united states of america. >> laura: this is more than the media would ever let on. is that not the case, lar laura?
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>> laura, i take their word for it. this woman is not the only want to say that. they say it every single day all overea the internet on thousands of sites per they've also traded all over the world where there have been riots, all democraticd cities, by the way, and i see that because very significant that these riots arg place in areas where democrats can control the messaging. why? when you bring in federal agents, you upset all of that. now you don't just have local district attorneys, you are bringing in an assistant u.s. attorney's i coming with those federal agents. the people on the ground committing crimes, they canhe be released from prison because now they've been charged with federal crimes. they are facing much more significant charges and longer sentences. it's also showing how receptive local law enforcement and federal law enforcement can be when working together. all of which is outside the
11:29 pm
control of cityde officials. i've been talking to people on the ground andal some of these places and they are just saying that they are tired of being ignored, that there are a group of radicals in the small group has taken over the city council taking over the messaging and are out there on the streets and they don't represent everyone in these cities.ep it's not true that everyone in portland feels this way. butn the media isn't even talkig to these people. what you are talking about with the moms. this is why i love mollie, right? she's right. these are deception tactics being used. this is a deception warp or they are trying to say that federal authorities are being misused or overused, painting the president in their strategic messaging as some type of dictator and that's because they don't want this tactic being used because it's effective. >> laura: let me jump on what you just said there. the rioters are portrayed as new freedom writers. not rioters, riders.
11:30 pm
law enforcement are being demonized including by joy reid. watch. >> he's using the trumped up charge to justify what in any other country particulate and authoritarian one would be called the secret police. >> thereet is a secret police aspect to it. federal secret police, it's a secret police, sort of vibe. using his own secret police. >> laura: look at the former attorney general there. justau embarrassing. secret police that have clearly marked uniforms protecting federal property? the tables are turned here. >> not just that they are clearly marked as police or they have identifying badges on them, but also when people arehe attacking federal courthouses, that is a federal concern. when they go after federal personnel as he did in lafayette park in washington, d.c., that's a federal concern. there is an obligation to
11:31 pm
restore law and order, the entire country benefits from how cases are handled at the hatfield courthouse in downtown portland, not just the few citizens in portland. even if the portland mayor wants to control how the mobs control his city, it's still a concern for the rest of the country. cities would be handling these issues better ony, their own and there would be no need for any federal law enforcement agents afterwards risking their lives because the mom's gotten out of control. but when cities don't handle their own business and states don't handle their own business, there is a role for the federal government to play. not just a role, but an obligation. >> laura: lara, i was going to asplay something else from msnbc -- >> i just want to jump in and say something because i was on the border. i was out with these forces. these are highly trained forces. they know exactlyly what they ae doing there. they are special operations level inside border control when they are deployed like this, they have police at the front, they have it on the back both of
11:32 pm
their arms, they have border patrol patches. just because local officials and journalists and idiots on the streets there who p are rioting, they can't look up what them patch means and they don't know who these people are doesn't mean they haven't been identified. and it's very significant that people are lying about this. that's what's astonishing to me. >> laura: they know exactly what they are doing. they aren't mistaking it, they know it's a lie, that's the real problem here. by the way we found out yesterday that at least one of the injured officers may not recover the site in his eyes because he was hit repeatedly. so the real ramifications, physical safety, physical health and well-being on top of all the demonization that's going on here. ladies, phenomenal analysis as always. thank you so much. coming up, the boys are back ini town. obama, biden back together again. going to explain why.
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>> laura: welcome to our seen and unseen segment where we expose the stories behind the headlines. a big political reunion for biden today. we are joined by fox news contributor raymond arroyo. biden and obama are reuniting and it feels so good. f >> the biden campaign released a trailer to promote the forthcoming conversation between the political team. it is stage to look like a netflix special, laura. they exit from their cars with entourages, they synchronize the elevator exits. obama does his trademark and their conversation is played like a streaming event. obama reveals more than perhaps he intended. watch. >> you are going to be able to
11:39 pm
reassemble the kind of government that cares about people and brings people together. >> reassemble the old obama team. they are all coming back, you know it. >> laura: they are clearly trotting out obama because biden is in trouble and obama is the biggest fund-raiser the democrats have. there is no enthusiasm for biden. >> it also may have something to do with his poll numbers among black voters. according to the late a zogby poll, only 77% of black voters support biden right now. he needs obama to make of that difference and more. also the obama-biden meet up may be a smoke screen -- >> 29, that the biden and sanders cams submitted proposals to update the democratic party platform. they want to decrease spending on national defense, emphasize
11:40 pm
police brutality, and climate change, and end to forever wars -- i thought trump didi that, and a national proposal to study slave if that was your agenda, you'd be sitting across from obama too, laura. >> laura: why didn't obama get this all done in eight years? was he inadequate, was he inauthentic? are we supposed to believe that biden is a better, smarter political operator than obama wasrt for eight years or obama s hiding all the solutions from obama for eight years, he had the solutions but hiding it from him? >> the visual evidence would tell a different story. biden held a viral -- virtual event today with union health care workers, including a nurse who he shared his personal health story. >> i've been a recipient. i was hospitalized a long time ago with an aneurysm.
11:41 pm
>> what kind of questions when they ask you? >> they asked how long was this going on, what would you see in the family, when are you going to open up the economy -- >> do you have your mental health workers at the facility that are able when you need the extra help with the patient? >> for a moment, laura, i thought he was going to ask the nurse to find him a bed and a unit. ??? hoping that trump will open up the economy, that was probably unrehearsed and unexpected. >> laura: what woods that sound? it almost sounded like a coffin open up in the building beginning. what was that? >> i don't know. >> laura: there are a lot of biden gas technical and otherwise. >> yes, there were. >> [garbled]
11:42 pm
i'm confused who i'm talking to here. whoever it is... nurses at walter reed hospital would bend down and whisper in my ear and go and get me pillows, they breathe in my nostrils to get me moving. >> m wow, laura. you can see why a grand total of 26 people watch this event. that was the high point. t incidentally two of those viewers were myself and one of your producers. that shows you the great groundswell for this -- >> laura: i'm still trying to get over... the nurse was o breathing into s nostrils? >> breathing in his nostrils. >> laura: it's like god breathing into... it's like into adam... breathe life into him? what was that? by the way, the comments from nurses who watched that clip, i think tom elliott tweeted an outcome of the nurse was like, i've been nursing for 40 years.
11:43 pm
i've never breathe into someone's mouth. what was that? >> laura, these dry bones could use a little holy spirit power. we'll be looking for that next and we'll roll over. we'll do this special hulu series when i next to join you. >> laura: raymond, thanks so much. coming up, we are seeing an alarming trend of china apologists amongst the most powerful politicians and so-called experts in the u.s. i'm going to call them out andam name names and moments. plus a u.s. college take the chinese-american student of campus because he commemorated the tiananmen square massacre. that student is here next. it's pretty inspiring the way families
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♪ >> laura: something i said for 20 years on radio is now finally becoming a consensus view. a lot of this is because of donald trump. china and the ccp represent the greatest geopolitical threat to this nation. oureo leaders know this. or at least they should. yet we see example after example of politicians, finance execs, and foreign relations experts acting r as era gets basically r the ccp. take issue of the coronavirus. china refused to sound the alarm. choosing instead to cover up its
11:49 pm
failures. despite this undeniable truth, the speaker of the house is looking to score cheap political points. >> a good deal of what we have suffered was clearly the trump virus. >> laura: [scoffs] the ccp thank you for that propaganda, madam speaker. you are hired. take theirir cues from their own dear leader. congressman adam smith of washington. >> it's not actually their job to warn the american people. it's the president's job to warn the american people. >> laura: to be clear, the democrat speaker of the house and the democrat speaker of the armed services committee thinks it's okayha for china to hide information from us! we still haven't gotten all the facts from china that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of americans. they look the other way as long as they can try to ultimately
11:50 pm
hurt donald trump in an election year. got it. nice. our elected leaders sell us out on china, some on the international relations community want us to work more closely with the chinese communists. >> you can't blame china for our own mistakes, for our own policies, which were our own doing. inadequate, the united states should not be against china's rise and it should be a goal diplomatically to maintain or preserve or even create areas of cooperation. >> laura: what do you think theat trade deal was, richard? i should note that commentary from mr. hoss was made on see gtm, a network funded by the chinese government. meanwhile the trump administration was busy busting the ccp for a massive spying ring right here on u.s. soil at the china houston consulate.
11:51 pm
just hours after the state to form in order that consulate to close down from the employees there began burning paperwork in an obvious attempt to hide their efforts. so how do these apologists for china feel now? remember their names. remember the words of appeasement toward our greatest foe. ntand it's not just our leftist politicians, but our university system that is similarly bowing down to the communist regime. a rising senior at fordham university claims he is banned now from campus over this instagram post commemorating the horrific chain amend square tiananmen square massacre. reveals that the post-violated university policy, not to threaten or intimidate. austin tong joins me now. austin, the gun and is legally owned and you were merely appreciating the chinese democraticed movement. why would a u.s. university have soan issue with this?
11:52 pm
>> hi, laura. i think it's they disagree with it and they want to silence any voice they don't like and that's what happened there they challenged me because they don't like what ii said. i will not back down to that. >> laura: austin, you wouldn't be able to say of course what you are saying now in china. but i bet you didn't think after coming to the united states and living here, your family, that the long arm of china would reach into theha united states with all these kids and scholars from china who studied here for years and years, the universities protecting their right to stay here, many of them handpicked by the ccp. but they slap you down? and actually ban you from campus? >> you know supposedly we have the first amendment here, we have the closet fusion.e but the university things that's
11:53 pm
not what the faculty thinks. i'm not going to say sorry. i'm not going to back down. this is not just my case. they look my life away, okay? they put my future into a backspace. i'm goingto to bet all my future into this. we are going to be fighting hard. i'm going to be suing them very soon. we will be fighting across the country for people across the country came to me, friends and family. we have, we are forming a new movement against this because no more can be silenced by the institutions that overpower us. we will let them know there is consequence to this. >> laura: the justice department needs to get involved, frankly. these are civil rights that are being summarily deprived of their civil rights, free speech. fordham said you violated their policy on bias, listen to an associate professor there, christina greer. >> donald trump has been abysmal
11:54 pm
for democracy. actually poisoning a lot of that she's a few months away from just screaming white. power. he continues with more white nationalists, white super mists this messages day by day. >> laura: i guess, austin, you can violate their policy, professors can't? >> mr. trump, he went one year, called him a disaster to change, we'll make sure people know. >> laura: keep fighting. we are going to keep following this. we'll have you back. unbelievable. llfordham university, shame on you. up next, bill gates has the inside scoop on your kids going back to school. the last bite is next. announcer supermodel
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12:00 am
colleges. part fall of 2021 which is a long time from now i think we will have things under control. the entire academic year does hang in the balance. >> it is easy to say we have tens of billions of dollars, not so easy when you need to pull double shift rely on public school for your kids. all the time we have to make, shannon bream, take it all from here. shannon: i'm getting a near full from some of the moms and some of the deads. we will stay on it. justice for victims of violent crime form a rallying cry for justice at the white house. sending federal officers in the memory. into chicago and albuquerque were jackie was killed last year. federal involvement underway in kansas city where legend was


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