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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 29, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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it doesn't. there are no saviors running for reelection or running to save our country. i want us to remember this election is not about being excited about any single person but being energized about our power to shape our future. >> biden better hope is voters have more enthusiasm than she has. shannon bream, take it from here. >> the beefsteak is one of the favorite parts we have. thank you. tonight the president's critics claim he only cares about red states, that is how democrats are raiding attorney general william barr claiming there was nothing about lockdown protests at the michigan state capitol but argue weeks later federal agents sent to portland are the ones sparking violence.
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attorney general william barr, and the democratic nominee joe biden says they are the ones dividing america. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with lake emmanuel and where we stand after today's fireworks. >> reporter: a very tense hearing, democrats fired their question on a range of issues that william barr but most didn't allow him to answer. >> reclaiming my time. >> the interruption of the attorney general did not stop there. >> i thought i was the one that was supposed to be heard. >> democrats should stop being rude. >> i want the attorney general to respond to accusations and that you not cut him off. >> late in the session there was
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more tension. >> i don't accept your characterization. the effort -- >> i am starting to lose my temper. >> william barr put it back. >> what made me concerned, the leaders one a great political parties, the democratic party are not condemning bob violence. >> excessive force was used in portland. >> do you think americans who show up to peacefully protested expect to be beaten, pepper sprayed and had their bones broken by federal officers? >> it was a peaceful protest. >> jerry nadler -- >> a member of the cabinet, in
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cabinet meetings. shouldn't be a surprise. >> one of the key players for democrats during the impeachment, daniel goldman tweeted ineffective opening line of questioning by jerry nadler, not allowing a bathroom break. can we take a 5-minute break? >> it was called a disappointing hearing. >> they seem to roll with most of the interruptions. if there was any doubt, clearly election season. >> mike emanuel. it appears one of the things left and right agree on is the use of the defense production act to get corporate america engaged in fighting the pandemic.
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nurses protesting for more ppe earlier this year and demand they do more of them. medication. and other protective equipment in the hospital, canceled brent. >> richardson with details. >> a major moment for an iconic american brand. $765 million loan to make pharmaceuticals. donald trump announced this afternoon he's invoking the defense production act. the ingredients for generic
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drugs and reduced reliance on foreign drug manufacturers. >> competitive with almost all countries consumed with all countries. >> the president was scheduled to meet with top pharmaceutical companies, the politico report the executives canceled after they signed executive orders were aimed at reducing drug costs, the pharmaceutical industry opposes as the coronavirus urges across the country, critical of the government's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci including a claim he is misleading the public. anthony fauci denied he misled americans under any circumstance. >> to do my job. >> the president wondered why polls show anthony fauci has a higher approval rating than him. >> doctor birx is highly third of but nobody -- it can only be my personality. >> democratic congressional
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leaders negotiating the next economic package, republicans released their plan, democrats say it isn't sufficient. >> i have good hope and realistic chance that republicans, decent chance that republicans will move in our direction and get much of what we want. >> reporter: democrats and republicans want to trillion dollars apart. >> reporter: that is not insignificant. the political conventions shuttered due to pandemic fears, new restrictions how police do their job to impact the convention in a different way. more than 100 police agencies pulling out of security agreements for the democratic national convention, the city recently ordered police to stop using teargas at nonlethal called troll measures. they are looking at asking for help from the federal government and national guard.
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the democratic convention will mostly be held online, law enforcement is preparing for an influx of protesters. donald trump continues to be accessible to the media, something he seems to enjoy even when it turns combative. by contrast joe biden is staying in his basement citing safety concerns over the coronavirus refusing to take media questions even when he makes rare public appearances. that changed today and doug mcelway was there. >> a choice in the first week in august and i promise i will let you know when i do. >> reporter: back on the trail sticking close to home at an inner-city community center in wilmington joe biden said he will reveal his running mate next week, the announcement came when the fourth and final plank
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of his billback better economically plan today. >> this moment of crisis, understanding people struggles and building a future worthy of their courage and ambition. >> reporter: a 26 page wishlist covering everything from helping farmers purchase land to providing $157 billion on new capital for small businesses who have been structurally excluded for generations was how to pay for it? doubtful any republican congress would agree, biden is counting on democrats taking control. >> i am going to be the most progressive presence in american history. >> reporter: the accused donald trump's remedies as favoring the rich. >> in the midst of one of the greatest threats to small businesses our country has ever seen, donald trump doing about it? he is giving big banks the green light to loan millions of
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dollars. >> reporter: the biden campaign helped separate events with native americans. congressman bobby scott at a fundraiser with president obama. >> the virus is defining two different agendas on how to rebuild the economy. the biden approach is the expansion of government aid and regulation, the trump approach is to free up businesses from that kind of regulation. >> bar, trump, biden, here is how the wall street journal put them together, with fewer than 100 days until the election the main threat to democrats is overconfidence which can breed recklessness. for the most part the biden campaign has avoided this trap but on the issue of federal law enforcement officers in american cities the% of democratic nominee risks losing his balance. let's unpack that news with senator john kennedy, welcome back to the program.
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the attorney general in for a lot of questions on the hill about federal agents, their role in the cities and what is going on. i want to play in exchange between him and congressman hank johnson this to the roger stone sentencing that accusations that william barr is doing the bidding of donald trump and not serving the american people. >> you think the american people don't understand that you were carrying out trump's -- >> i had not discussed my sentencing recommendation with anybody at the white house or anyone outside. >> you did with the president wanted you to do and that is what you did. >> let me ask you, do you think it is fair for 57-year-old man to be sent to prison for 7 to 9 years. >> the sentencing -- >> it was not. >> a lot of what we saw today is
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when the attorney general wanted to flesh out his answers members generally said reclaiming my time and didn't seem they wanted to hear from him at this hearing today. >> i watched bits and pieces of the hearing but i finally turned it off because it was triggering my gag reflex. it wasn't a hearing, it was an attempted persecution. i think the american people saw that. the point some of my democratic colleagues seem to be trying to make was that the attorney general was out-of-control but what they really mean he is out of their control. william barr is guided by the law and he doesn't do anyone's bidding. he calls it like he sees it.
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i thought he was for the most part his usual unflappable self and he is tough, you got to be tough to be in that job. piece tough and i respect that about him. >> he had to answer questions about a number of things and face a lot of accusations he wasn't allowed to answer. there were disturbing allegations made today. congresswoman said william barr's aggressive toward black lives matter protests but not armed right-wing extremists threatening to lynch a governor. why? because white men with swastikas are part of trump's agenda while people, protesting injustice are seen as terrorists. appears to be a comment about protesters at michigan state capital. there were swastikas but a few protesters, in particular why we
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photographed woman with a kyle witmer sign used swastikas to depict the governor as a fascist, a ridiculously over-the-top charge, not to identify themselves as nazis. an important distinction but what do you make about the accusation that the ag wants to protect white racists and not people raising the concerns of black lives matter? >> he is very well-versed in the stuff she makes up. that is just not true. i've said this many times but i will keep repeating it. the american people are not morons. the people in washington dc treat them like that but they see what is going on on television. these are anarchists who hate america. they think america was wicked in its founding and is even more wicked today and they want to tear it down and we have some democratic mayors, mostly
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democrats, holding the police back. if we were not sending in federal law enforcement officials the anarchists would burn down every building in the city and i don't understand that. that is not the will of law. that's what the people of portland want i guess they are getting what they wanted to meet is not what the american people support. jillian: are you making a distinction between what she referred to versus those you are calling anarchists? are you calling them two groups? are you putting them together? >> i am responding to the first tweet that you read to me. i think what we see going on in places like portland and seattle
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and atlanta, these are guns and to say william barr is a racist and a white supremacist is just not accurate. jillian: we have heard more than 100 police agencies are no longer going to respond and assist the dnc, they are worried about teargas and other crowd control tools they think they are going to need in that situation. a quick comment. >> that is what happens when you defund the police, that is what happens when you itemize criminals and demonize law enforcement. i have no doubt that our local
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law enforcement officials could safely protect every one of us if the mayors of these cities would allow them but they are not allowing them, hence the need to send an additional help in terms of federal law enforcement, that's not racist, that is obeying and upholding the law. >> that is the point the attorney general made numerous times today. probably was frustrating for a lot of people on all sides but as you noted an interesting day on capitol hill as it often is. thanks for coming back. milwaukee police have released photos of the suspect in the shooting death of a rastafarian community fixture who was a supporter of donald trump. he was stumped for the president when he was killed. two of the photos show the suspect riding a bicycle which police say was his mode of transportation. tensions running i tonight in new york, the nypd says an
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unmarked gray minivan to apprehend suspects wanted for allegedly damaging police cameras. the nypd says the incident turned ugly with the suspect resisting arrest and bottles. we are monitoring a night of clashes brewing in portland as democrats blame federal agents sense to quell violence. the director of the us marshals service donald washington is live next. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy.
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>> shannon: in today's combative hearing featuring attorney general the making today's combative hearings featuring william barr house democrats continued to argue that federal agents intend to help write stricken cities like portland are targeting
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peaceful protesters and inciting violence in the trump administration is using that violence to instill fear in protesters for what democrats are calling obvious political objectives. in the courthouse last night, we took a look at what we learned. >> for more than eight weeks we've seen protesters attacking the federal courthouse in portland and squaring off with us marshals. now we have another angle, fox news was embedded with those marshals inside the building. >> this will be an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: federal agents protecting hatfield's federal courthouse. a final warning to the crowd. and out they come, fire, smoke, gas and pepper balls. a barrage of projectile including fireworks, rocks, ball bearings and garden sprayers
12:23 am
filled with urine and bleach. >> it started the night off like that but eventually it -- they are violent opportunists using this peaceful protest to take over, to start anarchy. >> anarchy the fence a on display with 61 consecutive nights with some in the crowd wearing protective gear similar to the officers bringing weapons including hockey sticks and slingshots and to cut through metal fencing, lodging fireworks, setting fires and shining laser pointers, reportedly causing permanent damage to some agents eyes. >> we are in the defense. we are not looking for trouble. if the state and the city would provide a law enforcement service we would have no need to have additional marshals.
12:24 am
>> protesters say the feds are the problem escalating tensions calling their actions unnecessary, excessive and dangerous. that is pepper and teargas. that went through my mask. >> we are told more agents may be on the way, not to increase the size of the to provide relief to the guys who been on the job for most of the past 62 days and nights and that includes tonight. >> thank you. house democrats portraying federal agents as the ones were stifling free speech and causing violence. >> your failure to respect the role of peaceful protest in this country is a disgrace, it is un-american and important to remember what these protests are about, black lives matter. >> don't understand why a small contingent of marshals poses a threat to anybody's free-speech rights. >> we are joined by the director
12:25 am
of the us marshals service, donald washington, good to have you with us tonight. you were there in portland, you think it is important for you to be there at this moment in time? you are trying to work with local community leaders and organizers so you can get to a peaceful resolution of some kind. what do you hope to accomplish? >> let me back up one step and tell you about us marshals service to put this in proper context. the united states marshals service's primary functions in 1789 has been to protect federal judicial function so what we are doing in portland is nothing new. we been doing it for 230 years and in terms of portland, we've been in portland for 16 decades, 160 years so the men and women who are here, the 40 stationed here permanently are folks who are part of this community, husbands and wives, raising children here, they live and die
12:26 am
here, this is their home. we are not some outside invading force. this is where we should be, and don't have the option to not be here. that courthouse is the symbol of justice in this community. from which many important decisions of come. we are here as protectors of article 3 of our constitution, that is our primary duty and function. what do i intend to or what do i hope to accomplish over the next couple days? i am here to work with whoever is willing to work toward a reasonable resolution in whatever aspect we can provide that resolution. this is a very complex issue
12:27 am
that local leaders are trying to address but from my perspective as leader of the us marshals service, that institution of justice represented by that courthouse, if you walk inside the courthouse you will see a huge sentence written in gold that states the first duty of society is just to so this is where people who are protesting will ultimately end up going in order to get the things they are asking for. it's my job to ensure that peaceful protesters are protected. we will do that in a very professional way but it is also our job to enforce federal law because this peaceful protest in many respects has been hijacked by violent extremists who have no intent to arrive at any solution other than to continue to create chaos so i'm going to meet with members of the
12:28 am
community over the next couple days, members of the faith community and others who are willing to talk about what next in terms of deputies in the courthouse they are doing a magnificent job under very hostile circumstances. we look forward, we hope we can make some progress. >> you have an interesting background. you've been in law practice in public, you served as a us attorney. this moment in time, because of your law enforcement background on many levels are you worried this country is at a tipping point or do you see beyond that? >> i am the eternal optimist in terms of the united states. i'm a firm believer in our constitution. it is the thing that separates us from other countries in the world. it holds great promise but just like any other thing we are always looking for a better day. as we look at these protesters i would encourage the public to separate the good from the bad,
12:29 am
the wheat from the chaff as some would say. in my experience as a law enforcement officer, we want law and order, justice, we want equal justice under the law. i will tell you from a black lives matter standpoint in terms of the precepts, the movement is hard to argue, rights for everybody, should be something we should all strive for and also justice. if you look at this concept of racial inequality in the idea that we should engage in discussion of police conduct those are good and healthy things but i believe we should not be burning down courthouses or attempting to burn down courthouses, should not be
12:30 am
engaging in assault against federal officers trying to protect that institution. there are serious things that need to be addressed but this country itself, we are strong but in the long run this will be another one of those things that happen in american history that make us a better republic. jillian: i share your optimism, we wish you the best with your efforts to reach a peaceful resolution. it is good to separate the good from the bad. us marshals director donald washington, thank you, sir. breaking news on potential teacher strikes, educators and a medical doctor join us to discuss the facts of your kids going back to class. vin, and go. it's about getting more than health insurance and a partner who listens and acts. humana calls it human care. it's talking to a doctor from your couch, or helping you find a cheaper prescription before you ask.
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12:35 am
protesting racial injustice. >> a movement that is growing in every city. america is a failed experiment as far as racial equity and it has been too long. >> reporter: protests could be directed at reopening schools. alex hogan is tracking that story. >> reporter: school districts and parents across the nation navigating how to start the school year and keep family safe with some parents pulling their kids rules and some creating educational programs themselves. >> we are not completely sure. >> what we did at the start of the spring is not going to work. >> back to school unlike ever before, parents worried about too much screen time and not of socializing. some saving up for private
12:36 am
schools while others get creative by bringing school home, children learn together in person. >> this will allow us to have one parent or looking at two, sit down with our kids and focus on all of their individual learning in small group settings. >> reporter: economically that is not an option for all families. >> individuals in low-income communities don't have access to each of them alone to provide the same mobile educational experience. >> accordance with fox news for two thirds of parents want their children to attend public schools in the fall to some extent was little would be as usual, kids would learn from 6 feet apart, unable to play or sit near each other at lunch. >> develop multiple plans. you will be surprised to find out nothing is going to work with a 1-size-fits-all approach during the pandemic.
12:37 am
>> with so much uncertainty the american federation of teachers union which represents 1.7 million school workers share their new safety requirements and threatening strikes if not met. >> nothing is off the table. advocacy or protests, negotiations or lawsuits or as necessary and authorized by a local union as a last resort safety strikes. >> in boston a representation of nurses on behalf of these teachers will sit in at city hall to demand changes to the city's reopening plan and in salt lake city, utah, the largest teachers union in the state is calling on a delay to reopening for the schools and in philadelphia the city announcing all students there will learn online. shannon: thank you. let's bring in kathleen,
12:38 am
superintendent of partnership schools, nonprofit that manages several catholic schools in the south bronx and a fox news medical contributor, welcome to you both. the new york post editorial has this, sciences open the schools. most studies show rotavirus poses few health risks to children, mitigate the health risks and the educational risks at once, open with additional safety measures, americans cannot afford to lose yet more month of learning. what are your concerns in balancing these risks, health risk is evident, kids and everybody involved but the educational deficit many kids will miss. >> the school i get to serve in new york city says the most disadvantaged communities in the nation. we have to for catholic schools and elementary in the south
12:39 am
bronx, our students are from the foremost congressional districts. if we are forced to shut down i was proud of the work are teachers did in the principles did, so we know our kids learn better when we bring them together in community. we are trying to balance the safety protocol with parent choice, we are doing two things, we are implementing the guidelines to make sure we are doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of the virus, keep students safe, keep faculty and staff safe and giving parents options they can opt into or they can opt into a robust online learning option. that we parents are involved in the conversation as well and that is important because people have said there is no 1-size-fits-all strategy. shannon: they want options as far as what the science is. there are different reactions on
12:40 am
opposite sides. a republicans is if you are following the science on data on reopening schools you can clearly see schools across the country can be reopened safely and quickly for children, teachers, and parents was we cannot let politics and fear dictate our inability to open schools, senator elizabeth lawrence is this is willfully endangering our kids and communities for political gain, forcing schools to reopen without providing resources they need to do so safely is reckless, dangerous and the last thing we should do. sounds like there would be some common ground, almost talking past each other but nearly everyone agrees it has to be a locally made decisions, where those close to the issues now with their communities are dealing with but seems like such a political issue. >> that is right. when the american academy of pediatrics made a statement on this it wasn't political. when donald trump and the administration affirmed that, we started to see the divide. the reality is we've got to look at the totality of data around
12:41 am
closings. when they are closed there are consequences to health. 1750 kids have died from child abuse in the last year for which we have annual statistics, 90 kids by comparison have died from covid-19 to date in totality and that is comparable to seasonal flu, pneumonia, viral meningitis. we need to think about the entire data, 42% of kids get their mental health therapy and treatment through schools. call to child abuse hotlines are way down. it is implausible to think there's less child-abuse but less eyes on the kids, 12 million people get their meals including breakfast from schools because they don't have adequate nutrition at home. shannon: as we talked about, when we see a lot of folks in
12:42 am
parents who are able to or hiring teachers, millions of parents, that's not going to be in option. it is great to have you both to talk about this and make a decision. thank you both. how portland businesses derailed by the pandemic are dealing with growing unrest. hear from the business owners themselves next.
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shannon: according to local reports recent district in downtown seattle seems targeted at big businesses like amazon and starbucks, public buildings, courthouses and police precincts but small businesses didn't get out unscathed. business leaders are complaining city police need to take a firmer steadiness the democratic mayor tweeted out the city does not need or want federal help. >> can't allow this to take place, we need to identify who
12:47 am
these folks are and make sure they don't feel they can have their way. >> for a local business viewpoint from another city deal with protests let's talk to stacy gibson of portland who includes a fast restaurant in downtown. good to have you with us. a 1-two punch. your notes said when covid-19 hit sales were down 64% and when the protests and unrest showed up, it was 20% and you are supportive of a lot of protesters basic message, the underlying message, do you feel in some ways they've been hijacked by the more aggressive and violent protesters leave a lot of businesses in limbo? >> absolutely. the message is getting lost because it is not black lives matter causing all this damage.
12:48 am
it is just people taking advantage of an opportunity, hurting a lot of people, just witnesses and residents but everybody down here, destroyed portland in my opinion. >> you have said the branches of your subway restaurants that are outside downtown are doing well or at least surviving. how you contrast that with your downtown location? >> substantially different, one store known for better sales, everybody is doing great and then stores the other area around portland, we are still down but we have reduced hours so that explains some of that but downtown, when we boarded up it was devastating financially, we had to make a tough decision whether we want to just close the store and wait for everything to be over and decided against that because we want to keep our people employed into what we could to make their
12:49 am
lives a little better and securitywise so we pulled all the boards down and are crossing our fingers. the business next to us was completely destroyed. >> 60 plus nights into these protests in portland, what do you see your what do you hope will happen as you try to move forward as a business owner? >> i hope we can get results. it's not fair people can break laws and not have consequence. it is just not something that should be going on. we are just crossing our fingers and trying to get through as best we can, keeping people working, to keep them safe, hopefully something comes along and we can deal with covid-19 and try to get through that but it is terrifying as a business owner. i'm not sure what to expect. this is unprecedented situation. >> us and american (business owner, we wish you the best in
12:50 am
putting things back to gather. thank you for your time. donald trump and his slogan promises made promises kept, did he deliver, fox news investigates right after this.
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>> shannon: now for an examination of what van-candidate donald trump promised the change for an examination of what donald trump promised in 2016 and how it turned out, kristin fisher takes a look from the white house tonight. >> before the pandemic put a stop to the president's reality often delivered remarks in between banners the red promises made and promises kept. without question the most successful inconsequential promise he kept from the 2016 campaign has been to fill the judiciary with conservatives. >> they will be pro-life, they will have a conservative bent. >> in addition, neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh, the senate has confirmed 198 other judicial appointments, a record for a first-term president was another promise kept, renegotiating the north american free trade agreement and replacing it with the us mca. >> we are finally ending the nafta nightmare. >> the president struggled to
12:55 am
secure a trade deal with china and to secure as many tax cuts as he promised but he came close to the tax cuts and jobs act of 2017 and then there's his signature campaign issue from 2016. >> we will build that great wall and mexico will pay for that wall. >> last the president of every to the completion of 200 miles of border wall but mexico did not pay for it. >> we are going to rebuild our infrastructure. >> 3 and a half years in the president has yet to put forward and infrastructure plan, but the white house as he may announce one soon. another promise broken, repealing the affordable care act. >> we will do it and we will do it very quickly. >> donald trump is still trying to keep that promise. last month his administration asked the supreme court to overturn obamacare but the justices decided not to hear those arguments until after the election. kristin fisher, fox news.
12:56 am
shannon: there's it for us in washington. tomorrow we will have an eye on the big tech hearing, most watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. now there's dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster dawn powerwash dish spray. spray. wipe. rinse. are your asthma treatments just not enough? then see what could open up for you with fasenra. it is not a steroid or inhaler. it is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions.
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>> i am answering your question. >> at least let him answer the question. >> under penalty of perjury, i will answer the damn question. >> firing back and forth between william barr and democrats a hearing that appears to have more questions than answers that were all-out but as he will be attorney general at a question of his own. how long will we let our cities burn. live in washington with the heated moments. >> almost ready to reveal his running mate but in a news tori already giving i


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