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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  March 2, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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young children has to be at the forefront for getting kids back to school immediately. >> bill: we need to talk about this more rather than dr. seuss. dana, on ward we roll, right? >> dana: we love wednesday and thursday and even more fridays. here is "the faulkner focus". >> harris: kayleigh mcenany former white house press secretary for president trump, has been out of the spotlight for nearly two months. but now she is speaking out in an exclusive interview. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". she sat down with me for her first interview since leaving the white house and we went into a ton of topics both professional and very personal. i started by asking her about the january 6th u.s. capitol riots and what it was like inside the white house on that surreal and very emotional day.
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>> you know, i think at the beginning of the day before everyone went to the rally, everyone was expecting peace. we had been to hundreds of rallies. i've probably been to hundreds at this point. certainly many dozens. they were nothing but peaceful events. we expected that day to be the same. as those events transpired it was disbelief, shock, somber, sad, horrified by the violence. it was a very hard, difficult day in the white house. there is no doubt. that was a unifying feeling in the white house. let me say that differently. it was -- i should say widespread feeling synonymous feeling, completely a feeling that everyone felt. just completely condemning the actions of that day, horrified. >> harris: there are critics of the president within his own party and those without who hold him to have responsibility in that day and what happened at the u.s. capitol.
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do you think that the former president, donald trump, holds responsibility for what happened? >> no, i don't, i don't. senator tim scott said it best when i heard him say those who hold responsibility are those who committed the heinous actions that we all condemned. what those rioters did and the left says he is responsible or even other republicans, what i would say to them these rioters if they were so inspired by what the president was saying, they left the speech early because reportedly they showed up at the capitol before the end of his speech and then they did the exact opposite of what he said. he said march peacefully and patriotically and they did the opposite. everyone in the administration was horrified by it. this did not represent our movement and i think it's -- a lot of people forget before i was in the white house i was on the campaign trail. one of the things i love to do, i went in the crowd with a
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microphone and talked to these people. i spent hours and hours of my time just talking to these people and what was so sad to me that day is this was not the people that i met. this was not when i was walking through a crowd at a rally the woman who ran up to my pregnant belly and said can i pray for your daughter? this was not the man i met days before christmas eve who was out because of the first step-out act who was sent to prison for non-violent offense and out because of president trump and thanked me and him for what he did. this is not the veteran who literally told me he was about to commit suicide and president trump came and was his voice and hero and fixed the v.a.. those people are the 75 million people, not these people. they do not represent our movement. they are the opposite of our movement which is what i said at the podium and what president trump has said and will repeat. >> harris: let's talk about the timeline of the day and the
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call for the national guard. the call for help. what was going on inside the white house as that was playing out? you and the president worked on a different timeline in terms of getting that message out that night. >> i can only speak to the conversations that i had that day and there was a unitary focus on peace and making sure that every resource available to the capitol police officers was available to them. i'm not in the chain of command and not part of the operations in the white house. i'm a spokesperson. but the sense i got from every conversation i had was sending help immediately as soon as possible and even president trump said on sunday evening i offered 10,000 national guard and they should have taken them. he knew it would be a big event and he wanted piece. every person in that administration and people would worked in the chief like mark meadows and many people who worked for me took it very personally. that was their former place of employment. we all did. this is our country. >> harris: we heard the recording of house minority
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leader kevin mccarthy apparently on the phone having a tough conversation with the president about that. you composed and delivered your own statement the day after. what was that like, that process for you? >> it was a hard day. january 6th everyone was focused on stopping what was happening. january 7th was a real day where you were just taking in the horrors that we saw. it was emotional. that morning at my house the family press conference, if you will and put my family on speakerphone. my mom was there, daughter was sleeping and i got my husband and my dad there, and i just -- we prayed together. it was hard, there were tears. those people don't represent the people i know and love in the trump movement. as i was praying my assistant an amazing woman of faith like me sent me a card which is your daily skilled.
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instead of the schedule she had bible verses she had handpicked. i knew i needed to go to the podium and what christ would want me to do. i knew it was as a woman of faith i needed to do. my assistant was a huge part having me have that revelation. i went to the president, asked if i could go to the podium and he said absolutely. we talked about him giving remarks and totally on board and supportive. >> harris: we got to see number 45 at cpac. the first time he is back in action since he left office. what were your first impressions. >> everything he said strikes at the very heart as to what made this movement pro-family, pro-worker. he changed the republican party forever, no doubt. i recognized that early on in 2015, 2016. the ideas he was proffering on trade and immigration. his resolute stance and rearticulate the principles. he changed this party for a long time to come for a way
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that's very positive. >> harris: he talked about the future for the first time since he left office that we have heard. what did he say that you recognized and what did he say that you were surprised by? >> i was not surprised by anything he said. i think one thing that needs to be said, though, he has grown this party in a way that i think members of the republican party should recognize. he got the highest percentage of the black vote of any republican candidate running for national office in 20 years. highest percentage of hispanic vote of any republican running for office in 16 years. he has made this party more inclusive, more expansive, more welcoming. i think that the republicans on the hill that are quick to say president trump doesn't have a place in this party need to look at the numbers and why these new voters who aren't typically republican voters came to the party. it's because he offered economic hope and opportunity to a lot of people who did not have that. >> harris: why do you think he has made the decision he is not
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going the start his own party? >> he knows for the betterment of his movement, fixing the republican party is the answer. >> harris: you say fixing. let me cut in there. what do you mean by that? if this is truly his party, doesn't he have to fix it? what's broken. >> when i say fixing. it was fixed in 2015, 2016 and made more inclusive. speaking to the rust belt democrats who came to the republican party. broadening the party. i think he fixed it by giving us a strong focus on trade and protecting blue collar workers. there is a push to exile him and his movement >> harris: within the republican party? >> i think there is. you see that by members on the hill who say the president doesn't have a place in this party. my message to them is let the people decide. 75 million incredible people will decide the way this movement goes forward. >> harris: can he do it again? >> i think he can. it's up to him whether to run
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in 2024. incredible men and women in our party walking in the same kind of trump ideology. governor ron desantis amazing. kristi noem, mike pence. looking forward i think that you find a home in those names and certainly in president trump. >> harris: and it is my distinct pleasure today to welcome kayleigh mcenany to the fox family. we'll be seeing much more of her in the future. coming up just a bit later this hour, more from her including meeting the challenges of being a new mom while serving in the white house. >> before i was leaving to go to d.c. my husband drove me up to start the job i looked at her and started to cry. i didn't know how many dailies i would see her. the pandemic had been here and as i started to cry my tears fell on her and she gave me her first smile.
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her way of saying mommy, go do this. god wants you to do this. >> harris: and there is this. the bombs keep dropping for new york governor andrew cuomo. now a third woman is accusing him of sexual harassment and a former hillary clinton aide is accusing democrats of a me too double standard between cuomo and president biden. where the cuomo scandal may lead. >> he has always managed to escape accountability for the malpractice he has committed over the years and all the people he has bullied and all the power that he has abused. he has finally reached the end of the road.
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>> harris: a third woman has come forward accusing governor cuomo of sexual harassment. unlike his first two accusers 33-year-old anna ruch never worked for the governor of new york. she said he made unwanted advances of her at a wedding in 2019 touching her and asking to kiss her. the "new york post" front page today with this photo from the alleged incident with the headline handsy andy. a short time ago mayor bill deblasio said cuomo should resign if the claims are true. >> these are very serious allegations against the governor in terms of the nursing home scandal and in terms of sexual harassment. a third woman has come forward. if these allegations are true, he cannot govern. he would not be able to govern.
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it is as simple as that. >> harris: bryan llenas is live in brooklyn. >> this is the first time that we are seeing evidence allegedly showing new york governor andrew cuomo at the very moment that he is said to be sexually harassing someone. anna ruch provided this photo to the "new york times" and both ruch and times say it was the moment cuomo put his hands on the 33-year-old's face after just putting his hands on her bare lower back. when she removed her hand -- she was confused, shocked and embarrassed. fox news hasn't confirmed this information and reached out to ruch and cuomo's office. cuomo has also been accused of making inappropriate sexual remarks and unwanted kissing and touching by two former aides. allegations he denies.
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yesterday governor cuomo officially authorized new york attorney general james to launch an independent investigation into the sexual harassment allegations. she will choose an independent law firm giving them subpoena power and public report will be released. meantime democrats are now calling for cuomo's resignation. new york congresswoman kathleen rice tweeting the time has come. the governor must resign. progressive new york working families party is also calling for cuomo to resign and this morning on another network senator dick durbin was not ready to go there. listen. >> it's a troubling situation but i have been through this before with other colleagues and i just have to say the investigation should be completed and should be as quickly as possible and credibility given to the charges and that will be a better opportunity for us to decide the fate of the governor.
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>> republicans have called on durbin, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee to launch an investigation and have public hearings into governor cuomo and his administration's handling of covid-19 in nursing homes. well oh he see. he has not answered questions on that front but ultimately cuomo has hired a defense attorney as the ongoing reported f.b.i. investigation continues on that front. harris. >> harris: thank you very much. after criticism for days of silence hillary clinton breaking in and weighing in on the cuomo scandal. she writes these stories are difficult to read and the allegations brought forth raise serious questions that the women who have come forward and all new yorkers deserve answers to. one of her former aides unleashed a series of blistering attacks on democrats calling them hypocritical and alluding to past claims that president biden made some women
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feel uncomfortable. in one tweet if you are tweeting about cuomo but gave biden a free pass it is not about the principles, it's about the politics. me too isn't there for your political convenience. pete hegseth "fox & friends" weekend host is with me now. i want to get your top line thoughts, first of all. >> great interview with kayleigh mcenany. wonderful job by you. my top line thoughts the worst form of a double standards. i can handle double standards of political views. when it comes to serious accusations and personal ones that change lives there -- we can never afford to have that double standard. accusations can be made, they can be taken credibly. they should be investigated. in our country everyone is innocent until proven guilty and the process exists. i rarely say that i agree with
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dick durbin. in this instance prudence should play out to see let's see what exists and make decisions accordingly through investigations and then at the same time let's look at the nursing home scandal that is separate. part of the issue for governor cuomo is when you rule by fear, once that fear shell is cracked, then everyone starts rushing in and that's precisely what's happening here. and, you know, when you govern for 11 years and do so through fear, moments like this don't surprise anybody but shouldn't be political when it comes to the lives of people. >> harris: you know, to say that this is complicated for democrats is putting it lightly. they have had to do this with one of their own before, al frank en when he faced allegations of making women feel uncomfortable on the hill and he walked away. should president biden at this point? a woman at the lectern every single day as his spokesperson, the questions were put to jen
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psaki yesterday, where is the red line on sexual harassment for the president? does he need to answer that himself? >> probably will have to. and that's never been really defined except through a double standard where all women are to be believed when it pertains to brett kavanaugh but on the other said we all have to be measured whether or not those are true or not and look very carefully. it is an evident and frustrating double standard that should not exist in any way at all. will it come to the lectern? i'm sure. i think a marker will be put down but the #metoo movement has discredited itself through the inconsistency with which it is applied and if you talk about al franken. a lot of democrats regret that he took the action that he did. and wish he had not resigned. a lot of that has to do with politics, too. >> harris: yeah. we'll see what happens. that's one heck of a position
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to put jen psaki in every day because she will get those questions. thank you very much. the critics going after the biden administration after the homeland security secretary says there is no crisis at the border. again let me repeat that. he said there is no crisis at the border. even as customs and border patrol reportedly are redeploying hundreds of their agents to help with the crisis at the border. illegal crossings rising. former acting ice director tom homan is here with his take and part two of my exclusive sit-down with kayleigh mcenany. she opens up about her relationship with the press during her time at the lectern and how things have changed for. >> there is a certain mod couple of respect that reporters and those at the podium should have for one another. the audience will be well aware
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i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. >> harris: former trump white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany never afraid to mix it up with reporters as you know. more of my exclusive interview. she opened up about being a new mom while doing that job. but we started with how she was treated in the press room and what she is seeing now with the biden team. >> i would say unfair in the sense of -- i said this to my staff often. a democrat woman standing at that podium would never have had a playboy reporter in the back of the room shouting at her as she left.
8:28 am
nor should a democrat woman have to face that nor a republican woman. there is a mod cum of respect that people should have for one another. incredible reporters to this day represent the kind of journalism i think is good. it was very clear i think we don't need to name names. the audience would be well aware of some of the reporters who were more interested in being political operatives, let's say, than journalists and they made themselves known. >> harris: i don't want to put you on the spot with jen psaki, maybe this is a better way to ask it rather than what grade would you give her? how is her job different by the way she is treated than your job was and the way you were treated? >> that's a great question. look, first i wish her all the best. i left her a note saying that much. we have met previously one time. she was very kind. and so were her colleagues in
8:29 am
the press shop. i left her a note i wish her the best. it is different in a big way. i will never forget watching an early press beating and asked about the antifa riots and said she hadn't spoken to the president about that and let her move on. if i would have been asked that about violence on the other side of the aisle, that wouldn't have been an answer that flew. nor should it have. and so i think just the standards are different. but i think the american people are so smart, so wise. they see the difference and what i love is they're able to discern for themselves what is true and what is not. one thing i want to say back to the point of the briefings. i'm so proud of as my legacy as press secretary and my press shop as press secretary i feel we gave a voice to the forgotten man and woman. president trump used that and he changed the republican party. at the podium we named names of people who were not a*jd
8:30 am
acknowledged by the press. a beautiful girl who lost her life to crime in the streets. and a young boy shot in his bed and lost his life. we brought attention to these stories and brought attention to people who were victims of covid in other ways. when i went to my cancer hospital at the cancer center for a mammogram and the halls were empty and it was sad and we brought attention to kids and that we were saying to open the school. i feel we used the podium to magnify these forgotten men and women and tragic cases of children. >> harris: so much of what you said was packed with personal. we don't often get that from the person who is standing behind the lectern. there are always a million things we can cover and things to do. that was personal. and i wonder if that means something now as you watch the next person do the job. that it was personal for you.
8:31 am
>> it was very personal. that's why when people want to malign your character and say you have lied and these horrible things that charges they make against people behind the podium, me. they made these charges. we were painstaking and footnoteing our sources, talking about what's important, what message do we want to share today and personalizing it. >> harris: i want to go down that personal road and let people get to know you even more. was there anything that you wanted to say or do as you were leaving on your last day of the white house? what was that day like? >> yes. i wanted to do a press briefing on the way out about all the great achievements of this administration and all the good that i felt that the president had done. we didn't get the opportunity to do that because january 6th just was something that was not ten able. the last days were sad. we were packing boxes and we were sad it was one of the last events that happened on the way
8:32 am
out the door. and so i wish we could have had the opportunity to have that legacy press briefing as it was but it was a somber time. >> harris: it has been a few weeks since you left the white house. you have a new baby at home, blake. your husband, sean. i notice, though, as you were in your last few days in the white house a pickup of baby blake on your instagram. we all take our daughters and sons to work. your workplace is different. talk to me about the decision to take blake to the white house. >> it was so special. one of the things i loved about the trump family in particular is when i got pregnant and had blake on the campaign trail. they let her bring her with me. she went to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and they welcomed her into their family essentially and so when i went to the white house it was like hopefully i can still bring her. i would bring her day after day. not every day, of course, my
8:33 am
mom helped and we brought her in quite frequently and i wanted to document those memories so she can see i was crawling down the main entrance of the white house and it was a joy to have her and a way to spend time with your daughter for sure. doing it in the white house it was a lot of fun. >> harris: what do you want blake to know about mom? >> that it has been tough. it was a tough year because we had to have a little bit of separation in the days when i had to leave her in florida were sad days. and i tried to be there as much as i could. i saw her weekly. my family brought her up. one thing i want her to know when i got the job as press secretary it was a life dream and huge achievement. before i left to go to d.c. my husband drove me up to start the job. i looked at her and started to cry because i didn't know how many days i would see her. the pandemic was here. i started to cry my tears fell on her and gave me my first
8:34 am
smile. her way of saying mommy, go do this. god wants you to do this. we thought about her every step of the way and found a way to make it work. i believe in jesus christ and my daughter will be raised in that same way, a woman of faith and i want her to know how much her mom loves her and didn't want to spend a day away from her. >> harris: there are a lot more questions we got to personal and professional. be sure to tune in more for my exclusive interview with kayleigh mcenany. we covered a lot of topics and tomorrow i'll focus in on her difficult decision to get a double mastectomy after testing positive for a breast cancer gene. watch tomorrow 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on the focus. don't miss it. and next in focus, new video of a border juvenile facility the biden administration just
8:35 am
reopened and children crossing into the country. a facility, the same one the trump administration was using to put kids in cages according to the democrats. the home secretary insists there is no crisis at the border. neither are resilient people. there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. at ancestry.
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plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. >> do you believe right now there is a crisis key border? >> i think that the answer is no. i think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing. and we have our resources dedicated to managing it. >> harris: homeland security secretary mayorkas there. 97% of migrant facilities nor unaccompany children are occupied now. casey stiegel is live outside a
8:40 am
facility for migrant kids that democrats vilified and the biden administration has just reopened this place. casey. >> this is in texas and the barracks in the background were used to house oil field workers in this neck of the woods until 2014, used for that purpose. since it has been expanded and you can see a number -- a half dozen tents that have been erected on the property do not the current capacity of the facility. cameras have also not been allowed inside despite our request. this is video from 2019 tour when it was open for about one month under the trump
8:41 am
administration. the biden administration says this overflow is needed because of the pandemic limiting space at permanent detention facilities. >> vast majority of children that come here are coming to reunify with a parent, loved one or family member. that sponsor is vetted, fingerprinted and background check and the child is released. >> bill: according to customs and border protection data minor apprehensions were up 18% in january compared to december. 5700 total. then they jumped to an average of about 2200 a week. again, just for children in the month of february, although the official tally for the month of february not yet out. >> harris: casey, thank you very much. for more on the situation at the border the one -- the homeland security secretary says is a challenge but not a
8:42 am
crisis, i want to bring in former acting ice director tom homan and tom, always good to have you along for this because of your perspective and your experience. what would you say right now we are looking at with an uptick, 97% of all the spaces for these little ones are now occupied at this facility. >> this is just a start. i wrote in july of 2020 and said if joe biden became of president because of the promises and enticements he made we'll lose control of the border. there is a crisis. when mayorkas was a deputy secretary we met many times at the department along with jay johnson, the secretary. we set a threshold of 1,000. we agreed 1,000 was a bad day. 1,000 was a crisis. well, there are four times worse now at 4,000. certainly it is a crisis that was manufactured by the biden
8:43 am
administration because of the promises they made. they could have easily come into office, built upon the success of president trump who had historic low in illegal immigration, when they chose to tear it down piece by piece. >> harris: that's interesting. you had conversations with the very person who is talking about this now and knocking it down to a challenge but you say that you had an agreement 1,000 was a crisis. they are at 4,000 now. so why the change? are they lying to us? what's happening? >> no, they created this crisis and anybody can google it. jay johnson said many times, 1,000 is a bad day. google it and you'll find it. look, the reality on the border is that they're building more facilities. reality is they're sending hundreds of border agents down with the surge. the ice memo came out two weeks ago. the justification of the ice memo took 90% of the job away
8:44 am
from them saying it was necessary to concentrate on the surge at the border. is there a surge or not? the facts speak different from what was said yesterday at the white house. >> harris: you get to my points. where the facts begin and end with what the administration is saying about this. when you say it could get worse, what are we talking about? by the way, where are those children going to go? they can't live at that facility forever. are they back to exactly where they were under the obama administration and they fan out and people look for some of those kids? >> absolutely. and the email leaked last night they are building welcoming center to release as soon as possible. they forgot what worked in 2015 and 2019. detain as many as you could. consequences deterrent. let ice remove those who have
8:45 am
been ordered to remove and due process. don't detain, release as soon as possible. ice you can't deport people. we sent a directive saying you can't deport people final order. and they are given more enticements. they're doing the opposite that they know worked under president obama and president trump. it doesn't make sense what is happening right now with our leadership. it doesn't make sense. i wake up every day saying what's next. >> harris: the timing is explosive. we can't get schools open for our own kids in the middle of a pandemic and hearts and border open we have more to take care of. we have to get this right. >> hold on tight. >> harris: yeah. thank you. cnn's chris cuomo with a big confession on his brother, the governor of new york. why it has critics crying foul. the white house erasing dr.
8:46 am
seuss? the big omission from today's read across america event as the beloved children's author becomes the latest target of the cancel culture crowd. power panel next. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still.
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>> i called mom.
8:50 am
she said i was her favorite. you have always been the meatball of the family. some say i shouldn't come on this show because you harass me. >> can't take it? >> in scale this was the swab being used. was it this or was it this? tell people the truth, come on. let's go. >> harris: i'm speechless. it was all fun and games between the brothers cuomo last spring. now not so much. cnn's chris cuomo breaking his silence last night on the accusations of inappropriate behavior by his brother. watch. >> obviously i'm aware of what is going on with my brother and obviously i cannot cover it because he is my brother. now, of course cnn has to cover it. they have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so. i have always cared very deeply
8:51 am
about these issues and profoundly so. i just wanted to tell you that. >> harris: what happened to the fierce accountability he was just joking about? now chris cuomo is getting dragged for refusing the report on his brother's scandal. the free beacon executive editor said why was chris cuomo's allowed to cover his brother's coronavirus response? this is interesting standards. roger fisk, and fox news contributor sean duffy. roger, i will come to you first on this because there are a number of democrats now that are not just calling for accountability and investigations. they want these women heard and they want to make sure that justice is done if there is any to do. >> and i join them in that. thank you so much for having me. great to be here with the
8:52 am
congressman. this is pretty easy. it's appropriate that chris cuomo pulls away from covering his brother. i understand that cnn will put the whole process of having relatives under review which is appropriate as well. it is also completely appropriate for other democratic officials to call for these things to be investigated and for whatever the outcome of those investigations to allow it to surface. we're not going to sit here and say his actions were perfect. there is nothing wrong with what the governor did. he should be put under a microscope as any public official should be as they put their name on the ballot. whatever the results are they should be acted on. if justice needs to be paid for he should pay for it. >> harris: the cnn journalism book didn't have don't interview your brother on certain things. we sat through the cuomo covid
8:53 am
stuff. how is this any different it? it is supposed to be fierce accountability. >> last summer chris cuomo was able to be the p.r. wing of andrew cuomo. the news turned bad now he has a conflict and interest and can't cover him. the fascinating part of the story is over the xher andrew cuomo was the foil to donald trump. horrible policy that you had 15,000 seniors dying in nursing homes democrats and media didn't want to cover it. they stepped away. now that donald trump is gone and cuomo has his sights on the white house they have to take him out. they can't use covid any longer. if they use that it's about democrats and all their policy and now they have to go with the scandal with women. >> harris: one with dead victims and the other with potentially other victims. president biden tradition and not mentioning dr. seuss in his proclamation on read across america today held every year
8:54 am
on the beloved author's birthday. the omission comes after a virginia school district dropped dr. seuss books from today's celebration, a number of them, citing a study finding racial undertones in some of those books and now dr. seuss enterprises says six of his books will no longer be published because they portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong. former first lady michelle obama read his books to children at past read across america day events. so did melania trump. sean, i come to you. >> these are animals or cartoon figures in dr. seuss. with the woke culture today dr. seuss gets canceled. shakespeare gets canceled. huckleberry finn. if we want stop it we need to cancel those canceling us. it's the only path forward to
8:55 am
get it to stop. >> harris: writer activist wrote this. justice is not about canceling someone and their body of work but providing room for restorative justice to take place. dr. seuss wrote books full of important lessons is restorative justice. his biographer wrote that dr. seuss dedicated -- and soo*us evolved and you don't write a book like the sneeches unless you're evolved. >> we can have a conversation about an authors work and works we feel appropriate to be around children. i didn't know in 1929 he had included images of black people being sold in an auction environment or during world war ii he had mocking images of
8:56 am
japanese in internment camps. those are worthy of discussion but within that we shouldn't necessarily lose the fact that he redeemed himself similar to many other people throughout american history and got better and produced things of real social value. >> harris: all right. research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ my hygienist cleans with a round head, so does my oral-b.
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>> harris: dr. seuss getting canceled. the children's book publishers as it will stop releasing six of his books. over critics calling them racist. same with the portrayals are hurtful. president biden dropped any mention of dr. seuss from the read across america day proclamation, event celebrated today and what would have been the author's birthday. former president trump along with former president obama and then first lady michelle obama all celebrated dr. seuss books. here is obama talking about the impact of dr. seuss'


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