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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 18, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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vietnam. thank you for your service, sir. thanks to everybody. right now it's all about harris faulkner. >> harris: thank you dagan. president trump's team is stepping up accusations of election fraud in wisconsin. you're watching outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. the trump campaign says it will file a petition for a recount in two wisconsin counties alleging illegal absentee ballots and voter id's were circumvented. joe biden leads bide 20 thousand votes in wisconsin. georgia now, more than 3000 additional uncounted ballots have turned up in the recount there. a state official says proper procedures were not followed. the trump campaign is alleging a pattern of problems in these key battle ground states there were three groups of ballots that were uncounted found in georgia amounting to
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nearly 6000 votes. 234 pages of sworn affidavits in michigan alone allege egregious conduct by poll work e. allegations of fraud. real questions that need to be asked. we kneeled integrity in your election system. john roberts is live at the white house. jon jon i think they filed the receipt count petition, that's in wisconsin. they're filing for a recount in two counties, with the biggest votes as well, milwaukee county and dane. there's about 800 thousand votes, the basis, illegally altered absentee ballots, the trump campaign illegally issued, absentee ballots and wisconsin voter id laws. the two counties that they are filing this petition is are the county where the most voting
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irregularities were. margin for victory for joe biden is about 20 thousand votes. trump campaign hoping they can find 20,000 to make up the difference. the campaign set side $3 million to pay for it. in georgia the audit of votes expected to be completed by 11:59 tonight. the georgia has found in floyd county 2600 votes, netting 800 votes for president trump. fayette county 2755 votes netting an additional 449 votes for president trump. walton county, 224 votes were discovered, they were not uploaded from a memory card. we've don't know how many were for president trump. walton county was voting 74% in favor of the president. the extra ballots not enough to overturn the current vote in georgia. that stands at about 13,000
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votes to the favor of joe biden. but it does certainly buttress the president's claims that there are a lot of voting irregularities. the georgia recount is doing did you know your protest. the real number is in matching signatures. governor must open the unconstitutional consent decree and call in the legislature. that was signed in march and lays out the process for how signatures are verified. the president insisting signatures are not being properly verified in georgia though the secretary of state brad raffensperger insists that yes they are. senators david perdue and kelly loeffler in a fight for a january 5th run off are saying brad raffensperger should resign. here is what raffensperger said earlier today i felt they were coming under pressure from the trump campaign and they sent that out
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there. and i don't know if there's a per function torii request for my resignation but i'm not going anywhere. i was hired by the voters of georgia and i'll be up for reelection, and the voters will decide that issue let's go through a couple other things going on. rudy giuliani who you see arguing anything a federal district court in pennsylvania yesterday against a motion to dismiss a trump complaint though giuliani did notice that if they lost that case that could get them to the supreme court. losing might not be a bad thing. in wayne county michigan two republican canvas boards initially refused to certify the vote counts of the canvas in wayne county. after a second vote they turned around and did vote in favor of certifying that canvas, the president saying they were pressured into doing it. feel tweeting at first they voted against because there were
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far more votes for people, sad. then they were threatened, screamed at and forced to change their vote. 71% mess, don't harass. the president filing his see upper secretaurity chief chris krebbs, he said the statement that the election was secure was not accurate. krebbs shown the door, i'm told it was not just that statement, it was a number of other things as well. rumor control that krebbs was doing. that full story yet to be told. >> harris: you had it all. it just happened on the record from the biden campaign, statement on wisconsin recount push now by petition, by the trump campaign. back and forth we go. just real quickly, the official canvas results reaffirm joe biden's clear win in wisconsin after wisconsin voters turned out to cast their ballots in
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record numbers. cherry picked and selective recounting will not change these results. it goes on. to add to your already complete reporting, i don't know howie dare do that, but that just happened you know what? you can compare that statement to the one that the bush campaign made in 2000. so -- >> harris: okay. thank you. governors are ramping up coronavirus restrictions ahead of thanksgiving. pennsylvania has ordered masks indoors when there are visitors to a home, even if everyone is socially distanced. in oregon indoor and outdoor gatherings are limited to six people. in new jersey the state is encouraging people to avoid singing or shouting when they get together for thanksgiving. while in michigan, the latest shut down goes into effect today meaning no in person schools, sports, indoor dining or movie theaters across the state.
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governor whitmer explained that decision we have to follow the epidemiology, the public health experts and make decisions that combat the spread before our hospitals get overwhelmed. that's what the modeling is telling us where we're headed right now, a thousand deaths a week in michigan p >> harris: garrett these new restriksdz will impact a lot of small businesses. many are concerned that these actions could push them out of business for good. including bowling alleys. we visited one earlier this week. like most indoor entertainment activities they were shut down for six months earlier this year. just opened up a couple months ago. the owner feels like he and other small businesses are being punish punished despite putting in place strict measures and to be able to stay up and make a living. while it's important for the state to take action they're not
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doing enough to help businesses deal with the consequences of those actions in my whole life i never thought my government would tell me i have to close. i can go through re-sessions, and i can do all that. it's my fault if i don't make it. but i don't have -- it's not my fault this time and i have no choice thanksgiving celebrations will look a lot different with states putting in place new restrictions ahead of the holiday. at least a dozen states are limiting gatherings to ten people, in michigan two households n. new mexico no more than five people. in chychrun and philando officials are calling for no indoor gatherings aof any kind. record numbers of new cases by the day. according to the covid tracking project yesterday there were more than 150,000 new cases nationwide, and there were more than 76,000 people hospitalized with the disease. harris? >> harris: garrett thank you
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very much. i want to bring in republican congressman doug collins of the great state of georgia now. first of all welcome to the program. haven't seen you in a minute, it's great to have you on always good to be with you. >> harris: covid-19 has been battering your home state of georgia. the state now is in the nation's topp topple ten for cases and deaths with more than 9,000 fatalities, nearly 40000 cases, case number rising by 15% from a month ago. it's tough to balance those things. when you watch the reporting from across the country people have lost so much. as a leader, elected or otherwise but someone who is looked upon to have the answers what do you say to the people we need it take precautions, we're a mask, wash our hands, do
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the things we need to do. also the other part of this is economic activity, going into winter months, activities for restaurants and other things, the bowling alley, business owners said it, we've done all we can possibly do to make sure we follow the safe precautions, at the end of the day the government is forcing us out of business. the questions i have on shutdowns and restrictions, five people go they aring, no inside gathering, dealing with a people who may have more than five people in the house, these are the things we need to balance the safety of our counsel from you, also with the reality of this virus and with the hope felt vaccine that are just on the or rye son a county official in oregon is calling out governor indicate brown's new restrictions ahead of the holidays, watch congressman okay this is a travesty, this happening in our state.
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how dare governor brown think she's going to come out, send the police into people's homes and arrest them and fine them for having a thanksgiving meal with their family? while at the same time she allows rioters and an arc ifrts to destroy downtown city of portland. that's hypocrisy. >> harris: your reaction we've seen the hypocrisy since the election. it's amazing the discussion about confining families, taking thanksgiving breaks and not letting them be able to travel or meet with their families yet you hear none of this when it comes to the cell abrasions that are erupting from democrats thinking they won the election or the riots or anything else. we have to have a consistent plan here. my concern is this, be in states that have been locking down, shutting down, michigan, no, knock, those cases are back rising. states like georgia we have rising cases but we're taking those cases while your economy
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and business are open. this is what joe biden promised. . this is exactly what he promised, he would try, encourage shutdowns, and his supporters are doing that right now. it's going to lead to very tough times. actually i believe it takes away from the seriousness of the virus. when you do these types of restrictions knowing you can't enforce them. doing things like this i think turns people the other way. >> harris: well you know congressman i'll move on to this now. you're leading the trump campaign's recount effort in your state of georgia. we want to get your reaction to the new trove of uncounted ballots there. here is the georgia official on the president gaining votes after discovering all of those thousands of uncounted ballots, we're going to continue to follow the law and our processes. he has gained in the finding of those votes. so the system is working the way it is intended. the frustrating situation
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overall essentially in the united states right now, if this was 14 thousand go anned votes the other why, i believe biden supporters would be screaming this was all inappropriate and not done correctly. >> harris: first of all your reaction my reaction is this secretary of state's office has been telling everybody in georgia everything was proper, the processes were right, everything was right. they've been pushing back and name calling and other things about people who didn't believe this was right. if we did not ask for this. if the campaign didn't ask for that, you would not have found those volts, the affidavits from election officials, you wouldn't have found issues that we're finding of how the signature matches and other things that need to be looked at. quit trying to cover up the fact it was not a perfect election in georgia, we found votes. these votes would never have been found without the request for the recount.
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to say the processes were working, everything has been fine, there's no problem, we know that's not true. it's a shame that instead of trying to work to find a real slugs so people can be assured that the elections are good going forward we're still trying to basically cover for the problems that have existed since this election. >> harris: real quickly, forgive my ignorance on this point, i know it's an innocent question, go basic. are some of the same people going to be in charge when you have the runoffs in georgia? the charge now? >> harris: yeah, of the election oh, yes. it's the same people. this is why it's so important. we may be finishing the recount here. the next phase which the other part of the campaign will take over that we're dealing with is they're going to have to deal with these issues, come january 5th it's the same people, same stuff that we've been having to work under. they're going to get better at this. people will lose hope.
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i'm telling conservatives you cannot lose hope. you have to get back out and vote. senator perdue and loeffler need them. >> harris: i would say that for all americans all over the country. we usually just don't know about them i think up this close because it's close and so many people voted. i'll move on. we mentioned the runoff. let's stay there, more than $120 million spent by the candidates, political parties and outside groups. a lot of money pouring into politics in georgia. campaign data show roughly eight in ten donations are coming from out-of-state for the democratic continue dates they want to make sure chuck schumer becomes majority leader in the send not. they want nancy pelosi as speaker and they want the majority in the senate. they want to keep people thinking biden won. we have to protect the senate. the senate is the last bags of
10:16 am
the investigations that we still need to know. they're the last bags to make sure policies are coming. frankly there have been activists telling people to move to georgia to register to vote. i have a quick thing to say. they better start liking the peach state, if they don't that's a felony. encouraging people to commit felonies is not look very well upon down here in georgia either. >> harris >> harris: i'll let you go, bring you back. i have so many more questions, good to see you always good to be with you. take care. >> harris: president-elect joe biden says he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. how some businesses are languaging to offset the cost of that. senator josh hawley going after mark zuckerberg on censorship and some explosive allegations from a base book whistle-blower the people are supposed to
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>> we build back better we'll do so with higher wages, including the $15 minimum wage nationwide. better benefits, stronger collective bargaining rights that you can raise a family on. that's how we build back the middle class better than ever. >> harris: president-elect joe biden wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, prompting businesses to plan how they would offset the additional costs. hillary vaughn has more from wilmington delaware hi harris, $135 an hour is
10:22 am
more than double what employers are expected to pay on the federal level. that would be a shock to the system. businesses are getting busy. pot legal sandwich the cost could be even higher for workers. the congressional office said it could cost 1.3 million employees. it would have an impact on their overall labor costs. they're worried it would hit small businesses even harder. ben carson biden was challenged on at the final presidential debate last month pfrmths how are you helping your small businesses when you're forcing wages, some places $15 is not so bad. in other places, other states,
10:23 am
$135 would be -- there is no evidence when you raise the minimum wage businesses go out of business. that is simply not true. >> the world's largest organization says a $15 minimum wage would be devastating to small businesses telling us we see more areas where we agree than disagree with the biden administration. i would anticipate some of the areas where we disagree may call by the wayside given a closely divided congress. now president-elect the biden needs to work with congress to raise the federal minimum wage. the easiest way to do that would be to revive the wage act that the house passed last year. he would need to convince the senate to vote on it. even if it did pass congress it's not likely it would be implemented until 2022, so a little ways down the road. >> harris: well bringing into focus even sharper the importance of those run off
10:24 am
elections in georgia and who will control the send senate, republicans are democrats. hillary vaughn thank you very much. progressives are already unhappy with some of the president-elect's white house staff choices. why they're calling them unacceptable. plus, the ceos of facebook and twitter taking a barrage of questions about censorship. why republicans say it is time to take on big he can it? >> they say we do not put our thumb on the scale politically, we're unbiased. in fact they're offering a very different product than this. when you offer one thing and provide another that is in the thing you promised, that's against the law.
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10:29 am
claims of censorship. republican josh hawley says a former facebook employee came to his office and said facebook sensors certain contact on line the whistle-blower indicated to me in fact they coordinate very, very closely. this warrants further action by congress. congress is going to have to get off its back side and do something here or these corporations are going to run america. these are the most powerful companies we've seen in american history. they're the most powerful companies in the world. it's time we took them on. >> harris: ari fleischer joins me now. always great to have you on the program ari. first of all your top line thoughts about the action that needs to be taken? you heard from senator hawley there. what do you envision? well i think the actions got to be taken by these tech giants. i'm leery of government action.
10:30 am
i don't know that the government knows how to get it right. these are private sector companies. here in the nutshell is a problem. america is essentially a centrist country. most people think their voice somehow does get heard. when people in power start to question of someone's voice as is increasingly happening to conservatives it pushes people into radicalism. if you think your voice will be heard you think we're a send wrist country. if you think there's no where for your voice go to that people in power will and he of you it pushes you to extremes left and right. the more they do this to conservatives they're pushing people into a radical direction >> harris: they do a lot of talking and you heard one of the senators saying yesterday you've got to start to actually bring the documents that they asked for, i think it was ted cruz of texas, you have to actually bring the documents that are asked for. and are they taking people
10:31 am
seriously these tech giants? you know i think the real problem is they live in a liberal bubble. they live where if you suppress a pro trump voice pat on the back you're objective you did what needs to be done. they're missing half the country. this is dangerous, what held us together, our glue is central his many. when these powerful people unleash something that no one wants to unleash. that's what they need to realize. >> harris: here is a story that maybe a lot of people don't know about. there's a petition going around harvard university which aims to ban any trump officials from teach trisha garcia, speaking or attending that institution. the students behind the petition are demanding if the university does work with any former trump officials or staffers they will create and the share with
10:32 am
students transparent guidelines for why. end quote. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany went to harvard law school and had this to say about it i hope the administration stands firm against this sort of call from censorship among the students, censorship should not be tolerated. not the censorship of a viewpoint you have is unpalatable. i will happily walk back on campus and challenge this i want to say i have no conflict of interest, i did not apply to harvard. but what is happening here is really no difference between this and the black lifts of the 1950's. academia is starting to move in this direction of having black lists against trump officials or
10:33 am
people who support trump policies. i hope officials will speak out and say i don't like donald trump, i don't support his polici policies but this is wrong, i will speak out against it. we welcome ideas and we want a fair debate. where are those voices? they're who we need to hear from. >> harris: how can we raise an entire generation of children now, those of us who have been blessed enough to be parents and hope to get it right every now and then if we don't expose them to everybody especially when they get to an institution like that? your last quick thought how is action december i can't serving its larger mission when they allow this type of thing to happen? these graduates move on to life and they expect other voices to be sense sword in their jobs and lively hoods, everywhere they can. harvard has a duty to squash it.
10:34 am
this is per initials. >> harris: per in addition shows. ari fliesh fliesh, thank you very much. so much for a hon my moon, why the incoming biden administration is getting a lot of heat. plus when the right to worship collides with covid-19 restrictions, the battle playing out in one state. you can go to the bar but you can't go to church. what? and with mortgage rates at all-time lows, your payments will be low, too. now's the time to buy.
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gâ aat newday your service is your adown payment. down payment. >> harris: progressives are not happy with some of president-elect biden's staff choices. they went after congressman cedric richmond's ties to big oil for example. and steve richardschetti's work. he will risk quickly fracturing
10:39 am
the hard earned goodwill his team built with progressives to defeat donald trump. that sounds like a threat. power panel now, james freeman, johns hopkins fufrt ever university professor, wendy. great to see you both. wendy, democrats, look you guys always say on the left that you've got a big tent party. they're shooting inside the tent. what happens next? well i don't think they should do that. because when we look at someone like cedric, former congressman, now that he's in the white house, he would really be an flew went shall voice in the white house. he was the former chair of the cbc, certained ever served in the legislature as well as congress and has respect on both sides of the aisle. he will be the highest appointed african american official in the white house at this time. i don't think we should start shooting and kicking our she
10:40 am
was. there's so much work that needs to be done. not all of the officials appointed in the white house would we be fans of. it was for us to be able to win the white house and now it's for us to implement the policies we've wanted to do for the past four years. that's what we're going to do, regardless of who is appointed. >> harris: wendy is always level-headed, right? of course >> harris: they've been talking like this for awhile. congresswoman occasio-cortez says she would push joe biden the way she wanted to go. bernie sanders wanting to take the labor secretary job. what are they anticipating would happen? this is kind of reminding a lot of your viewers of elisabeth warren in 2015, 2016, did demanding that people with any experience with business shouldn't serve in the obama administration, and financial roles at treasury, sec, et
10:41 am
cetera. a lot of progressives woish that elisabeth warren had won the democratic nomination or bernie sanders but they didn't. voters rejected those streams, it looks like we have a split decision because voters rejected the decisions. fox news is told joe biden is considering former alabama senator doug jones, former deputy attorney general, salary yates, california attorney general and new york governor andrew cuomo to serve as attorney general. that's quite a list. is that going to well the progressives in your party snfrmths i don't think if it will well tbut i think it's a mixed bag there. democrats, we fall in love while republicans fall in line. there is this behavior that you
10:42 am
see within the democratic party of individuals who really want to have a connection and deep emotional connection to anyone who holds office. what we have to realize is that will not always be the case. some of us lean middle, some lean right. we have to be okay with that knowing that the overall platforms and policies will be achieved. to answer your question will that well the noise from progressives? i don't think so. but they have to change their vantage point. >> harris: that's quite a talking about. democrats fall in love while gop fall in line. what is your reaction to what's happening across the aisle? well you mentioned sally yates, i think you mentioned emotional reaction. i think that would be a nomination that might get an emotional reaction from the progressive left and republicans as well thinking about her role at the justice department in the early days of the trump administration as an obama hold over, and the questions about
10:43 am
the collusion madness and general flynn et cetera. that could be controversial. if joe biden is certified as the president i think it's reasonable that he's allowed to pick his team. especially among white house staff t never mind cabinet secretaries and so forth. and i think it would be nice if he sent a message as ed in the campaign that he wants to be the president for all americans. if he is sworn in, i think his staff showing at least some key iation from the far left would help send that message. just to be clear these are not conservatives. these are liberals he's appointing on. but they're not marks ifrts. >> harris: i wonder what the staffing choices, what happens inside the party with these sometimes verbally threatening,
10:44 am
plaolitically threatening progressives versus loosdzing control of a chamber in 2022 and giving the other side a lot of political ammunition. thank you. new york governor cuomo is facing pressure from religious groups right now. they claim they're getting unfairly targeted with coronavirus restrictions. the latest on the legal battle which could land in the u.s. supreme court with that man in the center of it all. darrell's family uses gain flings now so their laundry
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>> harris: jewish groups are asking the u.s. supreme court to i want subpoena against governor andrew cuomo's restrictions on large gatherings in houses of worsh worship. this is just the latest push back from jewish communities in new york city. we showed a video capturing orthodox juice burning masks in a large group to protest governor cuomo's crack down. loren green reporting now harris you know the jewish groups filed their case on monday. they were the second religious group inside of a week to file a case with the u.s. supreme court against governor cuomo against
10:50 am
violations over the restrictions, the court has given the governor until 2:00 pm today, ten minutes away, to file a response to the first case which was brought by the catholic it diocese of brooklyn. last week the brooklyn diocese filed a case, emergency filing to the u.s. supreme court justice stephen brayer, even though the church is following stringent social distancing and health guidelines and had has no covid cases. jewish groups filed a similar suit with justice breyer saying it's made it impossible to religious members to exercise their religious freedom. orthodox was his primary motivation, he described the problem he -- an apple my cuss brief filed in support of the
10:51 am
governor from religious and civil rights organizations saying the constitutional guarantee does not mean they enjoy i am munt from secular laws. since the coronavirus shut down last spring, houses of worship have filed lawsuits alleging a violation of their free exercise of religion. both religious groups are in areas considered hot zones for the virus. ultimately the court has to decide if the religious groups are being targeted and treated any differently than stores and restaurants and bars, harris back to you. >> harris: yeah. i mean, look, bars? i said this back earlier in the pandemic, loren with california when they were opening weed dispense ris but we weren't at the point where we were considering schools or churches yet. i just scratch my met. ale major announcement now from the pentagon. when thousands of american troops in war zones will finally
10:52 am
be headed home. stay close. we are now bringing conflicts to their successful and responsible conclusion under bold leadership of president trump. >> harris: my next guest has served in both iraq and afghanistan. retired staff sergeant joey jones will weigh in. hey joey. ♪ ♪ ♪ since pioneering the suv in 1935, the chevy suburban has carried many things. nothing more important than family. introducing the most versatile and advanced chevy suburban and tahoe ever.
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10:57 am
veteran joey jones. great to see you today. first of all you and i have talked many times about coming home from iraq and afghanistan. where do you put this latest announcement? well i think it's president trump continuing to fulfill promises, what looks like will be on his way out the door. you know i think this is so atypical of dc and very typical of president trump. it brings to mind how special of a president he's been. i understand fully there are a lot of people to include veterans that are in congress that advocate keeping troops in afghanistan but they never finish that sentence with a proper because, a proper explanation. with 20 years in this war dee is he vefsh to know how 2500 troops in afghanistan keep us save on a day-to-day basis is? if they can't answer that question then
10:58 am
the will of the people and the president of the united states should be answered. >> harris: do you think many of your former fellow men and women in the military see it that way? i'm sure they do. i think it's a mixed bag, serving. to be honest with you, the analogy of always practicing for a game but never getting to play. if i were activity duty i would probably say i need to get my deployment in, that's how we were born and bred. we want to be a part of that. i am a veteran, i've served in both wars, i have a perspective that most serving don't have. i say bring them home and keep them home. keep us safe with the intelligence that president trump has pushed our military to use. look at what we've done in syria. president trump has rather than putting ten, 15 thousand troops there, strategic stride, we have
10:59 am
peace deals or alliances in the middle east that we didn't dream was possible. you can't tell me that doesn't bring a factor into the next country that might harbor terrorists to grow that >> harris: i have reversed the ridiculous decision to cancel wreaths across america in arlington national accept meter ri, that will go on. they weren't going to do it this year because of covid-19 restrictions. the president has reversed that. quick reaction i don't want to make too big of a deal out of the last minute decision to not do it and have to reverse it. all i will say is it really is something, if you don't know what wreaths across america is, look it up, be a part of it. this country cares and shows it's appreciation for the lives literally lost for our freedoms and i thank god that we acknowledge it and i thank god
11:00 am
for their service and sacrifice. >> harris: we thank god for yours. good to see you joey jones. thank you for being with me thank you harris >> harris: the daily briefing starts now. >> dana: on the recount in georgia, and for the second time this week, county officials recover thousands of votes that were not counted. i'm darshita patel dana perino and this is the daily briefing. the latest discovery about how many more ballots maybe out there. we sent douglas kennedy to georgia to get an inside look at the process. more from him. let's get with chief white house correspondent, john roberts. he has to get us up to speed there's a lot to get up to speed. we'll get you the latest news today the trump campaign is going to be filing for a recount in two wisconsin counties, two


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