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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 23, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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todd: got to run. save the debate another time. >> 10 teams. jillian: 10 seconds left. we could talk about this all day. guys we thank you for joining touts talk about this excitement. baseball is back. thanks, everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: bye bye, everybody. >> for those people in chicago and other cities where we will be, help is on its way. >> what happened here today in washington, d.c. with those poor families was a political stungt. >> portland's mayor calling the federal officer there unamerican. >> stand with you no matter. what. >> violent anarchists that are targeting that federal building, we are not taking it any longer. >> former president barack obama, joe biden back together for a socially distanced campaign video. >> one of the things that i have always known but, joe, is the reason why i wanted you to be my vice president. >> will saying new york city in the current environment is among
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the worst place you can be doing business. >> taking everything that was a huge allure in new york city out of new york city. >> after months of waiting guess what, today is finally opening day. leading off with the defending world series champion washington nationals against the new york yankees. ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove. brian: and i'm back after three days. griff did a great job filling in according to all reports almost too good. steve and ainsley said they were crying when he left the building. brian: but you guys were crying. i will say this: we are going to talk about serious stuff throughout the baseball is officially back today ♪ brian human cutouts of people in the stands of themselves and type of expression you choose as human cutout is a lot to say
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but. ainsley: not allowed to you have fans. brian: i think they will gradually. i wasmsd the usl. they got about 5,000 fans in there why can't baseball put 150 and salute to the mls. they have been in the bubble in orlando. no positive tests. they are not going to be in a bubble in baseball. if the system works, that will set the stage for basketball, very confident they are in a bubble, too and football. steve: they don't have fans in the stand yet because of liability. they don't want to be sued. that's the confluence of our many stories. talk about how mitch mcconnell, including the yankees have liability protection. also, who is throwing out the first pitch tonight as the nats, yankees game? dr. fauci it. all comes back to, unfortunately, coronavirus. ainsley: the president had a press conference yesterday. let's talk about poorld? let's talk about chicago and the coronavirus relief package. brian, start us off. brian: straight to a fox news
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alert. portland is tear gassed during another night in the city of chaos. ted wheeler wearing goggles and coughing as it surrounds him. this come just hours after the mayor vowed his support to the protesters. [cheers] [if you want the tear gas against you, they want. >> you. [booze] steve: yeah, the protesters were screaming f ted wheeler. do your job. they also, take a look at that they projected up on the wall their list of demands. they are calling for the defunding of the police department by 50%. they are also calling for freeing all the protesters from jail. they are calling for the mayor, of course, to quit and that i think, probably hurt his feelings. ainsley: all of it is coming during the 56th straight night
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of unrest in that city. ainsley: fireworks and smoke filling that area as you can see near the federal courthouse. also some fires that were started as police cleared out those protesters. brian: why? because because there was chaos. the mayor says i'm against the federal presence there and side with the protesters. much like the mayor of seattle, much like the mayor of oakland, much like the mayor of chicago, the protesters don't like you. they said horrible things about you. that's why we had to bleep out what they were saying while you had the bull horn in your hand. while you side with your federal government and the win over the protesters, they don't care. they have caused millions in damage to the federal buildings
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and surrounding businesses. they have cost business already on their knees coronavirus to suffer on the vine. when the federal government decides to help you, you say they are the bad guys. here is chad wolf. >> we have upwards of 500 to 1,000 violent anarchists that are targeting that federal building endangering the lives of my law enforcement officers. and at this point, we have no support from the local leadership there and we're not taking it any longer. we are surging forces in there. we are making arrests. we are holding people accountable. they are committing federal crimes. and we will continue to do that. at the same time, i beg and plead with the local law enforcement there to partner with us and that leadership. brian: by the way, the police union person darryl turner there who is african-american says they have hijacked this move for racial justice and they say it's the ultimate sign of white privilege, ainsley. ainsley: now to another big story we are following.
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president trump sending federal officers to chicago to stop what he calls a rampage of violence in the city. >> we are here today to answer the pleas of those crying for justice and crying for help for those people in chicago and other cities where we will be, help is on its way. brian: the announcement coming hours after 3-year-old girl was shot in the head in her family's car and 15 people shot outside of a funeral home. police releasing this video as they search for three suspects. steve: in addition to chicago, president trump sending federal agents he has to kansas city, missouri and albuquerque, new mexico to hire more officers. in portland, they are also deploying over 100 federal agents in addition to operation legend. it's interesting, so, it is a much different situation in portland than it is in the city of chicago.
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yesterday after he had his press briefing the president of the united states did call mayor lightfoot in chicago to discuss sending 200 federal agents from ice and the fbi and the u.s. marshals in to chicago. what they are going to do there, it's not about the protesters but, instead, what they are going to do is they are going to be working with the u.s. attorney and the u.s. attorney's name there is john losh. he is somebody who mayor lightfoot trusts. so he will be the point person in chicago. so, the worry is and mayor lightfoot made it very clear, we don't want to turn this into portland. what they're going to be doing is working on gangs and guns and drugs as well. and it's because the president of the united states sees the problem in chicago and he is trying to help. he will help anybody who will ask and right now the feds are going to chicago. here is the president. >> my vision for america's
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cities could not be more different from the lawlessness being pushed by the extreme radical left. while others want to defund, defame, and abolish the police, i want to support and honor our great police. i want to expand school choice and every family in america should have that option. we are hiring americans and we are buying american product. we want the american dream for american children and i will fight to deliver that dream. opportunity cannot thrive where there is violence, prosperity, cannot flourish where there is blood shed and security. cannot exist where there are violent criminals. that is what operation legend is all about. steve: by the way operation legend is named after a 4-year-old boy by the name of legend talafaro from kansas city, missouri. ainsley: look how cute i is.
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steve: when there was one fire outside his mother's apartment in kansas city. this operation deployed to places across the country where there are gang violence problems and gun violence problems named in his honor, ainsley. ainsley: his mom, i was listening to comments from her and she was saying obviously she supports this and just devastated the loss of her son. and she wants all this violence to end and for us to work together as a country. i also, at that press conference where the president was yesterday, we all saw that that man that stood up at the microphone he is from a albuquerque. i didn't know they had a big crime problem. he talked about that. his two sons are officers in that town. i read another article that he is leaving albuquerque because of all the violence there went to the podium and shared the story how his wife was murdered in november. got up and went to the gym. goes downstairs to get coffee and he hears the horn honking he runs outside thinking she forgot
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her gym card turns out she is shot in her car and dead. see a brown jeep cherokee. said she was a precious woman. he said she cents bible verses to friends every single day and this violence needs to stop. going back to chicago, mayor lorlori lightfoot, she said, for there is any deviation from what on the phone. she we will pursue legal options. here she is on whether or not the federal agents will add value. >> that may add value. but the proof is going to be in the pudding. it's too soon to be able to say if this is a valued a or not. those poor families was a political stunt. there has been no goodwill from this president. ainsley: so other progressive mayors agree with her. they say they're resisting the efforts that the president and his administration want to go into these cities because they -- there has been violence for almost two months now in
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some of these cities. he is saying i want to come in and help clean it up because the local leaders are not doing ton their own. many are saying it's all about politics. these are democratic mayors, brian. brian: this is not a tough one. this isn't stem cell research arguments on both sides. chaos, death and destruction and chaos next change. you want to blame the president for offering help that hasn't come yet. you are the woman in charge of a city with 414 homicides up 51% from 2019. and shootings are up even higher than that where 17 people died over the weekend and the president offers help and he is the bad guy? i don't know what planet she is on. meanwhile, turning now tout latest on the coronavirus in a fox news exclusive interview. president trump vowing we will beat it and says he will be the first to take the vaccine. steve: unless he takes political heat for it then he would be the last, he tells dr. siegel. griff jenkins joins us from d.c. in addition to that senate
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republicans are about to unveil their coronavirus package. griff? griff: that's right, steve, ainsley and brian. welcome back. let me sit in for you. i hacongress to do their job. mitch mcconnell to unveil 1 trillion-dollar package likely to include. this more direct payments to americans. money for schools to reopen safely. additional funds for testing and liability protections for businesses. but it seems democrats are far from on board. >> the american job market needs another shot of adrenaline. senate republicans are laser-focused on getting workers their jobs back. >> need to see what their specific plan is they are all in disarray different republicans say different things. we can't negotiate on a vague concept. >> recalling extended unemployment benefits and the president's push for payroll tax cut saying he may not sign anything if it doesn't include that meanwhile, the president telling our own medical contributor dr. marc siegel he is willing to take the vaccine
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first when available. >> you know the way it works, if i'm the first one they will say he is so selfish he wanted to get the vaccine first. other people would say hey, that's a very brave thing to do. i would absolutely, if they wanted me to to, if take it first or take it last. >> and the members of his coronavirus task force like dr. best of my recollection calling her unbelievable woman. all of this comes after the kneels broken on this show yesterday morning when hhs secretary alex azar massive deal of 100 million doses with hopes it could be avarvel by the end of the year and other vaccine candidates pushing for it as well. all a part of operation warp speed which combines private innovation with a faster regulatory process. steve, ainsley, brian? ainsley: thank you, griff. last night you had the top republican senators meeting with mark meadows and meeting with steve mnuchin to talk about this. they said they have resolved their issues. they didn't agree.
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there were some disagreements about the payroll tax cut and as griff was saying it's not known whether or not that's going to be part of their plan. brian: yeah. i would add to that. ainsley: they said they resolved their issues. >> i don't think there is wrong with differing opinions. coming apart, praying at the having a voice and listening. if you are upset with liz cheney for being upset with the president she is with him 97% of the time. jim jordan can argue with liz cheney and both be great republicans it. doesn't mean fraying different opinions in different sections of the country. with the payroll tax cut the push back that usually funds social security and medicare does that really make sense. a lot of republicans say we shouldn't do it. warm i think the rubber hits the road i think is the $600. giving people unemployment insurance and $600 it deemphasizes, i guess, deemphasizes the need to go get a job. now, if you don't have a job, i get it. but there are a lot of times do you have a job i can't
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rationalize taking that job, making less money for my family instead of the $600 incentive i know larry kudlow also talked about giving people an incentive to go get a job. that would counter act that. let's see what happens between 1 and 3 trillion. that's a big gap the democrats want the 3 trillion. steve: the democrats passed the 3 trillion bill two months ago. and now it's the republicans' turn that's why there has been the scwawbling and back and forth. i believe the extra 600 bucks that you get when you are out of work na addition to your state unemployment expires as of tomorrow. so they have got to hurry up. right now the conventional wisdom is they are going to continue it at $200. but it will vary according to your state's benefits. and regarding the payroll tax cut, which the president has talked about for years and years and years, you know, at is probably dead in the water to a lot of republicans there are very few republican senators who support it. but, it's -- when you think about how the president operates
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though, might have just put that in there to do a little negotiating so he can ultimately get what he really wants which could be that $105 billion to reopen the schools, which is something he would really like to happen in the fall. all right. it is exactly 6:16 in the morning on this thursday. thanks for joining us. do you know who else is here? jillian is with us and she has got the headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning. we begin with this fox news alert. tensions rising between the u.s. and china as the fbi accuses the country of harboring fugitive at san francisco consulate. she is a biology researcher charged with lying about her links to the chinese military. meanwhile, secretary of state mike pompeo orders china's consulate in houston to close tomorrow. that demand coming after workers there reportedly burned secret documents senator marco rubio closure quote long overdue.
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three major storms in the making. hurricane douglas in hawaii this week? 75 mile-per-hour winds and tropical depression 8 forming over the gulf of mexico. it's expected to become tropical storm hanna tomorrow as it heads towards texas and louisiana. tropical storm gonzalez potentially forming into a hurricane today. janice dean is tracking all of it to keep you updated. house approves a bill to remove confederate statues from the u.s. capitol building. the measure would remove 10 statues including robert e. lee and a bust of chief roger lee tawney from the building. three statues honoring white supremacists including former vice president john calhoun would be removed immediately. the bill now heads to the republican controlled senate. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: all right. thank you, jillian. joe biden and former president
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obama together again jabbing at president trump in a new sit down. lawrence jones says hillary hist didn't work in 2016 and it won't now. now. he joins us next.
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brian: joe biden and president obama shall sit down take jabs at president trump. a lot of them. >> he just can't, can't relegality in any way. >> well, and one of the things that i have always known but joe is the reason why i wanted you to be my vice president. brian: president obama's support and he does support joe biden is it enough to sway voters in a positive way. let's bring in fox news analyst lawrence jones. he is hosting a new special on sunday night called one nation on race relations in america on
3:23 am
fox this sunday. we will talk about that in a second. lawrence, what about this partnership? we knew it was there. now it's making it clear he's -- president obama is going to play a major role with vice president biden. does that make sense to you? >> i mean, he needs. to say it's not like people around the country are excited to go out and vote for joe biden. the problem is that obama is not on the ticket. eventually joe biden is going to have to find some way to energize the base to get them out to support him. you know, president obama was very active with hillary clinton even went into the black community and said that he felt like he would have been a personal insult if black voters didn't vote for hillary clinton it didn't pan out to be that way. banking on president obama being the for him and black female to be vp ticket. voters rarely care about the
3:24 am
endorsement. they want the guy to be the guy. brian: steve schmidt comes out who hates the president says even though barack obama didn't really help in 2008, he said barack obama was our last normal president that's why it's going to help. your thoughts on that? >> i don't know what that means. i mean is he saying that the president trump is not a normal president? he was elected by the people. can you disagree with his style and disagree with some of his policy distances at the end of the day, the american people went out there and elected him. so, again, people care about the person that's on the ticket. president obama, and this is a danger that i think republicans are going to make with trump as well when you have such a popular person within your amusement, right? you have got to plan for the next leader after that. i don't think democrats plan for that next leader so they are struggling to find that person, republicans should take a note as well. when trump is gone, who is going to be the next leader for the republican party? >> when your presumptive nominee you are afraid to let him speak
3:25 am
and take questions, that's a huge problem. >> eventually we will have to get out of basement and answer questions. i wonder how he is going to perform on debate stage, again, going toe to toe with donald trump is going to be interesting. brian: lawrence, you have got a special this sunday. here's a look at what you can expect. >> okay. >> what changed? >> the culture. working with the community. >> the biggest change though is like you hear all the talk about defunding the police. camden county invested in the police department. >> didn't defund the police. >> they invested in police. invested in training. teaching deescalation. a matter of people learning to trust the police and not distrust. brian: it's called one nation, it premiers tonight at 10:00. why did you go to camden? >> i went there to talk with the police chief and the community to see how they were able to come together while all the other cities were burning down. i'm so appreciative to suzanne
3:26 am
scott, patterson and management team for giving me the opportunity to navigate these waters. going to start talking as one nation, one american family and tell all parts of the story. brian: i have been watching you throughout the week, it makes total sense to give you an hour to have a chance to let this topic breathe and to get people to weigh in. this is what we should have been talking about all along. somehow we have gotten off track. lawrence, thanks so much. looking forward to seeing it. promo it all week. >> you got it. brian: 15 people hurt outside of funeral in chicago. next guest grew unjust blocks away from the funeral home. his emotional plea to end the gun violence. that's next. could save an average
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steve: it is 6:30 on the east coast. three suspects due in court later today charged in the gruesome murder of three friends who went fishing not long ago in florida. one of the suspects, a convicted felon with more than 200 charges on his record. carley shimkus joins us live with what led up to the night of tragedy. carley, we have been talking about this and now we think we know who did it. carley: yeah, steve. this is unbelievable. police believe it all started over a pickup truck. tony wiggins, also known as t.j., his girlfriend mary whitmore and his brother robert wiggins are all behind bars. political science say t.j. accused one of the victims,
3:31 am
kevin springfield, of stealing his truck and selling the engine. investigators found a dollar general bag and receipt at the crime scene leading them to store surveillance video. now that footage shows the suspects going inside just moments before one of the victims, damion tillman. that's when wiggins struck up a conversation and found out they were going fishing later that night. after following them, robert wiggins told police that his brother t.j. confronted springfield screaming at him before opening fire. police say after the killings the suspects went to mcdonald's and ordered 10 sandwiches, eating them at their so-called family compound. it's near the murder scene and considered off the grid with no running water or electricity. t.j. wiggins also has a lengthy rap sheet with 230 felony criminal charges on his record. he has been convicted 15 times,
3:32 am
served two prison sentences. the polk county sheriff has no explanation for how he was out on bond. >> here's the women tony wiggins. he's a thug. is he a criminal. he is pure evil in the flesh. he is wild and he is out of control. carley: the sheriff is pushing for the death penalty. t.j. is charged with first degree murder. his brother and girlfriend face accessory charges. steve? steve: absolutely terrible story. carley, thank you very much. all right. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thanks, steve. now to a fox news alert. gunshots ringing thought this new surveillance video from the chicago funeral shooting that left 15 people wounded, six in serious condition, this as police expand their search to three suspects and they are begging for the violence to stop.
3:33 am
>> put your guns down. it ends when someone who has been hurt doesn't reach for a gun. it ends when someone calls a detective and we can hold people accountable. ainsley: a chicago native grew unjust blocks away from where the shooting took place. he is the president of black conservative federation and advisory board member for black voices for trump. good morning to you, dionte. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. i know you grew up in that neighborhood. i understand you still have family that lives there. so, when you see stories like this on the news, what do you do? >> it breaks my heart. immediately i have to do a family role call to make sure all my family is safe and friends and family that's in chicago are safe. that's sad that we have to do that. that's sad that we have come to a point where we have to make sure that we are checking on our family members any time you see
3:34 am
a story like this breaking. sad kids can't play outside. people can't go to the grocery store and brings them home and feel safe. it's sad. something has to happen. that's why i'm so thankful for president trump pause he is definitely making sure his promise of making america safe again and with him and the partnership with the doj and making sure they release federal agencies to chicago. it's very important. >> you know, i understand that some much these communities don't want the federal agents in there because they are scared that the crime will flair up even for because of you who the direction of our country right now and all the emotion. but the president says i can't just stand by any longer and just watch this. what am i supposed to do just let everyone pull out their guns and shoot people at funerals? that funeral was for a guy killed by gun violence. what did your family members in the neighborhood say? do they want the president to send in the federal agents? >> you know, i have talked to family members and they all agree that something has to be
3:35 am
done. this is why i supported president trump in 2016 is he a solutionist. he really means america first. that's why he is sending federal agent because black americans in chicago are not safe there needs to be a peace of mind in chicago. peace of mind that people can feel safe by being in their own neighborhoods. places where they are paying taxes. lori lightfoot doesn't care. although cares about i heard one person say that when it comes to democrats, black lives doesn't matter, black votes matter. ainsley: you watch these stories bark fourth of july at her grandmother's house killed on the sidewalk. we just heard of this 3-year-old little girl shot in the head in chicago our children. anything we do as a parent is for our kids. we are all americans. and when children are being shot, something has to be done.
3:36 am
diante, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: everyone pray for his grandfather that lives near that funeral home. we need to pray for all of them because it's so sad. thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: 35 minutes after the top of the hour. president trump is sending federal help to chicago as part of operation legend and attorney general barr says it's very different than what's happening in portland. the judge here to react, coming up next. we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at
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>> it's important to stress the operations we are talking about are the standard anticrime fighting activities we have been carrying out around the country for decades. we will be adding federal agents to the task forces. they will be working shoulder to shoulder with our state and local colleagues. this is a different kind of
3:41 am
operation, obviously than the tactical teams we use to defend against riots and mob violence we are going to continue to confront mob violence. brian: that is operation legend outlined there by the attorney general of the united states. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano fox news judicial analyst and we see him all the time. judge, good to see you, what do you think about the attorney general's operation? do you think this is something within the realm what the president should be doing? >> >> good morning, brian, steve and ainsley. here's the thing. the essence here is consent. if the state or local officials consent to the introduction of federal assets on the streets and for law enforcement purposes with no constitutional impediment. if they don't consent, then there is constitutional impediment. here is why. justice scalia wrote a great opinion on this.
3:42 am
if the feds force the state to spend money or use their state assets in ways they don't want to do, that violates the concept of federalism. federalism is the area of regulatory authority that the states retained when they join the union and health and safety are among them. take chicago. if mayor lightfoot says to the attorney general or the president, yes, i want your guys to work arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder as the attorney general said with my people, but i don't want them getting in people's faces, i don't want them enforces local law, i want them to work with my people. there is nothing wrong with that if they work on their own and she doesn't want them there under the constitution, they have to go. >> and we have heard that apparently these 200 members of the federal officers who are going to go are going to be under the direction of the u.s. attorney out there john losh who they trust and focus on gangs
3:43 am
and drugs. judge, you cited chicago. when you look at portland though. if the local law enforcement under the direction of the mayor there will not protect federal facilities, you know that the president of the united states and the attorney general have every right in the world to order in frail assets that's in the law. >> yes it is. they have ever write to do so and derelict in if he didn't do so. it's condemnable, because you have a mayor and city officials who have handcuffed the police. so, innocent life and valuable property has been harmed as a result of that i don't know what those people can do. they need to throw the mayor out. as jefferson said, when the government systematically and repeatedly assaults your rights or refuses to protect them, it's time for the people to alter or abolish the government.
3:44 am
that is not the case or doesn't appear to be the case in chicago or in other states where the president has actually spoken with mayors before deciding to send people in. if they -- if the federal assets are in portland, just to defend federal property, they have every right to do so. but, if they are there to intimidate or affect the protesters, they don't have a right to do it. in fact, they have to protect the protesters, not not push them back. >> judge, there is a group of parents in california and they are suing the governor, gavin newsom, because they want schools to reopen for in person classes. do they have a case here? >> i think they do requires a thorough efficient and safe education. i i don't know that the state of california could do that by
3:45 am
remote. i think if a judge takes this case and if it were me, i would. i would craft some relationship whereby the schools are open for parents and students that want to go but remote open for parents who don't want their kids to go. he can't school tax. that's profoundly unconstitutional. see where it goes. brian: judge, if everything you say is true and l.a. teacher's union has ridiculous demands of defunding charter schools and medicare for all and whatever they write on their agenda, what's the governor supposed to do? and how does a lawsuit move forward if the teacher's union won't move forward? county judge force the teacher's union make the teacher's teach? >> yes, against it's the law. the teacher's union is very powerful. they are very close to the
3:46 am
governor. they animate what the governor does or the same situation here in new jersey. but if a judge says the schools are open you will have to teach, otherwise they will be fired. they certainly won't be paid for not teaching if a judge orders them to do so. >> in jersey they are going to school. giving an option go to school or go stay home. it's your option, which i think is great. steve: judge, thank you for joining us. >> i have been a critic of governor murphy but he is doing the right thing on the schools, brian. ainsley: they are doing that in connecticut. a friend of mine goes to school out there. steve: different across the board. thank you very much. have great thursday. 14 minutes before the top of the hour and janice dean joins us from her weather location. it's still behind you. janice: yes, we have the tropics to talk about. first show you incredible video we got last night. did you hear some of the showers and thunderstorms across new york city? incredible video of the statue
3:47 am
of liberty and the lightning strike, unbelievable. it's like out of the movie. i just want to show you that because it really, it took over social media last night and, of course, we did have the threat for strong storms yesterday. and we have the same threat in some same areas today across the neath. i had to show that you video really incredible. now talk about the tropics, hanna in the gulf of mexico expected to make landfall across the texas coast on saturday. so, watching this tropical weather advisory. tropical storm watch in effect for much of the texas gulf coast. watching tropical storm gonzalo. and storm in the pacific making a bee line toward hawaii. wasn't that individual yet coolest thing have you ever seen? thankfully no one was hurt during the making of that video of the statue of liberty. back to you steve, ainsley and
3:48 am
brian. ainsley: storms were so bad last night i had to get in bed with laden last night she was so terrified and i fell asleep. janice: i love those moments. ainsley: me, too snuggling. jillian has headlines. jillian: the fbi has proof the man accused of killing a new jersey federal judge's son is linked to another attorney's murder. mark was killed in california two weeks ago by a man dressed as a delivery driver. the feds have evidence that roy denhollander was in the state at the time and the two men were rivals. denhollander attacked judge ester salas' family killing her son and injuring her husband and killing himself in upstate new york. caught on camera, the heart stopping moment two young kids thrown from a building burning in france. watch this.
3:49 am
oh my gosh, the 10 and 3-year-old brothers caught by the crowd below after falling 33 feet. incredibly and thankfully, they will be okay. wow. to protect and soak. nypd officers getting into hilarious water gown fight on new york's hottest days. having some fun as they soaked a group of people outside a restaurant in queens. these are the moments that i enjoy seeing right now. guys. steve: that is great. apparently the officers saw the fun with the dollar guns and went over to a dollar store and bought some. amazing. brian: new york city is in phase 4 of reopenings. what does that mean? i'm not sure. retailers now say it's the worst place to do business. no kidding. stuart varney is is on deck. can you open up a gym?
3:50 am
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steve: new york city business owners struggling to stay afloat amid lock down orders in new york. number of retailers say new york city is the worst place in america to do business. comes amid a grim report warning as many as 1/3 of new york's small businesses may close permanently because of the
3:54 am
pandemic. here to discuss stuart varney host of varney and company on fox business. stuart, because of the pandemic and lockdown orders by the governor and mayor as well. you know, tourists are nowhere to be found and the people who work in these skyscrapers that we're at are currently working from their kitchen tables out in the suburbs. >> look, this is a crisis for all-american cities but new york city in particular. how do you get those people to come back into the office buildings of midtown, manhattan on crowded subway systems? how do you get them back into the office to actually work and keep six feet apart? how do you get them back when they are scared to death of rising crime rates? some businesses want people to stay at home and work from home. it's cheaper. and some people want to work from home. and then, of course, there are tourists. there aren't any tourists. can i just ask you, can we just show sixth avenue, midtown, manhattan, look at it. midtown manhattan, 7:00 on a tuesday morning. it should be jam-packed full of
3:55 am
people and cars. it is deserted. no wonder retailers, restaurants, bars, no wonder they are closing up shop and moving elsewhere. steve: speaking of moving elsewhere on this thursday morning. tesla is moving to texas. >> what a story. yeah. >> move near austin, texas. to say me this is about a story of a changing of the guard of american business. here comes tesla led by 49-year-old elon musk. tesla is now the most valuable car company in the world. it's worth more than general motors, ford, fiat chrysler and honda combined. and elon musk is worth more than warren buffet. now, what that means is, you see a changing of the guard of american business. here comes the new technology companies represented by this relative youngster elon musk vs. the old line industrial
3:56 am
companies represented by warren buffet. it's a complete switch. it just shows you how technology now dominates the american economy. what a story. steve: what a story. elon musk was one of the first in california saying hey, governor, let me reopen. now he is going to reopen -- actually open down by austin. stuart, thank you very much. >> you will see me later. steve: you bet. the later is 9:00 eastern time. he's going to be live for three hours over on fox business. all right. straight ahead, the state department spokesperson morton -- morgan ortagus and dr. marc siegel's interview with president trump coming up. and a partner who listens and acts. humana calls it human care. it's talking to a doctor from your couch, or helping you find a cheaper prescription before you ask. it's helping you fix the rugs so you don't fall,
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
>> for those people in chicago and other cities where we will be, help is on its way. >> sad kids can't play outside. people can't go to the grocery store. something has to happen. that's why i'm so thankful for president trump. >> tension rising between the u.s. and china as the fbi accuses the compani' harbors at consulate. >> the united states is not taking it anymore. >> joe biden and president obama together again jabbing at president trump in a new sit down. >> joe biden is going to have to be the guy. is he banking on president obama being the guy. voters rarely care about the endorsements. they want the guy to be the guy. >> would you consider being one the first to take this vaccine to send a message to the american public? >> i would absolutely, if they wanted me to and thought it was
4:01 am
right i would take it first or last. >> space force unveils the official logo and motto. >> always above. ♪ ♪ steve: hello semper supra new motto. as you can see on the screen looking up sixth avenue toward central park dry after a rainy night and beautiful thursday. thank you very much for joining us live from studio f, it's "fox & friends." ainsley. ainsley: we are so grateful that you wake up with us. we have so much to get. to say brian is back. hope you enjoyed time off. brian: went off to new orlando long island, no one travels anymore. no one is getting on a plane because governor cuomo told everyone not to leave. if do you leave you have to stay for two weeks. everyone is staying in place.
4:02 am
ainsley: i had to change my vacation, too. brian: i noticed a lot of firefighters and police officers more than ever retired and active that appreciate our network and our show more than ever. we appreciate them. steve: absolutely, for watching. and awful you for continuing to make us the number one choice for morning cable news. thank you very much. all right. in the meantime, let's start this hour with a fox news alert. take a look at this. the mayor of portland, ted wheeler gassed during another chaotic night in his city. mayor wheeler -- you can see he is right there, his back to us. he is wearing goggles and coughing as gas enveloped him. this coming just hours after he was booed and told to get out of his job. brian: go ahead and say it, steve. [shouting] >> i'm going to start by answering a question. i'm going to start by answering a question.
4:03 am
[shouting] ainsley: he was asked if he was going to abolish police he said no i don't support that and that's why he got the boos. list of demands projecting them as you see on the city building. you are right, it is a projection. that's interesting. calling for the defunding of the police department by 50%. along with freeing all the protesters from the jails, brian. >> yeah. so in portland in particular, they have slowed down everything from 911 calls on down coming through the 56th straight night of unrest in the city. 56. [explosions] it comes as police release this surveillance video of a deadly shooting in chicago last weekend in hopes of nabbing those suspects. >> president trump is sending federal agents to chicago, kansas city, and, of course,
4:04 am
albuquerque, new mexico, along with $60 million to hire more officers. portland also deploying over 100 agents in addition to operation legend. operation legend is interesting because operation legend combines forces throughout that area. so, you already have an operation legend atf presence and fbi presence, a mark presence. and together working with local officials if they're cooperative might be effective in stopping 56 days of unrest. graffiti, damage, millions of dollars of commerce lost. people are afraid to go back to work and walk those streets. after 56 days why wouldn't there be a federal response? why wouldn't there be an outstretched hand? because it's all about politics. and this mayor, like the mayor of of seattle, washington, like the mayor of chicago, illinois. like the mayor of new york city, all pretend as if they are one and try to be friends with the protesters. here's a message to you. the protesters hate you, too.
4:05 am
how do we know because even in oakland they came for your house, they came to your house in seattle and they let it be known. when that mayor sat there with bull horn and tried to make president trump with the bull horn they booed him off the stage and almost got steve in trouble a short time ago. this is the message if you show weakness to the protesters who aren't there for racial justice. there are off shoots of antifa there starts at 1:00. if you want to do business, you cannot do business in portland just like you couldn't do business around the autonomous zone. just like you can't do business in new york. this is not a hard issue to figure out. steve: well, the problem is the mayors, these liberal mayors as the president has referred to them, they gave the protesters an inch and the protesters took 56 nights. keep in mind, the federal agents have only been in portland, you know, a fraction of the number of nights. ainsley: a few days. brian: a joke.
4:06 am
steve: the federal government has given the protesters something else to complain about. but, nonetheless, it's been about police brutality and sizes down the police and things like that in portland. but, in chicago, it is completely different and chad wolf, the acting director, rather, secretary of the department of home land security made it very clear, you know, the mission in portland is different than the mission in chicago. because, in portland, they are there to protect federal property. and law enforcement officers there who are posted there in chicago the mission is to protect the public from violent crime. and the crime in chicago has been out of control for years. in fact, donald trump was asked a question about that at his briefing last night in the 5:00 hour about how when you were running for president you blamed barack obama for the trouble in chicago. well now you are the president. aren't you to blame for that? and the president had an answer he said, look, barack obama didn't do anything. i am offering help.
4:07 am
and, in fact, is going to send 200 agents to chicago. they talked to the mayor, mayor lightfoot last night and she said as long as it doesn't become a portland situation, i'm okay with it. the president of the black conservation conservative federation said he welcomes the feds going to his hometown of chicago. >> you know, it breaks my heart, immediately i have to do a family role call to make sure that all my family is safe and friends and family that's in chicago are safe. that's sad we have to do that. that's sad we have come to a point where we have to make sure that we are checking on our family mexico daily any time you see a headline like this. any time you see a story like this and it's breaking. it's sad that kids can't play outside. people can't go to the grocery store and bring their groceries home and feel safe. it's sad and it's something has to happen. that's why i'm so thankful for president trump. ainsley: you know, every
4:08 am
american's life matters. and when we wake up on monday morning, we always property on how many deaths are happening in chicago. he knows all too well. his grandfather lives in that neighborhood. he grew up in that neighborhood. he knows exactly where the funeral home was. if that were your neighborhood, how would you feel about it. these little children deserve to grow up the way all of our children grow up. and they are growing up in violent areas. the president is trying to helmand trying to send federal agents in there i understand a lot of people don't want federal agents in after all the unrest and everything that's happening and watching the video of these individuals that were not alive now because of some bad apples. but we are americans and we need to come together as a country and we need to fix these problems because we continue to report on all these little children who are being killed. and when we hold our kids, imagine if that were you. so, i just plead that we come together. let's move on to joe biden and president obama. they are appearing together. they prerecorded an event together that's going to air. "the washington post," this is the headline. obama and biden together again
4:09 am
to troll trump. here is a preview of that sitdown. >> can you imagine stands up owhen you are in prison saying it's not my responsibility. i take no responsibility. i mean, literally? >> those words didn't come out of our mouths while we were in office. >> no. i don't understand his inability to get a sense of what people are going through. he just can't. he can't relate in any way. ainsley: they will be socially distanced and as i said they prerecorded that that's why they have that video, brian. brian: here is the other thing to keep in mind. barack obama saying i'm going to be there every step of the way. the message to me is i'm going to be there. if you are unsettled with 77-year-old joe biden who won't leave his basement, don't worry i will be around. that is the message. if he goes too far forward, he is going to energize the republicans like never before. if he disappears, it will look like joe biden is alone and that scares democrats. right now they want all the
4:10 am
focus to be on this guy named donald trump. and donald trump is saying i will make law and order. i'm going to address coronavirus. is he taking on the challenge. but then in comes the guy that people were comfortable with on the left and that is barack obama. meanwhile lawrence jones brings up a good point. he brings up the fact that president obama really did not help hillary clinton at all last go around. >> joe biden is going to have to be the guy. he is banking on president obama being the guy for him as well as a black female to be his vp ticket. voters rarely care about the endorsement. they want the guy to be the guy. he needs it. not like people around the country are excited to go out and vote for joe biden. the problem is that, you know, obama is not on the ticket. so, eventually, joe biden is going to have to find some way to energize the base to get them out to support him. steve: that's right. and apparently this was taped at barack obama's west end office
4:11 am
in washington, d.c. just east of georgetown. the pool that covers biden didn't even realize he left his basement. people are going hey, you are about 100 days away from the election. we need to know when you leave. according to the "the washington post." no news will be broken. but, nonetheless, is he going to tweet the president on the coronavirus. in the "wall street journal" today karl rove argues when joe biden has been asked about what he would do differently will coronavirus he simply lists things thought administration has already done. so, read all about that in the "the washington post." rather "wall street journal." we have been talking four years now about the number that is hard to quantify that is how many people are secret trump supporters but will not say they support them due to a variety of
4:12 am
reasons? now the cato institute has come out with a survey on self-censorship and it shows that essentially two thirds of americans say they don't feel comfortable being honest about their feelings. 52% of centrist liberals say they self-sensor. it looks like 64% of moderates and 77% of republicans, conservatives, simply will not say how they feel for a variety of reasons, ainsley. ainsley: do you know what's interesting? the numbers are even higher now than they were in 2017. steve: up about 5%. ainsley: 58% of americans say the same thing back then and now it's 62%. many people were afraid to say back in 2016 that they were voting for president trump because of a lot of the negative press and what he was being called. they didn't want to be called the same names. now look, more people now are afraid to express their political views.
4:13 am
steve: also. 52% of centrist liberals say they cannot express themselves and you got to wonder you know is it a question of could i support defunding the police? i don't know if i can talk about that brian. brian: very big day because sports is back in a way after months of waiting it is time to play ball. steve: opening day tees off today starting with a shortened season of 60 games in our nation's capital, ainsley. ainsley: todd piro joins us live with the changes coming to the major leagues. todd: nearly four months after the original opening day was scheduled we finally will see regular season baseball tonight. mlb the first of the four major sports leagues to return to action during this pandemic. in the first game of the season your defending champion washington nationals will take on the new york yankees in d.c. after that l.a. dodgers will clash with their rival san francisco giants. as you know, several players have already decided to sit out
4:14 am
the season because of the virus including big names like dodger's pitcher and ryan zimmerman. teams will have expanded dugouts to practice social distancing as much as possible. all non-players wear masks in the dug out and bullpen two staples of baseball tobacco and sunflowers. all spitting forbidden. one of the more bizarre changes will be in the stands. there they are. no fans in person. players though will get the next best thing, cardboard cutouts in the crowd. some of them family, friends even pets of players and, of course, fake crowd noise used in mlb video game the show will be piped into stands. big night tonight. then big day on fox on saturday. four games on the fox family of networks. three on regular fox. one on fs1. none here on fox news channel unless judge jeanine decides to change her format which in 2020 who knows. back to you. steve: who knows.
4:15 am
thank you, todd. those cut outs look like flat stanley. brian: going to be interesting. at least espn and fox sports have something else to talk about besides what life was like when we had sports. meanwhile, straight ahead, president trump talking with our own dr. marc siegel about the coronavirus. everything from vaccines to masks. dr. siegel joins us live next. >> it's not a question of pride. it's not a question of anything. we have to win. this so, when you are in a certain situation, i think you should wear a mask. ♪ ♪
4:16 am
4:17 am
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and this summer, xfinity is creating a virtual summer camp for kids at home- all on xfinity x1. we're committed to helping all families stay connected. learn more at >> would you consider being one of the first to take that vaccine to second a message to the american public. >> you know the way it works.
4:20 am
if i'm the first one they will say he is so selfish he wanted to take it first and another one would say that's a brave thing to do. if they thought it was right i would take it first or take it last. ainsley: president trump telling dr. marc siegel he would take it first when it comes out if he was asked to. as he defends the white house's response to the pandemic. brian: dr. siegel joins us with more on that interview. overall the president seemed pretty upbeat. >> upbeat, confident but very serious. guys, brian, he said to me, we made a deal. we are going to take the vaccine together. we will be among the first. we will take the vaccine. i will take it and he will take it together. he also talked to me about therapeutics though. while we are waiting for the vaccine to come he is very excited 'what's happening in terms of treatments for people that get right into the hospital. take a look. >> normally to get to the
4:21 am
position where we are with the testing would take two, three and four years. i have done it in three months. dr. has been great and dr. hon has been great. so therapeutics we have are working well. if i had my choice of vaccines or therapeutics? give me therapeutics every time. i would love to walk into the hospital and give everybody something and start walking out in two days. vaccine is very good longer term but give me therapeutics and we are doing really good work therapeutically. steve: that's really interesting, doctor. go ahead. >> thank you. he talked a lot about how he got into the problem with these hot spots. is he not in favor of big lockdowns again at all. he wants the schools to reopen. he sees a big positive with testing. but he also sees a negative because it shows so many mild cases that people can misinterpret. he also talked about the role of masking. i talked to him about how governors disagree around the country. but he does see a role for masks.
4:22 am
again, he is against the democrat governors with awful this lock down talk. but is he in favor of masks. let's take a look. >> my attitude is that when i was at the hospital, i felt very comfortable wearing the mask. i believe that you should wear -- even if there is a 1% chance it helps. if you look early on they were all saying don't wear a mask. don't wear a mask. that didn't make total sense to me. now they are all saying wear a mask. my attitude is, it probably helps. give it a shot. because we have to win this thing. so, it's not a question of pride. it's not a question of anything. we have to win this. so, when you are in a certain situation, i think you should wear a mask. steve: you know, and dr. siegel, that is a change from what we had heard in the very beginning. but, it seems the administration all across all platforms is on message now. we heard it first from dr. redfield last week. he said if people would wear a mask and socially distance for
4:23 am
four to six weeks, we can essentially win this thing as the president just said. >> absolutely. steve. it's because there is more virus around. that's why he is saying that i will break news for you here. when he invited me into the oval office. he said flat out, this is happening because of all of these large gatherings as you just said with people huddling close together. that includes the protests as well. nothing is off the table regarding that we all have to social distance. we all have to wear a mask. we all have to use sanitizer. be very serious and come together. he definitely projected a very strong leadership there, steve. ainsley: so, dr. siegel, i know you are a medical doctor so you wanted to talk to him about the virus. did he discuss the election or anything else? >> well, you know, he discussed the issue of his own clarity of vision. in a sense, that interview was a cognitive test, ainsley. i have to tell you, as you know, is he extremely sharp on every second. and he did a test on tv where he basically, you know, went
4:24 am
through how great his memory is. and what he said was even all of the major leaders of the world, ainsley. he talked about putin, he talked about chairman xi. whatever you think of them, they are extremely sharp. we need a leader that has that level of awareness and sharpness. election. brian: big difference in how he views dr. fauci as opposed to dr. birx. you got that sense, too. a fan of dr. best of my recollection he thinks dr. dr. birx is being overlooked because she is a woman. she prepares and brings it to the table. great advisor behind the scene. not trying to make him look bad. he has a great deal of professional respect for her, for her vision and for her information. brian: let's see if president trump invites you on a bike tour like george bush does. see how this relationship goes to post presidential days.
4:25 am
>> we agree weathered it's all over and the virus is gone we will shake hands, brian. brian: you got it. ainsley: stay so far aparlt. brian: that is so bold in this environment it is. great job, dr. siegel. secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. has had enough with china. >> we are setting out clear expectations how the chinese communist party is going to behave. when they don't, we will take actions that will protect the american people. brian: what kind of action is he talking about? we will ask state department spokeswoman morgan ortagus next.
4:26 am
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4:29 am
and even if you don't panic, you may... ♪ ♪ ainsley: three suspects due in court today charged in the gruesome murder of three friends who were fishing down in florida. one of the suspects, a convicted felon, with more than 200 charges on his record. carley shimkus joins us live with what led up to that night of tragedy. carley? carley: ainsley, this is wild. please believe it all started over a pickup truck. tony wiggins also known as t.j. his girlfriend mary whitmore and his brother robert wiggins are all behind bars. police say t.j. accused one of the victims kevin springfield of stealing his truck and selling the engine. investigators found a dollar general bag and receipt at the
4:30 am
crime scene leading them to store surveillance video. the footage shows the suspects going inside just moments before one of the victims, damion tillman walked into the store. that's where police say wiggins struck up a conversation and found out tillman and springfield were going fishing later that night. after following them, robert wiggins told police that his brother, t.j., confronted springfield screaming at him before opening fire. police say after the killing, the suspects went to mcdonald's and ordered 10 sand witches eating them at their so-called family compound. it's near the murder scene and considered off the grid with no running water or electricity. t.j. wiggins has a lengthy rap sheet with 230 felony criminal charges on his record. he has been convicted 15 times and has served two prison sentences the polk county sheriff had no explanation for how he was out on bond.
4:31 am
>> here is the real tony wiggins. he's a thug. he's a criminal. he's pure evil in the flesh. he's wild and he's out of control. ainsley: the sheriff is pushing for the death penalty. t.j. is charged with first degree murder. his brother and girlfriend face accessory charges. ainsley? ainsley: all right. thank you, carley. brian, we will hand it over to you. brian: now to a fox news alert. secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. has had enough when it comes to china and their actions. >> it's been a long challenge of the chinese communist party stealing. president trump has said enough. we are not going to allow this to continue to happen. we are setting out clear expectations for how the chinese communist party is going to behave. when they don't, we will take actions to protect the american people. brian: the state department ordering the chinese consulate in houston to close. local witnesses cited diplomats
4:32 am
burning documents. now china is threatening to retaliate against the u.s. i'm sure they will. here to discuss it state department spokesman morgan ortagus. always great to see you. >> thanks, brian. good morning. brian: big move in houston and the burning of documents. is that noteworthy? >> well, they have to close the consulate by 4:00 p.m. on friday as ordered by the state department. and, brian, i think it's important for your viewers to know the reason why we took this action of closing the houston consulate. we uncovered through our partnership with the fbi and doj that houston was the pertinent of research theft in the united states by the chinese communest party. things going on chinese call the thousand talents program. this program was specifically designed to recruit chinese citizens to come to the united states to steal from our research institutions like md henderson. steal from technology companies in the houston area. we have uncovered, of course, a
4:33 am
spy ring. we have uncovered mask at least a billion dollars of research theft in just one case alone that the fbi has uncovered and so we are putting a stop to the stealing of american intellectual property. the stealing of american research, which of course, ultimately takes american jobs. brian: when we look at consulates in boston and san francisco, why not pick them? why did you pick houston? was it the most egregious in houston and will you be prepared to show that to members of congress? >> absolutely. we work closely with members of congress and appreciate their support on holding the chinese communist party accountable. i think there is actually a lot of bipartisan support. when it comes to you which consulate we determine to do we work closely with the fbi to see what nefarious activities, stealing goes on. we made the decision because houston was the epicenter of research theft for the chinese
4:34 am
communist party in the united states it was untenable to keep that consulate open. brian: as we look around the world, we saw the u.k. push back on huawei and 5g. we saw australia changing their defense strategies and almost defend now with the marines and others against a possible china attack. because things have gotten so tense between them. those are two big allies with us. we are also seeing the china-iran alliance upset saudi arabia. this is a window, it seems, from the outside for the u.s. to consolidate allies and those on the fence against china. what are we doing? >> brian, yeah. i couldn't have said it better myself. we were just -- i was with secretary pompeo the last few days in london in copenhagen with prime minister boris johnson and foreign minister. we were talking about exactly this threat and how we rally the world together against the new chinese tyranny. new aggression under chairman xi the head of the chinese communist party. i think it's important to note,
4:35 am
brian, that over the past 40 to 50 years, we have tried through republican and democratic administrations. we tried opening up to china. we tried appeasement. we have tried doing more business and getting both countries to come together, bringing them in to international organizations. and what you will see today at around 4:30 eastern time, secretary mike pompeo will be at the nixon library to give what i think is one of the most historic speeches as it relates to foreign policy that anyone will give in this administration. he is going to lay out exactly what the chinese communist party has done. how our opening to china has failed. and how we are now embarking on a new policy, which is distrust and verify as it relates to the chinese communist party. brian: that will be expanded to the nixon library today that is great spot nixon opened the door to china. we had great hopes but we have been vast disappointed to sigh the least. morgan ortagus, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian.
4:36 am
brian: expanding operation legend sending federal officers to cities, including chicago. how familiar will this help stop the violence or will it? our law enforcement panel here to discuss it next.
4:37 am
4:38 am
4:39 am
4:40 am
>> the effort to shut down policing in their own communities has let to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, murders, and heinous crimes of violence. today i'm announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into american communities plagued by violent crime. steve: there you see the president talking about a surge of federal agents, too as you can see there chicago, kansas city and albuquerque among each city's recent spike in violent crime. all part of you recall operation legend named after legend a 4-year-old kansas city missouri boy who was shot and killed while asleep in his bed last month. his mother was at the white
4:41 am
house yesterday. will heth let's talk to a law enforcement panel to see how they feel. they represent each of the cities now under operation legend. local albuquerque police president toby and kansas city fraternal order of police brad lemon and former chicago police officer and founder of seven star consulting dmitry roberts. guys, good morning to awful you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: toby, let's start with you, i did not realize that albuquerque in the last year or so was named one of the ten most dangerous big cities in america. how are you reacting to the fact that the president is going to send in the troops and help you, not troops but officers? >> well, not a title we are proud of for sure but it's fact. it's very violent. our officers are stretched to their limits. honestly, we welcome any help we can get. we have always had partners with the federal government. they have always come in with
4:42 am
their task force, the atf, the marshals, and they have been of great assistance to us in the past. we welcome and i know our officers do. steve: we have a graphic that shows the number of federal agents going to be sent. chicago is going to get 200, kansas city 200 and al go kirky is going to get 35. brad, you are there in kansas city, i know legend's mother was there yesterday with the president of the united states, we're going to get her comments on sending in help and then your reaction to it right after this. watch this. >> operation legend is not to harass. it's not to harm or to hurt. it is to help investigate unsolved murders and which one of those happened to be our innocent 4-year-old son. children are supposed to be our future and our 4-year-old son didn't make it to kindergarten. my family and i support operation legend and we strongly want our community and everybody
4:43 am
else behind us. steve: brad, when i lived in kansas city, there was a crime problem but nothing like what you are seeing right now. how happy are you that the president is taking the initiative to send help your way? >> look, steve, we are already in the top most violent five most violent cities in the country. we had a 34% increase in homicides this year. we have a young mother on tv begging for help. another young mother gunned down two or three days ago. she had a baby with her and five months pregnant. kansas city is sick of this. and we need help. and at the end of the day if we can get more federal officers in this city to help us investigate these crimes. put bad people in jail and help save this city, we will take whatever help we can get. steve: absolutely. dmitry you are there in chicago. the president of the united states has a problem with the mayor of chicago. the mayor of chicago has a got a problem with the president. it appears they are setting those differences aside to send
4:44 am
these 200 officers in to work on gangs and guns and drugs. that's a good thing. >> well, they better. and at the end of the day, you know, all of us on this panel are uniquely qualified to say the hell with politics when it comes to violence in our cities and especially when it comes to the lives of our children. and our future. so, at the end of the day, i'm glad that they are sitting on the side because what we can all agree upon, no matter where we are black or white whether we are democrat or republican is we don't want to see any more violence. we don't want to see any more killing. and we definitely don't want to see any more young children and future stripped away at the hand of sendsless violence. if they didn't there will be they pay. the hell with politics. we have to fix this. steve: you are exactly right. i would ask each of you if you would have a message for the president of the united states
4:45 am
the fact he is sending in the help. tony, start with you in albuquerque. >> our citizens need it. we need to support our people. do what you can to help us. we will take the help, please. steve: brad, you are in c.c., mo. >> this isn't about politics it's about saving lives and getting more kansas citiens to get to high school and to live. steve: dmitry? >> yeah. at the end of the day, president trump, i'm proud of you for making this decision and taking this proactive step and at the end of the day, there has to be a balance approach. that's the message. we got to take a balanced approach to this. that means in conjunction with those federal officers coming to chicago and other cities around the country. there needs to be oversight and proper oversight. this is that moment where you can get the community involved and get other thoughtful americans and organizations involved and make sure we take a balanced approach to ensuring
4:46 am
that this violence stops in our cities. steve: because it has got to. so many lives are on the line. toby and brad adimitri, thank you for your service and thank you for joining us live on this thursday morning. >> thanks for having me. steve: very good. 14 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian has headlines. jillian: good morning and we start with this. army officials releasing the name of another fort hood soldier found dead. investigation underway into what happened to 26-year-old private found unresponsive near a lake about 20 miles from the base. earlier this month vanessa gee an's body was found. investigators say she was murdered by a fellow soldier. at least four fort hood soldiers have died this year. and take a look at this. a pickup truck crashes into people as they eat outside at a restaurant in brooklyn, new york throwing diners, tables and chairs to the ground. the driver stayed on the scene
4:47 am
and was given a summons. the nypd says the man was not intoxicated and the crash appears to be an accident. how about this? social distancing required. california state university students must take an -- ethnic studies or social justice course to graduate. the requirement will start in 2023. the board of trustees at the nation's largest four year public university system approving the idea this week. a group of teenagers jumped to rescue a deputy as she is choked by a dui suspect. authorities in washington state say the deputy was trying to stop the suspect from leaving a crash scene when he attacked her. that's when the teens stepped, in wrestling him to the ground, holding him down as the deputy handcuffed him. the suspect is behind bars for felony assault of an officer and dui. wow, good group of teens there look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: thanks, janis.
4:48 am
she has the forecast for us. janis did, that bad weather keep you up? >> it did. we had a lot of thunder and lightning in our area. and flash flooding. here's a look at the storm reports. a lot of wind damage. some hail and we certainly had quite a bit of rain in some pockets, isolated amounts, so we are expecting the threat again today in some of these same areas. mainly wind problems across portions of the northeast and the mid-atlantic up towards new england and then we are also watching the tropics. we are watching this is tropical depression number 8, expecting this to become hanna over the next day or so and make landfall over the texas gulf coast as we get into saturday. then we have gonzalo hurricane next couple of days as it moves into the caribbean. few days to watch this one. we don't expect this to become an issue for the u.s. but, again, because we have -- are a
4:49 am
week or so out, lots of time to watch it. hurricane douglas, category 3 hurricane that is going to move very close to hawaii. we are expecting it to weaken a little bit. unfortunately, we are expecting a direct impact towards the hawaiian islands on sunday. so all of the above we will be watching and the threat for severe weather as well across the northeast. steve, ainsley, brian, bark to you, my friends. brian: you got it, janice dean also important h editorial in te "u.s.a. today." make sure you read it. coming up straight ahead, a teacher says he was tired for tweeting that donald trump is our put? how do we get here? that former teacher joins us live next. (vo) verizon knows how to build unlimited right. start with america's most awarded network. offer it at a price built for everyone
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ainsley: a michigan high school teacher out of a job after tweeting in support of president trump. earlier this month social studies teacher and baseball coach at this high school justin kuera i'm tired of being silent. donald trump is our president don't at me. he was told he either could resign or be fired. a former teacher at wild lake western high school and he joins us now. am i pro-nowptioning your last name right, justin? >> yes.
4:54 am
thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. so what happened? tell us the story. >> i sent out a tweet a couple tweets on it was monday the 6th in support of president trump. one was a retweet of president trump saying that school should open in the fall followed by the tweet that you just read as well as a comment and a reply to one of my followers who had said a comment that kind of sucks how liberals try to divide us and i commented back. i was questioned about those three tweets in a zoom meeting with district administrators where they let me kind of explain my reasoning behind them and i just, you know, i said i had think schools we need to open and i think we need to support our president. and that's what the tweets were about. a couple days later, they followed up with another meeting and that's where they gave me the choice to resign where i told them no. and the option was to be terminated. ainsley: the school district sent this statement to us.
4:55 am
no disciplinary action was taken as a result of any support of president trump and we are unable to comment on specific staff discipline personnel matters. so if you weren't fired because you support the president and because you are conservative, why were you fired? >> so i think they are going with the anticipated reaction from students and parents. so if you see all the comments that my tweet got, it got a lot of positive comments and got some negative comments as well. i think the school district officials were using that as, you know, complaints that students might not be in my class that it would impede the operation of the school. ainsley: looking back do you regret it. >> not at all. i apologize to the school district for the negative attention it brought them buff not for what i said. nothing in the tweets are inappropriate. i wanted to union fight and meant to be a unifying tweet to support the president regardless of if you agree with him or not.
4:56 am
we should be supporting. ainsley: you said other teachers have posted negative comments about the president. is that a double standard if they are not fired. >> it has to be. i don't know what else you would call it. what i did is no different than what other teachers do on social media. the only difference was mine was in support of president trump and theirs are not. ainsley: wish you all the best. it's all nice to see a young man in the classroom influencing our kids and my mom is a teacher and so is my sister. god bless you. i know how hard you work for little money. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. it is 56 minutes after the top of the hour. house minority leader kevin mccarthy, bret baier and florida governor ron desantis. ♪ with spray mopping to lock away debris
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> the effort to shut down policing has led to a shocking explosion of shootings, killings, bloodshed must end. >> tension between the u.s. and china as the fbi accuses the country of harboring a fugitive at a san francisco convent. >> we are now embark on a new policy which is distrust and verify as it relates to the chinese communist party. >> the trump administration is taking action to protect our nursing homes from covid-19. >> this money can be used to address critical needs including the hiring of additional staff. >> the cato institute has come out with a survey on self-censorship, and it shows two-thirds of americans don't
5:01 am
feel comfortable being honest about their feelings. >> nearly four months after opening day was scheduled, we finally will see regular season baseball. players will get cardboard cutouts of fans. ♪ ♪ ainsley: we're going to try this one more heym, one more hour. -- one more time. we're so happy to wake you up, america. thanks for joining us. brian: wake up. ainsley: brian, how do you feel about baseball opening up? brian: i think it's going to be great. derek jeter's on the record saying you're really going to have to get in touch with your love of the game. you're out there having fun through college, you don't get big crowds. this is going to be back to focusing on your teammates and focusing on the game itself and, hopefully, we can gradually get fans back in the mix. they've done it with soccer, and i just think this could be --
5:02 am
ainsley: it's a step in the right direction. steve: yeah, absolutely. brian: they had scrimmages last night. steve: and tonight at the big opener with the nationals and yankees, dr. fauci is going to throw out the first pitch, and he has said he's going to throw a curveball. which -- [laughter] some would say -- ainsley: they say he's a good athlete. we're all excited about that, something just to take our minds off of corona and this political unrest in our country. but we do have to report on it, because that's our job with. fox news alert, portland's mayor, ted wheeler wearing goggles and coughing as tear gas was surrounding him. this coming just hours after he was booed by the protesters. listen. [inaudible conversations] brian: protesters sharing their
5:03 am
list of dmans. he thinks he's their hero. by proif jekylling them on a city the building. they're going for the defunding of the police department by 50%, that'll help, along with freeing all protesters from jail, they deserve to be there, many of which are part of an antifa offshoop -- offshoot group. steve: owl -- all of that comes during the 56th straight night of unrest in the city. okay, that was portland. meanwhile in chicago, police releasing this video surveillance of a deadly shooting last weekend in hopes of finding the suspect. ainsley: wow. kristin fisher is live at the white house as president trump expands the doj's operation legend in response to all the violence that we're seeing. kristin? >> reporter: good morning, guys. so the phrase law and order is quickly becoming the 2020 equivalent for what build the wall was during the 2016
5:04 am
campaign. president trump announcing his administration is going to be deploying hundreds of federal agents in democrat-run cities to stop this surge in violation. >> we are here today to answer the pleas of those crying for justice and crying for help. for those people in chicago and other cities where we'll be, help is on its way. >> reporter: now, chicago's mayor, lori lightfoot, is no fan of president trump, and she is clearly less than thrilled with this surge of federal agents to her city. >> that man, the proof is going to be in the pudding. it's too soon to be able to aif this is a value add or not. those poor families with a political stunt. there has been no goodwill from this president. >> reporter: now, yesterday's announcement was really an expansion of operation legend which has already in effect in
5:05 am
kansas city, missouri. the trump administration will be sending about 200 federal agents to chicago, about 35 to albuquerque, new mexico. there's also about 100 federal agents already in portland, oregon. but important to point out that the agents in portland are not part of operation legend which is about curbing violence in the community. in portland the trump administration says they're defending federal property. mayor ted wheeler calls it an unconstitutional occupation, and last night the mayor got caught up in it, getting tear gassed alongside protesters while other democratic mayors like bill de blasio in new york city are saying if the trump administration did something similar in his city like the trump administration is doing in chicago and new mexico, sending in these federal agents, he says you will see the trump administration in court. brian, ainsley and steve? brian: all right, kristin, thanks so much. let's bring in congressman kevin mccarthy. congressman, good to see you.
5:06 am
there's one thing, a common thread, all these liberal mayors who are standing up to the president are not liked by the protesters including the one in oakland. they wanted to actually attack her house and defile some of her property. would the president be better off just letting the people speak and letting the evidence be the carnage and chaos that they've allowed to take root? >> you know, politically, you wanted to do that, maybe that would help hum, but this president cares too much about the american people. he cares about safety and security. he cares about why it's named operation legend, a 4-year-old boy killed in his sleep in kansas city -- brian: she says that's a political stunt, the mayor of chicago. >> no. what a political stunt is that is shocking and astonishing to me is that democrats continue to shrug their stories and say people will do what people do. this is an opportunity to bring law and order and justice back to america. those people who are living in those cities, in the autonomous zones and others, they cry for the idea of justice, they cry
5:07 am
for the idea of freedom and security and safety. it's unfortunate that the president has to do what he's doing. why have we gone so far? these mayors, their political beliefs are so great that they dislike this president and you and i and our beliefs so much that they'll allow weekend after weekend young children to be murdered upon numbers that are astonishing for this nation that they wouldn't work with the federal government to bring security and safety back to their own streets. steve: leader mccarthy, kristin fisher just set up, we've got two different kinds of operations going on. in chicago and in albuquerque and in kansas city, it's operation legend. they're surging officers to where the crime is really bad. but at the same time, you've got the federal agents up in chicago -- rather, up in portland, over 100 federal agents, and they are simply e there to protect federal assets. what an upside down world are we living in where the localities
5:08 am
will not protect the federal assets to the point where we've got to send in reinforcements, and then the locals say get out? >> that's astonishing to me. that's why i introduced a bill that could withhold funding for these local localities if they don't protect the statues and the responsibility of what they had. because i know firsthand, i've had a dear friend that her brother was killed working for the federal government protecting the courthouse in one of, in oakland, california, during one of those protests. pulled up in a van, open it and shoot officer underwood simply because he was an officer standing in front of a courthouse. that is the america that we see under these cities, and that's why i applaud this president for protecting american citizens regardless of what these mayors' political beliefs are. it's a responsibility that we bring safety back to america. ainsley: many americans are watching from afar, or but they are upset about what's happening in our country. but this all stems from the
5:09 am
shooting of george floyd and then before that people were trapped in their houses because of corona. you're talking about a sense, a relief package for individuals, and everyone wants to know are they going to get another check. the republican senators are revealing their bill. do you know the answer to that? do you think that there will be another bill, and how much will people get? >> well, the important part is they will get their unemployment. the addition from the federal government is not one size fits all. remember when we crafted that bill, it's china lying to us not knowing how long covid would be with us. is so we crafted something quickly. but one size doesn't fit all, the same from bakersfield, california, to new york. we want to make sure it helps the individuals who are unemployed and also brings people back to work. that's why i'm focused on liability protection is so we're not suing the schools, these trial lawyers, or small businesses. help those small businesses that need that ppp to continue to grow to get out of this, and let's help people get back to
5:10 am
work. so what about those pro-growth ideas that brings that supply chain back to america. did we learn nothing from china? it's very concerning to me, and i don't know what the chinese have on the democratic party, but they have a china problem. they will not hold china accountable. they will not even bring bills up on this floor that the senate has passed. i worked with the speaker for more than a year to get a bipartisan, before covid, committee dealing with china, an equal number of republicans and democrats. they agreed but right before we named it, they said no. they will not uphold the accountability to china. brian brian they closed the houston consulate, a lot of people say if you really want to get to china, close the san francisco consulate because it's right near silicon valley. do you believe that, like the russians in 2016, the chinese are fomenting some of the unrest through social media in american cities? >> i believe in the end when we
5:11 am
study all this, you will find that there are foreign agitators that are part of this that are helping -- brian: is it china? >> i think there's a number of countries doing it. i think from the standpoint why do they go after our founding fathers, why do they go after the foundation of what makes america great. america is exceptional. there's no other nation in the world that is conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that we're all equal. that's why when america leads, the world is safer. america's more than a country. america's an idea. it would make people in hong kong rise up. they will even rise up in tiananmen square at the goddess of democracy that looks like the i statue of liberty to crave the ideas of freedom that america stands for, that shining city city on a hill. that's why we cannot allow whats' happening in portland, chicago and others while innocent americans are being killed because these mayors want to play politics instead of standing for the values of what this country believes in. steve: you know, and, leader
5:12 am
mccarthy, given the nature of the polarization in the country, it's not surprising that according to a brand new cato poll, nearly two-thirds of americans are afraid to share their political views. they're afraid they might lose a job, they might lose some friends. when you look at the breakdown, 77% of conservatives are afraid to share their opinion, and 52% that should say centrist liberals are afraid to. so, you know, we've heard about the secret trump voter who was afraid to say is, yeah, i'm for donald trump because the poll taker would think, oh, that guy is such and such. but over half of centrist democrats, liberals, are afraid to reveal how they feel. what are they afraid to say? and what do they worry people will think of them? >> it's not just what you worry about whether you'll be able to keep your job. we've got a football coach that simply wore a t-shirt, maybe it was on top of the pile, to take
5:13 am
his kids fishing. he lost a million dollars in his contract. people said he should be fired. these are the same type of marxist tactics we've found used in communist countries as well, to demonize individuals for individual thought. in america we believe the individual can have differences of opinion. but today in this culture they want to dehumanize you if you have a difference of opinion. i think that's very unhealthy. and we should not be afraid to give our values, our thoughts, our positions, our opinions. but a lot of this is beginning to look like 2016 whereas they thought, the democrats, that they were just going to win. i know there's a silent majority out there that believes in the cornerstone and the foundation of security and safety, that they want to rebuild, renew and restore this nation to the greatness that we know we can be, that tomorrow is better than today. and i know those people are going to support the trump administration because he's willing to stand up for you, the american public, and not afraid to tell you his beliefs.
5:14 am
ainsley: maybe that's why those centrists are too afraid -- >> they are. ainsley: thank you so much, leader mccarthy. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. all right. over to jillian with some headlines. jillian: good morning. three people are charged in the gruesome murder of three friends on their way to go fishing in florida. tony wiggins, also known as t.j., his girlfriend and his brother will appear in court today. t.j. wiggins shot and killed the three friends because he believed one of them stole his truck and sold the engine. he's charged with first-degree murder. his brother and girlfriend are charged as accessories. today a judge is set to hear arguments on michael cohen's lawsuit against attorney general bill barr on why he was sent back to prison. he claims it was his plans to release a negative book on trump. however, the feds say it was due to him being antagonistic and
5:15 am
argumentative and refusing to agree to terms of his home confinement. the u.s. space force up veiling its -- unveiling its new motto. here's the logo featuring a silver delta. several people pointing out it looks like the star trek star fleet command logo. the tell that was used before the show even started. the color silver satisfying protection from all add adversaries on the inside is the symbol for space force's core values. what do you guys think? steve: live long and prosper. brian: can't wait to see the unitard when it's finally ready. steve: they still wear those? brian: i am. 15 minutes after the hour. the trump administration unveiling a $5 billion plan to help nursing homes during the pandemic. today, we're facing a serious threat.
5:16 am
we have to meet it as one country. numbers don't lie. infection rates are now going up in more states than they are going down. we've got to fight this together. wear a mask, keep your distance, limit the size of crowds. it may be inconvenient and may be uncomfortable, but it's the right thing to do as an american. we need a president who will level with the american people, a president who will tell us the unvarnished truth, a president who will take responsibility instead of always blaming others, a president who will listen to the experts, follow the science, allow them to speak, a president who will lead and be an example for the nation. we have to do all we can to keep our fellow americans safe and healthy. i'm joe biden and i approve this message.
5:17 am
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♪ ♪ >> hhs will be distributing an additional $5 billion from the provider relief fund to all nursing homes. i want to send a message ofport and hope to every senior citizen who has been dealing with the struggle of isolation in what should be the golden years of your life. we will get to other end of that tunnel very quickly, we hope. steve: there's the president last night during his briefing talking about new measures aimed a at helping nursing home and long-term facility residents from covid. the administrator for the centers for medicare and medicaid services, seema verma, is in charge of overseeing those facilities at the federal level. she's also on the coronavirus
5:21 am
task force, and as you can see, he joins us from d.c. seema, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: over the last two nights, the president has started with some of the facts that a lot of people have not heard, and two of the facts that a lot of people don't realize the median age of the deaths in the united states from covid e is 78, which is terrible, and nearly half of all the deaths so far have been in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. so it really is important to make sure that our most vulnerable are protected as best we can. >> that's exactly it. and there is just agreement across the task force, dr. birx, dr. fauci and all the others that we need to double down the on nursing homes. we know the spread has the potential to get into the nursing home, and we're starting to see an uptick in cases. so what the president announced is that doubling down of effort.
5:22 am
just last week we announced that we're providing point of care tests in all nursing homes. that means a nursing home can test all of their workers that they need to, even their residents, and they can get those test results within 5-15 minutes, and that means they can then take the appropriate steps to isolate patients. and so also what we're doing is providing them an additional $5 billion, and that's going to help nursing homes with supplies, with staffing, with testing. they can also use that money to purchase technology so that, you know, their residents can communicate virtually we their loved ones. steve: sure. and, you know, we know so much more now than we did a couple of months ago. i mean, that's just nature of this kind of thing. but in the beginning, i remember my niece, stephanie, works in a long-term care facility, and they didn't have enough ppe. they didn't have any masks. nobody really had any masks at that point. and, in fact, she would make cloth masks for the other nurses. now we're to the point where, you know, there is the proper
5:23 am
ppe where they do have the n95 masks and where our front-line workers are also protected. >> that's exactly it. fema's done an incredible job, and one of the things that we've stood up in the middle of all of this is a reporting system for nursing homes. so they're actually letting us know when they need supplies, and we're making sure that they have what they need. fema has delivered millions of masks and gowns. i can tell you that 95% of nursing homes are reporting that they have an adequate supply for the next week, and then what we're doing is the ones that are reporting they have issues, fema's working with them directly to make sure that they have the supplies that they need. steve: you know, hindsight is always 20/20, seema, and i know some people have suggested when you look at the proportion of people who are dying are so much older, they're in the long-term care, they're in the nursing homes. maybe we didn't have to shut down the entire economy, maybe we just had to protect the most
5:24 am
vulnerable such as it is. now we know that, but we are reopening as well. so this is really the direction the administration is focusing on now, right? >> that's exactly it. and that's parking lot of the overall strategy the -- part of the overall strategy is to focus on the most vulnerable. we're providing funding, testing, supplies to nursing homes, making sure that they have the technical assistance that they need. the president also talked about strike teams, that if we see there's an uptick in cases in a particular nursing home, we can send an on the ground team of experts to help that nursing home get that spread under control, to make sure that they're doing everything they can to keep their nursing home residents safe. also think that these efforts are really going to lead to just better quality care in nursing homes. all of this attention, our partnership with the states around oversight of nursing homes is really going to contribute to an increased quality of care for nursing homes across the country over the long term. so i think this goes beyond
5:25 am
coronavirus. steve: so many of us have loved ones and friends at long-term care facilities and nursing homes, so it's great that there's so much attention being paid to it right now. seema verma, we thank you very much for joining us today from washington d.c. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. steve tee all right. good luck. all right. 8:25. joe biden and former president barack obama are back together again. how's this going to help mr. biden? bret baier on this and this new video that drops in 95 minutes. bret's next. ♪ ♪
5:26 am
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5:29 am
ainsley: it is time to play ball. mlb's opening day begins today starting a shortened 60-game season in our nation's capital. brian: hillary vaughn joins us live from nationals park in d.c. with more as the league makes some big changes, hillary. 60 games. no game is a waste. every game matters. >> reporter: it does. good morning, steve the, ainsley and brian. and normally, a normal baseball game the only person wearing a mask on the field is the catcher, but today the coaches will also be wearing masks as the new york yankees face off against the washington nationals, the reigning world
5:30 am
series champs, on their home field today, opening day during the pandemic means things look a lot different. players and staff are getting tested for covid-19 every other day, there are temperature checks twice a day. but here's what's going to look different for fans at home, masks are required in the dugout and bullpen for nonplayers, there will be no hugs, high-fives or fist bumps, and balls that get touched by multiple players will be thrown out. things will look a lot different for the players too the, no fans in the stands who could be a billion dollar loss for major league baseball. last year about half of their revenue came from tickets, parking costs, suite sales and concessions. but fans today do have a way to cheer on their team from home. major league baseball has a new feature on their web site here in the ballpark that actually lets fans have their cheers, their claps and even their boos heard all the way from home. when you go on their web site,
5:31 am
you click on the cheer icon, the clap icon or the boo icon. there are crowd noise operators that will use that as a guide to pump those sounds into the stadium for the players to hear. but if that's not enough, some teams are going to start letting fans buy cardboard cutouts of themselves to be placed in the stadium on game day. that's one way you can still get your face on the jumbotron. steve, ainsley and brian? steve: thank you very much. special report anchor bret baier is a major washington nationals fan, he's also joining us -- there he is right there. hey, bret, good morning to you. >> good morning. it's good to have baseball coming back. steve: absolutely. dr. can anthony fauci for months has been talking about flattening the curve, and tonight he's going to throw out the first ball, and he says it's going to be a curveball. >> yeah, i know.
5:32 am
i listened to an interview where he was very nervous about that pitch. but, you know, he did play in his early days, so i think he'll be able to get it over the plate. he was getting, he was getting advice from the nats, which is great. you know, the funny thing about it is the cardboard fans. you know, i'm hoping maybe we'll get a cardboard image in the stadium so that we can cheer on -- steve: well, hillary vaughn says you could pay for one. it's going to look like flat stanley stadium. >> yeah. steve: just about 90 minutes from right now, a video that is being put out by the biden campaign is going to show barack obama and joe biden, there they are. apparently it was taped in the last week or two, at barack obama's west end office in washington d.c. and essentially, he's just trying to get people excited about joe biden who, for the most part, has been in his basement for the last number of months. >> you know, barack obama is joe
5:33 am
biden's biggest asset. when he came out and endorsed back in april, it was a virtual event, and they raised $11 million that one, one final. one time. this event, i think, going to be more about substance, about why joe biden in president obama's mind is the person at this time. and they spend a lot of time about empathy and about, you know, feel your pain. this is the clinton kind of mantra that i can feel the pain. and there are a lot of people going through pain. and i think the campaign sees that as really a linchpin of some of their talking points about people trying to identify especially with independents and maybe moderate democrats. ainsley: yeah. he said if you sat down with my family, it would look a lot like your own family, relatable. we had lawrence jones on earlier and he said he cares more about the man than the people that are
5:34 am
endorsing him. do you agree with that when it is the first african-american president in our country, barack obama? >> i mean, i think endorsements for the large part don't matter that much, but this one does. the more barack obama is out there on the trail for joe biden, the better he does. that's just a fact. now, at some point joe biden has to go on his own and answer some tough questions. we've invited him on "special report," i know chris wallace has invited him many times on "fox news sunday." he's going to have to debate at some point, and i think that will be different. but barack obama is their biggest asset not only on the campaign trail which is all virtual now, but also fundraising. they're going to have another fundraiser next tuesday and look to get big dollars. brian: you know, a couple of things. i see the trump team moving as an administration and as a campaign. number one, show empathy for seniors. the president had it but he wasn't saying it. at these press conferences that
5:35 am
he has around 5:00 that infringes on your show, he's bringing up seniors and there's money for seniors. when it comes to law and order, the president says, you know, if this continues, i'm going to do something. now he's actually doing something, law and order. at the same time, they're trying to spin that message back saying that it was the president's policy to kill those people in nursing homes, and it was the president, the dictator, he's militaristic, and it's the trump virus. it's not the china virus. so who's winning the messaging? >> listen, the president is much more disciplined in these news conferences. if you remember the first iteration of these news conferences, they were long, very long. and the questions went on forever. this is very scripted, he's on crypt at the beginning -- script at the beginning. he lays out the substance of what they're trying to get through and then takes a few questions and leaves. i think it's like the special ops version of the old coronavirus task force briefing. so he is, i think, getting to that point like he was in 2016 --
5:36 am
brian: yep. >> -- where he takes the advice and kind of pares it down. that said, there's a lot of criticism to go around on coronavirus, and the democrats are tapping into that. steve: all right. we're going to be watching you right here on the channel, just about 24 minutes from right now. thank you, sir. >> you bet. steve: they're telling me now you're sticking around for this. a fox news alert, the weekly jobless claims report out a few moments ago, 1.4 million people filed for first-time unemployment. that's a little higher than it was last time. more than 52 million have, in total, filed for unemployment since the pandemic began. bret, this number is higher than last week, but still it does show that it's a bumpy ride in reopening the economy. >> yeah, i don't think this is the number they were looking for. i don't know how the markets will react to this. but if you look at the big picture, it's amazing to think
5:37 am
that 51.something million people have lost their job or are looking for jobs. i think that that is the um we discuss to get -- impetus to get this stage four stimulus through and to the finish line, and that's what the administration and capitol hill's working on now. ainsley: what are you work on for america's newsroom? >> it's melissa francis and i, i just did a couple days, but we've got senator rand paul, senator tom cotton, the white house press secretary and we're going to talk about everything coronavirus but also this new push for federal forces. as you guys have touched on, it's a big deal and something that's going to come up in this election a lot. brian: yep. you know what, bret? i was going to just do the radio show, but i might get a substitute hosts and just watch you. >> that's good. one viewer at a time. brian: bret baier, thanks.
5:38 am
ainsley: good to see you. president trump talking with dr. siegel about the push to reopen our schools. >> i'd like to see the schools open. the country has to open. you know, we did the right thing, we closed it down, we saved millions of lives. now we're opening it up. ainsley: florida's governor, ron desantis, going to join us live with his strategy to safely reopen schools down there, next. ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together. because missing menb vaccination could mean missing out on a whole lot more. ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪ >> i'd like to see the schoolses open. the country has to open. you know, we did the right thing, we closed it down, we saved millions of lives. now we're opening it up, and i think the democrats are actually doing it largely for political reasons. they think the economy won't be as strong, because we're doing very well with jobs. we broke the record two months in a row with job numbers. a lot -- i really believe the democrats are doing this for a political reason. if you close down california,
5:43 am
you know, it's a big state, you chose down some of these places, it's not going to show. watch, on november 4th, everything will open up. steve steve the president talking to our own dr. mark siegel yesterday. let's bring in the governor of the great state of florida, governor ron desantis. good morning dog you. >> good morning. steve: the president has been very clear he would like to see kids go back to in-class learning in the fall. you would as well, but the teachers union has gone to court and is suing you. is it, as the president just said, political with the teachers union? >> you know, i'm not sure, steve, but the way i look at it, we know that school children are by far at the least risk from coronavirus, thankfully, much less risk than they are from seasonal influential. we also know they play the smallest role, by far, in transmission of the virus. and yet they've really been asked to shoulder the bankrupt of our control -- the brunt of our control measures.
5:44 am
if you think about the schools going to distance learning in march, that went the rest of the year. they've had activities canceled, they've obviously not been able to be with their friends, the achievement gap has widenedded. so we're in a situation where evidence-based decision would be, you know, parents need to have the ability to have in-class instruction. now, in florida, what we tell parents is, look, if you're not comfortable, you have the right to maintain distance learning. that's fine. but we have a lot of parents who think that their kids will fall behind if they're not able to get back inside the classroom. you know what? i know the union has positions, steve, but there are a lot of teachers throughout florida that are itching to get back because they understand the gap that's developed, and they want to be there for those kids. ainsley: that's good to hear. most parents want it because of childcare issues but also, more importantly, we want our children to learn and not fall
5:45 am
behind. i know you're investigating this, there were some people that said down in florida they never got a test, but now they're listed as testing positive. how did that happen? >> well, it didn't happen at any of the sites that the state of florida is running, thankfully. there's a testing industrial complex now. there's a lot of money at stake here, people cranking out these tests. there's private companies involved. so what we've asked anyone that's gotten a letter, an e-mail, anything, a text message, you know, bring that forward because we want to hold people accountable in they're engaged in funny business like that. but you do have people, and i, you know, you hear a lot of things, obviously, but i've heard this so many times from people that really don't have a reason to make anything up, you know, that i think there's something there there. so we absolutely want to get that evidence and go, and there also was a report in orlando a week or so ago where you had someone in a motorcycle accident died, unfortunately, but that was categorized as a covid death
5:46 am
just because the person had previously tested positive. so, you know, i think the public when they see the fatality figures, they want to know who died because they caught covid. if you're in a car accident and we've had other instances in just it was no real relationship that's been counted, so we want to to see how pervasive that issue as well. brian i'm looking at some of these stats, 53 of your icus are 0% capacity. last week, last thursday you had the all-time death rate for florida at 156. so you have a lot of cases still there. and you have the icus packed -- >> well, let me, let let me just correct that. that, you know what they're doing, they're identifying hospitals some of which don't is have any icu because they're rural hospitals. you have otherses that have a very small number of beds who have people in icu who aren't
5:47 am
covid patients. we had some doctors the other day just talk about the record. we have between 20-25% of beds have been available consistent hi and between 15-20% of icu beds statewide have been available. is so sometimes you'll have a big hospital system where there'll be one hospital, and that's by design -- [inaudible conversations] brian: you just told me you don't believe it's your policies or the behavior of floridians that are causing these spikes. you believe it's seasonal. why? >> well, because if you look across the sun belt -- look, i'm not saying there's nothing to do with behavior. obviously, that can happen. but regardless of policy, you're seeing cases across the sun belt almost in unison is. first it was arizona, then florida, texas, then southern california, then south carolina. if so i think that just the natural progression of this different in the sun belt than it was in the northeast. and so our view has been, you know, we knew that it was going to come back at some point, you know, when we went to phase one
5:48 am
at the dipping of may. fortunately, we had six weeks of the lowest numbers we've had throughout the pandemic, then we started to see it pick up. so we've been ready for that not only in terms of what we've done with supporting hospitals, we've established 15 covid-only nursing homes so that seniors who get infected have a place to go and on and on. so we've been prepared for it. i personally thought it probably was going to come back in the fall but, you know, dealing with it in the summer is something that we're ready for and we're handling. steve: governor, i've been reading the palm beach post during the pandemic, and this morning they say with covid deaths and cases continuing to climb, some health experts are cautiously optimistic that florida may actually have turned a small corner in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. it sounds like things are starting to flatten out there, which is great. but over the last number of weeks, you've taken a lot of heat because they said, you know what? he was just trying to reopen things way too fast. what do you say to those
5:49 am
critics? >> yeah. well, a couple things. one is, you know, we had six weeks of phase one where we had our lowest number, the 5-day incue to base period, so if that was the cause, you would have seen spikes. and then southern florida where we've had a significant portion of cases, they're still in phase one. they were closed for basically two months. they've never had pubses or anything like that open. so i don't think that, you know, i think people are always trying to do political ploys, but i do think the trends, you know, are much more positive today than they were two weeks ago. we peaked on emergency department visits for covid-like illness on july 7th, and we've seen a general flattening in the hospital census for covid. so so those are the types of indicators where you see you're starting to get stabilization. our positivity rate is slightly down from where it was which we think will continue. and i'd also just point out, you know, when we're doing all these tests, it's a lot different than how people were testing in march and april. we test everybody.
5:50 am
most of the people that test positive that are new cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and don't require any medical attention. so that's just important context, i think, for people to understand. ainsley: thanks, governor, for being with us. steve: good luck. >> thank you. ainsley: more "fox & friends" coming up. hike!
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simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500! coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports.
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♪ ♪ brian: detroit is reeling from another violent weekend where 26 people were shot, 7 killed. chief of police james craig joins us now. chief, are you for and have you accepted federal aid? >> you know, brian, we said on break we've been in a relationship with the federal government for some time. general barr stood with me in december of last year announcing relentless pursuit. since that time certainly federal assets have been on the ground, enhancements to the u.s. attorney's office, so of course it's a nonissue. now, we did say we were one of the only big cities in america -- we didn't have looting, burning. there was some violence associated with it, but we're controlling the situation here in detroit. and and so we don't need that type of support. but i welcome the clap rah rahtive. -- collaborative. we've always had a great working relationship with our federal
5:55 am
partners. brian: how do you explain the pushback others are giving when they clearly have a major problem? a 55 days in portland, and you know about the deaths and destruction in chicago. >> it's very sad, you know? we need to kick this partisan politics to the curb and think about the victims. you know, i had a chance to talk to a victim. his son was murdered, a senseless murder. and so what do i say to that dad, that we're going to not do something because of partisan politics? absolutely not. this is about creating safe cities. and there's so much -- i wish i had more time to talk to you, brian, because when you talk about what's driving crime not just here in detroit, but in major cities across this country, we talk about covid, we talk about bail reform. i could take a half hour on your show, brian, to tell you my thoughts as a practitioner of 44 years. brian: you set the table for your next appearance. we've got to talk about schooling, education, families, the things we were discussing for a week after george floyd's
5:56 am
death, and now it's all antifa, destruction, giving up precincts and anti-police behavior, and i just think it's the wrong path. and i think that's what you're indicating too. chief, thanks so much. >> absolutely. thank you. brian: appreciate it. continued success in detroit. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ? absolutely. new sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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>> steve: there are people working on the top of that
6:00 am
skyscraper. >> catch brian on the radio after the show. who is going to be on your show? >> lara logan leading and michael waltz one of our guests. i'll use the time to say. >> another three hours, brian. ♪ >> bret: chaos outside a portland courthouse. protesters refusing to leave prompting police to call it a riot. this own 56th straight night of demonstrations in that city. good morning. i'm bret baier. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. sandra smith is off. portland mayor ted wheeler was caught in the middle getting teargassed along with the crowd. earlier the mayor pledged solidarty with the protesters but he got


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