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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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todd: it is monday, february 8th. negotiations ramping up as president biden is breaking from progressives over a key item he says probably won't make the final cut. jillian: the battle to get students back into classrooms raging in dpifl ya as teachers -- philadelphia as teachers are told not to go back to class today. >> there's more to come? >> we're coming back, we're coming back. >> tom brady's coming back. todd: good luck next year, other teams. tom brady proving once again he can't be stopped. the bucs beat pat mahomes and the chiefs to be crowned super bowl 45* 5 champions. -- super bowl lv champions. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ i feel glorious, glorious. ♪ jillian: i just can't believe,
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i mean, seven super bowl wins. but more than any other team. that is mind-blowing. todd: when bruce aryians was here promoting his book, about two years ago, do you think he could have ever envisioned his life over the course of the intervening two years. jillian: i don't know. is tom brady the best at least ever? todd: i know jordan -- i think it goes to jordan. in terms of football, you would be hard-pressed to find anybody else. he's done it in every single circumstance. except against our team. but he beat seven other teams so pretty darn good. jillian: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm jillian mele. todd: we always want to talk football. i'm todd piro. we begin with capitol hill, lawmakers considering tightening eligibility for the next round of stimulus checks. jillian: democrats are planning to unveil a $3,000 child benefit
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as part of the relief package. todd: is doug luzader the best at least of all time? he joins us from washington. >> reporter: can't we agree on something, just not that. todd: doug, take it away. >> reporter: i think all of us are a little tired this morning. the president meantime is going to be pushing for this $3,000 child tax credit. we're not certain if that's going to make it through. but there's talk about that and there are questions about income cutoffs and how it would be paid off. progressives are going to be sorely disappointed about the $15 an hour minimum wage. the president has all but thrown in the towel on that front. >> i put it in but i don't think it's going to survive. i'm prepared as president of the united states on a separate negotiation on minimum wage to work my way up from what it is now. >> reporter: is president biden wrong? >> i hope he is. from a political point of view, it is absurd.
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somebody has a decent union job to make 55, $60,000, sorry, you're not eligible. >> reporter: okay. so where do we stand on stimulus checks? the president still pushing for $1,400 for most households but there's no consensus on what the income cutoff should be. a lot of this may pivot around joe manchin. here's what he wants. he wants the $1,400 checks but the phase outs would be a $50,000 a year for individuals, for couples, $100,000. and then it begins to phase out of, $75,000 or $150,000 depending on how you file. republicans have their own plan they're pushing here for smaller checks, $1,000 instead of 1400. the cutoff for individuals would be $40,000, that would then phase out at $50,000 of income. for join filers, the phaseouts would begin at $80,000 and then disappear completely at $100,000 of income. as if we didn't have enough
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going on on capitol hill, we have president trump's second impeachment trial about to begin tomorrow and republicans are expected to question the constitutionality of all of this. >> it is unconstitutional but more than anything it's unwise and it's going to divide the country. they can't let go of president trump. they'll keep kicking and kicking and kicking. >> reporter: democrats argue that there must be consequences before last month's attack on the u.s. capitol. the timeline of this trial, and other questions like whether there will be witness, all of that he remains kind of a mystery this morning. the trial begins tomorrow. jillian: so interesting. doug luzader live for us. thank you. todd: senior advisor to former president trump steven miller says the democrats' only goal with impeachment is to inflict political pain. take a listen. >> they know that this has no chance of winning. there's no chance of the president actually being convicted here. this is designed to try to
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implement political pain so-to-speak over the course of a week, maybe a week and-a-half and then they're going to move on. they're not even taking this seriously. going after a president after he's already left office will do nothing but further divide the country. i think this is a real terrible precedent for the country. todd: one of the lawyers on team trump said last week the former president will not testify. jillian: kids could soon head back to classrooms in chicago and san francisco as the cities announce preliminary deals with their teachers unions. todd: ashley strohmier to break down the timeline of when schools could reopen their doors. that's the question everyone answered at this point. >> reporter: after eight months of negotiations, chicago students could be back in the classroom by thursday. the windy city reaching a tentative deal after barely avoiding a teachers strike. while the union was quick to stress it still needs to vote to you approve the deal, mayor lori lightfoot was optimistic. >> this agreement was about making sure everyone in our
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school communities just aren't safe but also that they feel safe and feel that they their lived experience and fears and frustrations have been heard. jillian: >> reporter: a deal was reached in san francisco with kids going back once the risk level goes down. they said in a statement, this agreement sets the stage to safely he reopen schools. now we need city and state officials to step up and make vaccines available to school staff now. over the weekend, parents and kids marched from city hall to united educator union district offices, demanding schools be opened. but in philly, it's a different story. monday would have been -- today would have been the first day back in the classrooms since last march but the union told teachers not to go, it said the city didn't hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to s ventilation and it wants the teachers vaccinated. president biden said it's time
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for kids to get back to in-person learning. >> it's time for schools to reopen safely. you need to have fewer people in the classrooms and ventilation systems that have been reworked. >> reporter: texas congressman dr. ronnie jackson is skeptical, staying democrats are run by the teachers union. listen. >> they are just a large partisan pack. as far as i'm concerned, they are really the worst of the worst as far as public unions go because of the way they control the democrats and they're not doing what's right for our kids right here. >> reporter: p president biden said his cdc director would come out with the minimum requirements for in-person learning as soon as wednesday. but they were actually released a few months ago. guys. jillian: ashley, thank you. todd: did you see this video? crazy video showing a massive avalanche in utah. that's a movie right there. this one had deadly consequences, four skiers killed, four others hurt. four survivors dug themselves
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out and called 911, suffering minor injuries. jillian: a final salute for an fbi agent killed in the line of duty. loved ones and colleagues mourned the loss at his funeral in south florida. the service was one day after the he memorial for a fellow fbi special agent and mother of two. the fbi director, christopher wray, honoring their sacrifice. >> i'm confident that if laura were here today she would agree that she and dan were cut from the same patriotic cloth. so today there's a heaviness in our hearts, a burden unlike any other. jillian: the pair worked together at were described as best friends. they were shot and killed while serving a search warrant at a home last week. todd: the u.s. is expected to spend around $480 million on the national guard deployment in d.c. but the exact cost may never be
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known. troops have been protecting the capitol following the riot last month, the washington post reporting nearly $500 million covers cost like troop transportation, salary and housing. the post says its sources were not authorized to discuss internal figures. jillian: the bucs defeating the chiefs, 31-9 to keep the lombardi trophy in tampa. >> brady, looking, third option, end zone. caught! gronkowski! jillian: tom brady winning a record fifth super bowl mvp. todd: look at the touchdowns we showed, simple passes. he got into it at half time. matthew said in a defleet leaded tweet -- deleted tweet that brady instigated by call him something inappropriate. >> there's more to come, right,
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tom? there's more to come as far as football. >> yeah, we're coming back. >> coming back. tom brady's coming back. todd: 31- jillian: did you see this, before the game, amanda goreman, the poet who turned heads at president biden's inauguration delivered another beautiful and powerful poem dedicated to front line workers. >> while we honor them today, it is they whoever day honor us. todd: face coverings in that video were appropriate. face coverings here confused a lot of people. the weeknd solo half time show under-whelming many fans. ♪ i said i'm blinded by the light. ♪ no, i can't sleep until i feel your touch. jillian: mixed reviews on social media. one person commenting on instagram, only thing bad about this i was there to see it live.
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todd: another tweeted, i enjoyed a couple of songs but it pales compared to most half time shows. jillian: another tweet, i'll forget it happened by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. i said this last hour. i liked it. i'm not a fan of the face bandage thing but i overall thought it was good. todd: i like the songs. i really like the songs. i think they're great songs. i don't know the if the super bowl and the way they were performed is the venue. look at shakira, last year, knocked my socks off. still ahead, a retired army captain said he was he denied a covid vaccine because of his income. how the va is responding as he joins us next. jillian: tom brady may be the goat but these dogs are the real mvps. we have all the highlights from this year's puppy bowl. ♪ bad to the bone. ♪ bad to the bone.
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. an army veteran says he was denied a covid-19 vaccine at his local va clinic in sarasota county, florida and was told he doesn't meet the criteria for free services because he makes too much money. todd: now he's calling on the va to change the policy. retired army captain see more casings -- seymor casings join us live. they are close family friends of my family. this is an issue affecting thousands of people. just in sarasota county, the income limit for cost-free services is $43,670. a lot of people are hitting that just in social security alone. look, this virus doesn't discriminate based upon income. why does the va? >> that's a question to you, seymore.
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>> oh, okay. i'm sorry. the policy is enacted in the old rules and regulations, enacted in 2003. and i am not seeking a comprehensive medical program through the va. i'm not entitled to it. however, i believe that president biden and i would respectfully request that he issue an executive order which would modify the regulations to allow all veterans receiving an honorable discharge to receive the covid vaccination. i believe this would not only help the veterans, including myself, but also would relieve some of the infrastructure of the counties and states that are currently administering the vaccination program. jillian: a public affairs
2:17 am
officer for the west palm beach medical center told the newspaper she knows people are frustrated but the rule is set by congress. that's why you're reaching out to president biden, asking for this executive order of. i understand that completely. my question to you is as someone who has fought for our country and sacrificed so much, did you ever envision a point in time throughout this pandemic where you would be eligible for the vaccine but couldn't get it for these reasons? >> no, i was advised that they were offering veterans the vaccination. i went down there. i filled out all the forms they asked. they told me to go back the following week to arrange for an appointment. when i called, i first learned of this income restriction. and frankly i was you annoyed by
2:18 am
that--i was annoyed by that. i didn't think that had anything to do with obtaining the vaccination which is something we should be offering all americans through all distribution points including the va. todd: you're 79 with respiratory issues. your income, regardless of whether it's 1 or $1 trillion shouldn't be an evaluation factor for whether or not you get the vaccine. jillian: should have nothing to do with it. todd: you should get the vaccine right off the bat. if you were sitting down with president biden right now, in light of those two factors, what would you tell him? >> i would way that you issued many executive orders since you've become president and with a stroke of the pen you could provide to thousands of veterans this needed vaccination and that you should do it immediately.
2:19 am
jillian: here's the response from the va to fox news and this reads, the department says it's focusing efforts on the allotment of vaccines we have received for enrolled eligible veterans who are listed in our highest risk categories, consistent with our legal authority and they would like to vaccinate as many veterans as possible. thank you for bringing this story to us. it's very important that we get to the bottom of this and thank you for your service to our country. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jillian, thank you, todd. todd: thank you, sir. all right. time now, 19 minutes after the hour. still ahead, before they set out to defund police, the far left was determined to dismantle i.c.e. and now homeland security says they practically succeeded thanks to the biden administration. that story, next. jillian: and let us play, public school athletes pleading to get back in the game after their seasons were sacked. their message to new york city leaders. ♪ we will, we will rock you. ♪ we will, we will rock you.
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todd: the department of homeland security confirms that president biden's new rules for i.c.e. mean fewer arrests and fewer deportations. kentucky congressman james comer joined us earlier to react. >> the biggest success in the trump administration probably was the border security and the biggest failure in the obama/biden administration was the lack of border security and unfortunately with this new order, we're going back to the old ways of open of borders. jillian: comer agreeing with one u.s. official who said they've abolished i.c.e. without abolishing i.c.e. a top union leader criticizing president biden with canceling the keystone pipeline saying it
2:24 am
cuts thousands of jobs. todd: cheryl casone joins us with more. cheryl: a top union official said he wished he hadn't done that referencing president biden's cancellation of the keystone xl pipeline. labor groups say the decision killed 1,000 jobs right off the bat. the aflcio president said they should consider new jobs, references the president's promise of new green jobs in the future. todd: i wonder if he is soft shoeing the teachers unions. we'll see. there is continued backlash from students, parents, all across the country and it hit a fever pitch this weekend. they want kids to get back to class and back to sports. cheryl: let them play was the cry from coaches, students, local leaders over new york city's ban on in person sporting
2:25 am
events which they say is destroying school athletics and demoralizing kids in public schools. >> it's really unfortunate. it's kind of like a slap in the face and not only the work that we put in our whole lives being a senior, waiting basically my whole life for this last year and this moment to shine, it's really tough. cheryl: yeah, so rallies in brooklyn, queens, the bronx and staten island took place, despite freezing temperatures. the ban is only for the city, remember. this is not state-wide. so new york -- new york city is getting singled out again. jillian: covid vaccines going to be hitting pharmacies today, certain ones, anyway. cheryl: across the country, starting this week, walmart and winn dixie will begin to distribute covid vaccinations, shipments could begin today. this is nationwide. in florida, publix has been distributing precious doses for
2:26 am
a few weeks, some cvs and walgreens are also opening as well. pharmacies more convenient for people, hopefully that will speed up the process which has been a little messy. jillian: anything to speed up the process. todd: go to publix, get your pecan danish and it's a win-win. jillian: i'm glad you say pecan. todd: thank you. we'll still talk to you tomorrow. jillian: rules for me but not for pelosi, in hot water for skirting the new metal detectors. rodney davis is leading calls to make pelosi pay the fine she imposed for rule breakers. he joins us next. todd: one la times columnist needs help navigating an act of kindness from her trump supporting neighbors who had the adas at this to -- audacity to shovel her driveway without being asked.
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todd: if you're nancy pelosi -- speaker nancy pelosi in hot water, accused of skating around new metal detectors outside the house chambers. jillian: the rule imposes a fine on those who break it. one of the lawmakers is congressman ronnie davis, he joins us live with more. thank you for being here. >> good morning, thank you for having me on. jillian: i'm going to read this from the gop letter to the acting sergeant at arms. this is friday. it reads, yesterday at approximately 9:59 a.m. multiple members observed the speaker of the house entering the house chamber without completing security screening but was observed with a clear violation of house resolution 73 and you are required by house rules to impose this fine. please inform us once the fines has been assessed. i'm going to let you take it away. what's your reaction? >> well, it's disappointing but not surprising that nancy pelosi
2:31 am
would implement rules that she has no intention of following. just like during the beginning of the pandemic, she told everyone else don't get a haircut. she decided to go and get one in san francisco. she decided to install metal detectors in the capitol when there's been no internal threat whatsoever within the capitol. it's outside the capitol building, along the perimeter where every threat it. then she decided to double down on that and impose $5,000 fine for he any member of congress who goes beyond those metal detectors without a security screening. well, one of my republican colleagues was fined $5,000 for doing exactly what i personally witnessed speaker he pelosi doing by walking directly into what we call the speaker's lobby and onto the house floor just the other morning. todd: speaker pelosi's office has not yet responded to fox news' request for comment but congressman, what excuse are you expecting as to why this rule
2:32 am
does not apply to her? >> well, i would have expected an excuse by now if she was -- if she had an excuse. i think she's just going to try and get the people that are under her jurisdiction, like the sergeant at arms, who was appointed directly by the speaker and was appointed directly by the speaker immediately after his predecessor was fired on january 7th. so if they want to stall this, they can stall it all they want. but we expect -- we expect rules if they're going to be implemented to be implemented fairly and when they're not, it's the good men and women of the capitol police that are actually affected by this disproportionate implementation of the rules. jillian: congressman, we want to get your opinion on this. just about 15 minutes ago we had a retired u.s. army captain on the show. he said he was turned away from getting the vaccine from the va because of his income under federal law, how much money a
2:33 am
vet makes annually is a factor that determines whether a vet is eligible for cost free services. listen to what he has to say. >> i would respectfully request that he issue an executive order that would modify the regulations to allow all veterans receiving an honorable discharge to receive the covid vaccination. jillian: he's calling on president biden to do something about this. a public affairs officer for the west palm beach va medical center said the rule is set by congress. should congress take this up? should the president do something about this? what is your reaction? >> clearly, i think it's something that needs to be ayou dressed by the va. i'm not sur priced that the problem -- surprised that the problem exists within that federal agent c i would hope that the va secretary mcdonea can you address the situation. it's less about individual cases because we need to look ahead
2:34 am
when we know that the increase in exponential available of vaccines is going to be across this great country and even in the state of florida and what i've seen of the biden administration and what i've seen on capitol hill from people like nancy pelosi is they don't plan ahead. we need to plan for increased amount of vaccination availability that's going to come so that we can get every veteran and every american who is vulnerable that vaccination they so deserve. todd: it comes down to vulnerability, age, underlying factors. shouldn't come down to income. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. todd: to extreme weather now, a fast moving storm not asthmas i've as the other one but still pretty massive that you have no snow blow, battering the northeast on super bowl sunday, some areas seeing 8 inches of snow, causing white-out conditions. jillian: hundreds of people lined up at yankee stadium
2:35 am
despite the snow and bitter cold temperatures. adam klotz joins us with the latest forecast. what you got for us, adam, good morning. >> not as big as the one we saw a week ago where we saw 20 to 30 inches of snow, the reason for that a real slow-mover. this is our radar. you can see how quickly this one worked its way off the east coast, flew new england. that's why you saw from 2 to 8 inches on the high end, we saw 7 inches at jfk, one of the higher spots out there. on the backside of this system, much colder air. these are current temperatures. you start to see a lot of areas getting close to single digits. i take you farther back across the midwest, the northern plains, the great lakes region and the temperatures are frigid and will continue to be so here the next couple days. a lot of spots falling down into the negative 10 to 15-degree mark. wind chills in some of these areas, guys, going to feel as cold as negative 40, negative 50
2:36 am
today. so -- jillian: so it's going to be real pleasant, that's what you're saying. >> yeah, go for a walk a little later. todd: i've got a whole lot of complaints. then you went to the last graphic. i'm going to zip my mouth. jillian: tom brady scoring his seventh super bowl win. todd: will cain was live at the big game. he joins us live after the break. ♪ ♪ i've got a feeling that tonight's going to be a good night. ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night. ♪ that tonight's -- guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better! ♪ (angelic choir) ♪ umm, honey...why is guy fieri in our kitchen? i don't know. i'm booking you a one-way ticket to flavortown with a king's hawaiian meatball sub. ♪ ♪ i gotta go. your neighbor needs king's hawaiian bread.
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todd: tom brady further cementing this legacy after leading the bucs to a super bowl win over the chiefs. jillian: will cain joins us with the game's biggest highlights. in your opinion, where does tom brady sit as far as greatest athletes of all time?
2:40 am
>> reporter: the greatest football player of all time debate is over, jillian. it is tom brady, with seven super bowl victories, it's not even close anymore. i think tom brady is the goat. i'm not talking about just football. athlete, sportsman, pro athlete, you define it, tom brady is the goat. last night put the nail in the coffin of the argument. the bucs beat the chiefs last night, it looked a little like a retirement party, it was ray brady togronk yet again. this was their second touchdown. >> brady, play action. looking. third option. end zone. caught! gronkowski! >> reporter: that's a 17-yarder, brady to gronk six times last night for 67 yards. every touchdown by the bucs was from a player who joined the bucs in the past year to play
2:41 am
with brady. it got a little chippy during the game, tyron matthew he got into it with brady. he don't want to poke the bear. i don't know why matthew did. he seemed to be suggesting brady lost the super bowl three times, might go to four. after the game, matthew tweeted this about their barking back and forth. he said that tom brady called me something i won't repeat but yeah, i'll let the media throw me under the bus as if i did something or said something to it. go back to my previous games, i showed him nothing but respect. look at my interviews with him. he deleted the tweet later after the game. it was a party here in tampa. cars honking up and down the street. it was a home game, a home victory for the bucs and so of course people asked the 43-year-old quarterback, hey, tom, are you going to come back next year? listen. >> there's more to come, right, tom, there's more to come as far as football. >> yeah, we're coming back. >> coming back.
2:42 am
tom brady's coming back. >> reporter: there you have it. there you have it. we are coming back. he's 43 years old, todd. jillian. he can play to 44. he's an inspiration, truly he is an inspiration to anyone who of dedicates themselves, implements a little bit of discipline, you can be great like tom brady as well. back to you guys. todd: before we go to commercial, we've been hearing stories about new york city not opening up sports, other communities around the country not opening up sports. didn't tampa this weekend show sports can be open and you can have a real good time doing it? >> reporter: not just tampa, todd. the n236789l. there were may -- nfl. there were nay sayers all year lodge. you'll never get to the super bowl, never finish the season. tampa and the nfl proved the doubters wrong. they did it, they did it relatively safely. jillian: will cain live for us with the wrap-up.
2:43 am
thanks, will. todd: still a lot more "fox & friends first" coming up with rachel campos duffy and dr. ben carson both on deck. jillian: , first, time to check in with steve doocy. >> coming up on our monday "fox & friends," tom cotton is going to react to the latest news out of the nation's capital and mark gordon on why he says president biden's executive order on gas and oil leases is a direct attack on his state. you're going to want to hear from him. plus, as many public schools struggle to get students back in the classrooms, some parents are choosing to enroll their kids in private school. how boston's catholic schools are proving that there can be a safe return to in-person learning. they've done it all year. and new york city's covid vaccine caused turnouts to be ghost towns. dr. jeanette nesheiwat on the failures of the empire state's
2:44 am
vaccine rollout and what state she says is getting it. we have a busy three hours, kicks off 16 minutes from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news. todd and jillian back in a kim. you're watching "fox & friends first" on the fox news channel.
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jillian: welcome back. kansas city chiefs head coach offering condolences after his son was involved in a car accident that left 5-year-old girl fight forge her life. >> it's a tough situation. just from a human standpoint, man, my heart bleeds for everybody involved in that. jillian: police say brit r50*ed crashed his pickup truck into two cars that were stopped on a ramp. he admitted to having two to three drinks before driving.
2:48 am
he hasn't been charged with any crime. the girl who was in one of the cars is in critical condition. todd: indiana state police renewing calls for anyone to come forward with information regarding the abduction and murder of two teenage girls. they were killed four years ago this week. liberty's mother joined us earlier. >> from the beginning i thought that the investigation was kind of crazy, considering they called off the search that night at midnight. i think they made the mistake of letting it go four years without being solved. these girls deserve justice. todd: police releasing this sketch of the suspect two years ago hoping to get more tips. they believe this is the same man seen here. asking anyone with any information, call indiana state police. jillian: an la times columnist is conflicted after her trump supporter neighbors plowed her driveway. the columnist wrote, oh, heck no, the trump ites next door just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.
2:49 am
how am i going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness. patrice onwuka joined us earlier with her opinion. >> no party holds the moral compass. but this la times opinion writer is unfortunately the anti-thesis of free thought in this country and she is part of this problem of driving the divide in america. jillian: the columnist drew comparisons of her neighbors to hezbollah, saying she is not ready to give them a full thanks. todd: i've run out of words to say on this. it's ridiculous. let's cheer you up with puppies. we cover the super bowl all morning, now we need to do the puppy bowl. 70 puppies competing in this year's competition, all happening on animal planet. team ruff beat team fluff. chunky monkey stole the show. he perhapsed onto the field and
2:50 am
immediately fell asleep. the black and white ball of fluff decided to stare at the goal line, much like the chiefs did all game long. jillian: i love the puppy bowl. so cute. todd: the question all america is wondering, is levi going to be in there next year. jillian: he has a home. todd: will he be in the puppy bowl? jillian: aren't all the puppies adopted at the end of it. isn't that the point of it? todd: dr. ben carson led housing and urban development under president trump. now he's taken on a new endeavor, launching his own conservative think tank. jillian: dr. carson will join us live, after the break. wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention. trusted experts. guaranteed accurate books. intuit quickbooks live.
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todd: welcome back. dr. ben carson is launching his own conservative think tank to engage with local governments and find solutions to problems. jillian: this morning he joins us live to explain more about this venture. good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. very nice to be with you. jillian: of course. what have you learned the last four years and what have the last four years taught you that you are bringing to this new project, this venture? >> well, there's some good things that i've learned. there's some very good people who work as careers in government and are really dedicated to doing things. i also learned that the people of the united states of america
2:55 am
for the most part are very decent people. they will extend a helping hand to a neighbor. they're not going to ask whether they're republican or democrat. but it's the media quite frankly and the politicians who have a tendency to stir things up. there's like a person who comes into the third grade playground, everybody's enjoying themselves, having a good time and he says did you hear what they said about your mama, stirring things up all the time. we the people have got to get back to the fundamental cornerstone principles that made america a great nation. faith, the fact that godly principles good morning the way -- goned the way we -- governed the way we function. you look at something like community, how do we work together, not get in our respective corners and hurl hand
2:56 am
grenades at each other. if we continue to do that, it can only lead to one place. that is destruction. there is no other alternative, particularly if you look through history. and you look at liberty, a founding principle of our of nation. i think anybody who is observant knows we are losing our liberties. you cannot be the land of the free if you're not the home of the brave. you have to stand up for what we believe in. and i think honestly a lot of the big tech and the media who try to suppress things and make people feel bad if they say one thing versus another and cancel people, you know, it's not america. i don't like you, you disagree with me, i'm going to make sure you can't get a job, i'm going to destroy your peace. believe me, that is not who we are as a people. and then life, the whole concept of life from the unborn to the end of life, we need to
2:57 am
concentrate on quality of life. we can do this, this is america. the other stuff that's going on, this is not who we are and we must fight it. we can't sit in the corner and hope that nobody observes us. todd: you are a wildly talented and multi facetted individual. you could have taken multiple path hads.s. how will this think tank distinguish itself from the others out there? >> we will be -- one of the things i learned as hud is you can facilitate cooperation with town halls, round tables. you get local press to come in and you get people from different sides to actually discuss things, put things on the table, that makes a big difference. and please go to our website,, and get involved. get our newsletter. you can donate. you can do all kinds of things. look at our video.
2:58 am
and enjoy being an american, enjoy being in a place that's free and fight to make sure that it stays free for our children, our grandchildren and everyone who comes after us and for the rest of the world. jillian: let's talk about black history month for a minute. i know that you were inspired by your mother to overcomposter and prejudice and become a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery and a everything else you've been able to do. what is it about your mother and we're looking at a picture there on the screen now, what is it about her that gave you all of this insight to be able to go out and do this work? >> well, my mother was a maverick. she didn't have much education and she had a very hard life, got married when she was 13, came from a large rural family in tennessee. but she refused to be a victim. no matter what was going on. and she would always say to my brother and myself, when we came up with an excuse, you have yourself to blame. and she would quote this poem. we didn't want to hear the poem. we stopped making excuses.
2:59 am
we started studying. we started doing the things that were necessary. and i became a brain surgeon. he became a rocket scientist. and all of the people who were detractors i think had a lesson to learn from her. todd: just a beautiful woman. >> as far as black history month is concerned, one of the things i will say, i could go through a long list of incredible things that have been accomplished by black americans. you know, the term the real mccoy comes from elijah mccoy, a black american who was a tremendous inventer. but there have been tremendous contributions from every group in our country. that's what we need to concentrate on. out of many, one. that's who we are. stop listening to the purchase s of hatred. they are destroying our nation. todd: live your life like sonya. think of what she went through and think of the sons she raised. she was a bought full woman --
3:00 am
beautiful woman inside and out. we thank you for telling us her story. good luck with the new endeavor. jillian: thank you. download the fox news app, open of your camera, scan the qr code on your screen. todd: >> in chicago could return to class this week, windy city reaching tentative teal after barely avoiding teacher strike. >> we need to do this. for our children. >> i think it is team for schools to reopen safely. safely. democrats barreling forward with plans to passing monster covid relief bill. >> the senate gets ready for this week's big impeachment trial with most republicans arguing that it is not constitutional. >> political future is in dire straights. >> the effort to recall shim expected to hit two million signatures he thinks it is just republicans who are upset but it is not it is across the board. >> play action with


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