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tv   Lara Logan Has No Agenda The Socialist Invasion  FOX News  October 4, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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enjoyed our show and hope you come back next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ashley: president trump says he has a better understanding of the deadly virus that has infected him and melania trump. the president took a motorcade lap around the walter reed medical center. bryan llenas stands by with the latest. bryan: president trump's health is improving and he could be discharged monday if all continues to go well. dr. sean conley says president
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trump has remained without a fever since friday morning. and he revealed serious details of the president's illness. the president's blood oxygen dropped twice. and he has been prescribed dexamethasone a steroid given to the very sick. saturday night the president tweeted another video update. >> it's been an interesting journey. i learned a lot about covid. i learned it by going to school. this is the real school. this isn't the read the book school. i get it and i understand it. it's a very interesting thing and i'll be letting you know about it. bryan: he left the medical center for a brief drive-by. he wore a mask driven by a secret service agent. some are criticizing the
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drive-by as reckless. the white house defended the move saying appropriate precautions were take in the execution of this movement and all those supporting it including ppe. the movement was cleared by the medical team as safe to do. after sharing the debate stage with president trump last tuesday joe biden tested negative for covid-19 again sunday. ashley: that's all we have for you updated from new york. we'llf send you back to "special report" already in progress. epod designed to help covid patients with breathing, we also got an assessment from a doctor here at walter reed earlier today. >> regarding his status, the
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patient continues to improve. he has remained without fever since friday morning. his vital signs are stable. from a pulmonary standpoint, he remains on room air and is not complaining of significant respiratory symptomses. >> reporter: the presidential suite at walter reed allows him to do his job, it's like an office away from the white house, and doctors today talked about having the president out of bed as much as possible and to be mobile with the hope that he can be discharged as soon as tomorrow. it is worth noting former new jersey governor chris christie who worked with the president on debate prep checked himself into a new jersey hospital after testing positive for covid, christie suffers from asthma, so this was a precautionary measure. outside the hospital here, quite a scene. a parade really continuing with lots of honking and trump 2020 banners trying to send a message to the president who's recuperating inside.
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bret? bret: good to hear that, loud and clear. mike emmanuel, thanks. ♪ ♪ bret: also breaking tonight, the president is not alone in dealing with the coronavirus infection. there are plenty of workers on his staff, other lawmakers, friends in the same situation. you heard about chris christie there. correspondent mark meredith has that part of the story tonight from the white house. good evening, mark. >> reporter: good evening to you. multiple staff theres have tested positive for coronavirus. senior officials insist that the west wing is being cleaned constantly, but democrats say the administration needs to do a lot more letting the public know what's going on here behind the scenes. the white house has not yet said how many of its staff theres are infected with covid-19, but officials say with the recent spike in cases, more safety measures are now in place. >> over the past come of days as this has spread through the west wing, notwithstanding the bubble that was here, we made masking
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wearing mandatory for national security council staff. >> reporter: the white house regularly holds briefings and events without requiring masks, but elizabeth farrah insists the administration takes proper precautions. >> we're wearing masks when we can't socially distance, we also go through i radioteen cleanings of the building -- routine cleanings of the building. >> reporter: critics say the president could do a better job demonstrating how to act during the pandemic. >> we we all know the president's cavalier attitude towards covid, masks, social distancing has endangered many people including himself. >> reporter: this weekend the president's campaign scrubbed events in wisconsin. sources say campaign manager bill stepian is now working from home after he, too, tested positive. vice president mike pence plans to campaign in arizona thursday. >> he is going to continue to campaign, of course, with an abundance of caution. that was already in place, but even more so now. >> reporter: meantime, on capitol hill negotiations continue over a bipartisan
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economic stimulus package. house speaker nancy pelosi says a deal is still possible. >> we want to see that they will agree on what we need to do to crush the virus so that we can open the economy and open our schools. >> reporter: last week house democrats approved their own $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, but republicans revolted over concerns that the price tag --? >> it's $2.2 trillion, it's not targeted and focused as it needs to be. >> reporter: still, both parties say they're eager to find a solution as millions of americans remain out of work. this weekend there is growing concern how to keep lawmakers safe and healthy here in washington d.c. three republican senators have announced that they have tested positive, and now we have learned that the senate plans to hold off on floor proceedings until october 19th. bret? bret: mark, thank you. let's bring in white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh, thanks for being here. >> good to join you. bret: the president seems in good spirits, obviously did the
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drive-by, what can you tell us? >> yes, he's in good spirits, he's feeling great. i spoke with the chief of staff, and he's feeling really good, really strong, wanted to thank his supporters. i spoke with the president yesterday. he was his typical self, hard at work duck tating a statement on remarks to me, very meticulous about the precise wording of that statement. he's hard at work, continues to be working for the american people. bret: hearing what the doctors said today, that it was possible that he would come back to the white house tomorrow, is that what you all are planning for? >> look, it's, of course, hopeful to have the president back here as soon as possible. we'll leave that to his doctors to deem exactly when that should be, but the president, from what i'm told, is very eager to get back to the white house and get back to work. he's working from walter reed, hoping to get back here to the residence. bret: so can you understand when some people were confused by some of the messaging coming out about the president's condition? >> well, i think what was lost
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upon a lot of the media is that really chief of staff mark meadows and dr. conl e y were talking about two different, distinct moments in time. dr. conley was summing up the president and his condition at that moment and really over the last 24 hours whereas mark meadows was referring to an incident in the white house where there was some temporary concern about oxygen levels, but it was quickly revised and taken care of before he headed out to walter reed. bret: yeah. you're talking about the chief of staff's quote to the ap where he says the president's vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning, and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. still not on a clear path to a full recovery. but here is dr. conley on the oxygen question. take a listen. >> has he ever been on supplemental oxygen? >> right now he is not -- >> i know you said right now, but should we read into the fact -- >> yesterday and today he was not on oxygen. >> so he has not been on it
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during his covid treatment? >> he is not on oxygen right now. i was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president, his course of illness has had. i didn't want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction, and in doing so, you know, it came off that we were trying to hide something. that's not true. he is, the fact of the matter is that he's doing really well. bret: bottom line, there were just some mixed messages there, and the president is doing well now. >> yeah. that was the bottom line. dr. conley was trying to give yesterday and again today that the president has been good, he has been up and working, he has been in good health, and he wanted to confidence to the american people that their commander in chief is getting through this. he will come out on the other side of this but, of course, we're cognizant that the next
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day or two is important. but he's going to get through this, and the chief of staff was very clear-eyed about the episode in the white house where there was the brief lowering of oxygen. the president was not having shortness of breath and did not feel he needed oxygen, but out of an abundance of caution, that was given to him. bret: okay. on the business side, is there still hope in the white house about a coronavirus stimulus bill? >> we certainly hope so. look, at the moment it seems that nancy pelosi is still yet again playing poll ticks -- politics, but we've always offered a one-off bill for airline worker. we know that many workers have been laid off, so why not just do one-off bill, something we all agree on, we can come together around. i think it's notable that the president, even while going through covid himself, is trying to negotiate covid relief for the american people. you had kevin mccarthy today saying that's exactly what they discussed when they had that
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phone call. breath e breath and ideally as far as time frame, if the doctors give the okay, you're thinking the president gets back on the campaign trail the, goes back to the debate as scheduled in miami? >> absolutely. look, this president wants to be out there for the american people. there's nothing he loves more than speaking directly to supporters, notably he did just that with the wave today, rather, acknowledging those out in front of walter reed. he is very hopeful about getting back out there in short order when the doctors deem it appropriate. bret: all right. caylee mci nunny at the white house, thank you so much for the time -- kayleigh mcenany. >> thank you. bret: joining us now is california congressman john garamendi. congressman, thanks for being with here. >> good to be with you. bret: i want to start with what kayleigh said about the coronavirus stimulus bill. do you think this can get across the finish line from your perspective? >> it has to. absolutely. we've got a very serious health care problemming pandemic across
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this nation. we need money to support the efforts on that, testing, tracing, hospitals, clinics, all of those are very essential things. and the local, state governments around this nation are really in serious, desperate need of being able to continue the programs that they must do, the heroes out there, the police, fire, public health, all of that. and there are other -- not just the airlines that need the money, but also restaurants, small businesses and the bill that we put together is really focused on medium and small businesses. we call it main street. those are the things that we need to do. the amount of money that's been suggested, you know, $1.6 trillion, that's a lot of money. but if you listen to the economists around the nation, they say you've got to go big to keep the economy from total collapse, and that's where we are. we've already come down a trillion dollars from where we were with last mate. bret: but, congressman, i guess if you're looking at this from a negotiating standpoint, $1.6
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trillion is nothing no sneeze at, and the people out there, as you mentioned, need it. so the different between 1.6 and 2.2, seems like you could get someplace where you could get something across the finish line. why is that not happening? >> well, let's recognize that there are within that 1.6 or 2.2 trillion, there are significant differences. particularly support for state, local governments. i know that in my district i have nine counties, six of them very small counties. they're going -- they are now in the new fiscal year laying people off. they're laying off their public health peopleing laying off their police, sheriffs and so forth because they don't have the money. so that's a piece of the -- bret: let me just interrupt you there -- >> sure, go ahead. bret: republicans wanted to have a stipulation that the cities and states getting relief from this bill would not have had the problems prior to coronavirus.
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that was the stimulation they wanted, the caveat they wanted to put in there. >> i'm sure that could be worked out. we don't want to put money where it's not needed. we have no interest in supporting companies or states or local governments that don't need it. but those that do need it, absolutely, let's get the money there. let's make sure that those public health facilities, clinics, doctors, all of those are able to continue to function. that's where we're looking go -- bret: here's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell -- sorry to interrupt you, there's a little delay here -- talking to me on friday about this. take a listen. >> i think what's happened here is we've gotten closer to the election, the spirit of bipartisanship on coronavirus that we had in march and april has largely disappeared. what the speaker did, even after coming down a full trillion dollars, is throw everything you could imagine into the package including tax cuts for rich anemia california and new york and free health care for illegal immigrants, that sort of thing
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is not appropriate. bret: so respond to that, if you would. >> well, the tack issue is one that the -- the tax issue is one that the republicans slipped in in 2017. it's a very serious problem for the big states that have big expences. with regard to -- expenses. with regard to free health care, we have to take care of people where are they're coming from that arrive in the clinics and emergency rooms. that's what that's all about. you don't want people dying in the streets, you don't want infected people running around our communities. you want to be able to take care of them. this is not a health insurance program, this is a public health program in which people that are out there that do get sick whether they are visitors with a visa or whether they are here legally or illegally, when they get sick, we don't want them infecting our communities. the money that's being talked about here is specifically for that purpose, keep those health care facilities open, taking care of people that are sick. otherwise -- bret: emergency rooms don't turn
10:16 pm
them away now. >> exactly. bret: i want to go just very, very quickly, i only have 20 seconds here. >> sure. bret: do you think the president's diagnosis will change this race in the last month? >> some may change immediately. people are focused on the president, and i and i think all americans wish him and his wife quick return to health. we we also have 7 million americans that have been affected, 209,000 that have dued thus far, and -- died thus far, and so we must be understanding of the enormous problem that this coronavirus presents to america and the people. right now all of us are sympathetic to the governor -- to the president, as we should be. we should be praying for his health. his health is critical to the security of this nation. now whether it -- what it will mean to the election, that remains to be seen, but right now we hope he gets healthy. bret: congressman garamendi, we appreciate your time.
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>> thank you, bret. bye-bye. bret: up next, what we know and don't know about covid-19 and the president's condition. we'll talk to a medical expert. ♪ robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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>> we're getting great reports froe doctors. this is an incredible hospital, watter reed. the work they do is just absolutely amazing, and i want to thank them all, the nurses, the doctors, everybody here. bret: president trump in good spirits at walter reed with a message sent out via twitter. here to talk about the president's medical condition, fox news contributor dr. nicolee saphier. you know, looking at -- good evening. i think looking at this progression of treatment, it is interesting to watch. this, we should know, is the president of the united states,
10:22 pm
and these doctors are doing everything they possibly can. but it starts with this regeneron which is an antibody cocktail, and then now he's on remdesivir. what do you think about all of this? >> well, bret, you know, i think looking very closely at the timeline of events, friday morning sounds like the president spiked a fever, and that prompted him to receive regeneron's antibody cocktail which is still in very early clinical phase trials, but it's showing promising results hoping to boost that immune system, helping recovery time. it sounds like he may have needed a little oxygen on friday at the white house which may have prompted him to go to walter reed. once he gets there, they start him on remdesivir which has proven effective at reducing hospital stay and decreasing viral load. and then yesterday, on saturday, i believe there may have been another small dip in the president's pulse oxygenation which prompted them to put him on dexamethasone which are
10:23 pm
steroids. these treatments are all showing to improve outcomes with patients with covid. i wonder if some the general population there would have been a little more wait and see. i think a lot of people would not necessarily have been hospitalized with some of these symptoms, more conservatively managed, but because this is the president of the united states, i think his physicians are on high alert right now and, you know, are taking great care of him, it sounds like. you know, the good news that kim out today, they -- came out today, he's not had a fever since friday morning, and he hasn't required oxygen many what sounds to be over 24 hours. those are great signs that the president is improving and that these treatments are working for him. bret: right. so you're making the point that this is the president of the united states, so every second is watched and monitored. should an oxlevel drop below 95 -- oxygen level drop below 95, it's sending off alarm bills. what is a concerning oxygen
10:24 pm
level for the average person in the hospital? >> well, the average person just walking around, you want to keep your pulse oxygenation between 97-100%. when it dips down, you really keep an eye on them, you don't just jump to put them on oxygen. for someone over the age of 70, that number can actually go to about 95%, and their lungs might not be as elastic, so we allow them to have a 95% or higher. it sounds like the president dipped down to 93%. we don't know if that's because he was exerting himself, if he was just laying, or you know, it depends on if they're at rest or persian. 93, although if it's sustained at 93 for a while, you would consider putting them on a little bit of oxygen briefly, and it usually bumps right up. the second it goes to 93, they may have just slapped the option general on him and gave him the dexamethasone. we really don't know, but i can almost guarantee they are not allowing that pulse oxygenation
10:25 pm
to go below 95 whatsoever which in the real world may be a little bit more tolerated. bret: yeah. and haas thing, the danger zone -- last thing, the danger zone, is he approaching getting past the days in which it's really kind of a danger? >> well, the one thing with covid, it's quite unpredictable, and everybody reacts very differently. but it does seem that it's a 5-9 day post-symptom starting mark. if you're going to go in the wrong direction, that's the window you tend to go in. it's really hard to say with the president's timeline. we don't necessarily know, but it sounds like maybe he was congested on thursday. i think that puts us at day four, day five. i would give him the next 3-48 hours -- 24-48 hours. for the general discharge, you're not requiring oxygen and you're not spiking a fever after about 48 hours, you can go home at that point. so when they say that they're considering discharging the president, you know, i don't think that's so unreasonable. but to say, you know, he's still
10:26 pm
not off the woods. covid-19, it is a scare true virus. a lot of unknown, so they're going to continue to keep an eye on him. president breath there's an energetic wave and thumbs up. dr. nicole staff firing thanks very much for the time. -- nicole saphier. we'll check in with the biden
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that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. ♪ ♪ bret: breaking tonight, we're getting word from a senior administration official that the president received, quote, around the world national security briefing by secure phone late this afternoon. on that phone national security adviser, the vice president, the secretary of state, secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs and the white house chief of staff. again, keeping him up-to-date while he is in the hospital at walter reed. the joe biden team, meantime, is in an unusual political position tonight. the democratic nominee wants to continue to campaign but says he also wants to be careful of his
10:31 pm
message and tone when speaking of president trump. correspondent jacqui heinrich is in wilmington, delaware, tonight with that. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, bret. joe biden's been making an effort to avoid personally attacking president trump, but he has been criticizing his policies, potentially previewing the tone of next week 's vice presidential debate. yesterday in a town hall with union workers that lost 89 members from covid-19, biden first dodged a question about how he would handle the pandemic differently in an apparent effort to be the respectful. but then criticized washington for failing to get more ppe out during the pandemic and also slammed the trump administration for not getting protective equipment covered by fee a ma for schools -- fema for schools by pushing them to reopen. he also chided president trump's past comments about the death toll. >> i'm in a little bit of a spot here because i don't want to be attacking the president and the first lady now.
10:32 pm
it's unconscionable that for is so long washington left our state the, cities and transit agencies to bid against one another. if's not the -- if that's not the president's responsibility, what the hell -- heck are his responsibilities? >> reporter: they believe it's inappropriate to use president trump's illness to score political points, reaffirming their commitment to pull some negative ads and explaining some are in the process of coming down. nevertheless, the trump campaign blasted them today, accusing biden's campaign of trying to look like the good guy. one biden surrogate is not blunting his criticism as much. senator bernie sanders said of the president and republican party, quote, they have downplayed this virus. trump has gone to war against scientists, attacked scientists, has not respected social distancing or mask wearing, so i think the contrast will become increasingly clear. biden's surrogates today confirmed the former vice
10:33 pm
president does intent to participate in any remaining debates. bret. bret: jacqui heinrich, thank you. let's bring in former new hampshire congressman ford jr., julie face and washington post columnist marc thiessen. julie, the president waving to supporters outside of the hospital. the white house correspondents association putting out a statement saying that they weren't told about this, and it kind of created a reaction. what about this move, the president wanting to do a hat tip to the people outside? >> well, i think there are a couple of things here. one, or we've been hearing from the sources that the president is feeling cooped up in the hospital. he wants to get out as soon as possible. but if you look at some of those images, some of those secret service agents, you know, the president of the united states has coronavirus which is extremely contagious. he is in a closed-off, sealed-off vehicle right now
10:34 pm
putting u.s. secret service agents at risk. i think that that's not something that we should lose sight of right now. there is certainly an interest in getting out and waving to those supporters, and then there's also the very real situation that he's dealing with and the risk that he poses to other people right now. bret: marc, your thoughts about how this has all gone in the past -- well, since we saw him leave the south lawn of the white house in marine one on friday. >> well, first of all, the debate seems like a month ago, doesn't it? [laughter] all we were talking about, it was just last tuesday. and he had a really great opportunity here for a reset because there was a lot of sympathy for him, and there was an opportunity, i think, for the white house because one of the main attack points that the biden campaign has against the president is that they accused the president of not being fully honest and transparent about covid. here was an opportunity to be fully transparent and open, be ad mold of openness about the president's diagnosis, and they blew it. the press conferences with
10:35 pm
dr. conley where he literally is avoiding questions of whether the president has been on oxygen or how high his temperature spiked, these are inconsequential questions that have no harm to the president by sharing that information, and it just feeds into the democratic narratives that the president is not being forthright about this virus. on the other hand, the president's own videos and his interaction with the american people, i think, have been very reassuring. he looks like he's doing well and getting better, and that certainly should give us, give his supporter some confidence. bret: does this change, harold, the last 30 days of this race? >> well, first, thanks for having me on. i think marc's point about the debate seeming a month ago, it seems six months ago. the election's not for another month and so much will transpire. look, the president of the united states, the whole idea, the security compound and the president to not face the everyday challenges americans
10:36 pm
face, the virus has no regard for prestige, power or money as we're seeing here. it shows that if you follow some of the protocols, you can find in a safer position. i share julie's concern about those secret service agents, and i share the concerns for all of those everyday workers in the white house serving the president and his team, his family and the rest of that team there. i think going forward, i think the country probably going to take a step back here and try to understand what steps the president did not take, how did he put himself at this risk. there's a story out tonight saying the president may have learned as early as thursday that there might have been a coto roan that test coming back positive for him, because i think he may have tested positive in the rapid test. i think the question of forthrightness, the question of full hon i city, the questions -- honesty, the questions around half-truths, it will come back to a lot of americans. let me be clear, i wish the presidenting nothing but the best. he and his family, chris christie and many others
10:37 pm
including senators who have contracted the virus, this is serious. they're taking it very seriously, and i would hope that the u.s. senate and congress, that other members take this very seriously as well, and i trust they will. bret: julie, do you think this changes the president? he kind of inferred that in his video tweet, that he's learned a lot, and he's going to be talking about that. do you think it changes the way he looks at it? it's obviously, as harold mentioned, this bubble, the biggest bubble in the world. the virus got to him. he's still going to fight to not close down the country. >> i just think it's hard to imagine that you can personally have coronavirus and not have your perspective changed in some way. but i do think that we will have an opportunity to line up the president's words against his actions, you know? after that tweet he got in that vehicle with secret service agents while he is contagious with this virus. what happens when he goes back to the white house? what happens to staffers with
10:38 pm
masks, with social distancing at events? there will be a very real opportunity in the coming days to be able to really tell if he got the impact to behavior and policies that he is urging americans to follow. bret: marc, your thoughts on how it affects the last section of this came pain. >> -- campaign. >> two things, they're going to have rallies, and they should, and they should hand everybody a maga mask and say wear this saying joe biden doesn't get a picture that can hurt the president. number two, in the debates he's going to be a very different president talking about covid because, as he said during that video, he went to school on it in a way he hasn't been able to through the books, and he's going to be able to talk about operation warp speed because regeneron, this drug that he's taking, it's being developed under operation warp speed. in july the u.s. government working with the trump administration ordered in
10:39 pm
advance hundreds of thousands of doses of this so as soon as it's approved, it can go out into the public, and so he can say, look, operation warp speed may have saved my life, and we're speeding the development of therapeutics and talking about accomplishments with covid using that experience. bret: fascinating to watch. packager thank you. up next, the coronavirus, how is it affecting the u.s. senate both in the campaigns and also for this, the confirmation process for judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court. ♪ i wanted my hepatitis c gone. i put off treating mine. epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. whatever your type, epclusa could be your kind of cure. i just found out about mine. i knew for years. epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. i had no symptoms of hepatitis c mine caused liver damage. epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you
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♪ ♪ bret: the coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on both u.s. senate races and the confirmation process for the president's u.s. supreme court pick. here's correspondent bryan llenas. good evening, bryan. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell said it is, quote, full steam
10:44 pm
ahead with the confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett on october 12th despite the fact that he has moved to cancel senate activity until october 19th after three republican u.s. senators tested positive for covid-19 including wisconsin senator ron john johnson and two senators on the senate judiciary committee, mike lee of utah and senator thom tillis of north carolina. today senate minority leader chuck schumer said the hearings need to be delayed because of health concerns for senators. >> it makes no sense. if it's not safe for the senate to meet in session, it's not safe for the hearings to go forward. a virtual hearing is virtually no hearing at all. you need to be with the witness and have direct cross questions and back and forth with them. >> reporter: of course, democrats have been wanting the hearings delayed til after the election, but republicans are ad
10:45 pm
plant that they can conduct the hearings virtually, if needed, and get amy coney barrett confirmed by the last week of october. >> we've been doing virtual committee meetings since march, and so this will have no impact. both senator and tillis can participate by video conference, you can go in person and social instance or you can do it virtually. >> reporter: there are indications republicans may be increasingly vulnerable of losing control of the senate as covid-19 continues to be front and center on the minds of voters. that could be a boost for former vice president joe biden and down-ballot senate democrats. this latest abc news poll shows 58% of americans disapprove of the way trump is handling the pandemic. democrats need to flip three seat ifs biden wins or four seats if his loses to take
10:46 pm
control of the senate. and, by the way, thom tillis is locked in a very tight senate race in the country, and now he'll be off the campaign trail for a little bit, so we'll see. bret: bryan, thanks. we're back with the panel, harold ford, julie pace and marc thiessen. marc, any way, shape or form that this confirmation process for judge barrett does not go through before election day. >> oh, it's going to go through, without a doubt. you don't even have to have a hearing. there's no rule that requires a hearing whatsoever, and certainly you can do a virtual hearing. the judiciary committee has confirmed 22 nominees, and democrats participated virtually. all of a sudden now they insist it has to be in person. the difference is you can't vote virtually, they have to be there, but the chairman of the committee has almost complete control over how a committee works, so i'm sure he's going to be able to engineer the vote. on the senate a races, this actually helps republicans
10:47 pm
because chuck schumer was refusing to allow the senate to go into recess. he was holding all these vulnerable republican senators in washington, forcing them to make votes on extraneous things. now he's allowed recess to happen until the 19th so they can actually go home and campaign. bret: julie? >> i think marc is right on the senate hearings for amy coney barrett. i think that republicans are going to do everything that they can to try to get this done, both her committee hearings and also the full senate vote before the election. i do think there's a question of the politics of doing that particularly when you are dealing with a situation where right now two members of this committee, the judiciary committee, have tested positive. so i think that republicans are balancing a lot of priorities right now. obviously, priority number one for them does seem to be getting the justice confirmed, and they will have to deal with the consequences, if there are negative consequences, of that in november. bret: harold, any downside on the senate races for pushing
10:48 pm
forward? >> well, first, the constitutional mandate has been satisfied. the president has nominated and put forward a nominee. the senate now has to advise and consent. how fast they do that, i'm not as convinced as my friends julie and marc are this thing will move as quickly. i think polling impact it. i don't think we can overstate the how much this thrusts the corona issue back in the face of voters. president trump a few days ago said we were turning the corner, he could see the end of the coronavirus. a little i amused to hear marc say, ree meeng what the president said now that that president trump has had it, he understands it better. it didn't take president bush an attack by the taliban to understand the taliban, the president should have understood it, he should have have listened to his doctors and those around him. but let me not get political here. i hope the president and want the president to get better. the politics of this, you can't deny these states where these
10:49 pm
rah races are tightening, bret, i don't know how this will turn out. we have to, i think, wait for the next few days to get a feel for how voters feel about these particular races. bret: marc, quickly, a response? >> look, i wasn't suggesting the president didn't understand it or wasn't doing a good job on covid before, it's just that he has now had the disease so he can speak to it in a way that joe biden and other people can't. he has experience in the disease, he's learned from his doctors how to treat it, he's done it firsthand. george w. bush went down to site and said the people are going to hear from us soon, now donald trump can say the same thing -- president. bret: you wonder how big a story, julie, this drive-by's going to be. >> i think the president needs to hope that nobody who was in that car with him contracts coronavirus. bret: panel, thank you. when we come back, how the coronavirus is impacting the worlrlrlrlrl
10:50 pm
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bret: the sports world is being hit by the coronavirus this weekend. one nfl game was postponed for the week, and another was pushed back a day. christina coleman has the latest from los angeles. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, bret. the patriots/chiefs game is rescheduled for tomorrow night
10:54 pm
pending further testing of both teams today and yesterday, no new positives. both teams are reportedly going to be tested tomorrow as well. patriots' quarterback cam newton was the only mare to test positive on -- player to test positive on the patriots. as for the chiefs, a practice squad quarterback on that team reportedly tested positive too. covid is also taking a toll on the tennessee titans after a cluster of players and personnel tested positive within the past ten days. today fox sports reports two more people in the titans' organization tested positive bringing the total number to 20. the team was scheduled to play the pittsburgh steelers today, but that game has been rescheduled for sunday, october 25th. the nfl and players association are on the ground in nashville investigating whether the titans followed protocols. the team could be fined and disciplined if they didn't follow the procedures. nfl officials anticipated
10:55 pm
positive covid-19 tests throughout the season but want to make sure that the issue is with individual compliance, not the protocols themselves. according to the nfl network, the league is going to hold a big call tomorrow with general managers and coaches across the league to stress the importance of following the rules if they want to finish this season. the league has also fined several coaches and teams hundreds of thousands of dollars already for covid safety violations. bret? bret: christina, thank you. when we come back, remembering the victims of coronavirus.
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bret: finally tonight, a ceremony of remembrance for the more than 200,000 victims of the coronavirus pandemic here in the u.s. it happened today here in washington. ♪ there is beauty in the person person -- ♪ when there is beauty in the person -- ♪ there is harmony in the home. ♪ when there is harmony -- bret: beautiful sounds, beautiful day here for that. i'll see you 6 p.m. monday. we will then take the show to utah tuesday and wednesday for the vice presidential debate wednesday night. thanks for inviting us into your home on the.
11:00 pm
that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. good night from washington. ♪


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