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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 14, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> lisa paige and petered strzok where they talk about potential people having this dossier information way before the fbi said they had it in the late fall of 2016. somebody is lying. now that name is redacted who had it. but if that name is an fbi agent, think about what that means. that means that fbi has been lying whole timing about whether and why they opened up this case. so there's a lot of open questions still to be answered in this case and some of them are going to be really disturbing if you're interested in the truth which some other people in the media aren't they want to bury this whole story. >> dan, as always, you're very calm today. [laughter] >> it is early. i haven't had my coffee yet. thanks dan good to see you and we'll be right back.
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look at that just in time a heart stopping police rescue caught on cam. todd: carley shimkus here with the reaction. carley: police officer saved a man from getting hit by a train after his wiehl wheelchair get
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stuck on the tracks. body cam real footage racing toward them. pulls him to safety without a second to spare. the california police department writing on facebook that she risked her life to save another and praise is pouring in. one commenters brought tears to my eyes, a true hero and angel on earth. barry also saying on facebook exactly what law enforcement is all about. that man was taken to a local hospital with a leg injury. he is expected to be okay. and, if you want to know more about the woman behind this amazing rescue, officer erika will be on "fox & friends" tomorrow. todd: good stuff. this next video is wildly creative. carley: one of the most insane things i have seen on social media for a while. two friends created this incredible stop motion video been viewed well over 2 million times on instagram. samuel says this tedious process
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involves him getting sprayed down with water and in between each frame blow dryer to dry the water to do the next one. people are absolutely loving it. i have never seen anything like this. called this puddle art which i thought was very cool. a good description of it. i agree. so impressive. this is also impressive. you knows my love the correspondingies but they have got these little tiny adorable legs that sometimes they need a little help. carley: there is cute and then there is this. a viral video shows three dogs working together to steal leftovers off a kitchen counter. this took place in norway. two border collies helping a correspondingy named hugo. because his legs are so short he started to jump on the other dog's backs and they apparently don't mind. maybe they think they are getting some food as well. but this is definition, guys, of team work.
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jillian: it's a card gone correspondingy it has the tails. rob: remember to set your dvr every morning so you never miss a minute of "fox & friends first." jillian: that was my favorite video. "fox & friends first" starts right now. see you back here monday. >> after u.s. seizes four cargo from four iranian oil cargoes enforcement of president trump's sanctions. >> holding adversaries accountable is exactly what america wants to see. >> will will mandate nationwide it's not about rights. >> plagiarizing donald trump. be a patriot. wear a mask. >> the president announced what is a historic peace agreement between israel and the united arab emirates. >> this deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful middle east. >> massive win for the trump administration. >> john durham's investigation into the russia probe may be coming to some conclusion. >> the americapl


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