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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  January 29, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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for everything that happens in california, i'm in dallas, texas, right now. >> harris: i have 11 cousins there, say hello. tomi and kim and dave, so good to see you and emily, we are sisters now, first week my congrats. america reports now. >> thank you so much. starting this friday with a fox news alert and the effects of the reddit fueled trading frenzy. wall street tightens facing criticism for cracking down on buyers, driving up stocks for gamestop and other struggling companies. welcome to the friday edition of america reports from washington, d.c. i'm john roberts. >> sandra: did you say friday? we will take it. good afternoon, everyone. i'm sandra smith and we are watching markets at this hour on wall street quite a nosedive down 660 points because the dow is now below that big 30,000
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level as the controversy continues. president biden met with his economic team at the white house today, the administration has not yet said much on the controversy only saying talk to the sec and the feds are monitoring the situation. strong backlash by some lawmakers including alexandria ocasio-cortez and republican ted cruz. republican senator josh hawley talked about this on fox news earlier. >> what you've seen with this gamestop meltdown that wall street is having now is these folks at home have got more criticism and more scrutiny than the people who single-handedly crash the entire financial market in 2008. and they got bailed out, the government bailed out those people. it shows you that the fix is in. >> john: white house correspondent kristin fisher picks up reporting for us on this friday live on the north lawn. >> for the third day in a row,
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the white house is declining to weigh in on this controversy that has consumed both wall street and main street. the white house press secretary was asked about it three times during this morning's briefing and each time, she referred reporters to the sec in that briefing took place minutes before the president and vice president were set to meet with their economic teams in the oval office. so i asked the white house press secretary if there was any chance that this gamestop controversy would come up in the oval office meeting with the treasury secretary. >> the focus of the meeting is about the recovery plan, the status of the economic recovery, the data that we saw yesterday. i'm sure they will cover a range of topics during that meeting but that's not the focus. i know it's a big story but our focus in our big story is getting the american people get back to work. >> so here's a new statement this morning that the sec put out, it reads "the commission is
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closely monitoring and evaluating the extreme prideful of certain stocks trading prices over the last several day adding that the commission will closely review actions taken by regulated entities that may disadvantage investors were otherwise unduly inhibit their ability to trade certain securities. inside that oval office meeting, the president and his economic team again called for quick action on a covid relief bill, president biden said the risk is not doing too much, the risk is not doing enough and looking ahead to next week, tuesday is going to be really big day at the white house because the white house as president biden will be unveiling even more executive orders and actions this time on immigration and one of the big things he will be putting forward is a task force intended to reunite families that were separated at the border during the trump administration. >> john: we will be talking more about that in the next few minutes here on america reports. i have to say, i've been in the
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oval office a number of times and never seen the fire lit before. >> i was about to talk about it but i wasn't sure it was worthy of flagging but i'm glad you caught it too. >> john: we will see you soon, thank you so much. we will dive deeper into the fight between reddit users on wall street in just a moment them at charles payne and robert wolf will join us next with new reactions. >> sandra: just moments ago in a news conference calling in nursing homes covid that's a tragedy has a new report from the state attorney general showed his state undercounted the total numbers of deaths. here's the post cover from today suggesting a name change for the governor's book about the covid crisis, live from brooklyn for us this afternoon, so did governor cuomo and that news conference, did he take any responsibility for the tragedy in new york's nursing homes? >> good afternoon.
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the reality is no, he did not take any personal responsibility has the governor of new york for nearly 13,000 deaths in the states nursing homes and in fact, he said everyone did the best they could and said no one was to blame but not before in the same breath blaming the federal government. >> so if you think it was a mistake, it's not about pointing fingers or blame. is that this became a political football. >> the 76 page investigative report released yesterday found in part that the administration's policy requiring nursing homes to accept covid-19 infected patients in march and april of 2020 may have caused more deaths but the ag needed more data to definitively no. governor cuomo said they issued that mandate in 2020 because of the federal government but as
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for the assistant secretary of health under the trump administration said, new york misapplied that federal guidance and should have done more to ensure infected patients were sent only to nursing homes that could properly care for them. listen. >> that is completely nontrue. but governor cuomo said as the nursing home had to take back these patients, mandated to do that and in no way was this federal government guidance that was absolutely wrong and you can't shift the blame, you have to own this one. >> the ag's report also found the states death toll in nursing homes is as much is 50% higher than what was being reported and the department of health and the moments after the release of that report did release a new number, 12,743 deaths, 4,000 more than what was initially being reported by the state. the state says that's because new york had not been including nursing home residents who died
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after being transferred to hospitals. this new number would make new york the state with the highest number of deaths in long-term care facilities nationwide, the cuomo administration says that's because new york has the most complete nursing home data noting that only nine states have been operating with presumed deaths in nursing home but the bottom line is when asked if there was going to be any kind of investigation into the health department, there was not a definitive answer and ultimately, the blame is with the virus according to governor cuomo. if >> sandra: attempted explanation does not seem to be going over well with those who have been so deeply personally affected by that tragedy. bryan llenas, thanks for joining us, thank you. >> john: here's how the other networks cover the story yesterday between 9:00 in the morning at 10:00 at night, abc spent no time on it, cbs whole seconds, nbc spent one minute 26
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seconds, cnn 8 minutes 18 seconds and msnbc spent 2 minutes and 56 seconds on it. miranda devine joins me now for more on this, a "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor. the alarm bell was rung along time ago on this and one person ringing at the loudest was our janice dean who lost both of her in-laws, this idea that the nursing home deaths were underreported by as much as 50% and then at that press conference didn't talk about it until the question he said this about it, listen here. >> i understand the instinct to blame or to find some relief for the pain that you're feeling, but it is a tragedy and it's a tragedy that continues today. the state department of health gave their best guidance and made the best decisions on the facts they had.
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but it doesn't mean people didn't die and it doesn't mean people won't die today. >> john: i'm sure you watch that press conference, your reaction when you heard that. >> it was nauseating and i think we saw vintage governor cuomo doing the same sort of performance that won him an enemy had won the hearts of a lot of people during the pandemic because he emotes very well, but then when you see the facts and the numbers of deaths in nursing homes that occurred with cicely because of his lethal and callous memo demanding that nursing homes except covid positive patients and therefore the virus ran like wildfire in the most vulnerable populations making new york number one in the country in nursing home deaths. when you see that coming you see the truth behind andrew cuomo and it really is chilling
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because you also have to remember the money behind that decision, the fact andrew cuomo was given millions of dollars in campaign donations by the organizations that lobbied for that particular millions of dollars running television ads which whitewashed governor cuomo's culpability, and specifically, has all this on their web site, $1 million given to andrew cuomo in 2018 in campaign funds by the new york hospitals associations and in return, he gave them multibillion-dollar medicare medicaid hike for their hospitals and nursing homes. this is a classy pay for play problem that we have a new york and now we see it has deadly
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consequences and andrew cuomo in that press conference blamed donald trump, blamed god, blamed his own health department, everybody but himself which is despicable, and the point is not as he keeps saying that the number of deaths hasn't changed, the point is that the number of deaths in nursing homes is double what he covered it up to be and at the same time as he was sending those vulnerable people to nursing homes, they were thousands of beds lying empty that the federal government had provided at the javits center and the hospital. >> john: and see when bryan llenas and his comprehensive report pointed out, governor cuomo said i was just following federal guidance. he heard a former deputy and hhs saying that's not true, that's not what the guidance is. here's what else he said about it this morning on
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"fox & friends." >> it was a tragic and antiscience-based decision to send sick infectious people back to nursing homes. if there were ever the equivalent of putting out the fire with gasoline, that's exactly what happened. >> john: i've never known him to engage in hyperbole so clearly, that tough language he had is based on what he truly believes happened. he says he can't shift the blame, it's andrew cuomo, he's got to own this one. >> you should own it and there ought to be an investigation into exactly how that memo came about, how it was covered up and the families of janice dean, the family of those people who do i deserve it but also, we need to ensure that this doesn't happen again and already, we have governor cuomo causing problems with vaccinations, before donald trump left office, casting shade on the safety of
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vaccinations which was a reprehensible thing to do and that we see new york is bungling the rollouts of his incompetence continues, he actually said the other day and amazing projection that incompetence kills, we are seeing it now and somehow i think transparency at the very least. >> john: hope you have a good weekend, we will see you again soon. >> sandra: i don't know if you're watching it live as well but andrew cuomo's words i believe everybody did the best that they could, i understand the instinct to blame or to find some relief for that pain that you're feeling, but it's a tragedy, i know people like janice dean who were so deeply affected by this losing her in-laws were looking for more of an explanation, for more accountability from the governor on this after certainly learning now that the number of deaths
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were underestimated by the state and undercounted i should say. >> john: i suggest someone saying the sorry, we should have done a better job might be some comfort for janice and others who lost their loved ones but something like that does not appear to be forthcoming at least not from the new york governor. >> sandra: we will continue to follow every minute of that. he calls growing more security on capitol hill. by some house lawmakers are now requesting. >> turns out what wall street really hates his outsider trading, the idea that people from outside their world might be getting rich. >> sandra: more on the intensifying fight between reddit users and wall street, so are those everyday traders being unfairly blocked and will the digital occupy wall street be the wave of the future? charles payne and robert wolf are here to weigh in. i can't wait. they're here next.
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>> john: a scaled down version of the march for life getting underway here and much of the event is taking place virtually because of coronavirus, but a small group of organizers still marching to the supreme court, this comes after president biden took action to reverse president trump's implementation of the so-called mexico city policy restricting funding for international groups that support abortion. >> shortselling has no obvious value to the american economy. what's happening on wall street is so clearly awful and so obviously destructive. the question is who will fight back against it? as it turns out, a bunch of guys on reddit will. the investment app robin hood which is used by independent
10:20 am
investors to buy and sell stock bandits users from trading gamestop shares as well as from several other company shares and they did under pressure from the hedge funds who they really work for. so much for the free market we are always hearing about, nothing free about it, that turned out to be alive. >> sandra: tucker carlson slamming wall street and what he calls the value of trading, amateur reddit traders taking on wall street by buying off gamestop stock, so are these average traders being unfairly blocked? that is a big question and can we expect to see more of this in the future? joining us now as robert wolf, former economic advisor to president obama and charles payne, host of making money with charles payne on fox business, i've been looking forward to talking to you both. i want to ask you where you're coming from on this because you deal with these types of investors all the time. you deeply care about the average american being able to get involved with the american
10:21 am
stock market. it's important to you. what happened here? >> finally, individual investors of the tools and the communication platforms to be more informed and fight back and i happen to think this was a long time coming. this is a report i wrote two weeks ago, and i wrote to all my subscribers and said i love short squeezes because one of the things i said is they want total disruption. many of them are smart, but the hedge fund campaigns are not a trade, they are not saying i think the stock is 100 and should be 80. they're saying i would like to push it down to one or zero and they have gotten away with this for decades and more often than not, it is the small investor who was hurt because most of the times, these companies are vulnerable, they don't have a lot of brokerage backups, so most of the people invested in them are individual investors and they've been crushed.
10:22 am
>> sandra: they are operating within rules and regulations, we usually talk politics with you, but you used to run ubs american are extremely familiar with wall street. you see what's going on here and it's important to point out adding to charles point that when you look at those individual investors and trading through robin hood, robin hood is a regulated entity. they have to answer to the sec so they saw collusion happening even though it was on the part of the average investor gathering on reddit, don't they have to identify that and do something about it? >> there's a lot of things to unpack here, so i'll go quick. first of all, in the last occupy wall street, i was getting death threats. i'm glad to be on the sidelines. it all started out where these investors were angry at hedge funds, these pandemic impacted companies like gamestop in bed bath & beyond. it became the democratization of
10:23 am
wall street and all of a sudden, this open source platform with no fees in high volumes gave them that access and with reddit, gave them the inside transparency, but robin hood as you said have to come up with capital, have to make sure they have the right ability on margin calls and they didn't have the appropriate capital but more importantly, they didn't tell everyone what their triggers and stock calls would be like you have to during the new york stock exchange so this was a surprise to all and when the stock dropped by 150 points yesterday, tons of people lost money and i agree on the regulation side mother was going to be a battle of collusion manipulation where they go after the reddit people but that it's going to be a battle on these open-source platforms in the stock shorts. why should a hedge fund be able to shorten more than the entire outstanding. >> sandra: maybe there's other people out there like me but i became intrigued like this and i
10:24 am
tried to sign myself up throughout robin hood account just to get an idea of what these individual investors are committed to when they sign that consent agreement, 36 pages but in the fine print, you read "i understand robin hood may at any time in its sole discretion and without prior notice to me prohibit or restrict the ability to trade securities and i will ask you this, they had to know that going into it if you read the fine print, that's there, but they are signing up to trade for free on this platform. nothing is free first of all when they worry about their data being sold to other companies, but isn't it a slippery slope to encourage investments is to prove a point to outdo the hedge funds? you always encourage investment based on the fundamentals. >> two weeks ago, i said the short sale were gamestop, version atlantic, also had some
10:25 am
on my own account. people in the market run it to try to make money but the idea that the average person is going to be 36 pages and get to the last when you read the fine print by the same company that seduce them, we will give you free stock and do this for you, you can seduce someone with this stuff and say you didn't read the fine print? may be legally they can wiggle their way out of this but we know the heart of the matter is that they seduce these folks into the market and let them down yesterday. they needed to raise capital but robin hood is on the verge of going public. they can make a phone call, they could've raised $1 billion yesterday, they could have done it. here's the thing, i can't believe you are citing. >> sandra: i'm not siding with anybody. what about the guy who led the charge of those average investors? he was in the first, everybody he brought along with him got it at a higher price than he did. >> all the stocks that went public last year you know what
10:26 am
wall street bought them at? $0.50. are you kidding me? about some little guy. the big guys make all the money all the time. how can you short 140% of the company, 68%. it's not even out there. they are lending the same shares over and over again every time they shorted, you know that's a sell. every sell puts pressure on it. >> sandra: one more from robert, go ahead. >> here's what i'll say, the one thing we learned during the crisis of occupy wall street as it takes years to build a brand, it takes minutes to ruin one. i think they can go raise $1 billion but they were when their brand in 7 minutes and i think they have given their people to trade for free but on this one, i agree with charles, these hedge funds if you can short over 100% of the stock,
10:27 am
that's the first violation. the idea that my guess is the sec will go after the reddit folks for manipulation or collaboration, it will be a slippery slope there. >> i agree. >> sandra: a lot to unpack here and i hope to have you guys back, really important discussion. got charles all fired up here. first time i've seen him, good to have you both, thank you so much. >> john: had so much steam coming out of his ears, blew his earpiece out. it was very good, excellent. so tensions rising as teachers face off against parents hoping to send their kids back to school ahead of the growing fight between unions and the governor in one state. plus, president biden again said to use his executive pen to reshape immigration policy. coming up next, reaction from a grieving father whose son was
10:28 am
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redefining insurance. to my former fbi lawyer who pleaded guilty as part of the investigation into the rush of sentenced moments ago to a year of probation. no jail time. kevin kleinsmith admitted to doctoring an email in order to justify a wiretapping for at former trump campaign advisor carter page. >> john: the u.s. army reports 11 soldiers were injured after ingesting an unknown substance. having yesterday during a training exercise. an investigation is underway. >> sandra: andrew cuomo announcing today that indoor dining in new york city will make its long awaited and return on valentine's day, restaurants will be open to 25% capacity and has not been allowed in this city since mid-december. for more on these and other
10:33 am
stories, download the fox news app and scan the qr code on your screen. >> john: president biden's immigration policies taking shape. our next guest became an active activist after an immigrant killed his son in san francisco and a car crash. he says president biden is playing politics with his immigration policy and putting lives at risk. donald rosenberg as president of advocates for victims of illegal alien crime. good to see you today and again, sorry for your loss. i know it has been a number of years but i can't imagine as a parent losing a child. let's quickly take a look at what president biden has done so far in terms of executive orders with immigration, halted wall construction and end of the zero tolerance policy, ended the remain in mexico policy for asylum-seekers, repealed the travel ban and reinstated protections. your take on what the president has done so far?
10:34 am
>> first my congratulations on your new show, thank you for your kind remarks. what the president is doing as you said is playing politics where was covid, he talked about you have to listen to the scientists, the experts, look at the facts. with immigration, he's listening to the politicians, listening to the advocates and is ignoring all the facts and it's going to get people killed, going to create more crime and for a party that keeps talking about doing everything to keep people safe and no one is above the law they are hypocrites. >> john: next week, there will be more executive action. we thought it would happen today but looks like it will not happen on tuesday. among the things that president biden plans to do is increase refugee admission, review limits on legal immigration and revoke
10:35 am
president trump's restrictions on u.s. asylums, also something about creating a task force on reuniting families which i want to talk to about in just a second the first of all, those first three items, increasing refugee admission which had been severely restricted, limits on legal immigration and then restrictions on u.s. asylum being revoked, your thoughts on that? >> when it comes to refugees, you have to look at the situation. i'm not an expert on that but certainly we take in more than our fair share on an annual basis, and i would leave that up to the experts, increasing immigration particularly right now is ludicrous considering how many people are unemployed to bring in more people that will work for less money is insane and will only make unemployment worse. as far as reducing the asylum rules, but nobody understands about a silence is when you let these people into the country,
10:36 am
when they pass their tests, 47% of them never even fill out the asylum paperwork, they just disappear. of the remainder, 15% will get approved and these are statistics over the last 13 years, 15% will get approved, the rest will get deportation orders, 2% will leave, so right now, the number in the camp in mexico was 60,000, not sure if it still is but means 9,000 will be given permission to stay in the united states on their asylum claim but only 1200 will actually leave the country, so 51,000 will remain here. >> john: there are people who dispute those figures but no question that a large number of people do stay in the united states. creating a task force on reuniting families is something we will see happen on tuesday. so sorry for your loss on the
10:37 am
such a tragedy, but thank you for joining us today. >> sandra: thank you. teachers unions in massachusetts meanwhile facing off against parents and the governor over school reopening this and now the unions are also slamming a change to a vaccination plan. molly line in massachusetts with us and echoing a number of states where the push to reopen has met from resistance from the teachers union. >> you said it exactly. a lot of folks around the country saying this is happening here in my state as well. in massachusetts, the teachers union which is just beginning to boil over i really had a boiling point with the governor and his administration. the republican governor here has consistently stridently called for a return to in person learning. he has cited health data, knowing private schools have also been holding classes successfully in person. the teacher union pushing back strongly denouncing most
10:38 am
recently the announcement that residents 65 and older will be shifting higher in line ahead of teachers in the vaccine priority. >> that decision was made that really fits society against itself. the governor paid lip service to getting students back in school, but his decision today is delaying the safe return by weeks if not months. >> the massachusetts teacher association accusing them of arbitrarily changing the priority when it comes to the vaccines available. a spokeswoman for the office of education responded to the unions accusing them of making false and misleading claims noting "the administration was dismayed to learn the same union leaders also oppose going back to the classroom until vaccines for children are developed. that's a reference to the president quoted in avenue boston herald article expressing doubt that most of the schools will open within 100 days because children will not have
10:39 am
the vaccine. collectively, the teachers unions push back against the assertion writing that it was patently false. >> sandra: molly line, thank you. very important story. we continue to cover it has so many parents are dealing with this across the country, kids still at home. >> john: the parents are going crazy trying to get the kids back in school. the president getting set to go to walter reed national military medical center and we will be following that for you. a good perch appear to watch for a helicopter, by the way. the battle between reddit users and wall street rages on, raising questions about whether the stock market might be in a dangerous bubble. should congress step in? senator tom cotton gives us his take at the top of the hour, plus the high school principal teachers and students a lesson on love. joins us next to talk about his mission to help those in need and how the community is responding.
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>> sandra: a high school principal in south carolina took on a third job at a local walmart stocking shelves to help his students and now his community is responding to starting a gofundme to recognize his efforts. the principal at north charleston high school in joins us now. thank you for joining us and we were super excited to have you want today, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> sandra: why did you decide to take on a third job in addition to already so much you were doing to help out your students? >> i was born and raised here and i saw the need and i tell folks that people my age basically do not ask for funds
10:45 am
if we find a way to procure the dollars ourselves, that's what we do so when i saw the needs of my students and so much of their parents, i decided not to ask anyone for any dollars just to accept another job. >> sandra: your high school is 90% of the students and families live below the poverty line. if showing pictures of these wonderful smiling faces, amazing kids, you immediately started getting response to them when they saw you working at the local walmart and then showing up at school the very next day or hours later i should say. >> yes, ma'am. i worked from ten to seven into the night in the morning and my students did find out that i worked at walmart. some thought that this type of job is beneath me but i try to teach my students that all work that is honest is honorable and as a result, they say if the principal can work, so can we so as a result, never my students
10:46 am
now work at walmart. >> sandra: that is an amazing story, and the money has been flowing into these gofundme pages that have now been started in your honor, let principal henry darby sleep is the name of another gofundme page, and you are seeing an overwhelming unity responds to your efforts. what does that make you feel like? >> it's beyond comprehension. i never thought this would come into existence. as a matter of fact, i try to keep it as esoteric as possible but when word got out, it just exploded. i got to the paper and i'm just overwhelmed with the kindness of all who have sent in their donations based upon the current status of america, this is so great that people can come together to help a common cause to help children. >> sandra: you're an amazing person, your community is
10:47 am
calling you a guardian angel helping out so many who need it. thank you for telling your story here, sir. >> thank you and i think everybody for assisting the high school. >> absolutely in our best to your students and your school as well. that's amazing. >> john: what a great story and a great hero of the community. the first thing that struck me is when he said he works until 10:00 from seven when does principal darby sleep? >> sandra: he said one day he noticed that they were sleeping in their car, didn't have money to pay for their water bill in their electricity bill and he said i just can't go to work and see these kids living like this and he stepped in and did everything he could to help. amazing story. >> john: community heroes, this nation needs more of them. the acting u.s. capitol police chief was to put permanent fencing to protect against future threats of violence, but there is some push back against the proposal. more on that ahead plus new
10:48 am
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>> sandra: peta wants people to stop using animal terms as insults, the animal rights organization tweeted out this list of alternative words. according to peta, instead of saying chicken, you should say coward, rat should not be used to describe someone that you consider to be a snitch, snake is also a no-go and jerk as their preferred term and we should refrain from calling someone a pig because peta things repulsive is a better word and finally, sloth, we should use the word lazy instead and implies that humans are superior and that has been retweeted i am told something like 22,000 times. >> john: humans superior to animals. i've had a lot of dogs in my life and i don't remember one time my dog telling me to sit but why don't we just not insult
10:53 am
people anyway whether you call them pigs. by the way, chopper talks still alive and well, talked on the way out to marine one which is just beginning to take off behind me. >> sandra: i hear it. buy fox news alert out of d.c., 30 members of the house say they want more security measures following the deadly capitol hill riot, speaker nancy pelosi responding with this. >> we will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the house of representatives. we have members of congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of congress. >> john: lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon with the latest on all of this. >> earlier today, jen psaki was also asked about the remaining fencing at your old stomping grounds of the white house. >> with president biden consider bringing back so people can take photos in front of the
10:54 am
white house again the? >> we all like that including members of my family and people in washington i'm a but i will talk to our security team and see if there's anything further to convey to all of you. >> some hill aides say they support fencing out of fear for their safety and keeping visits from the public to appointments only. the new acting u.s. capitol police chief says he does not want to see any fencing around the capital taken down. "vast improvements to the physical security infrastructure must be made to include permanent fencing and the availability of ready backup forces to close proximity of the capital. this is thousands of national guard troops remain in washington, hundreds now infected with the coronavirus through the end of march. d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants those troops to stay and does not want to see the fencing remain around the capital forever. "there are some potentially volatile offense of coming that will require extra security. fencing will be part of that we will not accept extra troops or
10:55 am
permanent fencing is a long-term fixturing d.c. >> snow expected sunday, another challenge for anyone guarding the nation's capital this weekend. >> john: thank you. marine one has clear the washington monument, the president on his way up to walter reed, we will re-rack the tape and have that for you in just a few minutes. >> sandra: we look forward to that. we are meanwhile tracking the gamestop trading fallout on this friday afternoon, susan li from the fox business network will join us on set here and just moments with what you need to know was just two hours left in the trading day, plus republican senator tom cotton will wait and live on this and president biden's executive order blitz. he joins us live top of the hour.
10:56 am
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11:00 am
send off from the hospital. [cheers and applause] officer daniel vargas received a round of applause and fist bumps from hundreds of fellow officers. he will finish his recovery at home. back in the bronx early thisa ie week and the suspect is facing multiple charges including attempted murder. >> sandra: end of this is a fox news alert on a friday afternoon, 2:00 on the east coast and we are tracking continued blowback from amateur traders making a big impact on wall street today. good afternoon everyone, i'm sandra smith. we've been watching the markets and a big sell-off on wall street. >> i'm john roberts in washington, and as we approach the end of a wild week of trading, market averages are down from the fear of a short-term trading squeeze. but stock from game stock is up
11:01 am
this friday and the criticism over restrictions on trading and who gets to trade and who doesn't is growing. >> sandra: at that debate continues and republican senator tom cotton will jump into that debate with us in just a moment. but first, susan li's joins us live onset. what are we hearing as we clear out this week. >> i feel like you can understand what i'm going to say because it might be more complicated for the average folks. friday afternoons are a bit tricky as we head into the weekend and this is as we have a lot of these options trades, language that we didn't know was heading into this week for the broader audience but now it's every day language with this game stop phenomenon. we are looking at the most volume ever traded on wall street this week sandra so we are talking about 59 million options contracts and 23 billion shares exchanging hands on wednesday. with that type of activity, that
11:02 am
has the brokerage terms concerned of a collateral. how much money do we have to have in the bank in order to clear these trades and that's what happened with robin hood yesterday because all that controversy and that person support in washington, d.c.? and >> sandra: that's remarkable to watch, so many names involved that make this a household conversation. everyone is wrapping their arms around the story and figure out what it means to them, because as investors we tried to put her arm into market. many of us want to put take advantage of the record run was seen in the stock market lately. these were day traders who wanted to get their money in on some of these games and they wanted to get in together, they were talking on reddit, to push the price of the stocks up. they were very effective with case in point games. i love this generational shift as well in the markets.
11:03 am
these are young traders and we haven't seen this type of activity in the youthful investing audience in 20 years going back to the dot-com bubble. so i like that generational shift. now when it comes to education i'm a little bit concerned because are you going to make money if you buy in at $500 on game stop on a company that's really on its last legs? i think that's the main concern in wall street and what this means for a volume of trading and how you settled these trades and whether or not this goes whiter than just the average ago. that's not you and me trading stock but the entire financial system. >> sandra: it's a fascinating story that we will continue to follow. >> john: always good to see the susan. joining us now is tom cotton of arkansas. nothing from the white house yet but the white house chairperson says she's going to hold hearings on all of this. it's rare bipartisan agreement over the idea of holding
11:04 am
hearings and senator ted cruz of texas and alexandria ocasio-cortez on the same page as this. where do you come down on the idea of this david versus goliath issue that we see here and whether or not there should be hearings, does this belong in congress? >> i do believe we will need to have hearings, in particular have hearings on robin hood and some other outlets shutting down trading for a small solo investors yesterday into the stocks, while major institutional investors continue to trade. at the several investors have done nothing the major institutional investors that they don't do to each other all the time by so-called short squeeze, buying stocks at the institutional investors are short on, no surprise and no real news they are. but the trades have to be conducted on an equal and fair basis and several investors who are making money, sometimes a lot of money, at the expense of these institutional investors shouldn't be shut out on the market and shut out on the trades. we also want to make sure that
11:05 am
stock markets reflect the underlying market analogy is with a good idea to go out and raise money to try to produce that good idea to serve the american people in the marketplace. >> sandra: those everyday average investors we are talking about, they are the opportunity to use sophisticated derivatives. when you really look at it, which i did this morning because i wasn't completely familiar with it, i do think that that becomes a problem when lawmakers say something is wrong here. he gets a lot of attention because main street things, well, wall street must be raked. then you have lawmakers make big claims like this isn't a level playing field. and i would put to you, how do you ensure that members of congress who say there is going to be hearings on this, there will be hearings on this and we will dig into this. how do you ensure that wall street, over knee-jerk
11:06 am
reactions like this? >> we should get to the bottom of what happened last week and that doesn't necessarily mean that there's a government response to what happened. we do need to examine it and especially the closure of trading platforms for some of the solar investors. i don't want to jump to conclusions but i want to make sure we get to the bottom of what happened and that we have a well-functioning fair marketplace that is allowing anyone who wants to trade, to trade in stocks and that is helping companies raise the money they need to grow and provide jobs and provide goods and services in the market place. that's a point of the hearing, not to jump to conclusions or to condemn anyone actor in the marketplace. >> john: senator, so many things we want to get to with you today including president biden and his executive orders. you say that despite his calls for unity he has a "no regard for hardworking blue-collar
11:07 am
americans in their jobs. he's been prolific with executive orders and you have signed on to a bill from wyoming senator cynthia lummus which would require congress to at least sign off on this ban on oil and gas drilling in federal lands. has president biden gone too far with the executive pen? >> he's gone way too far in these executive orders. he preached unity from the inaugural platform but why don't we asked some of those 7,000 blue-collar workers if they think it was unifying to cancel their jobs. or what they think about john kerry asking them if they need to make better choices in the future. and senator lummus' build studies exploring the bill on federal lands, we don't have a lot of that in arkansas. we have people that have pickup trucks and tractors on the farm that need access to gasoline and diesel. i'd hate to see us hamstring ourselves when we achieve energy
11:08 am
and independence and also killing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the oil and gas production sector. >> sandra: but people will look at his use of the pen and say elections have consequences. right democrats gain control in the senate not perhaps did he go too far with the use of his pen but has he lurched too far to the left with his executive orders and action come as you may have predicted. or do you believe the progressives and his party are pushing him further? >> i think he has experience prior to the left. he said in the campaign he will enforce immigration laws and i predicted at the time there would be a surge of migrants coming to our border if joe biden won, because of his eye guess i his executive orders. i can go on and on about the
11:09 am
leftward large which means there aren't even more liberal members of the democratic party but it has gone pretty well and i think anyone who works in the keystone pipeline will tell you that. >> john: on their topic is the covid relief bill. the democrats are not suggesting that they may use -- the president came out moments ago, let's go to the president. stay with us, we will be right back. >> mr. president, why are you going to want to read it? >> president biden: i'm going to visit some of the soldiers who are wounded and look at the vaccination receipts. i've been to walter reed a lot, i spent almost six months there myself as a patient and an addition to that as vice president, every single christmas, we spent all of christmas day at walter reed. these kids are amazing. thank god there's not as many people to visit, and we would
11:10 am
receive a vaccination distribution so i spent a lot of time at walter reed. they are great americans, great people. >> any progress on your covid bill? >> support -- covid relief into budget reconciliation. >> president biden: i support packing covid relief if we can get the support from republicans but covid relief has to pass, no if's, and's or but's. >> john: some chopper talk from president biden and you heard with the president said. he would like to pass covid relief with republicans but he's prepared to do it without. best talk among democrats that they will do this through the reconciliation process which would require just a simple majority. and i'm wondering what happened
11:11 am
to the bipartisan cooperation otherwise between the republicans and democrats late last year to get the last covid relief bill done. that seems to have evaporated pretty quickly. >> this is another disappointing development of joe biden after last week, immediately empowering nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to go along. we passed multiple bills last year, that spent trillions of dollars to give needed relief to the american people and fund of the records of elements of so many vaccines and help schools stay open or get back open is the case may be. we are happy to work together on a bipartisan bill that would actually address those needs, to make sure that vaccines are getting distributed at schools or staying open. what we don't want to see it is a trillion dollar bill come multitrillion dollar bill that is going to fund a lot of long-standing democratic priorities, not things that will help us get over the pandemic or deal with the economic consequences of it. i hope the democrats will try to prove cooperate with us we can pass a good bill.
11:12 am
>> sandra: senator cotton, i want to ask about you writing with that national guard capital position to send our troops home. and and if there are major joint sessions of congress or a foreign leader, we need to be prepared for that. the answer is temporary obstacles and barriers and personnel surges, the answer is not to turn the capital, the people's house into a fortress or a permanent armed camp. if the pandemic is behind us they should be able to come
11:13 am
visit there elected representatives. >> john: another topic if we can test you out, and that is a change with the national security council. jake sullivan has drawn down the middle east affairs and beefed up the office of asian affairs with the real pivot toward china. you are a hawk when it comes to china, are you appreciative of the changes that you have made across the street from you there at the nsc regarding the pivot to china? >> john, i think it affects the reality of our strategic services comic services. china is an economic competitor, and i think it just reflects that reality that we need to focus on the congress, and competing with and beating china. >> there is some question as to whether or not joe biden fully appreciated the check coming from china. >> they have taken some steps i
11:14 am
approve i disapprove, i think the jury is still out on this. >> senator, if i could get you to react to john kerry this week talking about climate change posing one of our biggest threats to national security, what did you think when you heard that? >> john kerry thought that i think you would trade his private jet and yachts and multimillion dollar mansions that spread all across the country. i don't think it is for mr. carey. >> sandra: senator cotton, i appreciate your time. brand-new reaction meanwhile from andrew cuomo today as his state's health department faces criticism for how it handled covid-19 cases in nursing homes here. what the governor just had toax say a short time ago, next.
11:15 am
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11:19 am
>> sandra: president joe biden paying a visit to walter reed medical center in bethesda, maryland. he spoke to the members of the military of a short time ago, about 90 seconds. >> mr. president, welcome to walter reed of medical center, i'm the director of the hospital and it's my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you back to the president hospital, flagship of military medicine. >> president biden: while you guys have been, you've done a great a deal for my family. my son bo after being in iraq came back with the stage for glioblastoma, took care of him and his final days and gave him grace and dignity. and i spent a couple months with some embolism's a period of and
11:20 am
you saved my life here. >> i'll never forget when my son bo became a major. >> it's an absolute honor to have you here. >> it's an honor to be back. >> i look forward to seeing you. for eight years as vice president i would come here, we spent every christmas day here all day, so seeing everybody come up the good news is there are not many people here. you do wonderful work. you really, really do. >> sandra: and president biden
11:21 am
having a moment with members of the military at walter reed medical center in bethesda, having a moment talking about his late son bo biden who toured in iraq and a nice moment there at the hospital. >> it's not about pointing fingers or blame, it's that this became a political football. i right? >> john: a new york governor andrew cuomo speaking today after a report from his own attorney general showed new york under reported the number of nursing home coronavirus deaths by thousands. 40% or more. "the new york post" covered today says a picture of andrew cuomo with the words of "deadly lives." rachel campos duffy joins me now, he went on with weddings now a possibility that you could go propose on valentine's day and then get married in march, and there was nothing about nursing homes until somebody asked him about it at the end of the news conference.
11:22 am
>> he's so out of touch and he's been allowed to get away with this by the media, frankly. he lied about those numbers, he forced nursing homes to accept these patients and when they realized that this was a mistake, that covid wasn't running rampant in these nursing homes instead of being honest and coming forward. many of us didn't know and instead he chose to fudge the numbers and manipulate numbers in the middle of a pandemic. the data is exactly what "the new york post" headline said it, they are deadly lies and you're just trying to learn about it. the media helped him do this and the reason is because early on in the pandemic i believed that the leftist media thought this was an opportunity to take down donald trump. they decided that the foil to donald trump's leadership would be andrew cuomo.
11:23 am
even when the data and the numbers were showing that, they went with it. and he ended up believing his own press and writing a book about himself and then hollywood took on the lies and they gave him an enemy and if they did virtual fund-raisers for him. so this was not just cuomo's lives but the media's lies, and the media refusing to hold him accountable because they so much wanted him to be the hero of this covid story. >> john: he did have some good news today and it was a fact that new york city restaurants are going to open for indoor dining again at 25% capacity as a valentine's day and that weddings would be able to resume in march, at 50% capacity with a maximum of 150 people as long as everybody got tested. so at looks like at least part of the new york economy will
11:24 am
come back but you are very critical of how andrew cuomo has handled the economy overall. >> absolutely. 25% capacity will not be enough to save many of these small businesses. these are the people that he and others said follow the science. look at south dakota and look at florida and covid-19 isn't running any more rampant than anywhere but new york. people are not just losing their lives like the elderly and the nursing homes but families and small businesses are being decimated. i really don't know how new york is coming back, most of the people with common sense are getting ready to leave and going to other states where there is freedom and a follow science and a lot more common sense. >> john: maybe the promise of a valentine's day dinner at a
11:25 am
restaurant will keep them there longer. rachel campos duffy, thanks and good to see you. >> sandra: i was just going to say, and hi to rachel by the way. people have been waiting for this so long, he saying now restaurants can open at 25% capacity on valentine's day, restaurants in new york, many of them are so small that 25% capacity might be two tables. >> john: and they have to get ten or 15% just to maintain their overhead. 25% is not a lot and there are a lot of other places as rachel set across country where they are at 50% at least if not more. and covid-19 is not being transmitted broadly through these restaurants encounters. maybe they should do something a little more. >> sandra: teaches on one of the country's biggest school districts meanwhile being accused of moving the goalpost while they refused to show up in the classroom. we are going to speak to a fed up father of six of his kids are
11:26 am
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>> sandra: the fight to reopen chicago schools continues with many parents now demanding that teachers get back to the classroom and with us now is one of those parents. willie pressman as a father of six students in the chicago school system, and so what is the problem? we've seen so many schools be able to return safely and get kids back in the classroom, and is that not happening where you are? >> thank you for having me first of all. the short of it is, it's political. it's all politics. and that is really, really frustrating and angering for so many parents like my wife and i would just simply want to put our kids first, and have a
11:31 am
chance at a great future. >> how old are your kids? >> my wife is going to get me for this one. 15, 13, 11, ten, nine and four. i have six children ages 15 through four. >> sandra: we got a picture of them up, how are you homeschooling six kids? >> first ball i cannot take credit for that. my wife is more so able to do the homeschooling than i am, because like many chicagoans and americans we have to go away from home, we have to go out and work in my wife does as well. it's been a balancing act and if anything we would just ask the
11:32 am
teachers union to give us some type of stability so we can actually plan our lives out accordingly because every day it seems like we are on pins and needles for another company to decide if we have a public school in chicago or not. >> sandra: i know will be your wife is mostly working with them but a lot of parents are finding they can't do the work of these teachers and it's their job to teach the math, the reading and writing. >> i think there's no debate from anybody that e learning is not the same as in person learning. and, i think that's important
11:33 am
and it's largely been missed here. and that's a social experience to make certain that our kids are safe. and make certain the teachers are safe. but the fact is we have to carry on with their lives in a safe and productive way. our kids will never, ever get these years back and their futures are at stake. and they are very, very concerned about that. >> we will get through this. we hope those kids get back in the classroom. >> thank you so much. >> this is another disappointing
11:34 am
development, and what we don't want to see is a multitrillion dollar bill, and that's not things that were helping us get over the pandemic or economic consequences of it. >> john: republican senator tom cotton of arkansas just a few minutes ago saying he doesn't want to covid relief package which is basically a democratic risk list. and here's what he said about the relief bill on the way out to the helicopter. >> president biden: i support passing covid relief with support from republicans if we can get it but it has to pass, there's no if's, and's or but's.
11:35 am
>> john: if there is no indication that has to happen, and what happened to unification or collaboration? my guess is that the $9 trillion figure is negotiable. i don't know how far down he would go below that but you know i don't think it's written in stone or it has to be 1.9 trillion. there are a lot of republicans, those numbers are like 500 billion so a quarter of what the president is asking for. that's what joe biden will have to make, i think he can negotiate a bipartisan compromise and he will go for it but at a certain point he will pull the rip cord and go for reconciliation which is this parliamentary device which is
11:36 am
part of a budget, and you can pass that on, the white house has said they will not contain republican and ohio senator rob portman said it's only several weeks ago, and it's implemented to go out the door. i don't understand why there is a grave emergency. >> you know the famous man to make line that rahm emanuel had during the obama administration, an emergency is a terrible thing to waste. obviously there is an emergency and a public health crisis with the pandemic, and that's an infrastructure to get those
11:37 am
shots in people's arms. obviously their economy is still very fragile. and maybe not as broad a group, but certainly the hardest hit group. and it 1.5 trillion isn't enough and as you pointed out, we'd like to see those pointed out. my guess is it probably will be damped down the throats of from the senate in a strict party line vote, and 50 republicans against.
11:38 am
>> john: we just have a few seconds left to plug your soul, who was on fox news on sunday? >> we will be talking about this plus also game stop, which we can't stop talking about as you see jared bernstein, a member of the biden white house counsel of economics advisors, republican senator bill cassidy, a member of the so-called sweet 16, and dr. tom inglesby on these variants of the coronavirus. are they going to get one that ends up being resistant to the vaccine quest or mark lots to talk about on "fox news sunday." >> john: we will see you then. >> sandra: next president biden nicking a big push to go green, but critics say he is pushing american jobs overseas. plus, the plan to set up solar panels from coast-to-coast could be creating a national security threat. ♪ ♪ [ engine rumbling ]
11:39 am
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>> sandra: president biden pushing to install about 500 million solar panels coast-to-coast but if biden controls the market how does that help american workers? >> the biden administration has made it clear that the u.s. already faces stiff competition, and it's already increasing, and china still dominates the manufacturing with most of these solar components. now asking if the u.s. will have to rely on china to get the job done, we checked in with u.s. solar advocates under the right circumstances. >> we have been talking with the new administration about proposal to help build up the
11:44 am
domestic manufacturing, things like tax credits and strengthened by americans. >> the white house is investing in solar is about creating jobs, that's one thing we've heard all week long about the administration and this is a way that could allow americans to find a new work. some lawmakers have said that's insulting and they don't feel that this is something that will turn translate to workers out there. the administration says it's going to work to win them over about again, that's a lot of competition for those dollars out there. >> sandra: really interesting stuff. mark, thank you. >> john: a series of sweeping economic moves from president biden but critics say they are putting thousands of american jobs at risk. let's bring in dan overhead mike everhart, the ceo of canary usa. at the end of electric car. the executive orders, killing the keystone pipeline and a moratorium on new federal leases on federal lands.
11:45 am
but when it comes to this idea of drilling for oil and gas on federal lands, you make the point that biden is getting rid of bipartisanship because that is something that is supported by president trump and previously president obama. that's knee-jerk reactions that are anti-oil and gas, those are also anticonsumer because they will drive prices up. i think it will add weight to the economy, and not create jobs like you said it would do. >> john: it's john kerry said the other day and i'm a press conference if you work in the oil and gas industry and you lose your job, just go find one in the green industry. he suggested solar panel technician would be one job. that's some interesting statistics on that, there's currently only 12,000 jobs a solar panel installers and by
11:46 am
2029 that will go up to 18,100 which wouldn't absorb all of the jobs lost by the keystone xl being killed. the average pay $21.58 per hour comparing not to oil and gas extraction and averaging $48.17 per hour, refineries are less os administration just say, go out and find a new job if you lost one in the oil patch? >> it's really not that simple. to use joe biden's word, he caused 11,000 union jobs right there and push the price of u.s. energy up while at the same time reducing our energy security and pushing oil and gas to eventually china. the oil and gas jobs pay better, and in addition what he's doing is by helping oil and gas, not
11:47 am
being able to draw on federal land but he's reducing the amount of natural gas. this will lead to coal usage and some power plants around the country. as far as the jobs go, we need more jobs and we need to protect the jobs we have and we need higher-paying jobs. it's completely similar to what john kerry says, i think china is more efficient and better building these solar cells anyway. the oil and gas jobs are good paying jobs and in the middle of the country. in addition, banning the stuff on federal leases going to cost states based on 2018 numbers, so there is already a lot of negativity here. >> a lot of people are having some hard times because they are out of work. dan everhart, thanks for joining us, good to see you.
11:48 am
>> sandra: rain, snow and flash floods all hammering california. mudslides wiping out homes there and clogging major highways and the storm threat is not over yet. we are live on the scene. ♪ ♪
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
>> john: a big storm bringing mudslides, heavy rain and several feet of snow to northern and central california and moving down the coast. jeff paul is 20 miles east of los angeles and i guess the problem when it comes to rain in california is it's either too little or too much. >> yeah, and we are not even seeing rain but hail, so now you have the issue of mudslides which is especially a problem in spots like where we are. we were out here just a few months ago covering wildfires and a lot of that ground is now loosened from all of those flames moved through the area. you can see it because the closure of several roads out there including this one, we are just about a half mile from that canyon and you have piles of mud and rocks that have now covered both lanes of traffic. a a few drivers were stuck or stranded for a few hours as crews were brought into bold bulldoze the mud off the road.
11:53 am
this time it impacted houses where the mud came up a few feet on at least one home. this weather system continues to move through the state and just yesterday a rescue team worked quickly to get a woman to safety was stuck in floodwaters. >> they were going to send somebody over with a life vest and i was going to have to abandon my car, and abandoning my car was the least of my concerns at the time. >> on the one hand of the rain is sort of a welcome sight because it has been such a dry winter in california but crews say that there can still be mudslides as the rain continues to move through. >> john: at the snowpack ultimately will be good but you are right, that rain causing a lot of problems in the interim. jeff paul for us, thanks, sandra? >> sandra: all right, if you've ever called someone a chicken or a rat, peta wants you
11:54 am
to stop that. they now argue that your insults are insulting animals. this story caught my eye. and so far i remembered that i'm not supposed to call someone a sloth, they are lazy. what else? >> chicken is out. rats, you can't call anyone a rat. snakes, you can't call anyone a snake. those folks are jerks. you can't call someone a pig, those people are repulsive. so if you ate like a pig, that doesn't work. you angry possibly i guess. so i usually roll my eyes at peta but i actually think that i could really help them out. i've never been in p.r. before. i eat meat, i wear leather but i think they need to review their tweets before they post them and it would do them a world of
11:55 am
good. lowball estimate, i think 100% of people out of 100% of people think this is stupid. so when you can unite everybody around an idea, that's saying something. >> sandra: there was a lot of reaction to the tweets they put out, before they announced the way they were supposed to change the description of the wordage. one of the responders said i can't tell if this is real or if you are making fun of yourselves. some said work calling someone an animal as an insult reinforces the myth that humans are superior to other animals and justifies violating them. >> the reaction is awful and that's why i think they need a good old-fashioned rebrand. >> it's good to see you. john? >> john: a quick check of the dow as we got an hour and 5 minutes left in treating. we will be right back
11:56 am
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12:00 pm
>> sandra: a quick look at the dow. the short squeeze worries a fuelling a sell-off today. >> at least it's above 30,000. >> sandra: have a great weekend. i'm sandra smith. "the story" with trace gallagher is now. >> trace: thanks. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. this is "the story." >> it's not about pointing fingers or blame. this became a political football. whether a person died in the hospital or died in a nursing home -- people dying. >> trace: the response from new york's governor


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