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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 26, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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greg: we are out of time jess are * welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. democrats would rather fight trump than fight crime. to democrats they think trump is the real criminal. democrats can't confront crime and violence, they don't want to. fighting trump through the media makes them look better. chicago has turned into a war zone and murder is skyrocketing. >> 53 people were shot last
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weekend, 12 were murdered. jesse: the pandemic and joblessness are squeezing profits out of the drug game, so people are squeezing triggers. left-wing mayor lightfoot says under no circumstances will i allow donald trump's troops to come to chicago and terrorize our residents. residents are already being tear rides -- being -- -- terrorized. these aren't trump's troops. they worked under barack obama. they are from the dea, and the u.s. marshal service. bill barr is sending more to chicago, so don't be so ungrateful. they will apprehend gang
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bankers, take illegal guns off the streets and work ballistics at gun scenes. the mayor needs her head checked if she doesn't think she needs help from the president. she is at war with the gang bangers. last week the mob stormed grant park to topple a statue of christopher columbus. >> here is a gentleman dumping out weapons of things to throw at the police. and they start throwing things at the police standing on the statue. you see frozen water bottles, frozen cans of different substances, rocks, explosive device, and here comes the pvc with the banner that was broken apart and jabbed at the
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officers. the sergeant in the white shirt walking away holding his eye after that explosive device blew up in his eye right there. here is more incendiary devices thrown at the officers. jesse: unlike the smollett hoax, these crimes had real victims. >> 49 police officers were injured. 18 of whom were sent to area hospitals for their injuries. and they had broken eye sockets due to a thrown projectile as well as a broken kneecap. jesse: you saw little coverage of that on the nightly news because they don't report the news. they report their narrative. their narrative is police brutality. you are being lied to so trump
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looses. >> we don't want to believe people would act this way towards us. that they would take advantage of our sacred rights, the first amendment. but now i have ordered all of our officers to wear and all protective gear. jesse: once police slap on the riot gear to protect themselves, the media called them militarized. but the anarchists didn't return the favor. the mob showed up at the mayor's block. police were called to protect the mayor's house. politicians will protect themselves but they won't protect their own people. she came to the mob and re -- she caved to the mob and removed
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the statue. the mob is losing to itself. portland, oregon taking a beating. there has been mayhem for 60 straight days. it's not just knockouts like this. anarchists trying to take over a federal courthouse. the hatfield courthouse is a federal courthouse that you pay for. hatfield was a possible rift. portland anarchists set fire to the federal building. shot commercial grade fireworks at officers. blinded officers with lasers. used cars as weapons, assaulted
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agents and smuggled in pipe bombs. here is a small taste of the action. the congressman who represents portland condemned the violence and asked for federal aid. just kidding. he said portland is not out of control. >> portland, oregon is not out of control. to be sure there are some people with strong feeling and some who are done things that are inappropriate and unlawful. but that's the challenge of our local and state officials to manage it. jesse: here is why the feds are involved.
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a federal building is under attack. the department of homeland security has agents defending every federal building in every city. they wear uniforms that say fts. they aren't trump's troops. they worked under barack obama, too. they protect judges and courthouses. they even protect department of education buildings. democrats are calling american law enforcement officials nazis. >> these are storm troopers under the guise of law and order. it's a tactic that is not appropriate to our country in any way. >> this attorney general seems to be doing everything they possibly can to impose gestapo activities in local communities. >> this is a democracy, not a deck --not a dictatorship.
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we can't have secret police abducting people and putting them in unmarked vehicles. jesse: that refers to mitt letter's goon squads in nazi germany. it's gone too far. we are calling on them to apologize now to them for calling them nazis. keep it classy. but these are public officials who crossed the line. by the way. when someone commits a federal crime like they are doing in portland. they need to be arrested. what's the democrats' position? you can light a federal building on fire and get away with it. mayor wheeler wants all federal agents out of portland. the left put federal agents into the trump campaign but they
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don't want federal agents in portland. trump is the real enemy, right? they deal with iranian mullahs, but they don't deal with trump. mayor wheeler tried to walk the streets and got a wake-up call. nobody likes you any more, wheeler. you are the west coast deblasio. the radicals hate you because it hasn't burned hot enough. the democrats are losing. riding a crime wave to victory in november won't work. look at what they are doing now. imagine what they will do if
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they lose. the media knows it doesn't look good so they are spinning like crazy. here is an actual cnn headline. crime is surging in some cities. some say defunding the police will actually make it fall. i wonder what happens when you run out of hoaxes. over 100 days away from the election and i guess we'll find out. ben shapiro, host of the ben shapiro show and the author of the new book "how to destroy america in three easy steps." do you think the left is winning the culture war? >> they set up a narrative where they can blame anything chaotic on them. i think they can get away with it for a while and bank on the
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fact that people might not like trump enough that they will blame dem what is democratic cities. jesse: what do you think will happen to the culture when you are burning down federal buildings. assaulting police officers. calling them nazis. what does that do to the fabric of the society. >> no nation cannot survive that does not share a history, and a culture. they want to get rid of the history, philosophy and culture of the united states making it a worse place every single day. there is only one thing holding back the raiblg that will react to this by the american public. that is because joe biden has run a campaign of being a dead person who doesn't take on controversial things. if president trump is able to
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point out that biden is a transitional figure then trump has an election campaign to win. jesse: do you think biden knows what he's doing by kissing bernie's ring? or do you think it's naked political power grabs he's pulling off? >> i think biden is smart enough to try to make sure his left flank is insured. so the same time the left flank is saying take down the statues of columbus, he's staying quiet. if asked he will say i think we should keep the statues up. he will say i'm not in favor of defunding the police, i'm just in favor of shifting the funding which is defunding the police.
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he's more and more embracing the radical left. jesse: he only has to answer tough questions about once every three weeks. that's because the media doesn't care. you have a new book out, "how to destroy america in three easy steps." you are not going to have this become some sort of manifesto where anarchists read this and start taking action. tell me why you wrote the book? >> i wrote it in december and january. we live in the most prosperous, free and tolerant country in the history of mankind. and it looks like americans want a divorce. our philosophy, culture and history. i juxtaposed two visions of the
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country rooted in the declaration of independence and the constitution with a culture that values entrepreneurship and rights. and a history that recognizes that america has always been great. we have not always lived up to our founding ideals, but the story of america is an attempt to live up to those ideals over time. then the other believe that america's philosophy is a lie. that it's actually a culture of bigotry. it's just in the last few weeks the book started to turn into prophecy. jesse: lucky you, maybe not lucky, but at least in terms of book sales. the professors at universities, that's why you are seeing this
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younger generation so violent. a good read. thank you, ben. >> thanks so much. jesse: social media giants are banning q on the internet. barack obama plunging into the presidential race. later, a "watters world" look at kanye west. [♪] hey, can i... hold on one second... sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here. he's right here. - hi! - hi.
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responsibility. i take no responsibility. >> those words didn't come out of our mouths while we were in office. >> i don't understand the inability to get a sense of what people are going through. he can't relate in any way. jesse: biden is hoping his old boss will help him win in november. but arresting in his basement for a month he can't get through a speech without a gaffe or weird things coming out of his mouth. >> we have racists and they tried to get elected president. and the first one has. wearing a mask is not a political statement. this is patriotic. why do you wear the mask? so you don't make somebody else sick. what's with this guy? >> thank you for listening. i look forward to having your questions at another time.
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i'm off to another event. i'm not joe biden's husband, i'm joe biden. jesse: these guys talk about accepting responsibility. i think the entire first team barack obama had it was bush's fault. he's never been good at continueout when he's not on the -- good at turnout when he's not on the ticket. he's the reason your dad was elected in the first place. >> you are right. everything was bush's fault. how daring he is to come out of his basement to have an interview with his budding sitting on the couch. you had joe biden call arizona a city.
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it's wonderful to be with you from the great city of arizona. he won't take questions or answer questions. he's not sitting down with interviews with the likes of chris wallace. he's literally accosted on the stable when he does these white house briefings. this guy is literally reading off a preselected list of journalists. oh, yes, i would like to have my friends from my hometown of wilmington. give me a break. it's almost arrogant that he's making this much of a mockery of the u.s. election. jesse: he's not running for office, he's slowly walking. some of the interesting things going on in terms of censorship and funny business now, q, i guess the conspiracy deal on the
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internet. twitter eliminated about 7,000 accounts, 100,000 accounts are in the cross-hairs. do you think this is an attempt to interfere in an election. q can do some crazy stuff with the pizza stuff but they uncovered a lot of great stuff when it comes to epstein and the deep state. i never saw q as dangerous as antifa. and antifa gets to run wild on the internet. >> adam schiff and eric swalwell, they do crazy stuff. in silicon valley, 22 years old. a tech savant. he's running twitter or one of these companies. and he literally has his finger
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on the button of a presidential elect. you have people in the country walking around with an iphone or some device. 50% of america has an iphone. he time they pop on to twitter or apple news they are spoon fed a message that's cur curated by someone in silicon valley. "the washington post," jeff bezos wants it. any time he wants a good story for amazon, if he wants a senator to do something for him. he puts them on the front page and writes a glowing story about them. they are literally putting their finger on the scales of a u.s. election. it's fundamentally not right when you have the first amendment right of freedom of speech in this country. jesse: for those of you who
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can't afford fox news, eric said he will pay for everybody's cable so they can watch "watters world." the things they are funding, the riots, the censorship, the media antagonism against your dad. impeachment. he single time they have thrown the kitchen sink at him, he comes back and wins. are people sleeping on him again? the polls, he's down. but he always does. will this be consistent? >> first of all, they are oversampling democrats. they did the same thing in 2016. in aattempt to squash fundraising. my father is going to win this thing.
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but this is the game set they play. this is their playbook. we saw this 2016 and russia didn't work and ukraine didn't work. by the way, i'm shocked. it's been three weeks and they haven't had a salacious scandal. maybe the democrats are getting tired or they are sick of losing. there is only so many times you can cry wolf before you lose credibility with america. jesse: eric trump, paying for your cable bill and predicting a win in november. a judge ruled secret documents involving jeffrey epstein will be released. we'll tell you what could be in them. usaa is made for what's next
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jackie ibanez now back to "watters world." jesse: the president reviving his task forms for coronavirus. >> the president had a lot of happy talks on therapeutics and vaccines. >> an overly rosie picture on testing. >> you heard a different tone from the president probably because of his low poll numbers. >> the president is downplaying the resurgence we are seeing right now. somewhat is your medical opinion based on what is politically proper. he's trying to find whatever means he can to turn this around
2:30 am
for himself. jesse: that was all fake. what the president is focused on is getting americans back to work and kids back to school safely. president trump: we believe many school districts can re-open safely provided they implement mitigation measures based on the data and facts on the ground in each community. every district should be making preparations to open. i hope local leaders put the full health and well-being of their students first and make the right decision for children, parents, teachers and not make political decisions. this isn't about politics. jesse: before we get to everything. i want to play nancy pelosi calling the virus the trump virus. listen. >> he recognized the mistakes that he had made by now embracing mask wearing. and the recognition this is not
2:31 am
a hoax. it's a pandemic that has gone the worse before it will get better because of his inaction and it's sad clearly it is the trump virus. jesse: calling it the china virus is offensive, but trump virus is okay. when you hear the media denigrate the president when he's trying to communicate information about the virus and businesses and hospitals and children going back to school. do you any that has a detrimental effect on americans' ability to keep themselves safe and clean? >> i think the president's briefings this week were excellent. i think it's obvious to everyone, there is a focus on the data. they are closely monitoring the situation. there is no need for panic. as he said in his own way, he
2:32 am
understands, i believe, it's obvious when you have a contagious disease and you do social relaxation and opening there is going to be more cases. but he emphasized a strong focus on protecting the high his can people. a strong focus on sending resources on what are necessary to the high-risk population. that's the goal of policy. a careful monitoring of hospitals to make sure they are not overcrowd. and even though there is no significant overcrowding in any of the states, the federal government will be there to help with capacity. jesse: is this the strategy? is this everybody wears masks, everybody washes their hands and social distances while they go about their normal lives as best they can. and the older population, they remain quarantined and separate
2:33 am
from everybody as much as possible until we have a vaccine. is that the deal? >> i think it's not exactly that, if i may correct you. one thing the president did have much is he outlined and he's season tough to the harms of the lockdown. this should have been emphasized from day one when people start and continue to insist on lockdowns. you can't do public policy that way and he understands that. in terms of the mask issue, it was a sensible policy that when you cannot social distance, and particularly if you are high risk, it's reasonable to wear a mask. it's important to wear a mask. and relatively speaking that's consistent with what was said from the white house before. jesse: you think he looks good with the mask? he called himself the lone ranger. i got negative emails when i did
2:34 am
a pro mask segment. some people think it's crazy, i just think it's smart. the deal with opening schools. you don't want it to be a petri dish. are kids able to transmit the disease to family members or to the older population or is this something we don't have to worry about as much. as we have seen, there hasn't been a larger outbreak afterwards. >> you are highlighting something that's important and hasn't been established. children are not significant spreaders of this to adults. there is no evidence to show children are significant spreaders. it's not that they cannot spread. it's that it isn't a significant pathway. about schools opening. it's proven that children are at extremely low risk from this
2:35 am
disease. number two, the harms for closing schools to children are very serious, not just the long distance learning disaster disaster, but there is all kinds of harm outlined by the cdc in their documents. there is nothing more important to this country than educating our children. if you are not opening schools, then you are not for children. icing on the cake is that children don't transmit it. as the president mentioned of course it's reasonable to have the local community dictate school policy. that's what the united states does. jesse: opening schools is a local issue with parents involved. doing that is pro children, it's not anti-children despite what nancy pelosi says. dr. atlas, thank you again for your expertise.
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secret documents about jeffrey epstein ordered released by a judge. shocking behavior by kanye west this week. facing leaks takes strength. so here's to the strong, who trust in our performance and comfortable, long-lasting protection. because your strength is supported by ours. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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jesse: a federal judge opening the floodgates in the jeffrey epstein case. including a 418-page deposition from epstein's alleged madame. the flight losing from epstein's private jet. police reports from palm beach and a list of names. hundreds of people with ties to the convicted pedophile.
2:41 am
the case was confidentially settled in 2017. this comes as another judge refused to block a gag order request from epstein's attorney. joining me now, the author of "a convenient death, the demise of jeffrey epstein." the deposition looks like a treasure trove of information when you look at the flight logs. additional witness testimony requests from including former president bill clinton. what do you expect to see from these 416 pages? >> i think it will be
2:42 am
exceptionally embaifersing for ghislaine maxwell who was already humiliated. now her sex life becomes public. maxwell has been humiliated, but some of these people haven't. some of them haven't admitted to wrongdoing. just of course if they had a relationship with her didn't mean they did wrongdoing. but they tied her to a sex offender and i think we'll get excruciating details that will become tabloid fodder. i think it will touch on people in politics, finance, not just in america but in her home country of great britain. jesse: as you report in your book, she allegedly had an affair with bill clinton.
2:43 am
the 2016 deposition, names included new mexico governor bill richardson, billion pair glenn duben. an m.i.t. scientist, george mitchell. there is something interesting in your book. you know, something about some sort of orgy that bill clinton actually said no to. do you think something like that would come out in a deposition? >> definitely. i think there will be embarrassing details. this is the kind of thing that got him in trouble the first go-round when he was in violence. there was a violence against women act. and he was accused of sexual harassment by paula jones. and his own history became part of that court case, and that's how we found out about monica
2:44 am
lewinsky. once you start opening up -- once you start opening up people's lives it becomes intensely, intimate, and personal. jesse: and humiliating. when you are in a deposition, you are under oath. allegedly she tells the truth. we'll follow that when that is released. thank you very much. now you can go back to vacation. is kanye west sick? was this week a publicity stunt? or is he making sense? the politics and phenomenon of kanye under the microscope. (burke) at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. like how nice it is to save on your auto policy. but it's even nicer knowing that if this happens... ...or this happens... ...or this....
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book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at >> i don't give a [bleep] because god has a plan for us. trump, biden, kanye west [inaudible] jesse: kanye west at his first campaign rally in south carolina. but this personal revelation
2:49 am
reportedly ignited a firestorm among his family. >> my wife [inaudible] brought north into the world even when i didn't want to. jesse: following those comments kanye returned to twitter. including this one suggesting he wanted to divorce kim and laying into her mom, chris jenner. they tried to fly in with two doctors. i have been trying to get divorced since kim met with meek for prison reform. fox news contributor, raymond
2:50 am
arroyo. kanye's biggest fan. they say he has bipolar disorder. he could have an impact. he could be selling records. where do you fall in the kanye spectrum. >> there is the charlotte bronte quote from a madman, i am not mad. this could be a reality show. but in between the madness and in between the bipolar episode and kris kardashian's back and forth with him. i think we are left with a guy who is screaming out the truth in between all of this. what he's saying is it's a cry for political under even and a pro-life message.
2:51 am
he came out like john the baptist screaming about abortion and what happened to the black community. the next thing you kno -- you k, planned parenthood disavowed itself from their racist founder. the next one, "jesus is king," that makes him a dangerous commodity. so this broke on friday. nick salmon, the guy smirking in front of the native american. everybody said he was a racist, provocative guy. he settled the details with "the washington post." but i think sandmann can buy himself as many maga hats as he wants now. it was the smirk heard around
2:52 am
the world. >> the guys maga hats. pro-lifers. one whose album is about to drop. nick sandmann, the media claimed what he was being racially inflammatory with this indian protester. the settlements, $800 million in total. and with lin wood he will have more. jesse: wray mond arroyo -- raymond arroyo. thanks. up next, "last call." experience the joy of a bigger world in a highly-connected lexus vehicle at the golden opportunity sales event.
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jesse: baseball is back. diehard nationals fan anthony fauci throwing out the first pitch. let's just say he flattened the curve. >> dr. an thony fauci. jesse: can we please see that again? that was brutal. president trump has thrown out the first pitch at yankee stadium august 15. the last president who did that was w after 9/11 and that was straight over the plate. no pressure, mr. president, we'll be watching. i am sure it will be better than
2:57 am
fauci. be sure to follow me on facebook, insta dwram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next.
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