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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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will be no live audience for this year's event, the national christmas tree lighting ceremony is a tradition dating back to 1923 when president calvin coolidge was the first national tree. thank you for watching special report. i will see you back here tomorrow night. >> this year because we care so much for each other, thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving with the bidens. urging americans to forgo family traditions with a reminder that we are all in this together as another democrat gets caught ignoring his own stay-at-home advice. a presidential pardon for general michael flynn in time for the holidays but nancy pelosi, adam schiff and others are not sharing in the cheer. >> don't be a turkey this thanksgiving. wear a mask.
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>> governor cuomo getting into the holiday spirit. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. if you're just waking up, all those things on your mind because of thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving at home. thanks for starting the day with us. let's start with a story we continue to follow, president-elect joe biden urging americans to stay put this thanksgiving, combating the pandemic. democratic leaders echoing those calls but not all are following their own advice.
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jackie ibanez joins us with more. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you ladies is you wake up this morning, president-elect joe biden is asking you and all-americans to do your, quote, patriotic duty to% is prevent the spread of covid-19 this thanksgiving. >> asking americans to forgo so many of the traditions we've long made this holiday special. i know how hard it is to forgo family traditions but it is so very important. our country is in the middle of a dramatics like in cases. >> reporter: biden going on to say we are all in this together yet his plea comes as fellow
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democrats break the same rules they created. denver's mayor asking for forgiveness after traveling to mississippi to spend thanksgiving with his wife and daughter, this just coming hours after urging city residents to stay close to home. for the holiday mayor michael hancock saying i apologize to the residents of denver see my decision is conflicting with the guidance to stay at home for all but essential travel. chicago mayor lori lightfoot expressing her concerns for holiday travel saying it could be a superspreader. listen. >> despite ongoing warnings for responsible leaders across the country about 15 million americans are still expected to travel this weekend. that is why we need to double down on our precautions. >> reporter: her comments come week after she joined this large crowd celebrating joe biden's election victory, restrictions in place this thanksgiving, checkpoints are being set up in and out of new york city and in
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los angeles all restaurants are take out only despite the health department finding no leaks between outdoor dining and the spread of covid-19. and it all the calls for americans to stay home millions are traveling by air and even more will hit the red. president-elect biden plans to spend the holiday with his wife jill, their daughter and son-in-law while donald trump will stay at the white house for his own celebration. >> is lockdowns ramp up across the country the wall street journal's jason riley believes republicans are not the only ones seeing the hypocrisy. >> people talk about the hypocrisy but what is noteworthy to me is how you see a lot of liberal democrats in blue states also saying i don't care what the cdcs says. i can take precautions, do this safely. i can weigh the costs and benefits and risks and do this safely and tired of the nanny state is an. we knew conservatives were there already. what is interesting is a lot of people on the left seem to be
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fed up with this paternalism going on and i don't blame them. >> 42 states and washington dc have reinstalled coronavirus restrictions for the last month. donald trump pardon former national security adviser michael flynn >> the move is causing outrage among democrats. lauren blanchard in washington as the left sounds off. >> donald trump says he knows at least one person having a wonderful thanksgiving, michael flynn, the president announced the pardon in a tweet last night despite two guilty pleas for lying to the fbi, general flynn is now safe from the possibility of jail time, the judge in flynn's case was expected to rule any day on flynn's requested throughout the case, the doj had also stepped in. flynn's family said in a statement after the pardon announcement, quote, let our nation never allow this violation of an american's of all rights under the law happen again but top democrats especially those who lead the
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russia investigation which involved flynn are calling the pardon an act of grave corruption. congressman adam schiff writing trump has once again abused the pardon power to reward michael flynn who chose loyalty to trump over loyalty to his country. congressman jerry nadler said this pardon is undeserved, unprincipled and one more stain on donald trump's rapidly diminishing legacy. the president and his team at legal challenges to the election continue even as most of their lawsuits have been denied, dismissed or withdrawn. in pennsylvania a judge halted any further certification spending a hearing, the president called into a meeting between his legal team and gop pennsylvania state senators yesterday. >> we have to turn the election over, no doubt we have all the evidence, all the affidavits, everything. >> reporter: although the president is fighting the result of the transition, the process of sharing classified information has begun.
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president-elect's first classified presidential daily briefing will happen monday. >> reporter: thank you. happy thanksgiving. joining us with his take on michael flynn's partners national security analyst ryan morrow, thanks for being here. you heard the report that you have democratic critics across the board saying this is corruption, abuse of the pardon power. what do you say? >> if you look at the history of presidential pardons this doesn't stand out, both because of the weak case against general flynn and because of what other presidents have done. look at mark rich, one of the biggest tax cheats in american history, a major criminal, donates to the democratic party, president bill clinton at that time pardons him. compares that to what is going on with general flynn, isn't
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that big of a deal. jillian: a lot of supporters of donald trump are wondering why this happened in the first place. why was the fbi so hell-bent on investigating michael flynn. here is former deputy national security adviser kay t mcfarland on why it all went down in her opinion. >> it wasn't about general flynn. it was about getting donald trump. senior officials in the obama administration, the west wing, the justice department, the fbi and the intelligence community knew michael flynn didn't commit any crime in talking to the russian ambassador. >> how do we make sure this doesn't happen again? >> just going to have to be a lot of oversight and this will be a textbook example of misconduct an error that every single fbi investigator has to learn from, part of the requirement to do their job
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because this is not just a weak case but a bizarre case. according to the fbi agents who were interviewing flynn they didn't think that he lied and what you are seeing in the media and a lot of opinion makers basically do is conflating a bunch of things. the issue is a single count of allegedly lying to the fbi, but flynn had to plead guilty to under a lot of pressure, millions of dollars in legal fees, to fight for his innocence, you had to destroy his life and his family's life, lose everything in the hope of victory and that should scare all of us, that you can be put in that position where because of finances you might take a plea deal because you have no other choice. >> 20 seconds left to go but do you see anyone next, paul manafort, roger stone granted clemency but does he get a full pardon? >> i suspect so but he prepared for a lot, general flynn, i
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share concerns, acting as a foreign agent for the radical islamic dictatorship of turkey. i get that but that is not the charge we are talking about and everyone needs to understand that. >> thank you for your insight and joining us, appreciate it. in a few hours the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade will get underway but the holiday tradition will look a lot different. >> there won't be thousands of people standing on new york city streets in the parade route will only span one part, giant balloons will still fly but won't have dozens of handlers on the ground. all participants are required to wear a facemask including performers. parts of the parade have already been pretaped to discourage crowds from forming but we still get up parade. turned to fox news after that. it is 10 minutes after the hour the president said fight wasn't over the pennsylvania judge agreed. what comes next? we are asking a member of the
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trump campaign's recounts team to join us next. jillian: we ask you what you are thankful for this year. charlie white says he's thankful for his family and friends and martino saying for her constant companion. >> "fox and friends first" producer katie thankful for her niece and nephew. they are adorable.
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>> give them an inch and they take a mile and give them a mile and they take your whole country. the legislature in this regard acted improperly. they conducted a completely sham election. >> a pennsylvania judge orders the state department certifying its presidential election results as a lawsuit aims to
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declare all mail quote unconstitutional. where do we go from here? a member of the trump campaign recounting joins us, appreciate it. for those at home who are watching, haven't followed up with every detail. get us caught up to where we are because it is very complicated and unprecedented. >> it certainly is. certain policies like act 77 was allow lawmakers to unlawfully expand the process of mail in ballots, things like this where is an eyebrow and you look at act 77 allowing them to expand balloting measure, normally voters in a case-by-case, one by one, verification etc. as with act 77 it allows the legislature to say everything on an
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individual ballot, in violation of the original act so it is supposed to be based on an actual legitimate excuse, they totally disregard that and say it doesn't matter, we will wipe it out and do it our way. that is a problem and places like pennsylvania and nevada dealing with their own issues so the entire process needs to be redone. we are tired of individuals in the legislature across america taking things in their own hands. that is what this should be, not based on what other individuals feel like it should be and because we have had a pandemic it does not give individuals the right to have a free for all and that is what this is about, the integrity of the election process. >> pennsylvania's attorney general says it doesn't matter because the election results in
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the state have already been certified, he posted a tweeting this does not impact yesterday's electors, we will be filing an appeal with the pennsylvania supreme court momentarily, doesn't matter, he's filing an appeal anyway. what is your reaction? >> the most important thing, what we are doing, we are here on the ground in nevada working on the process, presenting evidence but this point in pennsylvania, obviously the process has been delay but to stop certification nothing else at this point, any additional results for the presidential race and down ballot races at this time have been stopped which is a phenomenal thing. the american people are tired of the elitism, the ability to do what they want to do. it's not right and it is important to have a free and fair election and that is what this comes down to and being
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able to be part of the nevada state gop party is a phenomenal process and we are ready for our process and that is why i am here today working through the holidays because we believe in a free and fair election the american people deserve to have economic freedom and freedom in our elections and the election process that has been manipulated on any given day, needs to be a clean and fair process and that is what this is about and i want the american people to understand this has nothing to do with being addictive, has to do with us having a free and fair election. >> absolutely and we know you're working hard since you woke up early, you're in that hotel room, hope you kick your feet up a little later today, thank you for joining and find turkey somewhere. happy thanksgiving. hotel turkey.
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still to come fighting for faith in a pandemic, the supreme court hands religious groups a major win in new york just in time for the holidays and grandma got run over by a rain be a? we are talking to the brewery making beer run brighter. ♪
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♪ ocean spray works with nature every day to keep you healthy
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don't be a turkey this thanksgiving. wear a mask. don't be a turkey. i'm good-looking in this mask.
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>> governor andrew cuomo urging new yorkers to mask up this thanksgiving while modeling his new face covering. the governor even quipping he looks better with and on. the holiday themed mascara turkey on cuomo's phrase he has been repeating. >> christmas decorations are going up at the white house crews hanging reefs around the outside as the first lady decorates the inside. this year it has yet to be announced, last year's seamless spirit of america, attributed to the traditions and history of what makes america great. so we know the holidays will look different this year but one colorado breweries taking unique to a whole new level, delivering your christmas beer by reindeer. >> when we heard about a we had to talk to the guy in charge from breckenridge brewery, joining us with more on the rain be a e sweepstakes. you and the other folks decided to bring the christmas cheer to folks at home. tell us about it. >> we know things are weird and
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some of our family traditions have been squashed so we decided to create a new one and we deliver specifically this big guy here, these mini kegs of legendary christmas ale to a bunch of folks in denver and cascade, colorado. we had to limit it because the reindeer are busy. - or and dancer down all those guys will help us. it is fun. >> where did you get the reindeer? >> we have some friends at a ranch in parker, colorado, southeast of downtown denver proper. it is common moon dear ranch, our friend apple runs the ranch with the family of reindeer. >> a picture of acute little reindeer. i shouldn't say little.
1:25 am
those in the denver area that can win a chance at getting beer delivered, how do they enter to win? >> go to our website, you can go there, go to our website and you will see on the homepage the reindeer on the front, you have until the second of december because we will do these deliveries on the fifth and sixth. so far we have had 2500 people. without talking about this. i was really actually humbled when i saw how much you are doing for your community this holiday season including for front-line workers. talk about what you are doing and the importance of it. >> ever since march we started delivering meals out of our
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farmhouse restaurant at our main brewery in breckenridge but out of littleton we have been doing things and working with front-line workers where you can go to the same website and donate a meal, 10 bucks and then deliver it. we are doing ride around, it is over 1000 a month we are helping out folks on the front line and it ties into this program. if you sign up before the second we will donate another meal to the front-line workers. jillian: happy thanksgiving to you and all your staff and the reindeer of course. >> thank you very much. the time is 26 after the our. la's outdoor dining than the latest in the democrats charge toward lockdown but the science doesn't always back them up. are they focusing on factor
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piddling fear? we debate that next. >> i am a veterinarian deployed in southwest asia in support of operation front shield. i want to give a shout out to my family and friends, my husband scott and my two boys jacob and carter, mommy misses you and i will be home soon. happy holidays, goodbye. is this a new buick? i secret santa-ed myself. i shouldn't have. but i have been very good this year. wow! wow! wow! this year, turn black friday into buick friday all month long. now during buick friday, pay no interest for 84 months on most 20-20 buick suv models.
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>> reporter: it is absolutely devastating to think three people out there in our county supervisor board deemed appropriate with little to no data whatsoever to shut us all
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down, for a lot of businesses a deathknell after everything we have been through. >> one los angeles county restaurant owner speaking out as outdoor dining is shutdown. the latest numbers show 3% of coronavirus cases come from restaurants. should we be punishing already struggling businesses like restaurants, here to debate that is democratic strategists, and republican strategist, happy thanksgiving to both of you and thanks for being here. i will start with you. what do you think? restaurant owners and gym owners seem to have been so hard-hit by the restrictions and the shutdowns and to ban outdoor dining when we are told outdoors is the safest place you can be, what do you think of this? it does seem like a punishment for these restaurant owners. >> it is painful. if you're a small business owner these restrictions really impact your business but the reality is 13 million americans have been infected, 260,000 have died, the long-term effects of covid-19 we don't even know, people are losing use of their lungs, their heart and other things coming up
1:32 am
so the restrictions are there to keep a safe environment and yet individually it is difficult for a lot of folks. a lot of businesses but no one is trying to punish a business. we are just trying to keep people safe and keep our family safe. >> what about the fact we are told outdoors is one of the safest locations we can be? >> it is safer to be outdoors but if you're sitting two feet away from someone face to face, and a lot of people are talking a lot of outdoor areas especially in la are tightly packed in so if the local health department, local health directors saying this is not a safe environment then we should let local people lead in this direction. that's what americans do, we have initiatives like this letter the local level. >> what do you say?
1:33 am
>> the reason you have people so up in arms besides the fact that you have small businesses across this country that will be ruins, their families will be ruined is because the experts don't even seem to understand what the science dictates, the same experts telling us we need to shutdown the schools are the same experts telling us schools have low rates of transmission, the same experts that are trying to put the hammer to small business across this country have also confirmed outdoor dining has low rates of transmission so at some point if we are going to talk about keeping people safe you would think at the very least we would be talking about places where transmission seems to be highest and we are not having those conversations, people like bill diblasio talking about setting up checkpoints it bridges and tunnels, perhaps start with things like transportation where you have people crammed into subway cars like a bunch of sardines in a can, those are the things that i think have a greater impact on people being impacted by covid-19, particularly poor people across
1:34 am
the country, then trying to make sure the people that are the backbone of this economy, people who have been the greatest impacted by these pernicious lockdown strategies will make it to christmas and have hope of supporting their families. >> the cdc director has said schools are one of the safest places for kids during the covid-19 pandemic and you hear people say follow the science and schools shutting down when the cdc director says one of the safest places kids can be, parents are frustrated and confused and trying to figure out plans, so much to mixed messaging going on. is that part of the problem? >> mixed messaging, you need directly from the federal government that tries to create standards we can all follow. we had a lot of mixed messages and local officials are managing the best they can.
1:35 am
any city or county official is not trying to shut down restaurants because they also lose tax revenue for that. when they make these decisions, a lot of information and thought and care, if they throw rocks at it at the end of the day these are the people doing the best they can, lack of leadership from the federal side. >> i want to give joseph the final word. leaders not wanting restaurants to shut down, at the end of the day you heard from so many restaurant owners they can't survive on just take out service. >> people talk about leadership from the top. we heard joe biden get on stage thing he will not shut down the economy, he is going to shut down the virus, another secret plan to fight covid-19 the same as he has a secret plan to fight everything. we had warp speed that led to is having a pathway to a vaccine,
1:36 am
we need to recognize the fact that if we are going to keep parroting this talking point trust the experts the experts need to do a better job at doing their job and keeping the american people informed with information they are going to trust. >> have a great thanksgiving, both of you. >> the supreme court blocks andrew cuomo from capping capacity at houses abortion, religious groups taking the state to court over covid-19 restrictions that limit the number of people allowed to attend service. the ruling coming just hours after a church and synagogue asked the supreme court to intervene in their lawsuit over new jersey's coronavirus orders, the governor announced new restrictions earlier this month limiting capacity at gatherings including religious services. black lives matter protesters gathering outside the home of los angeles mayor eric garcetti demanding he not be picked for
1:37 am
any position in biden's cabinet, speculation swirls he's being considered as head secretary, protesters calling him unqualified saying he has failed to house homeless people in los angeles. house majority whip james clyburn speaking out saying biden is falling short of naming black figures to top posts telling the hill in part from all i hear black people have been given fair consideration but there is only one black woman so far. i want to see where the process leads to, what it produces but so far not good. president obama defense former pastor jeremiah wright while calling attacks against georgia senate hopeful rafael wardnot crazy. >> a losing stage to go chasing crazy. if i am him i'm emphasizing what am i positively going to do on behalf of the people as opposed to just trying to play defense
1:38 am
against a bunch of crazy stuff that is coming out. >> right was obama's pastor until comments he made about 9/11 came to light. he has been linked to warnot by kelly left her who fired back on twitter. david webb will join us live next hour to discuss. meantime president-elect joe biden, donald trump and vice president-elect kamala harris on the list of nominees for time person of the year. the distinction goes to the person or group teamed to have the greatest influence on the events of the year for better or worse, person of the year will be named december 10th, last year's was greta tunberg. >> turkey questions answered, the butterball turkey line
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expert has last-minute tips. as we go to break we are sharing what you are grateful for. joe jensen is thankful for amazing 5-year-old, our producer anthony saying the family helps. his grandparents started 50 years ago. and our amazing senior thankful for the family, jeremiah, natalie and riley and rachel. the one in the blue dress. we are coming right back.
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shannon: time to talk turkey. if you are already preparing your holiday meal and still have questions about your bird we've got you covered.
1:43 am
butterball's expert beth summers is why with all the answers to your turkey troubles. happy thanksgiving, thanks for being here. >> good morning, happy thanksgiving to you and all your viewers. >> from tim in newhaven connecticut asks can you microwave a turkey? >> you can. you can microwave a turkey up to 12 pounds but it is a very time intensive and labor-intensive process. we are happy to walk you through the steps you need if you call us at 800-butterball. it is a lot to explain but you can do it as long as it fits in your microwave. >> that would be very helpful for sure. sarah from akron, ohio asks how do i know when my turkey is
1:44 am
done? >> reporter: the best way to know when your turkey is done, the only way really to know is a meat thermometer. i have an instant read their mama here but sometimes you have one with a bigger dial designed to stay in your turkey when you cook it. you want to take the temperature in a few different spots, going to the breast all the way down to the biggest part of the meat without touching the bone, needs to be 170 and in the side, we want that to be at 180 degrees and that is when you know your turkey is done in perfectly cooked but still moist and juicy. >> jason from knoxville, tennessee says my turkey is always dry. how do i avoid that? >> don't like you might be cooking your turkey too long and above those temperatures. if you cook your turkey to 170 in the breast it will be moist, juicy and delicious because all the moisture is still within a turkey at that point. it is when you start to get way over that temperature that the meat starts to dry out. give your meat thermometer a good opportunity to work for you this year and hit that 170 mark. >> karen from philadelphia wrote in a panic saying my turkey is
1:45 am
still frozen. what do i do? >> you are not alone. that is one of the most received calls we get at the turkey talk line on thanksgiving morning. you can get your turkey safely thought out using the coldwater method and it is fast. leave your turkey and its wrapper like it is shown here, put it in your sing, fill your sink with cold tapwater, refresh the tapwater every 30 minutes to keep it nice and cold and by doing this you will really speed up the thawing time of your turkey, the total time will depend on the weight of your turkey but even if you can only do this for 2 or 3 hours before you put the partially thawed turkey in the oven it will make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes your turkey to cook so coldwater flying is your friend. if you need a video for that we have a really good one on to show you how to do that. >> princeton, new jersey tiffany asks how do i know what size turkey to buy? >> it is thanksgiving morning.
1:46 am
it is a different year so people are doing different things. people are cooking on the weekend or something like that. if you are so shopping butterball suggests shopping two pounds per person per guest to allow you generous meal and a lot of leftovers. a lot of people will have them this year, people, or malicious turkey, celebrate, head to for leftover recipes, turkey and shallot as, we recommend the 2 pounds per person and a lot of ways you can use your turkey in the coming days. >> people having smaller celebrations this year. the small turkeys are flying off the shelves. we appreciate all the tips and advice. happy thanksgiving.
1:47 am
>> poor tiffany got scolded. 1 million crockpots recall on the busiest cooking day of the year. the crockpot multi-cooker recalled over the list, causing hot food or liquid to cause serious burns. 99 injuries have been reported. customers are being asked to contact the company for a replacement. >> american families have their own thanksgiving traditions and for one florida family they use a pool to prepare the meal. watch. >> we saw our turkey, that is how you do it in florida. >> a man tossing his turkey into the pool using hot sun and warm water would approve. they have a turkey. >> from nancy pelosi getting
1:48 am
busted not wear a mask to aoc's eyebrow raising remarks and cuomo brothers primetime bickering. >> the top political turkeys of 2020 next. >> join multinational groups in ukraine, we want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving! cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned that we can sell all of our policy or keep part of it with no future payments, who knew? we
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jillian: every year our elected leaders blunders and gas create memorable viral moments and here with his favorite political
1:52 am
turkeys, tj mccormick. good morning. >> good to see you virtually. happy thanksgiving. >> nothing like a little trash talk to get you in the holiday spirit. >> stable later. >> nancy pelosi makes your list of political turkeys for getting caught at a hair salon without a mask and saying she was set up. >> i take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon. they said we are able to accommodate one person at a time. it turns out it was a set up. >> she takes responsibility for not taking responsibility. this is going to be a gift for all the trump supporters licking their wounds for a long time. they will always have this. the picture of the epitome of white privilege having her hair done while the rest of the country is watching their roots
1:53 am
grow in. this woman is the ultimate privilege and the ultimate not do as i say. it is a tragedy but a gift for all the trump lovers. >> i don't think anybody can forget that moment but some folks may have forgotten this from alexandria ocasio cortez. >> the idea, the metaphor of bootstrap started off as a joke because it is a physical impossibility to lift yourself up by a bootstrap, by your shoelaces. it is physically impossible. the whole thing is a joke. >> she says people can't pick themselves up by the bootstraps, can't get ahead without some sort of government intervention. what do you think?
1:54 am
>> when we all pray today around our table let's keep aoc in mind, she needs a lot of prayers. that is tragic, the woman is taking an old saying in the real tragedy, this is a saying that is arguably one of the cornerstones of america, raising yourself up by your bootstraps lean means living the american dream and here's your woman who a couple years ago is shaking martinis and now is member of the united states congress, she is the embodiment of lifting up by the bootstraps, that is the tragedy here. she is the cliché and she's tearing it to shreds. that's a shame. she keeps coming through every year. >> in case you missed it this was the year of politicians busting a move on the campaign trail. >> i just have one thing to say.
1:55 am
♪ ymca ♪ ♪ criticize you for your skin tone ♪ >> donald trump wins that one. what do you think? >> 100%, the coolest dad moves we've ever seen in politics but that is plastic trump. he took a goofy thing and acknowledged the goofiness of it with the face and the fist pumps. there comes a point in every politician's career they make a conscious decision to move to the music and it never works out but that guy breaks the mold and biden took it to a new low because it was pure pandering. >> on the list the cuomo brothers comedy bit during the pandemic. >> i say let it go, go with the flow. >> i know you my whole life, you came to me, you had on an interesting valet. >> affected your mental capacity. >> do you think you are an attractive person because you
1:56 am
are single and ready to mingle? >> 30 seconds. >> what happens when a narcissistic tv host and dictator like governor brother get together for a couple hijinks. they drive not funny into the ground. it was cringe worthy. it is awful stuff to watch. >> thank you for keeping our politicians in check every thanksgiving, there is nobody better at doing this than you. >> in the next hour, a full thanksgiving conversation, when "fox and friends first" returns. ♪
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will >> thursday november 26th, presidential pardon for general michael flynn just in time for the holidays but nancy pelosi, adam schiff and others not sharing in the cheer. >> because we care so much reach other we will be having separate thanksgiving. hi


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