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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 5, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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like watch on fox nation. >> or watch this show. we have three hours with you a day. >> go support steve doocy and buy his cookbook. see you tomorrow. >> so long, everybody. [cheering and applause] >> sandra: that was last evening president trump greeted with cheers as he took a motorcade drive to thank supporters outside walter reed medical center. the president could be back in the white house as soon as today according to doctors if his condition continues to improve. we're watching all of it. trace, nice to see you as we start a new week. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. over the past few days at least 11 people in the president's inner circle have tested positive for covid-19. white house doctors said president trump is improving despite two drops in his oxygen
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saturation level over the weekend. meantime top democrats are blasting what they say are mixed messages on president trump's health. chuck schumer accusing the president of not being truthful about his condition. the president says he has learned a lot. >> president trump: it has been a very interesting journey. i learned a lot about covid. i learned it by really going to school. this is the real school. >> those statements about the >> the chief and i work side-by-side and i think his statement was misconstrued. it came off that we were trying to hide something. that wasn't necessarily true. and so he is -- the fact of the matter is he is doing really well. >> we have to have confidence in the judgment of the doctors who are treating him. when they give a presentation to the press it has to be approved by the president. that's not very scientific. >> when you don't have full transparency, when there is
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cover-ups, contradictory statements, even lying about something as vital to the nation's security as the president's health, the nation is severely endangered. >> sandra: a new week begins. we've got fox team coverage on this monday morning. byron york is standing by. dr. marti mccarey is standing by and peter doocy is on the trail with the biden campaign but we begin the john roberts outside of walter reed medical center. john, if you can talk over all the noise that appears a lot of folks are gathered there. what is the latest on the president's condition? what are we hearing this morning? >> good morning, sandra and trace. a small group of people gathered outfront out of sight of the camera if front of the walter reed main entrance. the big news of the day is that the white house is optimistic that the president will be able to be discharged from walter
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reed national military medical center later on today. as i arrived early this morning i connected with mark meadows who told me, quote, spoke to the president this morning. he continued to improving overnight and ready to get back to a normal working schedule and meet with his doctors and nurses this morning to make further assessments of his progress. we're still optimistic he will be able to return to the white house later today with his medical professionals making that determination later today. meadows calling in to "fox & friends" a few minutes ago for an update. listen here. >> that determination has not been made yet. he continues to improve overnight and his health continues to improve. the doctors will actually have an evaluation stimulate morning and then the president in consultation with the doctors will make a decision on whether to discharge him later today. >> the president showing
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supporters yesterday who gathered outside walter reed he is doing well. getting into an suv and wave to folks. the people we alluded to a couple of moments ago. the move drawing criticism that the president -- corey lewandowski said the secret servant agents volunteered to drive the president. i contacted the secret service to run it down. they're not commenting about it because it deals with security for a protected person and they never like to talk about that stuff. the president tweeted up a storm this morning on a number of different fronts. protecting pre-existing conditions. vote, veteran cheaper healthcare. massive regulation cut. vote. another one coming law and order vote. all about the election. president wants to make sure it's in front of people's minds.
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doctors say the president's health continues to improve. there were some moments on friday morning at the white house when there were signs that it looked like a president might decline from mild to serious coronavirus disease. doctors gave him oxygen and medications. blood oxygen levels improved but doctors still wanted to get him in the hospital over the weekend. another episode trace alluded to of oxygen levels dropping. he has been taking remdesivir, which he will continue to take for a couple more days. one of the big mysteries is how this president and first lady and so many other people became infected all at the same time? some people are pointing fingers to that saturday rose garden event and the reception inside the white house afterwards. as the nomination of amy coney barrett was revealed. also some people suggesting maybe debate prep was involved as well. a lot of contact tracing going on. epidemiological tracing. maybe like so many other things
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they will just really never know how it all happened. >> sandra: we'll learn more in the coming days for sure. thank you. >> trace: the biden campaign is moving ahead with in-person events. the democratic nominee heads to florida today where they will make two stops before the former v.p. participates in a town hall tonight. peete doocy live in miami. is he being tested for covid every single day now? >> no, he is not, trace. the biden campaign is saying when joe biden gets a covid test they will publicly disclose the results. last night since he is traveling he was tested. it came back negative and why he is on his way here. >> i'm in a little spot here because i don't want to be attacking the president and the first lady now because they are now the -- have contracted
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coronavirus. and jill and i pray for their quick recovery. >> even though biden said he would take attack ads off the air, the president says they is still running. amy klobuchar and others are urging voters to pick a plan with a plan, not pandemonium. a town hall style debate here in miami. the biden campaign insists, despite their brush with covid at the last one, they will be there. >> again, we hope that they will put in place every adjustment necessary to make sure it's fully safe. we send president trump our best and hope he is well and able to debate. if he is, joe biden will certainly be there. >> biden was last in florida last month. this state hasn't been getting
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the attention it normally would in a presidential race yet. >> trace: yet is the key word. peter, thank you. >> sandra: joend's lead nationally appears to be growing according to one new poll. new nbc news poll shows the former vice president with a 14-point advantage over president trump. let's bring in fox news contributor byron york, chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner". on the surface that looks like a sizeable lead. i know that you've looked at this and you've got a few caveats when it comes to that poll. >> well, 14 points is a big number, there is no doubt it is a very big number. but there are a few things to remember about this particular poll. one, it was taken last week at a particularly unsettled moment in the campaign. the pollsters called it a shock to the system. we started last week with a huge story about the
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president's taxes. then there was the presidential debate and by the end of the week the president was in the hospital with coronavirus. so it's an extraordinarily unsettled moment and that may be reflected in a temporary change in the polls. the pollsters counted registered voters and not likely voters. a lot of voters do that when we get close to the election. that may make a difference. the third reason is on october 16th, 2016, this very same poll "wall street journal" showed hillary clinton with an 11-point lead over donald trump. clearly that changed and there is a month left before the election and things could change again. >> sandra: a -- a few cautionary. the real clear politics average of polls. it gives joe biden the lead polling 50.6% to 42.5% for
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president trump. when you dig into some of the demographics and look how joe biden is polling with seniors, byron, important to point out there is a sizeable lead. nearly a 30-point lead there as some question whether or not the president's handling of the coronavirus has hurt him with seniors. and now you've got the "wall street journal" editorial board this morning calling that very thing into question and how messaging is so important for the president and his team as he gets through this. the white house medical confusion, the board writes, mixed messages like those on saturday hurt the president. the editorial board says americans want to know the truth about the president's health that bears on the election in a month and the white house needs to reassure americans not with happy talk with daily medical briefings that are candid and complete. the editorial board has been saying that since the president was admitted to the hospital. has the white house followed through with that idea of
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transparency? we'll let you know how this goes as it does? >> well, look, the white house clearly messed up over the weekend. it wasn't that hard to simply inform the american people of some of the basics of the president's condition. does he have a temperature, what's his blood oxygen level? when did he test negative for the virus and first test positive for the virus? there are a number of quick, easy, simple facts that the doctors could have revealed but did not during this. and it could well be related to a loss in support for the president among seniors who are the group most vulnerable to coronavirus. so there are some groups in the voting population that the president just has very, very big problems with. the gender gap is enormous in this race.
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so the handling of coronavirus can affect the president's standing in this election, of course. >> sandra: i will finish off with this. if you could put up on the screen joe biden is leading in all six of the real clear politics battlegrounds all be it by smaller margins than the national polls. you look at arizona, florida as we just identified. north carolina just a slim lead there but joe biden still leading bigger lead in pennsylvania, wisconsin, polling 5 points above the president. you have the president still in the hospital, possibly leaving today. joe biden heads to florida. he will be campaigning down in miami. where does this race go from here, byron? it is hard to believe here we are 29 days out. >> sandra: campaign trail and there is a lot of -- who look at this and say wow, this is too soon for him to be leading.
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in the place like florida he seems to be doing already. pennsylvania critical state he has fallen behind further behind biden in recent days. this is going to be fought in those battlegrounds florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, arizona and right now the president has a lot of ground to make up in each one. >> sandra: byron york, great to have you here and kick things off for us this morning. >> trace: president trump's doctors say they're happy with his progress. >> the fact of the matter is he is doing really well. he is responding and as the team said if everything continues to go well, we'll start discharge and get him back to the white house. >> trace: the doctors say the president could be coming home today. would that be the right call? our medical expert straight ahead with more on the president's health plus this. a night of violence in seattle. several arrests made after
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>> sandra: chaos on the streets of seattle over the weekend.
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police arresting at least 16 protestors saturday night for vandalizing buildings and throwing explosives at officers. the violence breaking out as demonstrators march through the city's capitol hill area throwing fireworks in stores and writing anti-cop messages to protest police brutality. >> we continue to plan to use a five-day course of remdesivir in response to transient low oxygen levels as dr. conley has discussed. we did initiate dexamethasone therapy and our plan is to continue that for the time being. he has been up and around. our plan today have him eat and driefrng and be out of bed as much as possible and mobile. >> trace: they say the president is doing very well. if his progress continues doctors could issue a discharge as early as today.
6:19 am
he is being given powerful steroid dexamethasone as well as remdesivir, as part of an experimental treatment. trump's physician says the steroid was prescribed after blood oxygen levels dropped twice briefly over the weekend. on the dexamethasone front i want to read you what the world health organization says. they say we suggest not to use corticosteroids in the treatment of patients with non-severe covid-19 as the treatment brought no benefits and to prove harmful. the national institutes of health followed that up saying this the panel recommends against using dexamethasone for the treatment of covid-19 in patients who do not require supplemental oxygen. so it appears the president's doctors appear to be going against the grain here. your thoughts. >> you could probably find a recommendation to support any
6:20 am
treatment. the indication for dexamethasone is an in-patient hospitalized patient requiring oxygen. the president met that criteria. i can tell you that we're not dealing with the first couple days of this. believe it or not the president may be 10 days into the illness if he acquired the infection a week prior to friday or saturday and started developing symptoms four or five days ago he may be on the tail end or second phase already. dr. brian gair baldy, from johns hopkins. he is the best pull monologist in the world. i would want him taking care of me. impeccable judgment and i trust everything he is doing. >> trace: is there a sense, as you say the president might be 10 days into the course of his treatment here, his virus, is there a sense if things get worse and the president tends to kind of fall backwards a little bit in this that the doctors having used remdesivir,
6:21 am
having used antibodies and dexamethasone that they won't have any remedies left in their quiver? >> not really. it's well recognized the earlier you give remdesivir and the earlier you give antibodies the better. dexamethasone is a little different. it is reserved for the inflammatory phase. he had cat scan findings that showed some degree of inflammation. the cat scan findings don't often correlate with clinical presentation. he met the cry tier ya. it is important to remember that a mild first week has a significant prognostic value and a more mild second week, that is true. >> trace: which is very good news. were you surprised when you heard the president's doctors say he could be released as early as today? >> first of all, trace, almost half of all patients that i discharge from the hospital over my career are involved in some negotiation. either they want to stay an extra day or leave a day early
6:22 am
or think it's ridiculous to stay. that's typical doctor/patient interaction. if he had 48 hours of blood oxygen levels that show a saturation of 97%, 98%, you get these every 15 minutes, 98, for 48 straight hours as a doctor you are watching paint dry and the reason the person is in a hospital is to be able to provide supplemental oxygen if things change. that's available at the white house. they have very elaborate medical facilities there as you know. >> trace: the president left the hospital for a short trip yesterday and got some criticism. one of the walter reed attending physicians said this about the trump's trip in the s.u.v. every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary presidential drive-by now has to be quarantined for 14 days. for political theater to put their lives at risk for theater
6:23 am
this is insanity. what he is saying is because the president's s.u.v. is her medically sealed to make sure chemicals don't get inside maybe coronavirus can't get out and those secret service agents were at great risk. your thoughts. >> i would certainly have advised against it, trace. i can tell you again it's a common negotiation with patients. they want to go for a walk outside, do something we may not feel comfortable about. i will tell you that a lot of presidents play golf at the golf club i play at. when they lose their ball in the pond or forest everybody tells them what they perceive they want to hear and say yes we can do that. probably what happened he said i would kind of like to say hi to those folks and people said we can make that happen. that's typically the sort of dynamic that goes on. i think we'll look back and realize that some of the testing that was at the white house was probably not the fortress that it was designed to be and probably what was associated with some of the
6:24 am
more relaxed distancing and masking policies in the white house. that test, that only has a 50% sensitivity in early asymptomatic disease. i think people relied heavily on that and people will question whether or not they should shift to another test. we have to use all precautions possible and takes time for everybody to get religion sometimes. >> trace: good stuff. doctor, thank you for joining us. >> sandra: stock futures are pointing to a higher open on wall street following a rocky day friday after president trump's covid-19 diagnosis. maria bartiromo will join us on how the uncertainty on wall street. early voting is in full swing. the timeline for tallying up the ballots causing concern in key battleground states. we'll have that story for you just ahead.
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>> trace: bottom of the hour. top stories. president trump continuing his treatment for covid-19 wall -- walter reed hospital. he could be released as early as today. >> sandra: supreme court begins its new term today as the battle over the confirmation process for amy coney barrett continues. the senate judiciary committee plans to hold confirmation hearings next week despite the recent outbreak of covid-19 on capitol hill. >> trace: wildfires continue to burn out of control. over 4 million acres. that doubles the previous one-ier record from 2018. 17,000 firefighters working across the state to get fires under control collectively the fires have killed 31 people and forced 100,000 from their homes. >> sandra: a quick check on wall street this morning as the markets open. you can see the dow is up 211 points in the first minute of trading.
6:31 am
investors have been closely monitoring president trump's recovery amid new hopes of a coronavirus relief package. maria bartiromo is the host of mornings with maria. it's great to see you this morning. why so much optimism in the u.s. stock market as things get going this morning? >> well, a couple of things, sandra. good morning to you. i do think that the markets, the investor community is focused on the president and what happens next. certainly this is something that would move markets. there seems to be optimism that perhaps he gets discharged later today. it was one thing. also there are the continued stimulus talks. over the weekend speaker nancy pelosi said that they were making progress. that's also being talked about this morning. and don't forget we're also on the doorstep of third quarter earnings. third quarter earnings begin to throw in earnest next week when the major banks start reporting their third quarter results. many analysts think the banks will show growth.
6:32 am
we're also expecting growth in the third and fourth quarter in terms of gdp. one analyst taking it up from 5% in the fourth quarter. there are a few things that are certainly market sensitive issues out appeared that's definitely what's moving markets this morning. investors look at the fourth quarter with expectations higher than they had. look at the idea perhaps stimulus could actually materialize. we'll see. i'm not really buying it. but we'll see. they say that they are having progress, which is a big positive. i think that's what markets are focused on as well as the president and his progress. >> >> sandra: and whether or not he gets back to work and back to the white house. the "wall street journal" this morning is warning, though, that some of the technology names that have driven this rally are looking vulnerable to the possibility of a corporate tax hike under a potential joe
6:33 am
biden presidency. what are you seeing and hearing as far as that, maria? >> well, i think that's right, sandra. joe biden has been very clear about his policies and one of the most important policies is taxes. and that is something he has discussed very much. he said he is going the raise $4 trillion in new tax revenue. that means he takes the corporate up from 21% currently all the way up to 28%. it is not just technology stocks. the journal focuses on tech companies, this will hit the s&p 500. i would expect the markets to sell off at least initially should biden win the presidency. it's really more about the congress, though, if the democrats win the senate that also would probably turn the markets lower and we'll see how the house. if we were to see a democratic sweep, the president as well as the house and senate, be sure to expect a stock market sell-off because companies will have to adjust to that. the expectations will have to come down. if you thought a company was
6:34 am
going to earn xyz because the company will have to pay higher taxes. the corporate rate, when it was cut back in 2017 by the trump administration, it unlocked a lot of growth and actually created a huge stock market rally which went on over a year. i would expect this is certainly going to impact the markets once investors start focusing on the two policy differences of the two candidates. >> sandra: for the investor out there you look at the markets and it is enough to try to manage risk in this environment. for the average investors you look at all these things coming at you as far as what to do with a long-term play with your money it's tough. a tough environment. >> sandra: it's tough but a simple way to look at it is where to find yield. how do i get a return where i'm not putting money under a mattress? i want to get a return.
6:35 am
you can't get any return in fixed income. interests rates are at zero. if you aren't going to get return, you look at the stock market for companies that pay dividends. there are companies that pay dividends 3, 4, 5% dividends. a sweet return knowing you get 0 in savings. >> sandra: dow up 234 points two minutes into trading. great to see you. >> trace: president trump's doctors say he could be released from the hospital as soon as today but is his time off the campaign trail already affecting his chances of reelection? his campaign response next. plus new york city mayor bill deblasio pushing to lock down neighborhoods where covid-19 cases are soaring. how many people could this move impact? that's coming up. >> we fought our way back with these restrictions and social distancing, mask wearing. we have to do it again in a
6:36 am
pinpoint area. but it is crucial that we do it in a rigorous fashion to stop the spread.
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>> sandra: just less than a month away now from election day and if all goes well the president's medical team is saying this morning that he could be released from the hospital. president trump, later today. what does it all mean for his return to the campaign trail? let's bring in trump 2020
6:41 am
communications director erin perrine. our thoughts are with the president as he tries to recover and potentially released from the hospital later today says his medical team. going back to last week. what was it like inside the campaign when you got this notice of the president's diagnosis? >> like every american this campaign immediately stood together in prayer for our president. obviously there is no bigger fighter in this country than president donald trump. we know he will take the coronavirus head on and he is doing so as you heard from mark meadows today. the president is doing well. there is conversations whether or not he will be able to go home today. listen, this is a team that can carry the maga mantel for the president while he recovers. make america great is a call to action for this team. we have carried that mantle for him making over 2 million doors knocked over the weekend and 5
6:42 am
1/2 million phone calls. the president continues to fight the china virus and we're at full steam ahead. >> sandra: they say you're scrambling to adjust based on so many now affected by this virus. you don't have just hope hicks. one of the president's closest aides infected with covid-19. ronna mcdaniel head of the party. bill stepien head of the campaign. all these big names associated with the white house and the trump campaign out of play for the moment? >> the army for trump is a large group of individuals. this campaign is a big team. so we are standing up operation maga thanks to the vice president who will be helping as well. the first family will be doing in-person events across the digital platforms. encourage everybody to tune in. the operation maga kickoff event this evening. we'll continue to charge forward. we are a team.
6:43 am
we're an army. we have our grassroots army as well. there are so many of us out here fighting for president trump and for four more years and so as they fight the coronavirus we'll continue to fight for them. talk to voters, make sure we're continuing forward on our get out the vote efforts and making sure we carry that mantle for the president. >> sandra: the first debate is already finished but two more presidential debates to go. mitch mcconnell made news last friday after the president's diagnosis said the next debate should happen regardless of where the president is. if it has to happen virtually let's still do it that way. jason miller from the campaign says we're moving forward no matter what. listen. >> we're in a campaign. we have a month to go. we see joe biden and kamala harris out there campaigning. they're not asking for remote debate. vice president pence is following the debate for the vice presidential candidates on wednesday. he will hit the trail be in arizona, nevada, back here in dc and have a full schedule as
6:44 am
will the first family. >> sandra: you talk about next week. is that a reality that you are planning for as far as the campaign, that the president will be able to debate in person? >> we certainly don't have any updates to share at this point. the main concern is to make sure the president gets well. he wants to be able to have those debates. that exchange of ideas. as the president fights the coronavirus he still maintaining a more rigous schedule than joe biden. joe biden called a lid yesterday and the president was thanking supporters for his support fighting this head on. the debate commission has tried to move the goalpost a few times on us. we know they're helping joe biden. president trump has 47 months of success. the american people need to see text change of ideas. the president wants to make that happen. we'll continue to move forward with that. >> sandra: the president's critics as well as joe biden on the last debate stage have
6:45 am
continually made the point that president trump has down played the virus. mercedes schlapp is making the point the president will change his messaging on covid-19 after he has gone through this experience himself. listen. >> he is going to be able to relate to those individuals who have been inflicted by coronavirus. who lost a family member to coronavirus. now i think the president is able to talk from the heart of how covid has impacted him, has impacted his family and his staff. >> sandra: is that something we should expect with a best case scenario, the president leaves the hospital today, gets back out on the campaign, will we see changed messaging when it comes to the coronavirus and will it move more to a forefront of the president's messaging than key issues? >> firsthand experience is always going to change how someone relates to something that has been happening.
6:46 am
the president has coronavirus right now. he is battling it head on as toughly as only president trump can. and listen, of course that will change the way that he speaks of it because it will be a first-hand experience. but that experience of not only coronavirus but being president of the united states, that's why you just see a different tone overall from him. he has firsthand experience -- >> sandra: it's law and order and economy. does this become a key issue? >> he has talked about coronavirus as well. he talked about it all. he has experience as commander-in-chief and as a businessman, he has experience now fighting the coronavirus as an individual. those first-hand experiences joe biden doesn't have those. he doesn't know what it's like to create a judge other than hunter or serve as commander-in-chief. joe biden has been more worried about china than the united states. those first-hand experiences will get president trump four
6:47 am
more years. of course he talks about it differently now he has lived through it. >> sandra: erin perrine, appreciate you coming on the program this morning. >> trace: one of joe biden's former rivals says the democratic nominee can take texas is november november but can he turn the upset and turn the lone star state blue? supreme court kicks off a new term today. a look at what's on the docket as the battle ramps up over judge amy coney barrett's nomination. that would be better. (scissors cutting) now you look better too. now get a free footlong when you buy two, because it's footlong season!
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firefighters, veterans, and small business owners are voting 'yes' on prop 19.
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>> trace: a bold prediction from o'rourke, he says biden can win the lone star state in november. one of the reddest states in the nation. >> since the last presidential
6:52 am
election 2016 more than 1.5 million texans have registered to vote. my contention is that this is biden's to lose. and we're not going to wait for the biden campaign to wake up to that reality. >> trace: robert wolf is the ceo of 32 advisors. former economic advice sor to president obama. it shows the president leading texas by about 3.2%. really the democrats since 1976 has not won texas. do you think the state is in play, robert? >> so i like beto. i would couch what he said differently. the southwest region has been turning blue. colorado, new mexican, nevada have become steady for blue in recent presidential elections. this time around it appears like arizona, which was similar to texas four years ago, is the next swing state to play, i
6:53 am
think, to the blue side. biden up and mark kelly up on the senate. texas, clinton lost arizona to trump by 3 1/2% and texas by 9. now you are seeing texas at 3 1/2% and arizona up 5. my view would be it seems tough. it is doable but seems tough. i would also say that biden has huge cash advantage, trace. i say do a little advertising there. put pressure on the trump campaign who lacks the funds. if i was looking at the pecking order, after arizona my next state would be georgia. >> trace: the "washington post" is echoing your sentiment about texas. they said i'm quoting here that it takes money saying democrats have historically failed to invest in texas despite the size of the prize because they believe the door is closed to democratic presidential candidates. but like many things in 2020, this year is different. biden has his foot in the door and needs to kick it open for a
6:54 am
quick end to the election. is it smart to dedicate those resources? some vital resources to texas and maybe you are pulling them away from a minnesota or wisconsin or north carolina. your thoughts. >> i think that's the right question. if i was looking to expand the map, i would look at arizona, i would look at georgia, i would put a lot of money back in ohio. i think we'll win wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan to get the blue wall back. texas is there but, you know, my view is it's probably a little more the next time around. i love beto's confidence. >> trace: some are thinking with the president having coronavirus, look, the president won't get on a plane tomorrow and go to texas. you have a political science professor in texas who says for donald trump advertising has never been his bread and butter. it has been boots on the ground and getting out there and having surrogates do it or just running television ads. that's not going to be as
6:55 am
motivating as having the president coming out to the big cities of texas. it really is. you see the rallies in texas for the president and they are huge. the president not being there, does that give the biden campaign a bit more wiggle room to maneuver there? >> i think it is. biden is sitting on a ton of cash. with 30 days to go we can put ads in texas and put himself squarely in the seat of maybe being proactive. the other thing i would say is texas has had its problems with covid. they opened, then they closed, then they reopened. houston has had problems. dallas has had problems. with covid on the forefront and pre-existing conditions in the forefront i think it plays to biden's strength. like i said, trace, it wouldn't be ahead of arizona and georgia for me but probably that next state i would probably throw some dollars into. >> trace: you make a couple of good points. the president won texas in 2016
6:56 am
by nine. that was the smallest margin of victory since bob dole in 1996. latinos in texas and florida seem to be gravitating toward trump. robert wolf. always good to see you. >> thank you, trace. >> sandra: fox news alert now. president trump at walter reed medical center at this hour. his doctors saying his condition is improving and he could be leaving the hospital later today. the latest from the white house next. so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: it is a brand-new hour. here is what's happening inside "america's newsroom." >> president trump making progress as he receives treatment for covid-19. >> if he feels and looks as well as he does today we hope to plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow to the white house where he can continue his treatment course. >> president trump: i learned a lot about covid by really going to school. this is the real school. >> on the campaign trail the show must go on. the vice president stepping out there this week. he is heading back to the campaign trail today. on the other side joe biden is heading to florida. >> we're at an historic moment where we'll cross the four million acres burned mark in california this year. >> sandra: more on those stories in a moment. back to our top story this morning. president trump reportedly on the road to recovery as he
7:01 am
fights the coronavirus. doctors at walter reed medical center are giving encouraging signs of his progress and the white house says the president continued to improve overnight. and could be returning to the white house later today. we await any word on that. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" monday morning. i'm sandra smith. hi, trace. >> trace: good morning, i'm trace gallagher. doctors say the president's vital signs are stable as he undergoes aggressive treatment. he left the hospital briefly yesterday in a motorcade so he could wave to supporters outside. he will be meeting with his medical team this morning to see if he can check out today. white house chief of staff mark meadows says he is optimistic but it's too soon to say. >> that determine hasn't been made yet. he continued to improve overnight and his health continues to improve. the doctors will actually have
7:02 am
an evaluation stimulate morning and then the president in consultation with the doctors will make a decision on whether to discharge him later today. >> sandra: rich edson is live at the white house this morning for us. rich, good morning. >> good morning. the specifics of president trump's condition are still unclear though we should be getting a picture of that in a couple of hours now as white house officials are pressing the possibility the president may return to the white house later today. in the meantime, officials say he is engaged and working while he is in the hospital. >> well, so we actually have an area that actually we check people in and out to make sure they have proper ppe as they go in. he has a situation room there. as has been reported, actually yesterday he was on the phone
7:03 am
with secretary esper, secretary pompeo, national security advisor and chairman millie and the vice president as we talked about issues across the globe. >> over the weekend there was mixed information about the president's condition. doctors acknowledged his blood oxygen dropped and given him a steroid usually administered toously ill covid patients. supplemental oxygen and antiviral medications. he briefly left the hospital and showed himself to supporters camped in front. the drive also drew criticisms. he was confined in his suv with secret service agents. the agents were masked and they had been with him since he left for the hospital. this is all less than a month until election day. the president's twitter account has been active tweeting out repeatedly this morning.
7:04 am
mostly in all caps urging americans to go vote and talking about campaign issues. >> sandra: they were coming in fast this morning. >> trace: drama on both sides will help determine a balance of power on capitol hill. incumbent republican thom tillis in north carolina and cunningham has said he sex ted. the first step in repairing those relationships is taking complete responsibility which i do. cunningham has led in the polls for months and is six points ahead in the latest real clear politics average. this is from before. >> sandra: the u.s. hitting his highest daily rate in two
7:05 am
months as colder temperatures drive people inside. half the nation reporting an increase in new infections. only texas, south carolina, and missouri are reporting a decline in cases. >> trace: the supreme court opening a new term today. a term unlike any other in its history and the battle to fill the late justice ruth bader ginsburg is only part of that story. what can we expect? >> busy, political. those eight remaining justices of the supreme court don't want to make things political but it's the reality of washington, d.c. with a nomination looming. the late justice ruth bader ginsburg arguments begin five minutes ago at 10:00 on the dot. they're always on time here at the supreme court and chief justice john roberts began by paying tribute to the late justice ruth bader ginsburg who was on the high court for 27 years. we're in the middle of a pandemic. no secret there and why the
7:06 am
arguments are being done by telephone. a teleconference. the justices aren't meeting inside the courtroom. they're calling in and holding arguments there. you see here the black drapery. this is a -- continues to hang over the bench of late justice dinnerburg inside the courtroom. a court tradition that dates back to at least 1873. that's all that's in the courtroom now as the justices are not inside. the flags outside the court also at half staff in memory of justice ginsburg. as republicans, trace, work to turn judge amy coney barrett into justice amy coney barrett across the street at the capitol. the eight remaining justices have quite a busy docket in the coming weeks. just one week after the election, the supreme court justices potentially will hear arguments about the future of the accordable care act. in the past barrett slammed fellow conservative chief justice john roberts and something she wrote in 2017. i want to put it up.
7:07 am
chief justice roberts pushed the affordable care act beyond its plausible meaning to save the statute. again, that is in an article she wrote for notre dame law school. trace, the president hopes to have judge barrett as justice barrett on the supreme court by the election. again, the affordable care act one week after and it's just one hot button issue this year. >> trace: quickly, you mentioned the court arguments have gone virtual. do we anticipate that the justices will meet in person at some point during the term? >> that's hard to tell at this point. we know that all of the arguments for october are this way. i would suspect until there is a vaccine and until you're seeing more places open and this virus is more under control we'll continue to see the justices. many of them are elderly, many have had health issues before. this seems to be working out for them for now.
7:08 am
>> trace: why take chances? david spunt live at the supreme court. thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert. new york city mayor bill deblasio wants to partly lock back down nine neighborhoods where covid cases have been rising since they reopen edmonton non-essential businesses and public and private schools would close affecting half a million people as early as wednesday. >> so the plan is to rewind in these nine zip codes. to insure that non-essential businesses are not open. we will be moving to close schools as well. >> sandra: tough news for so many people and businesses. david lee miller has the latest on that. how serious is the spike that these neighborhoods are seeing that would force a shutdown? >> it is serious and significant. it could even be life threatening. the mayor is calling for all zip codes where the infection
7:09 am
rate has hit at least 3% over the last seven days to shut down all non-essential businesses. many of the neighborhoods on the list have an infection rate that is in some cases more than double that 3% threshold. city wide the infection rate now stands at 1.7%. manhattan is not affected by deblasio's plan. the nine neighborhoods that could face new restrictions are in brooklyn and quens. many have residents not add hearing. and some say they're being unfairly singled out. restaurants would str to halt all dining and public and private schools shut their doors. houses of worship stay open with reduced capacity. it would take effect wednesday but only if given the green light by the governor. andrew cuomo has not committed
7:10 am
to deblasio's plan but blasted local government for not doing enough to contain the virus and the state will begin its own enforcement. >> local businesses that are in violation of the law will be fined and can be closed just like the bars and restaurants. if there are businesses that are violating the gathering rules, they can be fined and they will be closed. >> it's not just new york city seeing a spike in covid cases. just north of the city in the suburbs there has also been an increase in the infection rate. statewide according to the latest data more than 600 new yorkers are hospitalized with covid-19. and in a single day, sandra, another 14 new yorkers lost their life in the virus. back to you. >> sandra: david lee miller, thank you.
7:11 am
>> trace: breonna taylor's family members say their fight for justice is not over. what they're demanding from the governor after the attorney general released grand jury recordings and president trump's doctors say they could discharge him from the hospital as early as today if he keeps improving. the latest on his treatment and his progress is next. >> this is an important day as the president continues to improve and is are ready to get back to a normal work schedule. he has -- this morning we've already had a couple of discussions on items that he discussions on items that he wants dropped even lower. low me at newday, veterans can shortcut the refinance process and save $250 a month. $3000 dollars a year. with the va streamline refi at newday, there's no appraisal, no income verification, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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>> trace: breonna taylor's family and their tern are asking kentucky's governor to appoint a new special prosecutor to reopen her case after the state's attorney general last week released records of grand jury testimony. the grand jury indicted one former officer for endangerment in her shooting death during a drug raid at her apartment but did not charge any officers directly forte lore's death. the family and their attorney slamming attorney general daniel cameron in their open letter writing. unfortunately cameron did not serve as an unbiased prosecutor in this case and intentional by did not present charges to the grand jury that would have pursued justice for ms. taylor.
7:16 am
>> late friday morning when i returned to the bedside president had a high fever and oxygen saturation was dipping below 94%. given these two developments i was concerned for possible rapid progression of the illness. i recommended the president try some supplemental oxygen. >> sandra: those were the doctors at walter reed medical center keeping an eye on president trump's blood oxygen level as he recovers from covid-19. it has gone back to normal. when it dropped over the weekend doctors began steroid therapy giving the president a treatment among other medications he is already on. dr. tom frieden from the centers of disease control and convention. i want to give our viewers an update. we just received word the travel pool has been called. they were at the white house. they've been called to walter reed medical center this just coming into us. we don't know why. could be an update from the
7:17 am
doctors. but the details are not there yet. but the pool is heading over to walter reed medical center. we'll see what update we'll see. as far as the treatment the president has received what does it tell you how he is progressing and recovering from this virus? >> a few things. first the fact that he needed supplemental oxygen suggests he does have a moderately severe case of covid. otherwise you wouldn't have that drop in oxygen level. he has gotten four different treatments. oxygen, monoclonal antibodies. remdesivir and now dexamethasone or steroid. the first three are generally given early in the course of the illness. the antibodies are experimental but promising. remdesivir reduces the length of hospitalization and may improving outcomes. one that is puzzling is dexamethasone given late in the course of illness 7 to 10 days in to fight the body's own
7:18 am
inflammatory reaction which can be quite damaging. i think what this is a reminder of is that although we hope he will do very well completely recover quickly, this is potentially a very serious illness and that he became ill thursday or friday. another 200,000 americans got infect wednesday this virus and became ill. 1,000 of them will die. we hope everyone will recover quickly and fully. he is getting, it seems, the best possible care with a no regrets approach. giving him everything that's most promising or has some evidence that it works. >> sandra: we should take into account the fact that the white house has wonderful medical team, his team, but also facilities as well to care for the president. so now considering we just got this word that the travel pool is heading over to walter reed. his chief of staff saying they're optimistic the president could leave today. his medical team said the possibility he could leave by
7:19 am
end of day, what goes into deciding that? how will they know it is safe for the president to leave that hospital? >> well, on the one handsome -- who has some covid needs to be isolated for 10 days. potential exposure of others is one issue. in terms of his health you would want to know if there was a rapid downturn. it happens sometimes. people are feeling really well and then they feel worse very quickly they would be able to provide the best possible care quickly. that would be a major consideration for any physician caring for him. generally you would leave someone in the hospital for at least five days of remdesivir. that won't be finished until, i believe, wednesday. so i think it's really up to the patient and the physician and the kind of facilities that are available in different places. what you do worry about is a rapid deterioration in status and would you have the ability to manage that in different
7:20 am
locations? remember that the treatments he has gotten are in one case completely experimental. the antibodies. another remdesivir, have shown a modest benefit and dexamethasone usually useful late in the course of illness. so a lot of treatment being given. emphasizes this can be a very serious infection. and we really wish the president and his family and all others with this virus well. >> sandra: to your point about him being five days into diagnosis and hopefully we're about to get an update from the medical team there, at what point would you know he is out of the woods for the ability for the virus to take a turn for the worse? >> a day-by-day issue. you would expect to see the first 7 to 10 days how severe their pneumonia is, whether it affects other parts of their body. there are other people who get more severely ill a week or two after that. that is usually from the inflammatory response. it is the first 10 to 14 days
7:21 am
after illness that it's a day-by-day issue to see how someone is going to do. generally someone who is 74 and with the weight the president has is at increased risk of a bad outcome. these treatments are aimed at reducing that risk and giving him the best chance possible for a full and speedy recovery. >> sandra: if i could before you go, how do you believe -- a lot of the reporting has been on the mixed messaging coming from the white house versus the medical team at walter reed. what do you make of all that as the conflicting messages we've gotten at times throughout the process? >> it is puzzling. as a physician, there is some basic facts that we just i think we could have but we don't have. we don't know when his last negative test was. we don't know when his first positive test was. we don't know how low his oxygen level went or when he started the antibodies or what his blood tests are that led
7:22 am
them to give dexamethasone. because of a dropping oxygen level. it doesn't make much sense. you give dexamethasone later in illness if there is an inflammatory reaction you're trying to cool off. i would say that certainly every patient, including the president, deserves the right to privacy. at the same time the public has an expectation of at least standard, consistent information about the president's health and his prognosis. >> sandra: appreciate you coming on this morning. thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: trace. >> trace: following breaking news. white house pool has been called to walter reed medical center. we don't know why. could be a news conference happening there. mark meadows said they were hoping the president would leave the hospital stimulates this afternoon. we have heard no word that departure is imminent but we'll continue to watch that. new polls show joe biden's lead widening over president trump in florida ahead of his visit to the battleground state today. we will look at the ushers
7:23 am
florida voters say matter most. three republican senators test positive for coronavirus. renewing calls for routine testing on capitol hill. how lawmakers are reacting next. >> i've been in contact with my colleagues who are either tested positive or who have been exposed to someone who tested positive. to my knowledge as of last night everyone remains asymptomatic and mild symptoms that hasn't required hospitalization. ♪
7:24 am
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>> sandra: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top stories. president trump's doctors say he could return to the white house as soon as today if he continues to respond well to treatment for covid-19. white house travel pool just moments ago was told to gather at walter reed medical center. we haven't been told why but there could be a potential update on the president's condition. >> trace: former vice president joe biden is heading to florida today. he and his wife jill plan several stops in miami
7:29 am
neighborhoods but taking part in a televised town hall tonight. >> sandra: wildfires in california have burned more than 4 million acres topping the record from 2018. cal fire has 17,000 firefighters are battling two dozen major wildfires statewide. >> trace: president trump's coronavirus diagnosis and infections of at least three gop senators reigniting debate over a testing regimen on capitol hill. house minority leader kevin mccarthy and chuck schumer are pushing for it. congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on capitol hill. why is there such resistance from the leaders on testing? >> an issue of optics. a lot of concern what it would look like if you had members of congress getting tested on a regular basis and you didn't have tests throughout the general population. that's been an issue seven or
7:30 am
eight months into that pandemic. rodney davis has been advocating for this since the springtime. >> i hope folks here on capitol hill take a step back and realize that we've left a lot of people -- thousands of people on capitol hill vulnerable because we don't have the same capacity to address infections on the front end as fast as what the white house is able to do in this case. >> davis is among 14 house members and five senators who tested positive. three positive tests of republican senators on friday alone. two of whom are on the judiciary committee and why the senate suspended its floor schedule for the next two weeks. the confirmation for amy coney barrett will still start a week from today. democrats would like to delay the hearing until after the supreme court hears a obamacare case on november 10th. >> there is no reason on god's green earth why they shouldn't be delayed other than an effort
7:31 am
to rush witness through. >> they could have a virtual hearing for amy coney barrett next week. a lot of those details have still not been worked out. voting her out of committee senators can vote by proxy. a proxy vote, you have to vote in person on the senate floor. keep in mind you don't have to have a favorable vote to get the nominee out of committee. there was an unfavorable bork for 1987 and defeated on the senate floor. the committee sent the nomination of clarence thomas to the floor with no recommendation in 1991. trace. >> trace: chad pergram live on capitol hill. thank you. >> sandra: as promised we'll take a spin on the touch screen this morning and look at some new polling in the state of florida as joe biden plans to head down there and campaign today as the president is still in the hospital. the real clear politics average has right now joe biden polling 2 points ahead of president
7:32 am
trump. 47.8 to 45.8 in the key state of florida and then if i show you how they're polling among likely cuban american voters, you'll see a strong lead by joe biden there polling 58% to trump's 34%. in the middle 10% undecided voters. likely area that joe biden will target today with his visit to miami-dade county. latino voters, the former vice president polling 58% to donald trump at 34%. politics editor for the national journal is joining us now. you took us through this last week. you see the numbers in florida. a crucial state for these candidates. how is it looking for joe biden as he heads down to the state a bit later today? >> the trend lines are looking pretty favorable for joe biden. you talked about the averages, sandra. there is a new post-debate "new
7:33 am
york times" poll that came out this week showing joe biden with a five-point lead in florida and showing that only 28% of floridians approved of the president's performance at that very highly-watched debate last week. so it does seem like biden has gotten a little bit of a boost in florida after the debate and keep in mind president trump cannot lose florida and win the presidential election. it is virtually impossible. this is a must-win state for the president and the 29 electoral votes will go a long way to deciding who wins the presidency. >> sandra: making miami-dade a must-win county. come back to the touch screen here. i'll show you where joe biden will focus his energy today heading to the most populous county, josh. talk about this being a must-win for either candidate as you look back at the 2016 election results where you had
7:34 am
hillary clinton pull off a victory in miami-dade of over 300,000 votes over president trump. >> this is the one warning sign for joe biden and it is why he is heading down to south florida. that same "new york times" poll shows him only at 61% in miami-dade. that's well below where hillary clinton ended up finishing in her losing campaign in 2016. so what you are seeing in florida is that the hispanic voters in south florida actually like trump a lot more than they did in 2016. he is making some pretty important inroads down in south florida. at the same time you have a lot of the seniors, snow birds and also the i-4 corridor around tampa and orlando. the polling we've seen is joe biden making gains in those areas. a very close race in florida. it is fair to say trump has made gains with cuban americans and hispanic americans in florida but biden has made gains with seniors and a lot of independent-minded voters as
7:35 am
well in a must-win state. >> sandra: interesting as joe biden plans to campaign in little haiti and little havana before a national town hall that he is going to have this evening in miami. but as you mentioned, say palm beach county, florida, the 2016 results there. hillary clinton won by a narrower margin over donald trump there as well. this will be a key focus. the hill this morning, josh, writing -- asking the question will new florida voters tip the election in favor of joe biden? it focuses in on the typical movement you would see out of florida in the summer months didn't exactly happen because of the covid shutdown. so many people could work remotely. went down to their second homes. what does it do for voter turnout in florida? does it tip it in joe biden's favor? >> yeah. democrats have had trouble registering new voters and republicans by and large have done more because of the
7:36 am
pandemic. one of the nuggets in the polling shows that the president is losing about 11% of republicans. i think the president's base will be with him. they are showing up to register. they are enthused to vote. the only question is whether biden can pick off some traditional republican voters. there is evidence he is. that's why he is down in south florida today in an area where you have a lot of cuban americans, where you have an area trending more towards the president. but at the same time the president needs to hold onto his voters that helped him win the state comfortably in 2016. >> sandra: 1.2% was the margin of victory for trump in 2016. i'll finish looking at the real clear politics average to give people an idea, josh, as you know just how tight that race is there and how crucial some of these visits will be. this is joe biden's second visit post primary down to the states. we'll be watching all of that and what the trump campaign plans to do to defend the state.
7:37 am
josh, great to see you. thank you. >> thanks, sandra. >> trace: a florida man accused of requesting an absentee ballot for his dead wife facing a felony charge. officials say larry wiggins of sarasota requested the ballot for his wife even though she died in 2018. they discovered the fraud during a routine check of the voter rolls. he wanted to test the system and he tested the system and guess what, it worked. at least six people are dead and thousands evacuated after tropical storm gamma hit southeastern mexico. it has been pounding the yucatan pennsylvania since saturday with hurricane force winds and rain that caused flooding. gamma is expected to weaken over the next two days. >> sandra: doctors say president trump seems to be responding well to an experimental antiviral treatment for covid-19. what he is now taking and how
7:38 am
it is working. we'll have an update next. >> very long-acting antibody cocktail is like it replaces or can substitute a supplement for your own immune system. maybe buy a new car? record low rates have dropped even lower. use your va streamline refi benefit now. one call to newday is all it takes to save $3,000 every year.
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7:42 am
>> it's like we're substituting for or supplementing your own immune system with these very powerful antibodies. so patients who have the highest viral levels, who are at the highest risk presumably in a few days with our cocktail we can lower those viral levels by 99%, which is really important. it is all about beating the virus. >> trace: doctors at walter reed are giving the president that to beat the virus. leonard schleifer is here from a company that is producing the
7:43 am
anti-gloen all antibodies. dr. schleifer the concern here has been the polyclonal antibodies haven't finished with the testing phases yet. as this -- bad science, bad medicine and bad methods to give unproven things to powerful people that you don't give to average people. how would you respond to that, sir? >> well, first of all by the way it's two monoclonal antibodies to get it technically right. second of all i want to say all the hard working people at regeneron would probably take some disagreement with that statement who have been working for most through the pandemic in the epicenter to try and provide an important potential treatment. look, i think that when you are starting to deal with the use of experiment altherr piece
7:44 am
outside of controlled clinical trials it is right to be skeptical. skepticism has to give way to pragmatism. we're dealing with people such as the president of the united states who can't enroll in the clinical trial. who was a perfect candidate to benefit and make a huge difference in his course with regeneron's mono clonal antibodies. the fda approved it, doctors recommended it and we agreed. i think a lot of those -- as far as getting it to other people. we want to get it to other people. he is not the first person we have given it to. we're going to try to get an expanded emergency use authorization from the fda. >> trace: that's my next question, sir. people across the country who have coronavirus and their families have it and they're all asking because they see how well the president is doing, they want to know when can i get it?
7:45 am
what is the timeline for this and when will it be widely available? >> sure. great question. first of all i want to say that the government working with the department of defense started a long time ago, still months, to get us to start manufacturing this product before we even had the data to allow us to start treating people such as the president. so we've been making it. we won't have enough doses no matter what we do. we'll have maybe between 50,000 and 100,000 treatment courses originally. we've partnered with one of the largest manufacturers in the world to up on what we can produce so we're working hard on the production side no matter what. we have to make the stuff. in terms of when it might be more widely available, i think the proper way to do this is not through compassion use but do some sort of emergency use authorization. i don't know how long that will take. we're working with the fda. we think we meet the criteria.
7:46 am
it is truly an emergency. we have evidence the treatment might help. the risk/benefit analysis based on the safety of this class of drug and this drug in particular is appropriate for use in an emergency setting. so we're -- >> trace: the fda has said they're trying to get this thing moving forward. as for the actual antibodies themselves you say that it gives your body a chance to make -- to have a fair fight because initially when you get the coronavirus, your body is not ready to fight this. explain it for us simply. >> sure. in simple terms it is a race. the virus gets in your system and it starts to divide and invades your cells and make more and it is running its race doing its thing. it is trying to take over. the body's immune system spots this virus and it says oh my goodness, i have to get in this race and i have to beat the virus before the virus beats me. and that's what is going on in the normal immune system.
7:47 am
now most of the time the normal immune system probably is pretty good at that. but in some people the virus gets a head start and we would like to make it a fair fight by basically giving people an immune response in a vile. we're giving the actual antibodies that a person's immune response will eventually make. but we're giving them a whole load of them right away so they're ready to make this fight fair and win the race. >> trace: it is fascinating and it is showing great promise. dr. leonard schleifer, good of you to join us, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: we're watching u.s. stocks this morning as we start a brand-new week. the dow is up 350 points and it has been up since the open. what is driving this spike on a monday morning? we'll have that for you next. new projects means new project managers.
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>> >> sandra: the pool has been called to walter reed medical center. no details as to what we may be seeing sometime from now. whether it's the medical team, the president leaving, we just don't have the details. but we do know something is happening and melania trump just tweeted this out a moment ago. my family is grateful for all the prayers and support. i'm feeling good and continue to rest at home. thank you for medical staff and caretakers everywhere. my continued prayers for those twho are ill or have a family member impacted by the virus. i tell you this in the context of the medical team has said there is the potential for the president to leave the hospital and head back to the white house today. we've heard the president wants to do so, of course. but they're awaiting the green light from the medical team. we'll keep our eye on this and let you know what happens there in maryland and we'll bring that to you.
7:53 am
>> trace: he has to be itching to get out. a quick look at the markets. they're showing good stuff this morning. up 375 points as investors show optimism about president trump's health outlook. joining us now is connell mcshane from fox business. when the president was first diagnosed with coronavirus the markets were rattled. the more we see him and hear good things about his health wall street appears to be bouyed by this. >> the idea that sandra said that he may be released as early as today from walter reed. it helps, yes, and you're right on friday there was some nervousness or anxiety in markets. i would point out there also has been some stability on a relative basis. we haven't seen wild swings or huge movements in markets with
7:54 am
the dow down about 1/2% on friday and up now 1.3%. that's nothing really to write home about over a two-day period. interesting to watch that and we also know from speaking to investors that the stimulus talks, the comments, for example, from mark meadows earlier today that maybe we're making progress on that front are probably helping markets as well. it is not just the president's health. why is that? well, just a quick thought from some investor conversations, trace, that i've been having over a last couple of days is many investors haven't changed what they would describe as their base case believe it or not given what has gone on over the last couple of days. if they believed as the data shows that joe biden is more likely to win on november 3 they probably still believe. if they believe the president will come back or maybe the data is wrong and president will win they probably still believe that. we've seen some movement based on the president's health and improving health in this case as far as we know. but we haven't seen wild swings
7:55 am
in markets over the last couple of days. >> the chief investment strategist said she thinks maybe this whole thing will keep going up andown a little bit because of the uncertainty. given the lack of clarity on procedures to move forward, market volatility is likely to persist if not increase as the situation unfolds over the next six weeks. we have the election, national coronavirus numbers going up, we have the economic recovery still kind of a big question mark. it's a fair point, no? >> yes, exactly. your points you made at the end are probably the most important. it is one of many factors that could lead to more uncertainty. for example on the election point that you were bringing up, a decisive outcome on november 3 whether biden or trump victory would probably be reassuring to markets. where if we're not quite sure what the outcome is for days, weeks or months that could add
7:56 am
to uncertainty. so the idea that people just don't know exactly what they will be dealing with in the new year, that's a very real thing right now. and the president's health just adds to that as investors make decisions. a lot of the decisions that have to be made are madeing into the end of the year. what are taxes going to be? what type of investments do i want to make in january? a lot of that is still uncertain. this is one of many factors contributing to that. >> trace: always great to see you. thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert the white house press corps called to walter reed medical center. his doctors say he could leave today if he continues to improve. we'll have the latest from there as "america's newsroom" continues in a brand-new hour coming up.
7:57 am
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refi now and cut $3000 a year off your mortgage payments. loans can close in as little as 30 days. >> sandra: fox news alert and a look outside walter reed medical center where president trump has been battling covid-19. reporters have just been called on site there. not told exactly why they were told to gather at the hospital. we're watching it. it could indicate something could happen there soon as far as an update on the president or possible release of the president, which we said we have heard could happen at some point today. the president's doctors feeling optimistic about his recovery. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. hello, trace. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher.
8:01 am
white house chief of staff mark meadows says the president condition improved overnight but worth noting the white house doctors said this weekend that the most critical phase of covid-19 comes between days 7 and 10. that is still days away. the chief of staff echoed the doctors saying president trump could be back at the white house sometime today. >> this president, just like he just said, is really not only understanding what millions of americans have had to face as they've come in contact with this disease, but more importantly, the fact that we need to continue to work on therapeutics. his treatment has been remarkable, his strength is incredible and his fight for the american people. >> sandra: we have live fox team coverage. rich edson is on the campaign and how it is handling this a month before election day.
8:02 am
first to john roberts live at walter reed medical center where some things are happening. john, good morning. >> there are some things that are happening but nothing imminent i think. it was always the intention of the white house to call the pool up to be on stand by here at walter reed at 10:00 in the morning. they arrived a short time ago. just happened over the weekend that calling the pool up coincided with a briefing that was called. not to say we won't have a briefing today. we likely will at some point. i'm not led to believe that anything is particularly imminent. it could happen sometime in the next hour, might not happen for a few hours. we'll see. the big news of the day remains the president may get the opportunity to be discharged from walter reed at some point today. probably not until later in the afternoon, if his condition continues to improve. white house and his doctors say that he has been making steady progress and if he continues to make that progress throughout today they may give the green light for him to go back to the
8:03 am
white house. here is more of what mark meadows told "fox & friends" earlier today. >> that determination has not been made yet. he continued to improve overnight and his health continues to improve. the doctors will actually have an evaluation sometime late morning and then the doctors will make a decision whether to discharge him later today. >> if you haven't been following this moment by moment over the weekend there were some tense moments on friday. the morning after the president's coronavirus test came back positive. his blood oxygen level dropped leading to concerns he may be quickly deteriorating from mild to serious coronavirus disease. that's when the white house physician sean conley gave the president a couple of liters of oxygen. things quickly improved and conley wanted the president to come to the hospital so he was
8:04 am
brought to walter reed on friday afternoon. over the weekend he was started on a course of remdesivir continuing to take it over the next couple of days. it is possible he could be administered that at the white house. no reason why he couldn't. doctors also added the steroid dexamethasone when the president's blood oxygen levels dipped again over the weekend. there is a group of people gathered outside the main entrance since the president was admitted. yesterday evening the president wanted to thank them for their continued support. they've been standing out here for long hours. he got into one of his armored suvs and gave him a wave and led to instant criticism that he was putting the secret service drivers at risk. the press secretary said appropriate precautions were taken to protect the president and all those supporting it including personal protective equipment. the movement was cleared by the medical team as safe to do. one of the opening questions is where did the president, first
8:05 am
lady, kellyanne conway, utah senator mike lee and chris christie and so many others get coronavirus? there was that event that happened last saturday for amy coney barrett in the rose garden. also a subsequent reception inside the white house. that is being looked at as potential route of transmission and debate prep as well. contact tracing trying to figure out where it all came from. >> sandra: a lot of questions on this monday morning. john roberts outside the hospital. >> a note on what john was saying. kayleigh mcenany saying the white house won't release the number of staff members infected by the coronavirus because of privacy concerns. this after, of course, the president and first lady contracted the coronavirus. the 2020 presidential race still going on despite president trump's diagnosis. what the president's campaign promising to go full steam ahead. vice president pence is set to attend campaign rallies this week. rich edson live at the white
8:06 am
house. how else is the trump campaign planning to continue its push for the white house? >> good morning, trace. what the campaign is saying is that they're going to use the president's family, the vice president and they will fill that void while president trump recovers. campaign manager bill stepien quotes the first lamby, vice president pence and supporters will be out in full force to show the enthusiasm behind the president's reelection and working as hard as he always does. the vice president scheduled to arrive in salt lake city where he and kamala harris are planning to debate wednesday night at the university of utah. after the debate the trump campaign says the vice president will travel to what they describe as key states. he will travel to arizona, indiana, vote early and other events the campaign will announce. the president's family will help fill the void and host events in swing states.
8:07 am
following his covid diagnosis the president canceled campaign rallies in wisconsin, arizona and unclear when he will continue with campaigning. he has relished the crowds traveling to the upper midwest, florida, across the country trying to push his supporters to replicate their 2016 performance. with less than a month before election day it will have to be twitter. he tweeted more than a dozen times in all caps different campaign issues and urging americans to get out there and vote. >> trace: vote, vote, vote. rich edson live at the white house. thank you. >> he feels well. he has been up and around. our plan for today is have him eat and drink, be up out of bed as much as possible and be mobile. if he continues to look and feel as well as he does today our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow to the white house where he can continue his treatment course.
8:08 am
>> sandra: that from the update yesterday. the medical team treating the president saying he may be well enough to be discharged later today, five days into his battle with covid-19. they also said the 7-10 days of an after-infection is the most risky period. the white house optimistic the president could leave the hospital today. a live shot there. the pool team has been called in to cover. we don't know exactly what yet. it hasn't been announced. we're watching it. joining us down dr. nicole saphier. we don't have the details yet. meanwhile to the timeline. we know he is in day five now of his diagnosis and the doctors have said that day 7-10 are critical. so the decision is being made right now. is it safe for the president to leave the hospital and head back to the white house at this point? >> a couple things with that. first of all we know he is day
8:09 am
five into his symptoms and being diagnosed but we don't know what day he is from being exposed and infected. if he was infected at the rose garden ceremony you have day 10. that being said because he hasn't hit the 7-10 mark of his symptoms doesn't mean being inside of a hospital. the majority of americans who get covid-19 don't go to the hospital at all. they are making sure the president's oxygenation doesn't drop and if he continues to improve. he hasn't had a fever for 72 hours. the oxygen drop was saturday morning. 48 hours there. and they said yesterday that his blood work was trending in the right direction. all of those means he is probably set for discharge very soon. that being said, you know, they will keep a close eye on him. you have to remember, sandra, we don't like keeping patients
8:10 am
in the hospital any longer than necessary. keeping patients in the hospital carries some risk himself. they'll get him out as soon as possible. >> sandra: dr. saphier dr. feeden, former head of the cdc was my guest in the 9:00 hour this morning. i asked him about the messaging that has come from the doctors versus the white house and some mixed messaginging,, whatever you want to call it. he said he found it odd they don't tell us when his first negative and positive tests were. how low did the oxygen levels get. more about the blood tests. does it strike you odor would you just chalk that up to privacy of the patient? >> well, listen, i think we can get involved in the minutia. there are details that as a physician i'm serious about. whether it's my right as the public to know. whether it matters, i don't
8:11 am
know. thursday evening -- late thursday evening is whe had his first positive test. we don't know if he has been tested since then or measuring his viral load. if it's decreased. they did say his pulse oxygen dropped to 93%. one we heard. i don't believe we have gotten the number from the white house. 93% is not drastically low. as soon as they put oxygen on it went up right away. that can happen to people who aren't in the hospital and that alone wouldn't make someone go to the hospital and be admitted. i'll be honest, i think they're being very aggressive. he is the president of the united states. early intervention is key for him and they are treating it appropriately. >> sandra: last question on the spin the president took around to see all his supporters outside the hospital. he surprised everybody by getting into the suv and had secret service in there with
8:12 am
him. was it a good idea for somebody carrying the infection to be that close to others? mark meadows the chief of staff defended it this morning. i'll read it for you. >> the interesting thing. they criticize he put his secret service agent at risk. the secret service agent. how do we think he got here? we came here in marine one, the secret service that is with him has been with him. he has been with him in cars and yet we took additional precautions with ppe and others to make sure they were protected. but a number of folks are trying to just make a big deal of that. >> sandra: the attending physician at walter reed called it insanity and put out a tweet saying every person in the vehicle during what he called completely unnecessary presidential drive-by now must quarantine for 14 days among other things he had to say. >> you know, i agree with that.
8:13 am
if you were in close proximity to someone covid positive at that point you are supposed to self-quarantine for 14 days. we balance the mental health aspect with the physical health of our patients and sometimes we have patients go outside to see family and friends to get fresh air. is it a bit crazy? sure. covid-19 is crazy. anything goes with president trump. i wasn't surprised to see that. >> sandra: we'll see what happens next as we look live outside of that hospital where the president still remains at this hour, dr. saphier, thank you. >> trace: joe biden is on the road campaigning in a key battleground state today and he is set to hold an in-person event there just hours from now. plus as more senators test positive for covid-19, some democrats say that's reason enough to delay the supreme court confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett. but one columnist calls that argument a partisan stunt. we'll take a closer look next.
8:14 am
>> as long as we have 51 votes, we will deem the measure passed. we are going to move her forward and confirm her. veterans: you know mortgage rates have fallen to
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8:17 am
>> sandra: joe biden back on the campaign trail focusing on
8:18 am
battleground florida where he is set to hold several in-person events throughout the day today. the democratic nominee looking to maintain his momentum as the latest nbc news, "wall street journal" poll show him 14 points ahead of president trump after the first debate. peter, what's joe biden's goal in that state today? >> he is trying to reach voters, sandra, in miami's little havana and little haiti as he claims to be holding his tongue. >> i'm in a little spot here because i don't want to be attacking the president and the first lady now because they are now the -- have contracted coronavirus. and jill and i pray for their quick and full recovery. >> but the trump campaign says that even though biden pledged to pull all negative campaign ads almost 100 of them ran on
8:19 am
sunday in swing states including an ad that tells voters they have a chance to put the darkness of the past four years behind them and top biden surrogates are speaking critically of the president including a headliner, bernie sanders heard saying as he exited maybe some republicans will make fun of us for this event. we limited attendance. no one was let in. the president and the republican party have a different approach on that they have down played the virus. the biden campaign is now saying he is not tested for covid-19 every day. just before he travels. last night's result was negative. he is on his way here. the press pool traveling with him they're running a half hour behind schedule but on their way to the airport in wilmington for the kwik trip to the plane and miami this afternoon. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you.
8:20 am
>> listen, i think it's important we're clear about the risks that president had and there was some real concern friday morning. the doctor and i talked friday morning. there was real concern that helped us make the decision to come to walter reed. that being said, he improved very quickly. the treatment has been outstanding. >> trace: white house chief of staff mark meadows doubling down on comments he made about president trump's health over the weekend despite criticism he was contradicting the president's doctors. the "wall street journal" editorial board slammed the confusion it caused writing mixed messages like those on saturday hurt the president. let's bring in dan henninger the deputy editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page and fox news contributor. i spoke to the white house yesterday and brought this whole thing up about mixed messages and i was told the reason they didn't come out and
8:21 am
clear up the confusion is because it was a fluid situation. are you buying that? >> only up to a point, trace. really, what is one of the great realities of our day especially regarding the trump white house? it is that non-disclosure is a non-starter. big things always leak in our day and age and the stories about the president's blood oxygen levels eventually leaked. they were not able to suppress that. i think the white house communications staff should have known that something like that was going to happen. so they went through this period of having to deal with these contradictions which, of course, the press jumped on. i think our argument in the editorial is under circumstances like this transparency to the extent possible is the best policy especially with the coronavirus, trace. because the american people obviously themselves are sitting out there looking for
8:22 am
straight talk about this virus. it affects them, their families, their workplaces, meetings with their own families and so forth and so with the president himself being treated i think what they really want is straight talk about the status of his condition and that's what we should be getting right now. >> trace: dr. sean conley came out yesterday and acknowledged that he left out some information about what you pointed out that the oxygen levels of the president. the fact he was getting oxygen at the white house before he went to walter reed. he said he did it because he was trying to keep an upbeat attitude. the "wall street journal" writes this. americans want to know the truth about the president's health which bears on current governance and the election in a month. the white house needs to reassure americans not with happy talk but with daily medical briefings that are candid and complete. not to say the president has the right to withhold some private medical information but
8:23 am
the big picture really that critics say needed to be out there. what are your thoughts? >> well, of course the trump white house is always with matters of the coronavirus tried to put the most positive kind of opinion about it out there. i suspect that was not doctor conley's call. be that as it may, i agree there is a point at which the president's medical treatment is a matter for -- between him and his doctors. a lot should be disclosed. but on the other hand the coronavirus is a very difficult disease to treat and i don't think it's in the president's interest or the country's interest to be putting out so much detail that it allows every doctor across the country to start second guessing the team that is treating president trump and then somehow requires them to go out on the steps of walter reed and justify the treatment they're giving him. we know a lot about that treatment. we know that some of it is
8:24 am
experimental drugs. so far it seems like a not typical course of treatment for a patient with the president's level of coronavirus. >> trace: i want to move on if i can. the confirmation hearings are coming up and the democrats are now saying we have a few senators who have been diagnosed with coronavirus and these hearings should be delayed and the republicans are saying fat chance. "wall street journal" writes this quoting again. democrats know the judiciary committee can function safely with proper precautions. we learned in the bret kavanaugh confirmation that democrats will use every procedural trick to keep republicans from electing judges. we've been doing zoom congressional hearings for six months now. >> we have. if this is the best they've got i would guess that amy coney barrett is on her way to
8:25 am
confirmation. the entire country, trace, is running on a virtual basis right now. and that includes no other institution than the supreme court itself of the united states. they held oral arguments in the last term virtually. the senate judiciary committee has confirmed and held hearings for at least five judicial nominees, not for the supreme court but for the lower courts, they have done that virtually. so we are all living in a virtual world right now and i suspect amy coney barrett's hearings will be held one way or another. >> trace: i suspect your right. good to see you as always, dan henninger. thank you. >> good to be with you, trace. >> sandra: the supreme court opens a new term with a tribute to justice ruth bader ginsburg. chief justice john roberts there was a memorial to ginsburg who died last month of cancer saying her contributions
8:26 am
were immeasurable and remembered as a dear friend and treasured colleague. the courtroom is not being used and justices are working remotely due to the pandemic. the president's coronavirus battles raising red flags for some national security experts who warn our adversaries could exploit the current situation. reaction from general jack keane who will join us next. >> many men and women on the watch tower at the pentagon, at the state department and the white house making sure the country is safe.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> sandra: fox news alert half past the 11:00 hour on the east coast. breaking news. the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany has confirmed she has tested positive for the coronavirus. she has put out a statement. she says this after testing negative consistently including every day since thursday, i tested positive for covid-19 monday morning while experiencing no symptoms. no reporters, producers or members of the press are listed as close contacts by the white house medical unit. i had no knowledge of hope hicks diagnosis prior to holding a white house press briefing thursday. as an essential worker i have worked diligently to provide needed information to the american people at this time says kayleigh mcenany. i will begin the quarantine process and continue working on behalf of the american people remotely. the press secretary to the president is the latest to confirm she has tested positive
8:32 am
for covid-19. let's bring in john roberts. he is not at the white house, he is at walter reed medical center this morning. john, on the news. >> you know, i can't say that i'm surprised at all, sandra, because whatever infection and transmission that has seized the white house, it has literally gone through that building. you had the president, the first lady, you had other people at the amy coney barrett nomination. you had people involved in debate prep. people who were at the debate testing positive and now kayleigh mcenany has tested positive. we're praying for her, of course. she has a very young daughter, husband as well and as a mother you never want to get coronavirus because you don't know where it could go in your family. so prayers go out to kayleigh mcenany she will be okay during this. it goes to show how contagious
8:33 am
this virus can be. the fact it has infected so many people at the white house is quite remarkable. we expect we get a medical briefing at walter reed sometime today. maybe something early in the afternoon. right now the president's doctors are consulting with him and white house staff about the way forward and whether or not the president has been improving enough that the president could potentially go home. we'll likely hear from the doctors a little later on this afternoon. back to the kayleigh mcenany positive test for coronavirus, there are other people at the white house who i know who i've been in contact with close to the president coming back from bedminster in new jersey on thursday afternoon who have not yet tested positive. will they test positive in the future? we don't know. there were also several of us who were fairly close to
8:34 am
kayleigh mcenany during the briefing on thursday at the white house, myself included. i've been feeling fine ever since then but now that she has tested positive perhaps a test for me is in the offing. we'll see. our prayers go out to her and her family and her young daughter that everything will be all right. >> sandra: for so many of us who have known kayleigh mcenany for so long. thoughts and prayers for her family. she has a young daughter at home yet. not even a year yet. she started in her role as press secretary april 7th and by the president's side throughout this. add this to the growing list of folks inside the white house, around the white house, chris christie is hospitalized at the moment. we know the rnc chairwoman has confirmed positive, kellyanne conway. the list continues to grow. our thoughts with her as she has just revealed that news this morning. john, thank you. >> thanks.
8:35 am
>> sandra: president trump receiving around the world national security briefing by phone at walter reed. the president was told no foreign adversaries with attempting to take advantage of the current health situation. >> we have a great vice president. we have a government that is steady. the government and president is doing well and i won't address hypotheticals. we have plans for everything. >> sandra: let's bring in retired four star general jack keane and chairman of the institute for the study of war. great to see you the morning. thank you for being here. as we continue to take in the news about just how many are now infected with this virus in the president's inner circle, what are you hearing around the globe as far as this being an opportunity, a national security risk to our nation. what are you hearing, general? >> i think that's quite overstated. and i've seen some of the people in the media talking
8:36 am
about this. we do not have a national security crisis or a particular threat as a result of the president getting coronavirus. that's just the reality of it. why is that? well first of all, the president, despite having the virus, is able to make decisions and hold meetings and do his duties. he has been talking to foreign leaders. i know a couple of them that received phone calls from him. so a lot of his normal duties are being carried out and his decision making is there. the national security apparatus of the united states of america is more formidable than any country in the world. none of this is -- 24/7 our intelligence agencies are out there full throttle collecting, observing and surveilling. diplomatic posts around the
8:37 am
world are operating. that means they are talking to other countries and their leaders about our president and what our status is and what his status is. also, the united states military ground forces are in over 100 countries and our planes are in the air and our ships are at sea. and that is all around the globe. the national security apparatus is up and is running and has not had to increase its alert status. but it is very comprehensive and full throttle and hasn't been disrupted at all. >> sandra: in the "washington post" piece this morning, nick rasmussen who served as director of the national counter terrorism center in the obama and trump administrations i see weakness and distractedness and division. talk about precedent as far as the president's ability to carry out his duties, as far as taking in all the reports needed and all the intelligence
8:38 am
needed to make the decisions that we need him to make as a leader of this country while he is in walter reed medical center. >> certainly. what you just quoted is obvious that people look at anything that's taken place with this administration through a certain prism. some of it is negative regardless of what has taken place. in the same article steve hadley does not think that we're particularly more vulnerable as a result of what has taken place. this is a very aggressive and vigorous president that we have. i'm comfortable with the fact that he is doing his presidential duties at walter reed just as he would be doing them in the white house. and when his doctors believe it is time to be discharged, he will be. i'm convinced he is top of what is taking place.
8:39 am
if the illness set him back. this is important for our viewers to understand. unfortunately if something like that happened our national security apparatus would still function full throttle like it is and the vice president would become the decision maker in circumstances like that. our vulnerability would not be increased. it doesn't mean there aren't adversaries out there who would not see that as an opportunity to want to take advantage of the united states. i mean they're doing that every single day. we've seen what china has been doing from japan to malaysia, australia to india. putin is in belarus now with airborne troops right now as we speak. he is going to keep them there indefinitely. the iranians have increased attacks against the united states inside iraq with the single purpose of driving the united states out iraq.
8:40 am
these things are out there. our adversaries seek opportunities, sandra, and find vulnerabilities. but this is not one of them. they will do things certainly to take advantage of the united states whenever they can. >> sandra: general jack keane always great to talk to you. thank you very much. >> good talking to you, sandra. >> trace: vice president mike pence and nancy pelosi are first and second in line of presidential succession. what they're learning about the president's health and what they're doing to stay safe next. and now you can save $3000 a year. veterans can shortcut the process with newday's va streamline refi. there's no appraisal, no income verification, and not a single dollar out of pocket. rates are at the lowest they've been in our lifetimes. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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>> trace: nancy pelosi is two heartbeats away from the presidency but seems out of the loop when it comes to the president's health as the man ahead of her in the line of succession, vice president pence is out on the campaign trail this week. with us now is jose aristimuno.
8:45 am
were you surprised that nancy pelosi is finding out about the president's health like the rest of us through the media? >> absolutely. she should be getting straight updates from the white house. so i'm surprised because in any given normal presidency the protocol would be this person, the speaker of the house, would be getting adequate information day-by-day and hour by hour. we've known the relationship between the white house and the democratic leadership hasn't been the best. >> trace: as far as the number two person in line. vice president mike pence, jose, there are some critics saying maybe the vice president should stick closer to home so that he is healthy in case something does happen to the president. but the chief campaign advisor steve cortez said this. the trump campaign advisor
8:46 am
quoted we don't operate in fear. the president has recovered with terrific progress so far. the vice president is healthy and working non-stop. continuity of command is well established. we won't cower or had, the country, the administration or our campaign. we're out and about and not about to pull off the trail. >> i understand there is no question they have to continue campaigning. i don't think anybody would argue against that. we know the vice president mike coronavirus as of today. we learned people like kayleigh mcenany she just found out she has coronavirus and tested positive today. and after testing herself day after day. so i think it's irresponsible. i'm not saying he shouldn't campaign but if they did it maybe some of the same way the democrats did it and they practiced social distancing and actually wore the masks maybe i would say do it. they hold these big rallies, the vice president of the
8:47 am
united states might have coronavirus. he takes time. sometimes it takes as long as two weeks for the virus to show up. i do think it is irresponsible. they should continue to campaign but find a safe way to do it. >> trace: he tested negative today for clarity. "politico" wrote the following. to your point, jose. other people close to pence bemoaned his decision to fly halfway across the country while the president remains hospitalized. administration officials are given limited updates on his status. the protocols used to keep the vice president safe are the ones that failed for the president. >> we're going through tough times. i think what they have to do first and foremost it looks like president trump is getting better. i pray for him and the first lady and kayleigh mcenany and anybody affected by this horrible pandemic. but i think again -- i think
8:48 am
mike pence should continue to campaign, maybe use technology, digital, zoom, what have you to get that done. i think going to this open rallies right now it's quite dangerous and irresponsible. >> trace: good to see you, sir. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> trace: we'll be right back.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>> sandra: fox news alert as we reported a short time ago, kayleigh mcenany has confirmed she tested positive for the coronavirus. she put out a statement a moment ago. she joins a long list of the president, first lady, other members of his inner circle who have tested positive. kayleigh mcenany, the latest
8:53 am
joining hope hicks, nicholas luna. and many others listed on the screen. chris christie coached the president in his latest debate. in the statement that kayleigh mcenany that she just put out saying she has tested negative consistently including every day since thursday. she said i tested positive for covid monday morning while experiencing no symptoms. she said no reporters, producers or members of the press have -- she defended the timing of her knowledge of white house advisor hope hicks positive covid 1 testing. she had no prior knowledge of that prior to holding the press briefing thursday. she was an essential worker and has provided information to the american people at this time. she will begin the quarantine
8:54 am
process in that statement. >> trace: the press briefing she was talking about john roberts was there as he always in in the front row and bringing up the prospect, protocol john might look to get tested this week. the white house we noticed before kayleigh mcenany came out and said that she had tested positive for coronavirus, the white house had said they were not going to release a list of everybody in the white house who has tested positive. as for kayleigh mcenany, she is young, she is healthy, she has a young daughter. she was very public, sandra, with her health issues talking about the double mastectomy she underwent because she had the genetic marker for breast cancer. it is not to say she has an underlying condition, she doesn't. of course her age being what it is, she stands to do extremely well in her fight against the coronavirus. but it just goes to show you that this contact tracing will
8:55 am
be important for the white house to figure out where this started and how it affected so many people at such -- in such a small niche group. fascinating to find out. >> sandra: it all happens as it has been two hours since the pool was called from the white house to walter reed medical center where the president is still being treated. there is obviously thinking that perhaps we would be getting an update from the president's medical team as we have gotten in recent days around this time. that has not happened yet. also we hear the president wants to leave as soon as possible. so he could be leaving today. mark meadows the chief of staff optimistic the president could leave today. medical team saying there is a chance he could be leaving today. we'll be watching all of this as we do hope the president is recovering well there inside of the walter reed medical center. >> trace: if history is a guide at all, you look at the press conferences and news
8:56 am
conferences. if they aren't doing one this morning it is a good sign that the president is doing better and the next time you will likely hear from his doctors is when the president actually walks out of walter reed medical center and gets back in a car and maybe back to marine one to go back to the white house. >> sandra: kayleigh mcenany the latest to confirm she is positive with coronavirus. more on the breaking news as it comes in. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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speak of the white house travel pool was called to walter reed about two hours ago, we do know the president might be leaving the hospital today. >> we'll be watching all of it, coverage continues on the fox news channel. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, another member of the president's inner circle has now tested positive for the coronavirus. within the past few minutes, we have learned white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany has tested positive this morning after it has taken negative every day since last thursday. she says she is so far not experiencing any symptoms. this as we await new information from the president's medical team at walter reed medical center on his recovery from covid-19. yesterday they said if he continues to improve they could discharge him as early as today. here's chief of staff mark


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