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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  February 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by mark steyn starts in 10 seconds with a great guest janice dean with breaking news about the covid deaths in new york. >> yes, i thought chuck had it in the bag. but trey came through with the winning headline. i hope you give a prize and i hope trey gets a bret baier tote bag out of this. great show as always. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i am mark steyn. earlier today at the impeachment trial the prosecution rested. tomorrow the defense makes its case. if i were available i would do as charles just suggested to
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bret baier and use a defense bannister's line. no case to answer my lord and then i would sit down. the defense rests. we will attend to other matters with understand only janice dean and peter navarro. after negotiate the theory of the case that a massacre took place that day masterminded by the president himself. all but 1 of the 5 dead from january 6 were trump supporters felled by strokes, heart attacks, one lady shot by a police officer. the nearest thing to a trump kill was brian sicknick. this is how the newspaper of
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record the "new york times" reported that story. >> still he dreamed of being a police officer. then was killed by a pro-trump mob. the reporters were two. falsehood flies said jonathan swift and the truth olympic after it. when men are undeceived the guest is over and the tale has had its effect. there are millions of americans who are still believe three decades hence that officer sicknick had his skull smacked by trump supporters with a fire
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extinguisher. there was none. the truth is still balled up in the d.c. pathology lab unknown to the world. if you have been at a crime seen, the police want to know the cause of death immediately and the pathologist wants to get the body back to the laboratory for a proper examines. -- examination. some things can be ruled out within an hour. certain other things require a couple of weeks. you have to take tissue samples and send them away for traces are poison or cancers. it's unusual in a functioning
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jurisdiction and i don't regard the district of columbia has not to tell you the cause of death after well over a month. the investigators latest theory is officer sicknick was killed by bear spray. that's a weaker version of pepper spray despite its scary name. it's not known to cause human fatalities. if officer sicknick was exposeed to bear spray that should have been known to medical examiners 4 weeks ago. what is going on? glenn is a pulitzer prizewinning journalist and a principled journalist. are we facing a politicized pathology lab in the district of columbia? >> yes, i am indiginant about
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this. it's been more than a month since the event at the capitol and over and over media outlets have asserted decaprio -- that a pro-trump mob bashed his skull in which we know is false. the point you made is crucial. if you have 13 police officers dead and they are inaccurate about one death, you can dismiss it to the falability of humans. but his death was central to what happened because he is the only person who was claimed to die from the mob itself. we don't know if that's true. we don't know how he died and yet millions of people will
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always believe an utter lie because the media endorsed it over and over. >> obviously there is some attempt -- i mean clearly the death of officers sicknick is a tragedy for his family. but for example, if they don't know the cause of death, the body was released for laying in state at the rotunda. the democrats are using this officer's death to hang it around the neck of the trump supporters. it's not an accidental thing. it's calculated. >> precisely. go and look at how many deaths of police officers occur during the riots and protests over the summer from black lives matter and antifa. numerous ones that were ignored. they don't care about the life of officer sicknick. they seized on him because he
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was the only person they could use to get people to pay attention. in a mob breaking news into a capitol and didn't kill anybody it's a much lesser story than if the mob murdered someone -- they needed that lie. none questioned it. nobody asked why nobody was apprehended. they want to assert it without the slightest regard as to whether it was true. >> at some point the d.c. officials will have to give us an official cause of death. while you are here, i want to thank you for a favor you did for me a decade ago when i ran into trouble with canada's
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terrible human rights commission. you said i disagree with mark steyn. i think everything he is writes is rubbish but i don't see why it should be criminal for him to say. it i was grateful for that. i thought -- i was naive enough to think that's how everybody on the other side thought. free speech has become a right wingfetish in the 10 years since you said that. has the left given up on the consent of free speech? >> it is imbedded in the left wing tradition a defense of free speech. it began at berkeley in the '60s and the left wing justices on the supreme court wrote the most
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radical first amendment. a person with whom you disagree about nothing supports right wing speech. it's a tragedy to watch the left abandon it especially since the people they are empowering are huge corporations like facebook and google and the state institutes that they want to empower is really dangerous. i remember that incident as well. >> thank you very much. glenn. the left used to say stick it to the man and now they say stick it to this little blogger or facebook over here. more with douglas murray author of the madness of crowd, gender, race and identity. douglas, the left seems to be distinguishing here between the 74 million domestic terrorists
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threatened the united states and an alternate group of haters they are keener to give a pass too. the southern poverty law center has been rewriting its hate mail. i am on it. i think i am the last hate stop before the canadian border if you are running out ever haters. >> it was set up many decade ago when they fought the aclu. ku klux klan. they have been calling them hate figures -- and reducedanual hate list when you and many others are on. they got in trouble. they have a lot of money. too much money and not much to do with it. it their latest trick is to define the black nationalist
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groups should be renamed and not be on the hate list but a different one. there is a problem, of course. some of the groups they are talking about are also anti-semitism. yes, some black nationalists committed violence against jewish communities but those are fueled by anti-semitism and not separatism which is fueled by valid concerns. this is classic southern poverty law center stuff. you draw a ring around yourself and get all of your friends on the inside and push out everyone who you happen not to agree with and call them hate people. >> with some of the black and anti-semitism groups they accused the jews of peddling bad marijuana to feminize the
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blackmail. they are hitting blacks, guys, jews and pot heads. -- black male. >> they are knotted up. there is another problem in recent years. they go after everybody who doesn't like islamic fundamentalism. the southern poverty law center is getting to people and persecuting muslims of color in the name of anti-racism. we have seen that again just today. >> that's absolutely brilliant, douglas. i am tired of half of these muslim islam-a -phobe deteriorates. corners deaths are down but the
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which is 5 times smaller than the national average. joining me is alex barison a former "new york times" reporter and author of the power couple. what is the science behind this? >> there is no science behind. one other exemption if your mental health gets destroyed by not being out of your dorm for 2 weeks you can have for an exam. the colleges have gone crazy. it's not just berkeley. i got an email from irvine. it has its own crazy restrictions. the coastguard academy. it's all over the place. i don't know where it's driven
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by liability. we are damaging our kids and destroying a time when they should be interacting with each other and learning and becomes adults. we are taking that from them for this virus is no risk to them. my dad would have been 78 today. he died last year. he died in may. didn't die of covid. you mentioned it because i was thinking about it last night. he and my brother and i went to a brooklyn nets basketball game in january 2020. he was sick and knew it and we had a good time watching a live event. we have destroyed our society for this virus. somewhere it's laughing at us. i don't know why we have done this and why we can't get out of it. >> we have taken all of the good times out of life if you have to have regulated bathroom breaking news and mental health check ups, there is no life. what is left?
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you made a point yesterday that i was struck by. you spoke to you before about how twitter doesn't like it when you say these things and facebook doesn't like it when you say these things. your new novel, i read a couple of your novels on flights when the clerk at the montreal book store recommended them. "the power couple" you have less publicity because you are a disentser on covid. that's incredible. if you disagree about a new disease where the science is all whacky, even a novel that has nothing to do with it, you are cast into utter darkness. >> i can't prove that but there have been no reviews of the book
4:22 pm
by the "new york times" or cnn who had bee on before. i assume they don't like my stance on covid. in the 1950s when people in hollywood were not allowed to make movies because of political views, we called it black listing. because i said things that the "new york times" don't like, they are not doing me any favors. i said to tucker, it is what it is. i will keep fighting about coved to get the truth out to get the truth out there. it's a good book. >> i enjoyed the first one. thank you very much and keep fighting this battle. we need more views on covid and not fewer views.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> china is going to eat our lunch. come on, man! they are not bad folks. guess what? they are in competition for us. >> come on, man! president biden said come on and come full circle. circling back on the issue of china and their consumption of our lunch. that was last year. this is how the lunchroom menu looks today. >> if it we don't get moving they will eat our lunch. >> [laughing]. i have the feeling they have already eaten our lunch and have
4:29 pm
moved on to dinner, breakfast and afternoon tea and beef jerky you have had in your jean pocket for a couple of years. joining me now peter navarro the authof the navarro report on election issues. when you are not talking about china, you are not talking about anything important. it's clear that china is accelerating its plans to become the dominant power. joe biden musing about whether they have eaten our lunch is not quite up to the job of arresting that. >> what grabbed me today, joe had his first phone call with xi since he's been back in the oval office. xi said hey, joe. we can crush hong kong.
4:30 pm
we is invade taiwan and continue with 2 million people in concentration camps, but joe, that's our internal affairs. joe, we are glad you are going back in the paris climate accord because that allows to us keep polluting for another 10 years while the united states has to crackdown on businesses. [laughing]. then there are no coin dens. a bone joe threw to xi, we won't crackdown on your student spies anymore. -- they said china is some of the biggest users of american
4:31 pm
technology illegal. >> if hong kong is a domestic issue, what happens in hong kong is governed by an international treaty which xi managed to just tear up and treat hong kong no better than the people in the concentration camp. he seems to have been rewarded by nbc who now list china along with canada, britain and france and japan as annal lie. -- an ally. this is a tweet from joe biden. it's weird to find china locked in as a hard-core ally.
4:32 pm
>> this will be a difficult time. one great achievement of president trump was to transform the thinking on china from economic engagement. the idea of foreign policy going back to kissinger if you economically engage with the chinese they will become like us peaceful and democratic. it didn't work. we are in a situation now where the biden administration, they are talking about strategic patience. there is irony there. that was what they did in the obama years. that's what brought their whole foreign secretary -- foreign policy down. they have no memory. communist china is the most dangerous country on the planet. they want to take our economy and technology and crush hong
4:33 pm
kong and keep people in concentration camps. mark, make no mistake, within 6 months there will be a move by xi on taiwan to see what joe biden does. we were tough and joe is not. >> that's because it's the 100th birthday of the chinese communist party in june and they want to give themselves a super birthday. if we engage with china they will become more like us. instead we are getting more like them with issues of free speech and speaking honestly. >> bingo. let's talk about that. i am in the green zone, a mile from here i go up to capitol hill and there is nothing but razor wire. and hunter biden, he is like
4:34 pm
china -- simon and sclurst was given a $2 million contract for writing a book. and meanwhile they cancelled a book on the oligarch. >> we are getting from. i don't have to give away a plot spoiler. when you get to the end of hunter biden's book the real beautiful thing he finds beautiful is the chinese. that keeps him in business.
4:35 pm
let's stay on this, peter. you are terrific on this. donald trump was the first guy in 30 years to open up the conversation on this. we have to go. thank you very much. >> take care. >> okay. >> coming up the "new york post" the work on hunter biden, a murdoch and fox paper? >> that's what you said read and not the simon and schuster crap. >> total embarrassment for a report forced to apologize when she was fact checking ted cruz. and joe is here. that's all next. c® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic®
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want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network. sure thing! and with fast nationwide 5g included at no extra cost. we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> don't quote shakespeare to
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wow nbc andrea mitchell. did you catch ted cruz yesterday with bill and dana? >> well, we will see the trial continue for the rest of the week. it is like shakespeare. it's full of sound and furry and yet signifying nothing. >> well, nbc's andrea mitchell wasn't going to let some corn pone no nothing like ted cruz get away with that. she let him have it on twitter. senator ted cruz said the impeachment trial is like shakespeare signifying nothing. no that's faulkner as in the 1929 novel "the sound and the fury."
4:42 pm
directing you to more reliable sources. the great heard of moron has is twitter piled on. he is canadian. what does he know about southern literature? and obviously cruz only read the cliff notes version of shakespeare. and: [laughing]. doorknob. ted cruz. then someone pointed out what would have been business to anyone of mitchell's generation, shakespeare said it 3 centuries before faulkner in macbeth. faulkner was quoting shakespeare
4:43 pm
in his book title. the left condescends to the right. ruled by an eliter, why they change the very heavens through the paris climate accord. why not also know better than you about the benefits of outsourcing every job to china and your son is face down in the meth lab? it takes a special kind of ignorance. mitchell shoved the dynamite in her own pants, it's not a big deal but the need to smear is revealing. it's no disgrace not to recognize a familiar line of shakespeare, but it's weird for someone who has been on nbc for half a century not to be prudent
4:44 pm
enough to be aware a big bunch of famous book titles are shakespeare quotes. not just faulkner but brave new world from the tempest and band of brothers and the super cool tv hit the dark tower. that's king leer by robert browning. there is a joke about a theater goer went to hamlet and said it was a bunch of old quotations thrown together. you should have a vague sense that the past gives richness and text to the presence. they stretch down the centuries from some bloke to a pretentionist in a heavy metal
4:45 pm
game. 7/8 is below the surface. what is left just bobs around until it melts into nothing. as tucker and i and others talk about him every night. they are doing a grand job at vaporizing our past. you benefit of this inheritance where you know it or not. a public smear by our no-nothing elite is what we will look like when the job is complete. an ugly and shallow society full of sound and fury -- hang on. ted cruz already used that one. the line is over-deployed. that twitter spat was nothing but sound and fury.
4:46 pm
it signifies something and nothing good about where we are headed. here now is fox news contributor joe. do you want to add to the pile on miss mitchell? >> mark, yeah, look, you have andrea mitchell who is supposed to be a serious anchor in pursuit of facts and she is on twitter trolling senators to get cheap likes. 10,000 likes on this tweet. apparently the scary part about this is 10,000 other people did not that was macbeth. inside sources say she meant harris faulkner. >> i am in favor of quoting
4:47 pm
harris faulkner. is bruce springsteen's ad the first self-detonating? >> absolutely true. let's take this 71-year-old guy who was relative 25 years ago from the jersey store and stick him in kansas on a jeep and make him look like a 21st century john wayne and one of the most partisan entertainers who endored hillary and biden, we will have him talk to the nation about unity. this is amazing. here you have bruce springsteen worth $50-million and there he is in jersey score doing shots of tequila. you would think he would call a uber. you have a driver who can drive you anywhere. it's like a bad version of
4:48 pm
porky'ses but the main character is 6 years buffer retirement age. jeep has to be shaking their head. any celebrity we could have put on in ad in the super bowl and we picked springsteen who never does ads and the ad is done and taken off their youtube channel. >> he does a less convincing impression of a blue collar american than me. joe, rachael the guy with the crazy hair who purported to be african-american. her life is a disaster since she came out as caucasian. >> this is true. before cancel culture, she cancelled herself. she can't get a job at this point -- i don't know how this good down in canada. he is a felon.
4:49 pm
she committed welfare fraud and records fraud and presented herself incorrectly in terms it of getting public assistance. that's what happens. your page doesn't look good when you fake your color and you committed several felonies. it will be hard to get hired, it appears. >> i do love the hair and would love to get the name of her stylist. that's beautiful hair. i would love to try it myself. thank you. coming up next breaking news one. governor's cuomo's aids is admitting they hid nursing home data so the feds would not react. reaction next.
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look, whether a person died in the hospital or died in a nursing home, it's the people died. we are below the national average in number of deaths in nursing homes but who cares? they died. >> yes, they died and my next guest cares and maybe you should care too. we have breaking news from the "new york post." governor andrew cuomo's secretary has now admitted they covered up the state's nursing home death toll. that stunning admission made on a call with state leaders from the democrat party where his secretary apologized for the cover-up and then blamed president trump for the decision to withhold those numbers. janice dean joins me now. the fearless meteorologist and "new york times" best selling author of the forthcoming book
4:56 pm
"make your own sunshine" and the next governor of new york. janice. this was a tragedy for your in-laws. it should have been their 60th wedding anniversary and instead, your father in law and mother-in-law died within a few days of each other. andrew cuomo, it is almost as if, as you tweeted the other day, it looks as if there might be a reckoning for him over this. >> this is the biggest bombshell we have had so far. we had a trickling in of the numbers. we knew the numbers were much bigger than the governor was admitting. over 15,000 residents died from getting covid in their nursing homes. they just admitted that they put over 9,000 infected patients into nursing homes. the biggest bombshell was that his secretary, melissa derosa,
4:57 pm
admitted that they covered it all up. >> i don't think you can understate the tragedy. after you tweeted about your in-laws, it was a minitrend that the husband would die on tuesday and the wife on friday and someone such as yourself mass that terrible thing where you have to explain to your kids that grandma has died and a few days later that grandpa has died. yet, we have all these restrictions on restaurants and every other aspect of life and the people most vulnerable, andrew cuomo, failed to protect on a horrific scale. >> it wasn't just him. there were other governors, other democratic governors, putting covid positive patients into nursing homes, newsom, whitmer, wolf, and murphy and cuomo. five of them put covid positive
4:58 pm
patients into nursing homes. >> let's be bipartisan and throw in that so-called republican in massachusetts too, because he did that as well for a while. he became a hero to the left in this country, cuomo. he still thinks this can bounce off him. >> it can't, not now. we have admission. i would like to thank whoever that democratic lawmaker that was the leak yesterday that gave did us that information. i believe all of them should go to jail. >> do you think that it will come to that, that there will be criminal charges against new york's administration? >> i think there has to be something, an independent bipartisan investigation with subpoena power. we need these people on the
4:59 pm
stand with us, the people that lost our loved ones to see them tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. justice needs to be served. we don't have our loved ones here today. by god, i am here to be a voice for all of them. i want justice. >> the celebrity class has mocked you on twitter, janice, saying you are just like a weather girl and you don't know what you are talking about. why do you keep going on? you are determined to keep going on about this? >> it's personal. i have never been a political person in my entire life. it affected my family. i'm speaking on behalf of them. it is their 60th wedding anniversary today, mark. the angels won. >> thank you for putting it like that, janice. that's beautiful. you are mostly sunny, your best-selling book. we are going to have you back to talk about your new book.
5:00 pm
thank you very much, janice dean. you can see her on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning. you can see my on fox prime time. welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy thursday. why the democrats so angry. it doesn't seem to make any sense. in november, the democratic party won everything, full control of the federal government. they seized for years while they were out of power. that made sense. winning seemed to enrage them even more. did you watch democrats on television today at the impeachment hearings. they are crazy people, yelling and making threats. it is bizarre. you would think they would get to wor


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