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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 28, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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ahead. >> everyone who has been doing virtual meetings as we are trapped at home, thanks for watching "special report," i'm shannon bream in washington. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good evening everyone, i martha maccallum in new york and this is "the story." mike pence was in covid-19 briefings much of the day, but also tonight, anybody who was watching the questioning of attorney general barr today about how the house judiciary committee could not help but be struck by the fact that although the committee press very hard to get the ag before them for a good grilling, what we saw was a good group badgering and a lot of grandstanding with little
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apparent interest in allowing him to explain any of his answers. and that is by any objective assessment. >> you did answer this question. >> you said under penalty of perjury, i want to answer the question. >> you have to let him answer. >> i'm reclaiming my time. >> at least let him answer the question and the accusations made against him. >> can we take a five-minute break mr. chairman? >> no. >> martha: and i would turn to the vice president who has led the response to the covid-19 pandemic. welcome vice president. i want to get your reaction to what happened today. you spent many years on the hill and what did you think about that committee hearing today
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with attorney general barr. >> it was clear that the democrats on the committee wanted to be heard more than they wanted to listen. the bar is leading the justice department in this country with great integrity and brings a lifetime commitment to the rule of law. but to see it today and the little bit that i was able to watch, it was clear that the democrats wanted to hear themselves talk more than they wanted to hear from the attorney general of the united states. >> i think that's just a fact. if we added up the time it would prove to be a fact. here is the thrust of today's hearing which i wanted to ask you to address. the argument that the administration is basically fearmongering, what's going on in portland and beyond in order to leverage "law & order" elections. watch this. >> the president wants footage for his campaign ad and in most of those cities the protests had begun to wind down.
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>> the playbook is to create the impression that there is violence that he must send in federal troops and that's how he hopes to win the election. >> what do you say to that, sir? >> martha, look. from july 1st forward, the department of homeland security informed me that he had 188 188 federal officials injured by violent protesters in portland. and i think the fact that jim jordan stepped forward today and use his time to put those images before the committee and before the american people was a great service. the violence in portland has got to stop.
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it's clear that the mayor of portland -- that's why we are talking to the state of oregon. our federal officials will have the protection that we need and we will protect that federal courthouse. president trump has made it clear, we will have law and order in our streets. with joe biden and the radical democrats, they want to defund the police. while what we are going to do is find a law enforcement, stand up for "law & order" and that begins right in portland. >> martha: the other images that are shown are this wall of moms, wiping tear gas out of their eyes, and we have all seen the image of the navy member who -- they came at him pretty hard and broke his hand. do you have any regrets about those incidents? >> i regret any time anyone is hurt but let's be clear. before federal officials moved in in a significant way in early
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july to the federal courthouse in portland, the mayor of portland had said that he had seen a "month of violence in portland. there is nothing to the suggestion that having federal law enforcement officials, marshals, dhs personnel on the ground has had a causative effect here. the reality is that the mayor of portland in the local community has allowed violent protesters to overrun that community. that community was looking the other way on groups like antifa a long time ago and now they are paying a price. but what president trump has made clear in what we've made clear with federal officials as we are saying this far and no farther, we will protect the federal courthouse and do what it takes to bring security.
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the people of that community deserve nothing less and with the president of this administration we will stand strong with law enforcement and for "law & order." >> martha: this headset will clearly be a big issue in the election and you see how both sides are characterizing it at this point. you know, to their advantage. even a question raised today, one is the issue of mail-in ballots and here is what representative greg stanton of arizona set about that today. watch this. >> there are fears that you and the president are laying the foundation. both of you have advanced false conspiracy theories about mail-in voting. >> martha: there are so many states in the country that have mail-in voting and they've had it for a long time. is there any reason not to
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accelerate or offer that opportunity to people given the covid-19 pandemic, is there anything that's wrong with that in your mind? >> what we had in this country for a long time is absentee ballot voting by mail. that requires the person requesting the ballot and then the signature is verified and we protect the vote, the integrity of the vote is paramount, through the generations, americans have worn the uniform and that's at the heart of the democracy. it's a time-honored tradition but what you see across the country it in democrat led states is an effort for universal distribution of ballots. without the accountability you
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have with absentee balloting and when you combine that with states like california that actually allow what is called vote bundling for vote harvesting, you see where the ability for widespread thought is very real. you will continue to hear from this administration a commitment to protect the one person, one vote, integrity of our electoral system. and we will stand strong on. >> martha: we are obviously doing our coverage as usual, do you think it will be one night election or go to go on for weeks or a month? given the situation we are in with this pandemic, what do you think? >> i think president donald trump will be elected for four more years. as i travel across the country, then i saw four years ago and i think it's going to translate to november the 3rd. make no mistake about it, the
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reality of voter fraud is undeniable. we have seen case after case around the country where there has been prosecution and the president spoke about new jersey. and we seen it in other states. there was a democrat super pac that was involved in our elections that literally, there was a group of people that were prosecuted for falsifying ballots. this happens, martha. when you think about the price we have paid for this democracy through the generations -- my father wore the uniform in combat, my son is in the marine corps and my son-in-law is in the navy, we have to stand for the principle of one person, one vote. and voter integrity is at the heart of what democracy is all about. >> martha: the possibility is open that it could go on longer if indeed that integrity, you believe that integrity is breached or the president does.
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so we will stay tuned just to see where that goes. i was listening to the former vice president joe biden today and he was speaking about his "build back better" plan. he was trying to seek more equity in terms of racial justice and he said that he would be open to the idea of more farmland for black and brown farm owners. do believe it's proper to allocate benefits for resources? >> you we see an agenda advancing the opportunity. in this is a president who cut taxes and rollback regulation, fought for free and fair trade and supported educational opportunities opportunities for every american. we saw the lowest economic rate,
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historic investments in black colleges and universities around america and the senator tim scott we saw the creation of more than 8,000 opportunity zones in cities that are tracking investments. if joe biden and the democrats want to do something for the minorities, how about let minorities choose whether children go to school? >> i will take that as a no, you are not basing it on skin color. is that accurate, are you not in favor of any program like that? >> i didn't understand the concept but what we do in this country is we create opportunities for everyone. joe biden is denying the ability for african-american families to choose where to go to school and he actually wants to defund the school choice program right here in washington, d.c. >> martha: we assess representative about that last
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night and i think that's going to be a big issue. >> remember this is a president who passed historic tax cuts. joe biden and bernie sanders, their unity agenda of the radical left, they want to raise taxes by $4 trillion. they have a $2 trillion green new deal program that looks like it's on steroids. we will build back with more regulation and more liberal policies, we will build america back better, stronger and more prosperous by doing again what president trump and i dated in our first three years, and that is less government and, less opportunities at all. >> martha: a few more minutes and i would be remiss if i didn't ask you some questions about your covid-19 meetings
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today, let's play that. >> president trump: 's schools are not reopened, the funding should go to parents to send their child to public/private charter or homeschool of their choice. >> martha: today you have the american federation of teachers whose say that they will back teachers who want to go on strike in this country as you are under efforts to try to reopen the schools and get kids back into the classroom this fall. so what does that look like. if i'm a parent in america and my school says they are closed and president trump says you can somehow use that money for school choice, that's not on the books right now. how can i make that happen >>
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and martha, i married to a school teacher and she is getting ready to be back in the classroom this fall. we've got to get our kids back to school. there are going to be some states and we follow the data on the white house coronavirus task force county by county and city by city. there are going to be some areas that will be will want to move in a more measured way and we will expect governors and states as they make those decisions. cdc put out guidance last week that we recommended we get our kids for economic well-being and health and well-being back into the classroom. we know the risk of the coronavirus to help the children is very low. we know that there are real costs, and disrupting education for special needs kids and disrupting nutrition, the reality is that kids will be
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better off in school and by implementing cdc guidance -- >> martha: but can parents send their children to a public, private, charter, religious or homeschool of their choice under current law? >> the president said they ought to be able to do that and there's never been any greater champion of school choice in this country than president donald trump. we will continue to stand for and advocate that principle but right now is absolutely essential and we are working with every governor to get our kids back in school. it's best for our kids academically and personally, and as we open up america we have to open up america school. as american pediatrician, we can safely reopen our schools. >> organizations, a lot of pushback on that.
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there are lots of charter schools that would love to have the opportunity to offer spots to those kids. okay. vaccines. the reality check on vaccines is, once they are out there it's not going to be an instant, everything is better now and everyone gets a vaccine. some doctors are saying they may work for some people, others are saying it may not work for others. what do you say about how different will be? >> we literally saw in record time the start of phase three clinical trials for the first coronavirus vaccine. now martha, you understand this. but people need to understand, a vaccine usually takes years to develop but what president trump data early on wednesday, we need to clear a way, any red tape
4:17 pm
barriers. called on our pharmaceutical industry to step up and accelerate the cot, can process without cutting any corners on safety and now we have a half a dozen different vaccine platforms that are in development and i've got to tell you, when you have dr. fauci saying, it's not if but when, it gives you the signal that we have great confidence. by this fall we will have a vaccine. the really exciting thing is under operation warp speed we are literally producing those vaccines right now. we are purchasing millions of syringes right now so that the moment that the fda's as a vaccine is safe and effective we will have the supplies on hand and literally offer vaccines to millions doing tens of millions of americans.
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>> martha: before i let you go, testing. i neede know mike had a close fd that needed to get a test this week and they were told 7-10 days before they got the results back. i don't know how you would contact trace that person because the weight is so long and everyone says this everywhere you go. when are we going to see a situation where you can either do a home test or get a test result back in 24-48 hours at the latest? >> first off i think the american people should take great pride in the fact that, at four months ago we were at a standing start. we had done about 8,000 coronavirus tests and he had about 50 tests, and we are doing 800,000 coronavirus tests per day on average. that being said particularly in
4:19 pm
some hot spot areas we dealing with some delays and the average amount of time we are being told which does half of the testing is about four and a half days. that's one of the reasons the fda this last weekend approved what's called cooling, martha. this will allow those commercial labs not just to test one swat at a time but to test five and ten samples. the other half of testing is done very quickly because half of testing in this country is already being done with point-of-care tests that turn it around in 15 minutes or, at hospitals and in-hospital labs. when people are in hospitals we want to get the test on immediately. we are working with research hospitals around the country. >> martha: that's great if you can get it, i googled everyplace in the state of new jersey and you can't get a rapid test. >> one last thing on that, we
4:20 pm
are also distributing 15,400 private point-of-care 15 minute tests to every single nursing home in america. 600 last week and 600 this week. every nursing home in america will have a 15 minute test to be able to test residents and faculty. >> martha: vice president mike pence, thank you very much sir great to have you with us. coming up next we will talk to congressman eric swalwell, is one of the democrats was there questioning bill barr today. guy benson will be here when we get back. ♪ free of stuff you don't want. one a day natural fruit bites. a new way to multivitamin.
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>> it was a raucous hearing in there today as they grilled everyone from the rights in portland. >> so how can you sit here and tell us why you can investigate the president of the united states if you are not even aware of the facts using the president and permutation power to swap the silence and openness. >> because we require, you know, a reliable predicate before we open a criminal investigation. it's a theory that you have. >> and by the way, if i apply history there will be a lot more people under investigation. >> martha: congressman eric swalwell, welcome and good taffy here tonight. we played a lot of clips and i
4:26 pm
watched a lot of it straight through today and i was struck by the question of, how that is a fair process when someone is brought into that room and then for the most part -- actually you were allowed to answer questions more than most of your colleagues who wouldn't even let him breathe and answer, how is that a fair process? >> while the attorney general doesn't need an ice-cream cone before he sits down, he's a big boy and he answered the questions. i wanted to point out that you can only have a corrupt president if you have an attorney general who would enable it and he acknowledged that only once in his memory did he intervene to help somebody get a reduced sentence and that was a president's friend. i thought that exchange was productive, and he got to say what he wanted to say and i made the point i wanted to make. >> martha: his point was he didn't think there was anything wrong with the process as he carried it out. he made, to suggest he's a big
4:27 pm
boy and doesn't need an ice-cream cone, people wouldn't let him answer a single questi question. they kept saying, give me back my time, give me back my time. so your committee has wanted him to come in here for a long time, i might think myself and a lot of other americans wanted to see the extremes because you've been side lamp to the president and acting on his behalf. this was a golden opportunity for the country to hear what his answer was antiques and get to hear what his answer was i'm wondering if there was a fear that if you give up that opportunity than they might be persuasive by some people. >> i did get concerned about what we did here, he said he's talking to the president about his campaign. >> martha: he said i'm not going to lie and tell you it's never come out in a cabinet meeting. >> he also employed there may be some interference and martha, he
4:28 pm
cosigned on the president series that was debunked by everyone and it's fraudulent. but go ahead and play your clip. >> when protesters with guns -- >> i am aware of protesters in the federal government. >> explained that it had been planned all day. >> attorney general, we waited a long time for you to come here, the time is mine. >> it's not a self defining terms that they recognize. this is a hearing, and i thought i was the one that was supposed to be heard. >> martha: a good question. you could have just propped up a picture of him and yelled at it. >> i don't the keys as weak as you described him. >> martha: you brought him in there to answer questions and then you didn't give him a chance to answer. it doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on, anyone can
4:29 pm
watch that process and say it was not a hearing. >> i thought it was also an important point that it seems like they are selectively using the police and i think joe biden said it best today. we sit prosecute anarchists and people are burning buildings. however when you are only sending the troops and to protect the protesters when armed protesters are going to places and threatening to kill the governors there, why not send the troops there? instead he is suing the governors for having stay away orders for people to be safe during covid so i think that was a productive, productive exercise as well. >> federal courts are under attack, since when is it okay to try to burn down a federal cou court? that's what we are doing in portland. we are at the courthouse defending the courthouse, we are
4:30 pm
not out looking for trouble. >> martha: so you break it and try to get through, that's the problem. >> i think you can do both and you are making a situation wor worse. i asked the vice president about that as well because i think that everybody wants situations to be fair on the ground and we don't want peaceful protesters to be hurt in any way. guy benson is here. talk about and of discussion, there was no discussion. i think that no matter what side of the fence you are on, anybody who watch that had to be a little frustratin frustrated. >> i waited about 90 minutes and i think we are both masochists
4:31 pm
watching that spectacle just down the street from me in washington. i mean, you are right, they should have perhaps maybe bought a cardboard cutout, maybe they have thrown some rotten fruit or something, but most of the democrats on that dais clearly had no interest whatsoever including any information from the attorney general. they wanted to vent at him and they did, and it was frankly embarrassing and painful to watch. >> whether you like him or you don't like him, or you think he is too cozy for the president, whatever you think. if you give him a chance, the likelihood that was giving answers that might cause some people to pause, and kind of understand his line of thinking, if you think that was part of this issue that you didn't want to give him that oxygen, why --
4:32 pm
what else would be the motivation? >> people want to see, this was the only one interruption. smart and thoughtful, and a lot of these bar, let's be frank. he's a very bright individual. they might god forbid be persuasive and compelling. and the result again was i think humiliating for them.
4:33 pm
>> we asked if he could have a five minute break and he replied and said no. like the main teacher. thank you very much guys, good to see. >> am i allowed to go? can i take a break? >> yes, everyone can take a break. the mayor of portland, oregon, demanding that the president pull his federal troops out of the city. but local business owners may feel differently and we will talk to one of them coming up next. plans to mix and match, so you only pay for what you need. that is so cool! include the best in entertainment, and offer it all starting at $35.
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i'm an associate here at amazon. step onto the blue line, sir. this device is giving us an accurate temperature check. you're good to go. i have to take care of my coworkers. that's how i am. i have a son, and he said, "one day i'm gonna be like you, i'm gonna help people." you're good to go, ma'am. i hope so. this is my passion. if i can take of everyone who is sick out there, i would do it in a heartbeat. >> martha: the scenes out of portland is difficult to watch especially for the peoples whose livelihoods are on the line in that area.
4:38 pm
the business owners have watch so much of what they worked for in some cases smashed to pieces, their windows are broken in their buildings burned to the ground in some cases. the mayor of portland blames oppressive briskly the violence. >> they are jeopardizing the united states constitution. >> martha: he's saying it's all washington's fault, what's happening in portland. wanting me know as james louis owner of hubris cafe. mr. louis, thank you very much for being here. what is your take on what's going on in portland and what's happening to the businesses like yours? >> between the covid-19 pandemic and the black lives
4:39 pm
demonstrations, it's really damaging to business in general. our business and businesses in downtown portland, people don't want to come downtown. the oregon health authority, stay home and save lives. and then of course people don't want to come downtown because of protests, even though the violent protests are happening at the justice center and that is five blocks away from us. people are concerned about getting caught up in the protest march or people are concerned about having their vehicle vandalized and so people don't want to come downtown. it's a lot of restaurants and businesses have closed because of those reasons. >> martha: that's very sad. do you agree with the mayor ted
4:40 pm
wheeler who says this is really the fault of these federal agents that come to the area to protect that federal court building? >> it does seem like it has created a reaction. when you think about the population of oregon, 600,000, it's a small segment of the population. and mainstream americans who live here in portland, oregon, we like to see that vandalism and violence to stop and we would like things to go back to normal. >> martha: i don't blame you mr. louis. i know it's one you've taken taken great pride in, and whatever it takes, we all want
4:41 pm
to see the situation righted and we want to see people be able to go back out to dinner and back out to work and we wish you all the best. we appreciate it. >> it was my pleasure, thanks for having me on. coming up next, we will speak to general jack keane on the trump administration's dramatic shift towards china, when we come ba back. ♪ is that good? no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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>> martha: tonight, where are the united states and china headed? tensions escalated between the white house and leadership in beijing drawing comparisons to the world dynamic before world war ii. in the new op-ed in haworth at the daily wire suggests china is our generation's, germany. jordan chang is now comparing china under sheeting payment to japan. >> 2018 for instance they lasered usc one and those are sonic attacks at the same time causing brain injuries.
4:46 pm
we've seen all sorts of incidents around china's periphery. it's a very new innocence, and it's also very old. >> martha: here now is general jack keane, always good to see you. i know that you say we are seeing a true strategic shift in our relationship in china and perspective of this administration. do you see the threat that china poses that are similar to those powers before world war ii? >> similar in terms of what they are trying to achieve. president xi has told us in a way that no previous chinese administration and said, that he wants to achieve so-called china dream. as a global power in the world and he believes the united states is a declining
4:47 pm
power. and clearly is trying to achieve national order that has sustained a general sense of world stability since post-world war ii since we haven't had another epic on the major powers. he wants that to go away and achieve that kind of influence that he has. and it's a growing dominating military. i believe he's put his ambitions on a fast track, and i think he is scott the hard line his country behind him. and yes, we are in a major
4:48 pm
strategic shift. this is a regional in his own company, and particularly in beijing and shanghai but let it spread to international flights. at that and crushing the autonomy of hong kong has had -- of the looked at this and that has caused the strategic shift. the united states, i give this administration some credit for stepping up and exercise in the leadership role to try to bring together a broad coalition and fashion a strategy to deal with the reality of the chinese communist party's. >> developed into an alliance of liberty bringing in the kingdom of india and japan. he is hong kong as the annville and the u.s. dollar as a hammer,
4:49 pm
it's time not to take the fight directly to the chinese communist party. we start to see is all the assets in the united states and london. >> but then on the other hand you have china, iran and russia with aligned interest there as well which i think does remind a lot of people at the kind of alignments that we saw in world war ii. >> certainly. these are very strong democracies that are being threatened because if he is able to achieve what he's talking about, that challenges the sovereignty of all of our democratic states and that is what is unifying us as it did in world war ii and as it did post-world war ii.
4:50 pm
dealing with the existential threat of the soviet union. now we don't have hundreds of thousands of troops facing each other in europe like we did post-world war ii and we don't have thousands of missiles facing each other as we did then with a large air forces also in place and ready to go. but make no mistake. the ambitions that president xi has are every bit as serious as of the soviet union had and the and imperialistic japan. we don't have to lose control, we don't have to lose our sense of rationality here, we do have to act, we have good sound judgment and do it in concert with our allies. the world has been here before dealing with thugs like this and we can deal with them. and they plan to do it in terms of a strategy and this will take
4:51 pm
some time. >> that will be a big question in terms of selection and continuing president trump and a new president in the form of vice president biden, and i think this will trace back to the covid pandemic and how it altered the dynamic in many ways. they put the tray deal on the back burner and change things overall. general jack keane, thank you. good to see you. all right everybody. it is july and a great white shark attack has now just happened for the first time ever in maine. it killed a swimmer off the coast, as we start to see more sharks in these areas off of the new england coast. the senior shark scientists is
4:52 pm
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>> martha: be vigilant, that's a warning from authorities in maine tonight who say that a 63-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a great white shark while swimming just off the shore, 30-40 feet from the beach. the cause of death was confirmed by a tooth fragment that was left behind by the shark and, while this is maine's first ever deadly shark attack, officials have seen an increase in shark sightings off the new england coast over recent years. new york city resident julie hollow watch was attacked on monday afternoon while swimming 20 yards off of the shore. joining me now is dr. gregory stonewall, sr. fisheries biologist for the massachusetts division of marine fisheries.
4:57 pm
dr. stonewall, thank you for being here. we've spoken before about this and as you said to come up this is the first time that we have seen something like this in maine. i will show you the maps in just a moment but what's a reaction to attack. it's a tragedy, it's horrendous and it's devastating. you know, i've been studying sharks for many, many years >> that shows a lot of concentration where i spend a lot of time, but the collection of blue dots at the bottom of your screen, that is cape cod and you see lots of great white sharks in that area, but greg at the very top of this map of new england all the way up there
4:58 pm
is that shark. so why do you think we are seeing this migration of them up the coast now. >> i think it's important to note that the golf of maine and the coast of maine all the way to canada these are areas that sharks have been going to for hundreds if not thousands of years so this is not a new phenomenon. what's happening though as we are seeing the restoration of shark populations, namely the great white shark, in addition to the restoration of seal populations. the basic equation to is simple. white sharks consume seals and so the more seals that are incurring along the coastline including the coast of maine, the more likely we will see white sharks in those areas attempting to feed on the seals. >> martha: was one fatal attack i believe it was two years ago on labor day, on the cape. i know this woman, sadly, in
4:59 pm
maine. is it that people are swimming too close to these skills or why are we starting to sea see this? they are so close to shore. >> i think it's important to put it in the context of risk. the probability of being bitten by a shark still remains remarkably low. nonetheless any kind of incident like this nature would be absolutely horrible. what's happening is as a sharks come back to the areas where they have traditionally fed on seals, we have overlap with human activities and a lot of human activities. particularly days like today. these are really hot days and people are getting on and in the water, and we are going into this area where white sharks, this predator-prey relationship is happening. >> martha: dr. greg stonewall, one of the foremost experts on great white sharks, we appreciate you being here and our thoughts go out to the
5:00 pm
family, it's a terrible tragedy on a beautiful summer day with her family. that is "the story" tomorrow night and tucker carlson is coming up next from washington, d.c. have a great night, make it a good one. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so much going on right now in the news. new develop men from every direction, much of it seems unrelated and a lot of it is shocking. here's a way to understand it. in an election year, everything significant that happens is about the election. so all of these developments are, in fact, related. and here is the core question in every election, was up and who's down? as of tonight the president is down double digits in the polls.


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