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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 22, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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♪ eric: president trump's legal team hit with two big setbacks. its quest to reverse the outcome of the presidential election and in pennsylvania federal judge dismissed the terms campaign attempt to throw out millions of votes adding a stinging opinion about the trump effort to clarion quote, this is simply not how the constitution works. in the meantime in michigan the national state robbing and party asking for a two-week delay there to certify the results in that state. that attempt appears to be fruitless in the law does not allow that. in a moment and the fox news
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channel dominion voting systems answers back to all the fraud allegations against it. hello everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters i'm eric shawn. hello arthel. arthel: hello, everyone prayed i'm arthel neville. tomorrow marks 20 days since the presidential election and most of those days have been filled with voter fraud claims from the trump campaign that election officials across the country dispute and say are not backed up by actual evidence. this as president elect joe biden mulls over his cabinet picks and prepares for a transition to the oval office but let's go to david with the latest life in the justice department good. reporter: good afternoon to you both pretty senior law-enforcement official tells me that as of this morning the fbi is not investigating any widespread cases of a fraud across the country and that's been said, there may be some potential interest if the fbi would get any evidence that would come before the bureau but as of right now, it's not happening.
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this also is the justice department has been rather silent on any potential investigations. that being said, team trump is pushing forward rate as of now, there are several lawsuits as we just heard about in different states outstanding legal challenges in georgia, nevada, michigan and pennsylvania arthel, team trump says and no intention to let these go anytime soon. big defeat for the president yesterday and penciling out when a longtime conservative republican judge actually member of the federalist society ruled against the president attempt to stop the syndication of ballots. the president team continues to argue widespread fraud specifically when referring to the dominion voting system but there is no evidence to back up that claim when we've seen pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey out with a statement yesterday quote, with today's decision by judge matthew brown a longtime conservative republican whom i know to be a
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fair and unbiased jurors to dismiss the campaign's lawsuit president trump has exhausted all plausible legal options to challenge the results of the presidential race in pennsylvania but the president's legal team insist they will push forward and they will present evidence in front of a judge. the president's attorney jenna, sydney and rudy giuliani claimed evidence exists but we have not seen that evidence. today trump friends and close advisor christie christie made the he's not impressed with his friends legal team or listen. >> the alleged fraud outside the courtroom but when they go inside the courtroom they don't plead fraud and they don't argue fraud. this is where i was concerned about at 2:30 a.m. on wednesday nights. i've been a supporter of the president and i voted for him twice. elections have consequences. we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn't happen. you have an obligation to present the evidence and the evidence has not been presented.
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reporter: someone who's been oddly silent at least publicly and on camera is attorney general bill barr. i'm at the justice department right now and he put out a memorable several weeks ago to u.s. attorneys, arthel and neville, telling them to invest eight if any evidence comes up and if there is any investigation that is warranted but largely no real movement from the attorney general on these cases. arthel. arthel: david's bond live in the justice department. eric. eric: arthel, one of the claims of election fraud that has been disputed centers on dominion voting systems. the machines are used in they've denied allegations that switched votes foreign or democratic party influence, secret tampering but its responses have done little to dampen the skeptics. even though the head of the homeland security infrastructure security agency christopher krebs was fired for reporting quote, there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or
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lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised. the president's call that quote, highly inaccurate. with us now is michael steele, possible with washington dc berm strategies which is representing dominion pitt mr. steele, thank you for coming out with me today. first question people want to know, did a dominion machine change one vote from biden to trump or from trump to biden? >> no. this is a nonpartisan american company that did not physically possible for our machines to switch votes from one candidate to the other but let's be clear, our election system is run by local elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers. we civilly provide a tool to count the ballots and prints and count ballots made there is no way such a massive fraud could have taken place and there are no connections between our company and venezuela, germany, barcelona, kathmandu or whatever the latest conspiracy theory is. eric: how do you know that could not have taken place?
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>> it is physically impossible. one of voter votes on a dominion machine they fill out their ballots on the touchscreen and they are given a printed copy which they then give to a local election official for safekeeping. if any electronic interference had taken place the tally reported electronically when not to match the printed ballots. in every case where we've looked at in georgia, all across the country, the printed ballots, the gold standard and election security is mass the electronic tally. eric: is some of the people watching now, they don't believe you. they thank you are line will say of course you will say dominion is not guilty of anything because you represent the company. >> right, while i've got the facts on my side of the president's attorneys will go on to press conferences and on tv and make these crazy allegations and then 30 times they gone to court and they are not offered the scintilla of proof. all i can say is until we would love to see any facts and evidence they have but thus far we have seen none. eric: the president calls your company a quote, radical left company and the software created
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for hugo chavez to steal the election of venezuela and that was imported to the united states to seal it for joe biden paid is that true? >> no, we are nonpartisan american company and we no connection to venezuela what so ever. nothing that they are saying is remotely true. eric: argue foreign funded? >> no, we are funded by american capitalists. eric: texas had problems with the machines and they weren't certified. dan patrick, lieutenant governor, called them junk. what was that? >> look, the great thing about her system is that every city gets to certify their equipment protects us being texas is different. they were afraid that our systems were too complex and they chose to go elsewhere. we accept that we don't agree with it and we agree with the 28 other states that our machines operate but we will take another crack at texas before too long. eric: let's drill down exactly how it works.
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the poll workers they use cards and codes to access the machine. >> georgia, for example, they checked voter in on an ipad like system and we give them a one-time use card so that when they go to the machine which is basically a smart pen that prints off the responses that they enter they get the right local ballots in the right local races and then they enter their choices, take that printed paper ballot to a local elected official where it is a secured bird there is no way in this process that anyone, foreign or otherwise, could interfere in them substantial weight and change the results. eric: can a poll worker change the codes to vote for or steal the election for joe biden, for example? >> no, if they changed the code, no matter what or poll worker does or talking elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers the paper ballots wouldn't match the electronic record. again, the gold standard of election scurry away printed paper ballots that the voter
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reviews showing how they voted so that we need to go or if we need to go back in a tightly contested race, as we have right now, we can do an audit or a recount and we can physically match a printed ballot to a vote recorded by the electronic machine. eric: that is called the pepper trail. sidney powell is out there saying that the democrats have 35000 votes around the country and when they had a hand recount in georgia the hand recount matched your machines and the dominion of machines so let's say, a poll worker -- >> they keep talking or asking for recount in milwaukee and wisconsin or pennsylvania but we don't have machines in those jurisdictions. in fact, in pennsylvania in 14 counties were dominion machines were used the president 152% of the vote. eric: say that again. >> in the 14 counties of pennsylvania were dominion scenes were use the president one by 52%. eric: could they have been skewed by the biden or
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democratic forces to throw their election for president trump? >> we are now in the realm of conspiracies so dark i have no idea even why what were talking about here. all i can tell you is -- they are complaining about we don't have machines. eric: sidney powell and others say they think that some drives could upload material from foreign sources. can a poll worker take a thumb drive and stick it in the machine and fill it up with thousands of votes for joe biden? >> no, the tabulator has no unlocked on drive access or usb ports and remember, these are secured by local elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers. it is not physically possible to do what they are describing. the machines are what we held air gap and not connected to the internet and it's just not physically possible. eric: are the machines designed with an algorithm that gives more votes joe biden, cindy powell claims they give one and one quarter about to biden, three quarters of a vote to trump so are they skewed or shift votes or are they votes
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tabulated in fractions? >> no. this is nonsense and that is not done or possible. again, if someone tried to alter the electronic record the printed paper ballots would not match. it is not possible. again, we've gone back in georgia and other places to match the balance to the electronic tally and they match. there is no widespread fraud in the way they are alleging. eric: did dominion bribe georgia governor bryant camp to throw this election to joe biden, cindy powell calls it a dominion scam? >> so, the argument is the republican governor of georgia and the republican sector of state of georgia took bribes. no, first of all, know that did not have a great second, it doesn't sound even vaguely plausible. the republican elected official, their supporter of the president so why would they want joe biden to be president? those are questions for them to answer but it doesn't strike me as remotely possible. eric: do their claims hold any
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water? do they have any legitimacy at all? >> i not yet heard a claim that is anyway legitimate that would substantially alter a single vote. no, we had isolated errors by human actors and interim county michigan which was swiftly corrected. the take away there is the error was spotted on election night and present on the county by 2500 or so votes and i not seen any credible allegations that would impact this election substantially. eric: finally, he been around washington and they will call you a rino because you work for a john weiner and for others, including mr. ryan who was at the board of fox for example and jeb bush and as someone who works in washington and as someone involved in public policy what do these type of allegations due to the integrity and gullibility a belief in our election systems? what do they do to the very
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foundation of the republic that we hold so deere? >> look, i'm a conservative republican i worked for conservative causes and candidates and officials for nearly 20 years. i think that allegations are not allegations against dominion voting systems. they are against our elected officials at the state and local levels bipartisan poll watchers in the very system that inspires the confidence that we have in the love of our country is under attack through these allegations and it is all our obligation to defend the truth and to defend democracy and that's what we are trying to do. eric: with those election officials try to steal the election for donald trump or for joe biden? >> i can't imagine that someone would want to be in a position of authority in our election system and in our democracy just to subvert it. i think these are public spirited people and patriots and they are doing their job to the best of their ability to make sure we get accurate,
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transparent results. eric: some facts about dominion voting systems from michael steele spokesperson for the company paid thank you for joining us, michael beard we will certainly get back to you as the story continues. thank you. arthel. arthel: thank you, eric. fda granting emergency use authorization to an experimental antibody therapy used in treating covid-19 patients. reason around was part of president trump's treatments when he tested positive for the virus in october and charles watson is live in atlanta with details. charles. >> good afternoon, arthel. the two men from regeneron is a too powerful antibody mixture that is effective in people with mild covid-19 symptoms and these are laboratory made antibodies which mimic the bodies ability to fight off harmful pathogens like viruses. in a study of 799 adult researchers found the treatment did a good job containing the
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virus when given to people in the early stages of infection and reduced medical visits for patients. the treatment however is not authorized for folks who are hospitalized or need oxygen. data has shown the antibody cocktail provides little relief for folks with advanced covid-19. regeneron has received $500 million from of the federal government to manufacture and distribute the drug trade health experts believe this could help hold off asserting infections and provide some relief to overwhelming medical systems. >> the pressure on hospitals is the highest it has been a since the beginning of the pandemic with about 1000 hospitals reporting this week that they are critically short on healthcare workers or will be very soon and that number will grow this week. it's a very, very serious moment for the country. reporter: the chief advisor to the trump administrations operation warp speed says it's unfortunate the vaccine process has been politicized.
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the doctor told cnn jake tapper that he believes the american people have misunderstood the level of effectiveness the fda requires before a vaccine is approved and disturbed it to the public. >> people just need to measure that here is a problem we have in the problem we no, one-2000 people dying every day, two and a thousand people infected every day and here is the vaccine that can give you almost an insurance against that and we know it is safe. reporter: the doctor says once a vaccine is available in this country he believes enough people will take it for this country to reach herd immunity arthel. arthel: charles watson, thank you for that report. meanwhile, travelers ignoring cdc guidance to stay home for things giving and they are packing airports across the country this weekend, even as health experts warn of an alarming new stage in the corner virus outbreak. christina coleman is live at lax
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los angeles international airport with morbid hello, christina. reporter: hello, arthel. travel is down significantly compared to this time last year. however, at least 1 million people still pass through airports across the country on friday. that is the second time tsa screen at least 1 million passengers in a single day since the pandemic started. the last time was in october 18. cdc strongly recommends that the people do not travel to lessen their chance of getting or spreading covid but people are still taking their chances but chicago's busy o'hare airport also saw heavy traffic on friday. at lax another huge travel hub half of the airline seeds were sold compared to last year when over 3 million people came through the airport over things giving. >> i do think that they have a valid reason for it. we have a fight and or a spike in the number of cases but you know, i think it is all
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relative to the party that is, you know, in the situation. you know, we're trying to be safe and masks are important for us, including the kids so were responsible. reporter: however, more people are choosing to stay home this holiday and aaa anticipates the largest single year decrease in travel since the great recession in 2008. the agency expects 50 million americans will travel this holiday compared to 55 million last year. considering how fast the virus is spreading, public health officials saying be careful this holiday is being key. >> if you are going to travel to someone else's home for things giving then if possible, you should spend as much time outdoors when you are together good and some places that may be possible with the weather. we should probably keep meals short and spent more time with masks on and the smaller the gatherings, the better. in general, i would recommend against it. reporter: aaa says a lot of
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people are taking a wait and see approach when it comes to travel. a lot of people are not sure what new restrictions or lockdowns will be in place that could impact their trips. here in california and overnight curfew went into effect this weekend and the governor says between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. all nonessential work and gatherings must stop. that will impact much of california and that curfew is set to last for one month. arthel. arthel: christina coleman, thank you very much for that live report. eric. eric: arthel, upper midwest under siege, especially hit hard by the threatening spread of coronavirus paid ahead, we talked to o'mara one of the cities and what is being done there to try to control the rapid spread and save lives before moore died. ♪ 's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me
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♪ eric: eight grimacing continues to play out deep in south texas. thirty-six members of the state's national guard arrived in el paso yesterday to assist with the operations as a city copes with a spike and deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. prison inmates lending a hand to do that morbid work. so far 853 live seven lost in el
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paso alone as intensive care units continue to be overwhelmed right now with covid-19 patients. arthel: the upper midwest hit especially hard by the latest record-setting wave of coronavirus. minnesota's governor tim wolf putting these new temporary guidelines in place ahead of the things giving holiday. here they are, no in person gatherings with outside family or friends. bars and restaurants can only offer take-out and gyms and entertainment spaces will be closed. according to analytics firm isi three cities in the upper midwest could see their numbers double in roughly two weeks, let's bring in the mayor of rochester, minnesota. her city is experiencing the second-worst rate of coronavirus spread in the country. mayer, thank you for joining us. i want to ask what is causing the surge in your city? >> i would say rochester and the
9:25 am
state of minnesota as a whole has been the hole in the doughnut for quite some time now but we have watched the states around us, north and south dakota, iowa, wisconsin with exponential growth and we have done protective knowing a second wave was coming. it is here. i will say the numbers that the analytics are showing in new york, "the new york times" sites are somewhat deceiving and we have a great partnership here in rochester and we work with mayo clinic, olmsted public health in our city and they work together to do testing, rapid turnaround time so we know every date with those numbers are. sometimes when the numbers go to the state it takes a little while to download and publish them but i think a big batch was published all at once. we know we are increasing is not, i think, a little bit of a surprise just because of the way it was reported. arthel: you are not at a crisis point? >> i don't think we are there
9:26 am
yet. i think we are about 11% positivity rate in olmsted county which is less than the state average of 14%. we do know that we are on an increase in replace of the governor tamped that down with his restrictions statewide because they will help us to. arthel: i just mentioned those new guidelines put in place prior governor, tim wolf. do agree with those restrictions, mayor? >> absolutely i agree with them. rochester moved ahead in july with the mask mandate about a week or a week and half before the governor but we could see this coming. we have a largest employer in the state health care provider in the state with mayo clinic here and we need to protect our citizens and the healthcare employers that will save our lives. arthel: you mentioned the citizens of rochester. are they complying? you yourself issued the mask mandate and the governor has issued these new guidelines so will they comply? >> we actually have a very strong medical community, not just in rochester but in the area. 55000 mayo clinic employees
9:27 am
across the midwest. we understand how to stay safe with mayo clinic knows how to keep us safe. olmsted county only has 3290 but only sense of panic started because mayo clinic is saving lives prayed we need to keep the staff free to do that. we will do what we have two and the citizens, there is a small group and there is a core small group that resists the mask mandate but the vast majority of people in this committee understand the importance of masks, distancing and handwashing. arthel: as most mayors, governors and healthcare officials brace for impact with four days until things giving what concerns you most about the holiday that is normally celebrated with large gatherings of people around the dinner table? >> i hope more citizens are heating the governor's warning and doing what we're doing which is having a very full thanksgiving and that my family and citizens are safe.
9:28 am
we are thankful for that we hope others will do the same. it is concerning when you look at the reports that you just had about airports filling up and even friends of mine who have family coming, it is concerning britt i hope people will take that carefully and the next couple days. arthel: rochester mayor in north -- we are pulling for you to suck all the communities across the country and our fellow americans. good luck and happy thanksgivi thanksgiving. >> happy thanks giving to you. arthel: thank you. eric. eric: yet, that certainly that we are paid in georgia there's been a shakeup in one of the two critical special u.s. senate runoffs and they are britt senator kelly loeffler is now in quarantine with a possible case of coronavirus. the other top officials are in contact with her next. ♪ car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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♪ eric: here are the headlines we are following for you at this hour. deadly crime scene south of
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omaha, nebraska. two people were shot to death and two others injured after police responded to a report of a possible bomb inside a moving truck. officers made an arrest at the scene but no word on the suspect or possible motive. in the uk british prime minister boris johnson and says he will put local coronavirus restrictions in place when the national lockdown in that nation ends in ten days paid johnson is set to speak tomorrow is the top scientists urge him not to relax rules before christmas. governor shows the number of positive test drop 13% over the past week and those deaths drop by less than 1%. anarchy in guatemala over the weekend where protesters set fire to part of the congressional building. a crowd of 7000 demanding the country's president resign over the 2021 budget which cuts funds for the pandemic and that includes $65000 for meals for politicians.
9:34 am
arthel. arthel: eric, not to the latest out of georgia where the balance of power in the senate hang on to upcoming runoffs. incumbent rob again senator kelly loeffler is awaiting the result of her third coronavirus test while she is in quarantine. this comes after she received a positive test result friday at an inconclusive result yesterday. jonathan is live in atlanta. jonathan, first of all, how is senator leffler doing. reporter: thankfully she is experiencing no symptoms according to spokesperson with the campaign but abundance of caution she is quarantining until she gets conclusive results and also informing people with whom she has had direct contact britt on friday she left her campaign with beller georgia and the vice president waits for confirmatory test mr. penn's is in regular consultation with the white
9:35 am
house medical unit and will be following cdc guidelines for people in close contact with a possible exposure. arthel. arthel: we hope they are all safe and healthy and remain that way but meanwhile, in georgia we want to talk to you about this. president trump is asking for another recount of almost 5 million votes there in georgia but tell us about that. reporter: he is and he is legally allowed to do this, the trump campaign. the bidens lead in this state is within that half a percentage point margin that allows the campaign to call for a recount. now, this recount in legal terms is a little bit different than the recount that they did last week. what they did last week was technically not a recount but an audit. they did a hand count of ballots, which was contesting the accuracy of the states new electronic voting system, the recount that the trump campaign is asking for would be done by
9:36 am
machine. the trump campaign's legal team is insisting that the recount also include signature matching but that would be virtually impossible to do after people have already voted. that is because signature matching is done on the front end to determine if a person is eligible to vote. once georgians cast their ballots the belts become anonymous. today a biden adviser said she is not concerned the presidents challenges to the election will change the outcome based on what george is a ballot audit last week revealed. take a listen. >> we've seen the republican governor and republican secretary of state in georgia, this week, reaffirm the recount results they are. reaffirm the outcomes that joe biden won the state of georgia. reporter: yesterday supporters of the president marched in front of the georgia capital to protest unproven claims of widespread voter fraud. demonstrators also showed up to affirm georgia's certified election results at times things
9:37 am
started to get tense but police kept or stepped in and kept the two sides separate and things remained peaceful pure arthel. arthel: very good for jonathan in atlanta, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, the republican national committee and the michigan gop state party are both calling canvassers to stop the process of certifying its presidential election. it will allow for an audit of the ballots in wayne county, largest county there. this comes as the two topper publicans and the state say they have seen no evidence of any wrongdoing on the scale as is alleged to overturn the election results there. david, government and politics reporter at the detroit free press joins us now. david, the certification process starts tomorrow and doesn't look like it will go ahead in the state will certify joe biden as the winner? >> the state will meet tomorrow but the board is divided between four members, to republicans and two democrats we don't know
9:38 am
exactly how the vote will go. one rolling in member, norman shingle, his wife was one of the republican poll challengers in detroit and has filed an affidavit one of the trump campaigns federal lawsuits that was ultimately withdrawn so we anticipate he might vote against certification but we are not sure how the other publican member will vote but this is typically a routine process that happens every election that is in question at this point. eric: but under the law, under the law in michigan, there are requests for an audit but don't have to certify that first and then have an audit? >> that's right. michigan secretary of state jocelyn benson has this said this many times but they can be audits or recount under state law until this state board certifies those results so that is just how the process is supposed to work despite the request that you noted from the national state public and parties. eric: the two top republican leaders of your state went to the white house on friday and with that statement blasting basically allegations of voter fraud there but let me read you
9:39 am
what the majority leader it up michigan speaker lee chatfield said weird quote, michigan served asian process should be deliberate processed free from thoughts of intimidation but allegations of fraudulent behavior should be taken seriously and proven prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the candidate to win the most votes wins elections and michigan's electoral votes and these are simply truths that cannot provide or should provide confidence in our elections and is there any evidence of voter fraud, double voting, switch voting and the sort of thing that would be or first of all, has there been evidence or cases of that that you know of? >> just like every other elections are isolated cases where the attorney general of michigan's press getting a couple people who tried to fill out applications for absentee ballots on behalf of someone else. now, joe biden won michigan by one of 54000 votes so is there enough widespread fraud in irregularities to change the outcome and swing the state for the president? no, we've not seen evidence of that big presidents campaign is
9:40 am
filed multiple lawsuits and either been rejected in court or withdrawn those lawsuits and those lawsuits have not provided evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities that would in any way change the outcome of the election. eric: have officials seen any evidence of possible democratic conspiracy to steal the elections through the voting machines or through fake voting? >> no, i mean, the attention on the selection is focused on detroit. detroit is a democratic stronghold in wayne county, biggest county in the state has not voted for our bubbling and for president since 1928. it is no surprise that the democrats in wayne county are voting for joe biden. i mean, president trump earned roughly 7700 votes in the city in 2016 and earned more this time for hearing about 12000500 votes this time around. all of this focus on detroit that the democratic stronghold so it's not a huge supply to people of michigan that wayne county and the city of detroit voted for joe biden over donald
9:41 am
trump. eric: finally, david, what do you expect over the next week? >> i don't think anyone would be surprised if there are lawsuits filed regardless of what the state board of canvassers does tomorrow. we anticipate if the board deadlocked two-two that the governor and secretary of state, parties, anybody who could file a lawsuit and would go through a legal process in many legal experts telling us they anticipate the court would compel the board to certified those results and once those results are certified than those request for an audit or recount could move forward but, you know, we should anticipate legal action potentially regard the sum of the state board of canvassers does tomorrow. eric: david, thank you. thank you for your work on the politics beat of the great newspaper, the detroit free press. >> thank you for having me. eric: arthel. arthel: president-elect joe biden is set to announce key cabinet picks in the coming days as his team is waiting for the administration to grant them
9:42 am
access to full transition resources. jackie heinrich is alive in wilmington, delaware with details on that story. hello, jackie mack hello, arthel. president-elect joe biden's pressing on, continuing to form his cabinet and preparing to govern even as white house continues to block the transition and fights to overturn election results. biden's legal team says the system is working as the recounts affirm biden's win. lawsuits from the president's allies and talks from the court in michigan legislators are so mean to washington in an apparent bid to appoint faithless electors and despite time loss coordinating with federal agencies during this epidemic crisis they not pursued legal action although it is on the table print litigation is not a panacea. it is not going to suddenly move things forward. what will moving forward is the gsa administrator signing the paper, the statute says it's her
9:43 am
obligation to ascertain the apparent winner of the election. i don't think there's anybody in the world would suggest, except maybe the folks around donald trump, the joe biden was not the apparent winner of this electi election. reporter: in the interim biden is calling on states and congress to do what he can't right now, posting bipartisan meetings with governors about the pandemic and urging congress to pass an emergency aid package in the lame-duck session bird biden met with democratic leadership and his campaign manager said biden would meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to get this done and they are hopeful he will come to the table for that but this week spotlight will be on cabinet nominees as biden continues to form his governme government. he is expected to make announcements on tuesday but no idea at this point which positions he will be announcing or how many will be up for announcements but progressives have been vocal about wanting to be included and bernie sanders says it would be a normally insulting if biden ignores progressive community after helping to get him elected and
9:44 am
we know biden has picked his choice for treasury secretary but that name has not been leaked. arthel: not yet, we are waiting for jackie heinrich, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, president trump's supporters are protesting the election and some were told are targeted in a hit and run incident. we are on that disturbing situation straight ahead. ♪
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♪ arthel: trump supporters and opponents protesting in georgia state capitol in atlanta a day after state officials certified election results showing joe biden won the state. the protests remain mostly peaceful but pro- trump rallies and other states turned violent yesterday. alex hogan is live with more. alex. reporter: hello, arthel. it has been nearly three weeks since election day and supporters of the president say they are not giving up just yet
9:49 am
but some of them clashing with counter protesters that we saw this weekend and they are in wisconsin about six and a people gathering to support president donald trump. drone video captured one driver hitting two pedestrians they are fleeing the scene. please also took one person into custody for disorderly conduct. in atlanta opposing rallies the day after the state went blue the georgia secretary of state officially certifying the results for president-elect joe biden. crowds alleging election fraud, chanting a large police presidents separating them. the sheen the scene showcase did the general divide of this election. >> you are looking at the numbers and they don't seem to add up. something doesn't feel right about it. >> i have i'm worried about the future for my child in the state of our country and i think it's important we have democracy.
9:50 am
reporter: a stop the steel protest outside california capitol in sacramento. across the state in huntington beach curfew breakers hit the streets to protest the first day of governor gavin newsom's order. nonessential workers in the most countries populist state need to stay home between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. many in the crowd were rain maga gear with cars honking and support in that order will outlast until december 21. with many of these stop the steel rallies and protests we seem around the country in recent weeks there could be more protests, rallies or reaction this week as we have heard with more vote certification expected coming soon tomorrow. arthel. arthel: alex hogan, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, elderly woman looking death in the eye. ahead, the two rave neighbors who ran in to save the day. autit support the leg! when i started cobra kai,
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arthel: 92 -year-old woman trapped inside a burning house is alive. courtney spelled nelly from fox 59 in indianapolis tells us her neighbors saved her life. >> richard and alex were strangers before saturday afternoon but that quickly
9:55 am
changed when these humble heroes jumped into action saving a woman's life. >> i been in that ladies [inaudible] and she kicked the door in the door flew wide open and she's a skinny little thing. [laughter] >> the 92 -year-old was inside her home unable to get out after a fire started. laredo says klein did not hesitate for a moment before running towards the flame. >> she says, i see that whole ceiling on fire and all the smoke was trapped inside the house. >> indianapolis fire officials say despite high heat and heavy black smoke client stay below making her way toward the woman yelling for help. >> once she said she found her i go in there and there was a little light and she's a buck naked. >> they carried her out of the home and through the smoke and flames. >> laredo was returning to a jobsite when he saw the smoke and client running from her home
9:56 am
next door. the family of the woman says they are both heroes but laredo says otherwise. >> the other girl she's the hero. i just followed her spivak the fire department wants her to apply for the next ift recruit class. >> we are hiring her and we want to give you a job and they told her to apply. >> and outcome could've been much different had not been for two brave people in the right place at the right time. >> the fired apartment told us that if it wasn't for us you would not have made it by the time they got there and it started sinking in a little bit like oh my god, maybe we did something good. eric: god bless richard and alex. american heroes. arthel: absolutely. eric: arthel, will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. hello i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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9:59 am
you know a lot of folks think of a potato, even an idaho potato as a side dish. but does this look like a side dish to you? ...or this? ...or these? does a side dish have a dog like this? ...or a truck like this?
10:00 am
or a good-looking, charismatic, spokesfarmer like me? i think we both know the answer to that. always look for the grown in idaho seal. side dish? >> the president's attorneys will go to press conferences and tv and make these allegations and then 30 times and gone to court and not offered proof, and all i can say we would love to see any fact of evidence that they have, thus far we have seen none. leland: a spokesperson for dominion telling fox news today the allegations of fraud by the president's team do not make sense. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington i am leland vittert nice to be with


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