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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 22, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i think we both know the answer to that. always look for the grown in idaho seal. side dish? >> the president's attorneys will go to press conferences and tv and make these allegations and then 30 times and gone to court and not offered proof, and all i can say we would love to see any fact of evidence that they have, thus far we have seen none. leland: a spokesperson for dominion telling fox news today the allegations of fraud by the president's team do not make sense. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington i am leland vittert nice to be with you.
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alicia: i'm alicia acuna and denver, president trump and his legal team continue to back unsubstantiated claims of widespread fraud as they seek to delay certification in several states despite legal setbacks. david spunt is that the department of justice with more. reporter: good afternoon, the trump campaign is not only doubling they are tripling down on some of the serious allegations against dominion voting systems talking about communist money and switching millions of votes from president trump to president-elect joe biden, the trump team has not proven or provided any evidence, that will be up to judge. meanwhile you tell the spokesman, just an hour ago defending dominion. >> this is a nonpartisan american company, it is not physically possible for our machine to switch votes to one candidate to another. let's be very clear, our election system is run by local
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elected officials and nonpartisan poll watchers, recently provided tool to count the ballots, there is no way such a massive fraud could've taken place. >> there are still outstanding legal challenges in georgia, nevada, michigan and pennsylvania. team trump says they have no intention to let these go, big defeat in pennsylvania when a longtime conservative republican judge, member of the federal society ruled against the president's attempt to stop the certification of ballots, but the president legal team roll-on, they will push forward with multiple cases in the hope to present evidence as part of a judge, we have yet to see that. today trump's friend and close advisor chris christie says he's not impressed with the president legal team. >> the alleged fraud outside the courtroom, but when they go inside the courtroom they don't plead fraud and they don't argue fraud. this is what i was concerned about at 2:30 a.m. wednesday
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night. i've been a supporter of the president, i voted for him twice but elections have consequences. and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that did not happen. you have an obligation to present evidence, the evidence has not been presented. revia senior law enforcement official told me the fbi does not have oblique investigation into widespread voter fraud across the country, someone who has been silent as far as public statements are concerned attorney general bill barth at the department of justice. we have not heard from him on camera about the selection. team trump, the clock is ticking, those electors need to vote on december 1 december 14. alicia: david spunt washington. thank you. leland: president-elect joe biden is going to announce his first cabinet picks on tuesday coming out of the sunday show, the announcement could include who he is choosing to head the
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treasury department. jacqui heinrich in wilmington, delaware as a president-elect is narrowing things down on the short list. reporter: good afternoon, president-elect joe biden is pressing on with forming his cabinet and preparing to govern as the white house continues to block the transition and attempts to overturn the election results. biden's legal team says the system is working as recount the firm biden's win, lawsuits are testing courts in michigan legislators are summoned to washington an apparent bid to face electors. agencies in the public health and economic crisis, biden's team so far has not pursued legal action saying it may create further delays, right now they think they can get further with cooperation from senate republicans. >> i was encouraged this week to see in addition it to the statement of senator romney to senator toomey's many senate
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republicans are talking about confirming joe biden's nominees in the regular order and tried to get confident experience people in the government. and confirmed positions, not acting in the past. i think were seen encouraging signs. reporter: this because spotlight will be on cabinet nominees as biden continues to form his government, he's expected to make announcements on tuesday. wanting inclusion, bernie sanders said it would be enormously insulting if biden ignored the progressive community after they helped get him elected. sanders is buying for labor secretary, progressive want elizabeth warren heading up the treasury, we know biden has made his pick for who will lead the treasury, that name has not been leaked. a member of biden's team said tuesday will be the day for those announcements because they did not want to get in the way of turkey or football later on in the week. leland: we heard from members of the squad from when they went from joe biden in the promises
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there demanding more from, jacqui heinrich in wilmington. thank you. alicia: the fda giving emergency approval to a coronavirus treatment used by the president and charles watson is live with the details. reporter: this treatment from and enron is a mixture of two antibodies, too powerful in a bodies that have proven to be effective with mild cases of covid-19, these are laboratory made monoclonal antibodies that mimic the body's ability to fight off harmful pathogens that go into the body like viruses and a study of 799 adult, researchers found the treatment did a good job containing the virus when given to people in the early stages of infection in reducing medical visits for patients, regeneron has received $500 million from the federal government to manufacture and distribute the drug, pfizer has submitted its application to the fda for emergency use
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authorization for the coronavirus vaccine. it can take three weeks for an fda decision as the agency pours over pfizer's trial data if it's approved by the end of the year. public health experts say donut expected to be immediately available to the public. >> the supply is going to be limited in 2020, as we get to 21 there will be much more supply. the second quarter of 21 may be in the third quarter we will have a vaccine that will be licensed for general use if everything goes well and the data continues to support the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. reporter: and the former fda commissioner says he does believe there is light at the end of the tunnel for americans we just have to get to the next two or three months following the public health mitigation efforts and we will be in a much better place come 2021. alicia: charles watson in atlanta. thank you.
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leland: the gentleman from tennessee, congressman former army flight emergency position mark green. good to see you, appreciate you taking the time to join us. did you hear about regeneron treatment being approved in the covid vaccine coming in the next month or so conceivably, how does this affect the way everybody should go about living their daily lives over the next six weeks? >> over the next six weeks, i don't see a lot of changes that will happen, i think the social distancing and masks particular when people around individuals at high risk, all that stuff will continue, the testing is going to continue, or notice opera brenda are going to be the same for the next six weeks. after you get 20 million people vaccinated and that's anticipated to happen now in the end of the year, that will begi. leland: i'm old enough to remember the press conference at president trump had in the rose garden back in march when he said you will go on google and
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find a test to any cvs or walmart parking lot in the next two weeks, that was friday over the weekend, they said they had no idea what's going on and today there's testing problems, we hear about the promises and the big number of people vaccinated. isn't there a reason to building a little bit of wishful thinking into some of those ideas and estimations? >> first i need to show you how to get a test, you can google it. leland: it's been eight or nine months but go ahead. >> that is true it's been a little faster then flick your finger it is there. but absolutely we will have people vaccinated, i talked to pfizer this week and they anticipate their delivery before the end of the year. i think there will be a huge herd of immunity. leland: conceivably, the people who are going to be vaccinated are those most phone number on the front line.
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a different discussion with the lithology for the rest of us immortality for the rest of us. how does this play into what is going on or not going on for that matter on capitol hill in terms of a covid relief package. does this give republicans more ammunition to say we don't need a 3 trillion-dollar package. >> we don't need a 3 trillion-dollar package whether the vaccine happened or not. that bailout to the blue cities and blue states giving a stimulus check every single illegal immigrant, that wishlist that pollutes the sent to mcconnell last week, that's going to happen regardless of the vaccine. if you get is approaching two herd immunity, that 70% for this particular virus, obviously there is no excuse for keeping the government shutdown, the way to fix the economy is open up government, and tennessee we are
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open. leland: when you say open up the government, i'm assuming you mean lift government restrictions on private industries, restaurants, and gyms and the like. reasonable physicians can disagree on the best way to go about this, you been consistent since the beginning saying this should be up to individual choices and at the very most restrictive ideas, the local government level, not the state level or the federal level. take a listen to doctor fauci from "face the nation" this morning on how he views the next six weeks going. >> as we get into this thanksgiving season, you're not going to see an increase until weeks later, things lag, one of the spots, if you want to call them where you have a risk is seemingly innocent, family friends get together indoors, if we don't do this correctly and pay close attention to the reality, if we ignore these
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recommendations, then you continue to have the exponential increase. leland: is at a reasonable fear? >> it really depends on where you are, if there's a huge spike, they might want to consider, i have elderly parents, were not going to put them in a large crowded area. but in places where the penetration so to speak or the outbreaks pace so to speak is low, people should get together, let's face it, where a species so to speak that likes to get together and get our fellowship from our friends and family. those are emotional needs that have a health impact. i would say go with the local area, whatever the guide says in
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your local area. leland: congressman you been consistent over the past ten or so months which is been a hallmark of your time in congress, we appreciate it on this issue and others. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, hopefully you can get a little bit of time together as a family. >> you to. alicia: joining me now is democratic ohio congressman and member of the house appropriations committee tim ryan, also biden campaign arrogant. thank you so much for being here today. i want to talk about the vaccine, as we near the time when the vaccine will start getting into distribution with the american people, we also near the time where the federal money is going to run out and folks are going to start to hurt. how does the hope of the vaccine and the expectation people will be be able to get back to work impact stimulus package talks and what should a package look like if folks are expected to get going again in 2021. >> i hope it is a signal to people like mitch mcconnell and
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other conservatives in the senate who have been fighting this a little bit to know that we are moving forward with the vaccine, things are making progress but we gotta help the american people through this, we don't want people losing their homes or people getting evicted or damaging their credit the put the average working class person that will take ten years to climb out if they damage your credit significantly. i hope the vaccine and optimism that were seen around the vaccine is a signal to then attend them to let the american people to this, we see the light at the end of the tunnel and let's make sure every american has opportunity to get out of the virus unscathed economically. alicia: let's look at the economic struggles using your state as a backdrop here. i want to take a look at the on employment numbers from ohio, on
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november 7 the new claims for unemployment were about 22000 but then a week later, novembe november 14 it went up to almost 25000 and you have been very vocal about your conrn and even people who are getting jobs aren't getting full-time, they're getting multiple part-time jobs and it's a tough way to live, can you ask by not. >> restaurants are the best example were maybe the waitresses and waiters and bartenders are working but they're working significantly less hours than they were. these are people that work hard, play by the rules, on their feet, work on hours, it's tough to take care of your kids and some of these jobs in another scene significant numbers reduced, the money that they can make reduced. those of the people that i'm worried about that we gotta take care of because they've done everything right been nothing but work hard again in tough jobs. we gotta make sure whether the
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unappointed extension, making sure that we can help them with their healthcare, those kind of things have to happen. now as the shutdowns come, people in ohio, it is cold and rainy today, people will not be sitting on the patio so all the northern states in the restaurants and venues are going to be shut down and take a hit and all those workers, all i am saying, if the big banks need money we would give the big banks money, that always happens. now the working class needs a little bit of a hand up to get through this. i think were obligated to do that, responsible to do that. alicia: if you know, so many people are going to be watching what the president-elect announces for his cabinet pick, he already said he decided on a treasury secretary, we should hear that on tuesday according to jacqui heinrich, i want to put up something that president-elect biden said when he said he made his decision,
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you will soon hear my choice for treasury, just before or just after thanksgiving, we know it should be by tuesday, someone who will be accepted by all elements of the democratic party from the progressive to the moderate coalition. president-elect biden in his victory speech and even prior to that said he would be a president for all americans and is talking about a treasury secretary who will be acceptable to the democratic party from progressive to moderates. what about the other americans who are not part of the democratic party? >> we are pretty conservative democrats i would think that are in that big tent that we have, here's the deal, when you get elected president you obviously want somebody in a significant position like treasury who will implement your philosophy and there's always going to be people who may disagree with that and the competition begins. our hope is a lot of people are
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critical of bill clinton and barack obama but if they make decisions and put people in place and we opened up the economy, small businesses come back, here's a quick example steven mnuchin got rid of two programs from the department of treasury that were to help small businesses. he said those will end at the end of december. my guess, the next treasury secretary probably have a different view of that. if that treasury secretary begins to help small businesses, maybe some of those who disagree with the pic initially will say they're playing it straight, down the middle and doing things to help the economy grow so we can get people hired and help small businesses. time will tell, it's not healthy to make snap decisions, we have to see a people do their job and they will be implementing the biden philosophy which i'm confident will get us out of this mess. alicia: congressman tim ryan, thank you so much for your time and happy thanksgiving to you and your family.
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coming up on "fox news sunday" chris wallace talks with doctor tom inglesby for the health security, that is right here at 2:00 p.m. eastern. leland: a great conversation there and despite warnings about holiday travel during the pandemic, millions of americans are hitting the road through the woods to grandma's house, christina coleman live ellie asked for some of those travelers are. review the cdc strongly recommends that they do not travel that millions of people are catching flights and hitting the crowds. more on that coming up. ♪ it says "bad boy" in gaelic... i think. get outta here, debbie! high five. i brought sam. boston lager. we're all friends now.
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leland: cdc saying you should stay home for thanksgiving, tell americans not to travel as a nation continues to grapple with the surge of coronavirus infections. christina coleman live in los angeles international airport were not everybody behind you is heating that warning. reporter: clearly, holiday travel is down significantly this year compared to last. at least 1 million people pass through airport on friday alone, that's the second time the tsa screen 1 million passengers in
10:24 am
one day because the pandemic started the last time was october 18. the cdc recommends that people don't travel to lessen their chance of getting or spreading covid. chicago's o'hare airport so heavy traffic on friday, at lax have for the airline seats were sold when over 3 million people came back to the airport over thanksgiving, many people say they understand the circumstances regarding covid and the recommended health guidelines but they still want to see their loved ones. >> family is the most important thing. and not to be around family on a family special occasion day in that part of the year will be rougher a lot of people. >> a lot of people are traveling and taking precautions when the shutdown happening now, they are destroyed to stay safe. reporter: or people are choosing to stay home this year, aaa anticipates the largest
10:25 am
single decrease since a great recession in 2008, the agency expects 50 million americans will travel this holiday compared to 55 million last year and considering how fast this virus is spreading public health officials say being careful this thanksgiving is key. >> if you are going to travel to someone else's home for thanksgiving, then if possible, you should spend as much time outdoors in your together in some places that may be possible, with the weather we should keep meals short and spend more time with masks on and the smaller the gatherings, the better. in general i would recommend against it. reporter: colleges are encouraging students to stay on campus is thanksgiving instead of going home to visit their families, that could end up impacting travel, definitely a very different holiday travel this year. leland: one of the many ways 2020 is being hit different for a christina coleman at lax.
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alicia: the school year is also being impacted by the growing number of infections with additional closures creating new concerns for students and their parents. more on all of this was bring on the incoming superintendent of public instruction in north carolina catherine truitt, she is the chancellor western governors university north carolina. thank you for being here, this is an important topic in the data from your state shows that in fact school's are not the place from where the virus is spreading. that is created a tremendous amount of frustration with parents and with yourself, can you explain. >> sure, i would add we are seeing this nation rise, schools are not creating conditions for super spreader events. i think in my state, we have slowly but surely been making progress in getting kids back in school and right now about 86%
10:27 am
of our students are in some form of impersonal hybrid learning. our challenges right now are to get all of our high school students back into school full-time or hybrid. alicia: you centaur producer something i thought was striki striking, the learning loss due to school closures has been tremendous, between march and september students lost on average 50% literacy and 70% for math. what happened to these kids going forward but also to the society that inherits them without this education that they need so badly. >> that's exactly right, between the learning loss academically in the social and emotional impact with the mental health were going to see was students, we are absolutely going to be suffering the consequences of these closures for the next decade. i am fearful that the most
10:28 am
foldable students are low-income students will never catch up from this loss. alicia: food insecurity is another issue, i would like to play something that doctor robert redfield said as the most recent white house covid presser. >> i'm here to say the data supports that k-12 schools as well as institutions of higher learning really are not where were having our challenges. it would be counterproductive from my point of view, public health point of view does contain an epidemic if there was an emotional response to say let's close the schools. alicia: are there those in your state who are hearing this message when it comes to the restrictions being placed because they're the ones implementing the guidelines and the rules. >> i think without individual counties that have had more of
10:29 am
an emotional response as a director just stated. but by and large, we are working hard to create conditions that allow for as much local control as possible. i think this is the way to go, local officials, local leaders, local super contenders know what's best going on in their community and i would say what we've been doing in sharp contrast to what's going on in new york city where you have a mayor who struck a deal with the teachers union around the 3% arbitrary inflection rate statistic which is not in line with what the cdc has recommended to trigger a school closure. alicia: with regard quickly to the vaccination letter coming, with kids younger than age 12 and 14, they may not see the opportunity to have the vaccine until late spring, does that concern you that parents will keep the kids back because of
10:30 am
that. >> no, it does not. surveys in my state show parents want their children back in school and teachers want to be back in school as well. what is going on right now, adults are bringing covid in some circumstances to the schools. were not seen super spreader events with students and what our department of health and human services, agency has said when schools follow the right protocols it is safe for students to be in school. alicia: catherine truitt, thank you so much for your time. have a happy thanksgiving. >> you as well. leland: president trump at his golf course this sunday of the spring of overnight tweets, participating in the g27 virtually, mark meredith lie from the white house. reporter: plenty of tweets overnight, more tweets today and the meeting with world leaders for the g20 summit, we will have
10:31 am
the latest from the white house after this break, stay with us on fo news. fox news. ♪
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with nutrients to support immune health. alicia: president trump taking part in day to of the g20 virtual summer earlier today, mark meredith is at the white house with more. reporter: president trump maintaining a low profile since the election, he's at his golf club in virginia, earlier today he spoke with world leaders virtually for the g20 summit and once again he defended his decision to hold the u.s. out of the pairs climate accord. >> appears accord was not designed to save the environme environment, it was designed to kill the american economy, i refuse to surrender millions of american jobs and send trillions of american dollars to the world's worst polluters and environmental offenders. that's would've happened. reporter: he has held a few events focusing on the
10:36 am
coronavirus and drug crisis, he has not taken question from reporters, a stark change that we got used to daily, were happy to watch twitter to get an idea what's on the presidents mind, this morning he tweeted other than politics how do you lose a case for large numbers of voters, far more than you need to foot pennsylvania are disenfranchised, vote observers thrown out, they were devoted through his baked ballot. the election clearly on president trump's mind you can see the results of the warning on the tweet. democrats a growing number of republicans on capitol hill losing patience of the president has yet to conceive the race, among those speaking out republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania who says to ensure that he is remembered for the outstanding accomplishments and to help unify our country, president trump should accept the outcome of the election and facilitate the presidential transition process. it's unclear whether or not president trump is going to listen to that advice and we heard from leaders like mitt romney, the senator of utah echoing the same comments but
10:37 am
the president is at his golf club now, he will be at the white house for thanksgiving, we will stay tuned to see what he has in store next. leland: the trump administration says they will use the next few months to put the thumbscrews to our adversaries overseas and those normally wish american ill have taken no. iran has instructed allies across the middle east to be on high alert and avoid provoking tensions with the u.s. that could give an outgoing trump administration to launch attacks in the u.s. final weeks in office, that is according to iraqi officials, ap reporting, for more on the middle east policy, the u.s. saudi arabia, we bring in the ambassador to the united nations joining us from new york. we appreciated mr. ambassador, think you serve. president trump's first trip overseas was the saudi arabia, he's been a good friend to the kingdom the kingdom has been a good friend of america, does not
10:38 am
change with the biden administration? >> not at all. thank you for hosting me in the answer to your question, not at all, saudi arabia relationship goes back for several decades, is talked about with the president and has continued through numerous american administrations and success of kings and saudi arabia and have preserved what a relationship between the two countries. leland: is clear that the trump administration has changed things in the middle east, there was a pivot from an iran deal with the obama administration and a much more hard-line approach to around under the trump administration, do you worry about going back to iran nuclear deal? >> no i think the ironically ordeal has proven to the entire
10:39 am
world and i don't think anybody, i even have to go back to the same deal, if there is a new deal in which saudi arabia will want the discussion and the shortcoming of the previous field which iran in the region and the issue of the supply of workers to whatever rule and so forth, then we will be all for it. but i doubt. leland: i want to be clear, the new york times reporting with nbc news, biden wants to rejoin iran nuclear deals but it will not be easy, he wants to rejoin, are you saying the president-elect is naïve and away if he believes the deal with iran is worth rejoining, sir? >> i think the deal with enron has gone beyond of being activated as is. i think the biden administration will recognize that income to
10:40 am
understand that it will have to be new negotiations for a new deal if at all. i think that deal is dead. leland: the deals that have happened under the trump administration with their help which was a peace deal between israel and bahrain, the united arab emirates and sudan, the big country in the middle between all of those is a kingdom of saudi arabia, i am wondering because saudi arabia and israel are aligned in their views towards iran, as you articulat articulated, is there a chance for saudi arabia's real deal? >> weird he said we would be per tail underprepared once israel except the establishment of the palestinian state in the palestinian territory and give the rights to those palestinian people, once that happens not
10:41 am
only saudi arabia the all the islamic countries will be prepared and normalize relations with israel and to strike a peace deal with israel. we think this is a nice way to go and we are committed to that. leland: what you make of the fact that bahrain and the united emirates in the council and key allies of saudi arabia had made this deal with israel without those conditions being met? >> their independent countries, their sovereign countries, there the right to decide for themselves what they think is right and what they think is good for them for the palestinian people and we will respect their decisions, their independent decisions and they had made those decisions by themselves. leland: we appreciate you taking the time to join us. thank you, we wish her happy thanksgiving where ever you get to celebrate this year in new york. thank you mr. ambassador, welcome back anytime.
10:42 am
alicia: the trump campaign is officially requesting a second recount in georgia, state the president lost by about a quarter 8% according to this week's hand count. what we can expect next after the break. wow, i wish i could get a deal on a smartphone,
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alicia: the trump campaign requested a recount in georgia, jonathan has more on how this will play out. >> we have an update from the kelly loeffler campaign spoke person for kelly loeffler just issued a statement saying a previously inconclusive pcr test that she had taken yesterday for covid-19 which retested overnight in the results thankfully came back negative, out of an abundance of caution she continues to quarantines as she is awaiting further covid-19
10:47 am
test results. the good news she is a been expressing no symptoms but out of abundance of caution she has been informing people with whom she's had direct contact. on friday she campaign with david perdue and vice president mike pence, the vice president's press secretary earlier said as she awaits her additional test results mike pence is in consultation with the white house medical unit and will be following cdc guidelines for people in close contact with a possible exposure. the trump campaign is asking for a vote recount in georgia, last we can tally confirm joe biden narrowly in the peach state but the presidents legal team is demanding more from the recount include signature matching, that would be virtually impossible to do after people have already voted, that is because signature matching is done on the front and to determine if a person is eligible to vote, once georges
10:48 am
cast their ballot, the ballots become anonymous. some criticize the presidents challenges to the election as an assault on democracy and the republican senator says the process will play out in court as it should and an advisor to president-elect joe biden said she is not concerned president trump's challenges will change the outcome in georgia based on the ballot audit last week. take a listen. >> we've seen the republican governor and secretary of state in georgia this week reaffirm the recount results, reaffirm the outcomes that joe biden won the state of georgia. >> i don't know why were so easily offended by a president carrying out all the legal options in court not enhancing or encouraging any riots or burnings of buildings or democrats coming out of democratic meetings or events. >> supporters of the president marched in front of the georgia capital to protest unproven
10:49 am
claims of widespread voter fraud, counter demonstrators also showed up to affirm georgia certified election results favoring joe biden. police stepped in to keep the two separated in the protest although things at times got heated remained peaceful. alicia: jonathan in atlanta. thank you. leland: as hard as the holidays for all of us through the pandemic away from our families and loved ones, it's going to be harder for america's military families. we will tell you how you can help when we come back.
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leland: we will show you how america is coming together. the coronavirus shutdown has hit america's military families harder than almost any group, one organization is taking the problem on literally family by family, it's called soldiers angels, the ceo joined us now. amy palmer, this is different from helping out military families or sending cards to troops overseas, tell us what families on the tough economic times these things need. >> of course the military families are in need of all
10:54 am
sorts of things, food and essentials for their families and children but particular with the holidays coming then be unable to provide a holiday meal and guest for their children, it will not happen unless there is a like ours. leland: for folks not associated with the military often times it's hard to understand, you think about the u.s. government they will always pay soldiers and noise have but in this case you have so many of the second income in military families ended because of the coronavirus pandemic are you seeing a greater need and a lot more families asking for help this year? >> we are, not only do you have the issue with the second income being lost but you also the issue of food cost being higher in some items may not be available but there used to getting access to services and people that used to take public transportation, that is minimal and people at high risk, there is also a lot going on besides not potentially having the
10:55 am
second income in the home. leland: were watching video of people driving up in the beginning of the pandemic, there were so many food banks on bases that had been run dry but the number of families needing help which is something that should touch every americans heart, explain how this works, families on your website at soldiers and people can see what they need and pair that way or donation base, send in money, how does it work? >> as you mentioned the food situation is one of our distribution seeing the images and just a couple of days ago we distributed food to 400 veterans in atlanta. but people go to our website and apply, they deploy service members and veterans in the affordable housing program can apply and people can go to our website click the volunteer button and they can adopt a
10:56 am
family, they can see their wish list of items and how many kids in their household, where they're located into the family that is a good match for them in the shop and send items to that family. leland: wow, we appreciate the work you are doing, it's important and all the military families were watching and need help, those wanting to help soldiers angels, it's an incredibly worthy causes holiday in your hard work goes a long way. >> thank you so much for having me today. stay safe. leland: you think about this, time like this those on watch overseas in various places, it's a great way, absolutely, happy thanksgiving what yo
10:57 am
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